Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Big Data Analysis (MSBDA 2019)

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A Simulation Model of Longwall Coal Mining

Victor Okolnishnikov
A new simulation model of longwall coal mining is presented. This model intends to research processes by longwall coal mining and to solve a problem of increasing the productivity of a shearer-loader. Using the simulation model the solution of several optimization problems was obtained.
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Mathematical Modeling of the Growth of Chinese Shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) in High Density Stocking Pond

Yuepeng Su, Kuopeng Cui, Shen Ma, Shuanglin Dong, Meiyi (Daphne) Wu
Shrimp aquaculture is evolving from traditional open low stocking density to closed high stocking density in China. However, high density closed stocking ecosystem with eutrophication deteriorates the stocking environment of shrimps. A dynamic model simulating the growth of Chinese shrimps (Fenneropenaeus...
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The Application Study of Consumer Credit risk model in Auto Financial Institution Based on Logistic Regression

Cuizhu Meng, Bisong Liu, Li Zhou
Credit scoring technology is a kind of statistical model, which is widely used for Risk Assessment scoring for loan applicants, which can predict credit risk of applicants, based on information provided by customers, historical data of customers and data from third-party platforms (sesame score, Wechat...
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The LASSO Estimation Method for Linear EIV Model Parameters

Mingqing Zhao, Tiantian Xi
With regard to the linear EIV model, for the problem the weighted total least squares (WTLS) method only considers the goodness of fit, but ignores the complexity, which reducing its generalization ability, the LASSO estimation method for linear EIV model parameters (LE) was proposed that adding an L1...
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Numerical Simulation Research on Flow and Heat Transfer Process of Fuel Nozzle

Yi Zhang, Yubin Men
This article presents an investigation on the flow and heat transfer process of a gas turbine fuel nozzle with double channel. The fuel which is influenced by low flow velocity and high-temperature air around nozzle has high probability of coke deposition. The coke deposition problem is related with...
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The Simulation Investigation of RP-3 Aviation Kerosene Ignition Characteristics

Lei Shi, Yubin Men, Jia Cheng
The fast ignition and stable combustion of fuel is a very important problem in designing gas turbine combustor. In this paper, the detailed fuel reaction process and primary influence factors for ignition delay time were studied by the chemical kinetic mechanisms. The chemical kinetic mechanisms of RP-3...
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Research on Simulation Model of Wind Speed Change before and after Protection Forest Belt

Xiaoye Li, Kejian Wang, Hao Tang, Jiancai Gu, Zhenxue He
Reducing wind speed is the main role of shelterbelt. To reveal wind speed change characteristics in the protected area, establish a simulation model of the average wind speed, height and average wind speed after the forest belt. Established three wind speed variation models respectively by the least...
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Study of Automobile SBC on Varied Pavement with Fuzzy Slide Model Adaptive Control

Renyun Sun, Wenhao Yang, Xiaowei Wang, Jinghong Zhong
The method that Fuzzy Slide Mode Adaptive Control (FSMAC) was applied to the motor vehicle Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) system on vary pavement was studied. According to the fuzzy base-function extension form of the broad sense T-S fuzzy system, the fuzzy base-function network controller and two kind...
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Simulation Analysis of the Equipotential Surface of Regular-Shaped Charged Bodies

Jiahui Chen, Yingqiu Li, Ranran Li, Yi Jin
The Potential distribution is an important physical quantity for describing the characteristics of charged objects in electromagnetic field. In order to discuss the characteristics of electric field strength and potential of charged objects more intuitively, the potential generated by various uniformly...
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Statistical Diagnostics of Reproductive Dispersion Model Based on Pena Distance

Lin Dai, Hanchi Lu, Liucang Wu
The statistical diagnostics of the reproductive dispersion model based on the Pena distance is discussed. The expression of the Pena distance under the reproductive dispersion model is obtained, and its properties are discussed, and the discrimination of high-leverage outlier is obtained. In addition,...
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BIM Model Integration of Concrete and Steel Structures in Assembled Substations

Ying Xu, Jinwei Zhang, Dongliang Li, Cuiling Ao
Application of BIM technology in the construction of assembly substation is the trend of construction industrialization and informatization in power grid industry. Assembled substation is composed of concrete structure and steel structure. In the process of building refined BIM model, two different models...
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Maintainability Distribution Model for Laser Inertial Navigation System

