Proceedings of the 1st Unimed International Conference on Sport Science (UnICoSS 2019)

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Agility Side Step Test Development Test Device Motion Sensor Based

Wahyu Cahyo Baskoro, Imran Akhmad, Nurhayati Simatupang
Agility is a very important component in sports activities. Almost every sport requires agility as a differentiator for everyone’s physical skills. Various agility instruments have been created such as Side Step Test, Illinois Agility Run, Shuttle Run Test, Zig Zag Test, T-Test, Agility Cone Drill, Arrowhead...
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Development Module of Sport Sociology on KKNI Curriculum

M. Irfan, Sabarudin Yunis Bangun, Budi Valianto
The provision of teaching materials in the Sociology of Sports course is the first step to creating an KKNI space in the lecture according to the course being lectured. Development of Sports Sociology teaching materials at the Faculty of Sport Science (FIK) Unimed was compiled based on inadequate lecture...
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Development of Bakastaball Games as a Basic Motion Learning Media in Elementary School Level

Suryadi Damanik, Asep Suharta, Saipul Ambri Damanik
This study aims to develop a game that can be applied to learning physical education, sports and health at the elementary school level. The game is designed by combining multiple basic technique game rules and the field of ball game of rounders, handball and basketball. The motion activity in this game...
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Development of Game Learning Media E-Learning Basketball Based on Students Class X of SMA Negeri 3 Medan

Hadi Sopy, Sanusi Hasibuan, Hariadi
This research aims to determine learning media products based on e-learning in basketball game material. Development of e-learning based learning media uses a website-based electronic circuit. Through e-learning students can simplify the learning process with digital concepts that make it easy for students...
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Development of Study Assessment Instruments Large Ball Games on Basketball Materials in Lessons PJOK in Junior High School Students

Muhammad Indra Bayu, Amir Supriadi, Sabaruddin Yunis Bangun
In 2045, Indonesia will get a demographic bonus of 70% of Indonesia’s population. It is expected that with the population at that time Indonesians will be superior, advanced and able to compete with other countries, and mature enough to overcome classic national problems, such as corruption, poverty...
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Development of the Butterfly Style Swim Handbook for Age Group Athletes-III

Santi Ramadhani, Supriadi, Suprayetno
Butterfly style handbooks are still considered limited. the lack of information and understanding in the butterfly-style swimming exercise also influences the athlete’s success in achieving the quality of coordinated motion. The purpose of this study is to help provide guidance and reference aimed at...
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Differences in Character of Competitive Sports Athletes (Comparative Study: Individual Sports and Team Sports)

Albadi Sinulingga, Nono Hardinoto, Alan Alfiansyah Putra Karo-Karo
An important issue in this research is whether sports excellence is able to foster different characters. The long-term goal of this research is to find effective and efficient ways of character building through competitive sports. This study aims to reveal differences in the characteristics of competitive...
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Effects of Sport Massage in Preventing Decreased Immunity After Sub-Maximal Physical Exercise

Nurhayati Simatupang, Novita Sari Harahap, Doris Apriani Ritonga
Physical exercise with heavy and tiring intensity can cause the formation of free radicals and the potential for oxidative stress. This oxidative stress due to strenuous and exhausting physical exercise is a physiological process that can cause the immune system to become depressed or decrease immune...
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Implementation of Management Functions in Futsal Academy Bangsal 13

Dedek Dermawan, Nimrot Manalu, Nurkadri
Futsal Academy Bangsal 13 Medan as a futsal school agency is carrying out the activities requires the application of good management functions so that is carrying out the duties and responsibilities running in accordance with their respective tasks and functions. The problem that occurs in the Academy...
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The Effect of e-Learning Toward Student Learning Outcomes

Doris Apriani Ritonga, Chairul Azmi, Agung Sunarno
This study seeks to determine the impact of elearning in education on students’ learning outcome. We employ a quasi-experimental design in this study. The subject of this study consisted of students of Sport Science Faculty at State University of Medan. The independent variables in this study are e-learning...
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Regular and Reverse Lay Up Shoot in Basketball: Movement Analysis for Beginners

