Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Economy, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2021)

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Research on the Influence of Foreign Capital Introduction on Financial Risk in Banking Industry

Regression Analysis Based on Panel Data of 16 Banks

Han Qiao, Wanying Zhang, Yanan Liu
Building a new open economic system at a higher level requires opening up to the outside world in a wider range, wider fields and deeper levels. The opening up of the financial industry is one of the key links. CBRC’s cancellation of foreign ownership limit can effectively coordinate with the implementation...

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The publisher regrets that the volume number was wrongly allocated during the production process. The issue has been corrected with correct volume number (Current Volume Number - 649; Correct Volume Number - 212). The publisher would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article:...
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Analysis on the Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Accounting Profession

Xiaoguang Su, Yu Xiao, Shaohua Liu
With the birth of Bitcoin to the maturity of development, blockchain has been sought after by various industries, and the application research around blockchain technology has developed rapidly. Blockchain has excellent characteristics such as decentralization, openness, independence, security, and anonymity....
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Analysis on Changing Trends in China’s & U.S.’s Economies and Potential Benefits for Post-COVID Recovery

Yiwen Sun
An unprecedented scale of lockdown has been generated in the world by the highly contagious virus, COVID-19. Consequently, the economies are highly impaired, since businesses are closed, firms stop the productions, and global trade is constrained. The pandemic is challenging the formerly existing economic...
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Research on Quanzhou E-commerce Enterprise Network Marketing Strategy Based on Big Data Precision Marketing

Linjing Chen
With the rapid development of information technology, Internet users are increasing day by day, which has further promoted the rapid development of e-commerce websites, and also enabled enterprises to more accurately grasp consumer data. Big data technology came into being against this background. This...
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Research on the Mechanism of Accurately Implementing Fiscal and Taxation Policies in the Greater Bay Area: Taking Technological Innovation as the Entry Point

Xiaofang Xiong, Shizhong Xiong, Qiaozhan Zheng
The Greater Bay Area is one of the power sources of technological innovation. In recent years, the party and the government have relied on the Silicon Valley advantages of its technological innovation and fiscal and taxation policies to induce enterprise intelligence. Its regional innovation and technological...
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Research on the Influence of Securities Investment Fund on the Efficiency of Chinese Securities Market and Policy Suggestions

Cunhao Li
With the rapid expansion of the scale of China’s securities market, investment funds, as an important part of the securities market, also develop rapidly. The scale of investment fund market is expanding day by day, the variety and structure of investment fund are becoming richer day by day, and its...
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Research on Dividend Policy of Country Garden

Yucheng Ma
This paper adopts the method of case study to study the dividend policy of Country Garden since its listing, and draws the conclusion that although Country Garden can keep paying dividends to investors every year, the dividend payment rate gradually decreases, which makes the market have pessimistic...
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Environmental Regulation of Host Countries and China’s Foreign Direct Investment Under Different Investment Motivations — An Empirical Study Based on European Panel Data

Qihui Du, Xuemei Wang, Muqi Zhou
Based on the sample data of 37 European countries from 2006 to 2018, this paper conducted an empirical study on the impact of environmental regulations of host countries on China’s OFDI from the perspective of differentiated investment motivation. The findings were as follows: firstly, regarding the...
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Study on the Ternary Margin of China’s Export Growth of Agricultural Products to RCEP Member Countries

Jiayi Wang, Xuemei Wang
On November 15, 2020, the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership” (RCEP) was officially signed, which meant the birth of the world’s largest free trade zone. RCEP is intended to create a comprehensive and inclusive free trade agreement, which provides new opportunities for the development of China’s...
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Measurement of Economic Synergistic Development of the East and West Coasts of the Pearl River Estuary and Its Spatial and Temporal Evolution Based on DEA

Longfang Chen
In the context of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area becoming a national strategy, it is of significance to study the economic synergistic development of the east and west coasts of the Pearl River Estuary in order to promote the synergistic and integrated development of the Greater Bay Area....
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Research on the Influence of Credit Default Swap on the Stability of Financial Market

