Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Innovative Material Science and Technology (IMST 2016)

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Chopped carbon fiber reinforced CeO2/PMMA/PVDF superhydrophobic composite coating with enhanced abrasion durability

Binrui Wu, Chaoyi Peng, Weimin Li, Zhiqing Yuan, Liping Sheng
The practical applications of bioinspired superhydrophobic surfaces are often restricted by poor mechanical wear-resistance. CeO2 nano particles toughened polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite coating with water contact angle (WCA) of 152° and sliding angle (SA) of 5°...
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Field joint coating technology for horizontal directional drilling of oil and gas pipeline

Jie Ding, Ting Lei, Ansheng Zheng, Jianjun Li
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology is an important way crossing a river for pipeline. However, due to the impact of different geological conditions, construction technology and other factors, usually, pipeline surface coating is damaged during HDD pullback process. Especially field joint...
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Synthesis and characterization of poly (Itaconic Acid-m-Phen- ylenediamine)

Chuanxing Wang, Pengfei Wang, Qinhong Xu, Zhe Wei, Yumin Wu
With Itaconyl chloride and m-phenylenediamine as raw materials, poly(itaconic acid- m-phenylenediamine) was synthesized by the low temperature solution polycondensation we reported. The effects of initial temperature and reaction time on polycondensation were investigated. And the product was characterized...
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Research on mariner growth prevention and anticorrosion tests of new type high toughness Resin/Steel/Copper alloy system

Jun Suo, Bo Zhang
Multicomponent piping structure is common in ocean engineering material system. The new type of high toughness resin, marine steel and copper alloy as the main materials of the system are selected. The materials tests have been carried on in aging resistance, adhesion, water absorption, alternating temperature,...
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Facile way of surface modification on hydrogel for drug delivery

Xin Wang, Pin Chen, Xiaohong Hu
Although hydrogel has some outstanding performance, traditional hydrogel still has some drawbacks in the application of drug delivery field. Herein, we introduced a simple and effective way to improve the performance of tradition hydrogel for drug delivery. ß-cyclodextrin (ß-CD) functionized hydrogel...
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Studies on monolayer and langmuir-blodgett films of schiff-base complex 1,2-bis(3-thiophene imine) ethylene

Keke Zou, Kai Xu, Tiesheng Li, Hui Liu, Wenjian Xu, Yangjie Wu
The Langmuir- Blodgett (LB) technique makes it possible to prepare a thin film with a controlled thickness at the molecular level and a well-defined molecular orientation. In this work, 1,2-bis(3-thiophene imine) ethylene (B3TIE) were synthesized by reacting benzaldehyde and Ethylenediamine and were...
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The Xiaojiashan Tungsten deposit in the Barkol district, Xinjiang, China: geological features and ore-forming fluid composition

Yunfei Zhou, Jiuhua Xu, Lihua Shan
The Xiaojiashan Tungsten deposit is located in Barkol district, Xinjiang. The ore bodies occur in the Hercynian granite intrusions and contact between the intrusion and wallrock which consists of the second lithologic section of the first Sub-Formation in Middle Devonian Dananhu Formation (D2d12). Quadrupole...
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Fe-based amorphous soft magnetic powders fabricated by water atomization

Yong Li, Yang Yang, Chunming Li, Yunhu Zhang, Changjiang Song, Qijie Zhai
Fe-Si-B-Cr-Mn-Al powders were prepared by water atomization. We studied the phase, morphology and properties of the atomized powders. Experiment results present that the completely amorphous phase is achieved in powders having a diameter less than 150 µm. The morphology of most of powders is spherical...
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Wastewater treatment processes for industrial organosilicon wastewater

Yongming Wu, Mi Deng, Lizhen Liu, Jianyong Wang, Jie Zhang, Jinbao Wan
One organosilicon company in Jiangxi province used the major processes including iron-carbon micro-electrolytic processes-Fenton-anaerobic-aerobic-coagulation treatment processes to treat the wastewater from organosilicon production. The basis of technique selection, technological processes, technological...
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Transmission loss of thin membrane-type acoustic metamaterials with multi-masses

