Proceedings of the 2017 2nd Joint International Information Technology, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Conference (JIMEC 2017)

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A Generation Method For Chinese Equipment Name Abbreviations Based On Rules

Jiwei Qin, Liangli Ma, Yanping Wang
In the field of CALS, Chinese equipment name abbreviations are widely used, and recognizing these abbreviations named entities has an important significance in the CALS knowledge discovery, but there are less research on it. A generation method based on rules is proposed for Chinese equipment name abbreviations....
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An Asynchronous Control Method For Reducing Inconsistency In DVE

Wei Zhang, Hangjun Zhou
Maintaining the consistency of each node is the key factor to preserve system usability in a distributed virtual environment (DVE) system. However, due to the existence of communication delay between nodes, it is hard to sustain the absolute consistency of the system while providing acceptable responsiveness...
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An Exploration Of Improved Design Of Biomass Pyrolysis Liquefaction Device

Yue Xia
With people's long-term exploitation, reserves of fossil fuels are continuously reducing, then in order to meet demand of social development for energies, developing renewable clean energies has attached with more and more importance. Biomass energy is renewable and environmentally friendly, so it has...
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A Novel Blocked Winner Sequence Feature Extraction Method Based SOM For Large Set Chinese Character Recognition

Lei Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Lianming Wang
A novel feature extraction method named blocked winner sequence feature extraction (BWS) method based on SOM is proposed for recognizing large set of Chinese characters. Firstly, a Chinese character sample is blocked to make sub block set according to certain principles; Secondly, every sub-block is...
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DYPSOKM: A Dynamic Union Of PSO And K-Means, A Better Cluster

Qin Ke, Liusheng Huang, Hongli Xu
As one of the most famous clustering algorithms, K-means is simple and effective but easily falls into local optimal solution. Aimed at this flaw, many methods including PSO had been applied to optimize K-means. As a typical swarm intelligence optimization algorithm, PSO(particle swarm optimization)...
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A Novel Android Application Penetration Analysis Method

Hao Zengshuai, Meng Leizi, Zhan Xiong, Wang Jie, Yu Jianbo
As the Android craze spread through the world, even the rapid development of mobile technology can not prevent applications from vulnerability abuse. The existing detection system mostly applied static analysis techniques to single application, which make a limited standard of accuracy and efficiency....
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Research On Optimal Picking Route Of Storage Robot Based On Large Scale Logistics Warehouse

Yi-peng Li, Di Wang
In the distribution center, picking operation time is about 40% of the total operating time. Therefore, optimizing the order picking operation has an important influence on the improvement of the efficiency of the distribution center. The advent of storage robots essentially breaks the efficiency problem...
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Cooperative Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm For Water Resources Optimization Model And Its Application

Wei Xu, Zengchuan Dong, Zhenchun Hao, Dunyu Zhong, Hongze Wang
To solve the complexity of multi-public sources water allocation, the optimization model using the multi-objective function and multi-constrained conditions of the cooperative coevolution genetic algorithm (CCGA) was proposed for water resources management. The objective function was the highest benefit...
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An Improved Algorithm For Conceptual Semantic Similarity In Domain Ontology

Yaya Zhen, Xian Zhong, Lin Li, Luo Zhong
With the extensive application of ontology in many fields, the semantic similarity computation based on domain ontology has been a hot research topic. At present, taking advantage of the upper and lower layer structure of ontology to calculate the semantic similarity is the most common approach. But...
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Multilayer Video Semantic Feature Extraction Method

Xian Zhong, Tianbao Yu, Yansheng Lu
To solve video semantic retrieval, the key problem is the difficulty of analyzing, searching and processing the massive video data. In this paper, we propose an innovative multilayer video semantic feature extraction method. The whole method can achieve automatic extraction, label of the concept ontology...
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A Robust Watermarking Algorithm For JPEG Images

Baosheng Sun, Daofu Gong, Fenlin Liu
This paper proposes a robust and blind watermarking algorithm based on matrix Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) perturbation theory for JPEG image copyright protection. First, the quantized DCT coefficient blocks are extracted from the JPEG image, then SVD is performed on each block, and finally the...
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Three-Stage Lossless Compression Technique For Processing PMU Big Data In Modern Smart Grid

Li Baojie, Chen Shuo, Lu Yuxin, He Weisheng, Zeng Xiaoming
With the widespread proliferation and application of high data sampling rate device- Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in modern smart grid, large volumes of data are produced in the wide-area monitoring system, which results in increasing challenge in real-time analysis, data storage and data transmission....
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Quantitative Assessment Of General Cyber-Attack And Optimal Strategy-Selection Modelling In CPPS

