Proceedings of the 23rd Asian Forum of Business Education(AFBE 2019)

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The Effectiveness of Distributors and Small Medium Enterprises Relation on Sustaining the Economic Activities in Outer Island

Willy Setyadi, Andriati Fitriningrum
The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of distributors in assisting Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in rural or outer island area to ensure business sustainability. The study is motivated by the crucial economic roles of SMEs in outer island, despite their proneness to numerous adversities in attaining...
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Does The Effectiveness of The Government Expenditure Accelerate Economic Growth?

Faisol, M. Pudjihardjo, Dwi Budi Santosa, Arif Hoetoro
The purpose of this study is criticizing the effectiveness of government expenditure to speed economic growth in Indonesia. Three Stage Least Square (3SLS) is used. This study applied data for 32 provinces in Indonesia for the period of 2012 to 2017 to ascertain the relevance of Solow Swan’s Neo Classic...
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From Physical to Digital: Consumer Adoption Process to E-Wallet

M.M Alfina
The primary objective of this research is to understand about the consumer adoption behavior of mobile wallet. Practically, this research will be useful for the mobile wallet provider who would like to understand the process which experienced by the user of mobile payment. It is also helpful for individuals...
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SMEs: ‘Non’- Corporate Social Responsibility

Sri Yunan Budiarsi, Sri Hartini
The purpose of this study is to find out whether micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be the subject to perform social responsibility and not only become an object of big companies to do their own CSR. Through a qualitative approach and using case studies as the method, The researcher found...
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Asymmetric Information of Sharing Economy

Dodi Dermawan, Khusnul Ashar, Iswan Noor, Asfi Manzilati
The purpose of this article is to explain the extent to which information asymmetry influences the partnership relationship between application providers and application partners in economics. This article will focus the argumentation on power imbalances in the relationship between application providers...
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Factors that Affect Behavioral Intention to Purchase Virtual Items on Free to Play Games Users in Jabodetabek

Melyana Puji Lestari, Mokhamad Syaefudin Andrianto
The game industry has a large growth rate and needs attention to help develop this industry further. In making games, game developers need to know their user’s behavior to build engagement so they will buy game content and virtual items in the game. This study is to determine the characteristics of the...
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The Synergy Effect of “ABCGM” for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Somariah Fitriani, Ahmad Diponegoro, Sintha Wahjusaputri
Entrepreneurship is believed to bring a positive impact on the prosperity of a community, job creation, and economic outlook of a nation through the numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Thus, the study was to examine the correlation of five actors (academic, business, community, government,...
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The Effect of Financial Ratio (Altman Z-Score) on Financial Distress Prediction in Manufacturing Sector in Indonesia 2016-2018

Agus Arianto Toly, Ratna Permatasari, Elva Wiranata
This study tries to elaborate the possibility of financial distress in Indonesia public listed companies from manufacturing field. The manufacturing industry was chosen because of its position as a sector that held a significant contribution in the Indonesia industry as a whole. The test tool used to...
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MSMEs Business Process Evaluation using Business Process Management Lifecycle Approach in Gresik

Yogantara S. Dharmawan, Putri Amelia
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is one of the fields of business that sustains the national economy by contributing to an increase of GDP and employment. BPS revealed that MSMEs contribute 75% of national income and 97% local employment. They also contributed 57% of gross domestic product...
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Does Coercive Power Influence The Relationship of Tax Morale on Tax Evasion

Yenni Mangoting, Vanessa Alma Sumarno, Talita Gloria, Sonia Dwi Indriani
This study aims to examine the effect of tax morale against tax evasion and examine the role of coercive power as a moderating variable that can strengthen or weaken the direct relationship of tax morale to tax evasion. The study uses 100 individual taxpayers who earn income from various sources. Methods...
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Teacher Competence and Student Academic Achievement

Robiyati Podungge, Mintarti Rahayu, Margono Setiawan, Achmad Sudiro
This study aims at investigating the relationship between teacher competence and student academic achievement mediated by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. The respondents of this study are 115 high-school students in Gorontalo city, to whom questionnaires were distributed to acquire data, which...
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The Development of Marketing Distribution Channels for Cocoa Farmer Groups in Pohuwato Regency of Gorontalo Province