Guochang Lin, Songqiao Chen, Xuebo Yuan, Huifeng Tan
Membrane-type acoustic metamaterial can decrease sound transmission by 500% over mass law predictions in the frequency range of 100Hz to 1000Hz. Membrane-type acoustic metamaterial stresses the structure design of elements, in order to reduce the best sound insulation frequency, broaden frequency range...
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The effect of mixing sequence on the block copolymer compatibilization of polybutadiene-natural rubber blend

Keqiang Wang, Shuo Zhong, Jia Fu, Wenjin Wang, Zhongren Chen
The remarkable effect of the mixing sequence on the block copolymer compatibilization was investigated in this study, where a liquid butadiene-isoprene copolymer rubber (LIR-390) was used to compatibilize the polybutadiene/natural rubber (BR/NR, 30/70) blend. We have found that properly chosen mixing...
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Microstructure simulation and mechanical properties of aisi1050 disk during quenching process

Jia Fu, Fuguo Li, Yongtang Li, Keqiang Wang, Huiping Qi
Microstructures of AISI1050 disk after quenching process (cooling from 880°C to 150°C by 6% AQ251 quenchant) were simulated by DEFORM-HT software, and the corresponding mechanical properties were calculated by the finite difference method (FDM). Above all, thermo-physical parameters and diagrams of CCT...
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Analysis of corrosion perforation of a gas gathering carbon steel pipeline in a western oilfield in China

Juntao Yuan, Huihui Zhang, Ke Tong, Fagen Li, Yan Long, Lei Li
In the west of China, corrosion perforation and scaling of pipelines occur frequently in the ground gathering system in oil and gas field, and cause serious safety and environmental problems. In the present work, the corrosion perforation of a carbon steel pipeline with a grade of 20 in a western oil...
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Analysis on cracking of repaired tubing used in surface gas injection pipeline in a western oilfield in China

Lei Li, Jing Yuan, Xianren Kuang, Juntao Yuan, Wenhong Liu, Kai Lin, Han Ding
According to the cracking accident of repaired tubing used in surface gas injection pipeline in a western oilfield in China, the cause of the failure tubing was analysed by means of macroscopic analysis, non-destructive testing, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic examination, macro...
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Analytical solution on transient aerodynamic heating of hypersonic vehicle hot structure

Qin Lu, Ping Zhang, Longfei Hu, Guiqing Jiang
New type hypersonic vehicles become more and more important due to its high performance, safety and low price. Thermal protection system(TPS), Which are correlated to the safety of hypersonic vehicles, are one of the most critical techniques in design and manufacture of hypersonic vehicles. The reusable...
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Determination of silver content in anticancer drug Miriplatin hydrate by UV spectrum

Yuxiang Bei, Shaoping Pu, Xinjie Bai, Chunfan Luan, Jian He
In order to Determination of silver content in Anticancer Drug Miriplatin Hydrate by UV Spectrum, in the acid condition, TMK solution and the silver ions red complex substance. In the situations above, color depth is positively related to the amount of silver, in cAg+æg-ml-1 good linear relationship,...
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Preparation of foamed commercially pure aluminum by air pressure infiltration process

Jianning Wei, Genmei Li, Cuiling Hou, Gaoping Xu, Junqing Wu
This work reports the technology of preparation about foamed commercially pure aluminum, which was prepared by an air pressure infiltration process. The method consists of five sequential processes: particles preprocessing, shape body system for molding, preheating, infiltration casting, machining and...
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Inhibition of gas hydrates and corrosion behavior in gas field production facilities

Yunfeng Sun, Mengmeng Xu, Lei Zhang, Xue Dong
Natural gas plays an essential role in satisfying the needs of energy in the world. Xushen gas field has been holding the balance of gas produced areas in China since exploitated in 2004. However, the exploitation effect in the field is challenged by the high-cold climate and amounts of CO2 in natural...
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Micro-hardness of surface layer of irradiated polypropylene

