Proceedings of the XIV European-Asian Law Congress "The Value of Law" (EAC-LAW 2020)

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International Legal Regulation of Landscape Use: The Genesis of the Conceptual-Categorical Apparatus

Lalita Abdullaeva
International legal protection of natural heritage, which includes landscape, is one of the highest priorities of various international organizations. The article examines the set of rules of the international law in the field of the legal protection of the landscape (primarily the UNESCO World Heritage...
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Explanations of Participants in Criminal Procedure

N. V. Azarenok
The article discusses some issues related to the usage of the concept of explanation in criminal procedure. It is noted that it was still used in the Charter of Criminal Procedure of 1864. In the current Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, it is also used to regulate both the status...
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Human Rights as a Universal Value in the Context of Artificial Intelligence Development

Tamara Vladimirovna Zametina, Elena Valeryevna Kombarova, Elena Yurevna Balashova
In the article the introduction of artificial intelligence is considered as an objective process that affects human rights, which are the highest value recognized at the international and national levels. The issue about the possible limits of such influence and the necessity to preserve the basic properties...
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Formation of Ideological Security of Minors in the Russian Federation: Counteraction to Extremism

T. N. Balashova, O. V. Nardina
Minors, being active users of advanced communication technologies and joining various virtual communities or communicating with remote users, face numerous threats and risks. One of these threats is propaganda spread by terrorists and violent extremists. Minors who do not have sufficient level of knowledge...
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Reasonability of Liability to be Prosecuted for Denial of Information to Citizens

Olga Filippova, Maria Shodonova, Ruslan Bazhenov, Nina Kononkova
Rule 140 of the Russian Federation Criminal (Penal) Code establishes liability for an unlawful default in providing the compendium of documentation assembled in a permitted manner by a legislative office that directly affects civil rights and freedoms, providing a citizen with imperfect or misleading...
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Anti-Corruption Activities of Public Financial Audit Bodies and Digital Economy

Galina Anatolyevna Balykina, Eugeniy Gennadyevich Belikov, Anna Vladimirovna Belikova, Natalia Sergeevna Gegedyush, Vasily Valeryevich Popov
The article studies the way public financial audit bodies exercise their anti-corruption functions (powers) in the context of digital economy. The authors classify the powers on the basis of directions of their objectives direction, the level of their legitimization and the specifics of public financial...
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Onto-Logic of Law

L. N. Berg, V. O. Puchkov
The article discusses the logical problems of law from the ontological point of view. The ontological criterion classifies views on the relationship between law and logic, which distinguish three basic concepts. According to the first concept, a philosophical one, law is logic translated into natural...
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The Role of Regulatory Legal Acts and Positions of the EAEU Court in the Formation of the EAEU Single R&D Market

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Berg
The article analyzes the structure of the national legislation of the member states and the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union, which regulate the implementation of research activities. The author reveals the reasons for the difference between the legal regulation of research activities in Russia...
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Transformation of Legal Awareness Through the Development and Use of Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution

S. E. Libanova, V. S. Bredneva
To date, the state and society are interested in transformation of legal awareness towards a positive perception of alternative methods of legal conflict resolution. For the judiciary, popularization of the alternative methods indicates a decrease in the number of cases considered, and for the society,...
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Criminal Liability of Commercial Legal Entity in Vietnamese Law

Bui Sy Nam
Through searching of the current situation of Vietnam’s current legal situation and learning from the experience of other countries in the world providing for criminal liability for legal entities, Vietnamese criminal law scientists have boldly building up the criminal liability regulations for commercial...
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Civil Liability for Ship-Source Oil Pollution: Russian Legislation and Reference to Vietnam

Dinh Thi My Linh
Several cases of oil pollution from ships happened in Vietnam, causing severe consequences. However, the compensation for ship-source oil pollution damage has not been really adequate and commensurate with the actual losses. It can be explained that, although Vietnam has participated in a number of relevant...
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Reasons and Conditions for Disciplinary Offenses in the Civil Service System

