Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Conference "Modern Management Trends and the Digital Economy: from Regional Development to Global Economic Growth" (MTDE 2019)

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Tools of state borrowings at the regional level in the digitalization of the economy

O.V. Tolmacheva, M.I. Lvova, Yu.V. Salamatina
The subject of this research is the economic relations arising in the process of using bonds by regional Russian authorities. The objectives of the bond issue by the subjects of the Federation of the Russian Federation are the following: financing the budget deficit, cash ruptures of budget implementation,...
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Transformation of labour rationing: realities of the digital economy

D.N. Yadransky, R.T. Latypov, E.V. Chumak
Article deals with the modern management problem associated with improving the accuracy of the ration of managerial work. Emphasis is on the need to move from the rationing of the working day to the rationing of individual labor functions (operations). The subject of the article is contradictions arising...
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Blockchain technology as the basis for digital transformation of the supply chain management system: benefits and implementation challenges

L.I. Malyavkina, A.G. Savina, I.G. Parshutina
In the context of globalization, the problem of creating an integrated ecosystem of national and international supply chains becomes actual. Currently, the organization and supply chain management (SCM) are characterized by the inefficient use of existing assets, lack of flexibility and transparency...
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Estimation of social significance of copper mining enterprises using the method of least squares

O.V. Bazhenov, A.D. Oykher, A.V. Ilyina
The article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of PLS-PM modeling the social significance of copper industry enterprises as an indicator reflecting the contribution of companies to the development of the territories of their production facilities and / or parent enterprises. The purpose...
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Parity of innovation and digital economy in the Russian management system

V.V. Smirnov, D.G. Osipov, A.A. Babaeva, E.V. Grigorieva, E.F. Perfilova
The article discloses the causes of the unstable state of the Russian economic system and the necessity of formation of an adequate control system. The control system adequacy is based on its ability to maintain parity of innovation and the digital economy, providing for the synergistic effect in order...
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Digital technologies as a factor in the innovative development of the agro-industrial complex to ensure the food security of the country

A.V. Kuchumov
In article the main possibilities of the innovative development of agro-industrial complex are considered, approaches of use of digital technologies in data management by processes, forming of the digital platform on the example of the agrarian sector of economy are investigated, the reasons of delay...
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The modern paradigm of the methodology for assessing the financial stability of the Russian banking system in the digital economy

M.S. Maramygin, L.I. Yuzvovich, E.V. Strelnikov
Subject of this research are the economic relations arising in the course of assessment of financial stability of banking system of Russia. The banking system has a key impact on the functioning of the entire economic system as a whole under current unstable conditions of economic development. Banks...
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Digitalization of the social and economic processes in the Russian economy: the current situation and directions of development

I.V. Minakova, M.A. Parkhomchuk, T.N. Bukreeva
Widespread digitalization, automation and implementation of appropriate technologies is a natural and expected process, and therefore inevitable. By reducing information search costs, digital technologies significantly reduce the cost of economic and social transactions for firms, individuals, and the...
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Organizational and economic aspects of the implementation of digital technologies in the innovative development of dairy cattle breeding

S.E. Terentyev, A.V. Belokopytov, O.V. Lazko
In article the main possibilities of the innovative development of milk cattle breeding are considered, approaches of use of digital technologies in data management by processes and forming of the organizational and economic mechanism designed to stimulate progress in science and technologies are investigated....
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Econotronics of a smart city

E.V. Popov
The purpose of this study is to systematize the socio-technological drivers of the smart city development based on the author's concept of econotronics. The following theoretical and practical results are obtained. The specificity of the smart city is shown and the main socio-technological drivers of...
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The development of electronic securities trading as a means of increasing the investment activity of citizens

S. Cherkasova, T. Kalaitan, N. Yaroshevych
The development trends of electronic stock trading in Ukraine are considered. The low investment activity of the citizens of the country and the insufficient involvement of individuals in the processes of electronic stock trading were noted. Among the main reasons that hinder the development of the electronic...
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Bitcoin financial bubbles: digitalization and modeling