Yun Fu, Jin’e Huang, Zhe He
This study builds a maintainability distribution model suitable for laser inertial navigation system beginning with the description of the maintainability index and combining with the characteristics of the system. To enhance the system-level products, the failure rate distribution model is applied,...
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Research on Mini Desk Fan Design Based on Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation Technology

Tianzeng Li, Jiajing Chen, Hongmei Huang, Tianyang Li, Chunmin Lai
In order to realize the function of short-term rapid cooling and long-term soothing refrigeration of mini desk fan, an innovative design solution of mini desk fan based on experimental analysis and numerical simulation technology is proposed. Firstly, the market investigation and information retrieval...
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A One-dimensional Dynamic Model of Thin-walled Octagonal Booms Considering the Cross-section Deformation

Ming Deng, Aimin Ji, Lei Zhang, Hao Wang
In current studies for dynamic behaviors of the telescopic boom with thin-walled section in the aerial work platform, the model was simplified by ignoring the deformation of the cross-section. However, as the working length of the boom increases, the section deformation become larger under loading. For...
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A One-dimensional Dynamic Model of Hexagonal Telescopic Boom Considering the Deformable Cross-section

Yao Xie, Lei Zhang, Yaming Tang, Aimin Ji
In the study of telescopic boom dynamics, section deformation is often neglected. However, it has an important impact on the performance of the telescopic boom. In this paper, a one-dimensional dynamic model of hexagonal telescopic boom structure considering the cross-section deformation is established....
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Simulation and Optimization of Plant Production Takt

Guangzhen Li, Zhigang Xu, Zhaohui Ren
In order to solve the problem of planning and optimizing the production takt of a key link in the rocket assembly workshop. The production takt is obtained through the modeling and Simulation analysis of the actual plant based on the Plant Simulation, a professional discrete Simulation software. The...
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Adaptive Dynamic Modeling and Simulation for Variable Cycle Engine

Feng Lu, Zelong Zou, Jinquan Huang
Advanced aircraft engine needs higher unit thrust and lower fuel consumption nowadays. The variable cycle engine (VCE) could meet these requirements, and it becomes the top choice of the new generation aircraft. It is a difficult task to find a satisfactory dynamic model that can well match the VCE during...
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Simulation on the Channeling Flow in Porous Media with Open-type Crack under Low Frequency Vibration

Liming Zheng, Jie Fan, Lianjin Wang, Qingzhong Chu, Xinjun Yang
The application of wave stimulation technology in low permeability reservoirs with natural cracks was involved with the coupling of wave-induced flow, initial flow and solid deformation during the wave propagation process. Researchers had much work on the mechanism of seepage variation in dual porous...
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Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Optical Axis Pointing Error of Aerial Complex Optomechanical System

Hao Liu, Xiaoqin Zhou, Qiang Liu, Runda Ma, Mingming Lu, Jieqiong Lin, Meng Ma
In recent years, the aerial complex optomechanical system has developed greatly. The imaging quality is the most important indicator for judging the optomechanicall system. And the accuracy of optical axis pointing is the basic guarantee for imaging quality. The geometric error of the shafting existing...
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A New Analysis and Prediction Model Based on American Opioid Crisis

Zongna Deng, Deyi Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Quan Lv, Ning Chen
Based on the existing data, the diffusion model and time-varying prediction model of opioids are established by linear interpolation method, the transmission characteristics of synthetic opioids and non-synthetic opioids are analyzed, and the specific time and place of each state to start using specific...
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Variable Topological Method for Reliability Assessment of Aerospace Vehicle Separation

Wanmeng Zhou, Haiyang Li, Feng Huang
During the launch of a rocket or missile, certain segments must separate from the main body, and the reliability of this separation can affect the final success of the mission. Most reports on the analysis of the specific separation structures employ specific finite element software programs; moreover,...
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A Product Similarity Method Based on Deep Confidence Network

Hong Liao, Zhuchao Yu, Yaxin Cao, Mengjin Du, Chengcheng Sun
To improve product recommendation network, this paper mainly proposes a product similarity calculation algorithm based on deep confidence network. A high-dimensional product is firstly constructed and then input into the DBN model to obtain low-dimensional product feature data. Founded on the low-dimensional...
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Single Image Defogging Method Based on Adaptive Modified Dark Channel Value

