Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2017)

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The Impact of Characteristics of Regional Innovation Network Structure on Regional Innovation Output

Lei Zhao
This paper constructs the evaluation system of structural characteristics of regional innovation network, analyzes the influence mechanism of the regional characteristics of six dimensions of regional innovation network on regional innovation capability by regression analysis through the data of relevant...
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The Development Model of American Rural Tourism and Its Enlightenment to China

Guangming Yang, Hong Ye, Hang Yang, Hao Zhang, Yanjun Shi
As the process of urbanization accelerates in the world, more and more urban residents begin to search for villages where they can relax as well as appreciate the beautiful natural environment and its culture. Rural tourism becomes a hit. The rural tourism industry in the United States is a unique industry...
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Discussion on the Mechanical Drawing Teaching for Talent Cultivation of Utility Model

Hua Chen, Tong Cao, Guanghui Yang
In order to cultivate talents of virtue and ability and all-round development, the teaching system of mechanical drawing is deeply studied and practiced, so as to establish scientific and rational curriculum architecture intended for the grasping of the basic theories, basic knowledge, basic methods...
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The Path Choice of Transformation and Upgrading of Manufacturing Industry in China Based on Supply-side Structural Reform

Shuang Qiu
Manufacturing is not only the main body of the real economy but also the backbone of the economy to maintain high growth and industry towards to the medium-high-level. At present, China has become the world's manufacturing large country, and the status of international trade has been rising. However,...
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Research on Statistical Index System of Cross-border E-commerce

Jun Wang
With the development of information technology, cross-border e-commerce has become an important force of promoting economic and social development. However, the statistics of cross-border e-commerce development is always a difficult problem. At present, the domestic and foreign research on the statistical...
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Research on Relations between Urban Adaptability and Hometown Startups of Returned Rural Migrant Workers in the West Region. Taking Sichuan Province for Example

Dan Yang
Based on Sichuan Province, this article makes a survey on the urban adaptability and startup of returned rural migrant workers through questionnaire and mathematical statistics, drawing a conclusion as follows: The urban adaptability and wills to startup of returned rural migrant workers are of negative...
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Reflections on the Ideological and Political Education Leading the Construction of Campus Culture

Hanmei Li
The ideological and political education in universities and the construction of campus culture are two relatively independent fields of study, but as an educational practice, they have consistency in the goal, complementarity in the functions, symbiosis in interaction and intrinsic permeability in practice....
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Study on the Operational Mechanism of Integrative Development of Producer Service Industry and Manufacturing Industry. Based on the Perspective of Knowledge Module

Yajun Wang
Knowledge has become the key production factor in modern industrial production. The production mode of manufacturing industry has changed from the traditional integration industrial chain form to the division of industry chain based on the module. The internal service function of manufacturing industry...
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Research on the Evaluation and Optimization of Governmental Tourism Official Website at County and City Levels Based on Hierarchical Analysis. Take Hainan as an Example

Fuyuan Bao
Set up the evaluation system and index weight of the secondary index which contain e-government, information service, website design, online transaction, interactive communication, customer relationship management, etc by analytic hierarchy process for tourism official website of county and municipal...
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Research on the Relationship between Confucianism and the Transformation and Upgrading of China's Tourism Industry

Zhiyu Qin
This article, from the Confucian culture and its core thoughts, firstly analyzes the Confucian thought of "benevolence" and "righteousness", and then analyzes the concept of tourism in Confucianism. Confucianism has been precipitated as cultural psychology in the heart of Chinese. The tourism concept...
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of Physical Retailers in Internet Era

Juhua Xiu
With the gradual expansion of the share of e-commerce in the retail market, it has brought tremendous impact on brick-and-mortar retailers. It has released the information of closing physical store. The overall performance of physical retailers is slump, and they are facing the transformation and innovation...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Library Information Retrieval

Wei Luo
The rapid development of virtual reality technology has penetrated into the culture and education industry. It has also brought challenges and opportunities to the university library. Based on the definition of virtual reality technology and its application in domestic and foreign university libraries,...
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Exploration on the Development Model of Health Service of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Taking Shijiazhuang of Hebei Province as an Example

