Proceedings of the Fifth Annual International Conference on Business and Public Administration (AICoBPA 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Andy Fefta Wijaya, Fadillah Amin, Mohammad Iqbal
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A Systematic Literature Review: Determinants of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Abdul Satar, M. Musadieq, Solimun, Benny Hutahayan
The objective of this research is to examine the development of Sustainable Competitive Advantage from both theoretical and practical perspectives, as well as the factors that influence it. A Systematic Literature Review approach was employed in this study, following the Preferred Reporting Items for...
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Identification of Innovation Strategies in Companies Using a Systematic Literature Review

Adib Ubaidillah, Zainul Arifin, Mukhammad Kholid Mawardi, Teuku Noerman
A formal and comprehensive innovation strategy is needed by companies to express their goals in innovating. The implementation of an innovation strategy will improve business operational performance so that it can operate more effectively and efficiently. The research aims to identify more deeply the...
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Systematic Literature Review

Fraud Prevention with Cluster Analysis

Agung Budiwibowo, Endang Siti Astuti, Muhammad Saifi, Mohammad Iqbal
Fraud is a theme that continues to be the focus of researchers in the world because of changes in a person’s character to commit fraud due to developments in technology and knowledge. The main focus is, among others, the existence of a corporate crisis due to the declining financial performance of the...
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The Effect of Viral Marketing on E-Commerce Shopee’s Consumer Purchasing Intention

Agung Nugroho Luthfi Imam Fahrudi, Dzurrotun Nur Aisyah
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Viral Marketing on E-Commerce Shopee’s Consumer Purchasing Intention. Viral Marketing can be used to widely disseminate marketing messages by inviting the audience to share marketing messages with others. The increasing use of the internet and...
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Developing the Concept of Post-Covid-19 SMEs Voluntary Tax Compliance Through a Social Contract Perspective: The Role of Incentive, Fairness, and Trust

Alvien Gunawan, Unti Ludigdo, Noval Adib, Mohamad Khoiru Rusydi
This study uses a literature review method that aims to developing voluntary tax compliance for SMEs after Covid-19 era from the social contract’s perspective. The declining level of tax compliance during the Covid-19 pandemic is a special concern for the government. The social contract elevates three...
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The Determinant of Purchase Decisions at Telecommunications Retail

Anni Rahimah, Lidya Veronica Christy Rihidima
This study aims to: determine the effect of retailing mix variables that simultaneously influence purchasing decisions, determine the effect of retailing mix variables that partially influence purchasing decisions, and determine retailing mix variables that have a dominant influence on purchasing decisions...
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Stakeholder Participation in Accelerating Digital Transformation in Indonesia’s 3T Region

Ary Budi Sulistyo, Mochammad Rozikin
One of the service developments that is becoming a hot topic both internationally and in Indonesia is the digital transformation program, which is the implementation of new technologies, talents, and processes in order to remain competitive in the ever-changing technological landscape. This study aims...
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Innovation and Trust: Determinants of Intention Using Financial Technology Services (Evidence in Indonesia)

Yuki Firmanto, Gugus Irianto, Zaki Baridwan, Arum Prastiwi
Financial technology is an innovation that introduces practicality, ease of access, convenience, and economical cost. This innovation focuses on a growing industry sector, which is working on unbanked markets, as well as partnering with conventional banks and financial institutions. This study aims to...
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The Importance of Health Accessibility Policies in Border Areas

Asri Nur Aina, Luqman Hakim, Ainul Hayat, Sujarwoto
People who reside in rural or remote places have a more difficult time gaining access to medical care than those who live in cities and towns. This article will validate and supplement the research that has already been done on the subject of health accessibility policies for persons living in border...
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Regional Economic Development Based on Local Potential

(Study on Gadingkulon Village, Dau District, Malang Regency)

Asti Amelia Novita, Bolormaa Shinjee, Diah Melinda, Tri Puspita Sari, Pavita Tantriana
Development is an effort to provide and ensure community welfare. Almost the entire process of local economic development in Indonesia focuses on the rural agricultural sector. The aim of this study is to analyze the economic development program in improving the community welfare of Gadingkulon Village...
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Analysis of Limited Face-to-Face Learning in Elementary School and Junior High School, Brawijaya Smart School

