Proceedings of the 4th Forum in Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST-T1-T2-2020)

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Characterization of Blending Composition Variations in Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Biofuels With Diesel to Biodiesel

Yusabri, Muhammad Yerizam, Aida Syarif
The increase in national fuel consumption has an impact on the decline in fossil energy reserves. Therefore, one of the solutions to overcome this problem is to look for alternative fuels, such as biosolar or biodiesel. This biodiesel is environmentally friendly, has no effect on health, can be used...
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Processing Plastic Waste HDPE and PP on Pyrolysis Temperature Using Cu-Al2O3 Catalyst Into an Alternative Liquid Fuel

Pamilia Coniwanti, Fitri Hadiah, David Bahrin, Liza Novriani, Gracia Mei Lie Justina, Robinsyah
The crisis of energy reserves in Indonesia, especially in petroleum and high plastic waste usage, causes a very worrying problem in Indonesia. One way to overcome this problem is to process plastic waste into alternative liquid fuels. This study aims to determine the effect of temperature and the effect...
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The Purification of Biogas with Monoethanolamine (MEA) Solution Based on Biogas Flow Rate

Yohandri Bow, Leila Kalsum, Abu Hasan, A. Husaini, Rusdianasari
Biomass is a plant material which is quite abundant in Indonesia. Utilization is also currently undergoing development. One of the uses for biomass is conversion to biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy source that can be used as a substitute for fossil energy. Biogas can be produced by utilizing organic...
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Filtration and Electrocoagulation as a Combined Process for Electroplating Wastewater

Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Adi Syakdani, Muhammad Taufik
Electroplating is a method of using electrolyte solutions to cover solid materials with metal layers. The strong metal waste from the electroplating process is contained in B3 waste (Hazardous Toxic Materials). One of the methods for electroplating is by combining filtration and electrocoagulation methods....
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Study of Temperature and Use of Catalysts in the Pyrolysis of LDPE Plastic Waste on the Quantity of Oil Fuel Products Produced

Novarini, Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Sigit Kurniawan
Low Density Poly Ethylene (LPDE) plastic waste has no sale value, buried in a landfill. The plastic itself cannot be broken down by microorganisms in the soil, so that people destroy it through incineration. Incineration plastics produce NOx, COx, SOx, particulates, dioxins, furans, and smoke, which...
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Titanium Dioxide Soaking Time Effects on DSSC Powers and Efficiency

Rika Musiana, Abu Hasan, RD Kusumanto
The purpose of this study was to study the power and efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) using extracts of yellow sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) with variations in the soaking time of Titanium Dioxide paste (TiO2) in dye and light intensity. This research used descriptive method with several...
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Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity of Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO)

Juarsa, Aida Syarif, Leila Kalsum
The research on Co-Processing Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO) was conducted to examine the Effect of Feed Composition and Product Quantity. It is to provide the competitive renewable fuels in accordance with the government programs to promote Renewable Energy (RE) by utilizing the processing...
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Tofu Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Electrocoagulation Method

Ibnu Hajar, Fadarina, Mustain Zamhari, Selastia Yuliati
Tofu waste liquid contains high levels of organic impurities, such as protein and amino acids. These organic compounds cause the tofu industrial wastewater to contain high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), pH and total suspended solid (TSS) which can pollute the environment....
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Effect of Temperature on Biofuels Production With Catalytic Cracking Process

KA Ridwan, M Anerasari, Taufik Jauhari, Ida Febriana
Biofuel is an alternative fuel that can be produced with organic resources such as vegetable oil and animal fat. One of the items that can be converted into biofuels is waste cooking oil. Waste cooking oil has a long hydrocarbon chain that allows it to be cracked. Biofuels are produced by catalytic cracking...
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Effect of Bentonite on the Yield and Composition of Products From Thermolysis of Polystyrene Waste

Lety Trisnaliani, Aida Syarif, Sahrul Effendy, Tahdid, Rima Daniar
Economic growth and population explosion are chronic problems in big cities which trigger an increase in energy consumption in society. The flow of plastic used has been a dilemma for a long time, so there are thoughts on how to turn plastic waste into something that can be useful. One of the polystyrene...
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Production of Bio-Pellet Briquettes From Coconut Shell Waste as Alternative Energy for Household Scale

Muhammad Yerizam, Muhammad Zaman, Taufiq Jauhari, Nur Yuli, Riwen Setiawan, Umaidella Affrilla
Biomass is a renewable energy material because it can be produced quickly however, biomass has the disadvantage of being burned directly because of its poor physical properties, such as low energy density, handling, storage and transportation problems. To improve the quality of biomass combustion, biomass...
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Catalytic Pyrolysis of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polystyrene Plastic Waste Using Zeolite Catalyst to Produce Liquid Fuel

Zurohaina, Irawan Rusnadi, Fatria, Arizal Aswan, Rima Daniar
This study aims to examine catalytic pyrolysis with activated natural zeolites. A pyrolysis reactor with three levels of separator as a result of development was used to study the catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste into liquid fuel at intervals of 200 - 400 oC and operating time of 30-90 minutes. As...
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Production of Green Diesel From Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Through Hydrotreating Process by Using Zeolite Catalyst

