Proceedings of the 7th Scientific Conference on Information Technologies for Intelligent Decision Making Support (ITIDS 2019)

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Intelligent Assistance of Decision-Making in the Management of Multifactor Systems Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Models

Baryi Ilyasov, Elena Makarova, Elena Zakieva, Elvira Gabdullina
The article deals with the development of fuzzy cognitive models of the processes of analysis and management of the quality of education as a multifactor system. The approach based on definition of trajectories of achievement of target indicators of education quality with the use of technologies of knowledge...
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Intellectualization of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure Agents Network Interaction through Adaptive Information and Communication Technologies Introduction

Marina Bolodurina, Anastasia Mishurova
The aetiology of the Russian Federation transport and logistics infrastructure development heterogeneity is caused by the following factors: many of elements of the system, territorial distribution, nonlocal effects exist. The article describes a methodological approach to assessing the existing potential...
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Models and Methods of Optimal Information Operations Use for System Functioning

Alexander Geyda
The article outlines models of system functioning and methods to use these models for solving problems of optimal information operations use for systems functioning. Models provide means for estimation of information operation effects and as a result, the operational properties of systems and their functioning...
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The New Combined Closed-Solution for 3D Reconstruction of Environment Based on Iterative Closest Point Algorithm

Aleksander Vokhmintcev, Andrey Melnikov, Stepan Pachganov, Vladimir Burlutskii
This The scientific problem at solving which the present project is directed consists in the development of accurate methods for reconstruction of a three-dimensional map of the accessible of environment with requied accuracy of reconstruction. The problem of consistent aligning of 3D point data is known...
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Information Support for the Management of the Efficiency of Enterprise Information Service Systems

Vladimir Gvozdev, Konstantin Kirillov
We are considering a formal procedure to support the management of the efficiency of enterprise information service systems in a part of defects repair found at the stage of operation of such systems. The basis of the procedure is the system combination of some models and approaches. The term of “Defect...
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Computer-aided Design of Axial Flow Turbine Structure of Aviation GTE

Igor Krivosheev, Alexander Kishalov, Vadim Lipatov
The article discusses the issues of modeling the design of axial turbines of aircraft engines. Modeling is carried out using the developed expert decision-making system "AM". The advantage of using this system in the early stages of engine design is shown. This advantage is achieved by selecting the...
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Distributed Intelligent System of Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Based on Artificial Immune System

Vladimir Vasilyev, Rinat Shamsutdinov
The paper analyzes the essence of intrusion detection systems, identifies the relevance of detecting unknown attacks with a low number of False Positives, and identifies the significant parameters of the NSL-KDD dataset network connections. The authors have developed a distributed system for detecting...
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Simulation of Watercourse Direction on Underlying Surface of Slope Lands

Sergey Vasilyev
The author of the article considers that the water flow direction changes depending on the rate of the flow moving on the studied surface. The technology for simulating a watercourse direction on the underlying surface using the source method was developed. According to the results of the processed data...
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The Synthesis of Complex Logical Controllers with Variables of Boolean and Fuzzy Logics

Alexander Verevkin, Oleg Kiryushin
The paper describes the method of synthesis of control devices and logic control algorithms for distributed technological objects. Control algorithms for this devices are often described as a set of rules, most of which are written in terms of Boolean and fuzzy variables. To transform the production...
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Data Filtration and Clustering for Purposes of Petroleum Quality Indicators Computation Using Situational Models

Alexander Verevkin, Timur Murtazin, Sergei Denisov, Konstantin Ustyuzhanin
Generally, advanced process control systems (APC-systems) base on using technological process models tolerating output quality indicators (OQI) and technical and economic indexes (TEI) forecasting “on the fly”. There are many techniques of OQI and TEI evaluation in existence, except one used to work...
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Simplified Adaptation for the Dynamic Models Objectsof the One Class

Alexander Verevkin, Timur Murtazin, Zukhra Pavlova
Its need for the construction of Advanced Process Control (APC) system as part of the automated process control system this article considers the task of modeling and adapting the dynamic characteristics of the complex control objects elements represented by cognitive maps. The models in the form of...
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Increasing the Reliability of Numerical Data Using Several Methods Under Conditions of Indeterminacy