David Manas, Martin Ovsik, Miroslav Manas, Michal Stanek, Lenka Gajzlerova, Martin Mizera, Libor Gabko, Lenka Hylova
Using high doses of beta radiation for polypropylene (PP) and its influence on the changes of micromechanical properties of surface layer has not been studied in detail so far. The specimens of PP were made by injection moulding technology and irradiated by high doses of beta radiation (0, 33, and 66...
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Study on indoor pavement performance of diatomite-modified asphalt mixture

Shunjie Luo, Nanchun Chen, Hui Xu, Bo Tan, Qilong Chen
In order to improve the pavement performance of asphalt material, diatomite was used as a modifier to prepare diatomite-modified asphalt with 70# asphalt ,and selected the AC-20 gradation and asphalt-aggregate ratio of 4.2% to mix and make the diatomite-modified asphalt mixture in this article,then compared...
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First- and last-passage Monte Carlo algorithms for charge density on a conducting surface

Chi-Ok Hwang, James A. Given, Youngwon Kim, Sunggeun Lee, Sungbae Lee
First-passage and last-passage algorithms, which are two diffusion Monte Carlo methods, can obtain charge density on a conducting surface. In general, the first-passage algorithms have been used to obtain the capacitance of the arbitrary-shaped conductors. In contrast, the last-passage algorithm was...
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Fine log interpretation model of reservoir in Huatugou oilfield

Shiyue Fang, Chao Niu, Zhen Liu, Changhong Gao, Shiyue Tang, Jukun Chen
Aiming at some problems exposed in Huatugou oilfield during the development process, such as the imperfect injection-production pattern in some area, the low corresponding rate between oil and injection wells, the low control and producing degree, the poor effect of the water flooding and so on. Starting...
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Enhancing the seismic histogram equalization of multi-fusion for infrared image of concealed weapon detection

Nashwan Jasim Hussein, Fei Hu, Feng He, Ayoob Azeez Ayoob
The objective of concealed weapon detection is to detect and recognize individuals or groups of terrorists in public areas, such as airports, trains, railways, and even malls. This work investigates how the lives of people in crowded areas can be protected with respect to humanitarian privacy. Seismic...
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A new method of fitting

Yuangang Xu, Fanfan Hao
It is commonly believed that the fatigue life and cyclic stress is logarithm linear dependence when fitting P-S-N curve, but data of fatigue tests indicate that the linear correlation isn't evident for ultrahigh strength sucker rod. It is necessary to present a new fitting method. The scatter...
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Study on strength of filter system of modular mechanical water treatment plant

Dezhen Feng, Jianhua Sun, Fang Zhou
Now the modular mechanical water treatment technology is a new kind of technology in water treatment. The new technology has changed the work way of conventional water plants and got very wide use in practice. In this paper, the strength and deformation of filter systems which includes filter frames...
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Orthogonal experiment optimum design for GFRP wind turbine tower

Fei Zhao, Haihao Guo, Weihua Chen, Donghai Li
In recent decades, Fiber Reinforced Polymer / Plastic (FRP) has been successfully applied in varieties of structures due to its lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance properties. In this paper, we developed a finite element model to predict the behavior of a 1.5 MW GFRP wind turbine tower...
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Stress analysis of micro drills based on FEA

Yanhong Sun, Yaxin Cui
Many cutting errors cause micro drills breakage in a kind of complex stress state under loaded by thrust, torque and radial force. It is important to research the breakage mechanism of micro drills and prevent from breakage during micro drilling. In this paper, a 3D micro drill is modeled by using the...
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Study of fragment in different shapes oblique penetration on circular tube

Xuefei Fan, Weibing Li, Guili Zhu, Xiaoming Wang
LS-DYNA finite element software was used to set up the computational model of fragment oblique penetration on circular tube, the dynamic process of cylindrical, spherical and cubic fragment penetration on circular tube was simulated under different working conditions, acquired the damage characteristics...
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Design of high precision pressure-resistance type pressure sensor detecting system

Xueliang Zhao, Shuren Gao, Tao Wang, Yingping Guo
The high precision detecting circuit is designed for the KELLER 3L sensor which is the pressure-resistance pressure sensor, and the water level long time monitoring of groundwater is accomplished. Through designing the power management circuit, the pressure sensor driver circuit, the signal conditioning...
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Research of long distance temperature measuring instrument based on ADT70