Ramlan Amir Isa, Andarwati, Margono Setiawan, Sunaryo
The research aims to identify and develop models that could be used to enhance cocoa production through the application of agricultural and plantation technologies, and to develop Cocoa’s marketing distribution channels in Pohuwato regency. The objective of this research is to analyze the model of marketing...
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Improvement in Emergency Medical Services using Internet of Things (IoT). Hospital Emergency Department Case: a BPR Approach

M. Dachyar, Camryna H. Pertiwi
The operational process in an emergency situation becomes a very critical process in saving the lives of patients. A well-integrated emergency medical services (EMS) can be an important role in reducing the risk of death or disability. The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) to the EMS can help...
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Collaborating Internet of Things (IoT) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Reduce Healthcare Waiting time. Outpatient Cardiology Service Case: A BPR Approach

M. Dachyar, Nashira Nattaya
Public services around the world suffer for long waiting time. Hospital as a healthcare facility ideally should not stress its patients with long waiting time, especially when it comes to elderly. In global the cardiovascular disease (CVD) represents 31% of global deaths with increasing prevalence rate...
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Mitigating Budgetary Slack with Moral Imagination and Clawback Provisions: An Experimental Study

Ida Ayu Purnama, Indra Kusumawardhani
This study examines the incentive schemes containing penalties (clawback) to mitigate budgetary slack. This research also examines internal factors, moral imagination, to reduce budgetary slack. This controlled experiment 2x2 between-subjects. Besides that, as a control, this study also uses bonus incentives...
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Intersectoral Labor Mobility in Indonesia

Evie Dian Pratiwi, Khusnul Ashar, Wildan Syafitri
This paper investigates the effect of labour characteristics i.e. income, living in main islands, living in urban/rural areas and migration status on inter-sectoral labour mobility in Indonesia. We employ the sample of National Labour Force Survey (Sakernas) data which cover 8,869 workers who changed...
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The Effectiveness of Instagram as A Communication Media in Promoting East Java’s Traditions and Arts in The Modern Era: Study on PPST DISBUDPAR Jawa Timur.

Phima Ruthia Dwikesumasari, Palma Krismonita, Agustin Rulirianto
PPST, stands for Paguyuban Peminat Seni Tradisi Jawa Timur, or the Association of East Java’s Tradition and Arts Enthusiasts, is one of many programs which is under responsibility of UPT Laboratorium Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesenian (Integrated Technical Unit of Research and Development Laboratory...
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Interpreting the Triple Bottom Line Practice of PT. Semen Indonesia and the Gresik Community through Painting of Damar Kurung

Erlina Diamastuti, Tyas Ajeng Nastiti, Marisya Mahdia Khoirina
This research aims. This study intends to describe and interpret triple bottom line practices from the perspective of local wisdom with the theme of the painting of Damar Kurung. The research methods. This study is qualitative research with ethnographic approaches. Ethnography is a building of knowledge...
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How the Organizational Culture of PT Semen Indonesia Forms the Winning Culture towards World Class Company

Nur Elisa Faizaty
This study aims to determine the perceived and expected organizational culture at PT Semen Indonesia as a reference for Winning Culture to be World Class Companies in the industrial era 4.0. This study used the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) to map organizational culture though six-dimensional...
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Community Satisfaction Analysis of the Implementation of CSR Programs in Rembang

Hardiana Widyastuti, Farida Ratna Dewi
Nowadays, the sustainability of a company does not only depend on financial issues. The company focus on 3P aspects (Profit, People, Planet), especially companies that work on natural resource processing. To break the paradigm, it is necessary to have good cooperation between the company, the community,...
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Bilateral Trade and Monetary Regime: Analysis for ASEAN-5 Countries and their Main Trading Partners

Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
This study analyzes the impact of the choice of monetary regimes, namely the inflation targeting (IT) and exchange rate targeting (ERT) on the behavior of bilateral trade in ASEAN-5 Countries and their main trading partners in Asia Pacific. By utilizing the augmented gravity panel model, the study also...
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Transaction Cost: Institutional Efficiency of Sugar Cane Contract in Malang Regency