David Siahaan, Pangondian H. Purba, M. Faisal Ansari Nasution
The purpose of this study is to find out common mistakes made by beginner basketball players at the student university level in doing regular and reverse lay-up shoots. The shoot-up technique was analyzed based on 6 indicators, namely: (1) bringing the ball to the ring, (2) catching the ball and controlling...
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Sport Talent for Junior School in District Silou Kahean, Simalungun Regency

Agus Edy Siahaan, Albadi Sinulingga, Novita
This is research is intended to find out of the potential for giftedness in sport for junior school students in the Siloukahean District, Simalugun Regency. This study is a qualitative research with survey method. The population in this study were junior school students in the Silou Kahean District which...
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Sports Nutrition Development Model

Ratna Dewi, Liliana Puspa Sari, Ahmad Almunawar, Ika Endah Puspita Sari
Nutrition is one of the factors that influence the achievement of North Sumatra sportsmen, so it needs to be considered and adjusted for nutritional needs with physical activity during the training program. This study aims to obtain models of sports nutrition development that can improve achievement....
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The Analysis of the Management and Coaching Basketball Sports Extracurricular Activities in High School of Karo Regency in the Year 2019

Erik Saputra Kaban, Rahma Dewi, Amir Supriadi
This research is qualitative thst means the problem discussed aimsed, to be able to illustrate or elaborate on the circumstances or the existing phenomenon or process studies to understand human or social problems, based on the the order complex, holistic picture, arranged with words, reporting the detail...
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The Students Perception of Anatomy Learning

Sanusi Hasibuan, Tarsyad Nugraha, Muhammad Chairad
Anatomy in the Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation (PJKR) Faculty of Sports Science (FIK), State University of Medan. The method used in this research is a descriptive method. The instrument used to collect data in the form of a questionnaire given to students who took Anatomy courses...
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Analysis of Organizational Management in Football School (SSB) in Binjai City

Kiki Wahyu Wijayanti, M. Irfan
This research is backed by the undergrowth of achievements of the students of the existing football school in Kota Binjai. Therefore, the author is interested to see how the Organization management and achievement of the SSB in the city of Binjai. This research aims to determine the management of the...
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Analysis of Sports Management Coaching, Wrestling Karo District

Gunawan Sinulingga, Novita, Albadi Sinulingga
The purpose of this study to investigate the implementation of the management of coaching wrestling in 2019. This study is a qualitative descriptive method using interviews, observation, documentation and triangulation. The research was conducted in October 2019 took place at the training ground wrestling...
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Analysis of the Coach Recruitment in Education and Training Center in North Sumatera

Siti Amalia Nasuha, Rahma Dewi, Tarsyad Nugraha
In this case the researcher’s rationale will carry out an analysis of the recruitment of trainers to support the achievements of athletes in the Center for Student Training Education. In the conduct of this research is recruiting qualified training to train and support the achievements of athletes.From...
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Development of Teaching Materials in Children with Down Syndrome

Roy Marwan, Agung Sunarno, Imran Akmad
Down syndrome (SD) is a genetic disorder that is most often found and associated with mental retardation. Abnormalities that occur are caused by an excess of chromosomal genetic material. In this case physical education, sports and recreation take part in the provision of teaching materials to students...
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Development of Test Speed Hand and Leg Reaction Tests in Branch Sports Branches Tarung Derajat

Amirsyah Putra Lubis, Suprayitno, Hariadi
This study aims to simplify the implementation of the reaction speed test where the tools developed are simplified because remembering the measurement tool of the reaction speed test that was previously very minimal procurement for the tool is also a high price in the financing of the tool, so that with...
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Media Development of Futsal Game Information Media Based on SIFSAL Application (Futsal Game Statistic Informationsystem) Faculty of Sport Science State University of Medan