Li Baojie, Lu Yuxin, Zeng Xiaoming, Chen Yufei, Zeng Xiangfeng, He Weisheng
Recent years, an explosion of cyber-attack accidents once more sound the alarm on the significance of cyber-security issue. For the sake of establishing robust panoramic defense architecture in modern Cyber-Physical Power System (CPPS), an effective and quantitative vulnerability assessment of CPPS is...
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Transmit Beamspace Design For Unitary ESPRIT In Two Dimensional Hybrid MIMO Phased-Array Radar

Shuaiqi Liu, Buhong Wang, Jiwei Tian
In this paper, a transmit beamspace design method for two dimensional Hybrid MIMO phased-array radar in application of direction of arrival (DOA) estimation is proposed. A new method to construct the virtual array rotational invariance property that enables the use of search-free DOA estimation techniques...
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Research On SMS Filtering Algorithm Based On User Personality

Wenli Gong, Guojiang Fu
In this paper, a short message filtering model based on the user characteristic model is proposed to solve the problem that the short message filter model is not constructed from the user's needs. The model analyzes the information of App category and user's existing SMS in the user's mobile phone, and...
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Low Power Consuming Arm Exoskeleton Design Using Force Sensitive Resistors

S.y. Leong, Y.h. Goh, C.y. Teoh
Exoskeleton as a wearable robotic machine has a huge potential to be used in medical, industrial, civilian and military field as it can increase the user's strength and endurance. The scope of this paper covers three major engineering fields which are mechanical, electronic and programming engineering....
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The Comparison Between T*_Tree And B+_Tree On Modern Hardware Revisited

Ahmad Abdullah, Qingfeng Zhuge
Database indexes have a significant impact to speed up access to particular item or items. While B+Tree is the most important index structure for disk-based database management systems (DBMS), T*-Tree is optimized for main memory access and widely used for in memory database system (IMDB). however, the...
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Attitude Adaptive Control Of Combined Spacecraft

Qian Wang, Xinhong Li, Guanghong He, Zhibin Zhang, Jiping An
Aiming at the attitude adaptive control of spacecraft after docking, an adaptive attitude control method is proposed.Firstly, the dynamic modeling and spatial disturbance torque modeling of the combined spacecraft are carried out using the modified Rodriguez parameters to describe the attitude of the...
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SWOT Analysis Of Patent Information Service Strategy Of University Libraries For Enterprises

Pengfei Ji, Xiaozhu Zou, Zhi Li
In recent years, university libraries have stepped out of the campus and began to focus on scientific research departments. University library information resources, the use of specialized subject in the premise of service for teaching and research, from the collection of information to the network information,...
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Design And Implementation Of Information Representation System For Intelligence Acquisition

Ru Liu, Menghui Li, Huina Zhang, Yurong Huang, Jingyan Zhou
Information Representation System (IRS) is to transform data information and knowledge into a type of visual information for intelligence officers reading, where the natural ability of mankind to identify visual mode quickly will be made most of. Information representation combines human brains with...
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Technical Research On CAN Bus Software Decode And Performance Index Measurement Of Inter-Frame Space

Huiming Wu, Ling Li, Hao Li
In order to monitor CAN bus device and network real-time and effectively, performance index scheme on CAN bus software decode as well as precisely measure performance index CAN bus inter-frame space is designed by the method of collecting physical layer wave form directly, so as to provide new solving...
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Evolutionary Game Simulation: A Case In Water Resources Management

Xianshi Li
In this paper it simulates the dynamic evolution of water ecosystem by the evolutionary game theory. Through analyzing the theoretical hypothesis and model simulation, it finds that strategic choices of players are decided by payoffs of actions when water quality under certain conditions, there exist...
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In Thing Networking RFID System Node Communications Security Research

He Weigang, Zhang Fan, Li Zhenglin, Zhang Yin, Wu Qiqi
The thing networking unceasing development and the application, while take to us to live convenient, also gave the informationsecurity to bring the challenge.Communications security question faces which in view of the networking architecture and the RFID system; Has studied in with emphasis the networking...
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The Application Study On The Customer Service Chatting Robot Based On Bot Framework

Chuanwei Qi
with the rapid development of speech recognition technology, the speech chatting robot has become as the breakthrough of the artificial intelligence. The voice chatting robot shall be such a typical application field in customer service, it can provide the customer with efficient and convenient service...
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Design Of Intelligent Home System Under Wifi Environment

Miao Yingkai
The traditional intelligent home system is mostly ZigBee wireless technology network, with home gateway as the control center. The design of this essay takes the mobile phone as the control terminal, takes the WiFi as the communication means, removes the home gateway, carries on the long-distance control...
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Research On The Construction Of Scientific And Technological Service Mode And Service Platform Based On O2O

