Proceedings of the First China Xijing Intelligent Media Forum (CXIMF 2020)

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Exploration on the University Integrating Media Talents Practical Ability Training Mode in the era of Intelligent Media

Xijing Zhang
With the changing of media ecological environment, the media structure, production mode and communication mode of news communication industry have also undergone a subversive change, which is experiencing the transformation from single media mode to integrated information production, from news communication...
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Research on Media Image of Xi’an Construction in the Discourse of “One Belt One Road”

Jun Yu
Regional media image is an important part of regional image, which is related to regional development. Under the background of “One Belt One Road” construction, Xi’an has its unique advantages in terms of geography, policies, and resources. Use mainstream media to construct the media image of Xi’an,...
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The Transformation of Outdoor New Media Advertising Communication Mode in the Era of Smart Media

Xiaolin Wang
With the application of 5G, algorithm, big data and AR, smart media has gradually become the trend of future new media. It also has a certain impact on advertising industry, especially for outdoor advertising, for which it has a richer form of media expression. The development of technology has given...
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New Mode of News Report of “VR + Data News”

Zhongjie Shen
The combination of VR technology and data news brings new experience mode to news communication and changes the original narrative mode of news.VR + data news makes the audience immerse in the virtual data news scene with glasses, and feel the impact of data on the environment by manipulating the change...
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Research on the Industry Mode of Cultural and Creative Product From Intelligent Perspectives

Rui Xie
In the context of intelligence, modern technologies have constructed a new communication context, which gives cultural and creative industries unprecedented development opportunities. However, in the process of intellectual exploration of cultural and creative products, technical methods itselves cannot...
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Reconstruction of Host’s Professional Image From the Perspective of Intelligent Media—Based on the Appearance of “AI Synthesis Anchor” of Xinhua News Agency

Xiaoxue Yin
With the advent of intelligent media era, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in various processes of news production and dissemination, and has become the key point of media deep integration, bringing new vitality and vitality to the entire media ecological environment. As an important...
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Information Dilemma and Avoidance of Algorithmic News

JiaQi Zhang
In the era of intelligent media, with the innovation of modern technology equipment, the production and distribution of information become more and more rapid and convenient. New technologies such as big data and algorithmic news have changed the traditional information dissemination mode of centralized...
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Analysis on the Development of Integrated News Reporting Under the Background of Big Data Artificial Intelligence Technology

Ping Liu
Big data, drones, algorithms, and virtual reality are being widely used in the press. In the unstoppable trend and trend of media integration, these emerging media technologies have changed the traditional methods of information dissemination and reconstructed the media ecology. The dissemination pattern,...
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A Study on the Path to Improve the International Communication Capabilities of Xi’an in the Era of Intelligent Media

Xin Yu
If we want to take the road of development with Xi’an characteristics, we need to make great efforts to enhance the influence of Xi ‘an culture and its international communication capabilities. In recent years, shaping the popularity of Xi’an has played an important role in realizing the rapid economic...
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Research on the Paths for Innovation and Fusion of Short Videos in the View of Media Ecology

Xinkang Mao, Gaofeng Mi
In recent years, the overspread short videos have swept through people’s daily life and significantly extended their various senses, thus becoming a powerful and influential media gradually. Relying on the Internet technology, short videos provide a new expression for further integration of media, and...
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Innovation of Photography Application Technology in the age of Intelligent Media

Yifang Ma
Entering new era of mobile Internet, the new media is changing with each passing day. More and more media people begin to pay attention to a problem: media is being redefined. From “omnimedia”, “convergence media” to “intelligent media”, the expression mode and communication form of media are no longer...
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Development and Thinking on Contemporary Art in the AI Era.

Yang yang
With the rapid development of IT, the era of artificial intelligence (AI) has come, and various industries are receiving historic changes. Intelligentization has become one of the new development trends of contemporary art. The integration of science and technology, the appearance of culture and the...