Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Conference "Legal Regulation of the Digital Economy and Digital Relations: Problems and Prospects of Development" (LARDER 2020)

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An Introduction: Legal Regulation of the Digital Economy and Digital Relations in the 21st Century

Aida Guliyeva, Elena Korneeva, Wadim Strielkowski
This paper constitutes a short introduction to the Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Conference “Legal Regulation of the Digital Economy and Digital Relations: Problems and Prospects of Development” (LARDER 2020) that was organized by the Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement in...
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Actual Issues of Information and Digital Regulation of Migration Processes

Elena Erokhina, Elena Maksimenko
The study of information and digital regulation of migration processes is a developing interdisciplinary area focused on the study of the spheres of influence of legal regulation of the use of digital technologies in the management of migration processes. In the work, special attention is paid to the...
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Digital Technologies in Tax and Civil Legal Relations

Alexandr Gogin, Anna Fedorova, Yulia Smolyak
In a very short period from a historical point of view, information and methods of its dissemination have acquired the status of one of the most important factors in modern social life. At present, the relevant innovations are actively supporting the multifaceted activities of state authorities and local...
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The Concept of Reforming Russian Legislation Due to Digitization Processes

Valentina Moiseeva, Vera Romanova, Irina Popryadukhina
The relevance of the concept of reforming Russian legislation is due to digitalization processes that permeate all areas of public life. In modern legal reality, new legal phenomena appear in the form of subjects and objects of legal regulation. Legal relations arising in the field of digital technologies...
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Digitalization of Production - a New Level of Personnel Safety and Health

Tatiana Freze, Artem Freze, Larisa Gorina
Preserving the life and health of employees should be a priority task of a modern leader. It is possible to solve this problem through the use of digital technologies in the management of production processes. Smart solutions are an opportunity to improve production efficiency and the level of occupational...
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Capabilities of Blockchain Technology in Tokenization of Economy

Anna Kharitonova
One of the leading technologies nowadays, which is extremely helpful for the tokenization process is Blockchain. Combining Blockchain technology with the tokenization process creates a digital economy based on values rather than speculative demand. Therefore, we can say that tokenization leads us to...
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Development of Retail Chains on the Russian and International Markets in the Context of Globalization

Julya Valeeva, Irina Akhmetova, Natalya Sharafutdinova
The main purpose of this study is to consider the features of the development of retail chains services on the world and Russian markets, taking into account the factors of globalization. The article considers the economic essence of international trade networks in the context of globalization, the stages...
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Digitalization of Ukraine’s Economy: Current State and Creating Competitive Advantages

Oleksandr Kendiukhov, Kateryna Yahelska, Nataliia Shakina
Recently, the transition to a knowledge-based economy and information society has become increasingly dynamic, and the countries that have succeeded in mastering digitalization demonstrate economic success in the international arena and attracting attention as countries capable of meeting modern globalization...
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Implementation of Digital Economy in Russia’s Banking Business Using the Experience of Other Countries

Vera Stepanova
The objective of this paper is to identify the level of compliance of digitalization of Russia’s banking business-sector with European standards and requirements. In the course of the study, the overall degree of readiness for the development of the digital economy in Russia will be evaluated through...
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Organization of the Economic and Business Activities Results of Multilevel Production Systems in the Context of a Digitized Economy

Dmytro Solokha, Olena Tanchyk, Oksana Bieliakova
The article presents the main results of scientific research of representatives of three scientific schools in Ukraine, in particular Zaporizhzhia National University, Donetsk State University of Management, Azov maritime institute National University “Odesa Maritime Academy”, which allowed to study...
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The Calculation Methodology of the Synergistic Effect of Digitalization of Retail Services

Irina Akhmetova, Julya Valeeva, Aigel Sabirzyanova
The article presents the results of the analysis of the state and future development of digital technologies in the world market in the retail system. The essence of synergy efficiency interconnected retail development in communication and digital technologies, which can be taken by using valuation techniques...
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Features of Ensuring Information Security of Institutions in the Context of the Formation of the Digital Economy

Galia Aralbayeva, Azamat Aralbaev, Natalia Kharitonova
The article deals with the issues of ensuring information security of institutions in the modern conditions of the formation of the digital economy. It is stated that activation of operation of institutions in the field of informatization make it necessary to protect information from unauthorized leakage...
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Digitalization of the Housing and Communal Complex (HCS) in Russia as a Measure of Consumer Protection Utilities

Olga Kovaleva
The need to introduce digital technologies into the housing and communal services system is dictated by global trends in the development of IT technologies and artificial intelligence and has revealed the problem of insufficient legal regulation of these relations with the focus on protecting the rights...
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Constitutional Law in the 21st Century: Impacts of Digitalization

Iliya Ruzanov, Maria Vlasova
The article raises the question of the scope and intensity of constitutional regulation of the economy in the 21st century that is distinguished by the impact of digitalization. It is shown that the subject of constitutional law is steadily expanding, including at the present stage already a whole bunch...
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Observance of the Written Form of a Transaction Made by Electronic or Other Technical Means