Shengju Yang, Jianbing Wei, Jie Meng, Dekui Lv
The interaction between the virtual world on the Internet and the off-line real life gives birth to a new business model- the O2O business model. This paper expounds the relevant theory of O2O mode, analyzes the relevant literature and advances some ideas about the scientific and technological service...
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Integrating Global Open And Satellite-Based Information For Major Disaster Damage Assessment

Suju Li, Haixia He, Yan Cui, Ming Liu, Shirish Ravan
Major disasters usually impact large area and cause massive damages to variety physical elements resulting into heavy economic losses. Timely and accurate assessment of disaster damages is critical for better understanding the situation and further supporting the emergency response activities. Geo-information...
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The Simulation Study Of Ultrasonic Signal From Multiple Measurement Points Based On The Radial Pipe

Wang Yueming, Wang Peng, Yao Guodong, Jia Hua, Li Wentao, Zhang Yaoyao
Gas-solid two-phase flow widely exists in industrial production. A simulation model is made by the finite element software, and is used to study the ultrasonic signals from multiple measurement points in the radial pipe. Through the research we found different voltage signals from the receiving end are...
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A Novel Processing Model For Scds In ETL

Li Sun, Jiaoyan Zhang, Jiyun Li
ETL(Extract-Transform-Load) which populates data from various data source systems to data warehouses (DWs) is an important part of building data warehouse. Nowadays, as the data growing rapidly, it is a big challenge for ETL to process such huge data quickly. MapReduce is a programming model for large-scale...
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Realtime Mobile Video Conference Design Based On Reactive Architecture

Haidong Lv, Yongkang Deng, Yuexing Zhong, Rui Xiao, Wenbo Li
Due to the traditional software architecture can not meet the performance requirements of large concurrent real-time applications, using the SocketCluster real-time transmission frame of the new non blocking asynchronous mode of Node.js platform and on the basis of the realization of the function of...
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Incremental Maximum Gaussian Mixture Partition For Classification

Xianbin Hong, Jiehao Zhang, Sheng-Uei Guan, Di Yao, Nian Xue, Xuan Zhao, Xin Huang
In the field of classification, the main task of most algorithms is to find a perfect decision boundary. However, most decision boundaries are too complex to be discovered directly. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed an Incremental Maximum Gaussian Mixture Partition (IMGMP) algorithm for classification,...
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Research On Auto Wiper Rubber Cutting Machine

Zhexiang Zou, Qian Wang, Wenxiu Lai
Wiper rubber is an important part of car wiper. And mold forming is the key to have the suitable rubber brush mould specification during wiper rubber molding process. Based on the rubber molding technology and the GRS-750 rubber-cutting machine's cutting requirements. Focused on the GRS-750 car wiper...
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YA-JOP:Yet Another Java Object Profiler On Art Virtual Machine

Fei Wang, Xiaohua Shi, Chao Li
In this paper, we design and implement an efficient and low overhead Java object profiler called YA-JOP on Android 6.0 and its ART virtual machine, which uses an AOT(ahead-of-time) compiler. YA-JOP records the allocation site, the class information, the object size, the birth time and death time, the...
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Architectural Design Of Data Stream-Based Big Data Real-Time Analysis System

Qiang Liu, Junmin Lv, Xun Yuan, Renyi Luo, Dekui Lv
Conducting the RT analysis of large-scale data stream severely challenges the IT hardware facilities and system Architecture. To cope with the needs of large-scale RT analysis, the article analyzes and compares the mainstream open-source technology and then designs the system architecture that consists...
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Research On Intelligent Test Paper Generating Strategy Based On Genetic Algorithm And BP Neural Network

Chao Liu, Yan Hu
The prevalence of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), while providing us with a new efficient way of learning, demands an evolved online test system for certificating attended students properly. As examination of each course still being the simple and powerful way to check out, generating test paper as...
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Finite Element Modal Analysis Of FSC Racing Frame

Yu Baojun, Sun Lunjie, Bian Yahui, Si Sumei, Yu Wenhan
The natural frequencies and modes of a structure can be determined by the modal analysis. In this paper, the CATIA software based on the FSC car frame to carry out a three-dimensional modeling, save as STP format. In the Workbench ANSYS, the modal of the frame is solved by the finite element method,...
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System Matching Design And Control Optimization Of Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