Jun Li, Haiying Yu
Things are developing rapidly in modern society; various new industries emerge in endlessly. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) inherits the traditional culture of five thousand years, and also promotes the rapid development of innovation in the form and content of the big data era. Taking Shijiazhuang...
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Exploration and Research on the Combination of "One Village, One Product" and Tourism Industry to Promote the Development of the New Rural Economy

Xinping Yuan, Hui Lu
The 19th National Congress of CPC has put the development of "new and beautiful countryside" on agenda. In response to the appeal of the Central Government to build new socialist countryside, all agricultural departments have begun to vigorously carry out the policy of "one village, one product" on the...
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The Legal Analysis of Rollover Data Services

Wenting Liu
Cellphone data is popularized in our daily life, thus bringing new legal problems. Firstly, this paper presents a general overview of the content of cellphone data plan at home and abroad. Secondly, it gives a proper definition of mobile phone data and further analyzes the legal character of cellphone...
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Study on Thinking of China Intellectual Property. Courts' Function in Judicial Confirmation of Patent

Yi Yang, Xin Chen
China has made a large stride forward to establish Intellectual Property Courts to meet the requirement of better patent rights protection. Germany, U.S. and Japan are acknowledged as patent power countries. This paper compares and contrasts the IP courts construction, especially the function in patent...
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Study on the Problems and Solutions of Public Prosecution in Courts in China

Qiong Zhang
This paper discusses the present situation and existing problems of public prosecution in courts in China from its importance, and analyzes how the prosecutor can improve the professional quality, psychological quality and language ability. It also discusses how to improve the relevant legal system by...
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The Study of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Indicators and Their Application in International Law

Peng Xu
Economic, social and cultural rights indicators have been gradually incorporated into the human rights framework. In practice, United Nations agencies, human rights treaty bodies and countries often use indicators to promote and monitor the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights. Because...
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Legal Analysis of Labor-management Conflicts in Labor-intensive Enterprises: An Empirical Study on Shandong Province

Bo Han
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to study the causes of labor and capital conflict in labor-intensive enterprises, and then put forward the legal path to solve the labor-force conflict in labor-intensive enterprises. Design/methodology/approach—In this paper, taking Shandong Province as an example,...
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Protection of the Rights and Interests of Scattered MinZu in Chinese Cities

Hua Liu
In the process of urbanization, many MinZu populations have moved from the original countryside into the cities for job. They become from the settlers into diasporas. Their concept, lifestyle etc. is caused significant damage because of City is different from the country's way of life that works system...
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Empirical Study on Constitutional Interpretation in Judicial Field

Huafeng Lu, Jiayuan Zhang
Although the Courts in China do not take the Constitution as the direct basis of judgment, the Court's pursuit of individual justice provides a considerable existential space for the interpretation of constitutionality. Legislation has generality and it is difficult to take the special features of social...
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Study on the Modern Transformation of Village Regulations and Non-governmental Agreements. From the Perspective of Rural Governance Ruled by Law

Yabei Liu, Huafeng Lu
Village regulations and non-governmental agreements are public contracts in rural social governance, are local governance rules to maintain grassroots level stability, and are the basic code of conduct of residents in administrative villages. They, to a certain extent, make up the gap in state administration,...
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An Analysis on the Legal Liability of Shared Car

Zebo Liu
Since the establishment of OFO shared bicycle in 2014, the shared travel business has started to develop rapidly in China. From the single shared bicycle to the shared cars, a variety of shared travel modes have been gradually developed. The emergence of shared cars aims at repeatedly the successful...
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Direction of Chinese Legal Education Reform under the Legal Professional Qualification Examination

Zehua Feng, Pengwei Zhan
Chinese legal education will be reforming in five aspects under the legal profession qualification examination. Firstly, the law teachers will pay more attention to legislative and administrative law course. The setting of course will trend to be more scientific and more reasonable. Secondly, the original...
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Philosophy of Technology in the System of Modern Education

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article is devoted to the role of philosophy of technology in the system of vocational education. Genesis, the development of the philosophy of technology, its structure and subject field are considered. It is noted that one of the main tasks of the philosophy of technology in modern society is the...
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Reflections on Deepening College Discipline and Specialty Construction for Post-oriented Education