Ahmad Zikri, Indah Puspita, Erlinawati, M Sutini PLAgus, PB Elbi Zalita, K Andre
Green diesel is an alkane compound produced from vegetables oil by hydrogenation which has properties similar to diesel fuel. The ingredients that can be converted into green diesel is Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Green diesel is produced using a catalytic hydrogenation process with 10-30 psia hydrogen injection,...
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Effect of Adding Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and Slurry on Biogas From Cow Manure to Produced Methane Gas

Muhammad Hanif Fatin, A. Husaini, Leila Kalsum
Biogas is a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly and economical. High of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and cow manure have great potential as a source of raw material for making biogas. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the addition of POME and biogas slurry...
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Characterization of Thermal Activated Fly Ash Adsorbent by Studying the Effect of Temperature

Aida Syarif, Rusdianasari, M. Yerizam, Sayhirmanyusi
Fly ash is a solid waste resulting from the use of coal as an energy resource. The potential for fly ash presence in Indonesia is considerable with increased coal consumption where the potential availability of coal ash is 10% of total coal consumption, with 80% details being fly ash. The increase in...
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Drying Rate of Skim Milk From Virgin Coconut Oil Remaining Water

Abu Hasan, Indah Purnamasari, Muhammad Yerizam, Robert Junaidi
Coconut tree’s benefits were not only in flesh that can be processed into coconut milk, copra, and coconut oil but also in all part of coconut plants. Coconut oils were produced from dried coconut by extraction. The oil from this process is known as virgin coconut oil (VCO). During the VCO production,...
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Effect of Sugar, Ammonium Sulfate and Magnesium Sulfate as Supplementary Nutrients in Coconut Water Fermented by Acetobacter xylinum to Produce Biocellulose Membranes

Elina Margaretty, Erwana Dewi, Leila Kalsum, Aisyah Suci Ningsih, Jaksen M. Amin
Biocellulose can be made by fermentation of coconut water by Acetobacter xylinum. Microorganism. Several developed countries have been starting to research the use of biocellulose as a bio-cellulose that is easily broken down in the world of plastics or membranes, such as edible films and biocellulose...
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Effect of Sulfonation Temperature and Time on the Preparation of Methyl Ester Sulfonate Surfactant From Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Based Methyl Ester

Jaksen, Idha Silviyati, Endang Supraptiah, Rima Daniar, Elina Margaretty
Research to study the effect of temperature and sulfonation time on the preparation of Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) surfactant using CPO-based Methyl Ester (ME) as raw material has been carried out. The temperature was varied 80 oC, 90 oC and 100 oC; while the observation time is carried out every 1...
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Oil Palm Empty Bunches as an Alternative Raw Material for Making Bioplastics

A Husaini, M Zaman, S Chodijah, Hilwatullisan, Ibrahim
The purpose of this research is to obtain bioplastics that are biodegradable and safe if disposed of in the environment. This bioplastic is made using Empty Bunches and white rice and plasticizer. White rice flour as a source of starch with variations in the addition of chitosan additives and glycerol...
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The Effect of the Catalyst (NaOH) on the Processing of Waste Used Oil Into Liquid Fuel

Azharuddin, Syafei, Didi Suryana, HB Indra, M R Rahmaddy, Y Pratomo, M A Ariasya
The use of lubricating oil is increasing every year the resulting waste is also increase. Based on the waste criteria issued by the Ministry of Environment, used oil is included in the category of B3 waste. Although used oil can still be used, if not managed properly, it can be dangerous for the environment....
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Design and Prototype of Paving Block Making Machine

Ella Sundari, Soegeng Witjahjo, Eka Satria Martomi, Dodi Tafrant
Paving Block (Conblock) is a kind of the building materials used for footing or roads. As same as bricks, paving block made from a mixture of cement, sand and water. Currently, home industries generally still use manual paving block printing tools. Where the paving block dough is put into the mold, then...
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Water Quality Monitoring System in Guorami Fish Cultivation Based on Microcontroller

Sujito, Abdullah Iskandar Syah, Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni, Danny Mayrawan, Muhammad Solihul Hadi, I Made Wirawan, Faiz Syaikhoni Aziz
The growth of gourami is not only influenced by food but also by the quality of water as its habitat. Water suitable for use as a habitat for gourami is freshwater. Therefore, goramy farmers need to maintain water quality for the survival of gourami. Water quality is influenced by several parameters...
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Optimization of Stroke Rehabilitation Hand Component of 3D Printing With Taguchi Method Approach

Fatahul Arifin, Fenoria Putri, Iskandar, Mulyadi, Suparjo, Franando, Yusuf Dewantoro Herlambang
3D Printing commonly is known as additive manufacturing. It works by adding layer by layer resulting in a three dimensional shape. Using color change filament materials are safe to use for medical purposes. The parameters used in this study are layer height, print speed and print temperature. The most...
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Experimental Research of the Influence of Hot Machining Method on AISI 4340 Lathe Machine Process Towards Specific Cutting Energy and Surface Roughness

T Ismail, S Dyos, Y Joni, S Samuel, W Abdurahman, Y Aldi
This research is about the experimental investigation of AISI 4340 turning process using carbide tools with hot machining and dry cutting methods. The workpiece is heated using torch flame gas. Experimental analysis is held at various machining conditions for hot machining and dry cutting methods by...
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Study of Capacitor Placement to Improve the Voltage Profile in Contingency Conditions of the 150 kV Madura Electricity Power System