Kang Li, Liang Li, Shuren Gao, Tao Wang
This paper introduces a research methods of platinum thermal resistance signal conditioning module to long distance temperature measuring instrument. Mainly used ADT70 to turned the PT1000 platinum resistance temperature sensor resistance change when the temperature change into a voltage signal output.,...
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Research on the buffering effect of rubber on the Non-Axial symmetry explosive loading

Ming Song, Gaofeng Wei
The security shell of coal mine rescue capsule may be hit by the explosive in tunnel. We used the finite element software to established a model of security shell including three layers. The middle layer is made by rubber. Multiple simulation experiments on the buffering effect of rubber has been carried...
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Strength calculation of frame structure of high-performance low speed diesel engine

Guixin Wang, Dongyu Xing, Xiaobo Li, Xiaoxiao Niu
Finite element analysis software is used in this paper to analyze the strength of frame of high-performance low-speed diesel engine. Firstly, the former structure, single-butterfly plate, was changed into a new one, double-butterfly plate. Then, the finite element models were built, and the stress and...
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Investigation of load imbalance in the hybrid atomistic-continuum simulation based on geometric coupling

Qian Wang, Xiaoguang Ren, Chao Li, Wenjing Yang
The hybrid atomistic-continuum (HAC) simulation based on geometric coupling has intrinsic load imbalance under conventional parallel decomposition method. This paper presents qualitative guiding rules for alleviating load imbalance in the HAC simulation. We reveal the intrinsic load imbalance in the...
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A case study of interior booming noise control in an HEV

Meng Yang, Tonghang Zhao, Yang Liu, Xining Liu, Hangsheng Hou
An interior booming noise issue occurred during a development stage of an HEV program. Based on the noise generation mechanism, the root cause analyses were carried out. It is found that the interior booming noise was mainly induced by the excessive second order noise from the exhaust tail pipe. The...
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The bi-directional ICM method for topology optimization with the strain energy constraints

Jun Tie, Yunkang Sui
prevent the numerical instabilities about checkerboards, mesh-dependency and gray-scale elements in structural topology optimization with strain energy constraints, an improved ICM method based on the bi-directional filter function is presented. The sequential quadratic approximate algorithm is applied...
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Research on fatigue life prediction of gear box based on collaborative simulation

Xiuju Du, Yanhua Zhang, Changzhi Jia
Because the static strength theory can't reflect exactly the dynamic loads suffered by gear box, it is difficult to analysis the gear box's reliability and rest life prediction with the short time and the complex task profile. In the paper, collaborative simulation based on interfaces is used in gear...
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Analysis of contact between barrel and projectile of a rifle based on finite element method

Benjun Zhang, Guangsheng Liu, Youmin Wei, Yue Li
To analysis of contact interaction between barrel and projectile, its finite element calculation formulas were deduced on the base of contact theory. By using the new method and finite element model, the contact interaction between barrel and projectile of a rifle was calculated. The calculation results...
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Application of transient acoustic signal and rough sets in compound-fault diagnosis of bearing

Haiying Kang, Guangsheng Liu, Yaoxin He, Zhibin Zhang
Real vehicle tests for equipment cannot get steady signal, and the traditional vibration test method cannot realize noncontact, without disassembly and spoil the disadvantages of the on-line detection, using the transient acoustic signal is proposed for bearing fault diagnosis. Rough set theory is a...
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Evaluation of compaction quality of earth-rock dam based on bacterial foraging-support vector regression algorithm

Jiajun Wang, Denghua Zhong, Fei Wang
Compaction quality is an important part of quality assessment of earth-rock dam. Current evaluation methods tend to use the graphical reports of compaction parameters based on real-time compaction monitoring system, or built compaction quality prediction model, such as the multiple linear regression...
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An experimental investigation of ground resonance and air resonance of bearingless model rotor