Wang Hongyu, Zhang Chun, Liu Huandong, Xi Fuqiang, Zhao Yue
By using a light bus prototype, this article discusses system design with vehicle dynamic demand, driving environment, cost and etc., proposes a self-adapt control method to adjust start and stop time of the range extender based on the vehicle's average output power demand and battery SOC status. The...
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Image Classification And Recognition Based On The Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Yuan-yuan Wang, Long-jun Zhang, Yang Xiao, Jing Xu, You-jun Zhang
With the development of the information age, there were a lot of data whose features couldn't be extracted or predicted effectively in real life. One of the core function of computer vision technology is to classify and recognize, with classification and recognition as its summit mission of object detection...
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Design Of Automatic Test System For Transmitter Controller

Fangfang Liu, Hongshe Dang
In the transmitter, the controller is used to realize the transmitter real-time monitoring and control.In order to guarantee the quality of the transmitter controller, for manual testing, high repetition rate, low efficiency and low accuracy problem, a set of automatic test system based on LabVIEW and...
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Research And Implementation Of Integrated Operational Monitoring System Based On Secondary System Security Protection

Dekui Lv, Miao Yu, Jianyu Song, Zifeng Cui, Qiang Liu, Ningxin Liu
With the development of network and information technology, the system network equipment structure is more and more complex and the system is more and more difficult to manage. Facing such complex equipment and network architecture, current automation systems and network management methods are still...
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Research On The Service Of Subject Librarian In University Library Under The New Media Environment

Xiu Li-li
This paper investigates the subject librarian service of 211Academic Libraries in 6 universities of Northeast region, and points out that in the new media era, the existing duties and services need to be changed in order to adapt to the new environment. Human communication technology, has never stopped,...
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A Simple And Efficient Design Of Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Encoder With Phase Comparison Method

Feng Zhang, Peng He, Anhui Liang
This paper presents a simple and efficient design of instantaneous frequency measurement encoder with phase comparison method. Firstly, in order to improve the accuracy of the sampling data, the software filter module is added in the encoder. Secondly, the encoder uses hierarchical lookup table to reduce...
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Design And Research Of A High Precision Σ-Δ A/D Converter

Jingjin Fan, Wenjie Qiu, Zihao Li, Qisheng Zhang
A high-precision Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter is designed in this paper in order to meet the accuracy requirement of analog to digital signal conversion in the area of high-frequency and low-voltage seismic wave. In the analog part, a second-order Σ-Δ modulator is used to realize oversampling and...
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A Novel Miniaturized Vivaldi Antenna Using Resonant Structure For Ultra-Wideband Applications

Dongdong Geng, Deqiang Yang, Jiafeng Qu, Hua Xiao
A Novel Miniaturized Vivaldi Antenna utilizing resonant structure to extend the low-end bandwidth limitation is presented in this paper. The low-end bandwidth limitation of the proposed antenna has extended to 2.45 GHz from the original 3.07 GHz. In addition, the gain of the proposed modified antenna...
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Light Touch Power Supply Switch Using For Portable Device

Zhao Liangliang, Hao Shaojie, Sun Jiawen, Zhang Feng, Zhou Hao, Han Junhui
With the development of science and technology, modern electronic products are becoming more and more lightweight, and tend to miniaturization. Switch the equipment also put forward higher requirements, the use of light touch switch to replace the traditional mechanical switch has become a trend, that...
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Study Of On-Line Inspection Method Of Oversize And High Precision Bearing

Zhuangya Zhang, Mingli Li, Xiangdong Chen, Yumin Bao
According to high precision and oversize bearing's characteristics of large size, heavy weight and high precision, on-line inspection method based on contact measuring method is proposed. This inspection method uses contact double rotation probe and separates rotation error of machine tool through error...
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A Membrane-Type Acoustic Metamaterial With Self-Similar Structure

Yingxu Fan, Zhimin Xie, Yuhong Qie
The locally resonant membrane-type metamaterial has a unique feature of narrow frequency band-gaps where the waves can't propagate, therefore it would be not suitable for broadband noise reduction. To broaden the frequency band-gap, we proposed a self-similar structure with ring mass for the membrane-type...
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A New Method Of VPN Based On LSP Technology

HaiJun Qing, ChaoXiang Liang, LiPing Chen
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal, the demand of the remote access network is more intense than before. The virtual private network is a common solution to this problem, with its traditional technology realized by a security protocol and tunnel mechanism. But this...
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Association Analysis Of Cyber-Attack Attribution Based On Threat Intelligence

Qiang Li, Zeming Yang, Zhengwei Jiang, Baoxu Liu, Yuxia Fu
This paper presented an association analysis method in cyber-attack attribution based on threat intelligence. The method used the local advantage model to analyse the data related to threat intelligence in cyber-attack attribution by combining the intrusion kill chains model and F2T2EA model. Then, this...
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Research On Government Websites Information Security Regulatory Mechanism And Countermeasure