Youbao Ding, Baopeng Li
Discipline construction is the core of college construction, and it is the key foundation of college teaching and research as well as army service capability and level. The college without key discipline is not key college, and the college without top discipline is not first-class college. This paper...
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Protection Strategies of Original Oroqen Music Heritage. Combined with the Local Curriculum Construction of Colleges and Universities

Xiaofei Sun, Zuping Xu
In the border of our motherland, the deep Greater Khingan Range of Heilongjiang, there was a minority. They were Oroqen people who lived on hunting. By the early 20th Century, they still retained their primitive living customs. With the process of modern civilization, they went out of the mountains and...
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Discussion and Analysis on the Function of College Students' Study Tour under the Theory of Defamiliarization

Hui Jin
This paper discusses and analyzes the function of college students' study tour the educational function, fully elaborates the educational function, learning function and entertainment function of college students' study tour, and puts forward the countermeasures to promote the effective realization of...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Massive Open Online Courses in Universities

Ying Li
As a new education mode, the massive open online course (MOOC) has received attentions of college teachers. It is the inevitable direction of the teaching mode reform in the internet era and the big data era. In the recent two years, our country has issued many documents, which pay attention to the construction...
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The Functional Orientation and Construction Principles of the Embedded System of Moral Education in Colleges and Universities in the "Screen-reading Era"

Ming Yi
The flourish of information technology and the application and popularization of the network has brought the unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the moral education of colleges and universities. The construction of the comprehensive embedded system is one of the effective means in the educational...
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Research on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of the Theme Website of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province

Lujun Lv
This paper expounds the real problem of the construction of the theme website of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, analyzes the causes of its formation, and analyzes the existing problems of ideological and political education in colleges and universities in Jilin Province...
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Reflections on the Mental Health Education of Contemporary Undergraduates in Police Colleges

Xiaohong Zhang
Police colleges are cradles of police cultivation, and most graduates from police colleges are educated to be police, therefore, student quality in police colleges will have a direct influence on the whole quality of police teams. Mental health plays an important in educating students studying in police...
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Research on the Content of Legal Education in University of Science and Engineering Based on Risk Prevention

Hongzhen Lin
The purpose of this paper is to research the content of legal education in University of science and engineering. Using the method of document study and investigation obtained necessary data in order to deeply, correctly understand the content of legal education problem. The legal education has become...
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Research on the Causes of "Problem College Students"

Shuyang Sun
With the increasing number of college students, all walks of life have aroused widespread concern. Because college students are not independent individuals, they are groups of special value at a special age. They will become more and more competitive with the society, academic pressure, employment pressure,...
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Study on New Teaching Model of "Statistics"

Tingting Chen
"Statistics" occupies a very important position in the colleges and universities of finance and economics in China. As one of ten core courses, the major financial colleges, teachers, parents and students have paid much attention to the course of "statistics". However, the teaching effect of the current...
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Exploration and Research on the Construction of Vocational Education Groups

Xiang Wang
After several years of cooperation with enterprises, higher vocational colleges have already accumulated a wealth of professional and technical experience. In fact, higher vocational colleges have the reality possibility to build vocational education groups. This paper talks about the construction background...
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Research on Accounting Ethics Education

Jingyi Zhao
This article is based on the relevant meanings of accounting ethics and accounting ethics education, takes the current situation of accounting ethics education of college students as the starting point, combining with the current situation of crisis of integrity in accounting and the absence of accounting...
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Research on the Construction of Professional Accomplishment Development M-learning Platform for College Students

Tingwei Pan
With the development of science and technology, human's education means are continuously updated. At present, mobile learning (M-learning) is becoming a booster for the development of education, and especially it will have a profound influence on the means of higher education and vocational education....
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A Study on Active Learning Way of Intercultural Communication Courses for Business Majors

Dingjie Xu
This thesis tries to introduce active learning in intercultural communication courses. Students can be placed in an actively inquiring, problem solving, and language exchanging environment. In active learning, students will independently access to knowledge resources, understand their own learning process...
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Knowledge Economy and Medical Education