Yutong Dong
The credit default swap market has been in existence since the 1990s. This paper mainly focuses on the investigation of the impact of credit default swap on the stability of the financial market as a whole through literature review and case study. A general overview and the hedging as well as speculation...
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A Study of How Soaring Energy Prices Affect the Economy

Zheming Hu
Energy issues can reflect the productivity of the global market, thereby indirectly showing the state of the global economy. The issue of energy prices is a topic that deserves attention and is of vital importance to the future development of the world. This paper aims to analyze price trends and supply...
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Historical Retrospect and Prospect: Research on the Development of State-owned Economy

Bingquan Ren, Zhiquan Yang
Throughout the dynasties, China has implemented state monopolies in high-profit industries to protect the country’s political stability, military spending, and basic people’s livelihood. From a historical perspective and the current development of China, the state-owned economy will exist in China for...
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The Enlightenment of the Phenomenon of “the State Advancing with the Private Sector Retreating” to the State-owned Economy’s Future Development

Zhiquan Yang, Bingquan Ren
In recent years, China’s domestic academia and industry have paid great attention to the phenomenon of “the state advancing with the private sector retreating”, which has triggered a fierce debate. The authors analyze and demonstrate the phenomenon of the state advancing with the private sector retreating...
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The Development Status and Development Direction of Food Stores: “Online + Offline”

Zhe Li
In the era of continuous development of the Internet, offline retail stores are gradually affected by e-commerce online stores, resulting in a continuous decline in sales of physical stores. There is a situation of “zero profit, no sales staff performance, and no customers” in offline stores. According...
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New Ideas for the Development of Red Cultural and Creative Products in the Long March National Cultural Park

Xiaoning Zhao
The Long March National Cultural Park is a major cultural system project under active construction in China. Based on the “Fly Wins Luding Bridge” war in Luding County, Sichuan Province during the Long March, this paper explores a new idea for the development of Sichuan Long March’s red cultural and...
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Analysis on the Development of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Industry

Pengfei Ji
Known as the “never ending sunrise industry”, the biopharmaceutical industry is one of the most important strategic emerging industries in China. Entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, the biopharmaceutical industry has also witnessed tremendous rapid development....
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The Study on Mergers and Acquisitions of Listed Companies and Their Impairment Risks

Lei Xu, Ziyao Li
With the increasing number of listed companies in China in recent years, the wave of mergers and acquisitions has intensified, and the number of companies that generate huge amounts of goodwill has shown explosive growth. There are many examples that have suffered huge impairment losses of goodwill,...
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Analysis on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Garment Industries in Developing Countries

Xinyuan Tang
In many countries in the developing world, the garment industry plays a major role in economic growth. In the wake of COVID-19, most countries declared national lockdowns, causing disruptions in the global supply chains. Garment industries and workers were likely to be most affected by such government...
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Correlating European Age of Discovery Through Asiatic Trade in 15th – 18th Century

Qianyi Sun
European history during the Age of Exploration (15th -18th century) is known primarily for a period of expansion and discovery, constituting for much of the socio-economic and political developments that significantly impacts its historical trajectory. Trade, being one of the major aspects which facilitated...
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The Impact of Technological Innovation Based on Dynamic Capability on the Profitability of G Company

Runxiao Zhang
In the process of technological innovation, enterprises will inevitably need to constantly change and coordinate their ability, and the change of this ability often has the characteristics of dynamic change. The problem studied in this paper is the impact of changes in the form of technological innovation...
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The Impact of Business Intelligence in the Era of Big Data on Business Data Analysis

Du Yu
With the development of information technology, business intelligence (BI), and data technology, data is not only a technology that can store a large amount of data, but also a process of processing and analyzing data. A correct understanding of the advantages of business intelligence data and business...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Chinese Culture Creative Products Export