Yu Yao, Runze Gao
There are many hazards such as Trojans, back doors and other attack means all the time threatening the development of government websites. This paper firstly collects the latest data to introduce the grim situation of information security faced by the government websites in our country. Secondly, this...
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A New Technique For Visualizing Smart Substation IED Interactive Processes

Tang Zhijun, Zhai Bolong, Lin Guodong, Chao Wujie
This paper presents an innovative technique of the IED interactive process visual analysis in the IEC61850 based smart substation. By parsing the data from the substation SCD configuration file to extract the data model needed for graphical dynamic analysis, the solution acquires the real-time communication...
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A Novel Simulation And Test Program For Secondary System In Intelligent Substation

Tang Zhijun, Zhai Bolong, Lin Guodong, Chao Wujie
With the rapid development of Chinese electric power technology (or in China), intelligent substation has become the trend of development. But the long test cycle of existing system in intelligent substation, many debugging equipment and involving links and complex work, has a great impact on the construction...
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The SVR Parameters Optimization For Stock'S Closing Price Forecast

Tian Ye
Stock's closing price determines the price of the stock. So getting good prediction effect of stock's closing price is helpful to master the direction of the stock in some degree. In order to get better forecast effect in the stock's closing price to make use of SVR training and regression, fully considering...
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Application And Research Of UML On Modeling And Simulation In Command Information System

Jiang Miao, Liu Bo
Having analyzed the function of the intelligence processing module in command information system, this paper not only designed both static structure model and dynamic characteristic model for command information system with the method of OO, but also described the models using use case diagram, class...
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A New Method To Measure The Noise Figure Of Multi-Channel Radar Receiving System

Weimei Li, Bo Liu
Phased array radar or radar with array feed reflector antenna is made up of multiple channels, and the radar detection range is closely related to the noise figure (NF). Before the radar being put into operation, it's necessary to measure its NF to evaluate the system performance. Here, an NF measurement...
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Foundation Of City Tourism Information Service Model Based On Internet Of Things

Xiao Zhou, Yuanyuan Pang, Sen Li, Wei Wang, Wei Jiao, Dongming Zeng
On analyzing Internet of Things, this paper brings forward the city tourism information service model. It designs the multi-class structure of the model which contains threes layers and sub-layers, on which base, related databases and sub-databases are created to store tourism data information. And then...
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Storage Solution: A Virtual Distributed Storage And Migration Architecture For Big Data

Randle Oluwarotimi, Matsebula Fezile, Zuva Tranos
The big data revolution has provided organizations with a large variety of data which assist in making decisions as well as providing data analysts with high volumes of data for prediction and pattern recognition. This data is stored in the cloud as it has proven to be a good storage environment due...
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Performance Of MANET With IPSec Under Jelly Fish Attack

Fatin Hamadah Rahman, Thien-Wan Au, Wida Susanty Suhaili, Yan Liu
MANET is a self-organizing network that uses multi-hop routing for data communication. Without any centralization, network monitoring is problematic thus making it vulnerable to attacks such as Jellyfish attack. Hence IPSec protocol can be used as one of its security means. The aims of this paper is...
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A New Counterfeiting Approach: Computer Security Evaluation Of Fuel Rationing System

Al-Shawabkeh Mahmoud, Xichun Li
Engineering, Car Industry, Electronics, Software Suppliers, and Banks depending on the technology and highly sensitive information for their success, they have to invest on espionage and counterfeiting to keep a head of their competitors. Fuel rationing was introduced in 1941 as part of the war effort...
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Research On Pricing Strategy Of Mobile Communication Resale Service In China Based On Bertrand Model

Sun Xi, Kou Xiaoling, Zeng Lu
Bertrand model; mobile communication resale service; pricing strategy; basic telecom operator; mobile virtual network operator
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A Stochastic Model Updating Method With Unknown Parameter Distribution

Ma Tianzheng, Lyu Hao, Zhang Yimin
For stochastic model updating (SMU) problem with unknown parameter probability density function (PDF), an approach is proposed to estimate the statistical properties of the structural parameters. The random variable is represented with polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) and therefore the SMU problem is...
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A Reliability Sensitivity Analysis Method Based On Saddlepoint Approximation

Hao Lu
Reliability sensitivity analysis quantifies the effect of input random variables on model outputs. An efficient reliability sensitivity analysis method is developed herein by combining the stochastic perturbation technique and a third-moment saddlepoint approximation. The presented method requires only...
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Development And Application Of Mechanized Control Equipment For Roadway Floor Heave In Coalmine

Youzhen Zhang, Junjie Shao, Pan Chen, Xutao Li, Zhitao Kan
The deformation control of surrounding rocks is one of the key problems in deep mining, especially floor heave control. In view of coal mine disaster caused by roadway surrounding rock under complex geological conditions, the lack of special mechanical control technology and equipment, the construction...
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A New Face Recognition Method Based On SVD