Sujito, Moh Zainul Falah, M. Rodhi Faiz
The contingency is a very important issue in the electricity power system security. The contingency impact can change voltage, particularly the voltage drop on the load bus. This condition can have an impact on the quality of power supplied to the load, system reliability, and system security. The solution...
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The Investigation of Sea Salt Soiling on PV Panel

Tresna Dewi, Ahmad Taqwa, Rusdianasari, RD Kusumanto, Carlos R Sitompul
Renewable energy promises a better future for humankind and more flexible to be installed in a remote area such as a fisher village. The installation of PV panels by the seashore is prone to sea salt soiling. The unfortunate downside of solar energy is that it is highly affected by environmental changes....
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Real-Time Wireless Concept of Vehicle to Vehicle Charging System

Yurni Oktarina, Tresna Dewi, Pola Risma, Muhammad Nawawi
The electric vehicle is the automotive future that supports the program of utilizing renewable energy over depleting fossil fuel. The electric vehicle enables us to have a better environment free of CO2 emission. The issue of electric vehicle applications is charging points, not as many as the conventional...
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Optimization of FDM 3D Printing Process Parameter for Improving Porosity Accuracy of PLA Scaffold

Zainal Abidin, M. Yanis, M. Zahri Kadir, Astuti, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, Edo Syahrizal, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Hasan Basri
This study aims to obtain optimal porosity results from bone scaffolding printing using FDM type 3D printing machines using PLA material. In this study, the bone scaffold was modeled using Solid Works. This research’s main contribution is to obtain optimal settings in the molding of bone scaffolding...
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Fatigue Prediction of Porous Magnesium Bone Scaffold Using Finite Element Method

Risky Utama Putra, Akbar Teguh Prakoso, Amrillah Nugrasyah, Darmawi, Amir Putra Md Saad, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Hasan Basri
The purpose of this study was to determine fatigue in a porous magnesium bone scaffold. It applies finite element simulation in assessing bone scaffolding’s fatigue behaviour with variations in axial loading based on physiological activities in humans. By applying the boundary conditions to the solid...
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The Grounding System in Feeder Tomat PT. PLN (Persero) ULP Mariana

Bambang Guntoro, Siswandi, Zainuddin Idris, M. Yunus
The function of grounding is to neutralize disturbances that occur in electric voltages such as short circuits and leakage currents in equipment. So the grounding system that already used will be able to drain the disturbance that occurs due to leakage currents or short circuits to the grounding terminal...
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Optimization of Production Process Parameters of DLP Type 3D Printer Design for Product Roughness Value

D P Putra, Romli, M Yanis, D Seprianto, N Amrillah, Hasan Basri
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a breakthrough in manufacturing technology based on a layer by the layer printing process through various raw material input techniques. Objects to be printed using a 3D model design by adding raw materials to a 3D printing machine are opposite to subtractive manufacturing...
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Design of Electronic Instruments as Tools Air Pollution Detection

Ali Nurdin, Jon Endri, Ibnu Ziad, Ciksadan
Carbon monoxide gas pollution as exhaust gas increases every year along with the increase in the number of motorized vehicle users. Carbon monoxide has harmful effects on the environment and human health and even leads to death. In this study, a CO gas gauge was created using the MQ-9 CO gas sensor to...
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Datalogger Experimental Analysis Based on Arduino Mega 2560 on a 100 Wp Monocrystalline Solar Panel Using Perforated Plate

W. Adipradana, A. Sofijan, Rahmawati, I. Bizzy, R. Sipahutar, M. A. Fajri
This experiment was carried out to reduce excess heat in solar panels and increase the output power generated by the 100 Wp monocrystalline solar panel by applying perforated aluminum plates as a Passive Cooling Technique on solar panels. The energy source used is 12 W halogen lamps as a substitute for...
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The Effect of Induction Heating on Tensile Test Specimens’ Clamping Products Through the Medium Carbon Steel Materials’ Engineering Technique

Romli, Karmin, Sairul Effendi, Firdaus, D P Putra
This study aims to determine the effect of induction heating on tensile test specimens’ clamping products through the medium carbon steel materials’ engineering technique from heating using induction heating to heat the medium carbon steel. The research method used observation, interviews, literature...
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Development Internet of Things for Water Quality Monitoring System for Gouramy Cultivation

Sujito, Danny Mayrawan, I Made Wirawan, Faiz Syaikhoni Aziz, Abdulah Iskandar Syah, Maulana Ahmad As Shidiqi
In freshwater fish cultivation, the quality and temperature also affect growth, each type of fish has different characteristics concerning water conditions and pond temperature. In this case, monitoring water quality in Gouramy cultivation. Monitoring of water and pond temperature is usually done manually...
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Contingency Analysis on 150 kV Electricity Power System on The Madura Island Based on The 1P1Q Method

Moh Zainul Falah, Sujito, I Made Wirawan
A major factor in the power system operation is the desire to maintain system security. System security involves a design to keep the system operating in the event of interference or failure. Interferences in electrical power systems are divided into generator, transmission, and load. Failure or interference...
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Prototype of Small Savonius Wind Turbine