Vladimir Zhitnikov, Nataliya Sherykhalina, Roza Muksimova, Natalya Zhitnikova
In order to increase data reliability, between two and four methods may be used to solve the same problem, with the results being compared. An estimation of the error in every method must be found. The paper offers a mathematical model for the unobservable component of the error, which may be caused...
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Intelligent Method of the Automated Design of Technological Processes of Machining

Alexey Lutov, Yuri Ryabov, Rinat Shaydullin
The paper presents an intelligent method of computer-aided design of technological processes of mechanical processing, based on the principles of an intelligent approach to information processing and the use of knowledge systems in solving technological design problems. A unified approach to the design...
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Vulnerability Analysis of Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

Evgeny Barakhtenko, Dmitry Sokolov, Alexei Edelev, Sergei Gorsky
The paper addresses the intelligent integrated energy systems vulnerability analysis framework. The main task of intelligent integrated energy systems similar to any energy supply system is the consumer’s uninterruptable energy supply. This paper describes the main principles to deal with the complexity...
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Decision Support in Assessing the Quality of Students' Educational and Scientific Work Based on Automated Text Analysis of the Document

Natalia Minasova, Sergey Tarkhov, Liaylia Tarkhova
The article describes the software product "Multifunctional Text Analyzer" (MTA), designed for informational decision support in assessing the quality of educational and scientific works. The main algorithm is based on the original method for semantic analysis of both the individual structural components...
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A Balanced Scorecard Forming Method for Efficiency Assessment of the Software Projects Management

Liliya Chernyakhovskaya, Natalya Nikulina, Olesya Barmina
The evaluating project activities effectiveness is acute due to the implementation unpredictability, tasks specificity to be solved, the technologies used and the final results. A software project is a complex dynamic control object. The project hierarchical structure can be viewed not only from the...
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DSS for Oil Price Prediction Using Machine Learning

Guzel Khuziakhmetova, Vitaly Martynov, Kai Heinrich
The oil price affects the economic situation of many countries in the world, therefore, there is always an increased interest. A number of efforts have been made by researchers towards developing efficient methods for forecasting oil prices. In this paper, three types of models for forecasting oil prices...
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Neural Networks For Diagnostics Of Metal Cutting Machine Modules

Kamil Masalimov, Rustem Munasypov
The work is devoted to solving the problem online diagnostics of machine tools modules using data-based models. The authors propose a diagnostic method that includes models based on long short-term neural memory networks as a repository of frequency reference values. Data for training neural networks...
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Clinical Decision Support System for the Respiratory Diseases Diagnosis

Gouzel Shakhmametova, Rustem Zulkarneev, Alexander Evgrafov
The existing decision support systems used in healthcare for analyzing and processing medical data is considered in the article, their functionality is discussed. The solution for developing decision support systems to diagnose bronchopulmonary diseases, allowing to establish the patient’s primary diagnosis...
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Information Support to Provision Efficiency of the System with the Multi-functioning

Vladimir Gvozdev, Robert Galimov, Aliya Davlieva
In this paper, an approach to building a system is proposed, the basis of which target efficiency management is use of people's psychological characteristics, and not hardware redundancy. The special case is considered on the example of the telephone conversations registration, where, as a solution to...
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Investigation of the Functional Stability of Neural Network Algorithm for Solving the Ordinary Differential Equations

Irina Bolodurina, Lubov Zabrodina
The paper analyzes the neural network approach for solving the Cauchy problem of ordinary differential equations of the first order, based on the representation of the function as a superposition of elementary functions. The use of neural network approach allows obtaining the desired solution in the...
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Development and Research of a Dynamic Flow Laboratory Bench Model

Elena Muravyova, Vladimir Popkov
The article is devoted to the development and research of a flow laboratory bench model based on high-precision measuring instruments "KROHNE". The following instruments were used: electromagnetic flowmeter ALTOFLUX IFM 5080 K, mass meter Korimass 10G + MFM 4085 K/F, electromagnetic flow rate meter DWM...
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Modelling, Analysis and Risk Assessment in the Technology Process Control

Lily Chernyakhovskaya, Alsu Atnabaeva
The present article is dedicated to the research in the field of analytical support of hazard management decision-making in the technological process. The essential component of qualitative and safe products manufacturing is on-line (immediate) and proper decision-making. Difficulties arising in the...
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Algorithm of Sequential Improving the Size Coefficient for Solving the Problem of Partitioning the Multiple Connected Orthogonal Polygon