Igor Mashtakov, Lyudmila Starodubova, Olga Lapshina
The legal regulation of transactions made with the help of electronic or technical means does not have a structured, generalized and clear regulatory framework for a free understanding. Moreover, the practical use of this method of concluding civil transactions is ahead of their legal regulation, which...
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Digital Economy and Law: Russian Experience

Juliya Kharitonova, Larissa Sannikova
The article deals with the problems of legislation establishment that ensure the formation and development of Russia’s digital economy. Also, the concept of the “digital economy” is investigated, and a scientifically-based approach to its definition is formed. It is proposed to consider only those economic...
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Transformation of the Term “Real Estate” in Russia in the Context of Integration and Digitalization

Alexey Anisimov, Irina Grebenkina
The term “real estate” in Russian legislation and doctrine still causes major discussions, controversies in law enforcement practice as there is no unified understanding of what should be regarded as immovable and whether this distinction still should be provided in the legislation. This paper is dedicated...
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Digitalization of Legal Proceedings: Global Trends

Olga Zhurkina, Elena Filippova, Tatiana Bochkareva
In modern world, we hear more and more the word digital. The widespread dissemination of information technology has influenced the criminal and civil proceedings of many countries. At the present time, in a number of states, the rules governing the use of information technology in the administration...
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Law Enforcement in the Context of Digitalization: Problems and Prospects for Improving Efficiency

Alexander Ivanov, Dmitriy Gorelik, Konstantin Prokofiev
The widespread adoption of digital technologies necessitates assessing the effectiveness of this process at present and considering the risks and opportunities existing here. The aim of the study is to consider the features and changes that the law enforcement process is undergoing in the context of...
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Main Trends in the Digital Transformation of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Organization of Its Activities

Alexander Moiseev, Valentina Moiseeva, Nailya Danilina
The relevance of the digital transformation of the prosecutor’s office and the organization of its activities is due to the digitalization processes that permeate all spheres of public life. In modern legal reality, digital technologies are increasingly used through the introduction of information and...
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Protection of the Right to the Freedom of Speech and Information in the Digital Era

Natalya Blokhina, Nina Olinder
The article deals with the issues of legal regulation of the system of protection of rights to freedom of speech and information in the digital era. Given the recent changes in the economy and society due to the globalization and the rise of the information and communication technologies (ICT), the ways...
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Observance of the Rights of Accused in the Conditions of Digitalization of Criminal Proceedings

Elena Artamonova, Vladimir Kornukov, Liliya Ryabova
With the development of the information technology and its integration to criminal proceedings, the problem of ensuring the right of citizens to access justice within a reasonable time frame remains unchanged. It’s especially actually for the possible introduction of the electronic form of the formation...
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Digital Transformation of the Prosecutor’s Office and Its Impact on Criminal Proceedings

Kseniia Tabolina, Vladislav Tabolin
This article is devoted to the digital transformation of the Prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation, which is planned in three priority areas: high-tech surveillance, digital infrastructure, the environment of trust. Digital transformation of Prosecutor’s offices will significantly affect the...
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Models of the Early Stages of Criminal Justice and Ensuring Access to Justice in a Digital Environment

Larisa Maslennikova, Tatyana Vilkova, Andrew Sobenin
The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the models of the initial stage of criminal proceedings operating in different states, identifying their most important characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, determining the procedural and organizational directions for the further development...
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Problems of Proof of Illegal Use of Copyright for Computer Programs

Vladimir Ivshin, Artem Shmarev, Sergey Starodumov
The article deals with the problem of criminal law evaluation of the use of access to a protected copyright object imitating a computer program access key. An analysis of the mechanism of the commission of the crime and the problems of proof arising in such criminal cases is provided. These circumstances...
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Criminal Record and the Principle of Fairness in the Criminal Legislation of the Czech Republic and Poland in the Age of Digitalization

Viacheslav Voronin
The concept and legal meaning of a criminal record varies significantly in different countries and even in different jurisdictions within a country. In most states of the world, a criminal record is a person’s criminal history, which is taken into account when sentencing a newly committed crime. It seems...
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Evidence by Criminal Cases About Fraud with Using of Electronic Payment Facilities

Dmitry Tatianin, Elena Tensina, Larisa Tatianina
In this article specific debatable questions about evidence by criminal cases about fraud which was made with using of electronic payment facilities are considered. Practically there are some questions of delimitation of criminal from civil matters and also determination of mechanisms of stealing with...
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Using Digital Technologies is Securing Private and Public Interests in Gene Research

Sergey Borodin, Valentina Ruzanova
The article is devoted to the definition of the specifics of the formation of intellectual property rights in the implementation of genomic research using technologies for the mining of big data, including in the field of circadian genetics, while respecting private and public interests. The author analyzes...
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Methods of Legal Regulation of Digital Relations in the Field of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection

Natalya Danilina, Elena Chertakova
The article analyses the problems of the modern system of legal regulation of digital relations in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in the Russian Federation and on a global level. Procedures regulatory digital interactions, such as regulatory authorities among themselves and their...
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Problems of Preschool Education in the Russian Federation in the Context of the Digital Economy