Cintya Sahriza Paramitha, Soesilo Zauhar, I. Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu
Coronavirus is a new type of disease that is endemic all over the world. The coronavirus, which is more commonly known as Covid-19, has hit the world, causing a condition of uncertainty or uncertainty. The occurrence of this worldwide disaster causes changes in every aspect of life, as well as aspects...
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Reimagining Indonesia’s Economic Diplomacy in Southeast Asia:

President Joko Widodo’s Pioneering Approach

Darwis, Aswin Baharuddin
The digital age’s transformation of the global economic landscape necessitates countries to adapt their economic diplomacy strategies accordingly. As part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Indonesia is no exception in this regard. The economic integration of the Southeast Asian region has intensified...
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Management of Educators in Improving the Quality of Education at the Junior High School Level in Magetan Regency

Dea Avriliya Maharani, Bambang Supriyono, Moh. Said
One of the educational factors that needs to be considered in Indonesia is the quality of education. This is due to the fact that educational quality influences many factors, including student competitiveness, graduate quality, and competition in educational quality for both places. Good educator management...
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The Effect of Direct Marketing on Purchase Decision with Purchase Intention as Intervening Variable

(Study on TikTok Live Streaming Users in Faculty of Administration Science Brawijaya University)

Devi Nur Cahaya Ningsih, Kharissima Ndaru Amallia, Nastiti Cahyaning Fitri Ashari, Nur Fera Indah Kurnia, Dhenindra Bagaskara, Diffa Nur Haliza
Currently, digital media is able to mediate the buying and selling process between buyers and sellers. Digital media is also one way to increase customer interest in the products being offered. One of the digital media for online shopping that is being used by the public is TikTok with the Live Streaming...
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Analysis of Implications of Digital Economy Development on Tax Treatment of E-Commerce

Dewi Noor Fatikhah Rokhimakhumullah, Devi Nur Cahaya Ningsih, Aji Widya Firmansyah, Ayun Hanafiyah
Digital economy shows economic growth and development in the future. In the last three years, Indonesia has achieved the fastest and largest growth in Southeast Asia in the context of the value of digital economy. In contrast to conventional trade, e-commerce transactions have their own characteristics...
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Moderation Effect of Entrepreneurial Marketing on the Relationship of Corporate Resilience on Competitive Advantage

Dimas Rizky Kusmayadi, Muhammad Saifi, Muhammad Iqbal, Benny Hutahayan
To examine the moderating effect of entrepreneurial marketing in the relationship between corporate resilience and competitive advantage. In addition, the purpose of this study is also to examine the effect of financial strategic on corporate resilience, the effect of financial strategic on competitive...
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Resiliency and Existence of the Dairy Farm Cooperative in the Era / Period of Pandemic, Digital Economic, Creative Economic, and Free Market

(Case Study of Setia Kawan Dairy Farm Cooperative, Nongkojajar, in the Regency of Pasuruan, East Java)

Dwi Sulistyo
Fact Finding of this paper is Setia Kawan Dairy Farm Cooperative was full capable to compete and remaining existence in the period of pandemic, digital economic, and free market. Setia Kawan Dairy Farm Cooperative not only capable to compete with other Dairy Farm Cooperative but they also capable to...
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The Influence of Innovation Culture, Self-efficacy, and Information Technology on Personal Knowledge Management

Dwi Wahyu Daryoto, Umar Nimran, Hamidah Nayati Utami, Tri Wulida Afrianty
Organizations’ ability to gain strategic knowledge is critical to sustaining sustained competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. Starting from a business activity failure, it created a topic about KM with the aim that there was no limit to the benefits for KM itself. To realize that knowledge’s...
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Actor-Based Regional Development Strategy in Metropolitan Rebana

(Case Study: Majalengka District, Cirebon District and Cirebon City)

Eko Fajar Setiawan, Suhirman
This study aims to examine stakeholder mapping. This study uses a qualitative approach through in-depth interviews with experts/experts and measuring questionnaires which are then developed as expert judgment to assess the pattern (dependence and independence) of the relationship between interest actors...
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Influence of Brand Image and Service Quality on Purchase Decision

(Case Study on Mutual Fund Purchase Decisions in Bibit Application)

Endry Putra, Dhaniar Yossa Sevilla, Ishak Harel Sintong, Novita Rifky Abida, Kadek Dwi Premana, Kharisma Alvin Rahmasari, Ulvi Rohmatul Khasanah
There are many things that must be analyzed and considered by investors before deciding to make a purchase, one of which is by considering the brand image and service quality. This study aims to determine the effect of brand image and service quality on mutual funds purchasing decisions in the Bibit...
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Accountability of Government Procurement of Goods and Services Through E-Procurement