Peiling Li, Feng Wang, Yitao Liang, Xiao Zhang
In the conventional image defogging algorithm based on dark channel prior, the calculation deviation of dark channel value of image edge position could lead to halo effect on image. In this paper, a method for correcting dark channel value is proposed. Firstly, according to the gray difference between...
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Study on Grade Prediction of Flotation Concentrate Based on Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

Yong Zhang, Hongyang Ren, Zhongfeng Li
Flotation is a process with nonlinear, large lag, strong coupling and other characteristics, concentrate grade is an important economic index to test the flotation production process, and it is difficult to establish accurate mathematical model, accurate prediction of concentrate grade is needed, which...
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Haskell Compiler Testing Automation Based on Equivalence-Modulo-Inputs Method

Tianchi Li
Equivalence Modulo Inputs (EMI) has become an effective approach for automatically testing compilers. It has revealed thousands of bugs of C compilers GCC and LLVM. Haskell is a purely functional programming language with static type checking, which satisfies the emerging need of parallel computing for...
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Study of Employment Salary Forecast using KNN Algorithm

Junyu Zhang, Jinyong Cheng
In the market analysis of the 2018 national recruitment data and the employment situation in a city, it was found that the current college students have serious imbalances in their actual ability and employment salary expectations. In order to predict the salary of employment, doing this research. For...
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Evaluation of the Ordered Weighted Averaging Method

Jizhong Zhu, Min Fei
This paper discusses and evaluates the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) approach. OWA is one of the decision-making methods. The order weights of OWA are key factors that make the decision for the given slections. There are several approaches to determine the order weights such as the minimal variability...
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Optimization IIR Filter Design Using Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm

Cao Han, Yongquan Zhou
The possible multi-modal error surface is a challenge to the IIR filter design, which needs a flexible, easy to implement and stable global optimization algorithm to provide filter coefficient information. The Symbiotic Organism Search (SOS) algorithm is an effect global optimization algorithm which...
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Numerical Simulation on the Dynamics Behavior of Non-traveling Wave Soliton to the Zhiber-Shabat Equation with Parameter Perturbation

Zhiqiang Pu, Zhigang Pan, Xuelian Zhang
Study on the parameter perturbation behavior about non-traveling wave mechanics to the Zhiber-Shabat equation by Lie symmetry group precise symbolic computation and numerical simulation technology. The Lie point symmetry group and reduced of the equations are obtained. The dynamics simulation model about...
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Research on Attitude Control Method of Agile Satellite Based on Variable Structure Control Algorithm

Jian Liang, Xin Zhao, Yang Zhao, Hefen Zhang, Yawen Cai, Yang Sun, He Liu
With the improvement of remote sensing satellite observation capability, agile satellites with rapid mobility have attracted increasing attention. In order to realize the high pre-cision earth observation and stereo imaging in the same orbit, the earth observation satellite needs to have the ability...
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Economic Optimization Operation Analysis of Microgrid Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Jialiang Ling, Jiannan Li, Di Feng, Youwen Tian
In view of the problem of optimal operation of microgrid system, a mathematical model of economic optimal dispatch of microgrid was established in this paper, aiming at the lowest cost of generating electricity of distributed generation, operation and maintenance of corresponding equipment, and the lowest...
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Analytical Analysis of Multiscale Entropy of Time Series: White Noise and 1/f Noise

Wei Han, Yanwen Zhuo, Chi Tang, Wenbo Liu, Shengyi Zhou, Shuo Liu, Zhou Fei, Kangning Xie
Multiscale entropy (MSE) has attracted many applications in revealing the complexity of bio-signals since its introduction in early 2000. To better understand the MSE method, a lot of researchers have been working on its analytical solution. The existing analytical solutions are limited either to bulky...
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A Heuristics Algorithm for Centralized Deicing Scheduling Problem

Jiaqi Shen, Peng Yang, Hongwei Wang, Yiming Cao
For the solution of the deicing delay, the greedy randomized adaptive search procedure (GRASP) was applied to optimize the scheduling scheme. Based on the simulation software, the departure data of an international airport was used to verify the validity of the proposed algorithm and compare the simulation...
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Analysis of Coupled Settlement by Using Three Asymptotic Expansion Parameters