Anna Filippova, Yuliya Valiahmetova, Emil Tukhvatullin, Elina Dyaminova
Abstract—The problem of geometrical partitioning the multiple connected orthogonal polygon is considered in the given paper. The problem refers to the NP-hard class of problems because it is necessary to fulfill exhaustive search for assured finding the optimal solution. It stipulates the interest for...
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Information Support of Development of Consolidated Solutions in the Development of a System of Collection and Transportation MSW Based on GIS Technologies

Vladimir Gvozdev, Olga Khristodulo, Elvina Fakhretdinova
This article compiles the features of different approaches to solid municipal waste management in industrialized countries, in the subjects of the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Bashkortostan. One of the components of the fundamental scientific problem, which is a necessary condition for effective...
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Multi-Label Human Activity Recognition on Image Using Deep Learning

Pavel Nikolaev
This paper describes the model of convolutional neural network which is designed for multi-label human activity recognition. The possibilities of using activity recognition systems in the daily life of a person are considered. As part of this work, the study is conducted for the method of recognizing...
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Cooperative Motion Planning Method for Two Anthropomorphic Manipulators

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Vladimir Antonov, Mikhail Gurchinsky, Sergey Ryabtsev, Andrei Burianov
The development of methods for planning joint movements of two anthropomorphic manipulators in a common operational space becomes relevant. This is due to the development of anthropomorphic robots. Existing methods have relatively large computational complexity. They cannot be used on platforms with...
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Exoskeleton for Operator's Motion Сapture With Master-Slave Control

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Mikhail Gurchinsky, Sergey Ryabtsev, Olga Trofimuk
The study is devoted to the development of the structure of the upper-limb exoskeleton for operator's motion capture with master-slave control. The objective of the study is to develop design solutions in the field of registration of the current position of the operator's hand parts during the technological...
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The Study of the Problems of the Master-Slave Teleoperation Control Anthropomorphic Manipulator

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Mikhail Gurchinsky, Sergey Ryabtsev, Nikolay Svistunov
This article describes the problems of anthropomorphic manipulators (AM) master-slave teleoperation control. The aim of the work is to study the problems of the teleoperation control accuracy. The scheme of copying control system is considered in the article. The most characteristic problems for this...
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Path Planning Method in the Formation of the Configuration of a Multifunctional Modular Robot Using a Swarm Control Strategy

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Andrey Pavlov, Vladimir Antonov, Maksim Kochanov
Multifunctional modular robots consist of a set of modules that can form a kinematic structure in accordance with the current task. When operating in a non-deterministic environment, the adaptive kinematic structure of the robot allows you to change the configuration and adapt to changing conditions...
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A Marine Autopilot With a Fuzzy Controller Computed by a Neural Network

Nelly Sedova, Viktor Sedov, Ruslan Bazhenov, Irina Ledovskikh
The paper proposes simulation findings for an autopilot IC-2005 on a signal simulator developed by the authors of an intelligent control system to steer a sea vessel. The principle of the intelligent control system operation consists of generating a data vector with values of the yaw angle of the vessel,...
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Decision-Making Based on Multi-Attribute Value Theory Under Preference Uncertainty

Vladislav Shakirov
This paper advances the multi-attribute value theory to take into account the uncertainty of the decision-maker’s preferences with respect to the value of assessments and importance of attributes. It considers the basic steps of the original method of multi-attribute value theory against the modified...
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The Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm Modification for Enhanced Performance of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in a Physical Field Survey

Anton Tolstikhin, Sergey Bakhvalov, Andrey Dorofeev, Ruslan Bazhenov
The purpose of the study is to modify the Grey Wolf Algorithm. It is aimed at increasing the speed of the mission execution in order to examine a physical field and detect anomalies. It should consider the limitations imposed by the physical model of the group of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles...
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Mobile System for Monitoring Over the State of Engineering Systems

Mikhail Ryabchikov, Elena Ryabchikova, Andrei Akatyev
The paper presents distinctive features of mobile systems for monitoring over the state of engineering systems. Such systems are distinguished by relatively small volumes of graphic information that can be represented in a display at the same time. In some cases, this allows backing away from visualization...
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Intelligent System for Designing the Optimal Сompetence Model of a University Graduate

Svetlana Makarova, Vitaly Martynov, Alena Zaytseva
In article the problem of training the qualified specialists on the basis of competence-based approach to training in the directions of the higher education is considered. Competence-based approach to training is the main aspect in the field of the higher education and is the fundamental principle of...
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The Agent-Based Modeling Method For The Study Of Unique Mechanical Systems