Approach to Competition, Efficiency, Value for Money, and Integrity

Estetika Mutiaranisa Kurniawati, Khresna Bayu Sangka, Nur Chayati, An Nurrahmawati, Dian Perwitasari, Saktiana Rizki Endiramurti
This study aims to examine how public supervision and disclosure of government goods and services procurement contracts are implemented in Indonesia. This study shows how opening procurement data can lead to more fair, efficient, value for money and integrity competition. This study uses data from
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Assessing the Effectiveness of the Village Internet Program and Village Websites in Promoting Good Local Governance (GLG) and Electronic-Based Government Systems (SPBE) Through Administration and Governance Support

Febrianty, I Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu
The primary objective of the present investigation is to assess the efficacy of the Village Internet Program and Village Websites, as instituted by the South Sumatra Governor, in fostering the advancement of Good Local Governance (GLG) and Electronic-Based Government Systems (SPBE) throughout the region....
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A Systematic Literature Review

Impact of Purchasing Performance on Material Inventory and Sustainable Economic Level in Upstream Oil and Gas

Firera, M. Musadieq, Solimun, Benny Hutahayan
This study is to reveal the effect of Purchasing Performance and Material Inventory Performance on the Level of Sustainable Economics in upstream oil and gas industries. We review the research based on the theory and previous empirical studies and use the Systematic Literature Review approach. The process...
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Systematic Literature Review (SLR)

Implementation of Corporate Sustainability on Company Performance

Guna Mulyana, Hamidah Nayati Utami, Kadarisman Hidayat, Kholid Mawardi
This study aims to find out how the development map and research trends regarding Corporate Sustainability are viewed from theoretical and practical settings and how to solve them. This study uses a Systematic Literature Review approach to Scopus in general and the scope of Business, Management and Accounting....
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Digital Financial Inclusion and Financial Performance

A Literature Review

Hanifa Bennu Nur, Surachman, Sumiati, Siti Aisjah
The purpose of this research is to examine and map studies on the relationship between digital financial inclusion and financial performance. This study employs bibliometric analysis in conjunction with the Harzsing Publish or Perish application and VOSviewers to achieve this goal. 149 articles were...
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Response of Regional Heads in Harmonization of Central and Regional Policy Directions to the Development of the National Capital in East Kalimantan

Hariati, Andy Fefta Wijaya, Tjahjanulin Domai, Suryadi
This study describes the leadership responsibilities of regional heads in National Capital (IKN) development. This study uses a study method de-rived from a literature review sourced from reports, journals, or research by previous experts whose credibility and accountability levels are recognized. Based...
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Business Institutional Model in the Omnibus Law Cluster as an Effort to Develop SMEs

Henry Aspan, Abdi Setiawan, Irawan
The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the LAW Omnibus Cluster Business Institutional model as an effort to increase the specialization of SMEs in North Sumatra Province. This institutional model can be seen from the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial competence, modifying the entrepreneurial...
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Strengthening Employee Performance in Indonesian SMEs:

The Key Impact of Transformative Leadership, Internal Motivation, and Self-efficacy

Heru Susilo, Endang Siti Astuti, Zainul Arifin, Mukhammad Kholid Mawardi, Riyadi, Wiyata
According to research that has already been conducted in this field, the leadership style is a crucial factor in improving the creative self-efficacy and motivation of workers who are employed by small and medium companies (SME). This research was conducted in the United Kingdom. The objective of this...
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Sharpening Strategic Collaborative of Social Safety Net Program in Covid-19 Era:

The Uses of Force Field Analysis

I. Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu, Ardian Prabowo, Klara Kumalasari, Yuliannova Lestari, Pongsathon Kaewmanee
The COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia has triggered a socioeconomic disaster. The government needs to include the Direct Cash Assistance (Bantuan Langsung Tunai) program as an essential social safety net for citizens affected by COVID-19. Because of incorrect distribution. The purpose of this research is...
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The Effect of Measuring the Quality of Human Resources and Gen Z Performance in Aching Financial Freedom

(Study on Gen Z in Malang City)

I. Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu, Elsa Cahya Arum Puspita, Dina Maulidia, Widya Wahyu Rizky, Vina Alfianti, Imro’atus Sholikah
There are several terms associated with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, one of which is financial freedom. Generation Z is a generation that is as comfortable with technology and the internet as possible. In the virtual world, social media is busy talking about work to the achievement...
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Public Review of M-Paspor Application in Indonesia: Mobile Government, Digital Resilience, Cyber Security

Intan Nurkumalawati, Muhammad Syaroni Rofii
Mobile government (m-government) has been widely employed by the Indonesian government to provide an excellent online public service for the past five years. On 27 January 2022, the Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia launched the M-Paspor application as an online passport service through an...
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The Effectiveness of BUMDes Synergy with Business Partners in Achieving Village Economic Growth Acceleration During the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Study on Cooperation Between BUMDes Kusuma and NK Cafe)

Irfan Kharisma Putra, Reika Happy Sugiastuti, Ahmad Bachtiar Arif
BUMDes is a Village Milk Business Entity whose function is to manage and develop village assets for the welfare of the community. The existence of BUMDes is expected to be able to move the wheels of the economy in rural areas because it has the power to stimulate economic growth. BUMDes are also required...
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The Role of Business Models and Bank Competitiveness in Driving Bank Resilience Moderated by Ownership

Jerry Charisa Mandalika, Sri Mangesti Rahayu, Solimun, Nila Firdausi Nuzula
The purpose of this study is to explain the business model and competitiveness of banks towards bank resilience that is moderated by bank ownership. The objects were National Banks and Foreign Banks in Indonesia. This research uses quantitative with explanatory research using secondary data. The population...
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Performance of Governance in Indonesian Army and Police Academy Based on Good Governance

Joucelin Adalia Panese
One of the goals of national development is an effort to educate the life of the nation which is a national responsibility as stated in the 1945 Constitution, which is one of the ideals of independence to improve human resources so that they are able to achieve prosperity for all Indonesian people in...
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Understanding Virtual Reality Experience Quality as Drive Intention to Visit in Tourism

Karisma Sri Rahayu, Endang Siti Astuti, Andriani Kusumawati, Edriana Pangestuti
The presence of technology has changed the mindset and lifestyle of tourist behavior. Tourists become active in seeking information on social media through smartphones. This article aims to explore conceptual research related to virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is a new marketing tool in the tourism...
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Does CEO's Financial Behavior Affect Startup Performance?

Kemal Sandi, Muhammad Saifi, Saparila Worokinasih, Dwiatmanto
More than 100 startups failed to develop in Indonesia in 2021. Many factors have caused many startup businesses to fail to thrive, including the CEO's financial behavior. This article attempts to fill in the gaps in research on startups and startup performance or explicitly explains the effect of...
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The Effect of PBB-P2 Online Service Quality on Taxpayer Compliance with Taxpayer Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable in Sidoarjo Regency

Latifah Hanum, Cahyani Adina Indrawati
The use of technology in government institutions has become increasingly widespread, including in the tax system. One such technology-enabled service is the online platform for the Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax Sector (PBB-P2). In Sidoarjo Regency, PBB-P2 is a regional tax that is associated...
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The Influence of Corporate Governance, Dividend Policy, and Capital Structure Policy on Company Performance

(Study on Insurance Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2015–2019)

Lusi Kurnia, Anggito Abimanyu, Asri Nur Aina
This study aims to (1) find out and explain the effect of corporate governance on the performance of insurance companies listed on the BEI in 2015–2019 (2) find out and explain the effect of corporate governance on the dividend policy of insurance companies listed on the BEI in 2015–2019 (3) Knowing...
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A Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis of IT Governance Disclosure in Scopus Database

Magdalena Karismariyanti, Endang Siti Astuti, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Ari Darmawan
This paper reviews the literature on a body of knowledge and analyzes the cluster trends related to IT governance disclosure. The sample includes 40 publications from the Scopus database spanning 17 years between 2005 and 2022. First, a bibliometric analysis was conducted to highlight publication growth,...
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Optimizing Sales Growth for Millennial-Owned Small and Medium-Scale Businesses in Malang City: The Influence of Product Design and Copywriting Strategies