L.I. Yuzvovich, N.Yu. Isakova, N.N. Mokeeva
The subject of scientific research is economic relations arising in the process of establishing the value of Bitcoin in the financial market. The hypothesis that the Bitcoin market is really subject to the formation of financial bubbles, and that the most significant of them was observed in 2017. The...
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Development of technology for assessing the effectiveness of technological integration

A.E. Miller, M.A. Miller
The article is devoted to the development of methodological tools for assessing the effectiveness of technological integration in the manufacturing sector. The background for accelerating the development of technological integration in the digital economy is summarized. A technology has been developed...
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Problems of structuring risks and ensuring legal relations in IoT

I.L. Kaftannikov, V.M. Zhernova, A.V. Minbaleev
The introduction of elements of the Internet of things to all levels of human activity entails the responsibility for the creation and production, as well as the operation of such devices. It is necessary to clearly divide the system into logical sections that implement various functions, receive or...
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Digital transformation of project implementation monitoring in the regional public management

M.V. Tsurkan, S.M. Mironova, N.V. Pilipchuk
The relevance of the article is caused by the necessity to use information technologies and digital methods during the project implementation monitoring process, taking place in the regional public management system. The objective of this paper is to develop the pattern in order to carry out efficient...
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Economic analysis inversion mechanism taking into account argument interrelation

E.B. Gribanova, I.N. Logvin
The article deals with solving inverse economic analysis problems using inverse calculations where there is dependence between the arguments of the function. It offers a solving algorithm for an inverse problem with stochastic dependence between arguments, which includes the optimal solution. It provides...
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The impact of the development of the digital economy on the cost structure of cost value

L.V. Iurieva, E.R. Sinianskaia, O.V. Savostina
The rational planning of production costs and the problems of finding ways to optimally balance them, taking into account industry specifics of production, play an important role in the financial and economic activities of organizations in terms of technological transitivity. Identification of the main...
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Digital technologies in the organization and management of tourist organizations

M.S. Shmarkov, L.I. Shmarkova, E.A. Shmarkova
The article presents the results of the features and specifics of the development and use of the latest digital technologies in the activities of tourist organizations studies in the Russian Federation. The role and impact of digitalization and expansion of digital space on the results of tourism activities,...
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Digital economy in developing countries: problems and prospects

K.A. Semyachkov
The purpose of this study is to develop the principles for building a digital economy in developing countries. It is shown that the priority task of the socio-economic development of these countries is the creation of a digital economy. The features of the development of the digital economy are highlighted,...
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Improving the quality of medical care in Russia: aspects of digital measurement problem

A.N. Zoubets, A.V. Novikov, A.Y. Oborskiy
The subject of the research is the process of improving the quality of medical care for the Russian population / The relevance of the topic considered in the article is determined by the problems of studying the real state of the medical services quality for the population in Russia in the digital dimension...
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Portfolio analysis for the business planning development in the sphere of higher education under the digital economy conditions

E.V. Dolzhenkova, L.V. Iurieva
The development of new organizational and economic methods of a higher education institution managing that meets the requirements of the digital economy is becoming a serious problem, the solution of which is possible, including the use of the portfolio analysis. The article proposes the author's entrepreneurial...
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Unified digital information environment of the the food industry enterprises of Novosibirsk

L.N. Rozhdenstvenskaya, O.V. Rogova
The paper presents the prerequisites for creating a unified digital information environment that is necessary in the food industry to ensure decision-making management. The order of a unified digital information environment development focused on the food industry of the megalopolis on the example...
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Digital technology in the control system of mining industry

I.V. Zhukova
The article presents the results of research related to the improvement of the mining industry management . Today, the information security of the mineral resource complex is not assessed, information flows are being decentralized. The introduction of innovative economic management mechanisms is impossible...
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Features of the Russian raw and cut diamonds business digitalization

E.E. Grigoryeva, N.R. Sentizova
A digital economy enters the industry. The article represents the digital transformation features of economic system of the participants of the Russian raw and cut diamond market. Various levels of digital technologies readiness and implementation into industrial production of the diamond industry of...
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Estimation of interrelation of components of human capital and level of digitalization of industrial enterprises by method of modeling of structural equations

