Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Management Science, Education Technology, Arts, Social Science and Economics (msetasse-16)

596 authors
Ai, Jian
Strategic Countermeasures Research of Higher Education Cooperation between Central Asia Countries along the Silk Road and Xi'an
An, Jingwen
Study on Product Sensory Quality Assurance System Based on PLM
Bai, Xiujie
Exploration and Analysis of Occupational Stress of the Primary and Middle School Teachers
Bao, Wei
Research on course quality evaluation index of higher vocational education
Bian, Zhigang
Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures of the Commerce Circulation Industry in Jilin Province
Cai, Aixin
Research on the Industrial Geographic Cncentration and Rgional Secialization in China
Cai, Junbo
Cultivation and Management of politics Talents Based on Dynamic Quality model
Cai, Yinglong
A Study of a New Teaching Mode of Graphic Advertising Design
Cao, Li
Study on Professional Development Training Method of Open and International University English Teachers
Cao, Wei
Exploration into the Development and Reformation of "Internet + Continuing Education": A Study Illustrated by Jiangyin Polytechnic College
Cao, Weiling
The contemporary ethics value of Confucius food security concept
Chai, Yalin
Imperial Edict Monument: Hui Ethnic Group in the Qing Dynasty - Expression and Practice of Dynasty Identity
Chang, Jingjing
Progress of Chinese and Western Medicine Clinical Research for Migraine
Che, Le
Research on the Enlightenment of "Monk Sha Spirit" ——Adhering to the Rule Is the Only Way Leading to Constitutionality
Chen, Fang
Exploration of Innovative Talent Training Path in English Teaching Reform of Application-oriented Universities
Chen, Huimin
Construction and Practice of Innovative Management Talents Training Mode in Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading
Chen, Jiaying
Evaluation and Recommendation of E-Commerce Platform for the Construction of Agricultural Products
Chen, Jiaying
Research on Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Development
Chen, Jie
The Empirical Study of the Effect of Multi-Feedback on Self-Efficacy Sense of College English Writing
Chen, Jing
Research on Informational Teaching Mode Under Mobile Internet Background
Chen, Kai
Challenges Facing Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict-affected Areas of Myanmar
Chen, Kexin
The research on the construction of the spiritual civilization in the network
Chen, Liailun
Research on Development Direction of College English Teaching and ESP
Chen, Linshan
Study on Strategy of Automobile Specialty in Vocational Colleges to Cope with New Energy Automobile Development
Chen, Pingguo
Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Application Oriented Undergraduate Logistics Management Specialty-- Taking Wenzhou Business College as an Example
Chen, Qian
Are the Users Own Formal Roles of Authority Most Influenced in the Social Mieda -Based on the Snamethod
Chen, Qiang
Research on the Key Issues in the Modern Volleyball Athletic Training
Chen, Wen Qiang
Managerial Cash Compensation, Government Control and Leverage Choice: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms
Chen, Wenman
Research on Collaborative Innovation Process of Industry-university-research Institute Based on Knowledge Transfer
Chen, Wenyuan
On Influence of Replacing Business Tax with Value-added Tax on Enterprise Finance and Taxation and Countermeasures
Chen, Xuechang
Research on Analysis of Higher Vocational Analog Circuit Technology Curriculum Reform
Chen, Xuechang
Research on Reform of Electronic Technology Experiment Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges
Chen, Yingyu
The land use rights accounting change led by real estate business tax to value-added tax and its impact
Chen, Yugang
The application of Mongolian costume elements in modern fashion design
Chen, Yugang
The influence of Chinese folk embroidery of modern fashion design
Chen, Yuting
Study of Applied Innovative Talents Training Mode Management based on Combination of Entrepreneurship Education, Professional Education and Humanistic Education
Chen, Zhengmao
Empirical Research on Influence Factors of Service-oriented Small and Micro Enterprises
Chen, Zhihai
Translator's Subjectivity in Feminist Translations—A Case Study of Eileen Chang's Translation Practice
Chen, Zhong-fang
A Study of the Present Situation and Characteristics of College Students' Ideology and Morality
Chen, Zhuohao
The application of traditional culture in modern environmental art design
Cheng, Changxia
Research on Strengthening Scientific Thinking Training of Medical Undergraduates
Cheng, Chengyan
Research on Case Teaching Method and Its Application in Educational Administration Course
Cheng, Fangping
A Study on the Movie Reviews on the Network New Media
Cheng, Yan-Ming
Project- Oriented College Students' Innovative Ability Training
Cheng, Yan-Ming
The Reform of Teaching Method of Communication Principle
Chu, Xin
Institutional Basis: the Prerequisite for Farmer' Cooperation and Agricultural Land Transfer
Cui, Xin
Review on the Research of shaman Sacrifice in the Court of Qing Dynasty
Dai, Hongxia