Abdul Harris Handoko, IP Jumadin, Basyaruddin Daulay, Ade Ros Riza
This research is development research which is a process or steps to develop a new product or perfect existing product, which can be justified. This study uses a qualitative and quantitative approach and using the research & development (R & D) development research method with the development design...
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The Effects of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Concentration in Archery Atheletes at the UNIMED Club

Indah Verawati, Suprayetno, Budi Valianto
Archery athletes train physically and technically to be able to make a full series of bow-pulls, but athletes who can make good movements during training may not be able to do it perfectly during matches. The athlete’s concentration can be disturbed by various things when competing and affect the athlete’s...
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The Relationship of Physical Activity and Body Mass Index with Blood Pressure in the Elderly at Social Foundation of Salib Putih Salatiga Nursing Home

Cahyo Wibowo
Physical activity (PA) is an important factor to do, PA that has a relationship with body mass index (BMI) where BMI is also one of the factors that influence blood pressure (BP). The purpose of this study was to study the relationship between PA and the future with BP in the elderly. This research was...
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Traditional Sport: Student’s Perception on the Importance to Continue It

Topo Yono
A sport is coming from certain community and it is saved to continue by the community for their health awareness and education. Jember as small part of East Java has social community who was familiar with traditional sport and still conserve the existence of the sport. University Students of Sport Education...
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A Model of Basic Skill Test for Talent Scouting Soccer Athlete Candidates

Ade Evriansyah Lubis, Fajar Mugo Raharjo, Agung Nugroho
This research aims to develop a model of basic skill test for talent scouting soccer athlete candidates of age group of 10-11 years which is valid and reliable. This research is research and development adapting research measures proposed by Borg and Gall (2007, p.590) including: (1) introductory study...
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Analysis of Management Implementation of Management Centers and Training for North Sumatera Students in 2019

Netty Kartika Sari Berutu, Nurhayati Simatupang, Albadi Sinulingga
In this case the researcher’s rationale Knowing the stages of the process carried out by recruiting athletes at the training and training center (PPLP) of North Sumatra and planning programs at the training and training center in North Sumatra, facilities and infrastructure needed by athletes to help...
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Analysis of Strategy for Superior Sporting Achievement in Binjai City in Supporting XIV North Sumatera POPDA

Doari Bowo, Suprayetno, Budi Valianto
This study aims to obtain to find out the leading sports coaching strategy in the city of Binjai in preparation for the North Sumatra Student Sports Week in 2020 North Sumaeta. This research was held in the Binjai Sports Building, Jalan Jambi number 02, South Binjai sub-district, Binjai, North Sumatra....
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Development of Basketball Skills Test Based on Shooting Techniques for Sport Sciences Students

Ibrahim Wiyaka, Nustan Hasibuan, Adhikahriani
Basketball shooting skills test on the existing student and is often used inadequate again so it needs to be refurbished. This research was conducted with the aim of developing an evaluation tool, the new scale of assessment norms basketball shooting skills in students. The population in this study is...
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Development of Detector Tools for Validation of Take Off Fall Away Based on Sensors

Jumika Haloho, Agung Sunarno, Amir Supriadi
In this case the authors designed a solution how to make a long jump validation detector that can issue signals such as lights and buzzer sounds that use sensors to validate a jumper. It is expected that in this thesis the development of sensor-based jump validation detector tool is able to help the...
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The Regulation of Throwing Ball

Suharjo, Budi Valianto, Mesnan
The research was underpinned by the fact in the field that students in junior high school have been able to understand the rules of throwing ball games. The research aims to determine the ability of the students in the throwing ball regulation in the city of Medan school year 2019/2020. This research...
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Training Model Smash Volleyball with Drill Approach

Amansyah, Samsudin, Moch. Asmawi
In general, the result of development research is to produce a new product that will be used to train and facilitate the trainer or faculty to achieve the expected training results. The final goal of this development study is to produce a model of Smash volleyball that can provide benefits to coaches...
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Aquatic Sport Learning Through Multilateral Approaches