Maria Goretti Wi Endang NP, Gunawan Eko Nurtjahjono, Muhammad Cahyo Widyo Sulistyo
This research examines how product design and copywriting affect sales in Malang City millennial-owned enterprises. This exploratory study uses a representative sample to determine the variables’ relationships. The Goodness of Fit Model in PLS analysis showed that product design and copywriting techniques...
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Performance Assessment and Measurement of Educational Institutions

(Case Study at the Malang Regency Education Office)

Milla Syahara Timur Mubarrak, Bambang Supriyono, Andy Fefta Wijaya
The task of the Malang Regency Education Office is as the executor of regional autonomy which is mandated to carry out all regional government affairs in the field of education, both in terms of development, providing facilities and infrastructure as well as meeting educational needs in Malang Regency....
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Factor of Marketing Mix on Purchase Intention: An Empirical Research in Fashion Industry, Mojokerto Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Mohammad Iqbal, Whena Ervianto, Nur Yudiono, Muhamad Robith Alil Fahmi
The marketing mix, an essential constituent of marketing strategy, is frequently employed by small and medium-sized enterprises to efficaciously engage their target market segments, consequently impacting purchase intentions. This scholarly investigation delves into the ramifications of marketing mix...
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Bibliometric Analysis of the Aesthetic Innovation on SMEs Food Souvenir

Muhafidhah Novie, Achmad Sudiro, Fatchur Rohman, Astrid Puspaningrum
Aesthetic innovation is crucial for significant general and SMEs in the food industry. Furthermore, it can be emphasized that aesthetics is necessary for building a product’s image, strength and identity to face such dynamic business competition. On that basis, this study aims to determine the aesthetic...
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Examine the Elements that Impact Food Security

Muhammad Syafrudin, Sarwono, Abdul Hakim, Solimun
The research aims uncover the variables impede the Indonesian government’s efforts to develop effective policies to promote food security. Employs a qualitative approach, utilizing the Discourse Network Analysis (DNA) technique to analyze online articles and news related to the keywords “food estate,”...
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Architecture Governance Model of Local Government Website

(Comparative Study Between the City and District of Malang)

Muhammad Shobaruddin, Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan, Fitria Avicenna
Information provided in government website nowadays are part of the services to the community. Basically, the website is expected to simplify the community effort in reaching the services. However, several websites are available with lots of information that is hard to understand. It can be the problem...
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Leadership and Integrity as Determinants on Job Performance at Hospitals

Nindi Riyan Gustin, Syamsir
This study examined whether leadership and integrity could serve as determinants on employees job performance at hospitals in Batusangkar City, West Sumatera. This study used quantitative approach. Using questionnaires with Likert’s scale, this article tested the hypotheses by analyzing quantitative...
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Anonymous and Reward Model: Intention in Becoming Whistleblower

(An Experimental Study)

Nurlita Novianti, Heidi Armani
Indonesia is a country in the Asia Pacific region with high corruption track record cases, that is ranked 90 according to Corruption Perceptions Index based on Transparency International’s survey—that is far below Brunei (41), and Singapore (7). The cases of corruption, that continue to be revealed is...
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Implementation of Dinoyo Ceramic Industry Development Policy in Malang City

Putri Benida Ayuningsih, Renji Eko Sandi
One of the Government’s ways to overcome the problem of poverty is through various plans and community empowerment projects. The industrial sector that has the opportunity to be developed and controlled by the government is creative industry. In the development of the creative economy in cities in Indonesia,...
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The Effect of Environmental Dynamism Due to Covid-19 on Sustainable HRM: A Systematic Literature Review

Ratri Buda Nugrahanti, Armanu, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo
The study tries to address the effect of environmental dynamism due to COVID-19 on Sustainable HRM and learn the strategies implemented during the crisis to be adopted in post-COVID-19 and other turbulent times. 19 peer-reviewed articles published during the COVID-19 pandemic for the period of 2020–2022...
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Future Indonesia’s Migration Landscape and Border Control Policy

Facilitation and Security

Ridwan Arifin, Margaretha Hanita, Arthur Josias Simon Runturambi
Today’s global human migration and border control policy cause complexities and uncertainty in the movement trends and challenges. The immigration authority in Indonesia has responded to the global migration issues during the Covid-19 pandemic with a reactive approach to people mobility and border control...
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Impact of Event Tourism Based on Local Wisdom on Coastal Communities

(Study on “Petik Laut” Event in Sendang Biru Hamlet, Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency)

