Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulics Engineering (ICACHE 2016)

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Functional Cellulose by Microwave Initiated Grafting Polymerization in Homogeneous Media

Gang Chang, Tiaokun Fu, Xiaoyi Wei, Jihua Li, Fei Wang, Haiyan Feng
The cellulose grafted copolymer was synthesized by homogeneous media grafting 2-(Dimethylamino) ethylmethacrylate (DMAEMA) onto the sugarcane bagasse under microwave irradiation. A homogeneous solution formed with cellulose dissolved in 1-butyl-3-methylinidazolium chloride ionic liquid which the grafting...
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Examining the Binding Mechanism of Chloride Ions in Sea Sand Mortar

Nengjun Gong, Xintang Wang
The adsorption and binding mechanisms of chloride ion in sea sand mortars were investigated through measuring the water-soluble chloride ion content in this paper. In addition,the microstructure of Friedel's salt were characterized by three approaches : X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal analysis method...
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Study on Seismic Properties of Assembled Monolithic Metro Station Based on Response Deformation Method

Tao Chen, Furong Luo, Xiuli Du, Songmei Li, Zongyong Wang
Assembled monolithic metro station is a potential kind of structure technique to solve a series of problems caused by the cast-in-situ concrete technique used in the traditional construction way of metro station. Seismic properties of this underground structure are modeled and studied based on the response...
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Research on the New Full View Detection Equipment of Bridge Superstructure

Jinbo Song
New perspective of the upper structure of the bridge detection device comprises a detection device body, detection support, crawling mechanism, gas spring, motor, image acquisition device, the buckle plate, the chassis and the control device, the detection device is installed on the cable body, body...
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The Finite Element Analysis of Tailings Dam Seepage

Peng Cheng, Shuang Chen, Wei Chen
Among the many factors affecting the stability of tailings dam, the influence of seepage is very significant. In this paper, the seepage stability of a tailings dam at the accumulation profile elevation and the design elevation were analyzed by using 2D finite element. The results show that the infiltration...
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Research on Selection of Shape Function in Flexible Multi-body System Dynamics

Yang Zhao, Qizheng Zhou, Pengfei Yue
In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of flexible multibody system dynamics simulation and control, the research on the selection of shape function in flexible multi- body system is needed.Under the specific floating coordinate system, deduce flexible multi-body system dynamics general equation...
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Research of Synchronous Jacking up Construction Monitoring and Control Technologies of Bridge

Jia He, Xingzan Gao
This study is to optimize the longitudinal linear of the original route based on the jacking up construction of one bridge in the Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway project, which applied the synchronous jacking up construction method to raise the beam and consequently achieve the designed linear. Through the...
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Experimental Study on the Cohesional Strength between Old and New Pavement Concrete

Rui Zeng, Yong Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jie LI
The effects of old and new pavement concrete cohesional strength by different concrete surface processing mode, types of interface agent and cycle of freezing and thawing were studied through experiments and theoretical analysis to test the old and new pavement concrete cohesional strength under the...
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Research on Safety Factor of Important Slope of Extra Height Dam

Bin Li, Maoji Li
The slope stability allowed reliable index is 4.2 in specification of rockfill dam for 200 m height, critical slope safety factor of stability is 1.3, but there is not a fitted safety standard for rockfill dam of more than 200 m height and critical slope of this project. Summarizes the failure probability,...
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Research on Optimization Strategies of Campus Plant Landscape in Shenyang

Haiyan Qu, Bo Zhao
With the rapid advance of urbanization process, particle matters from the atmosphere has gradually become the primary pollutant of the air in cities. This paper selected the university campus of Shenyang-the north city of which the pollution is serious as the research target. Through investigation and...
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Study on Improving the Durability of Cement Concrete for Bridge Mixing With Nano Material by Experiment

Ling Sun, Li Wang, Yanjun Chen, Xuyuan Liang, Wenyong Yu, Yan Wang
In the essay, that cement concrete mixed with Nano-SiO2 ,the cement concrete mixing with Nano scale fly-ash and the cement concrete mixing with Nano-SiO2 have been tested on preventing the adverse effect of sulfates shows that the cement concrete mixing with Nano-SiO2 improves the performance of the...
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Research on Application of High Pressure Jet Grouting Impervious Wall on Manmade Island