Yuanyuan Ma, Dengyin Zhang
In order to further improve the accuracy of face recognition and reduce the time complexity, this paper presents a new method of face recognition based on the singular value decomposition (SVD). Combining the characteristics of singular value vector (SVV) and orthogonal matrix similarity, a new criterion...
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Evacuation Simulation Of Passenger Ship Based On Cellular Automata

Min Hu, Wei Cai
In this paper, the cellular automata model is applied to the passenger evacuation in the passage ship. The distance between the cell and the exit is calculated by coordinate difference method, and the impact factors of the static floor field on passengers are obtained. At the same time, the attraction...
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Data Processing And Experiment Of Barometric Altimeter Based On Recursive Least Squares Filtering

Xiaolei Wang, Shuangjian Yan, Linjiao Ren, Jitao Zhang, Xiaowan Zheng, Lingzhi Cao
It is an effective method to measure the height using a barometric altimeter, but there exists larger noise defect. In this paper, the height measurement system is designed by using the barometric pressure sensor, and the cause of noise is analyzed. In order to suppress the noise, the method of recursive...
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An Initial Position Estimation For Switched Reluctance Motor At Standstill

Lei Zhang, Yue Yu
The paper presents a new initial position estimation strategy of switched reluctance motor based on time threshold pulse injection. According to the relationship of the inductance, the phase current and the rotor position, at the stationary state, the high frequency pulse is injected to the phase at...
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Magnetic Field Analysis On A Cylindrical Matrix Of HGMS Through Conform Mapping

Mei Yuan, Dengyuan Mo, Huiqing Peng, Di Wu
Magnetic matrix plays a decisive role in the capture efficiency of high-gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) system. This paper took a parallel arranged cylindrical matrix for example,and put forward using conform mapping to calculate the magnetic field distribution in the matrix. After established the...
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Analysis And Improvement Of Leaked Failure For Automotive Water Pump

Zhanlong Cao, Xingxing Xu, Qunpo Zhang, Fengmin Zhang
A model automotive pump was studied, and the leaked failure of automotive water pump was analyzed. Through the statistical data, it was found the failure is mainly due to leakages of thermostat cover. Therefore, the reason of leakages of thermostat cover was analyzed, and improvement scheme was proposed....
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A New Design Procedure For Slot Arrays Fed By Single-Ridge Waveguide

Yang Bing, Xu Haitao, Gao Zhiguo, Chen Zhen
Design procedure for longitudinal slot arrays fed by air-filled rectangular waveguide including mutual coupling has been discussed and studied in many papers, and widely applied. Due tocomplexity of internal field, it is difficult toemploy the same method on slot arrays fed by ridge waveguide. In this...
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Study On Inventory Model Considering Fairness Concerns Under Permissible Delay In Payments

Wang Dao-ping, Zhang Bo-qing
Optimal retailer's pricing and replenishment policies and supplier's delay-in-payments policy considering fairness concerns under permissible delay in payments is studied in this paper. A model of Stackelberg game between the fairness neutral supplier and the fairness concerned retailer is developed....
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Research On Risk Management Of Power Engineering Project Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Li Jia-ming
With the increase of investment in electric power engineering project and the rapid development of electric power construction market, the risk factors and risks of the project are greatly increased. The traditional power project management methods can not meet the needs of modern enterprise development,...
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Design And Simulation Of A Deep -Water Bucket Foundation

Dewei Li, Xiaofeng Su, Lei Yang, Baogang Li, Yugang Ren
In this paper, combined with the demand of deep-sea oil and gas exploration and development in China, the deep-sea bucket foundation for the specific research object, to carry out the barrel-shaped foundation cylinder structure, deep sea motor and pump structure under pressure environment design and...
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Multi-Phase Signal Control Method For Single Intersection Based On Multi-Person Cooperative Game Theory

Linglong Tan, Yueling Wang, Qing Wang, Yannan Sun, Zexin Li
Study the application of cooperative game algorithm in signal control, by analyzing the game characteristics of four phase signal control of single intersection. In order to maximize the overall interests of the intersection as the control target, build the corresponding game model: Select four strategies...
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Design And Implementation Of The Cloud Intelligence Office System Based On IOT

Chen Hongyan, Wan Junwei, Zhao Jing
Currently, there are many independent and closed "chimney" application systems in enterprises, In view of this situation, this paper designs and implements an private cloud intelligence office system based on IOT,which focused on the Integration of all servers, storage,network resources, and take cloud...
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Comprehensive Detection Technology In The Application Of Transformer Insulation Diagnosis