Jun Wang
With the vigorous development of economic globalization, cultural and creative industry has gradually become the pillar industry of a country or region. In recent years, China has developed rapidly in the field of cultural and creative industries. However, there are also many problems such as late start...
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Analysis on the Selling Strategies in the Luxury Good Market

Bowen Yin
At present, luxury goods become more and more popular among different groups of people. In order to attract more consumers, luxury companies came up unique way to show themselves to the whole world to gain more profit. Two well-known ways are Brand identity and Advertisement. This paper will focus on...
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Research Progress and Review of Water Rights Trading in China

Dan Wu, Xiaoqian Xiang
With the deepening of research on water rights trading in China, the system of water rights market system has gradually been mature and improved continuously. With reference to the existing literature, this paper systematically sorted out the research progress of water rights trading patterns and models...
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Cost Analysis of Madison Square Garden Sports Corp

Jin’an Pan
Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. (NYSE: MSGS) is a mature company in the sports industry, especially in basketball and hockey. Despite the poor performance of the New York Knicks from 2013 to last year, the team has still been worth the highest value of all National Basketball Association (NBA) teams...
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Analysis on the Reasons for the Balance of Payments Between China and America from the Perspective of “Elastic Pessimism”

Qi Zhang
In recent years, the balance of payments of America has maintained a continuous deficit, and on the contrary, China’s surplus of international payments has been expanding. In order to explore the reasons for the formation of the balance of payments between the two countries, this paper analyzes the actual...
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Legal Governance of Local Tax Preferential Policies

Zhiyu Cao, Xin Cao
Currently, preferential taxation policies have become an important administrative method for local governments in China to stimulate and promote economic development. Good and bad local tax preferential policies aim to promote GDP growth, often at the cost of deviating from the taxation rule of law....
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Analysis on the Situation of Charities in China

Wenlin Du
Charities play an important role in society. However, charities in China experienced the corruption of credibility in 2011 and needed to be improved in different aspects including the Charity Law and the regulation inside charities. This paper summarizes the status of the Charity Law and charities in...
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Analysis on the Possibility of Gree Company Resisting “Barbarians at the Door” After the Mixed Ownership Reform

Junshen Lin
In 2019, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai (Gree Inc.) carried out a new round of mixed-ownership reform. The main purposes of this reform are to introduce new strategic investors into the company and, at the same time, provide the management of Gree Inc with unprecedented power. And this paper...
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Theory and Significance on Construction of Early Warning System on Emergency Management at Universities in China

Lixia Wen
University is always one of the hot spots for emergency. Furthermore, the continuous reform and development of higher institutions increase the occurring frequency. In light of the progress of global economic development, the paper starts with ensuring the lives and properties of teachers and students...
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Conflicts Between COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control and Protection of Right to Privacy and Their Solutions

Muke Tao, Yaqi Zheng, Yunlu Du, Yongqian Tian, Yuqing Zhang
This article discusses the characteristics of privacy in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, sorts out typical cases, and introduces corresponding measures under the prevention and control of pandemics outside the territory. In response to the conflict between the public’s right to know...
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The Application of Deferred Acceptance Mechanism in Senior High-school Admission

Qing Wang
In Zhucheng, Shandong Province, China, the existing mechanism in remaining admission to allocate students to public senior high-school requires each student to randomly take a place and students can exchange their places if they are unsatisfied with their random places. But exchanges must satisfy some...
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Psychological Contract Breach, Job Insecurity, and Job Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Employment Type

Linsheng Xiao, Jian Chen
This study integrates social exchange theory and resource conservation theory and explores the mechanism and boundary conditions of the impact of psychological contract breach on employees’ job engagement. It uses a survey sample of 414 teachers from colleges and universities, and the empirical test...
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Research on Current Situation Evaluation and Demand Forecast of Water Resources Utilization in the Industrial Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Xiaoqian Xiang
Clarifying the changes in the utilization of water resources and future demand in the industrial development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region plays an important supporting role in realizing the optimal allocation of water resources for the industrial development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region....
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A Corpus-based Study of Huawei’s Image in British and American Mainstream Media (2015-2019)

