Proceedings of the 8th UPI-UPSI International Conference 2018 (UPI-UPSI 2018)

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The Implementation Of Secondary School Standard Curriculum (KSSM) For Special Needs In School Of Perak Tengah District, Perak

Siti Nabila Aishah Ibrahim
This study was conducted to evaluate the implementation of the Secondary Standard Curriculum for Special Needs Pupils (MBK) in the classroom. This study was conducted on seven schools with Special Education Program (PPKI) located in Perak Tengah district, Perak. This study is a quantitative study involving...
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Indonesian Language Learning Difficulties: A Linguistic Perspective

Abdulkhaleq Ali Ahmed Al-Rawafi, Syihabuddin
Learning Indonesian language at Al-Syifa Boarding School by Indonesian Students who have been lived and studied abroad, (Indonesian Back Home Students) IBHSs, is a crucial problem. The purpose of this study was a threefold: (a) to explore difficulties in learning Indonesian language by students in the...
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Implementation Program Linus Bahasa Inggeris 2.0

Abu Bakar Bin Yusuf, Nik Mohd Zaki Bin Nik Mohamed, Zaini Bin Abdullah, Nur Adibah Binti Abdul Latif, Ikhsan Bin Othman
The study aims to identify the implementation processs of English 2.0 Linus Programme using Stufflebeam Model (CIPP). The study is carried out in all primary school in the district of Lipis, Pahang involving Year 3 English teachers. The research methodology uses quantitative method with support from...
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The Challenge Of Change Of The Principalship Orientation In The Era Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
This paper tries to explain the various challenges of changes in principalship orientation in relation to the demands of educational leadership in the industrial revolution era 4.0, with a background case illustration in Indonesia oriented towards entering the era of education 4.0. The study is carried...
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Challenges In The Teaching Of Art Common Practices To Enhance Students’ Soft Skills Via Project-Based Learning

Ahmad Dasuki Mohd Hawari, Azlin Iryani Mohd Noor
The paper explores the challenges and potentials to integrate Project-Based Learning (PBL) in arts classes to enhancing the students’ soft skills in Malaysian schools. One of the aims of the Malaysian Educational blueprint is to develop students’ soft skills, which in turn will ensure greater outcome...
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Fostering Digital Literacy Culture Through Creative Web Based Collaborative Writing Of Folk Stories

Riche Cynthia Johan, Yudi Wibisono, Isah Cahyani, Afief Yona, Dadi Mulyadi, M. Ridwan Sutisna, Ardiansah
Preserving the Indonesian local writing culture needs to be done and one form of the writing is folk stories. Does every Indonesian recognize the diverse folk stories of regions from Sabang to Merauke? In schools, we find reading materials on legendary stories emphasizing historical sides and describing...
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Pedagogy In The Era Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Babang Robandi, Euis Kurniati, Rianita Puspita Sari
This study is aimed to identify in-depth experiences of pedagogics students who work as educator in the formal and informal educational institutions on the phenomenon of pedagogic in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. This study uses phenomenological research methods and data obtained from in-depth...
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Effectiveness Of ‘Time-Out’ Interventions Study On Disruptive Behavior Among Primary School’S Students In Malacca

Nur Zaleha Mahadi, Fauziah Hanim Jalal
The scope of this study to examine the effect of ‘time-out’ intervention on the disruptive behavior among Bukit Rambai primary’s students in Malacca. The ‘time-out’ is a method to a help so called “ the lost self control” students by segregating them away from the others with a specific schedule. The...
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Correlation Between Work-Family Conflict, Marital Satisfaction And Job Satisfaction

Dyah Astorini Wulandari, Hazalizah binti Hamzah, Nurul Ain Hidayah binti Abbas
Work and family problems are important in the life of a nurse that causes conflict between work and family. This work-family conflict requires satisfaction in marriage and satisfaction in work. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between work-family conflict with marital satiction...
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Student’S Creativity Through Project-Oriented Problem Based Learning (Popbl) With Stem Integration In Learning Science

E. Eliyawati, A.S. Ramdani, L. Rusyati, I Nugraha
following current developments, educations as a place for students to get basic skills, must adjust the required compentencies for 21st-century. One of important skill is the student creativity. This research attempts to investigate the effect of Project-Oriented Problem Based Learning (POPBL) with STEM...
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Korean Drama As Educational Tools That Develop Mutual Understanding Between Countries