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The sustainable development is a strategic choice for Chinese advanced medical education in the era of knowledge economy. However, the sustainable development of medical advanced education has five problems that need to be solved. Only by taking corresponding countermeasures, the medical higher education...
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Reflections on the Construction of Teachers' Ethics in Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Yuxia Ding
The teachers of ideological and political education in colleges and universities are the most important groups of ideological and political education for college students. The teachers' moral status is related to the cultivation of the qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism with Chinese...
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An Analysis of the Construction of an Excellent Ideological and Political Course. Inspiration from the Provincial Competition of an Excellent Course

Dandan Mao
Under the circumstance of teaching reform, from the aspects of theoretical attainment, practice, times demand and teaching art, the author holds the view that the ideological and political teachers should focus on the effectiveness, pertinence, life quality and teaching art, which aims to lay a solid...
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Research on Systems and Mechanisms of Ecological Education of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of "Universities-governments-enterprises" in Local Application-oriented Universities

Guiying Kong
The innovation and entrepreneurship education in local application-oriented universities need cooperate with local governments and enterprises. The principle of Ecological education has a rich connotation of interdependence, mutual support, mutual cooperation, responsibilities and the development of...
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Chinese Folk Culture Practical Teaching and Field Investigation

Qianwei Jin, Xiaofeng Chen
Chinese folk culture pays much attention to field investigation because it is very important to help students to learn field research through practical teaching. The author believes that we can guide students to clearly understand the connotation of the field investigation through the case-based teaching...
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Discussion on the Teaching Contents and Teaching Methods of Network Public Relations

Jing Wu, Yang Xie
With the endless appearance of the new media, new platforms and new means in the network era, the contradictions between the systematicness and the timeliness of the network public relations become increasingly prominent. It brings both challenges and confusions for teaching the course of network public...
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Exploration and Achievement of the Ways for Resources Integration of Independent Institutes in the Regional Innovation-driven Development

Kequan Feng
To promote colleges to serve regional innovation-driven development cannot only make it become a power engine to carry out the regional innovation driven development strategy but also becomes a necessary selection to achieve the college transformation and development, independent institute is a newly...
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Exploration on Experimental Teaching Model of Financial Management Specialty under the Environment of Simulation

Jie Li
With the pace of the information age and the requirements of application-oriented talents training, simulation technology has been widely applied to the experimental teaching process. This paper analyzes the problems underlying the traditional experimental teaching modes in terms of university financial...
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Analysis of Online Learning Style Model Based on K-means Algorithm

Rumei Li, Chuantao Yin
Adaptive learning system is an ontology-based system that will provide relevant learning resources as a personalized bespoke online learning package for the learner based on their pedagogical needs. Thus, learner modeling and resources modeling need to be done in order to implementing the adaptive mechanism....
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Study on Visual Situation-problem-based Teaching Design in Data Structure

Maochun Yu
The rapid development of information technology has provided many ways for the reform of educational methods. This article takes data structure course as an example, and makes deep research from the teaching resources making software, the creation of visual situation problems, the design of teaching...
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Research and Application of Cost Control in College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team

Na Yang, Yiqun Liu, Jie Zhou, Xiaojing Zhou, Congsheng Li
With the continuous development of the national attention to innovation and entrepreneurship, colleges have thought more of it in their dimension, so that many of them have carried out kinds of activities and measures, and invest funds to support innovation and entrepreneurship activities. This paper...
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Reform and Development of Vocational Education in Fujian Province from the Collaborative Innovation Perspective

Xinbing Sun
The vocational education in Fujian Province faces the chances coexisting with challenges under the new normal of economy. This paper summarizes the good achievements attained by the vocational education of Fujian Province in the aspects such as school scale, talent training level, overall development...
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Research on the Wisdom Symbiosis of Learners Based on Cloud Course Platform

Jinzhong Ma, Yuhua Jiang
With the development of Internet plus education, a variety of learning methods and learning resources platform have been produced. Among them, the Cloud course platform is a typical example. The cloud curriculum platform is a kind of learning carrier formed by the combination of Internet technology and...
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Ding Zuyi's Education Thoughts and Chinese Traditional Culture

