International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2012
IbrahimM. Hamed, AshrafS. Hussein, MohamedF. Tolba
Pages: 639 - 652
This paper presents an intelligent model for stock market signal prediction using Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Blind source separation technique, from signal processing, is integrated with the learning phase of the constructed baseline MLP ANN to overcome the problems...
Mingyu You, Jiaming Liu, Guo-Zheng Li, Yan Chen
Pages: 668 - 678
When detecting of emotions from music, many features are extracted from the original music data. However, there are redundant or irrelevant features, which will reduce the performance of classification models. Considering the feature problems, we propose an embedded feature selection method, called Multi-label...
Israel González-Carrasco, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, José Luis López-Cuadrado, Francisco José García Peñalvo
Pages: 679 - 699
Academia and practitioners confirm that software project effort prediction is crucial for an accurate software project management. However, software development effort estimation is uncertain by nature. Literature has developed methods to improve estimation correctness, using artificial intelligence...
CatarinaB. Santiago, JoaoL. Oliveira, LuisP. Reis, Armando Sousa, Fabien Gouyon
Pages: 700 - 713
We propose an online sensorimotor architecture for controlling a low-cost humanoid robot to perform dance movements synchronized with musical stimuli. The proposed architecture attempts to overcome the robot's motor constraints by adjusting the velocity of its actuators and inter-changing the attended...
Eugénia Moreira Bernardino, Anabela Moreira Bernardino, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pulido, Miguel Ángel Vega-Rodríguez
Pages: 745 - 761
In the last decades, nature-inspired algorithms have been widely used to solve complex combinatorial optimisation problems. Among them, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) and Swarm Intelligence (SI) algorithms have been extensively employed as search and optimisation tools in various problem domains. Evolutionary...
JuanM. Medina, CarlosD. Barranco, JesúsR. Campaña, Sergio Jaime-Castillo
Pages: 762 - 774
This paper proposes a parameterized definition for fuzzy comparators on complex fuzzy datatypes like fuzzy collections with conjunctive semantics and fuzzy objects. This definition and its implementation on a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database Management System (FORDBMS) provides the designer with a powerful...
Allel Hadjali, Amine Mokhtari, Olivier Pivert
Pages: 775 - 788
Users’ preferences have traditionally been exploited in query personalization to better serve their information needs. Most of the time, user preferences depend on context, that is, they may have different values depending on the situation of the user. In this paper, we propose a fuzzy-rule-based...