International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems

Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2009

1. Novel Robust Stability Criteria for Uncertain Stochastic Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay

Yunrui Guo, Yonggang Chen, Wenlin Li
Pages: 1 - 9
This paper considers the robust stability analysis problem for a class of uncertain stochastic neural net- works with time-varying delay. Based on the Lyapunov functional method, and by resorting to the new technique for estimating the upper bound of the stochastic derivative of Lyapunov functionals,...

2. Reduct Driven Pattern Extraction from Clusters

Shuchita Upadhyaya, Alka Arora, Rajni Jain
Pages: 10 - 16
Clustering algorithms give general description of clusters, listing number of clusters and member entities in those clusters. However, these algorithms lack in generating cluster description in the form of pattern. From data mining perspective, pattern learning from clusters is as important as cluster...

3. Support Vector Machines with Manifold Learning and Probabilistic Space Projection for Tourist Expenditure Analysis

Xin Xu, Rob Law, Tao Wu
Pages: 17 - 26
The significant economic contributions of the tourism industry in recent years impose an unprecedented force for data mining and machine learning methods to analyze tourism data. The intrinsic problems of raw data in tourism are largely related to the complexity, noise and nonlinearity in the data...

4. Feature Weighting and Retrieval Methods for Dynamic Texture Motion Features

Ashfaqur Rahman, Manzur Murshed
Pages: 27 - 38
Feature weighing methods are commonly used to find the relative significance among a set of features that are effectively used by the retrieval methods to search image sequences efficiently from large databases. As evidenced in the current literature, dynamic textures (image sequences with regular...

5. Video Classification and Shot Detection for Video Retrieval Applications

M. K. Geetha, S. Palanivel
Pages: 39 - 50
Appropriate organization of video databases is essential for pertinent indexing and retrieval of visual information. This paper proposes a new feature called Block Intensity Comparison Code (BICC) for video classification and an unsupervised shot change detection algorithm to detect the shot changes...

6. Bacterial Foraging Optimized Hybrid Fuzzy Precompensated PD Control of Two Link Rigid-Flexible Manipulator

Srinivasan Alavandar, Tushar Jain, M. J. Nigam
Pages: 51 - 59
Light-weight flexible arms will most likely constitute the next generation robots due to their large payload carrying capacities at high speeds and less power demand. Control problem of robots with flexible members is more complex compared to rigid robots due to vibrations during the motion. This...

7. Accuracy Evaluation of C4.5 and Naive Bayes Classifiers Using Attribute Ranking Method

S. Sivakumari, R. Praveena Priyadarsini, P. Amudha
Pages: 60 - 68
This paper intends to classify the Ljubljana Breast Cancer dataset using C4.5 Decision Tree and Nai?ve Bayes classifiers. In this work, classification is carriedout using two methods. In the first method, dataset is analysed using all the attributes in the dataset. In the second method, attributes...

8. Fuzzy Relational Fixed Point Clustering

Roelof K. Brouwer
Pages: 69 - 82
The proposed relational fuzzy clustering method, called FRFP ( fuzzy relational fixed point), is based on determining a fixed point of a function of the desired membership matrix. The ethod is compared to other relational clustering methods. Simulations show the method to be very effective and less...

9. Aumann Type Set-valued Lebesgue Integral and Representation Theorem

Jungang Li, Shoumei Li
Pages: 83 - 90
n this paper, we shall firstly illustrate why we should discuss the Aumann type set-valued Lebesgue integral of a set-valued stochastic process with respect to time t under the condition that the set-valued stochastic process takes nonempty compact subset of d -dimensional Euclidean space. After...

10. On the Supply of Superior Order-1 Building Blocks for a Class of Periodical Fitness Functions

Hongqiang MO Zhong LI
Pages: 91 - 98
In addition to GA-deception, the lack of fitness differences among low-order schemata can also degrade GA's search. Therefore, a coding should present adequate superior low-order building blocks at the early stage of search. This paper aims to reveal the inherent periodicity in the search process of...