Ozkar F. Homzah, Tri Widagdo, Mardiana, Ibnu Asrofi, Destra A Pratama
Green energy likely wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, and tidal energy, with the characteristics of being free, natural, and free from pollution problems, and renewable. In this research, we used air conditioner with split (AC Split) model has a large energy potential that could be utilized,...
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The Formation of Machine Components Using Powder Metallurgy Method Utilizing Metal Powder From Grinding Process

Yahya, Muhammad Rasid, Dicky Seprianto, Siproni
Powder metallurgy is a metal working technology in which parts or components are produced from metal powders. The working process is that the metal powder is pressed into the desired shape. The formation of technical materials using powder from machining is still being developed. In this research, the...
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Simulation-Based Analysis on Novel Vacuum Actuation Concept for Soft Robotic Finger Development

Noer Fadzri, Perdana Dinata, Hasan Basri
Grasping of fragile objects, such agricultural products, is a currently active area of research which is advancing continuously throughout the years. Although proven versatility has been achieved through conventional robotic gripper, the recent favourable option is to utilized soft robotic grippers to...
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Failure Analysis and Performance Assessment of Tubular Air Heater at PLTU South Sumatra V

Lulu Khoirunnisa, Hasan Basri
Tubular air heater has a design operational lifespan limit. This lifespan limit, if not monitored and controlled, can accelerate any damage. Tubular air heater damage will result in tube failures that affect the boiler heat transfer system and emission control. This research aims to find out the root...
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Automatic Simulation of Moving Products Using Line Follower and Conveyor

Almadora Anwar Sani, S Rachmat Dwi, Irawan Malik, Ali Medi, Agus Nugraha
The manufacturing industry is an industrial technology that uses machinery, equipment and labor in the processing of raw materials into new products that can be used and have a sale value. The manufacturing industry is closely related to engineering or engineering. In the manufacturing industry there...
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Monitoring Depth of Discharge of a Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery in a Standalone PV System

Mirdiansyah, Ahmad Taqwa, Yohandri Bow
The standalone solar power plant system uses batteries as a storage component of electrical energy generated. A charging condition that exceeds the capacity more than 100% and the battery discharging condition exceeds the discharge depth value (dept of discharge 80% or state of charge 20%) of the battery...
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The Effect of Parameter Process 3D Printer Technology Digital Light Processing to Geometric of Shaft

A Zamheri, D Seprianto, RS Carlos, A Indri, TC Persada
The development of Industrial technology 4.0 was characterized by cyber-physical systems. This era make it easier for humans to connect with other humans, with industrial machines, and with the environment around them. With the industrial revolution 4.0 can be significantly increase the productivity....
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Bending Test Galvalum Cold Formed Steel Beam With Variation Mortar and Reinforcement Bars

Fadhila Firdausa, Sri Rezki Artini, Ahmad Syapawi, Puryanto
Cold formed steel is a material is often used for construction roofs. The advantages of cold formed steel and its large tensile resistance have attracted interest to developing research make cold formed steel as a beams. Galvalum is a type of cold formed steel. Galvalum consists of galvanis material...
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Index of Retained Strength and Weight Loss on Flexible Pavement Ac-Wc and Hrs-Wc Using Polymer Products Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) and Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS)

Mirka Pataras, Edi Kadarsa, Y Debby Permata, Shara Khairunnisa, M. Alief Akbar, Yondhika Pratama
Road pavements in Indonesia often uses a mixture of Asphalt Concrete (AC) and Hot Rolled Sheet (HRS), which frequently occur premature damage to the pavement caused by extreme climate change, and also rapid development of land transportation causing increased loads on the pavement, causing queues of...
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Utilization of Residual Sand Materials From the Mining of Kaolin and Tin in Bangka Island on Flexible Pavement Structure

A Bimo Brata, Mirka Pataras, K Aztri Yuli, Nadia Wiranda, Widya Wulansari, I Bella Madu
Along with the times, people’s needs are also increasing. No exception is the need for road infrastructure, both in urban and rural areas. The road is an important access to carry out daily activities. One of the important processes that must be carried out in the design and formation of roads is the...
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The Influence of Anadara Granosa’s Shell Waste as a Substitute of Fine Aggregate in Mixed Asphalt Concrete Wearing Course (AC-WC)

Ika Sulianti, Ibrahim, Indah Ayu Wiloka, Reta Iftitah Sari
Flexible pavement is pavement which generally uses a mixture of asphalt as the surface layer and grained material as the layer underneath which consists of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate mixed with asphalt. With some research on asphalt in pavement mixing, natural materials can be replaced or mixed...
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Analysis of the Impact of Palembang-Indralaya (Palindra) Toll Road to Palembang – Indralaya National Road Service Levels

S Nisumanti, S Mulyaningsih, N Puspita
The Traffic jams are an issue that still an important concern in the world of transportation. The problem which was occurs in Palembang-Indralaya national road section, as it is often experiencing traffic jams on each part of the road. Besides breaking down the jams, Palembang-Indralaya toll road which...
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The Effect of Fly Ash as a Part Cement Institution on High Quality Concrete FC’35

Herlinawati, Sazili Harnawansyah, Bastoni Hasasi, Radius Pranoto
The development of science and technology, many research has been done on high-quality concrete to overcome the shortcomings of ordinary concrete. To reduce the porosity of the cement, mineral added materials that are pozzolanic and have very fine particles can be used. One of the mineral added materials...
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The Use of Cold-Formed Steel as a Substitute for Reinforcement on Structural of Lightweight Concrete Beams