Riyanto, Miranda Novita Sari
The “Petik Laut” tradition is one of the local wisdoms of the Dusun Sendang Biru community in expressing their gratitude for marine products and asking for safety from the Creator. Today, Petik Laut has been modified into a tourist event, which not only contains traditional rituals but also a series...
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The Modulating Role of Leverage in the Interplay Between Profitability and Stock Returns Within the Context of Indonesia’s Islamic Financial Landscape

Nur Imamah, Tsui-Jung Lin, Reika Happy Sugiastuti, Salma Ramadhani
During the timeframe of 2018–2021, the present research scrutinizes companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with respect to their profitability and stock returns, while incorporating leverage as a moderating variable. The Ordinary Least Square approach is employed to model the relationships...
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Tourism Development Strategy in Sidenreng Rappang District

Sofyan B., Juanda Nawawi, Muhammad Rusdi, Hasniati
Sidenreng Rappang Regency is one of the regencies located in the region of Sul-Sel Province and is a tourist attraction that presents promising tourism in increasing the foreign exchange of regional budgets. Tourist attractions in Sidrap district The area is quite a lot but dominated by historical attractions...
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Indigenous Traditional Institutions and Common Pool Resources in Indonesia: The Case of Indigenous Society Tengger, Malang Regency

Sri Handayani, Bambang Supriyono, Sujarwoto, Fadillah Putra
This study describes indigenous institutional studies and Common Pool Resources. This research uses qualitative methods by collecting data through interviews, as well as FGD (Focus Group Discussion), and is supported through the support of credible reports and journals to strengthen a credential analysis...
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Conceptualizing of Financial Resilient: Building Money Management Behavior

Sri Mangesti Rahayu, Saparila Worokinasih, Cacik Rut Damayanti, Adhela Gina Rachmatika, Rani Arifah Normawati, Yudha Alief Aprilian
This study aims to formulate a model of household financial resilience focusing on the formation of money management behavior with an asset-based approach. This proposed model determines saving and investment as critical factors to manage personal financial management. Based on the Theory of Planned...
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Public Service Innovation, in Village Administration Systems

Sumartono, Hermawan, A. Qadir Muslim, Syukur Muhaymin AJ
Village government as a sub-system of village administration has the task and authority to regulate and manage village households, with the dynamics of the problems. One of the principles that must be considered in developing village service standards is the authority and type of service towards village...
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A Study of the Effectiveness of the Tourism Development Grand Plan (RIPPARKAB) Sumenep Regency for Coastal Area Potential Development

Tolib Effendi, Himawan Tri Yudha Perwira
Madura is a large island in the East Java region that has various potential for marine tourism, with a long coastline and abundant distribution of small islands. RIPPARKAB Sumenep has been prepared with the aim of improving the quality and quantity of tourism destinations while maintaining environmental...
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The Effect of Risk and Corporate Governance on Profitability: The Role of Sustainability Report as a Moderator (A Study on Mining Companies Listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2013–2020 Period)

Tsabita Karima, Sri Mangesti Rahayu, Nila Firdausi Nuzula, Cacik Rut Damayanti
This study aims to investigate the role of risk and corporate governance on profitability by utilizing sustainability report as an instrument in determining business sustainability of Indonesian-listed mining companies. The study was carried out by framing 20 mining companies employing the use of time...
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Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Strategies for Health Workers Engaging with COVID-19 Patients at Bima City Hospital: A Path to Optimized Patient Care

Uswatun Hasanah, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid
This study aims to explore communication barriers between healthcare professionals and COVID-19 patients at Bima City Hospital and develop strategies to address these challenges. Qualitative descriptive methods collected data from selected informants, including health workers and patients. The results...
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Market Orientation: Bibliometric Analysis

Waljiyanto, Muhammad Musadieq, Edy Yulianto, Yusri Abdillah
This study aims to review the factors that determine market orientation. This research uses the bibliometric analysis method is the systematic way used to analyze scientific journals and other written and unwritten (digital) publications. The results of this study indicate the most relevant sources,...
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Herd Behavior in Millennial Stock Investors in Indonesia: The Concept of Bandarmology

Wira Bharata, Finnah Fourqoniah, Romlah Novianti
Bandarmology analysis is a new paradigm in stock investment. This concept has similarities with herd behavior which has been discussed in several works of literature for a long time. Some stock investors, especially the millennial generation in Indonesia, have almost no good financial literacy. The phenomenon...