Xiaojuan Yin
Based on Critical Discourse Analysis Theory and through corpus research methods, the current study has analyzed the images of Huawei shaped by 12 mainstream media in Britain and the United States from 2015 to 2019. Antconc 3.2.1 software was applied to analyze the keywords and collocations with “Huawei”....
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The One-city Monopoly Index: Analysis of the Potential of Seven Cities in Sichuan to Become Provincial Sub-centres

Keyi Gou, Yan Liu
After forty years of development since reform and opening up, Sichuan Province has been ranked sixth and fourth in the country in terms of economic and population volume respectively. Behind the achievements in economic and social development lies the problem that Chengdu, as the capital city of the...
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Research on the Spatio-temporal Coupling Relationship Between Water Resources Utilization and Industrial Development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Xiaoqian Xiang
Clarifying the temporal and spatial coupling relationship between the utilization of water resources in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and industrial development plays an important supporting role in optimizing the allocation of water resources in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and improving the...
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Study on Lao Zi’s Wealth Thoughts

Jun Zhi
The book Lao Zi contains rich thoughts of wealth. “Inaction” or “doing noting” is the theoretical basis of its wealth thought. Lao Zi advocates the wealth concept of “a contented man is rich”, the wealth creation of “self-enrichment”, the wealth management of “when a hall is full of gold and jade, nobody...
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The Utility of Functional Movement Screen in Male PE Candidates

Yikeranmu Yiming, Bing Shi, Qian Li
Context: The sport injures situation in PE candidates have deteriorated continuously due to the increase number of the PE candidates. FMS is a relatively inexpensive and time-efficient tool for measuring multiple movement factors, intending to predict the general risk of musculoskeletal conditions and...
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Study on Protective Development of the Linpan on Western Sichuan Plain

Jing Wang, Zhenyu Zhou
Western Sichuan Linpan originated from the ancient Shu civilization period and formed in the immigration history period. It has a long history and culture and is the crystallization of the farming culture in Western Sichuan. The article analyzes the composition of the Western Sichuan Linpan, interprets...
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The Present Situation and Development Path of Chinese Folk Sports Museum

Zhaoguo Ma, Yuanzhi Zhang
With the combination of national sports inheritance and museum industry, folk sports museum is an effective carrier for promoting the development of the sports industry, inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture. In the context of the new era, folk sports museums should...
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A Comparative Study on the Policy Promotion of the Combination of Medical Treatment and Endowment in Guangdong Province Before and After the Epidemic

Fucai Li, Jinggao Wu, Yaling Liu
According to the investigation of the policy promotion of combination of medical treatment and endowment in Guangdong Province before and after the epidemic, this paper analyzed the difference in the policy implementation of combination of medical treatment and endowment before and after COVID-19. According...
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Research on the Policy Changes of Installing Elevators in Old Residential Communities

Wenli Deng, Siyu Pu
This article analyzes the change process of the policy of installing elevators in old residential communities in China, and based on the theoretical analysis framework of the Advocacy Coalition, it analyzes the reasons for the changes in the policy of installing elevators in old residential communities...
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Moral Hazard Under the Salary Incentive System of Bank Executives

An Empirical Analysis Based on the Bank’s Non-performing Loan Rate and Executive Salaries

Yuxin Zhang
The imperfect salary incentive system for bank executives is difficult to suppress the moral risk of the bank’s high-level pipeline, which further leads to the weakening of the bank’s credit risk management ability and easy to induce systemic risks. This paper selects the non-performing loan (NPL) rate...
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Analysis on the Application of Data Science in Business Analytics

Yiran Wang
Business analytics is a new term, which can be seen as an expanded filed of data science. The mathematical formulas, statistical models, and programming skills in data science help companies to utilize big data and collect useful information from customers. However, for data science, it just collects...
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Considerations on Regulatory Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industry