Sergey Channov, Marina Dobrobaba
The article analyzes the causes and conditions for disciplinary offenses in the public service system using the example of the Russian Federation. The authors conclude that, despite some similarities between the causes and conditions, they cannot be identified, since the conditions themselves, without...
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European Social Policy and Catholicism: A Historical Overview

Ksenia Chilkina, Natalia Dorodonova
This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the interaction between the Catholic Church and the European states in the sphere of social security. The purpose of the research is to determine cooperation between the State and the Church in the European countries in the social sphere. It is recognized...
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Revisiting the Question of Legal Regulation of the Concept of “Vacancy”

M.A. Drachuk
A vacancy is the subject of the formation of supply and demand dynamics at the labor market. However, this legal phenomenon is not properly reflected in the legislation. In practice this fact gives rise to many violations of the rights of citizens in employment. In this regard, in this paper, the author...
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Intellectual Property Law: Origin and Development as an Institute of Constitutional-Legal Regulation

Aleftina Gatsolaeva, Madina Dzagurova
The article discusses the history of the establishment of intellectual property law as an institution of constitutional legal regulation in Europe and the USA. The author tried to analyze in brief form the need for the emergence of the institute under study. Based on the study of the history of the origin...
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Legal Issues of Using Blockchain Technology in the Issue and Circulation of Criptocurrency

Maria Aleksandrovna Egorova, Olga Vladimirovna Kozhevina
The article discusses the legislative regulation of digital products based on distributed registry technology - the blockchain. In particular, much attention is paid to the legal regulation of the issue, storage, exchange, purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. The study is based on a modern scientific...
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Social Value of Labor and its Formalization in Social Security Law

Marina Yur’evna Fedorova
The objective of this research is to identify the social value of labor in respect of the aspects affecting the social security sphere. The specifics of labor in its interpretation in social security predetermined the complex of methods used to research it; these methods are historic, formally dogmatic,...
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The Fight Against Corruption: International Experience

Galina Dmitrievna Kovrigina, Yulia Radikovna Gerasimova, Ivan Mikhailovich Egerev
The fight against corruption has ceased to be a problem of any one country. It is possible to detect, investigate and prevent corruption only through interaction and exchange of positive experience. This article examines and analyzes the international experience of a number of countries in the field...
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Why Do Anti-Corruption Institutions Work or Do Not Work

Valery Alekseevich Glazyrin
Corruption is no longer terra incognito. The work emphasizes that scientific research has accumulated a significant amount of knowledge about corruption; there are extensive anti-corruption international legislation, national legal acts and diverse experience of their practical application in different...
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Protection Against Violence in the Workplace: International Standards and Labor Legislation of Russia and Kazakhstan

Svetlana Golovina, Ilona Voitkovska
The issue of psychological violence in the workplace or any other place where the employee is obliged to be is currently becoming more acute and relevant, particularly with respect to numerous women reporting workplace harassment. The greatest difficulty for those suffering various forms of harassment...
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A Model for Investigating the Nature of Corruption: An Ontological Aspect

Elena Vladimirovna Gryaznova, Aleksey Gennadievich Goncharuk, Evgeny Vladimirovich Plisov, Svetlana Vladimirovna Pronina, Irina Igorevna Borisova
The problem of corruption, permeating all spheres of human life, has been urgent for mankind for more than one century and not one generation of people. In the scientific literature, this issue is addressed quite often. Basically, today the legal and economic direction of the study of corruption problems...
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Legal Facts in Federal Constitutional Proceedings

Andrey Gusev, Oleg Kozhevnikov
Within the research we attempt to characterize the essence of the legal fact, its conceptual content and main features in the context of correlation with the bases of the constitutional judicial process. The authors first applied the approach to the study of the legal fact in the implementation by the...
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Labor and Family Responsibilities: Updated Approaches in Law

