International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2014
Ayaz ul Hassan Khan Khan, Mayez Al-Mouhamed, Allam Fatayer, Anas Almousa, Abdulrahman Baqais, Mohammed Assayony
Pages: 124 - 134
The advances of Graphic Processing Units (GPU) technology and the introduction of CUDA programming model facilitates developing new solutions for sparse and dense linear algebra solvers. Matrix Transpose is an important linear algebra procedure that has deep impact in various computational science and...
Tahir Jameel, Mengxiang Lin
Pages: 135 - 147
Image processing applications have played a vital role in modern life and they are required to be well tested due to their significance and human dependence on them. Testing of image processing application is difficult due to complex nature of images in terms of their generation and evaluation. The presented...
Takashi Kuremoto, Takuhiro Otani, Shingo Mabu, Masanao Obayashi, Kunikazu Kobayashi
Pages: 166 - 174
In this paper, a novel self-organizing map (SOM) named “One-D-R-A-G-SOM” is proposed. It is a kind of one dimensional ring type growing SOM using asymmetric neighborhood function. As the topology of one dimensional ring type feature map is more suitable to increase or decrease the number of units,...