Asfi Manzilati
The purpose of this study is to determine the transaction costs that arise in contracts made by sugar cane farmers. The research method used to view transaction costs is a qualitative approach with unstructured interviews, observation, and documentation as data collection techniques. Transaction costs...
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Cashless Transaction Policy: The Strategy of Fraud Prevention in Jakarta Province, Indonesia

Firman Rato Risky, Gugus Irianto, Imam Subekti
This research aims to reveal the fraud potency after the implementation of cashless transaction policy at the government of DKI Jakarta Province. The claim that cashless transaction can minimize fraud, propels the researcher to use fraud triangle as the analysis technique. The results show that cashless...
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Re-thinking Tax Leakage: Is it the Impact of Public Policy Failure?

Silvi Asna Prestianawati, Sri Mulyaningsih, Asfi Manzilati, Khusnul Ashar
The aim of this paper is to analyze the tax leakage of sand mining in Lumajang Regency-the area which has abundant high quality sand. Quantitative descriptive approach is used. The finding of this paper is the amount of sand tax leakage in Lumajang regency as much as IDR 48,300,092,850. The system of...
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The Effect of International Migration towards Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Wildan Syafitri, Silvi Asna Prestianawati, Naufal Fa’is
This study was aimed at determining the effect of the characteristics of Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) on entrepreneurial power after returning to Indonesia. To achieve the research objectives, the authors use a descriptive quantitative approach. The results obtained are that the variables of gender...
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The Meaning Of Regional Assets Inventorying: Perspective Of Asset Administrators

Lilik Purwanti, Dian Surya Ayu Fatmawati
This study aims to find the meaning of the assets inventorying from the perspective of the asset administrators. The research was conducted in the Bontang City government, that has done an inventory of assets in 2018. This type of research is qualitative approach by interview and documentation as method...
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Management Decision in Joining Hotel Network on Digital Marketing-Based For Financial and Non-Financial Impacts

Afni Sirait, Sri Luna Murdianingrum
The purpose of this study outlines the main reasons and factors driving management to join a hotel network on Digital Marketing-based. Besides, this research also wants to formulate the differences that occur before and after joining the hotel networking. This study uses a research design qualitative...
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Scale Effect on The Size of Local Government in Indonesia

Dewi Rahayu, Muhammad Handry Imansyah
Proliferation of local government increased substantially after the Law of Local Government No. 22 Year of 1999 and the Law Fiscal Balance No. 25 Year of 1999. The objective of proliferation is to provide public service closely to the community. Therefore, public welfare can be obtained faster. The number...
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Positioning Travel Sites Online Traveloka According to Student Perception in Gresik using Method Multidimensional Scaling

Abdurrahman Faris Indirya Himawan, Moch. Erick Faisal
This study aims to analyze and determine the map positioning of Traveloka’s online site on the attributes among sites online travel based on the perceptions of students at Gresik. This research uses a quantitative approach, with a total sample of 100 students. Sampling using method non-probability sampling,...
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Determinants of Behavioral Intention To Use Digital Wallet (A Study in GoPay Users in Malang)

Maria Ulfatul Jamila, Kusuma Ratnawati, Ananda Sabil Hussein
The use of cellular technology provides an opportunity to apply technology in modifying consumer behavior. The purpose of this analysis is to understand digital literacy and technology experience which contribute to behavioral intentions to use digital wallet. This study aims to develop a framework outside...
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Comparative Analysis of Equity Fund, Fixed Income Mutual Fund, and Mixed Mutual Fund

Himmiyatul Amanah Jiwa Juwita, Risna Wijayanti, Toto Rahardjo
This study aims to find out and describe Stock Mutual Fund, Fix Income Mutual Fund, and Mixed Mutual Fund. This study use a quantitative descriptive approach to describe Mutual Fund’s performance. The study population was the all of the Mutual Fund with the sample of 78 Mutual Fund listed on Otoritas...
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Asset Specifications, Financing Decisions and the Impact on Financial Performance: A Perspective of Economic Transaction Cost Theory

Nur Khusniyah Indrawati
The asset specification level determines the financing decision. Transaction theory suggests that assets with high specifications level are financed with debt, while assets with low specifications level should be financed with equity. This study aim is to analyze the effect of asset specification on...
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Are Zoya Muslim Fashion Products as Halal Lifestyle in Consumer Purchase Decision?