Yelena Alexandrovna Istomina, Julia Valeryevna Ivanchina
The social value of labor law and social security law is that their main objective is to allow people to meet their socially significant needs (food, clothing, housing, security). Most often, people receive a livelihood that allows them to realize these needs for their work. Labor law regulates the intense...
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The Concept of Values of Law: Classical, Non-Classical and Post-Non-Classical Anthropological Discourses

Valeriy Prokopievich Ivanskiy
The paper addresses a comprehensive study of legal values (values of law). The study is of current relevance since the overwhelming majority of scientific publications consider legal values within the framework of schools of legal positivism. However, the analysis of the values of law shows that the...
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Legal Value of the International Rules of Law of Social Security in the Context of Protection of Labor Migrants During Pandemic COVID-19

Ulia U. Izvarina, Tatiana V. Erohina
In the article the question on the global influence of the pandemic of new coronavirus infections, arisen in 2020, on changes in the social-legal status in migrants and their families is considered. There is a necessity of careful application of the international rules of law of social security, including...
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Confiscation of Property as an Appropriate Response for Crimes of a Corruption Nature

K. V. Korsakov
This scientific article reflects the results of a study on topical and important issues concerning confiscation of property as an effective and successful anti-corruption tool in the Russian Federation these days. To achieve the objectives of the study the author carefully analyzed legislative changes...
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Value of Legal Regulation in the Context of the Challenges of the XXI Century

Viktoria Viktorovna Kovaleva
Under the condition of the development of high technologies, the fourth technological revolution and global pandemic modern society faces new challenges that transform social communication and determine the revision of values in general and the value of legal regulation as an effective means of the management...
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Sovereignty in Cyberspace: A Scholarly and Practical Discussion

Dmitry V. Krasikov, Nadezhda N. Lipkina
Sovereignty is a central principle of modern international law and is traditionally defined as the supreme power of a state within its territory. While acknowledging the applicability of the principle of sovereignty to the relations between nations in cyberspace, states attach different importance to...
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The Representation of the State Memory Politics in National Constitutions: Axiological Aspects

Denis S. Artamonov, Marina L. Volovikova, Svetlana A. Kulikova, Sophia V. Tikhonova
The article studies the state politics of memory. The digitalisation of society leads to the dominance of post-truth in the media sphere, which exacerbates information and memory wars. Memory conflicts based on incompatible interpretations of historical events and stages can become a serious threat to...
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The Powers of the Court of First Instance for the Reconciliation of the Parties in the Administrative Procedure of the Russian Federation

Evgeny N. Kulyushin
The article is devoted to the study of the varieties of the powers of the court of first instance to reconcile the parties in the administrative proceedings of the Russian Federation in order to clarify the list of cases in administrative proceedings and the conditions under which the possibility of...
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Protecting the Rights of Persons With Disabilities as a Constitutional Value

Svetlana M. Kurbatova, Lev V. Bertovsky
The article discusses the concept, essence and main approaches to legal understanding of constitutional values. The importance of constitutional values for the formation of a system of human rights and freedoms, as well as the responsibilities of the state to ensure their implementation are noted. The...
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Management of Rights to the Results of Scientific Activity: In Search of an Effective Model

A. V. Lisachenko
The article is devoted to global problems associated with the low efficiency of systems within which the results of scientific activities are created and used. The article also shows a specific reflection of these problems in Russian law and practice. The general problem of the inefficiency of using...
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Patent Regulation in the Field of Genome: Trends, Problems, Prospects

Alexey Vladimirovich Lisachenko
The article explores the situation that has developed in recent years in the field of patenting the results of genomic and genetic research and manipulation. The author considers the main trends and possible ways of further development of relations and regulation in this area, including with regard to...
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The Platform Work: The Perspectives for Regulation by Russian Labor Law