Zihan Xu
With the development of pharmaceutical fields, the quality control of the pharmaceutical industry gets more and more attention. The aims of pharmaceutical industry are manufacturing high quality medicines, identifying the safety of products and assessing the efficacy of medicines. Pharmaceutical industry...
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Availability of Heuristic Marketing Psychology

Ziqian Zhang
Marketing and consumer behavior are all about psychology and understanding an individual’s mind and process of purchasing an item. Marketing is appealing to what an individual believes they need in their life and selling that lifestyle to them. Marketing shows off the best aspects of the product to consumers...
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Research on “Irrational Decision-making” of China’s Policy Diffusion from the Perspective of Horizontal Intergovernmental Competition

Fan Zhang, Xiaoxia Wang
In recent years, policy innovation has become the focus of competition among local governments at the same level as the country’s key focus in the field of innovation. Under the dual effects of pressure from competition at the same level and pressure from higher-level evaluations, some local governments...
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Deconstruction of Global Science and Technology Governance Path

Yanying Fei, Xufan Zhang
The global science and technology governance path is composed of governance philosophy, governance rules and synergistic governance. Governance philosophy is based on the concept of “community with a shared future for mankind”, adheres to the value orientation of “technology for good”, practices the...
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Study on China-Central Asia Exchanges Cooperation and Prospects from the Perspective of a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind

Yizheng Han
China and Central Asian countries have entered a new stage of development in cooperation and exchanges under the framework of building a community with a shared future for mankind. They have gradually formed a business and trade community, a shared culture community, a security community, and a healthy...
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Research on the Operation and Management Mode of University Gymnasiums in Shaanxi Province

Li Li, Ke Ning
In this paper, a mode of intelligent operation is proposed to solve the low utilization rate of the venues, traditional management, and low revenues in the operation process of university gymnasiums. The low utilization rate of venues is mainly manifested in the high vacancy rate of university gymnasiums...
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Research on the Construction of Grass-roots Talent Team in the Process of Rural Revitalization

Wenyu Mou, Man Jiang
Strengthening the construction of grass-roots talent team is an important guarantee for realizing the strategy of rural revitalization. Based on the implementation background of the rural revitalization strategy, this study deeply analyzes the problems existing in the construction of grass-roots talent...
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The Application, Challenges and Legal Supervision of Blockchain in Cross Border Payment in China

Xiangyu Chen
Exorbitant costs and extensive lead times are key concerns for transboundary payments. Transboundary deals face greater development challenges than domestic payment systems since they require a high degree of trust and include currency conversion. In this context, blockchain can successfully establish...
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Analysis from “Creative Destruction” to “Destructive Creation” Through the Evaluation Matrix System

Guning Jiang
Innovation is the driving force for companies to survive, especially in the contemporary knowledge-based economy. Without the discovery of new ideas and breakthroughs in development of products can companies hardly keep a competitive profile in the market. This paper is to introduce an evaluation matrix...
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Study on Student Management Strategy of Northwest Rural Boarding Schools

Zezhong Ren, Wenxin Wu
In recent years, relevant governments in the Northwest region have issued strong policies and measures to address the management of rural boarding schools. Many gratifying changes have also taken place in the student management of local rural boarding schools. However, there are still some problems in...
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Coca Cola Dilemma and Marketing Management Innovation in China

Rui Zhang
The Internet’s development is an unavoidable result of the passage of time. People’s values, moral standards, ways of thinking, and behavior habits have all changed dramatically as the Internet has grown in popularity. Fruit juice drinks and tea drinks have seen tremendous growth in recent years as people’s...
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Functional Orientation and Legislative Perfection of Tort Liability for Ecological Damage

Wenkang Zhou, Yanying Fei
Focusing on the particularity of ecological damage tort liability, using comparative analysis and normative analysis to study the concept and characteristics of ecological damage tort liability, and combining the theories of civil law and environmental law, and clarify the imputation principles and constituent...
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Research on the Conflict and Coordination Between the Right to Privacy and the Right to Know