Andrian Haro
The role of halal lifestyle in Muslim fashion products in Jakarta has experienced quite rapid development and it is able to enter the international market share. Therefore, the research aims to investigate between lifestyle, brand image, and product attributes toward purchase decision for Zoya Muslim...
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The Importance of Flexibility of Human Resources and Employee Performance on Logistic Industry in the Eastern part of Indonesian Region: A Literature Review

Rahmat Sabuhari, Dodi W. Irawanto
Advances in information technology have created a shift in people’s needs and behavior to continue to change along with the development of technology itself, and are able to trigger the birth of logistical needs and the mobilization of goods both physically and virtually. This has contributed to growing...
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Bureaucratic Reform in East Java Province Trade: Review of MSMEs

Desak Nyoman Siksiawati, Asfi Manzilati, Lailatul Maghfiroh
The Indonesia’s trade balance experienced two times deficit, in January (US $ 1.06 billion) and April 2019 (US $ 2.29 billion). Then, the government examined the needs and potential of Indonesia’s bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, and increased utilization of foreign trade representatives....
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The Relationship Between Exchange Rate and Trade Balances: An Empirical Study on Indonesia

Setyo Tri Wahyudi, Sielvia Sari
The aim of the study is to analyze the relationship between exchange rate and trade balance in Indonesia from 1986 to 2018 (33 years) using the Vector Autoregression (VAR) Model. Also, the study examining the possibility of the J-Curve effect in Indonesia’s trade balance. The main findings of this study...
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The Conceptual Model of the Influence of External Marketing Environment and Market Orientation on Marketing Performance with the Mediation of Product Innovation

Asep Supriadi, Margono Setiawan, Mintarti Rahayu, Djumahir
The objectives of this study are to build a mediation model and to assess the indirect effect of external marketing environment, market orientation, and marketing agglomeration partnership on marketing performance through product innovation. This qualitative study was conducted through library research...
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The Impact of Theme Restaurant Servicescape on Consumer’s Value and Purchase Intention

Rila Anggraeni, Dimas Hendrawan, Yu-Wen Huang
Novelty value defined as being genuine, real, or true, plays an important role in the consumption intention and decision. Not only novelty value, emotional value as phychological component is essential for consumer to consider in the buying process. According to some researcher, the key factor that affect...
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Digital Divide and the Livelihood Strategy of Female Informal Sector Workers in Rural Areas

Ni Made Tisnawati, Khusnul Ashar, Devanto S. Pratomo, Susilo
This paper aims to analyze the livelihood strategies of female labors in the informal sector in rural areas amidst the digital disruption in the economy and the digital divide condition faced by women. We use a qualitative approach by using both primary and secondary data. The study generated primary...
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The Impact of E-Money Diffusion on the Monetary Policy Effectiveness: Evidence from Indonesia

Yulia Indrawati, Adhitya Wardhono, Ciplis Gema Qori’ah, M. Abd. Nasir
The aims of research is to analyse the impact of e-money diffusion on the effectivity of monetary policy in Indonesia. The analytical method used is Bayesian estimation with the observation period of time series 2009.1 - 2017.12. Some of the variables used in the study are Gross Domestic Product (GDP),...
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Business Incubator Supporting Diffusion of Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development And Job Creation

Wawan Lulus Setiawan, Indra Fahmi
The purpose of this research is to describe the role and strength of Business Incubator as a system in which the systematic process of communication of entrepreneuship education for start-up business (Small and Medium Enterprises) is taking place. This research is based on the phenomenon of the existance...
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Changes in Strategies at Small and Medium-sized Travel Agencies

Any Noor, Syifaa Novianti, Marceilla Suryana, Sholihati Amalia, Vany Octaviany
The world was startled when Thomas Cook, the biggest travel group and best-known holiday brand, collapsed after decades of running the business. The fall of Thomas Cook is proof of the downward trend happening in the travel industry in recent years. The industry has been seen as a ‘sunset’ business that...
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Analysis of A Farmer’s Ability on Entrepreneurship To Accumulate Business Capital: Evidence on Jabung, Malang