Mahmuda, Revias, Siswa Indra, Sumiati
Cold-formed steel has the advantage such as it is not flammable and eaten by termite, its installation is relatively fast and has almost no expansion and shrinkage values. However, it has disadvantages when it is exposed directly, apart from looking less attractive, it can also cause post-buckling behavior...
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The Effect of Air Pressure on Foamed Mortar Production

Ibrahim, Amiruddin, Ika Sulianti, Agus Subrianto, Istiqomah Fajriani, Nauval Fardha Habib
Foam mortar is a concrete-like material consisting of a mixture of sand, cement, water and foam agent. This material can be used as road embankment material due to its light weight, high enough strength for subgrade, bulk and compressive strength can be designed as desired so as to reduce the impact...
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The Characteristic of Folding Cyclists on the Selection of Transportation Modes in the City of Palembang

Efrilia Rahmadona, Sudarmadji, Norca Praditya, M. Ade Surya Pratama
Sustainable Transportation is one of the embodiment of sustainable development, sustainable development puts forward the concept of eco-friendly urban, where the concept aims to balance the increasingly rapid development activities with an eco- friendly transportation system that is integrated with other...
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Optimization of Public Trasport Service Bus Papid Transit (BRT) Trans Musi in the City of Palembang

Moch. Absor, Yusri, A. Latif, A. Fuad Z, R Muhammad Yusri
The Palembang city government in 2018 made apolicy regarding public transpotation in the form of stopping city bus transportation by replacing it with a Bus RapidTrancit fleet. Rejvenation of this transportation requires acomprehensive management and handling. This study aims to find out how to optimize...
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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Pulp & Paper Mills: Comparison Between MFO With Biomass in Lime Kiln

Yonki Alexander Volta, Rusdianasari, Syahirman Yusi
Pulp and paper mills keeps trying to take advantage of renewable energy as an energy source. One of utilization is used bark as renewable energy source to substitute fossil fuel. Bark from wood preparation utilized in bark gasifier to produced syngas as primary fuel in lime kiln. The aim of the study...
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Effect of Variations Concentration and pH of Liquid Smoke in the Immersion With Various Types of Fish

Farida Ali, Lia Cundari, Siti Miskah, Hendri Prasetyo
Rubber seeds contain cellulose and lignin, therefore rubber seed could be used as raw material for liquid smoke. Liquid smoke contains lactic acid and phenol which have antibacterial properties. The purpose of this study is to test the antibacterial activity of liquid smoke shells and rubber seeds on...
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Comparison of the Use of Fly Ash dan Rice Husk Ash in the Making of Geopolymer Concrete

Indrayani, Andi Herius, Akhmad Mirza, Ricky Ravsyan Alhafez
The implementation of the acceleration of development is a government program in catching up the backwardness and to improve national competitiveness,but the acceleration of development must still pay attention to environmental aspects that exist. One of the efforts in making environmentally friendly...
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Flexural Strength Analysis of Concrete With the Addition B3 Waste as an Additive to Ordinary Portland Cement

Norma Puspita, Yuni Arti, Febryandi
As generally known that concrete has low resistance to acidic and corrosive materials which usually exist in acidic and saline environment. And along the increasing of environment conservation, specifically about reusing a waste which is residue of an activity and/or a production process of industries...
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Simulation of Silage Production From Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) as Ruminants Feed Based on the Increase of Aspergillus niger

Agung Budi Santoso, Martha Aznury, Nova Rachmadona, Robert Junaidi, Fertarina Pratiwi
Silage is a fermented high-water content feed given to ruminants. The production of silage from water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) is carried out by combining the grindery and fermentation processes.This equipment had 1420 rpm of agitation and 0.5 hp of electricity.Aspergillus nigerwas used in the...
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The Placement Position of Hollow Cores in the Ideal Longitudinal Direction on the Reinfoced Concrete Beam

Sumiati, Mahmuda, Ahmad Syapawi
Reinforced concrete beam is a structure that designed to restrain the bending moment, torsional moment, axial force and shear force, made of concrete which functions to withstand compressive strength and reinforcing steel to withstand flexural strength. However, of reality many other utilities as: water...
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Production of Biodiesel From Unrefined Plants-Derived Oil by Aspergillus oryzae Expressing Bacillus thermocatenulatus Lipase as a Whole-Cell Biocatalyst

Nova Rachmadona, Martha Aznury, Chiaki Ogino
In this study, the enzymatic process reaction using a whole-cell biocatalyst was done for biodiesel production of crude plant oils. This work investigated a streamlined technique to convert crude palm oil that consisted high amount of phosphocholine gums. This reaction by using lipase as a catalyst for...
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Partial Substitution of Cement Using Fly Ash and Carbite Waste in Normal Concrete Making

Darma Prabudi, Kosim, Zainuddin, Raja Marpaung
Concrete is a mixture consisting of crushed stone or coral, sand, cement, water, and additives if needed. While the concrete to be designed is concrete made from a mixture of cement plus (fly ash + carbide waste), crushed stone, sand, and water. Therefore, it is necessary to make a mixture between cement...
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Community Adaptation to Traditional Markets during the Pandemic Period in Palembang City