N.R. Kelchevskaya, E.V. Shirinkina, N.I. Strih
The relevance of the study is due to the fact that today the use of digital technologies is perceived by the top management of many Russian companies still as a purely technological task, while the meaning of the happening digitalization is that Not so much technology, but the system of human capital...
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Optimization problems of capital structure of metallurgical industry companies in the context of economy digitalization

K.A. Shoppert, E.S. Panfilova, M.I. Lvovа
The innovative way of development in the context of digitalization of the economy of the Russian Federation dictates the terms where modernization, development and strengthening of business positions on an international scale are becoming increasingly significant and obvious facts. In a number of foreign...
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Digital technologies as regions innovative development factor

S.A. Grachev, O.A. Donichev
The article is devoted to researching of digital technologies implementation and development processes at state and regions economy. The research pays particular attention to using digital technologies at socio-economic systems of Russian Federation subjects. The research purpose consists in identifying...
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Directions of development of digital economy and information society in Russia

L.E. Piunko
The article is devoted to the study of the implementation of the state program of development of "Digital economy" in Russia on the basis of analysis and evaluation of statistical data. Separate sections of the state program of development of digital economy at the present stage are covered; possible...
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The impact of financial integration on financing innovative development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tijani Forgor Alhassan
This article reviews and analyzes the role of access to finance on financing innovation development in developing countries, for that matter Sub-Saharan region. The data collected from the World Development Indicators database of the World Bank cover the period of the ‘New Economy’, and were adequately...
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Assessment of female telework scope in the conditions of digital economy

N.V. Tonkikh, M.V. Chudinovskikh, T.L. Markova
The article focuses on the issues of telework assessment in the conditions of digital economy. The study aims to identify the methodological approaches to the research into female telework scope and elaborate recommendations for developing state mechanisms of such assessment. The study was based on benchmarking...
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Exchange-traded funds as a universal tool for digitized asset trading

M.P. Loginov, V.A. Tatyannikov
The subject of this study is the economic relations arising in the process of formation and circulation of exchange-traded funds - universal financial instruments available to most unqualified investors. Purpose of the study: to analyze the evolutionary development of exchange-based funds in the world,...
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Prospects and problems of the formation of "Industry 4.0" in Russia

O.B. Digilina, I.B. Teslenko, N.V. Abdullaev
In the article, the authors set a goal to analyze the prospects and problems of the formation of Industry 4.0 in Russia. The authors emphasize that the fourth industrial revolution completely changes not only the production processes and economic life of a person, but completely changes his view of the...
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Digitization of the transport industry in Russia: problems and prospects

V.V. Bobrova, L.Yu Berezhnaya
A modern market is hard to imagine without the use of digital technologies: the ability to obtain relevant and necessary information quickly has become an indispensable condition for the successful activity of organizations in various fields of business. At the same time, digitalization of individual...
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The digitalization in the service the asessment of regulatory legal acts

I.I. Rakhmeeva
Digital transformation covers more and more spheres of life and countries. Digitalization of public administration can provide a serious increase in its quality and efficiency, contribute to the accelerated socio-economic development of the whole society. First of all, the application of digital technologies...
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The development of electronic personnel document management of enterprises in the conditions of digitalization

N.V. Borovskikh, E.A. Kipervar
The article deals with the problems of effective organization of electronic personnel documentation at the level of an economic entity. The purpose of the work was to analyze the problems of implementation and determine the prospects for the development of electronic personnel turnover in the modern...
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Digital economics of foreign trade activities in action: institutional capacities and limitations of complex ecosystem regulation

D.P. Frolov, A.V. Lavrentyeva
The article describes the institutional possibilities and limitations of the digital economy regulation of foreign trade activities in the context of international economic integration. A comparative analysis of conceptual approaches to the definition of the nature and forms, functions and structure...
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Digitalization of housing and communal services in the context of new industrialization

D.N. Ganchenko, A.A. Bodrov
The modern spectrum of digital technologies in various socio-economic systems exceeds all expectations of both producers and consumers of economic benefits. This encourages many researchers to search for new and more efficient ways of using digital technologies in the economy. Despite this, they don't...
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Econometric analysis of the Russian regions' digital inequality