Hua Yu, Ju-zhen Wu, Jing-jin Cao, Yan-song Li, Guo-dong Li, Zhang Na
The internal defects of transformer can be detected by dissolved gas in transformer oil. In this paper, we firstly have the routine test such as DC resistance of transformer, dielectric loss, and so on. Then we do the transformer induction withstand voltage experiment, partial discharge test and make...
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An Adaptive Video Digital Steganography Algorithm

Guangqi Liu, Lianhai Wang, Shuhui Zhang, Shumian Yang, Qiuxiang Guo
In this paper, we propose an adaptive video digital steganography algorithm, it mainly includes information steganography and information extraction of two parts. Information steganography is mainly includes three steps, first to split video file into the I frame, B&P frame. Second we divide B&P frame...
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Research On Arithmetic About Seamless Transformation Positioning Coordinates Interior And Outdoor Based On BDS And RFID

Mingjing Guo, Shaofeng Bian, Xin Xiong
At present due to the indoor positioning is still a dead zone for satellite signal the positioning coordinates of indoor and outdoor are identified separately. And it led to a problem that the seamless fusion positioning can't really come true. This paper proposed a positioning solution that whether...
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An Efficient Non-Uniform Multi-Tone System Based On Ramanujan Sums

Qinbiao Yang, Zulin Wang, Qin Huang
Non-uniform multi-carrier Ramanujan Fourier Multi-tone (RFMT) systems have low transmission efficiency because of their large transform length. This paper demonstrated that the signs of received symbols before demodulation remain unchanged as long as the product of transform matrix and its transpose...
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Application Of Image Edge Detection In Underwater High Speed Vehicle Classification

Sen Wang, Qijun Liu, Jiaxing Qiu
Considering the difference between high speed underwater vehicle and non-high speed underwater vehicle in the spectrogram of radiated noise, the researches on image edge detection and features extraction has been done. The SCQS(Straight-line Characteristic Quantity of Spectrogram) is definition. A method,...
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Disk Prefetching Using Blocks' Association Rules

Minjie Sun
Modern applications, especially I/O-bound workload such as Online Transaction Processing(OLTP) often suffer from the performance gap between processor and I/O devices. Too much time is wasted waiting for the I/O operations. And there seems little evidence that the gap will stop widening in the near future....
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Application Of Spline Interpolation Filter In Strip Flatness Detection

Biao Cao, ZhiQiang He, Lin Yang, LiXi Zhang
According to the analyzing of the vibrations in steel strips and its effect on flatness measurement based on the non-contact strip-flatness detection method, a vibration removing method is presented. The method firstly adopts FIR low-pass filter based on Dolph-Chebyshev Window function designing theory...
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Switching Optimal Controller For Evaporation Temperature And Superheat Of Air-Conditioning Cooling System

Linlin Zheng, Shujiang Li, Xiangdong Wang
In this paper, a 2 input-2 output dynamic lumped parameter model of the refrigeration cycle is established for residential air-conditioning equipment. Based on the nonlinear characteristics of the refrigeration system and the idea of switching control, the system model is linearized at some selected...
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A Multiple Method Of Discriminating And Correcting Abnormal Operation Data Of Power Grid Based On Point-To-Point Ratio

Guangyao Yu, Tianhao Wang, Liang Zhang, Xianxu Liu
By mining and analyzing the operation data of power grid, it is possible to obtain the regularity, characteristics and status of power network. The data may be distorted or lost in the process of acquisition, transmission and storage, which may cause abnormal data and bring negative influences on analysis...
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New Network Models With New Graph Labellings For Information Cryptograph

Hui Sun, Xiaohui Zhang, Bing Yao, Mingjun Zhang, Ming Yao
Based on the idea of of "graphical construction plus number theory" and magic type of various labellings for solving network transfer delay by using other type of graphical passwords, we define a new graph labelling, called generalized edge magic graceful labelling, and build some large scale of network...
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Superheat Control Of Evaporator Outlet In Air Conditioning

Na Li, Xiangdong Wang
In order to control effectively the superheat, improve the utilization of evaporator and make the refrigeration system run stably, this paper sets up a dynamic model of the mobile phase interface first, and linearizes the model in operating point to obtain a five-order liner equation. Secondly, the modeling...
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A Novel Simulator Of Radar Clutter Environment

Zhiyong Liu, Yuying Liang
In this paper, the characteristic of radar clutter spectrum is studied in reverberation chamber (RC). The similarity between reverberation chamber field environment and radar clutter environment and the feasibility of simulating radar clutter environment in reverberation chamber have been analysed. A...
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Control For HVAC Chilled Water System