Hendi Warlika Sedo Putra, Maya Fitri Oktarini, Primadella
The traditional market is one of the main facilities for the community to obtain daily food needs, as a place to sell wet food, dry food, and ready-to-eat food ingredients that is difficult to replace with existing modern markets. During the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional markets have the potential to...
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Effect of Fermentation Time and Percentage of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Flour Variations on Vitamin C of Yogurt

Martha Aznury, Elina Margerty, Melianti, Sofiah, Yuniar, Sufi Awwaliyah
This study aims to determine the amount of lactic acid and ascorbic acid/vitamin C content of Moringa oleifera‘s yogurt. Effect of the concentration of Moringa leaf flour, respectively 0;3;5; and 7%, while the fermentation time was 4,6, and 8 hours. The raw material used are UHT’s milk, with 10% of sugar...
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Road Damage Conditions Analysis Of Tanjung Api-Api - Gasing District Road Based On Surface Distress Index (Sdi) Method

R. Marpen, A. Hasan, AN. Sari, HWS. Putra, R. Pranoto
One of the potential roads in South Sumatra Province is the Tanjung Api-Api - Gasing road. So that good maintenance is needed so that community activities can run smoothly. In this study, the method used to evaluate the level of damage to the Tanjung Api-Api - Gasing road section is the Surface Distress...
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Data Model Pattern for Data Warehouse Web Application of Information Portal

Case Study: Hidyatullah Integrated Islamic Boarding School, Banyuasin Regency

M Aris Ganiardi, Nita Novita, Indri Ariyanti, Delta Khairunnisa
Data warehouse is a collection of data that is subject-oriented, integrated, timevariant, and non-volatile which can be used to produce useful information for management decision making. In an information system, there are a lot of information that accommodated by both internal and external parties....
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Inventory Control and EOQ Forecasting Tools as Effective Decision-Making Model

Ahmad Rifai, Dedy Kurniawan, Ariansyah Saputra, Dinna Yunika Hardiyanti
Inventory management is one of the crucial aspects of any business that affects how the company handles the profits and losses. The type of inventory that the management has implemented will either cause problems to the entire supply chain or affect how the overall gains are shared. Through the adoption...
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Increasing Sensitivity of pH Detection Using Computer Vision Based Biosensors

Sujito, Faiz Syaikhoni Aziz, Aji Prasetya Wibawa, I Made Wirawan, Aripriharta, Abdullah Iskandar Syah, Tran Huy Duy
This study presents an increase in pH detection sensitivity using computer vision based biosensors. Butterfly pea flower is used as a biosensor to detect pH. Computer vision uses Raspberry Pi 4, camera, and LCD. To increase the sensitivity of biosensor and computer vision, 2 ways will be used. First,...
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Model Adaptive Fuzzy Time Series to Forecasting Enrollments of New Student

Ica Admirani, Ikhthison Mekongga, Isnaini Azro, Hidayati Ami, Rian Rahmanda Putra
The estimated enrollments of new student is required in the academic planning of a higher education institution. That can be done by forecasting using the fuzzy time series (FTS) technique. FTS method is an artificial intelligence computation technique that can capture patterns from previous data to...
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Room Safety System Using Face Recognition Using Telegram and Raspberry Pi Based Histogram of Oriented Method

Azwardi, Yulian Mirza, Alan Novi Tompunu, Ariansyah Saputra
Face recognition is a biometric technology that has been widely applied in security systems. This technology allows us to identify or verify a person’s face through images digitally by matching the face texture. Raspberry PI is a small computer that has been installed complete like a real computer using...
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Telemetry Design Accuracy of Patient’s Temperature With IoT Approach

Ahyar Supani, Ahmad Bahri Joni, Herlambang Saputra, Indarto, Yuli Andriani
Health is a good condition of body, soul, and society for someone who lives healthy. The examination of vital signs on the patient’s body is to determine a person’s health. Temperature is a biological parameter and a major factor in vital signs that must be checked. Taking the patient’s temperature poses...
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Image Processing System for pH Classification Using Biosensors

Faiz Syaikhoni Aziz, Sujito, Aji Prasetya Wibawa, I Made Wirawan, Aripriharta, Abdullah Iskandar Syah, Tran Huy Duy
The biosensor in this study used a butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flowers require a classification system because the colors produced in detecting pH are similar. The method used in this research is using image processing to get the RGB value to be analyzed using the Raspberry Pi 4. The operation...
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Quality Measurement Evaluation of the POLSRI Learning Management System Website Using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method

Irma Salamah, Lindawati, Asriyadi, M. Fadhli
Technological advances have had an impact on all aspects of human life, one of which is the business world as well as the internet. A website is a means of providing information, promotion and communication to customers. This research tries to analyze the service quality of the POLSRI Learning Management...
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RESTful Web Service as Data Generator for Reporting of Academic Information System

M. Miftakul Amin, Slamet Widodo, Adi Sutrisman, Ervi Cofriyanti, Ali Firdaus
The academic information system in higher education is a system that has an important role in higher education operations. Interoperability between academic information system is needed to bridge the exchange of data and information in heterogeneous environments, where systems are developed using different...
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Design and Implementation of Learning E-Scheduling in Sriwijaya State Polytechnic - Telecommunication Engineering Study Program