Thoughts Caused by a Case

Yang Zhou, Wei Xie
The conflict between the right to privacy and the right to know has always been one of the important research topics in the field of marriage and family law. The Civil Code promulgated on May 28, 2020 only stipulates in Article 1,043 (2), Article 1,053 and other articles the right to know, such as the...
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Research on Countermeasures for Family Dispute Cases in Sichuan Ethnic Regions Under the New Situation

Taking Region G as an Empirical Sample

Xiaobin Ye, Yifei Tang
In recent years, the number of family cases resolved by courts across the country has continued to increase. In 2016, the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China launched a pilot reform of family matters methods and working mechanisms. However, in the underdeveloped Sichuan ethnic regions,...
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The Construction of “Double-qualified” Faculty in the Context of the One Million Enrollment Expansion of Higher Vocational Education: Status Quo, Breakthroughs and Approaches

Wenyu Mou, Man Jiang
In the context of the one million enrollment expansion of higher vocational colleges, this research focuses on analyzing the opportunities and challenges of higher vocational education, proposes that the construction of a “double-qualified” faculty is the most basic guarantee for the expansion of higher...
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Research on the Design of Teaching Environment Based on Self-directed Learning

Taking the Course of “Management Operations Research” as an Example

Li Wang
The self-directed learning is an important topic in education today, and the ability of students to learn independently is the key to moving towards deep and lifelong learning. In response to the current problems in teaching process of the “management operations research”, a teaching environment framework...
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Research on the Organization and Innovative Management of Practical Teaching in Human Geography in the Context of New Normal Education

Jianjun Kang, Yinghua Lin, Zhili Luan
In the context of the New Normal Education, teachers of comprehensive universities, high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools should change their educational philosophy, innovate and reform the practical teaching mode, transform from focusing on the transmission of knowledge to focusing...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of Fencing Culture Spreading and Teaching in Colleges and Universities in China

Xiaolong Lu, Xianqiong Ding, Ming Li
For the study of fencing teaching in colleges and universities in China, by the literature method and expert interview method, this paper studies the influence factors of the spread of fencing culture in teaching, and draws five conclusions and suggestions on strengthening the construction and equipping...
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A Study on Nationwide Reading Development in Learning Cities Against the Background of Lifelong Education

Jialian Wang
The study explores the nationwide reading development in learning cities against the background of lifelong education, including the realistic background, analysis of the current situation, the value and significance of the research and analysis of countermeasures. The author proposes to strengthen the...
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Study on Returning Migrant Labors’ Education and Training Under the Guidance of “Internet Plus”

Xiuli Yang
Internet Plus aims to achieve integration and innovation between internet and traditional industries through optimization of resources allocation. As one important industry, education and training possesses fatal importance for human capital’s employability under the guidance of industrial structure...
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Review and Improvement of Legal Education Against the Background of New Liberal Arts Construction

Teng Hu
The proposal of new liberal arts concept is a response to the new era and the development of new technologies. Law, as an important part of the construction of liberal arts, certainly needs to give its own answers against this background. Taking the current Chinese legal education as an example, problems...
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Research on the Influence of Multimedia Laboratory Teaching Management System on the Teaching Effect of Laboratory Course

Jiefei Wang, Xiaobo Zhang, Xuan Gao
With the promotion of education informatization, the construction and application of digital intelligent experimental teaching environment represented by multimedia has been widely valued, however, the current multimedia laboratory teaching still has the problem of how to maintain the classroom teaching...
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Design and Exploration of Scientific Research Education Focusing on Brain Science During Emerging Engineering Education

Cheng Luo, Ling Quan, Wenyuan Li, Sisi Jiang, Dezhong Yao
An effective way to cultivate innovative talents in the new era is to integrate high-level scientific research achievements into college classes. To give full play to the scientific and educational synergies of middle and high-level scientific research teams in universities is the key to deepen the construction...