Farah Nabila Hamdan, Norlis Ismail
This paper presents a Korean drama as educational tools for public. When the word of education appears, most of people will related it with books. People often to overlook it but there are many ways for education besides books. Meanwhile, drama have been categorized as entertainment medium. Purpose of...
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Profiles Of Religious Identity Status Of First-Year University Students And Its Implication To Guidance And Counseling

Galuh Prawitasari, Suwarjo, Sigit Sanyata
Adolescence is a period of identity search. The adolescents, during this period, will experience many changes related to their identities in various domains of life, including the religious domain. This study aimed to investigate the profiles of religious identity status of the late adolescence. A total...
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Development Of Environmental Awareness Measurement Instruments Through Education For Sustainable Development

Hanifah Mahat, Mohmadisa Hashim, Nasir Nayan, Saiyidatina Balkhis Norkhaidi, Yazid Saleh
This article aims to develop the environmental awareness measurement instruments through Education for Sustainable Development among secondary school student in Malaysia. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) were used to test the validity and reliability of the instrument. A total of 1,180 Form 4 students...
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Coaches Decision Making: Determine Athlete Achievement?

Heri Yusuf Muslihin, Edi Hendri Mulyana
coaches’ decision making was determined athlete achievement, both in training or competing time. Right decision making from coaches made an athlete has more self-esteem, so she/he reached optimal achievement. The decision making in each sports were different, moreover if the decision related between...
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The Development Of Information Of Bandung’S Tourism And Cultural Destinations In Japanese Language

Herniwati, Melia Dewi Judiasri, Noviyanti Aneros
for years, Bandung which earns a nickname as Paris Van Java is famous as a tourism destination, especially for the Japanese tourists. The Japanese tourists visit Bandung to enjoy the tourism and cultural places. Various tourist attractions and tourism activities have been developed so that it has attracted...
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Automation Management Training For Community Library

Iip Saripah, Nike Kamarubiani, Muhammad Irfan Hilmi, Ade Romi Rosmia
The concept of automation community library providing the internet-accessible digital collection can be the alternative to obtain information efficiently. The improvement of the community library management is required to implement the concept. A qualitative approach with descriptive method is used to...
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Students’ Understanding On The Similarities Between Malaysia And Indonesia Education System

Ikhsan Othman, Azli Ariffin, Abdul Talib M.Hashim, Ridzuan Jaafar, Zaini Abdullah, Abu Bakar Yusof
Malaysia and Indonesia are two neighboring countries with their own education system. The implementation of the education systems in both countries is basically for the purpose of developing their human resources for nation development. This paper discusses findings of a survey study conducted to identify...
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Training Model On Human Resources Capacity

Jajat S Ardiwinata, Ade Romi Rosmia
This study examines the management of training in improving the performance of Human Resources at PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), Respondents in this study were training participants and training managers, the method used is a Mix Method using qualitative and quantitative data. Results 1) Training Management...
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Management Of Linus Hardcore Students ' Achievement In Elementary School Numeracy Program

Jumrah Binti Sultan, Khuan Wai Bing
This study was conducted to understand the factors affecting the implementation of LINUS Numeracy program for hardcore students in three schools in the Kinta Utara District, Ipoh, Perak. This study used a purpose sampling method in selecting teachers as participants. Interviews, observations and review...
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The Development Of Measurement Instruments For Total Quality Management Practices In Higher Education Institution

Kamarul Bahari Yaakub, Norsamsinar Samsudin
Total Quality Management (TQM) is widely accepted as a management process in the industry to meet changing and competing in the marketplace as well as focusing on quality in the management of the production of goods and their services. Most researchers agreed that TQM practices in the industry can be...
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Designing Project-Based Learning To Develop Students’ Creativity In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Laksmi Dewi, M. Ridwan Sutisna
Students’ creativity in the learning process still needs to be improved. Educators need to think about how to improve students’ creativity in the learning process. Based on Guilford’s creativity theory Students’ creativity is still at the Routine/Ordinary level, and only dominant in the fluency aspect....
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Lessons Learned In Game Playing Activities Using Playtesting In A Game-Based Learning Approach

Maizatul Hayati Mohamad Yatim
The ability to use games as a teaching and learning tool requires two-pronged approach, i.e. playing games or/and developing games. This article introduces findings from a research study that focus on learning by playing games, as a game user research field. The study focuses on lessons learned from...
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Relationships Of Emotional Literacy, Social Competence With Intellectual And Physical Students Achievement

Marlin Bin Wagiman, Abd Rahim Bin Mohd Shariff
Physical Education subjects taught at schools are subjects that can be seen to support JERI's achievement in line with the needs of the National Education Philosophy. This study aims to find out the true level of emotional literacy and social competence to form four students in Sepang District. A quantitative...
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Utilization Of Black And White Photo Media To Improve Student Analysis Ability