Nikita Lyutov
Due to the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus infection, work through online platforms has become the focus of public attention and resonant public discussion. The article analyzes the prospects for the extension of labor law norms in this rapidly growing sector of employment. It is proposed...
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Legal Customs as a Form of Environmental Law and Natural Resource Law

Nadezhda Alekseeva, Valerii Vlasenko, Vladislav Panchenko, Ivan Makarchuk, Sergey Shimansky
This article researches the development of a custom from a tradition and a stable rule of conduct as a result of its systematic prolonged multiple repetition for a long time, authorized by the state in a legal norm, thereby formed to a custom it becomes a legal provision. A custom becomes a full-fledged...
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Constitutional Legal Systems in the Modern World

Roman Romashov, Vladislav Panchenko, Konstantin Shushpanov, Ivan Makarchuk, Oleg Savin
Based on a theoretical and comparative legal analysis of the phenomenon of “constitutional legal system”, the authors formulate its definition and highlight its structural elements. The constitutional legal system is a complex multilevel phenomenon where constitutional law is represented by a combination...
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Problems of Law and State in Friedrich Engels’s “Anti-Dühring”

Vladislav Panchenko, Ivan Makarchuk, Konstantin Shushpanov, Anastasia Krushanova, Valerii Vlasenko
This paper discusses the role and significance of Anti-Dühring, a famous work written by Friedrich Engels and published in 1877-1878. Through a comprehensive literature review, the authors investigate the history of Anti-Dühring’s creation and explain its origins and subsequent development. Initially...
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Effectiveness of Social Presence in Public Authorities Actions in Modern Russia

Vladislav Panchenko, Ivan Teplyashin, Ivan Makarchuk, Nadezhda Pastukhova, Valentina Trofimova
The article studies the questions of social participation effectiveness in the state structures’ actions and determines basic parameters of a civil society institutions’ activity as well as the basic criteria of social presence effectiveness in modern Russia. The authors emphasize the importance of the...
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Constitutional Identity in the Modern States Practice

Vakhtang Surguladze, Natalya Frolova, Vladislav Panchenko, Andrey Gruzdev, Ivan Makarchuk
In the context of globalization, intensification of international migration, growth of cross-cultural and cross-civilizational communications, there is an increase of the importance of socio-political and legal mechanisms aimed at supporting the stability of states as stable communities of people with...
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The Application of Classification of Land Disputes in Judicial Practice

Nadezhda Alekseeva, Elena Syrykh, Vladislav Panchenko, Valerii Vlasenko, Ivan Makarchuk
This article studies land disputes and judicial practice which is diverse in this area. Thus, land disputes are classified in order to systematize them. It is of practical importance and can be applied by courts in land disputes resolution. When classifying land disputes by objects, there are four types:...
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Legal Acts of State Legal Assistance: The Concept and Research Perspectives

Vladislav Panchenko, Ivan Makarchuk, Natalya Frolova, Konstantin Shushpanov, Galina Pchelkina
The article considers the essential and distinctive features of legal acts of state legal assistance. The authors position legal acts of state legal assistance as a special kind of individual legal acts that contribute to the execution of rights, legitimate interests and legal obligations of legal entities...
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Sociological Aspects of Legal Irresponsibility and Anomie

Dmitry Lipinsky, Vladislav Panchenko, Alexandra Musatkina, Aleksey Stankin, Ivan Makarchuk
The purpose of the research is to define the main characteristics of legal irresponsibility through the social concept of “anomie”. The research focuses on the social relations that are not regulated by social norms to the due degree, including the legal norms, as well as the conflict-based social relations...
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Legal Regulation of Euthanasia: Global Trends and Russian Practice

Vladislav Panchenko, Nadezhda Pastukhova, Konstantin Shushpanov, Tatiana Shitova, Ivan Makarchuk
The purpose of the article is to formulate the main development trends in regulating the issue of euthanasia, based on an analysis of the legislation and law enforcement practice in Russia and foreign countries, to determine the place of Russian law in the system of world national jurisdictions on the...
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The Concept of Judicial Practice: Constitutional and Legal Dimensions