John C.-C. Lu, Darwin Liao, Feng-Tsai Lin
Based on Biot’s coupled theory of poroelasticity, the uniform loading induced settlement is investigated by applying asymptotic expansion approach. Using three small asymptotic expansion parameters, the variables of settlement and excess pore fluid pressure are expressed in this study. Substituting these...
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A Study on the Bridging Strategy between the Theory of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Applications

Guoquan Xiao
Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching of fluid mechanics theory, this paper puts forward the goal of introducing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software teaching, Combining with the goal, this paper discusses the bridging strategy between fluid mechanics theory and CFD Engineering application:...
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Solutions to HSOM Equation with Jordan Canonical Form

Degang Bi, Haihua Yu
Three solutions to the high-order Sylvester observer matrix (HSOM) equation with Jordan canonical form are established. The obtained solutions contain numerical matrix calculations, which provide convenience for calculating these solutions in certain applications. The reliability of those solutions is...
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The Method for Semantic Similarity Based on Concept Distance

Xinying Chen, Guanyu Li, Heng Chen, Yunhao Sun, Wei Jiang
Semantic matching is an important problem of service discovery. In order to find effective services, a method for semantic concept similarity is proposed. The method calculates the concept similarity between the parameter concepts of services by directly using the distance relationship between the concept...
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Research on Configuration Optimization of AC/DC Charging Equipment under Large Scale Access of Electric Vehicles Considering Disordered Charging

Lingyi Li, Tie Chen
In order to meet the demand of large-scale charging of electric vehicles effectively, it is urgent to carry out research on configuration optimization of AC/DC charging equipment. For this reason, the charging law is modeled on the basis of the charging characteristic data of a small-scale electric vehicle...
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Research of Multi-objective Optimization with Time Restriction

Weifeng Li, Minghui Jiang
Most of the operating strategies for modern companies are depending on scientific management methods. The research of 0-1 program can provide valuable and efficient solutions for companies. The purpose of this paper is analyzing the properties between teams and projects like quality, remuneration, cost,...
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Optimal Decisions for a Dual Channel Supply Chain

Xuenan Zhou, Xiaoshen Li
This paper considers a two-stage dual-channel supply chain consisting of a manufacturer and a retailer. The manufacturer produce both standard and customized products. The standard products sell through the retailer, and the customized products sell through the Internet. Due to the different ways of...
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Research on Robust Optimization in Airlines' Hybrid Channel Coordination Considering Service Level

Lijun Zheng, Rong Hu, Feifei Zhang
This paper considers service level in the study of airlines’ hybrid channel coordination, which has great impact on airlines’ operation and performance. Firstly, the service level was expressed by demand function and a robust optimization model of airlines’ hybrid channel coordination with uncertain...
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Construction and Application of Ship Data Mining Platform Based on Spark

Lei Cao, Jingfeng Hu, Ran Li
With the explosive growth of ship information data brought by the intellectualization and digitization of waterborne traffic, it has become more and more important to process and apply massive ship data quickly and accurately. In view of the growing maturity and wide application of Spark large data technology...
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Multivariate Linear Regression Model for the Impact of China Family Business Succession on R&D Intensity

Jun Kong, Sidi Wang, Fan Jiang
This study investigates the impact of China family business succession on R&D intensity by multivariate linear regression model and CSMAR data. The regression result shows that succession experience decreases Chinese family firms’ R&D intensity. Moreover, succession timing has a significant positive...
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Water Level Data Preprocessing Method Based on Savitzky-Golay Filter

Xiaoxiong Wang, Mingyang Pan, Chunxiao Xia
Using historical water level data to establish a model to estimate the future water level is a common means of water level prediction. In this type of method, the accuracy of water level prediction is closely related to the quality of historical water level data. However, due to measurement accuracy...
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The Effect of Forming Speed on Cold Roll Forming of the Rocket Frame

Fangchao Luan, Weizhang Wang
Aiming at the forming speed of sheet metal, this paper discusses the influence of technological parameters on the quality of the rocket frame. Using 3D software SolidWorks to establish the geometric model of the plate and the upper and lower rolls required in the cold roll forming process, and introduced...
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Analysis of Competing Endogenous RNA Network and Prediction of Prognosis in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients of Phase II and III

Jianzhi Deng, Xiaohui Cheng, Yuehan Zhou
In this paper, we focused on the competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) of lncRNA-mRNA-miRNA regulatory network and the target mRNAs as biomarker predicting progression of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) based on the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatment (TARGET) database....
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Design and Motion Analysis of Dynamic Wire-Controlled Hanging Plate Balancing Mechanism in Well