T.V. Shabardina
This article covers the issues of digital development of Russian regions, since information technologies today are one of the determining factors of economic and social prosperity of the country as a whole and of a particular region in particular. The previously developed digitalization index is calculated,...
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Information search model based on the use of percolation properties of semantic networks of texts

A.S. Alyoshkin, D.O. Zhukov
The paper examines the models of information search in the texts presented in the multidimensional vector space. Describes approaches to semantic representation of a text document. The concept of information conductivity of the document which can be used for the information search task is discussed....
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Ethno-economy in terms of digitalization of Russia

E.N. Klochko, M.V. Zelinskaya
The purpose of the article is to justify the need to integrate the Russian ethno-economy in digitalization processes. Achieving this goal involves solving a number of scientific tasks: identification of activities corresponding to the new vector of ethno-economics in the conditions of digitalization;...
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System for automated accounting, control and payment of services based on the technology of the blockchain, the hash chain and methods of cryptography

A.M. Makarov, S.S. Postovalov, E.A. Pisarenko
One of the important possible directions of blockchain technology implementation is the sphere of housing and communal services. The use of blockchain in accounting for the received utilities and payment for them can make these processes absolutely transpar-ent, understandable and verifiable, which is...
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Building a monitoring system of migration flows based on the results of the survey, the theory of influence factors and the gravity model

O.I. Sushkova, Yu.V Petrichenko
The study is devoted to the basis description of the monitoring system of separate regions population migration attitudes. The study was based on researches of official statistics sources, modernization of E. Lee's theory about factors influencing the decision to move, and making changes to the gravity...
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Blockchain in public administration: worldwide experience

V.V. Sulimin, V.V. Shvedov, E.A. Lyashenko
The article discusses the main approaches to the blockchain technology for managing financial flows between enterprises, and between the state and enterprises. The entry of Ukraine into the global information space and the introduction of cryptocurrency in the domestic financial market will expand the...
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Digitization of socio-economic development: the problem of choosing age limits in the complex economic evaluation of losses related to the population premature mortality

N.Yu. Zubarev
Modern approaches to the management of socio-economic systems are based on the key processes digitization. Production and consumption are the main processes that characterize any socio-economic system, its nature and potential for development. A comprehensive economic evaluation of losses due to the...
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The paradigm of digitalization of agriculture and tillage in the modern socio-economic conditions of the Middle Pre-Urals

Yu.N. Zubarev
The study shows the problems and trends in modern agriculture, reflects foreign experience and current positions in tillage in the modern socio-economic conditions of the Middle pre-Urals. The first quarter of the new century is replete with theory and practice in the field of world and domestic agriculture....
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The labor market conjuncture assessment in the digital economy

I.A. Kulkova
The article is devoted to the analysis of methodological approaches to the assessment of the labor market conjuncture, which is understood as the labor supply and demand ratio. The theoretical basis of the study is the Equilibrium Unemployment Theory by K. Pissarides. The purpose of the study is comparing...
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Improving the mechanism of public-private partnership for increasing the population life quality in the region

E.V. Belikova, E.Yu. Chernyavskaya, L.V. Shamray-Kurbatova
This paper assesses the creation of convenient, safe and progressive cities, as one of the most effective ways in the struggle for human capital. The authors emphasize that the key principle of the project "Smart City" — focus on the person, the inhabitant, as a metropolis, and a small town. The goal...
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Modeling knowledge generation processes in a digital economy conditions

M.V. Vlasov
The research of the processes of knowledge generation in high-tech industries by means of the use of an institutional approach for modeling the system for the formation of new knowledge is an important task for increasing the efficiency of innovative development of economic entities. The article is devoted...
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Digital technologies in solving problems of innovative development of Russian regions

I.A. Tronina, G.I. Tatenko, S.S. Bakhtina
The era of digitalization sets new external challenges and creates new opportunities for the innovative development of territories. The European concept of “smart specialization”, considered in the authors' study, allows solving the problem of innovative development of Russian territories, taking into...
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Business process modeling within the digital economy development framework

S.S. Akimov
The purpose of the study is to determine the significance of the digital economy at the present time and to consider the issues of transforming the traditional economic system into a digital system in modern Russian reality, within which solved the three tasks: a summary of national and foreign experience...