Andrey Skorobogatov, Vladislav Panchenko, Aleksandr Krasnov, Ivan Makarchuk, Anastasia Isaeva
This article examines the concept of judicial practice through the prism of constitutional and legal aspects. It reviews the existing literature on the topic and highlights the main ways, in which judicial practice affects the legal system. The authors also reveal the main axiological features of judicial...
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Legal Protection of Discovery: An Alternative to the Exclusive Right to the Result of Scientific Activity

D.V. Murzin
The article analyzes the experience of legal protection of scientific discoveries in the legislation of the USSR. The author explores the features of the results of scientific activity as objects of copyright and patent law. The researcher concludes that the legal protection of the results of scientific...
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Constitutional and Legal Regulatory Aspects of the Report of the Head of the Municipality to the Representative Body

Andrey Nechkin, Oleg Kozhevnikov
In the framework of this study, an attempt was made to analyse the state of the constitutional and legal regulation of issues related to the content and presentation of the report of the head of the municipality to the representative body of the municipality, in modern Russia. In the course of the study,...
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Problems of Correlation of Environmental and Economic Aspects When Using the Mekong River by Coastal States

Nguyen Thi Kim Anh
The Lower Mekong Basin is entering a crisis period during which upcoming development decisions will be reflected in the economy for decades. Due to pending economic decisions regarding the development of hydropower, the expansion of industry, fisheries and the agricultural economy in the region, sectors...
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Value of Civil Law as a Regulator of Digitalization of Museums in the Russian Federation

Y. B. Noskova, L. Y. Dobrynina
The modern museum is traditionally considered as the guardian of cultural and historical heritage of the society. Ambiguously, one can perceive the category of “cultural heritage” through different content based on social, cultural, economic established views. The use of information technologies in the...
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Liability of Legal Entities for Corruption Offenses in Russia and Foreign Countries: Comparative Legal Analysis

Igor Yu. Ostapovich, Alexander Yu. Ulyanov
The article considers problematic issues of legal liability of legal entities in Russia, France, Lithuania and Slovenia for corruption offenses. The article reveals the international legal basis for the criminal liability of the legal entities for corruption crimes and the experience of using this institution...
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Role of The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus and The Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ensuring the Sovereignty of the People: Comparative Legal Study

Igor Yuryevich Ostapovich, Galina Ivanovna Komarova
The study of the implementation of the forms of the sovereignty of the people in the post-Soviet space is particularly interesting due to the formation of independent models of the above institute. Moreover, the models of forms of sovereignty and legal mechanisms for their implementation in the studied...
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The Nile Water Dispute – International Legal Aspects

Ernest Cece Peguita
For millennia, the Nile has been the cradle of civilizations and an object of fierce hydro political competitions. Furthermore, the lack of an inclusive legal framework has made it one of the contemporary hotspots of the globe at risk of a water war. In recent years, the construction project of the Grand...
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Criminal Law in the National Security System of Russia

Inna A. Podroykina, Vladimir K. Duyunov
The article defines that criminal law plays a special role in the system of legal support of national security, since it is the criminal law that is aimed at minimizing (neutralizing) the most dangerous manifestations of deviant behavior. Therefore, it is important to find ways to further increase the...
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Cloning: Normality and Pathology (Criminal Law Issues)

Yu. V. Radosteva
The rapid development of the field of biomedical technologies, which is increasingly in conflict with a whole set of ethical and legal principles, on the one side, clearly shows the unreadiness of society and law for such fast development of science and the level of intervention in the very essence of...
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Modern Anti-Corruption Tools in the Sphere of State and Municipal Finance