Yan Zhu, Yuhui Lu, Zhizhuang Feng, Quanlong Chen, Feng Qian
A stability experimental method of ground and air resonance for bearingless rotor on test-bed was investigated, the test principle and method were presented. A 4-m diameter rotor model was used to investigate aeromechanical stability of ground and air resonance and the results were compared to theory,...
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Functional evaluation of bacterial surface displayed P domain from human norovirus capsid proteins

Shaofeng Rong, Yue Zhou, Mengya Niu, Qianqian Li, Ming Wang, Shimin Guan, Shuo Zhang, Baoguo Cai
Human noroviruses (HuNoVs) are the major cause to acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis outbreaks. The receptors of HuNoVs are difficult to identify because HuNoVs cannot be easily cultivated in vitro and they lack effective animal models. To develop an effective method for mining functional viral...
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Purification and identification of flavonoids in Portualca olearcea by macroporous adsorption resin and HPLC

Feilong Sun, Guoni Chen, Yaru Yan, Tiantian Hou, Xiangzhi Dong
Portulaca oleracea is a kind of food and medicinal plant in China. Flavonoids are the main active ingredients of the medicinal function of this plant. In this study, the macroporous adsorption resins (MARs) were employed to purify flavonoids from the crude extract of P. oleracea. The properties...
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Analysis of UV-LED curing technology and existing problems of varnish for printed matter

Xiaoli Li, Shiyong Luo, Wencai Xu, Kelin Mao, Jiangwei Huang, Yong Xiao, Di He, Ruiqiang Meng
UV-LED curing varnish is more environmental. In order to let people understand UV-LED curing varnish and existing problems of UV-LED curing technology and provide reference and theoretical basis for the future development of UV-LED curing varnish, the paper sketched basic composition of UV-LED varnish...
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Application of poly(butylenes succinate) as migration resistant plasticizer for poly(vinyl chloride)

Chuanhui Gao, Xinhua Zhang, Zetian Li, Shijian Han, Yuetao Liu, Chuanxing Wang
The bio-based and biodegradable polyester poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) was successfully used as alternative plasticizers to modify poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) in this work. The mechanical properties and plasticizing effect were estimated by the tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus, hardness...
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Preparation of carboxymethyl chitosan microspheres and the adsorption of heavy metal cadmium

Wancui Xie, Ziqi Li, Meiqi Yang, Xihong Yang
Cadmium pollution is a serious environmental and agricultural issue. As such, an adsorbent material with convenient recovery must be used to adsorb excess cadmium. In this study, carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS) microspheres were prepared under controlled conditions. The structure, acid/alkali resistance,...
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Experimental study on deposition effect of Fe-based grouting inducers in silts

Zhaoyang Xu, Tingchun Bai, Jianzhang Huang, Yishan Pang, Feng Zhou
This paper presents the Fe-based biological grouting in silt foundation to improve its engineering characteristics. The growing and enzyme activity of iron bacteria are measured. The effects of temperature and pH on the amount of Fe-based products are studied. The components of Fe-based deposits are...
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Three-dimensional modeling and simulation of biceps femoris based on Matlab

Gang Tang, Yanchao Huo, Xiong Hu, Ziyi Feng, Chao Wang, Tianhao Tang, Christophe Claramunt
In order to study the properties of human muscle, it's necessary to construct a three-dimensional model. Biceps femoris has been taken as an example in this paper. Firstly, point cloud data of biceps femoris at different angles were extracted by IMAGEWARE software. Then we can get different polynomial...
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The application of warm mix asphalt technology in China: a review

Jiantong Zhang, Lihua Xu, Lusheng Lin, Sumei Liu
Increasing emission of greenhouse gases is an environmental issue, and it is a great concern to curb this problem from further harm to the environment. With increasing interest in the use of warm mix asphalt (WMA) in the paving industry, more studies in this field for improvement of WMA properties seem...
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Effects of Cl- concentration on corrosion behavior of carbon steel and super13cr steel in simulated oilfield environments

X.H. Zhao, Y.X. Sheng, C.X. Yin, G.F. Li, Y. Han
In order to understand the changing tendency of the corrosion behavior of carbon steel and stainless steel with different chloride ion concentration, Electrochemical method and high temperature and high pressure immersion method combined with scanning electron microscopy were used in this paper. The...
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Development on V-N microalloyed forging steel used in fracture splitting connecting rods

