Proceedings of the 1st Lawang Sewu International Symposium 2022 on Health Sciences (LSISHS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Satriya Pranata, Purnomo Purnomo, Sri Rejeki, Yanuan Olina
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Factors Influencing Nutritional Practice of Mothers with Stunted Children

Apriyani Puji Hastuti, Tintin Sukartini, Yuni Sufyanti Arief, Nursalam Nursalam, Indari, Dina Nurpita Suprawoto
Background: The role of feeding in the first two years of life is closely related to the mother’s ability to fulfill nutrition. During this age, there is a risk of nutritional problems due to transition/weaning and infant feeding practices, particularly in terms of food variety, quality of diet, availability...
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The Relationship Between Spirituality, Coping, and Quality of Family Life in Caring for a Schizophrenic Patient at Menur Psychiatric Hospital

Ari Susanti, Dya Sustrami, Aura Natasya, Setiadi, Astrida Budiarti
Background: All changes in roles, responsibilities and nursing processes can cause stress to family members who live with patients so that it can reduce the family’s ability to carry out care, if families with schizophrenia patients are not able to use effective coping to cope with these stressors, their...
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Maternal Risk Factors for Low Birth Weight

Ariyani Lutfitasari, Lia Mulyanti
Background: Low Birth Weight (LBW) is a condition of a baby’s birth weight of less than 2500 gr measured at one hour after the baby is born. The quality of life of future generations is greatly influenced by the incidence of LBW. LBW babies will experience obstacles in their growth and development which...
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The Importance of Mother-in-law in Mental Health of Infertile Women During Fertility Treatment Period

Dewi Puspitaningrum, Dian Nintyasari Mustika, Dewi Setyawati, Hamnah Latifah, Alya Aulia Rahmayani
Background: Women with infertility conditions and during the fertility treatment process or the existence of a pregnancy program feel more worried and anxious if the results do not go according to plan. Infertile women need support from people who are so essential and can significantly affect their condition....
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Midwives’ Knowledge About Antenatal Care Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dian Nintyasari Mustika, Dewi Puspitaningrum, Nuke Devi Indrawati
Background: Pregnant women are categorized as one of the vulnerable groups of being infected with Coronavirus Disease 2019 due to the physiological changes that result in immunity decreasing and can cause serious impacts for them. Information about Covid-19 is still very limited, including data on abundant...
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Analysis of the Quality of Life of Stroke Patients with the EQ-5D-5L Method at the Tlogosari Kulon Health Center

Muslimah, Ratna Sulistyorini, Ghina Nur Shafira
Background: The EQ-5D-5L measures a profile of health conditions based on reports from patients, which consists of 5 dimensions, namely mobility, self-care, usual activity, pain/discomfort, and depression/anxiety as well as a visual analog scale (EQ-VAS) and has been developed by EuroQoL Group to improve...
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The Comparison of the Service Gap in Midwife Practice Between Village and City

Fitriani Nur Damayanti, Alfina Aprilia Riafisari, Alfita Ayu Irmawati
Background: Health services in Indonesia are still uneven, especially midwifery practice services on maternal and child health. The improvement of basic health services is still seen to be slow and varies greatly from one region to another so that it has an impact on the quality of health services. To...
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Psychoeducation Effectiveness of Parenting Patterns in Stunting Prevention: A Literature Review

Fitriani Nur Damayanti, Lia Mulyanti, Novita Nining Anggraini, Yuliana Noor Setiawati Ulvie, Endah Sulistyowati, Lawitra Khiaokham, Krittika Thummarattanakul, Alfina Aprilia Riafisari, Hasna Try Aryani
Background: Stunting in Indonesia is still a serious problem that needs attention. The prevalence rate of stunting under five in Indonesia is still far above the limit set by WHO. One of the contributing factors is parenting. Psychoeducation in the form of information about parenting and stunting can...
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Risk Factors Associated of Pediculosis Capitis Among Elementary School, Semarang City, Indonesia

Kanti Ratnaningrum, Rahmawati Nur Meivitaningrum, Ika Dyah Kurniati, Oky Rahma Prihandani, Dyah Mustika Nugraheni
Background: Pediculosis capitis is a skin and hair disease caused by infestation of Pediculus humanus var. capitis parasite. This disease is often found in children. The limited research on Pediculosis capitis in Indonesia causes researchers conduct a risk factor associated of Pediculosis capitis among...
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The Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning Injection Skill Towards Self-confidence of First Level Students at Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya

Hidayatus Sya’diyah, Eka Maulidya Alfina, Diyan Mutyah, Mahmudah
Background: Self-confidence in nursing students is very necessary for conducting learning and practicum so learning methods are needed that can require students to do a practicum, one of which is the project-based learning method. Aim: The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness...
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The Duration of Using ARV Therapy and the Incidence of Anemia in People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)

Siti Aisah, Dewi Setyawati, Ernawati Ernawati, Aulia Rima Rachmawati, Karina Megasari Winahyu, Abha Sharma
Background: Anemia is a hematological complication that occurs in people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Anemia is multifactorial and can cause a decrease in the clinical condition and quality of life of PLWHA. Anemia that occurs in PLWHA can be influenced by the side effects of using Antiretroviral (ARV)...
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The Role of Continuing Education on Elderly Memory: Islamic Perspective

Rochman Basuki, Hilman Latief, Khoiruddin Bashori, Sagiran, Fitriah M. Suud
Background: Important aspects that will have an impact on the quality of life of the elderly, including education and health. Education in the view of Islam functions to change natural development into directed and directed development. Aim: the purpose of this study is to explain the role...
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Analysis of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Levels and Nasal Mucociliary Clearance Time between “Biosmart and Safe Bus” and Regular Bus Passengers

Saras Pujowati, Awal Prasetyo, Udadi Sadhana, Agus Subagio, Susilo Adi Widyanto, Arlita Leniseptaria Antari, Stefan Arman, Anthony Sevan Hambali, Soerjanto Tjahjono, Liftia layyinatus Syifa, Ai Devi Nuraeni, Muflihatul Muniroh, Neni susilaningsih
Background: Buses are the most popular means of transportation and have the potential to spread the virus due to their high density in confined spaces, and poor air circulation. The application of the healthy triangle concept in the ‘BIOSMART AND SAFE BUS’ is an innovation by engineering the bus cabin...
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Image of TNF- as Indicator of Imlamlamation in Women Taking Regiosacral Counter-Pressure Therapy for Reducing Menstrual Pain Level

Sri Rejeki, Achmad Sholechan, Fitri Nuroini, Satriya Pranata
Background: Severe pain can be experienced by women during menstruation which results in the disruption of daily activities and is not productive, therefore therapy is needed to reduce the pain. Regional counter-pressure therapy has been shown to reduce pain levels, but the pressure applied to the regiosacral...
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Spiritual Caring of Nurse’s at Patient Departemen in the Pandemi Covid 19 of RSI Sultan Agung Semarang

Tri Hartiti, Sasa Anissa, Arief Yanto
Background: Caring is a caring attitude of nurses in providing nursing care to patients by treating patients with sincerity, sincerity, affection, both through communication, providing support, and direct action. Nurses must have a caring attitude in fulfilling patient needs, because for 24 h nurses...
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Rs10830963 Polymorphism of the MTNR1B Gene in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Dyslipidemia and Non-Dyslipidemia

Yanuarita Tursinawati, Ari Yuniastuti
Background: Insulin resistance in Diabetes mellitus is found to be the contributor to atherogenic dyslipidemia and results in diabetic dyslipidemia. Rs10830963 polymorphism of the MTNR1B gene is proven to be significant for obesity in T2DM which is usually accompanied by lipid metabolism disorder. ...
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The Effectiveness of Galenic Cream of Seromucoid of Snail and Chitosan for Chronic Wound Treatment

Agnes Sri Harti, Rahajeng Putriningrum, Joko Santoso, Sutiyo Dani Saputro, Saelan Saelan, Yusup Subagio Sutanto
Background: A wound is a form of tissue damage to the skin caused by physical, chemical, and physiological conditions. Treatment of chronic wounds takes a relatively long time so a wound care process or wound management using traditional or modern medical therapy is needed. The development of material-based...
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Relationship Between Family Functioning and Burden Among Family Caregivers of Schizophrenia Patients in Menur Mental Hospital Surabaya Indonesia

Dya Sustrami, Candra Maulidya Dwi Pratiwi, Ah. Yusuf, Rizki Fitryasari
Background: The phenomenon of a family caregiver caring for family members with schizophrenia requires a balance of family functions. However, mental illness affects the entire family structure. Poor family functioning is associated with emotional changes and burdens. The burden among family is related...
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Differences in Anxiety and Pain Levels in Endoscopic Patients Before and After the Provision of Information Control