Yuhang He, Xiaoshuang Liu, DW Tang
Aiming at the problems of sway and collision caused by tilt, swing and uneven distribution of wire rope tension in the hoisting process of hoisting in the well, this paper designs a control system of wire rope tension balance and attitude adjustment of the hoisting disk based on the inverse kinematics...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Influence of Vibration on Imaging of Aerial Camera

Runda Ma, Xiaoqin Zhou, Qiang Liu, Hao Liu, Yan Gu, Jieqiong Lin
In order to quantitatively analyze the influence of vibration on the imaging quality of aerial cameras, the optical transfer function is used to evaluate the image of vibration on imaging quality. The dynamic Modulation Transfer Function(MTF) is used to evaluate the degree of blurring of the image. And...
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Personal Credit Evaluation Under the Big Data and Internet Background Based on Group Character

Cheng Liu, Dan Wang, Wenxin Wang, Zhenyi Ji
Personal credit evaluation is one of the important means of financial risk prediction.Ttraditional method of personal credit evaluation is Single model analysis. In order to accurately evaluate personal credit and reduce the default loss caused by credit economy to internet finance, combinatorial thinking...
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Force and Deformation Analysis of Rails in Electromagnetic Launch

Mengyang Cui, Xuezhi Wang, Songyi Liu, Juan Bai, Lei Bao, Qingrong Chen
In order to realize the safe and continuous launching, the launching process of the electromagnetic rail launcher was simulated and analyzed, and the force and deformation mechanism of the rail and armature were obtained. Volume force density, current and magnetic field distribution data of different...
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Screening and Analysis of lncRNA Biomarkers and the Relationship with the Corresponding Regulatory miRNA for Progressive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Jianzhi Deng, Yuehan Zhou, Xiaohui Cheng, Mingjun Xu
In this study, we aim to find out the lncRNA biomarker of progressive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). After the comparison of the phase II and phase III gene expression downloaded from Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatment (TARGET) online database, 112 differentially...
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Statistical Analysis of AIDS Treatment Effectiveness Based on Longitudinal Data Semi-parametric Model

Guoyi Yan, Yan Kong
Purpose: In this paper, based on the longitudinal data semi-parametric statistical model, the treatment data of more than 1300 AIDS patients are analyzed. Considering the influence of different treatment schemes, age and treatment time on the number of CD4 in patients. Procedures: the co-variance matrix...
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Research on High Pressure Die Bulging to Helicoid Surface of Metal Helical Stator

Shuqiang Wang, Jinmeng Qiao, Dan Sun, Bilal Akram
As to high pressure bulging of spiral stator metal tube with equal thickness rubber bushing, the paper proposing a method of internal and external high pressure bulging which charactered by the diameter of the rough tube is between the major diameter and the minor diameter of the spiral surface of the...
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Research on Joint Distribution Mode of Courier End Based on AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process

Zijian Lang
The quality of delivery end distribution restricts the development of China's express industry. Taking the joint distribution mode of courier end as the research object, this paper constructs the service Weight index of joint distribution based on analytic hierarchy process, so as to determine the optimal...
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Empirical Study on the Impact of Policy Events on Stock Market before and after Stock Market Disaster

Hui Zhang, Chao Sun, Wenyu Meng
This paper studied the relationship between policies and stock market volatility. This paper used the volatility point discrimination method to identify the variance increase points of stock market volatility from 2014 to 2018. It finds out the policy events causing stock market fluctuations through...
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Forecasting on China’s Labor Supply and Demand Gap during 2018-2035

Li Sun, Kai Sun, Hongxiao Zhang, Jinchu Zhou
Based on the changing discipline of labor participation proportion in different age groups rule and the prediction results of future population structure and total amount by using Leslie model, this paper estimates the labor supply of working-age population in China from 2018 to 2035. In addition, based...
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Analysis of Influence Factors of Dietary Structure of Urban Residents in Beijing and Heilongjiang Areas—A Case Study of Grain and Aquatic Products

Li Sun, Danni Ma, Xiuli Liu
To explore the impacting factors of dietary structure of urban residents in Beijing and Heilongjiang provinces in China. This paper initially selected nine influencing factors to establish multiple regression models. According to the correlation analysis between the variables and their economic significance,...
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Raw Grain Price Forecasting with Regression Analysis