Suprayitno, Usman Nasution, Agung Sunarno, Indra Kasih
Learning with a multilateral approach presents the basics of sports movements in children through adjusting children’s abilities to the movement techniques, equipment and rules used as well as with pleasant variations. Movement technique means that children are not required to make technical movements...
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Modification of Athlete Equipment for Basic Level Physical Education Learning

Aprial. M Benny, Dicky Hendrawan, Ramadhan
The standard of athletic equipment is highly unlikely when given at elementary school age students, because for posture and weight load capability is still not feasible in primary school learning process. Priority in particular learning materials is to introduce fine athletics and to ensure that students...
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Development of Game-Based Under Volley Vocational Learning Variation on Medan Middle School Students in 2019

Siti Halimah Saadiah Tanjung
In general, the purpose of development research is to produce new products or improve old products. Later the product will be used in learning activities to add insight and make it easier for teachers to deliver each learning material. Related to the explanation above, the researchers conducted a preliminary...
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Development of Movement Activities Based on Play Approach in Order to Develop Skills Children’s Basic Movement

Rahma Dewi, Amir Supriadi, Nono Hardinoto, Rima Gustira
This study aims to produce a product design development of a valid, practical and effective in book form so that the activities of the motion that was developed to improve the ability of students in designing the motion activity with the approach of playing to do children with joy that motor skills are...
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Efforts to Increase Learning Outcomes in Game Basketball Shooting Through Force Command to Teach Students Culture of Class X High School Medan

Andi Nur Abady, Muhammad Syaleh
Location of the study was conducted in SMA Bina Culture Medan, which is the subject of this research is class X SMA Bina Culture Medan with the number of 41 students. This research method using PTK (Classroom Action Research).The results of this study concluded that learning through teaching style Command...
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Implementation of Problem Based Learning Models with Scientific Approaches in Efforts to Improve Learning Results in Chestpass Basketball Game for Class X High School Students 5 Tanjung Balai 2014–2015 Academic

Rinaldy Aditya, Boby Helmi, Khairul Usman
This study aims to determine the increase in chest pass learning outcomes in basketball through the application of a problem based learning model with a scientific approach. The subjects in this study were 32 students of class X-1 of SMA Negeri 5 Tanjung Balai. This type of research is classroom action...
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Enhancing Control of Basic Techniques of Cast Capture in Playing Baseball Through Variations in Playing in Class IV SD Negeri 105 389 Timbang Deli, Galang, Deli Serdang Academic Year 2017–2018

Devi Catur Winata, Pedomanta Keliat, Ahmad Al Munawar
This study aimed to find out the extent to which the increase in the basic technique to catch the ball in a game throwing a baseball through a variation played at the fourth grade students of SDN 105 389 Weigh Deli District, Galang district, Deli Serdang Academic Year 2017/2018. Location of the study...
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Survey of Physical Fitness Level of the Men’s Basketball Team Pre National Sport Bangka Belitung 2020

Angkit Kasih, Ridho Pamungkas, Kristiawan P. A. Nugroho
Physical fitness is a person’s ability to carry out everyday activities easily without feeling exhausted and still having enough energy to do other activities. Through good physical fitness aims to create the next generation of people who excel in all aspects will be realized. The purpose of this study...
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Audio Visual Learning Media Tutorial: Development for Basic Swimming Subject Sports Coaching Education at the Faculty of Sport Science, Medan State University

Zulfan Heri, Puji Retno, M. Nustan Hasibuan
This research aims to develop learning media audio visual tutorial for swimming lessons in Sports Coaching Education at the Faculty of Sport Science, Medan State University. Audio visual in question is in the form of VCD is an audio visual media that is able to convey information clearly through images...
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Development of Learning Pocket Books Pencak Silat Extracurricular as Junior High School Learning Resources