Bin Li, Jian Yu
High pressure jet grouting seepage technology has gained improvement, it is widely used in water conservancy project as its technical advantage, but because of construction environment of offshore manmade island is more complex than water conservancy project, so its detection and construction technology...
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The Role of Myocardin in Platelet-derived Growth Factor-BB-induced Phenotypic Switching of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Ying Yuan, Tiefeng Song, Huiqin Wang, Liwen Huang, Nan Wang
In recent years, numerous studies confirm that platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) is involved in the development of atherosclerosis and the regulation of human aorta VSMC (HA-VSMC) proliferation. Myocardin is an essential transcription factor that can activate the tran-scription of some smooth...
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LncRNA MEG3 Is Involved in Endothelial Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Na Huang, Rui Zhang, Danyang Shi, Doudou Li, Hongpeng He, Hao Zhou, Tong-Cun Zhang, Nan Wang
The role of long non-coding RNA in endothelial differentiation of MSCs remains poorly understood. In this study, the levels of several lncRNAs including MEG3, MALAT1, SNHG5, lnc00657 and TUG1, which are high expressed in endothelial cells, were detected in hMSCs and HUVECs by real-time PCR. The results...
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Phytoremediation Mechanism of Sediment Contaminated with Pentachlorophenol by Aquatic Macrophytes

Liangyuan Zhao, Weihua Zhao, Weijie Guo, Huan Li, Meng Long
In the present research, phytoremediation mechanism of sediment contaminated with pentachlorophenol (PCP) was investigated. Seven species of common aquatic macrophytes were used for remediating PCP contaminated sediment and those plants could significantly accelerate the degradation of PCP in sediments....
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Review of Compression Properties of Coral Sands

Binbin Xu, Wei Si
The compressibility properties of coral sands have been realized from indoor experiments and in-site construction. In order to summarize the compressibility of coral sands, this paper reviewed the previous researches and gave some reference for the following researches. It is found that: 1) the compression...
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Ananlysis of Element-wise Response under Uniform Three-dimensional Deformation Condition

Binbin Xu, Wei Si
In order to get the mechanical response of soils, the element-wise experiments are always carried out assuming a uniform deformation field. In this paper, the attempt to obtain uniform deformation field under three dimensional cubic and cylinder conditions is made theoretically. It is found that the...
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Investigation of Shear Properties of Coral Sands

Binbin Xu, Wei Si
When the quite different physical properties of coral sand from the land sand is found, many researcher have devoted themselves to investigating its mechanical properties. It is generally believed that there are many influence factors including content of carbonate, relative density, stress history,...
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Application of One-way coupled Hydro-meteorological Model in the Jinshajiang River Basin, China

Hairong Zhang, Jianzhong Zhou, Xiaofan Zeng, Yi Liu, Jun Guo
In this study, a mesoscale weather model suitable for precipitation simulation in the Jinshajiang River Basin (the largest hydropower base in China) were firstly investigated. The results show that the WRF model could be used for precipitation simulation and prediction in the Jinshajiang River Basin....
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An Efficient Parameter Calibration Method for API Hydrological Model

Jiang Wu, Jianzhong Zhou, Shuang Zhu, Hairong Zhang, Jun Guo
API hydrological model is common used on streamflow forecasting for its' simple structure and robust ability on acquiring high precision forecasting results. But for a long time, parameter calibration has been the major difficulty for the use of API hydrological model. API model develops from the empirical...
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Seepage Calculation and Analysis on the Eastern Slope of Yanshan Iron Ore

Yunyun Fan, Nan Wang, Andong Sun
Yanshan iron ore open pit, located next to a river channel where quaternary epipedon large and thick covered on bedrock including seepage passage of highly permeable sandy gravel. As seepage engineering measures are necessary to ensure the production safety, the typical eastern slope section of nearby...
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Spatial Analysis of Residential Land Price in Urban Area of Jimo City Based on GIS

Ming Li Chen, Shu Jian He, Ji Fang Cui, Xiao Guang Zhang, Pei Ru Liu, Rui Hao
In this paper, land prices of the 234sample points are chosen from the collected bargaining points in Jimo city by using the approaches of market comparison, residual and income. Then, SPSS is applied to carry out normality tests of the sample data and eliminate the outlier data. The trend of land price...
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Characteristics of Soil and Water Loss in Typical Bamboo Forest