Abdul Rakhman, Irawan Hadi, Nasron, Martinus Mujur Rose
In this research, the features of the previous research information system isdeveloped. The development of the system is about how to design and implement an e-scheduling system, to deal with teaching schedule problems which include for example the proportional or fairness of teaching load, the suitability...
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PHP Programming for Achieving Students in Informatics Management Department State of Polytechnic Sriwijaya

Yusniarti, Henny Madora, Ida Wahyunigrum, Muhammad Noval
This research aims to build an information system for achieving students at Management Informatics Department State of Polytechnic Sriwijaya for display useful information. Information System on this research is used to design systems using PHP programming. The application used in this research is to...
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Prototype Development of Motorbike Towing Hook Towards Authorized Mechanic Perception and Investigation

Rahman Hakim, Muhammad Hasan Albana, Widodo, Hanifah Widiastuti, Wahyu Caesarendra
The research aims to find the authorized mechanic perception of the towing hook’s development to lay at the motorbike’s front section. A prototype invention of a motorbike towing hook was found in 2018. However, it has never been tested for function by an official motorbike dealer in Batam. The research...
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Investigation Study of Pressure Different Effect at Evaporator in Organic Rankine Cycle Simulator (ORCS) Using Low-grade Waste Heat

Mochamad Denny Surindra, Wahyu Caesarendra
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) was presented an efficient solution for low-grade waste heat exploitation, due to its uncomplicated mechanism, required less pressure, simple and compact components, and accessible maintenance. The evaporator has the characteristics of a pressure drop due to irreversibility...
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Application of Tracking Letter Disposition at State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya Based on Android Webview

Indra Satriadi, Sony Oktapriandi, Hetty Meileni, Desy Aprianty
Letter disposition is an integral part of the operational activities of an organization. One of the efforts to increase the effectiveness of the letter communication is by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This study focuses on making applications that make it easier for users to...
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The Shortest Path Search Application for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Using A* Algorithm

Ikhthison Mekongga, Aryanti Aryanti
Looking for the shortest path to a place is very necessary, especially when there is damage that requires immediate repair. This paper shows the design and development of an application of the shortest path search for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) using the A* algorithm. It has been designed an application...
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Compatibility of Linux Architecture for Diskless Technology System

Aryanti Aryanti, Ade Silvia Handayani, Ibnu ziad, Ikhthison Mekongga, Farid Jatri Abiyyu
The increasing need for internet-based computers with high accessibility power causes diskless servers to continue to develop. This paper shows the design and development of the diskless server used compatibility of Linux architecture. In the proposed system, the diskless technology system’s creation...
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Reservoir Irrigation System Design Based Wireless Sensor Network

M. Zakuan Agung, Eka Susanti, R.A Halimatussa’diyah, Susanzefi
The latest development of the robot recently emerged an innovation where the surveillance robot can be controlled remotely via the internet to be more efficient and save time. This innovation is called the Internet of Things or IoT. The Internet of Things has emerged due to technological developments,...
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Using Night Vision Camera Robot Based on Internet of Thing

Sarjana, Sholihin, Adewasti, Emilia Hesti
One of the positive impacts of human use of technology is the development in the world of robotics which is currently developing quite rapidly, so that it can help human activities in various fields, such as industry, mining, agriculture, security and even entertainment. The robots used are usually reconnaissance...
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Biometric Fingerprint Implementation for Presence Checking and Room Access Control System

Selamat Muslimin, Yudi Wijanarko, Lucky Indra Kesuma, Renny Maulidda, Yordan Hasan, Abdurrahman, Hasan Basri
Nowadays, the utilization of using biometric fingerprint is crucial due to improve the security, data checking and room access control system. The function of biometric fingerprint sensor as control to enter the room, by specific person with access. The development of this system is equipped with student’s...
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Prototype Design of Landslide Early Detection System Using LoRa and IoT

Ahmad Taqwa, Mohammad Fadhli, Sopian Soim, Ade Silvia Handayani, Suroso
This paper proposes a simple and low-cost landslide early detection system design. This system uses two sensors, namely the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, to detect the soil movement and the YL-69 soil moisture sensor to detect soil moisture levels. Sensor data is processed using Arduino Uno. The soil movement...
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Search Software for Ustadz, Categories: Preacher, Qari and Qariah in Palembang Using an Android-Based Usability Approach

M. Rudi Sanjaya, Yadi Utama, Dedy Kurniawan, Ariansyah Saputra, Novita Sari, Rahma Destriani, Muhammad Raihan Udda Rahmany
Each Muslim conducts preaching activities and Al-Qur’an Qari, Qariah in Islam in various Islamic activities, but still challenging to determine its location, especially in Palembang itself. There are many mosques which are challenging to get information about the location of the Preaching, location of...
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Application of Campus Parking Area for State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya Based on Smartphone

Leni Novianti, Devi Sartika, Dewi Irmawati, Ienda Meiriska
The purpose of this study was to improve the services and information on the availability of parking lots so that there would be no hoarding of two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles that caused the congestion in the State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya and also to made it easier for the security officers to...
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Android-Base m-Voting Application Development With Simple Additive Weighting Method