Anthonio Rinaldo Tambunan, Sabaruddin Yunis Bangun
This study aims to assist students in carrying out extracurricular activities more effectively and assist in the learning process that can be carried out outside the extracurricular hours so that they are more effective. The trainer’s limited ability to teach the material and greatly helped the trainer...
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Development of the Snake Game Model for Basic Movement Skills in SD Medan Struggle Students

Eny Yusnita Pardede
In general, the purpose of this research is a development research that aims to produce a product in the form of a game model of ladder snakes that is modified game rules. This research is to produce a new book which will be developed for elementary students. The subjects in this study were Medan Perjuangan...
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Effects of Physical Fitness and Principal Leadership on Physical Education Teacher Performance in the City of Ambon

Siti Divinubun, Moh. Asmawi, Firman Dils
The essence of the problem in this study is “How big is the influence of physical disability and Principal Leadership on the Performance of Physical Education Teachers?” The aim is to find out the effect of physical disability and Principal Leadership on Physical Education Teacher Performance. The hypothesis...
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Evaluation of Management of the All-Indonesian Athletics Federation of North Tapanuli Branch Management

Roni Siringo Ringo
In general, the purpose of this study is descriptive with a qualitative approach that is data that is described by words or sentences separated by categories to obtain conclusions. Qualitative is used to get in-depth data, a data that contains data. Having the real meaning, the exact data which is a...
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Influence Game Method and Interest on the Basis of Motion of Learning Skills State Run SDN 105345 Sidodadi

Edi Moerianto, Budi Valianto, Rahma Dewi
This study aims to determine the effect of Method Games and Interests of Basic Motion Skills Learning Outcomes sd Running State 105 345 Sidodadi Ramunia Beringin Subdistrict Year 2018. The research sample 62 students, each of which consists of class III SD using research design treatment by the level...
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The Development of Android-Based Tom’s Models to Reduce Physical Fatigue for Employee at UPT TIK and FIK Universitas Negeri Medan

Syamsul Gultom, S. Harahap, Dewi Endriani
Fatigue is a condition of being tired which is brought about by an excess of mental and physical work. This condition results in lowering or impairment of human functioning. Many workers experience fatigue during their time in the office. This fatigue condition should be reduced to improve the employee...
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Development of Training Aids (Remote Control and Headset) for Tunanetra Sprint Athletes

Joni Tohap Maruli Nababan, Novita, Albadi Sinulingga
Constraints faced when becoming a guide is to communicate technical training with tools, collaburation and excelation with athletes, and if there are health problems or injuries to the leg muscles it will not be possible to accompany athletes in training. All problems encountered step by step can be...
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Patterns for Extracurricular Sports Branch Athletic Level of High Schools Padangsidimpuan

Syamsul Lubis, Tarsyad Nugraha, Amir Supriadi
The purpose of this study was to determine the pattern of extracurricular coaching in athletics at the High School Level in Padangsidimpuan City. This study uses descriptive qualitative data collection methods through structured observation and interviews to school principals, physical education teachers...
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Development of Volleyball Smash Aids Media in FIK Students of Medan State University in 2019

Sanusi Hasibuan, Amir Supriadi, Haris Hadiana
When this research was conducted after the revision of the proposal seminar and validation test, it was estimated in July 2019. Then the place of research was conducted at Medan State University, Faculty of Sports Science. In media development research, smash tools are a process used to develop and validate...
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Differences in the Effects of Imaginary Exercises, Real Exercises, and the Combination of Imaginary Exercises and Real Exercises to Improve Basketball Free Throw Result

Abdul Latif Rusdi, Agung Sunarno, Budi Valianto
Differences Between the Effects of Imaginary Exercise, Real Exercise, and the Combination of Imaginary Exercise and Real Exercise to Improved Basketball Free Throw Result. Postgraduate Program Unimed, 2019. This study aims to determine the Differences in the Effects of Imaginary Exercise, Real Exercise,...
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Development of Attitude Instrument Assessment in Physical Education Learning for Tanjung Balai, Islamic School