Moeljadi, Sherlinda Octa Yuniarsa, Adjeng Ratna Seminar
The research aims is to analyse an ability of entrepreneurship farmers or farmer groups to accumulate business capital. Analyse on the ability of entrepreneur in accumulating capital, analyse an existence of institutional village, then increase social entrepreneurship in the regions if it is related...
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The Effect of Audit Firms Size, Leverage, Going Concern Opinion, Audit Tenure, on Audit Quality in Indonesia

Ni Nyoman Alit Triani, Merlyana Dwinda Yanthi
The research objective is to illustrate the credibility of financial statements issued by companies. The more credible the financial statements are able to provide a guarantee for the information used in decision making. Audit quality describes an auditor’s social role in reducing the risk of an accountant...
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Field Validation Towards Quality Dimensions Of Single Index Methods Software To Support Investment Management Learning

Nurika Restuningdiah
Recently, the existence of the internet is a necessity in the wider community, even has penetrated the world of education. Various innovations in education are designed to help the learning process so that the learning process in the classroom is more effective. One of the materials in the Investment...
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Promotion and Servicescape Optimization in UD. Tjandra – Cinere

Bayu Putradana
Small and Medium Business Enterprises has a significant impact to the national economic and adsorb a significant number of employee in Indonesia. One of the types of small and medium enterprise that have a rapid cash flow in their operation is a traditional grocery. UD. Tjandra, which located in Cinere,...
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Cross-Generational Transformations in Indonesia’s MNC

Mirza Dwinanda Ilmawan, Iffa Mas’ulani, Roostikasari Nugraheni, Wahyu Agung Handono
The arrival of a new generation in the working world today, make various communication methods and new kind of knowledge carried by each generation. Generational differences between generations bring their own conflicts. This study uses qualitative methods by interviewing employees of MNC, PT Semen Indonesia...
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Asset Pricing Analysis of 18 Cryptocurrencies

Sasmita Claudia Pontoh, Eko Rizkianto
This paper identifies three factor pricing model for cryptocurrency, which are related to cryptocurrency’s market return, size (market capitalization), and network-value-to transaction ratio (NVT ratio). Using 18 cryptocurrencies over the period from 01 January 2016 to 25 September 2019, we find that...
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The impact of Busy Directors on Firm Performance in Manufacturing Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Nabilah Yasmin, Cynthia A. Utama
Board of directors and commissioners are elected to conduct the management and supervision of the company. The most problematic issue in corporate governance around the world is the number of directors and commissioner positions allowed in a company. This paper examines how busy directors can influence...
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Anchoring Bias of Behavior towards Legal Insider Trading Decision on Indicator 52-WeekHigh in Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

Anadia Nafila, Buddi Wibowo
The paper considers the problem of bias anchoring behavior on legal insider trading decisions that occur in Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. A major review of research done using monthly stock data that are consistently present in VN30 stock index for 10 years. The results in this study show that legal...
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The Dynamics of Performance Improvement among SMEs Clusters in East Java

Arif Hoetoro
This study aimed to examine the dynamics of SMEs in small industrial clusters in East Java. The clustered SMEs are expected to harmonize their business strategies and cooperation in the form of inter-firm linkages which are a means of manifesting the social capital of clusters. To test the model, we...
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The Sufficient Sense: The Value on the Concept of Income Based on Neuro-Psychological-Spiritual Methodology

Driana Leniwati, Eko G. Sukoharsono, Yeney W. Prihatiningtias, Lilik Purwanti
The objective of the study is to formulate the concept of income based on the sufficient sense. The data collected are actually commercial bank employees’ experience before they resigned from the bank. Based on a spiritualist paradigm, the data are analysed in the framework of neuro-psycho-spiritual...
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An Analysis of Development Inequality and Economic Growth against Poverty in Papua Province in 2010–2018

Nova Dewi Oktasari, Candra Fajri Ananda, Sasongko
An important goal of development is to reduce poverty. Indonesia is one of the members of the United Nations who signed the SDGs resolution, where the first goal is no poverty. Papua Province always ranks first in the highest poverty rate in Indonesia. Unstable economic growth and the dominance of the...
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Willingness To Accept Toward Negative Impact of TPA Jabon Existence