Hongqiao Song
Mr. Ding Zuyi has inherited the fine tradition of Zhongnan education, and carried forward the noble education idea. He has followed the excellent tradition of utilitarianism of Guan School, and taken the talent training mode of "foreign language, profession and modernized skills" and "profession, foreign...
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Teaching Research and Practice of Information Technology Course Based on Project Teaching Method

Yu'e Song, Xiaofeng Chen, Chunhui Sun, Chengguo Wang
Project teaching method is an effective combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching methods, and it is an indispensable teaching method in contemporary higher education. This innovative teaching method requires students to actively participate in the study of typical projects. It can bring...
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The Construction Background and Demand Analysis of Logistics Park in H County

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
The current logistics industry in H county relatively lags behind, and the construction of its logistics park will actively promote the development of local economy. Based on the analysis on the necessity and feasibility of the construction of the modern logistics park in H County, this paper conducts...
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Constructional Hierarchy and Features of the There Construction

Bo Li
The There Construction, as a very important and widely used construction in English has aroused extensive concern of the scholars in the research field. Previous studies predominantly concentrate on such issues as its subject, non-concord in the construction, the definiteness effect of NP after VP, its...
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Community Potential in Massive Open Online Courses

Ge Mu, Dimitris G. Assimakopoulos
Since its emergence, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have promptly grasped the whole world's attention. It's an unprecedented phenomenon of one world-wide classroom. There also occurred a fierce world-wide debate around this new education mode questioning whether MOOCs could provide high-quality...
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The Media Literacy Education of Journalism Students Based on Media Criticism Course

Xiaorui Li
Contemporary college students grow up accompanied by electronic media, as a result, media literacy education is particularly necessary for them. And the media literacy requirement for the journalism students is much higher due to their special professional background. This paper discusses the possibility...
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Research on Teaching Mode of Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Mobile Internet

Lingyun Yang
A new mode of mobile Internet teaching must be constructed. The paper studies the teaching changes in this mode from the aspects of teaching contents, teaching forms, learning methods and reconstruction of teaching resources, and also studies the innovation in this condition and the teaching strategies...
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The All-round Development of Human Being: the Ultimate Value Point of Ideological and Political Education

Miao Miao
As an ultimate concern and a promise of value, people's all-round development is an ideal goal of people to struggle for, which represents the strong desire of people for diligently seeking truth, kindness and beauty of human nature and lays the theoretical perspective of Marxist education research....
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The Exploration of Hybrid Teaching Mode Based on Fanya SPOC Platform

Yan Li
The mode "Internet and Education" is a reflection of the profound integration of the Internet and education. Since 2012, the first MOOC year, it has entered a pluralistic stage and has evolved into a variety of online learning forms. The online education in China has witnessed a rapid development. In...
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Study on Cultivation Mechanism of Innovative Entrepreneurial Marketing Talents. Based on Experience of Universities in Taiwan

Juhua Xiu
At present, innovation and entrepreneurship have been risen to the height of the national strategy. Under the background of national strategy deployment, marketing major as a highly practical major should actively promote the exploration and innovation in personnel training mode. This paper introduces...
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Research on PE Teaching Mode under the Guidance of Healthy School Construction

Qiong Gao
With the continuous development of society, the demand for talents is increasing, so schools must strengthen their own health construction and improve the efficiency of personnel training. Building a healthy school is the prerequisite for schools to achieve good results in social development. As a course...
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Strategy Research on the Interactive Teaching Model

Bin Wang
In the process of acknowledging education is the interaction of teaching and learning, the modern educational idea fully affirms interactive teaching model is a model of innovative classroom teaching. This paper elaborates the change of traditional teaching concept and the benign improvement of teaching...
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Ways to Improve the Teaching Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities in China

Minghui Chen
To implement the spirits of the national conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we should play the role of ideological and political course as main channel well. We should improve the effectiveness of the ideological and...
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The Comprehensive Consideration on Optimizing the Teaching Mode of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Wen Zhou
Physical education in colleges and universities is an important basis for the purpose of cultivating students' all-round development of mind and body and lifelong physical training. The establishment of college physical education teaching mode in the new era is the need for high-quality talents in the...