Xinrui Yang, Xiangdong Wang
Based on the principle of conservation of energy, a dynamic heat transfer model is developed. a two-dimensional fuzzy controller is designed to control chilled water flow and chilled water inlet temperature after analyzing the model, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the supply air temperature....
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Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Compressive Sampling Measurements

Chen Xinmeng, Li Yuting, Liu Jiying, Zhu Jubo
In this paper, we develop a new approach for hyperspectral image classification directly from the compressive sensing measurements without reconstructing the original hyperspectral image first. The proposed method is based on the fact that each pixel in the hyperspectral image lies in a low-dimensional...
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The Fusion Of Product Innovation Design And Marketing Interface

Yan Tang, Yongmin Jiang
According to the theory of marketing, product innovation design and the market connect very closely. In order to solve the problem of disconnection between product design and market, accurately grasp and meet the demand of market, research the mechanism of the interface of marketing and product innovation...
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Thermal Design Of T/R Modules In Airborne Phased Array Antenna

Zhang Wenxing, Wu Qiang, Zhao Shuwei
The research on the phased array radar used in airborne is very hot Transmit/Receive (T/R) modules are the key components of the phased array radar. The performances of T/R modules affect the whole performance of the phased array radar system directly. According to the characteristics of the phased array...
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Research On Application Of Dynamic Matrix Control Algorithm In Temperature And Humidity Control System

Chunyue Pan
This paper introduces the composition and working principle of a temperature and humidity control system .The system is composed of AT89C51 single chip microcomputer .The principle of DMC is studied,and research on the DMC algorithm applied to the temperature and humidity control system is given too...
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Design And Application Of Four Phase Separation And Back Flushing High Pressure Well Flushing Vehicle

Zhen Zhang, Zhou Dai, Chao Ma, Shuping Li, Rui Zhou
In order to solve the problems such as poor purification, complex circulation of well flushing and longtime of well flushing for well flushing fluid, in this paper, we design a four phase separation and back flushing high pressure well flushing vehicle and apply it to the actual situation. In this design,...
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Tao Lai, Ke Jin, Tao Hu, Gong-quan Li, Yong-jun Zhao
For near range high resolution SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imaging, this paper presents an scheme for generating X-band LFMCW signal with 5.1GHz bandwidth based on YIG oscillator. The method is simple in structure and low in price, but introduces a certain degree of nonlinearity, resulting in range-resolution...
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Cascade Reservoir Optimal Operation Based On Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization

Dunyu Zhong, Zengchuan Dong, Yan Zhao, Wei Xu, Xike Guan
In order to solve the cascade reservoir system scheduling, this paper proposed a novel cascade reservoir optimal operation model based on chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm. The traditional particle swarm algorithm is improved by using the nature of chaos sequence including the quasi-stochastic...
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Design And Realization Of A Glass-Curtain Wall-Cleaning Robot

Qichao Zhao, Xin Wang, Jun Wang, Huafeng Wen, Jingwei Jiang, Qingpei Zhang
With the extensive application of glass curtain wall in the city's high-rise buildings, the cleaning task becomes more and more heavy. This paper designed a glass curtain wall cleaning robot. The robot itself does not have walking mechanism, but it can move on smooth glass surfaces depending on the lifting...
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Super-Resolution Imaging For Objects Within A Half Space Based On Fully Polarimetric Radar

Yan Zuo, Peng Gao
This paper is based on the application requirements of fully polarimetric radar for near ground and sea targets detection, super-resolution radar imaging has been conducted in this paper, based on an efficient method for the analysis of electromagnetic scattering from 3-D objects within a half-space....
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Software Development Of Parameter Visualization For Cycloidal Gear Profile Used In RV Reducer

Qiao Xuetao, Chen Chunshan, Wang Changlu, Wei Leyu, Zhang Liyong, Wang Weigong
Cycloid gear is one of RV Reducer core components used in Robot. Its accuracy of the tooth profile curve plays an important role in meshing transmission of RV Reducer. First of all, the mathematical model of cycloid curve and mathematical model of cycloid gear profile are established in paper. Then,...
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Optical Measurement Of Polyhedral Volume Based On DSP

Jinrong Zhou, Wenming Huang, Nan Zheng
In the object volume measurement experiment, measuring cup water measurement method is one of the commonly used methods.This article set the volume of a rectangular pyramid measurement as an example, combined with laser principles and the CCD sensor imaging technology, puts forward a kind of fast automatic...
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Scenic Spot Tourists Flow Prediction Research Based On Web Search Items

Fu Tian, Wang Zhen, Xun Song Ming
In the context of "smart tourism" for large data applications, the Internet search engine records a large number of people searching for data. Compared with the official statistics, the search data has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. In this paper, we will explore and analyze the...