Tintin Sukartini, Nursalam, Erna Dwi Wahyuni, Ratri Ismiwiranti
Background: Endoscopic examination is essential, but it has a negative impact which causes problems such as anxiety and pain that can lead to failure of endoscopic procedures. This negative impact can be avoided by preparing the patient by providing control information. Aim: This study...
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The Impact of Pregnancy with Covid-19 on Ashpyxia in Newborn Infant: A Literature Review

Erna Kusumawati, Siti Istiana
Background: Pregnant and giving birth women represent the population that is vulnerable to outbreaks of this infectious disease because of changes in physiology, susceptibility to infection, and impaired mechanical and immunological function. In neonatal outcomes, it was found that babies born to mothers...
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Coping Among Married Couple with Cancer Survivor Partner

Erwin, Sri Wahyuni, Nurul Huda
Background: People with cancer can have many adverse psychological impacts from the diagnosis. However, when dealing with advanced cancer, not only patients experience stress, but stress is also experienced by the family particularly spouse. Aim: The aim of this study is to describe coping...
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Maternal Emergency Management at The Brati Health Center, Grobogan Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia

Indri Astuti Purwanti, Yoni Meilinda Putri, Eka Putri Oktaviani, Dewi Puspitaningrum
Background: Indonesia ranks second in terms of maternal mortality in Southeast Asia while the highest maternal mortality rate in Indonesia was contributed by the provinces of West Java, East Java, and Central Java. Since then, Central Java Province made a mapping of maternal mortality locations last...
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Anxiety and Community Compliance of the Covid-19 Health Protocol: Implementation in Ponorogo Regency

Lina Ema Purwanti, Siska Munika, Ririn Nasriati, Tintin Sukartini, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati
Background: The widespread coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has increased the number of cases causing people to experience panic and anxiety. The government imposed control measures to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, including making it mandatory for the public to comply with the implementation...
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Effectiveness of E-Health Emergency Neonates on Increasing Mother Awareness

Maria Ulfah Kurnia Dewi, Nuke Devi Indrawati, Shofia Ulviyana, Eno Noventa Rahma Dhani, Ratna Dylla Andini
Background: Attention to efforts to reduce neonatal mortality (0–28 days) is important because neonatal mortality contributes to 73 percent of infant deaths in Central Java Province. Neonatus mortality in Central Java in 2018 was 6.1 per 1,000 live births. Aim: This study aims to analyze...
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Analysis of Genetic Characterization and Phylogenetic of SARS-CoV-2 from Manokwari West Papua

Mudyawati Kamaruddin, Muhamad Fazri, Hana Hapsari, Risa Umami, Ardi Pranata, Ayi Suwarai, Era Maryani, Nurul Cahyani Amir, Ratnasari Dewi, Nurhidayat Triananinsi
Genome analysis is critical for tracking the spread of the CoVid-19 virus throughout Indonesia. Considering that Indonesia is an archipelago, the demographics of each province will create different virus variance results. The genome sequence, virus variants, and phylogenetic description of the SARS-CoV-2...
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Overview of Sources of Information and Knowledge About Self-Breast Examination (Sadari) and Ingenious Programs in Non-communicable Disease (PMT) Cadres

Novita Nining Anggraini, Fitriani Nur Damayanti
Background: Changes in people’s lifestyles due to a lack of attention to their health and their families are among the causes of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), especially breast cancer. Aim: This study aims to explore an overview of sources of information and knowledge about self-breast...
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Complementary Therapies for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: A Systematic Review

Agung Laksana Hendra Pamungkas, Satriya Pranata, Amin Samiasih, Edy Soesanto
Background: Pharmacological treatment of neuropathic pain has various side effects, while complementary therapies have minimal risk of side effects. Aim: To explore more deeply the types of complementary therapies that can be used to treat painful diabetic neuropathy. Methods:...
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Development of an Android-Based Wise (Wound Internet Assessment) Application for Assessing the Condition Status of Diabetic Ulcer Patients

Alfian Bayu Indrawan, Abu Bakar, R. R. Dian Tristiana
Background: Documentation is one of the important components that can provide legal testimony, become a communication tool and educational resource as well as research resources. Aim: To improve planning and successful implementation of technology, creative and targeted design can open...
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Roy Adaptation Model in Perioperating Nursing Management of Patients with HNP L5-S1 Post Microdisectomy Operation: A Case Study