Fitriana Zahroh, Maryunani, Asfi Manzilati
Municipal solid waste (MSW) management has become common problem in regional development especially in developing countries. In Indonesia, waste management still relies on landfilling system which generate both positive and negative externalities. Odour pollution is one of the negative externalities....
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Effect of Natural Resources Share Fund on Economic Growth, Unemployment and Poverty in Producing Regions in Indonesia

Abdul Majid, Munawar Ismail, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
The main objective of this research is to get analytical results about effect of natural resource share fund (NSF) on economic growth, unemployment and poverty in the natural resource producing regions in Indonesia by the mediation of capital expenditure. This research uses partial least square method...
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Analysis Of Leading Industrial Sector In Accelerating Inclusive Economic Growth In Lampung Province

Rizki Winanda, Dwi Budi Santoso, Marlina Ekawaty
This study aimed at analyzing the leading industrial sector and the role of the leading industrial sector towards the acceleration of inclusive economic growth. This research utilized input-output analysis. It utilized backward linkage and forward linkage to determine the leading industrial sectors,...
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Impact of Family Hope Program on Household Food Consumption: A Case Study in East Java Province

Irma Fatmawati, Multifiah, Nurul Badriyah
Family Hope Program (PKH) is a conditional cash transfer in Indonesia that aims to alleviate poverty by improving the welfare of its receivers. Previous studies show that CCT has an impact on welfare observed from household expenditure indicators. This study aims to identify the impact of PKH on household...
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Land Titling and Mortgage Right and Its Impact on Financial Deepening, Investment and Economic Growth in East Java

Fauzi Hajar, Ghozali Maski, Dias Satria
This paper aimed at analysing the impact of a Complete Systematic Land Titling (PTSL) and mortgage rights on financial deepening, investment and economic growth in East Java. This study utilized secondary data of 38 regencies/cities in East Java in 2017-2018. The method used was the simultaneous equation...
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In Depth Poverty Analysis in East Java From a Multidimensional Perspective

Abdus Salam, Devanto Shasta Pratomo, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of socioeconomic characteristics household on household poverty status with a multidimensional approach in each of the Regional Bakorwil East Java. Not everyone can convert their income for a better life, so measuring poverty only using income is...
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Regional Inflation Persistence Analysis: A Case Study in Surabaya

Lia Umi Farida, Munawar Ismail, David Kaluge
This study aims to determine the behavior of regional inflation in Surabaya by looking at its persistence, namely the speed of inflation returns to its equilibrium after a shock. Using monthly data on general inflation, commodity groups and commodity goods and services, then the persistency is calculated...
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Environmental Degradation in Indonesia 1969–2016

Ilham Robbi, Munawar Ismail, Arief Hoetoro
The purpose of this study is look at the factors that influence environmental degradation, and test the existence of an inverted U-shaped environmental Kuznet curve in Indonesia. The findings of this study are per capita income, trade openness, energy consumption, and population have an effect on environmental...
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The Role of Profitability as A Mediator between Good Corporate Governance and Firm Value

Mohamad Agus Salim Monoarfa, Atim Djazuli, Moeljadi, Sumiati
This research aims at evaluating and analysis the effect of good corporate governance on firm value mediated by profitability. Good corporate governance is a proxy Management ownership, institutional ownership and independent commissioner. Profitability is measured using Return on Equity and firm value...
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How to Teach Empathy to Business Students?