Hasanul Fadhilah Marpaung, Amir Supriadi, Tarsyad Nugraha
This study aims to find out: (1) Describing the conditions and potential instruments of attitude assessment that exist and are used today. (2) Producing attitudinal assessment instruments on sports and health physical education learning. (3) Test the level of validity and reliability of attitude assessment...
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Survey of Physical Education Facilities and Teaching and Learning Process of Physical Education in State High Schools in the Middle City of Tebing Tinggi Academik Year 2018/2019

Hisar Edy Irwanto Sibarani
The purpose of this study was to find out how the Physical Education Facilities and the Teaching and Learning Process of Physical Education in High Schools in the Middle City of Tebing Tinggi in Academic Year 2018/2019. The method in this study is a descriptive method using survey techniques, using these...
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Effect of Style Teaching and Learning Outcomes Minatterhadap Passingdalam Game Soccer

Hamka Abdi Negara Siahaan, Budi Valianto, Rahma Dewi
Between students who are taught to use the reciprocal teaching styles and teaching styles inclusions. The study consists of two independent variables (independent variable), namely: (1) the teaching style of reciprocity and teaching styles inclusion as independent variables manipulative, and (2) Interest...
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The Development of Traditional Games to Improve the Basic Motor Learning in Grade IV Students of Primary School

Khoirul Fiqry Batubara
In traditional game development research to improve learning result of basic running motion in fourth grade elementary school this is a process used to develop and validate learning product. The research and development in this study uses the Research & Development (R & D) development model. The traditional...
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Development of Volleyball Service Learning Model for Seventh Grade Students

Eriska Amelia Hutagalung, Agung Sunarno, Sanusi Hasibuan
The purpose of this study was to produce a volleyball game service model in accordance with the characteristics of female of class VII. find out the validity of the book Learning to model variations of the game of volleyball service down, knowing the effectiveness of book learning to model variations...
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Contribution of SAQ Exercises and Pliometric Exercises Against Smash in Princess Volleyball Games

Imran Akhmad, Bangun Setia Hasibuan
This research aims to determine the contribution of push-up training and Box Jump training to the accuracy of the results of the Putri Club Volleyball smash Dispapora Binjai. The sampling technique used is Purposive Sumpling. The number of female athletes as many as 8 people. This research was conducted...
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The Influence of Training and Motivation on Body Fat Percentage of Medan Tribe Fitness Members

Roni Sinaga, Sabaruddin Yunis Bangun, Zulfikar Ilham
This study aims to: (1) determine whether there is a difference between aerobic interval training with aerobic continuous training in lowering body fat percentage members of medan tribe fitness, (2) determine whether there is an interaction between exercise and motivation to exercise on body fat percentage...
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Log Book Development in Football Learning with Tactical Approaches

Mesnan, Irwansyah Panjaitan, Amir Supriadi
The study aims to produce a log book product model of the logging Book of football Learning with a tactical approach. This research is an advanced study of previous research. Based on the analysis of the material expert validator, media and football learning that the teaching book developed has been...
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The Effect of Small Side Games Training Toward Improvement of Basic Soccer Techniques at Perfect Unimed School Students

Fadly Reza Siregar, Nurhayati Simatupang, Budi Valianto
Small sided games is a game that played a smaller court and fewer players than the real game. The research aimed to know about effect of small sided games toward improvement of basic soccer techniques to perfect unimed soccer school student at the age 14 to 16 years old. The research is an experimental...
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Development of Teaching Practice Manual Book Based on Muska Mosston Model in Physical Education Skills Course

Nono Hadinoto, Rahma Dewi, Imran Akhmad, Budi Kurniawan Melayu
This study aims to produce the product design development handbook valid, practical and effective so that the handbook was developed to improve the ability to teach physical education to students. The desired target in this research is students have physical education teacing skill with a variety of...