Muhamad Asra, Dadi Mulyadi, Agus Taufiq, Taufik Yogaswara
human resources in Indonesia, especially among students and students are expected to have qualifications and competencies are qualified for his own future, one of which is the student is able to solve various problems that occur in his life. For that, in the process of solving a problem required high...
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Application Of Blended Learning In Basic Programming Subject

Mukhidin, Dadan Mahdan
The application of Blended Learning was based on the observation of learning activities in Basic Programming subjects in Vocational High School which have several obstacles, such as teacher-centered learning process, lack of student activity in learning, lack of interaction between teacher-students and...
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Primary School Pupils’ Perception On Mathematics In Context Of 21St Century Learning Activities And Skills

Norazlin Mohd Rusdin, Siti Rahaimah Ali, Md Nasir Masran
The purpose of this study was to identify primary school pupils’ perceptions toward learning Mathematics in 21st century education setting. These perceptions are based on four aspects which consist of: i) mathematics as a subject; ii) 21st century learning activities; iii) 21st century skills in learning...
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Islamic Geometric Pattern Design Of State Mosque In Malaysia

Norlis Ismail, Farah Nabila Hamdan
Islamic influence has played a major role in the formation of the visual arts of Islam in Malaysia. Some elements of visual art have been designed to meet the elements of Islamic art. Through the architecture of the mosque, there are three entities of Islamic art that highlighted which is Calligraphy,...
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Learning Model “Touch Inner”

Oong Komar
this idea is based on differences in behavior between humans and animals that lies behind their behavior. For the animals behind their behavior is controlled instinct, while humans behind the behavior controlled the heart. That is, the dimensions of human limbs capable of cultivating human behavior completely....
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Design Of Multiple Intelligences Based Learning Environment In Early Childhood As A Learning Model Of The Millennium Century

Rita Mariyana, Badru Zaman
The study uses development research and quasi-experimental methods to test multiple intelligence instruments as supporting learning design models. The study was conducted on 29 kindergarten students in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. With the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test, a score of 4,508 with a sig value...
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The Influence Of The Independent Intervention Program Training And Workshop On Cognitive Skills Of Parents Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rudi Susilana, Angga Hadiapurwa, Herlina Herlina, Helli Ihsan, Sitti Chotidjah
The training and workshop of Independent Intervention Program (Program Intervensi Mandiri or PIM) aim at raising the awareness of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and giving them skills to design their own independent intervention program. These objectives are based on the fact...
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The Effectiveness Of Cooperative Learning Stad Method (Student Teams-Achievement Division) On The Achievement In Islamic Religious Education

Siti Maisarah Bahrun, Eng-Tek Ong, Mohd Zikri Samngani
Abstact - Although there are many studies on the effectiveness of cooperative learning STAD (Student Teams-Achievement Division) method for student achievement across various subjects, the study on the effectiveness of STAD method on the achievement in Islamic Education subjects is still in the embryonic...
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The Representation Of Rizieq Shihab In Pancasila Indignity Case News Of Tribunnews.Com And Republika.Co.Id Online Media

Syihabuddin, Eris Risnawati
mass media plays an important role in the formation of public perception. This study analyzed about the representation of Rizieq Shihab on and The purpose of this study is to describe how Rizieq Shihab is represented on and media and to reveal...
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ICT Influence In Teaching And Facilitation Of Malay Literature For Increasing 4k Thinking

Ani Omar, Rosnidar Mansor
The integration of technology in supporting and facilitating (PdPc) Kesusasteraan Melayu (KM) plays an important role and along with the development of the latest education. The 2013-2025 Malaysia Education Development Report, stated that efforts to improve infrastructure in education as a condition...
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The Effectiveness Peer Mentoring Module To Improve Student Motivation

Haizan binti Mohd Taha, Fauziah Hanim Abdul Jalal, Mastura binti Johar, Madihah binti Mujaini, Rogemah binti Ramli
Peer mentoring module, skilled mentor, group guidance
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The Correlation Between Organizational Commitment, Psychological Contract And Turnover Intention Of Sales Clerks At Retail Companies In Purwokerto

Retno Dwiyanti, Hazalizah Binti Hamzah, Nurul Ain Hidayah Binti Abas
Employee turnover is a classic problem often faced by business owners. The employees’ intention to turnover from one company to other companies can be an indication of lack of good relationship between individuals and companies, and shows the low commitment of the employees to the companies. This study...