Ina A. Murwani, Valentina Tohang
Empathetic leadership has been considered as important trait nowadays. Leaders with empathy are considered being able to influence, inspire and help people achieve their dreams and goals. When many people think that empathy is something you’re born with, studies show that empathy is actually can be learned...
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The Effect of Online Transportation on Multiple Shopping Habits that Give Loyalty

Sonny Indrajaya
To find out the impact of online transportation on millennial spending habits in West Jakarta. On line transportation research is among young people from the age of 18-28 years, residing in West Jakarta, Indonesia. The number of questionnaires was 380 respondents. The quantitative analysis method uses...
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Good Governance and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from ASEAN 10

Ferry Prasetyia
The objectives of this paper is to analyze the effect of good governance on the growth of economic in ASEAN countries from 2014 to 2018. The good governance variables use World Bank’ governance indicators which consist of six indicators. The six indicators includes: control of corruption, voice and accountability,...
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Innovative Management Accounting Practices and Organizational Performance

Bambang Hariadi, Ali. M. Alsawayeh
The efforts that put in this paper is a suggestion of conceptual framework for investigation the extent of IMAPs implementation and usage along with analysis for both exogenous and endogenous variables and their potential influence on the IMAPs implementation in order to define the exist relationship...
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Increasing Employment through Local Government Expenditures: Simultaneous Model Analysis

Nurul Imamah, Agus Suman, Susilo, Moh. Khusaini
This study aims to find a solution to the problem of unemployment by developing a research model that involves variables of local government expenditure and employment that seeks to fill gaps in the needs of local government expenditure development and how local expenditure affects the rate of employment....
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Identification and Strategy for Improving Financial Literation and Inclusion of Rural and Urban Communities in Banyuwangi Regency, Indonesia

Adhitya Wardhono, M. Abd. Nasir, Yulia Indrawati, Ciplis Gema Qori’ah
The financial sector with a variety of derivative products has become an important thing in supporting the smooth economic and social activities of the communities. The research purposes are to identify the level of financial inclusion and literacy develops a strategy for developing financial literacy...
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Planning Tourism Employment Opportunities

Maula Fadhilata Rahmatika, M. Pudjihardjo, Sasongko
Purpose of this research is to determine the factor that affects tourism development and evaluate the critical factors of strategic planning to create employment using tourism in Banyuwangi. Policymakers need to understand the relative importance of tourism development factors to create employment. A...
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The Nexus of Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in East Java

Hengki Permana Saputra, Susilo, Rachmad Kresna Sakti
This study aimed at knowing the correlation between economic growth and poverty in East Java. This study used panel data from the regency/municipality from 2013 to 2018 using the simultaneous method. The results showed that the economic growth in East Java stimulated by consumption, investment, and government...
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Analysis of Regency / City Fiscal Inequality in Java: Impact of the Central Balance Fund

Muchammad Mufti Ridwan, M. Pudjihardjo, Mohamad Khusaini
This study aims to determine the level of fiscal inequality in regencies / cities in Java which is seen from the total realization of local government expenditure, education function expenditure, health function expenditure, and economic function expenditure. The method used is the analysis of sigma...
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Restaurant Search Service Membership Program: Zomato Gold’s Case Study in Indonesia

Hilarius Bambang Winarko, Devira Riani Mitsunita
This study examines the 7Ps services marketing tool in determining the young adults’ purchase intention of Zomato Gold exclusive membership program in Indonesia. It aimed to analyze the consumer behavior of the first restaurant search services membership program in Indonesia as well as aimed to reduce...
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The regional health insurance coverage incentive: a shift from opportunity to rationalization

Indra Hadi Waluyo
This research aims to develop a conceptual framework about a shift in the meaning of subsidy as a form of incentive for universal health service in government of Bekasi City in Health Card Regional Health Insurance Program - Identity Number (Jamkesda KS-NIK) which is interpreted as a opportunity to form...
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Integrated Farming System Based on Fisheries to Increase Fishermen Community Income at Banjar Kemuning Village

Anggraeni, Maryunani, Dwi Budi, Wildan Syafitri
Banjar Kemuning Village is one of the coastal villages in Sedati District, Sidoarjo Regency. The majority of fishermen do their daily activities by utilizing sea products. In addition to the Banjar Kemuning Village fishermen, there are also fishermen from other areas who use the waters of the village...
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Questioning the Rationality of Individual Stock Market Investors in the 4.0 Era

Tyas Danarti, Ghozali Maskie, David Kaluge, Kresna Sakti
Online stock trading technology, on the one hand, is growing by present additional features, which provide investors more accurate investment decisions process, all for the purpose of its growth. Aside from that, neoclassical financial theory concept doesn’t provide satisfying clarification for the facts...
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Target and Leverage Adjustment Speed: Evidence on Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Siti Aisjah, Abrian Amir Rahman
The aim of this research is to test the adjustment speed of the target and leverage the company. Company registered on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in that period from 2014 to 2018, is the object of this research, particularly in terms of testing the factors that affect the adjustment speed toward target...
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Effectiveness of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Achieving the Ultimate Goals of ASEAN-3