Xianzhong Zhang, Yuzhang Xiong, Guifeng Zhou
A new type of high strength microalloyed forging steel used in fracture splitting connecting rods was developed. By chemical composition and process design, a network of ferrite and pearlite could obtain, it was benefit to fracture splitting. Compare with C70S6 which normally used in fracture splitting...
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Effects of temperature and strain rate during hot compression of manganese aluminum bronze

Nuwan Wannaprawat, Akrawech Subhakom, Surasak Suranuntchai
Manganese Aluminum Bronze or MAB alloy has been extensively used for applications under sea water such as marine propellers because this alloy exhibits high strength as well as excellent corrosion resistance behavior. In this work, microstructures and hardness properties of an annealed MAB alloy after...
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Preparation and performance of stainless steel clad carbon steel as grounding grid

Bing Zhang, Lajun Feng, Aijun Yan, Xiaohuan Zhang
To address the serious corrosion of carbon steel and large grounding resistance of stainless steel in substation grounding grid, in this work, 304 stainless steel (X5CrNi18-9, ISO 15510: 2014) pipe was clad over Q235 carbon steel rod (S235B, ISO 630-2: 2011) to produce stainless steel clad steel as grounding...
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Effect of heat treatment on the mechanical properties of TiAl alloy

Jun Liu, Yulan Hu, Hongchao Qiao, Jibin Zhao
Heat treatment can influence the microstructure and mechanical properties, in order to homogenize the composition and microstructure, improve the mechanical properties, Ti44Al6Nb0.9La alloy was heat treated at different temperatures and cooling conditions. The experimental results showed that macro-grains...
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Seismic performance of RC frame structures with magnesium-steel seismic reduction braces

Yinfeng Dong, Song Lin, Peng Xu, Ying Hu
To improve the self-centering and seismic reduction performance of seismic reduction braces, Magnesium alloy is used to replace the steel as core material of seismic reduction braces for the first time. Braces respectively with two different core material of steel and magnesium alloy are placed in a...
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Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of V40Ti20Cr32Fe8 alloy by heat treatment

Maohua Rong, Gang Fu, Feng Wang, Jiang Wang, Zhongmin Wang, Guanghui Rao, Huaiying Zhou
The microstructure, crystal structure, hydrogen storage properties and thermal stabilities of as-cast and annealed V40Ti20Cr32Fe8 alloy prepared by arc-melting were studied in this work. It was confirmed that both as-cast and annealed (973 K/72 hrs) V40Ti20Cr32Fe8 alloys are body-centered cubic (bcc)...
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Spin polarization in organic semiconductors

Yilin Mi
After spin was injected from ferromagnet to organic-semiconductors, spin polarization in organic semiconductors was studied theoretically considering spin-dependent conductivity in the organic-semiconductors. Our work shows that the spin injection efficiency is directly dependent on the difference between...
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Mechanical and morphology properties of Poly(butylene succinate) reinforced by magnesium hydroxide sulfate hydrate whisker

Chuanhui Gao, Zetian Li, Xinhua Zhang, Jing Wang, Yuetao Liu, Wenpeng Zhao, Juan Liu
Poly (butylene succinate) reinforced by magnesium hydroxide sulfate hydrate whisker was prepared. The mechanical properties, hardness and morphology of the composites were investigated. The tensile strength, flexural strength and flexural modulus were significantly increased with the adding of filler...
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Electrochemical hydrogen storage behaviors of nanostructured La1-xSrxCoO3 (x = 0-1.0) prepared by sol-gel method

Peng Yan, Yanyan Bao, Chunyu Qiao, Dianxue Cao, Guiling Wang
The La1-xSrxCoO3 perovskite oxides were synthesized by a sol-gel method, the electrochemical properties of them were studied as negative electrodes for nickel-metal hydride batteries in aqueous KOH solution. The results show that the electrode with the Sr content of x = 1.0 shows the best performance...
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Prediction of polymer composite material products using neural networks