Elena V. Pokachalova, Vasiliy V. Popov, Olga Yu. Bakaeva, Margarita B. Razgildieva, Elena N. Pastushenko
This work was aimed at forming an understanding of the modern tools for influencing corruption in the field of state and municipal finance. In the context of the active development of digital technologies in the field of state and municipal administration, new opportunities are opening up in understanding...
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Legal Support of State Tax Sovereignty: Paradigm Change

Mihail Nikolaevich Sadchikov, Elena Vacheslavovna Pokachalova, Olga Yuryevna Bakaeva, Margarita Byashirovna Razgildieva
Tax sovereignty is defined as a basic legal value aimed at ensuring the principle of tax equity. The restriction of tax sovereignty is objectively caused by modern economic and political interaction between states. The analysis of the content and forms of restriction of tax sovereignty is carried out...
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Historical-Legal and Axiological Analysis of the Development of the Institution of Children’s Self-Management in Russia

Tatiana Rezer, Oleg Alexandrov
The article considers the theoretical and methodological basis for the development of the institution of children’s self-management in Russia. The authors consider the process of development of the institution of children’s self-government from the point of view of historical, legal and axiological aspects...
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Anti-Corruption in Poland: Searching the Optimal Legal Model

Valentina Rudenko
The article analyses the transformation of the Polish anti-corruption legal model since the 1990s to nowadays. It considers the constitutional anti-corruption bases and emphasizes the anti-corruption vectors of the Constitution in Poland. The author pays attention to the evolution of the anti-corruption...
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Prospects of Regional Constitutional Justice in Russia

M. S. Salikov
The study is devoted to the analysis of regional constitutional justice in Russia. The study examines the legal nature of the constitutional (statutory) courts of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, their powers and possibilities for further development, as well as conducts a critical...
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Problems of Legal Regulation of Distance and/or Remote Labor: Pandemic Testing

Natalya Mikhailovna Salikova, Elena Maratovna Batukhtina
This paper deals with the legal regulation of distant and/or remote labour. The new needs of the society caused by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) are not only to create an urgent regulatory framework for distant (and/or remote) workers, but also to carefully and strictly observe...
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The Role of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in the Fight Against Corruption

Oleg Alexandrovich Kozhevnikov, Anatoly Tihanovich Karasev, Alexander Vladimirovich Savoskin
Corruption is inevitable in any modern society. There are various ways to combat corruption and the main one is legal. However, legal requirements are not always specific, which gives rise to various law enforcement practices and entails a violation of human rights and freedoms or infringement of the...
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Issues of Legislation Systematization on State Benefits to Citizens With Children

Marina Gennadyevna Sedelnikova, Alexandra Alexandrovna Puzyreva
The article analyzes the latest legislation of the Russian Federation and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which regulates the provision of benefits addressed to families with children, as well as materials of law enforcement practice. The research has shown that currently, there is...
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Information Obtained From Non-Procedural Sources of the Jury: The Impact of the Revision of the Sentence

Olga Sereda
The article discusses the jury trial in America and Russia, their similarities and differences. The author shows how important it is in both countries to distinguish between obtaining information about a criminal case by a jury from non-procedural sources, such as social networks, electronic publications,...
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Labor Legislation of Russia in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Challenges for the Labor Sector

Svetlana Yu. Golovina, Yuliya A. Kuchina, Alena V. Serova
The COVID-19 pandemic has become a real challenge for state policy in the field of socio-economic relations in most countries of the world, including Russia. It caused a crisis in both the economy and the labor market. In such conditions, it is necessary to adjust the socio-economic policy of Russia...
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Transnational Propagation Agreements in Russian and Chinese Law

Elena Lvovna Simatova, Olga Vyacheslavovna Shapoval
The rapid growth of international private law relations is accompanied by an increase in the number of legal disputes arising from them. In many cases, the parties intend to select the competent judicial institution of their choice. However, the modern laconic design of the norms of the Civil Procedure...
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The Communicative Theory of Law in the Context of Digitalization: Social Consciousness and Communicative Memory

