Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Western China (WRARM 2019)

116 authors
Yin, Yiran
A case to identify the factors causing a disaster with risk reception
Zhang, Chaohong
Economic Risk Assessment and Prevention of China's Investment in ASEAN Countries under the Background of "the Belt and Road Initiative"
Zhang, Guohua
Qinhuangdao City Tourism Risk Warning and Release
Zhang, Hongmei
Research on Risk Assessment of Supply Chain Financing for Big Data Enterprises
Zhang, Hongmei
Research on Financial Early Warning of Real Estate Listed Companies
Zhang, Hongmei
Research on Credit Risk Evaluation of SMEs in Supply Chain Finance based on Big Data
Zhang, Lei
Credit risk Measurement of Commercial Banks in China at the present stage
Zhang, Mu
Assessment of Provincial Financial Agglomeration Level Based on Internet Big Data
Zhang, Mu
Study on the Evaluation of the Construction Level of Provincial Ecological Civilization Based on Grey Relational Projection Method
Zhang, Mu
Evaluation on Big Data Industry Development Level Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic TOPSIS Method
Zhang, Xiancai
Research on development strategy and risk prevention of Chinese film industry
Zhang, Xiancai
Risk and prevention of Chinese film crowdfunding mode
Zhao, Mao
Study on Early Evaluation of Earthquake Housing Loss in Yunnan Province Based on a Joint Mixed Modeling Approach
Zheng, Man
An Empirical Study on Credit Construction of College Students in Chengdu
Zhou, Guihua
An Overview of the Relationship Between Agricultural Biological Disasters and Meteorological Conditions in Yunnan
Zhou, Pengcheng
Construction of cooperation sales credit risk assessment system