Natalya Bobrova, Ilona Komarcheva
This article analyzes approaches to implementation of national projects in the area of preschool education in the context of digital economy. We show that declaration of ideas, goals and objectives at the federal level of government does not match with the methods of implementation on dreams level (at...
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Lawyer’s Ethics and the Internet

Antonina Taran
In the modern society, the Internet information system is an integral part of life. Both professional activity and private life cannot be imagined without its use. Moral norms impose additional requirements on representatives of certain professions. In this regard, their behavior on the Internet must...
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Comparative Analysis and Optimization of Digital Control for Providing Occupational Safety in the Organization

Larisa Gorina, Tatyana Freze
Operation of management systems in organizations involves the following functions: planning, application, assessment, actions for improvement, monitoring. The design and implementation of management systems demand organizing processes, which involve input and output resources (information, material,...
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Digital Methods and Formation of Labor Potential

Svitlana Koval, Oleksandr Kendiukhov, Serhii Kuzmenko
The article reveals the main stages of experimental work using the digital method of collecting, processing and analyzing information obtained during the educational process with students. Updating the forms, methods and means of interaction of subjects in the designed educational environment; development...
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Leader’s Strategy in Super Smart Digital Society

Anatoliy Alekseev-Apraksin, Anna Bertova
The contemporary world is undergoing a global transformation. The near future is conceived by governments of technologically developed countries as a transition to a new social order, to Super Smart Society. Determining the parameters of sociocultural changes associated with this structure and identifying...
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Convention and Exhibition Industry: Digitalization and Strategic Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis and After the Pandemic

Olga Nikitina
The research this paper focuses on is devoted to the study of companies that lead the world market of congress and exhibition services. The research involved case-study, benchmarking, trend analysis, comparative analysis and other methods. The study revealed the leading companies and their leadership...
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Actual Problems of Digitalization in the Field of Industrial Safety Management

Oksana Nurova
In the modern world, the problems of digitalization of labor safety processes at industrial enterprises are relevant. The purpose of the study is to identify the specifics of industrial safety management in the implementation of a digitalization policy, to identify problems and prospects for introducing...
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Personal Data Protection in the Internet of Things

Nina Olinder, Konstantin Fedyakin, Elena Korneeva
Recent growth of the information and communication technologies (ICT) created enormous opportunities for the economic and technical growth. However, they also opened the Pandora’s box of cybercrime, stealing personal information and identity, spying on people’s working and private lives as well as other...
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Features of the Assessment of State and a Prospective for the Development of the Digital Economy

Nataliia Kasianova, Oleksandr Kendiuknov, Tatiana Pishenina
In the digital economy, the requirements of business, society and the state for the data provided by official statistics are increasing. The purpose of this study is to determine the features of statistical research in the digital economy and form, on this basis, criteria for assessing the level of development...
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Application of Methods of Balance Analysis for the Development of Digital Models for Managing the Production Assets of TPP

Evgeny Lisin, Alexandra Parshina, Arina Vasilieva
The article examines the possibility of using the methods of balance analysis for the development of digital models for managing the production assets of thermal power plants. It is shown that the balance method is suitable for compiling universal input-output matrices, which can be used for a mathematical...
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Creation of a Database on Failures of Recycled Household Appliances as a Way to Improve Product Reliability

Irina Reznikova
Improving product reliability is one of the main challenges for manufacturers. The capabilities of modern technology make it possible to create and analyze information about waste. Information on failures at various stages of the product life cycle, including at the disposal stage, allows the manufacturer...
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Digital Transformation in Management Processes of Energy Companies

Irina Zameshaeva, Evgeny Lisin, Ekaterina Rukina
This paper is devoted to the digital changes that occur in the energy and fuel complex in the 21st century. Energy companies worldwide are facing the necessity to upgrade and transform their management processes with regard to the changes in economy and society. The rise of the information and communication...
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Comparative Analysis of Digital Governance Practices of the Leading Countries in the Field of Socio-economic Regulation

Angelina Nevzorova, Aleksandr Volodin, Maxim Ivanov
The article is devoted to comparative socio-economic analysis of Russia with such foreign countries as Denmark, Norway, the United States of America, which are leaders in social and economic development of the population. The first part of the work provides a summary of the socio-economic situation of...
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State Responsibility for the Quality of Digital and Distance Education

Natalya Bobrova
This article analyzes the opposing views of scientists on the problem of digital education and digitization in education. One can see that digitalization is accompanied by commercialization of education and other negative aspects related to the mental health of the younger generation. These aspects are...
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Intellectual and Digital Industrial Enterprise as a Way for Becoming the Industry’s Leader

Andrey Zaytsev, Viktoriia Degtereva, Nikolay Dmitriev
The economy of any modern state should ensure the intensification of intellectual processes in production, especially in industries. If the economic policy of the country is almost impossible to influence by economic entities, the management of intellectual development within the enterprise and at the...
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Management and Digitalization in Modern Higher Education

Nikita Nogovitsyn, Aleksandr Koloskov, Tatiana Balakireva
The article focuses on the management and digitalization in modern higher education. Specifically, it considers the problem of leadership as the ability to influence people and groups in the organization to achieve its goals. This research discusses the most famous theories of leadership and concept...