Olga Nikolaychuk, Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Stolbov
The article discusses the MDD related agent-based modeling method that provides a four-level representation of the model elements throughout the design process. In the proposed method it is suggested to separate the description of the agent-based simulation model (ABSM) structure and behavior into domain...
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Qualitative Study of Some Communication Systems with Random Signals

Aleksandr Zhuk, Aleksej Gavrishev, Valerij Rachkov, Irina Kuzmenko
This article presents a qualitative analysis of common communication systems based on random signals. The analysis is given in the context of protecting transmitted data from unauthorized access: the method of chaos shift keying and the method of chaotic modulation. As a result of the qualitative analysis...
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Optimizing Classification Thresholds of Status of Transionospheric Communication Channel for Decreased Quadrocopter's Positioning Errors

Gennady Linets, Sergey Melnikov, Vladimir Mironov
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), today, plays prominent role in many parts of human activity. Not only in military area, also UAV using in emergency response, urban planning, healthcare, agriculture, waste management, mining, telecommunication, etc. One of serious problems exploitation UAV is accuracy...
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Simulation Modeling of Virtual Machine Based Services in Multi-Cloud Shared Access Centers

Petr Polezhaev, Leonid Legashev, Alexander Shukhman, Irina Bolodurina
This paper addresses the problem of performance improvement of multi-cloud centers for shared access to virtual resources. Statistical study of Azure workload data was performed in Jupyter Notebooks using SciPy, StatsModels and Facebook Prophet libraries. It should be noted relatively high underutilization...
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Cloud Environment for Development and Use of Software Systems for Clinical Medicine and Education

Valeria Gribova, Philip Moskalenko, Margaret Petryaeva, Dmitry Okun
A review of modern software systems which solve different medical problems shows that there is a need for unified software-information environment which could provide access: for physicians to intelligent systems of decision support; for experts to knowledge bases and databases for their refinement and...
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Computer Modelling of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Processes

Ekaterina Shulaeva, Nikolai Shulaev, Julia Kovalenko
This article describes the modelling software complexes are described that allow to determine such parameters of technological processes that can not be directly measured, but knowledge of which is necessary for conducting chemical processes in optimal modes for a given quality of the product. The imitation...
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The Accounting and Management Procedure Model for Material and Energy Flows in the Enterprises of Building Materials Production

Pavel Charikov, Ramil Kadyrov
The paper notes the importance of classifying material flows in relation to the logistic system itself and its elements, nomenclature and assortment. On the example of a chemical company, a simulation of the process of accounting for material costs in the processing of raw materials, where material flows...
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Dynamic Model of Controlling the Behavior of an Economic Agent Using the Mechanism of Self-Regulation of Resource Flows

Bariy Ilyasov, Elena Makarova, Elena Zakieva, Elvira Gabdullina
The problem of development of the analytical system of simulation modeling (ASSM) of functioning processes of the economic system investigated at the macro level is considered. The structure of the complex of dynamic models of economic agents, which are considered at the macro level and presented in...
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Improving Efficiency of a Wireless Optical Data Transmission Channel in the Visible Wavelengh Range

Oleg Malsugenov, Alexander Chipiga, Anna Lvova
The article is devoted to the study of a wireless optical communication channel in the visible wavelength range. In the first part of the study, an original method for encoding binary data stream based on QPSK quadrature phase shift keying and color separation in a wireless optical communication channel...
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Decision Making in the System of Assessment and Insurance of Credit Risks

Lyudmila Rodionova, Karina Semenova
The aim of this research paper is to study the system of assessment and insurance of bank’s credit risks and develop a task on the assessment of credit risks in banks of the region. To achieve the stated goal, the paper proves the topicality of decision making in formalization and software implementation...
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Developing Risk Assessment Model for Altering Conditions of Forest Reserves in an Oil-Production Region

Alexander Yakimchuk, Andrey Melnikov, Vladimir Burlutskiy, Alexander Tsaregorodtsev
The scientific problem, the solution of which is aimed at this work, is the implementation of a systematic method of assessing and predicting the influence of anthropogenic impact on the natural environment of the oil-producing region. The significance of the research is confirmed by the absence of developed...
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Modeling Spatial Structure of Thermokarst Lake Fields in Siberian Arctic by Satellite Imagery Based on Geo-Simulation and Heuristic Approaches