Anna Kurnia, Ratna Sitorus, I. Made Kariasa, Enny Mulyatsih
Background: Hernia Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) is among the most prevalent spinal conditions. HNP is a condition in which the nucleus pulposus protrudes through the torn annulus fibrosus and presses against the spinal canal. The majority of HNP is located in the lumbar vertebrae, while only a small percentage...
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Theory Analysis: Dorothy E. Johnson (Behavioral Theory) According to the Chinn and Kramer Model

Eni Hidayati, Suhartini Ismail
Background: the behavioral system model is a nursing conceptual model, a behavioral system of patterned, repetitive and purposeful behavior patterns— Dorothy E. Johnson, to provide a theoretical framework for nurses to prevent bullying. Aim: analysis guidelines were used to analyze Dorothy...
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Application of Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory in Overcoming Fatigue in Children with Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

Erna Sulistyawati, Allenidekania, Zesi Aprilia, Mediana Bangun
Background: Fatigue is defined as a person’s feeling or mood that is manifested by feeling tired, losing energy, and/or not having the desire to do anything. Children with chronic diseases will more often experience fatigue, which can impact their quality of life. Aim: to provide an overview...
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Husband Support Improves Maternal Fetal Attachment

Machmudah Machmudah, Esti Yunitasari, Mira Triharini, Sri Rejeki
Background: The attachment between mother and fetus is an important part that affects fetal development. The attachment between the mother and the fetus during pregnancy will affect the health of the mother and fetus during the perinatal period. A healthy mother and fetus will be able to pass the labor...
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Parents’ Role in Optimizing Preschool-Age Children Vision

Mariyam Mariyam, Sabrina Della Vida, Erna Sulistyawati, Amin Samiasih
Background: Preschool age children’s vision is important for children’s survival, visual impairment in children will have an impact on physical, functional, social and psychological problems. The role of parents is very important in the development of children’s vision. Aim: The purpose...
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The Effect of Building Block Therapeutic Play Program on Preschooler’s Anxiety Levels in Indonesia

Nafisatun Nisa, Mariyam, P. Vivi Yosafianti
Background: Hospitalization can be stressful for children and results in varied reactions, including refusal to cooperate with health workers. Treatment and hospitalization can result in psychological issues such as fear, anger, pain, and anxiety. Anxiety interferes with children’s growth and development....
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Diabetic Foot Deformity Examination in Diabetics at Surabaya, Indonesia

Imroatul Farida, Nur Muji Astuti, Christina Yuliastuti, Uzlifatul Khisbiyatul Khasanah, Didik Dwi Winarno
Background: Uncontrolled diabetic blood sugar can lead to chronic complications of motor neuropathy. Changes in foot shape (deformity) result in changes in foot biomechanics, so there is a high risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers. Aim: This study aimed to identify diabetic foot deformities...
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Supportive Educative Model Based on Theory of Planned Behavior to Adolescent Sedentary Life

Ratna Roesardhyati, Rifatul Fani, Apriyani Puji Hastuti, Ardhiles Wahyu Kurniawan, Hanim Mufarokhah
Background: Sedentary lifestyle is characterized lifestyle by low physical activity. The material impact of a sedentary life are the incidence of overweight and obesity in adolescents, so it can reduce cardiometabolic risk factors, especially blood pressure, and myopia. Then, the psychological impact...
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Caregivers’ Experiences: Psychosocial Problem of the Elderly in Nursing Home-A Qualitative Study

Tri Nurhidayati, Sheila Destika Rachmawati, Ah Yusuf, Eni Hidayati, Mohammad Fatkul Mubin
Background: Psychosocial problems are one of the mental health disorders where every change in a person's life that is psychological or social has an influence and can have a large enough potential to become a factor in mental disorders or vice versa. Aim: To describe caregivers’...
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Analysis of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia Caused by Variations in the G6PD Gene Sequence at RSIA Qurrata A'yun Samarinda

Prince Saputra, Aminah Rohimah, Sri Darmawati, Mudyawati Kamaruddin
Hyperbilirubinemia is a common problem in newborns that is characterized by jaundice caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood. One of the causes of hyperbilirubinemia is a deficiency in the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD), which is the most common metabolic disorder affecting over...
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The Relationship Between Communication Patters and Parental Closeness with Adolescent Sexual Behavior at Privat Vocational School in Sidoarjo