Zhaowei Shen, Suigao Ye, Li Gang
the selection of pure bamboo forest, bamboo forest, bamboo Tong Yang Yang Tong - Hemerocallis mixed forest as the research object, on the surface rainfall and 3 kinds of stand in the runoff, soil loss and nutrient loss (total nitrogen and total phosphorus) were studied. The results show that:. (1) the...
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Design Of Real Time Monitoring Data Acquisition System For Soil And Water Loss

Zhaowei Shen, Yousong Zhang, Li Gang
Real time monitoring data acquisition system based on Windows operating system is developed, which is designed to improve the efficiency of data acquisition and processing of soil erosion on the slope, and to provide data query. The main functions of the data acquisition system software include system...
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Influence Factors of High Cemented Gangue Backfill Strength

Lei Chen, Jian Zhao, Ming Zhao
The high cemented gangue backfill (HCGB) is prepared from coal gangue, fly ash, cement and water. The effects of curing period, slurry concentration, fly ash content and cement content on the uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of HCGB were studied by single factor and multi-level test method. The results...
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Seepage Calculation and Analysis of Xinxiang Town Landslide under Rainfall Condition

Yunyun Fan, Fengyuan Wu, Li Liang
The seepage process of Xinxiang Town landslide under typical rainfall condition was calculated and analyzed in this paper. The calculation results show that the rainfall can significantly raise the saturation line of landslide and form the saturated seepage zone with relatively large hydraulic gradient...
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Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior of High Water Content Dredged Materials Stabilized by Cement and Super-absorb Polymer

Xia Bian, Zhifeng Wang
A series of unconfined compression strength test and odeometer test were conducted to study the mechanical behavior of cement stabilized dredged material at high water content with super-absorb polymer. The super-absorbent polymer (SAP) is added as water reducing agent into the cementing agent to improve...
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Technical and Economic Research on Cast-in-place Concrete Hollow Floor Structure (City Building Engineering)

Ronghui Lin, Hui Lv, Dae Lv
As a new type of construction technology, the hollow girderless floor structure has been widely used in many projects. The paper studied economic efficiency of the new hollow girderless floor structure system (with thin-walled bellows) and the common beam-slab structure system as the standard floor for...
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The Development Strategy of Community Education for Improving the New Generation of Migrant Workers' Psychological Capital --Based on the Idea of Educational Equity

Simin Wang, Yaner Tang
The ensuring of the educational fairness for vulnerable groups has been one of the hot spots in the academic researches and education reforms. As the mainstay of economic development, the new generation of migrant workers has made great contribution to the urban development. However, they are at a disadvantage...
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A Study of Tunnel Construction Environment Based on the TBM and Improved Methods

Qiujun Wu, Ke Li, Mingnian Wang, Feng Chao
With the increase of single tunnel length, traditional tunnel construction method can't meet the requirements of the construction environment. In this paper, the control values of temperature, humidity and wind speed are gained by statistics and analysis. Based on the field test of the TBM tunnel construction...
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Research on Optimal Routing Real-time Scheduling Algorithm for CPS

Benhai Zhou, Limei Liu, Libo Xu
CPS is an integrated system of physical process and calculation process. Through the CPS system, human beings are related by the digital world and the physical world. The CPS sensing layer is mainly composed of wireless sensor networks. At the beginning of the data collection task, the sensor nodes are...
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A Cutting Type Porthole Die Structure for Semi-hollow Al-Profiles

Peng Yun, Rurong Deng
A new cutting type structure was presented. The split way for the new structure and the choice of relevant parameters were described, the lap jointing type to form the male die and female die a complete tongue, the design of portholes and the welding chamber and the bearing were included. And the results...
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A Protection Type Porthole Die with Twin Cavities for semi-Hollow Al-Profiles

Xuemei Huang, Rurong Deng
Through a common actual example, a new structure named protection type with twin cavities in a die for the semi-hollow Al-profiles was present. And the selection and the optimization of structure parameters were described in detail. the layout of die holes, the design of the portholes, the structure...
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Study on Vibration Characteristics of Gun Barrel Under the Action of Moving Projectile