Research on the Application of Computer Network in Minority Preparatory English Teaching
Dai, Ting
Analysis of Government Role Based on International Trade New Theory
Dai, Xiaozhen
Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Application Oriented Undergraduate Logistics Management Specialty-- Taking Wenzhou Business College as an Example
Dang, Yuelei
Research on the Curriculum Reform of College Physical Education
Deng, Chunlei,
The Legal Risk and Protection of the Contract of Business Economics
Deng, Xiaohui
Research on the mode of international tourism cooperation under the background of "the Belt and Road"
Di, Jing
Research of Physical Experiment Teaching and Quality Reform
Ding, Dayong
Effects of Preoperative Enteral Nutrition Support on Postoperative Nutritional Status and Immune Function of Colorectal Cancer Patients
Ding, Mei-Zhu
Project- Oriented College Students' Innovative Ability Training
Ding, Mei-Zhu
Problems and Countermeasures of Improving Teaching Quality in Local University
Ding, Xiaodong
Research Conception of Children's Education Development under the Cooperation Between Yunnan and Shanghai
Dong, Lili
Research on Traditional Aesthetic Philosophy in the Japanese Literature
Dong, Lili
Research and Enlightenment of Japanese Preschool Education based on Picture Books
Dong, Lili
Implications of Japanese Universities Teaching Reform on Chinese University Education System Reform in the New Era
Dong, Lili
Research on the Influence of Japanese Multicultural on Japanese Literature
Dong, Lili
Research on Effects of Chinese Confucianism on Japanese Literature
Du, Fuyu
Research on Social Work of Community Parenting Education
Du, Xiaoming
The research on the construction of the spiritual civilization in the network
Du, Yilan
Module Curriculum Construction of Diversified College ESP English Basing on Demand Analysis
Du, Yimei
Analysis on Student's Misinterpretation Based on the Quality Requirement of Daniel Gouadec
Duan, Huiqiao
Comparison analysis of Chinese and western leisure sports culture
Duan, Huiqiao
Characteristics Analysis of Chinese college students' leisure sports behavior
Duan, Xiaofang
An experimental study on the application of Maths transformation thoughts in College Mathematics Teaching
Fan, Fuling
Research on 50 Clinical Nursing Cases in Gynecologic Malignant Tumors Treatment
Fan, Ming
Education Democracy - The Spiritual Equality Encounter between Teachers and Students
Fan, Wang-xi
Application and Practice of Project Teaching Method in Teaching of Chemical Engineering Specialty Course
Fan, Yiting
Study on Aesthetic Education Method in College PE Teaching
Feng, Huiping
Research on Venture Service System of Resource-Exhausted Cities
Feng, Li
Research on Preschool Justice in Rawls Principles- A Case of Pre-School Three-Year Action Plan in Shaanxi and Gansu
Feng, Shudan
The Migrant Citizen-role Identity and the Relationship with Family Socioeconomic Status :the Mediating Role of Social Support
Feng, Xin-ling
Project Teaching Method in Applied Universities Computer Network Course
Gao, Chunling
Research on Protection and Inheritance of Dawu Tapestry Belt from the Perspective of Protection of "Intangible Cultural Heritage"
Gao, Feng
Theory and Practice of Design and Making of Microlecture
Gao, Qiang
The Role of Nutrition Supplement and Nutrition Food in Training for Athletes
Gao, Qiang
nvestigation and Study of the Effect of Sports Health and Dietary Nutrition on Athletes' Physique
Gao, Weiliang
Optimization of College English Multimedia Teaching by Data Mining Technology
Gao, Yinqiao
Related Coupling Research on Car Professional Skills Talents Training and "Craftsman Spirit" Cultivation
Gao, Yu-Feng
Exploration on Talents Training Cultivation mode of Electronic Information and Communication Major
Gao, Yu-Feng
Problems and Countermeasures of Improving Teaching Quality in Local University
Gao, Yunpeng
A Study on Contemporary Value of Marriage Law and Culture in the Western Zhou Dynasty
Geng, Yu
Design of Practice Teaching for Logistics Engineering Course based on CDIO Concept
Gu, Guannan
Research on Promotion of the Information Educational Capabilities of Higher Vocational English Teachers under the Mobile-internet Background
Gu, Haiyan
Chinese and Western Values and Practical Choice of Cross-cultural Communication
Gu, Liangsha
Legal Countermeasures for Financial Development in National Autonomous Areas
Gu, Manyi
Ethical Principles of Construction of Hospital Crisis Management System in mainland China
Gu, Zheng
Cost analysis and risk supervision of project in electric power construction
Guan, Xin
Research on Evolution and Development of the Central Bank in Manchukuo
Guo, Dongqing
Cross-Cultural Communication- Expression Difference between Chinese and Japanese languages
Guo, Jianhua
The glossary of the ancient Chinese vocabulary in Longdong-dialect
Guo, Shuhua
Sports Culture Research of Network Construction in University Physical Education
Guo, Weiping
Research on Henan Regional Cultural Industry Competitiveness Evaluation
Guo, Weiwei
Discussions on Problems in Mainstream Ideological Education in Universities and Strategies Therefore
Guo, Weiwei
Study on the Coordinated Development of Local Colleges and Regional Economy in Gansu