A.V. Gaganov, O.A. Karaeva, A.M. Kudrin, A.V. Kretinin, A.A. Gurtovoy
This article contains results of mathematical modeling of technological processes for manufacture of pre-production polymer composite prototypes having certain performance characteristics conducted with application of engineering analysis software using artificial neural networks. The first step was...
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Effect of auxiliary on the properties of SnO2 nano-cystalline prepared via hydrothermal method

Jieguang Song, Xiuqin Wang, Siyuan Yu, Shuang Dong, Tingting Xia, Chao Yang, Shibin Li, Tao Li
The study of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) based on nano-crystalline films of high band gap semiconductors is a progressive field of research that is being carried out by scientists in a wide range of laboratories. To improve the conversion efficiency of the DSSCs, the SnO2 nano rots photocurrent...
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The influence of the injection molding on mechanical properties of EPDM rubber testing samples

Adam Skrobak, Michal Stanek, David Manas, Martin Ovsik, Vojtech Senkerik, Martin Reznicek, Lenka Hylova
The paper deals with the impact of the production process on mechanical properties (tensile strength and tear strength) of a standardized testing sample made of rubber compound based on ethylene propylene diene rubber produced by injection molding in comparison with a sample produced by classic preparation...
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Mechanical properties of modified HDPE by ionizing radiation after temperature load under and above the pure HDPE melting temperature

Pavel Stoklasek, Ales Mizera, Miroslav Manas, David Manas, Martin Bednarik, Vaclav Janostik
Radiation processing of polymers is a well-established and economical commercial method of precisely modifying the properties of polymers, especially mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of modified HDPE samples by beta rays were measured at the ambient temperature and after temperature load...
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Seismic behavior of composite walls of sludge ceramsite foamed concrete block

Min Zhang, Wei Huang, Xinwei Miao, Zengke Yang, Rongrong Hu
In order to study the seismic behavior of the composite wall of sludge ceramsite foamed concrete block, two specimens with reinforcing rib in U-shape block under cyclic loads are studied in the paper. Based on the experiment, the damage process, failure mechanism, hysteresis curves, initial stiffness,...
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Nonlinear bending behavior of EMC laminates at elevated temperatures

Zhiyuan Xiong, Rui Wu, Ruixiang Song, Zhongxu Kang, Huijuan Zhang, Qiang Liu
Elastic memory composite (EMC) is shape memory polymer reinforced by continuous fibers. When environmental temperature of EMC is above the glass transition temperature of its resin (Tg) the resin is in the rubbery state and with high compliance, which makes EMC realize high packaging strain through microbuckling...
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Research progress of building insulation materials at home and abroad

Danzhen Wu, Weili Gu, Sigui Li
In general, the thermal insulating material is that thermal coefficient is less than or equal to 0.14W/(m-K), with good heat preservation performance and is widely used in the field of industrial and construction. This paper introduced the main kinds of thermal insulation material, summarized the research...
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Field study on thermal environment and climate adaptability of Turpan houses

Zhaohui Zhang, Wenfang He, Lin Zhao
In this research a traditional house and a comfortable house are chosen, their thermal environment including air temperatures, air relative humidity, and surface temperature of walls are tested, and test result are analysed. In addition, the thermal advantages and shortages of these two houses are summarized,...
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Research on the bending moment-curvature relationship of wide notch concrete beam strengthened with EBR CFRP plate

Zhenhua Ren, Xiantao Zeng, Wenjun Qu
Based on the hypothesis of neglecting tensile strength of concrete when concrete beam is bended, the simple bending concrete cover of four-point bending concrete beam is cut, thus forming a " -shaped" notch on the side elevation of the beam. Such beam is called a wide notch concrete beam, which is a...
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Finite element analysis of retaining wall for high slope

Yingzhou Yan, Yiqing Liu, Xiaochun Zhang, Daofang Wang
To analyze and summarize the actual characteristics of retaining wall under different circumstances, which include nature soil, soil in different degree of compaction and soil with anchors, a finite element model is established according to an expressway widening project, which includes a gravity retaining...
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Comparative analysis of punching shear strength for reinforced concrete slabs based on database