Nan Liu, Junwei Yu
Grain price stability and food security are important in all countries. The accurate forecasting of grain price can help the farmer, grain processing enterprise and government make wise decision. A raw grain price dataset is formed with public available data and the raw grain purchase price index is...
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Research and Application of Micro-Services Framework for Public Information of Waterway

Yu Li
Public information of waterway was usually serviced by waterway management departments in conventional means such as official websites, special Apps and so on. These service ways lead to that it is hard to make full using of waterway data resources in users’ own application scenarios and systems. This...
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Design of Voice System for Intelligent Public Transportation System

Yunting Wu, Weici Liu, Jinxin Guo, Ruisheng Liang
In this paper, we design a voice system of intelligent public transportation system which is based on STC89C51 micro-controller and voice module of the ISD4004. The display is by LCD12864. The software is compiled and debugged in Keil software, verified in experimental board. Some useful conclusions...
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Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Using Support vector Machine and Improved ABC

Liwu Pan, Jian Xiao, Shaohua Hu
An intelligent fault diagnosis method by means of local mean decomposition (LMD), support vector machine (SVM) and improved artificial swarm (IABC) is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the vibration signals are decomposed by means of LMD method and frequency-domain and time-domain statistical characteristics...
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Design of Intelligent Charger System

Yunting Wu, Weici Liu, Ruisheng Liang
In this paper, an intelligent charging system which is based on single-chip microcomputer system is introduced. The hardware and software realization of intelligent battery charger based on MCU are presented. The charger studied in this paper has higher practical value and accumulates a lot of practical...
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Detection of the Eye Iris Using Regression Trees

Maxim S. Beloyvanov, Alexander V. Fisunov, Iakov S. Korovin, Donat Ya. Ivanov
Recently, various systems of tracking the direction of a person’s gaze have been of great interest. As a rule, these systems have a complex structure, and also use additional sources of illumination. This article discusses eye tracking methods, and proposes a method for tracking and determining the shape...
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A Sensorless Vector Control Scheme with High Bandwidth Current Loop for Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Based on High Frequency Square Wave Type Voltage Injection

Jinbo Liu, Jinlei Chen, Fanghong Gao
Thanks to stator flux based observer running at middle and high speed and various high frequency injection (HFI) methods operating in zero and low speed region, position sensorless field oriented vector control system of permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) has attracted much attention. Nowadays,...
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Design of a Simple High-Altitude Rescue Buffer Device

Shan Chen, Junchun Ma, Baoming Qiang
With the increasing number of high-rise buildings in cities, people have more and more chances to encounter dangers in high-rise buildings. How to escape safely and quickly has become a hot research issue. Based on this, this paper designs a hydraulic damped high-altitude rescue buffer device based on...
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Architecture Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mission Planning System

Xiaopeng Ji, Yanjie Zhao
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mission planning system (MPS) refers to assigning missions to each UAV according to the missions to be accomplished, the number of UAVs and the different mission payloads, and making flight routes through route planning technology. In this paper, starting from the concept...
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Research on the Anti-interference of Intelligent Vehicle Path Tracking on Variable Working Conditions Based on H∞ Control

Chuanyin Tang, Yifeng Zhao, Yafeng Zhao, Shuwen Zhou
Based on H∞ control theory, the path tracking control of intelligent vehicle is proposed in the paper. Considering the possible interference of various factors in the path tracking process, the controller is designed to make the whole system have good anti-interference ability and robustness. The control...
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The Study and Development for the Set of Activity Table to Support the Activity Learning of Grade 4 Students by Department of Arts

Nipon Jai-ai, Somchai Seviset, Udomsak Saribut
The research objectives are 1) to study the students’ behavior in using desk and chair set for art learning activities, 2) to develop a desk and chair set for art learning activities, 3) to test the efficiency of developed desk and chair set according to the loading standard with the universal testing...
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Introducing Parallel Zone Picking to Warehouse Batch Picking Systems

Kenji Tanaka, Asaki Ihara, Jing Zhang
Picking is labor intensive and the most expensive aspect of distribution warehouse operations. Therefore, research on improving the efficiency of distribution warehouse picking has become important. We propose an asynchronous parallel processing system for distribution warehouses with a multiple-zone...