Devi Sartika, Leni Novianti, Dewi Irmawati, Ienda Meiriska
This research arranged to build a m-voting android-based application and started the registration by input student’s data. The students can use m-voting as a tool to vote one of the student governor candidates on the election executive governor based on their conscience in the campus. The vote count...
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Designing a Web-Based Online Tutoring Application in Palembang City Using the SUS (System Usability Scale) Method

M. Rudi Sanjaya, Ariansyah Saputra, Bayu Wijaya Putra, Novita Sari, Rahma Destriani, Muhammad Raihan Udda Rahmany
Nowadays, internet has become a major necessity. Almost all or everyone has used the internet in their daily lives, whether for education, business, entertainment, and others, but humans are much or very dependent on the so-called internet. Where, especially in the city of Palembang, the low level of...
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Black Box Testing Using Equivalence Partition Method in Sintana Application

Yayuk Ike Melani, Mahmud
The background of testing the Sintana application is to minimize the occurrence of bugs in the application and ensure that the application built is in accordance with customer needs. Sintana or facility and infrastructure monitoring information system is a system used by one of the private universities...
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The Design of a Tool to Measure the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Users Towards the Application of Polisiku Application

Eko Setiawan, Wiza Yunifa
Polisiku the application is used as a means of police service against msyarakat. A review of the utilization of my police application is necessary to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the user. The purpose of this research is to design a tool measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of users...
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Database Design for Child Special Development Institution’s Service Performance E-Dashboard

Case Study: Palembang Child Special Development Institution

Hendra Hadiwijaya, Febrianty, Rezania Agramanisti Azdy
The Child Special Development Institute (LPKA) is a place used to foster and educate correctional students (Andikpas). LPKA has a duty to provide services related to the fulfillment of Andikpas rights. In this study, LPKA services that became the focus of research were visits to Andikpas and services...
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Extending the Understanding of Business Intelligence and Its Application in Startups

Dedy Kurniawan, Ariansyah Saputra, M. Rudi Sanjaya, Zaqqi Yamani
Modern decision-making processes are guided by acumens retrieved from big data. Contemporary businesses must have means for processing data. Some of the approaches used by companies to manage and analyze data include outsourcing, hiring data analysts, and using tech teams. These approaches have various...
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The Application of Digital Marketing for UKM in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hetty Meileni, Sony Oktapriandi, Desi Apriyanti
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things, in one country and in an economic area that has declined or even collapsed. Social restrictions imposed in an area have decreased the level of sales for UKM. Work From Home (WFH) is one of the factors that cause consumers not to want to make purchases offline....
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Designing Student and Lecturer Attendance System Application Using Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Hartati Deviana, Mustaziri, Ema Laila, Meiyi Darlies, Demby Pratama
Sriwijaya State Polytechnic currently has a web-based academic information system, namely SISAK. One of the features available in this system is the activity of recording student and lecturer attendance with a lecturer attendance validation system in class. Validation is carried out during lecture activities...
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Designing Augmented Reality-Based Computer Devices Learning Media on Android Platform

Dony Novaliendry, Arif Subagia, Titi Sriwahyuni, Fegie Y Wattimena, Axelon S Renyaan, Ceng-Hong Yang, Putra Jaya
IT technology is developing very rapidly. This is proven by the many discoveries about IT-based learning media, one of which is Augmented Reality. The media for introducing Augmented Reality-based computer devices can be used to overcome the lack of computer equipment used by schools during practice...
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Public Service Announcement Implementation of Learning at the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic in Minimizing the Risks and Impacts Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Alan Novi Tompunu, Nelly Masnila, Zakaria, Azwardi, Ainun Nabila
The spread of Covid19 in Indonesia has not shown any signs of decreasing, therefore the Ministry of Education and culture took preventive steps in the educational environment by issuing a decree which agreed that the learning process, especially in higher education, was carried out online for theoretical...
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Principal Component Analysis Method for Image Segmentation of Smart Meter Digital

Husnawati, Shinta Puspasari, Rian Rahmanda Putra
The digital kWh meter is a device that can measure the consumption of electrical power in electrical equipment. This paper presents an approach to recognize numeric characters on the kWh meter image by implementing principal component analysis for segmentation. Research methodology contains two phases,...
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Design of Solar Powered Vaccine Backpack

Muhammad Haikal Satria, Ariep Jaenul, Adhes Gamayel
Covid-19 Pandemic effects rural and indigenous area that is hard and far to reach by vehicles. Most of the medical deliveries to this remote area is done on foot and taken days to reach destination. Vaccine consistency is affected by their ambient temperature and duration of exposure to adverse temperature...
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Trainer Module Design of Item Sorting Equipment Based on Height and Plc-Based Traffic Light Prototype in the System Laboratory

Evelina, Amperawan, Dewi Permata Sari, Sabilal Rasyad
Technological developments in the industrial world have been very developed and modern. Especially for industries that use automatic or control systems in their production processes, one of them is by using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The world of education today still has quite a gap or gap...
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Prototype Development of Heartbeat and Body Temperature Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Ahmad Taqwa, Ade Silvia Handayani, Arsyiil Shiddik, Carlos R Sitompul, Yowhandri Bow, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Zakaria
This paper presents IoT-based health care technology in monitoring vital signs in health services. The result designate prototype to detect health parameters is effectiveness for provide real time online information such as heart rate and body temperature This monitoring system is made using the raspberry...