Sophia V. Tikhonova, Denis S. Artamonov, Oksana A. Somova, Taisa A. Kostritskaya
The article deals with the problem of communicative theory of law methodological improvement in the context of digitalization, initiating changes in law at the level of legal ontology. The authors analyzed the basic theoretical postulates of A.V. Polyakov’s communicative theory of law: the idea of the...
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Properties of the Results of Intellectual Activity

A. S. Vasilyev
The article discusses some features of intellectual property rights, which, according to the author, determine or should determine the features of legal regulation in the relevant field. The author reveals that the main motives that guide both the legislator in the formation of legal regimes for the...
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The Problem of the Content Determinacy of Main Human Rights and Freedoms in the Context of a “Generation” Theory

Dzhamila Seifaddinovna Velieva, Mikhail Vyacheslavovich Presnyakov
The article considers the evolution of human rights and freedoms in the context of a generation concept or the theory of generations of human rights. The authors analyze both conceptualization of “new” generations of rights and freedoms and transformation of the “traditional” rights content. The article...
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Legislative Support for Life and Human Capital Development in Rural Areas

Review of Legislative Acts

Boris Voronin, Yana Voronina, Dmitry Bagretsov, Nikolay Simonovich, Irina Chupina, Melis Kurmanbaev
The authors of this article provide an overview of legislative and other regulatory legal acts regulating relations for the development of human capital in rural areas. Rural areas are the place of residence and production and economic activity of a part of the country’s human capital. In this article...
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Corruption in State Economic Entities in Russia (Legal Aspects)

Alexander Yakovlev
The Russian Federation has a huge state sector in its economy. State economic entities unjustly do not often become an object of scientific research. That is the reason why the current theme is actual. This article is devoted to a problem of corruption in state economic entities in modern Russian. In...
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Corruption in Russian Society: Socio-Psychological and Socio-Cultural Foundations

Rail Maratovich Ianbukhtin
The problem of the growth of the corruption threat in contemporary Russian society is considered in the article from the position of socio-philosophical knowledge. The initial methodological premise of the study of the corruption phenomenon is the identification of its nature and essence as a negative...
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Modern Russian Class Action Model

Vladimir V. Yarkov, Vladimir V. Dolganichev
The institution of class action has been consolidated in the procedural legislation of many countries all over the world. It is obvious that in each jurisdiction such institution has its own peculiarities. The analysis of the legislation of many countries makes it possible to distinguish several types...
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National Security as Object of Criminal Law Protection

Ruslan Zakomoldin, Vladimir Duyunov
The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 1, Article 2 defines the range of benefits that are valuable and in need of criminal law protection. One of the criminally protected benefits is security, which is defined as the state of protection of vital interests of an individual, society and the...
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Subjective Assessment of Spread of Corrupt Practices by the Population of Russian Regions

Boris V. Zalivanskiy, Elena V. Samokhvalova
The materials of this article are based on the results of the study “Assessment of the corruption level in the Belgorod region” that was conducted in October-November 2019. The study was carried out on the basis of the methodology stipulated in the regulatory document of the Russian Federation Government...
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Prevention of Corruption Offenses in Criminal Executive Inspectorates of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Evgenii Nikolaevich Zinkov, Kseniia Ivanovna Golubtsova, Vladimir Petrovich Markov
The urgency of solving problems in combating corruption is a manifestation of the fight against corruption not only in the department, but also on a national scale. The main goal of ensuring the own security of the bodies and institutions of the FPS of Russia is to combat betrayal among the department...
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Ways to Combat Corruption in the Municipal Service System

Ekaterina Zinovyeva, Svetlana Koptyakova, Natalia Kostina, Natalia Skvortsova
The article is devoted to the problems of combating corruption, identifying the sources of anti-corruption activities in the system of municipal service. A study of the specifics of anti-corruption activities in the system of municipal service was undertaken. The regulation of anti-corruption issues...