Yang Zhao, Qizheng Zhou, Pengfei Yue
This paper studied the vibration characteristics of barrel excited by projectile in lauch process of gun. Considering the effect of inertia and the contact condition between projectile and barrel, we simplified the barrel as the Euler equal cross section, and established the vibration equation of barrel...
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Preparation and Properties of Calcium Alginate Nano-Cu2O Flame Retardant Antimicrobial Membrane Material

Xiaolu Sun, Zichao Li, Xihui Zhao, Yun Xue, Jiao Li, Qun Li
Nano-Cu2O materials have many excellent properties, it is widely used, to overcome its sparingly solubility in water and poor stability among other defects, anhydrous cupric sulfate as raw materials, preparation of gel of nano-Cu2O by in stiu reduction method in sodium alginate solution(SA). The structure...
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Experimental Study on the Effect of Short Basalt Fiber on Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Liguang Xiao, Jiheng Li, Qingshun Liu
In this paper, the experimental study on the modification of lightweight aggregate concrete with different content of basalt fiber is carried out, and the results show that the: With the increase of amount of basalt fiber, lightweight aggregate concrete slump decreases; compressive strength increases...
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Experimental Study on the Cutting Temperature of Cemented Carbides Tool Embedded With Caf2 Solid Lubricants

Wenlong Song, Jianxin Deng, Xuan Zhang, Zongxin Guo, Ke Zhou
Micro-holes were fabricated using micro-EDM on the surface of WC/TiC/Co carbide, CaF2 solid lubricants were filled into these micro-holes to form self-lubricating tool (MST). Dry cutting tests on AISI 1045 hardened steel were carried out with the MST tools and conventional tools (CT). The cutting temperature...
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Analysis of Stripe Design in the Clothing Based on Eye Tracking

Shurong Hu, Bei Xiao
In order to reduce the impact on the psychology of appearance defects for upper limb disabled, this paper tried to weaken the physical defect characteristics, using stripe design to transfer focus on defective parts of the disabled. The parameters of horizontal and radiation stripes were confirmed and...
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The Design and Evaluation of Easy Care Clothing for Disabled

Shurong HU, Xiaoxia Wu
In this paper, the special requirement for the lower limb disabled was investigated by the interview with doctors, nurses and disabled in rehabilitation center. Based on the requirements, the new easy care clothing for wheelchair users is designed by the functional fabrics used, the fastener selected,...
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The Effect of Straw Addition on Properties of Slag Cement

Liguang Xiao, Jingyao Li
This paper mainly studied the influence of the amount of straw on the initial setting time and final setting time of the polymer cement, as well as the influence on the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. Learning from the experiment, we could find that the porosity increased with the increase...
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Reliability Analysis of Tunnel Lining under Earthquake Loading Using Response Surface Method

Shuli Fan, Yi Shi, Dongyuan Sun, Jianyun Chen
The variation of rock mass mechanical parameters has a significant impact on the dynamic response of tunnel lining. Regarding the deformation modulus, Poisson's ratio, cohesion and frictional angle of rock mass as basic random variables, the effect of these parameters on the reliability index of tunnel...
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Foaming Properties of Laurel Amide Betaine in High Temperature and High Salinity Oil Reservoirs

Yang Wang, Jijiang Ge, Yang Lin
Laurel amide betaine (LAB) has good foaming properties under high temperature (90øC) and high salinity (220 000mg/L. In this paper, foaming properties of LAB were investigated comprehensively. The results showed that at low concentrations, LAB had good foaming properties and pH value had little effect...
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Spatial Analysis and Evaluation of Consolidation Potential of Rural Residential Area based on GIS in Jv County

Mingli Chen, Peiru Liu, Xiaoguang Zhang, Jifang Cui, Shujian HE, Xiaojie Yu
The potential evaluation of rural residential area can assist the choosing of urban construction land, the plan of land renovation, and the construction of rural-urban integration. The current number of village is very large in southern part of Shandong, and distribution character of the villages is...
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Research on the Shearing Performances of PBL Connector in Non-Steel-Cell Joint Section of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Girder Bridge

Jia He, Qin Cai, Lin-lin Li
Non-steel-cell joint section is a common way to connect the steel beam and the concrete beam in steel-concrete hybrid girder bridge, and the PBL connector with large rigidity is usually adopted in non-steel-cell joint section. Shear resistance of PBL connector determines the success of joint force transmission....
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Modelling Two-Dimensional Flow Around a Circular Cylinder with Different Roughness Height