Sebastiana Viphindrartin, Mohmmad Saleh, Silvi Asna Prestianawati
This study was intended to find out which channels (exchange rates, interest rates, credit and money) have the most significant effect on price stability and economic growth during 1997 Q1-2017 Q4 using the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM). Based on the estimation, Interest Rate and Exchange Rate...
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Followership, Ambidextrous Leadership and Change Readiness in Manufacturing Company

Kosasih Kosasih, Wibowo, Saparuddin, Zulfa Fitri
According to several previous studies, some of the problem that arise in change activities in an organization are usually a weak of leadership, organizational structure that does not support and employee resistance. This study aims to analyze the influence of ambidextrous leadership and followership...
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Enhancing Innovative Performance in Manufacturing Company

Kosasih Kosasih, Wibowo, Saparuddin
Innovation activities carried out by an organization have a very significant impact on the organization and its members. Several studies have concluded that innovation is proven to improve the performance of companies and employees. However, several studies have found that innovation activities within...
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The Effect Of Capital Structure On Firm Performance Of Manufacturing Companies In ASEAN 5 Country

Hilmi Aulia, Imo Gandakusuma
The purpose of this research was to find the effects of capital structure of manufacturing companies towards firm performance in Asean 5 Country. The research samples are manufacturing companies listed on stock exchanges in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The data, as samples,...
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Study of Regional Expenditure Dependence on Fund Transfer; Case Studies South Kalimantan Province

This research was conducted after taking into account the results of the implementation of regional autonomy and fiscal decentralization, local governments determine their own expenditure plans and find sources of revenue for their regions, but of concerns will further enlarge the gap between regions...
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Sustainable Growth and Development

PJP. Ginting
The concept of sustainable growth and development has long been a concern of experts. But the term sustainability itself only emerged since a few decades ago, although attention to sustainability has begun since Malthus in 1798. The objective of development is essentially to improve the welfare and prosperity...
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Factors Affecting Perception of Tax Evasion Among Chindos

Arja Sadjiarto, Agatha Nathania Susanto, Evania Yuniar, Melissa Gunawan Hartanto
Tax evasion remains an important issue across the globe. There are numerous factors of tax evasion. In a multicultural and growing country such as Indonesia, ethnic background of a taxpayer could play a role as a determinant. This paper analyses the factors affecting perception of tax evasion among Chinese...
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The Effect of Work Life Quality and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment with the Mediation of Work Spirit

Ika Fatma Yulia Winda Jayanti
Analyze research purposes. a) explain the man do the quality of work life against organizational commitment, b) explain influence the quality of working life is against the spirit of the work, c) Influence the spirit of working toward a commitment organizational, d) The influence of job satisfaction...
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Blue Accounting and Sustainability

Sultan Syah, Erwin Saraswati, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Roekhudin
This article provides a conceptual understanding of blue accounting. All this time, accounting products in the form of financial statements only contribute minimally while investors need non-financial information in decision making. The method used is a qualitative method with a critical paradigm and...
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Activation Simulation Design of City Branding Gresik Halal Life Style According to Participatory Concept in Smart City Based

Tyas Ajeng Nastiti, Alfina, Ahmad Dahlan Malik, Nova Ridho Sisprasojo
The existence of city branding of Gresik city or as known as Halal Life Style City is a new phenomenon, as well as a necessity for its implementation or be called as branding activation. The branding activation is some activities that will conduct in order to marketing the city or place or area. The...
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Natural Capital, Social Capital, and Physical Capital in Improving the Performance of Ecotourism in Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Viviane Manoppo
This study aimed to examine the influence of Natural Capital, Social Capital and Physical Capital of the Bunaken Island ecotourism area in North Sulawesi Province in improving Ecotourism Performance and to achieve sustainable ecotourism development. The method of data analysis uses descriptive analysis...