Puji Hastuti, Dwi Wahyu Endarti, Esti Yunitasari, Mira Triharini, Zul Azhri Rustam, Astrida Budiarti
Background: The study results in several developing countries show that male and female adolescents aged 18 years have had sex before marriage. Some of the causes of adolescent sexual behavior are due to the lack of communication between adolescents and their closeness to their parents. Teenagers are...
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Trend of Wound Healing Research Across in Indonesia Medical Plasma Activated Natural Substance as Wound Healing: A Systematic Review

Rinda Aulia Utami, Sri Darmawati, Mudyawati Kamaruddin, Khalid Mustofa
Background: Medical plasma can generate biological molecules such as ROS and RNS. The medical aspect of plasma is conceptually related to its ability to produce biological molecules, specifically ROS and RNS (commonly abbreviated as RONS). Red dragon fruit extract is better at repairing granulation tissue...
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The Knowledge of Midwives About Poedji Rochjati’s Scorecard

Sherkia Ichtiarsi Prakasiwi, Umi Khasanah, Sri Rejeki
Background: An essential indicator in figuring out the degree of public health is the Maternal Mortality charge (MMR). MMR describes the range of women who die from one cause of death related to being pregnant problems or their control. Aim: to explore the knowledge of midwifes about poedji...
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4T Risk Factors on Pregnancy and Labor

Siti Istiana, Erna Kusumawati
Background: It is necessary to make optimal efforts to prevent or reduce the frequency of pregnant women who are at high risk and treatment needs to be done immediately to reduce maternal and child mortality. Aim: to explore 4t risk factors on pregnancy and labor Methods:...
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The Effect of Deep Breath Relaxing and Reading the Qur’an on the Stress Level of Adolescents in Karanganyar, Indonesia

Muhammad Ihsannudin, Umi Khasanah, Ariyani Lutfitasari
Background: Adolescents are those who are in the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. Teenagers have their own way of dealing with stress in different situations. Stress in adolescents is very dangerous, making adolescents experience a crisis of self -identity and the worst effect is depression...
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Nursing Care in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (ADHF) Based on Levine’s Conservation Model: A Case Study

Arief Shofyan Baidhowy, Elly Nurachmah, Tuti Herawati, Erwin, Endang Sulistiowati, Hana Mutiasari
Background: Globally, the prevalence of ADHF is rising. Patients who are diagnosed for ADHF have a high risk of cardiovascular death, re-hospitalization, and in-hospital morbidity and mortality. The Levine Conservation Model, which tries to promote patient conservation energy, is one of the nursing approaches. ...
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Effectiveness of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Slow Beat Acoustic Music (TEMATIK SB) on Low Back Pain Patients’ Pain: Literature Review

Ety Wulandari, Edy Soesanto, Sri Rejeki
Background: Low Back Pain is pain that is located below the lower border of the ribs (costa) and above the folds of the lower buttocks (gluteal inferior), with or without lower leg pain caused by mechanical stimulation, degenerative diseases or sprains and is a global problem and a disease that causes...
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Husband and Healthcare Provider Support Toward the Prenatal Anxiety in Indonesia

Nur Fithriyanti Imamah, Anggi Imroatus Solihah, Septi Rahayu Wijayanti, Yanuan Ben Olina
Background: Pregnant mother experienced different level of anxiety in each trimester. The anxiety became higher in the last semester where the time closed to the delivery. Social support was important to decrease anxiety level. The social support could origin from the spouse also healthcare providers...
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The Effeck PRIMA Supervision as a More Humanist and Professional Approach in Improving Nurse Performance

Puji Prastyaning Amini, Vivi Yosafianti Pohan, Edy Soesanto
Background: Supervision as an assessment, mentoring and evaluation activity is one of the important parts in managerial nursing. Studies show nurses’ performance still shows suboptimal results. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of PRIMA supervision on the performance...
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Psychological Intervention for Lactation Period in Postpartum Mother: Systematic Review

Reina Dhamanik, Machmudah, Sri Rejeki
Background: Obstacles encountered after childbirth and the time that follows are pressures for mothers that have an impact on the perinatal process and the mother's mental health. The psychological coping reaction of helplessness and despair in the lactation process is one of the psychological elements...