Jianbo Xie, Xin Wang
The present paper focuses on the analysis of the flow around a circular cylinder on the surface with different roughness height (Ks). In this simulation, an iced transmission line was simplified to a two-dimensional cylinder with roughness wall on the part of iced area and smooth wall on the remaining,...
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Zircon U-Pb and Molybdenite Re-Os Dating of Gangjiang Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit in Nimu Ore Belt, Southern Tibet, China and Its Geological Significance

Hua Jiang, Wenchang Li
In order to determine the ages of magmatism and mineralization, and thus to disentangle the complicated magmatic evolution and the relationship between magmatic process and copper-molybdenum mineralization, the authors carried out a study of LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb dating of monzonite granite porphyry,...
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Typical Production Curve Types and its Geological Meaning of CBM Wells in Fanzhuang Block, China

Mengxi Li, Jun Tang, Zhouqi Cui, Shuaishuai Liu, Yanjun Chen, Wei Yu
Based on reservoir characteristics and production curves of 49 CBM wells in Fanzhuang block, the production curves were divided into five types: single-peak type, double-peak type, step type, linear type, triple-peak type. According to geological factors such as CBM content, permeability and engineering...
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Characteristics of Soil and Water Loss Based on Runoff Plot

Zhaowei Shen, Fangchun Lu, Li Gang
This paper selects Zhejiang province 5 runoff plots of rainfall, runoff and sediment loss was studied. The results showed that: (1) the annual rainfall mainly concentrated in 4-9 months, accounted for 60.7%-66.6% of the annual rainfall. (2) the annual runoff is mainly concentrated in 5-9 months, which...
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Analysis of Productivity Controlling for Adjacent CBM Wells in Mining Subsidence Area: a Case in the Fanzhuang Block, Southern Qinshui Basin, China

Qingzhong Zhu, Zhengguang Zhang, Wensheng Zhang, Congcong Wu, Yongping Hang, Yangyang Li, Qiujia Hu
In order to analyze the productivity influence of mining subsidence area to adjacent coal seam gas wells, the paper studied physical properties and production characteristics of CBM wells in southwest Fanzhuang block. With changes of distance to mining subsidence area, distribution characteristics of...
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Combined motion design and control of multi-stage Flexible telescopic boom model

Wenzheng Du, Peng Wu, Xia Wu, Baozhu Ma
To solve the problem of flexible multi-stage telescopic boom automatic reprint, according to ADAMS flexible body modeling theory, electro-hydraulic proportional position control theory and co-simulation modeling interface technology to establish flexible multi-stage telescopic system model based on virtual...
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Sodium, rubidium and cesium ions adsorption by Prussian blue(PB)

Tan Guo, Shan Yun, Huaju Li, Xiufang Zhu, Xiaoyan Gao
The adsorption of alkali metal ions onto prepared Prussian blue (PB) was investigated in single-element solutions. The released quantities of K+ constitutive of PB were measured in course of adsorption time. Acidification occurred in these solutions because of decrease in pH values after adsorption....
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Research on Vulnerability Analysis of Vessel-Bridge Collision

Tao Fu
In this paper, the definition and process of vulnerability analysis of vessel-bridge collision are put forward to provide the basis on the design and reinforcement of vessel-bridge collision. The factors that affect the vulnerability of vessel-bridge collision can be described as random variable. The...
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Analysis of the influence of inside and outside water level changes of foundation pit on stability of foundation

Shangyu Han, Kun Yang, Xingxing Wei, Lei Yun, Cong Cheng
Inside and outside the foundation pit water level changes often affect the stability of foundation pit.This article is based on the engineering data, the finite element simulation model is established to analyze the relationship between the water level change of the foundation pit and the stability of...
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Preparation and Stability Evaluation of Pectin Coated Galanga Essential Oil Liposomes

Yupo Cao, Wei Zhou, Jihua Li, Xiaobing Huang, Yuan Yuan, Lijing Lin
Galanga essential oil liposomes were prepared by ethanol injection method, and uesd pectin to coat galanga essential oil liposomes. The average diameter, PDI, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency and storage stability of pectin-coated galanga essential oil liposomes were investigated. Results showed...