International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

ISSN: 1875-6883
Volume 1, Issue 4, December 2008
Wensen An, Cecilio Angulo, Yanguang Sun
Pages: 299 - 303
Support vector machines (classification and regression) are powerful machine learning techniques for crisp data. In this paper, the problem is considered for interval data. Two methods to deal with the problem using support vector regression are proposed and two new methods for evaluating performance...
Ashfaqur Rahman, Abdus Salam, Mahfuzul Islam, Partha Sarker
Pages: 304 - 312
Computing object distance using image processing is an important research area in the field of computer vision and robot navigation applications. In this paper we have proposed a new method to compute the distance of an object using a single image. According to our observation there exists a relationship...
Nicolas Castin, Lorenzo Malerba, Roberto Pinheiro Domingos
Pages: 340 - 352
procedures for the calculation of point-defect migration energies in Atomistic Kinetic Monte Carlo (AKMC) simulations, as functions of the Local Atomic Configuration (LAC). Two approaches are considered: the Cluster Expansion (CE) and the Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The first is found to be unpromising...
Juan Carlos Augusto, Jun Liu, Paul McCullagh, Hui Wang, Jian-Bo Yang
Pages: 361 - 378
The health system in developed countries is facing a problem of scalability in order to accommodate the increased proportion of the elderly population. Scarce resources cannot be sustained unless innovative technology is considered to provide health care in a more effective way. The Smart Home provides...
Gowrishankar, P.S. Satyanarayana
Pages: 379 - 389
In a wireless network environment accurate and timely estimation or prediction of network traffic has gained much importance in the recent past. The network applications use traffic prediction results to maintain its performance by adopting its behaviors. Network Service provider will use the prediction...