Chuanteng Huang, Qing Ma, Shuang Pu
Although various studies and hundreds of laboratory experiments related to the punching shear strength of reinforced concrete (RC) slabs have been published and conducted respectively, code provisions have been developed based on a rather limited subset of the available test results and those studies...
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Analysis on treatment of covered karst foundation of high-rise building in Shenzhen area

Jiantong Zhang, Lihua Xu, Lusheng Lin, Sumei Liu
Foundation design of high-rise buildings in karst region is always the difficult point of ground treatment in a construction project. In order to ensure the stability of the foundation, the foundation and ground of high-rise building need to be strengthened in karst area. According to the characteristics...
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Preliminary analysis of double-plateau ground motions of recent great earthquakes

Yinfeng Dong, Ying Hu, Song Lin
A large number of ground motions were obtained during recent great earthquakes such as the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and 2011 Tohoku earthquake and some of them present double-plateau features, this paper focuses on the identification and spatial distribution of double-plateau ground motions. First, the...
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Numerical simulation on flexural crack induced debonding failure in FRP strengthened concrete beams

Binyu Zheng, Jianhe Xie, Gongfa Chen
Intermediate crack debonding failure is one of the most common failure modes in the FRP reinforced concrete structures. In order to simulate the formation of debonding failure accurately, this paper adopts an elastic-plastic damage constitutive law to model concrete and take into account the interface...
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Design and analysis of plunger valve based on ansys

Gang Wang, Rong Zhang, Jing Wang, Wei Wang, Maoyi Xie
Water conservancy project generally has the characteristics of long running time and under high pressure and high flow rate and large flow, the director of the valve outlet exist cavitations and other issues, and the body vibration is more serious, the situation on the valve work. This paper based on...
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Mathematical model for force state on the fit surface of a composite back-up roll in four-high mill strip cold rolling

Yonggang Dong, Guoling Luo, Jianfeng Song
For building the mathematical model of force and stress on the interference fit surface of composite back-up roll by the shrinkage fit method, the roll sleeve and roll mandrel was studied respectively. The loads acted on the contact zone was discretized and the roll sleeve and roll mandrel were discretized...
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Design spectra for vertical earthquake action in the new version of guidelines for seismic design of highway bridges of China

Haiming Liu, Xiaxin Tao, Rui Zhi, Xu Wang
The design spectra for vertical earthquake action in the new version of guidelines for seismic design of highway bridges of China is presented in this paper. The spectra are stipulated with the same formula, same figure as the horizontal one, but different parameters in another parallel table. The parameters...
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The influence of direct stray current on the corrosion performance of buried oil pipeline

Lajun Feng, Jiaan Xiao, Feifei Huang, Bo Deng
In order to investigate the protect effect of Mg sacrificial anode on the pipeline with interference of DC stray current along the length direction, we simulated field condition that Mg sacrificial anode was equipped at 4-meter intervals when Q235 pipeline (40 meters long) buried into soil with resistivity...
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Research on electrodes and electrolyte active substances of metal modified battery

Hongmin Gao, Jiansheng Wang, Huanyao Qin
Based on the principle of chemical power source primary battery, the material selections of the positive and negative electrodes of the metal modified battery were studied. The selection methods of the positive and negative electrodes materials and the modification and correction of the copper thin and...
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Antenna radiation enhanced by a negative permittivity material: plasma

Zhen Zhang, Chunsheng Wang, Qiuyue Nie
As a kind of negative dielectric constant material, finite plasma has some effect on antenna radiation. Results show the plasma layer with negative permittivity is inductive, which can compensate the capacitivity of the vacuum and enhance the radiation with proper para-meters. Furthermore, the shape...
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Effect of electromagnetic field on the solidification structure of C19400 copper alloy

Baomian Li, Haitao Zhang, Jianzhong Cui
The as-cast structure of C19400 copper alloy (Cu-2.32%Fe-0.035%P-0.11Zn in mass%) under electromagnetic field had been researched in this paper. It is shown that applying electromagnetic field during the solidification of C19400 copper alloy can promote columnar-to-equiaxed transition, refine grain,...