Yury Polishchuk, Ildar Muratov, Matvey Kupriyanov, Vladimir Polishchuk
On the basis of geo-simulation and heuristic approaches, a model of the spatial structure of thermokarst lakes fields has been developed, which allows to take into account the lognormal distribution of real lakes in size and tortuosity of their coastal boundaries. As a result, the model represents lakes...
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Development of Information and Technology Platform for Optimal Design of Heating Systems

Valery Stennikov, Evgeny Barakhtenko, Dmitry Sokolov
The paper presents a new methodological approach to development of information and technology platform for optimal design of heating systems. The methodological approach consists of the following components: basic principles of platform development; an architecture of the information and technology platform;...
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Data Analysis Methods for Support Decision Making at Management of Complex Systems

Nafisa Yusupova, Olga Smetanina, Ekaterina Sazonova
Problems of organizing decision support in the management of complex systems based on data mining are discussed in this article; also, the state of the art is presented. The specificity of data used for analysis is noted, along with the array of historical and current data. The problem is stated, methods...
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The Decision Support of the Securities Portfolio Composition Based on the Particle Swarm Optimization

Efim Bronshtein, Olga Kondrateva
Stochastic behavioral methods are becoming increasingly widespread for optimization tasks solving. One of these methods is the particle swarm optimization (PSO). The particle swarm is an algorithm for finding optimal regions of complex search spaces through the interaction of individuals in a population...
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Infrastructure of the Electronic Health Record Data Management for Digital Patient Phenotype Creating

Alexander Zakharov, Alexander Potapov, Irina Zakharova, Alexander Kotelnikov, Dmitriy Panfilenko
improving the health care system requires the effective use of digitized biomedical data already accumulated and constantly updated due to the widespread introduction of applied information systems. One of the priorities here is the creation of a patient's digital phenotype based on data from an electronic...
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Summarizing Emotions from Text Using Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Manshad Abbasi Mohsin, Anatoly Beltiukov
Text is an important and major source of communication over Internet. It is analyzed to identify interesting information and trends of communication. Within this work, we are analyzing emotions expressed by people on Internet using Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. Plutchik’s wheel of emotions is use as...
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Mathematical Model and General Trends for Information Dissemination in Social Systems

Iskandar Azhmukhamedov, Dina Machueva, Fariza Tebueva
Information exchange is one of the essential processes in any social system. Contemporary channels of social communication and, primarily, the global information space (the Internet) and its social media are actively used to organize a range of activities which have an information and psychological impact...
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Improved Method for Estimating Noise Immunity of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Aleksandr Zhuk, Dmitrii Orel
The task of wireless data transmission system in electronic conflict is to ensure the secrecy of signal parameters to provide the availability of radio signal in conditions of interference. The task of interference transmitter is to suppress the radio channel with interference. Interference transmitter...
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Stream Documents Processing Invariance in Situation-Oriented Databases

Valeriy Mironov, Artem Gusarenko, Nafisa Yusupova
Data stream processing in situational-oriented databases (SODB) is discussed. SODB is a heterogeneous data integrator operating under the control of the built-in hierarchical situational model (HSM). The processed data is defined in the HSM as virtual documents (VD) mapped to real data stores. HSM specifies...
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The Concept of Application of Adaptive Simulation Models in the Formulation of Regional Development Strategy

Marsel Nizamutdinov, Valdimir Oreshnikov
The article deals with the formulation of the regional development strategy. An approach to the justification of the parameters of the economic and mathematical model of the regional system is proposed. This model can be used to predict the socio-economic development of the region. The generalized scheme...
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Knowledge management language in the information and analytical system for impact assessment of the energy on the geoecology

Liudmila Massel, Vladimir Kuzmin
This article formulates and briefly discusses the formulation and proposed approaches to solving the problem of the impact of energy on the geoecology of the region. A brief description of the applied semantic technologies, such as ontological, cognitive, event-based and probabilistic, is given. Main...
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Semantic modeling of cyber threats in the energy sector using Dynamic Cognitive Maps and Bayesian Belief Network

Daria Gaskova, Aleksei Massel
The article discusses the use of semantic modeling in the analysis of threats to energy security (ES). Semantic modeling is proposed to be applied at a qualitative level, followed by quantitative assessment of the ES level in studies of energy security. Exercise of traditional software systems provides...