Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications

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Research of Face Recognition Method Use of MRA-Framework

Zhaoying Wu, Feng Ma, Wanshe Li
Of the face image after adding noise, face recognition rate of traditional PCA method will be significantly lowered, this paper will use orthogonal wavelet + PCA and wavelet frame + PCA methods to study it respectively. First, the face image processing plus noise, then decomposition the image under the...
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A Lifelong Learning Approach for Improving Accurate Face Recognition

Zhangqu Yu
With the popularity of artificial intelligence and computer vision, an increasing number of software engineers attempt to make their systems be able to recognize the user, through the way of face recognition, e.g., Characteristic Points (i.e., CP)-based face recognition. Generally, the traditional CP-based...
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A Simple Manner of Dynamic Gesture Recognition Based on Kinect

Fenggang Li, Xiangfei Jiang, Xiaobo Xia
The paper develops a simple method of dynamic gesture recognition based on the Kinect which is a new sensor from Microsoft in the environment of VS2010 combining Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8. Kinect sensors can track human bodies within their effective scope in real-time and obtain the depth of the corresponding...
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The Analysis of Influence Factors and Identification of Speaker-Dependent Primi Speech Recognition

Lin Guo, Yang Bai, Jie Su, Wen-lin Pan, Tian-jun Zhang
The research object is an endangered minority language of Primi on the southern dialect. This paper takes isolated-word of Primi as the primitive and uses large vocabulary of speech corpora based on HTK. The effect of different quantity of vocabularies, the sample ratio of training and testing, and the...
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Non-negative Tensor Factorization for Speech Enhancement

Liang He, Weiqiang Zhang, Mengnan Shi
This paper proposes an algorithm for speech enhancement by non-negative tensor factorisation. We group adjacent time-frequency matrices in the spectrograms together to form a tensor as a basic input in our algorithm. The non-negative tensor factorisation is followed to perform sound source separation...
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Application of Data Mining Technology in Intelligent Environmental Protection Systems

Guikang Gao, Mingbo Xiao, Zhen Wang
Among the pollutants in the power industry emissions, sulfur dioxide so far has the most serious impact on the environment. In the desulfurization process, it is common to have data with complex correlations, high real-time, and huge amount. Data mining has become an important technique to deal with...
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Investigation of Test Outcomes Supported by Graphs

Sylvia Encheva
Students’ knowledge assessment has occupied the attention of many researches pertaining to different disciplines. Recent areas of interest in this regard include availability of preliminary skills and status of latest obtained knowledge, self-assessment, grading methods, tests, hints, help functions,...
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How to Assign Papers to Referees

Miki Hermann, Vincent Rudelli
We present an algorithm to distribute a possibly large number of papers among a smaller number of referees, each paper requiring k reports. The optimality criterion for the assignment is not based on a local view of each referee, but on a global performance of the whole k-assignment satisfying a fairness...
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Mining Association Rules from Stream Data Based on the Dynamic Support

Jia Luo, Shihe Chen, Fengping Pan, Yaqin Zhu, Le Wu, Yaqi Sun, Chunkai Zhang
The Stream data exists in the field of industrial production, life activities, business transactions, and other fields. It is closely related to people’s life, production and so on. This paper proposes inter-transaction association rules mining method based on dynamic support threshold. Inter-transaction...
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A Combined Co-location Pattern Mining Approach for Post-Analyzing Co-location Patterns

Yuan Fang, Lizhen Wang, Junli Lu, Lihua Zhou
The co-location pattern mining discovers the subsets of spatial features which are located together frequently in geography. However, the huge number of the co-location mining results limit the usability of co-location patterns. Furthermore, users hardly identify and understand the interesting knowledge...
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Research on Combination of Quantitative Investment on the Shanghai A-Share Factor

Qing Sun
in a number of listed companies to choose stocks to invest in, stock-market investors are focused on the key issues. Based on Shanghai 180 index as a benchmark, net rates, earnings, municipal rates, cash flow increased four factor classification for quality, value growth three factors, construction quality-value,...
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Research on the Architecture of Sky-Earth Collaborative Information Communication Network of GEI

Lan Su, Peizhe Xin, Yudong Wang, Yugan Yang, Chenchang Zhang, Geng Zhang
Aiming at the significant demand of GEI in ultra high voltage(UHV),ubiquitous smart grid, the use of the regenerative clean energy, the paper presents a new sky-earth collaborative information communication network architecture which delivers the centralized and distributed power, wind energy, solar...
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LSTM Networks for Mobile Human Activity Recognition

Yuwen Chen, Kunhua Zhong, Ju Zhang, Qilong Sun, Xueliang Zhao
A lot of real-life mobile sensing applications are becoming available. These applications use mobile sensors embedded in smart phones to recognize human activities in order to get a better understanding of human behavior. In this paper, we propose a LSTM-based feature extraction approach to recognize...
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Group Consensus of Multi-agent Networks With Multiple Time Delays

Lianghao Ji, Xinyue Zhao, Qun Liu, Yong Wang
This paper investigates the group consensus problem of first-order multi-agent networks with multiple time delays. By applying the theory of frequency-domain, we aim to propose some algebraic criteria such that the multi-agent networks can reach group consensus. From the results, it can be shown that...
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A New Approach to the Definition of Information Diffusion and Confusion of Boolean Transformation

Lin Li, Zhiyin Kong, Fengmei Liu, Kun Li, Xiubin Fan
Mass, energy and information are the three important quantities in the physical world. The diffusion and confusion of information is the guiding ideology of cipher algorithm coding. Linear transformation is generally used to realize the diffusion of information and S-box is used to realize the confusion....
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Research on Comparisons of Micro-blog’s Document Features

Jinyuan Zhou, Gaoyun Xia
The paper is to explore Micro-blog’s features, namely, whether it belongs to Document, the paper makes comparisons on definition, elements, information processing level, similarities and differences of ten documentary information sources, features and functions between Document and Micro-blog. The paper...
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A Method for Knowledge Mining of Satellite State Association

Jing Zhao, Tianshe Yang, Ke Zhang, Xingmiao Liu, Na Fu, Xuhua Wang
This paper presents a new scheme for data mining in spacecraft state association and abnormal detection. A method which includes state association knowledge mining (SAKM) and Similar Density Merge Clustering (SDMC) is developed. Data from the satellite are the most critical thing for analyzing satellite...
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Robustness Evaluation of Local Descriptors

Binquan Li, Xiaohui Hu
The descriptors should be robust to changes of images taken under various conditions in order to obtain correct recognition. In this paper, we compare the robustness of descriptors computed for local interest regions, for example, extracted by the Harris, SURF and MSER detector. Different descriptors...
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Research on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Augmented Reality Demonstration for Foshan Ceramics

Jinsong Fan, Jun An
In this paper, regarding to the fragility and surface erosion problems of Foshan ceramics, we discussed the methodology and technology of 3D reconstruction and virtual demonstration for Foshan ceramic object and cultural relics. We adopted Reverse Engineering technology to rebuild the shape of object...
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A Heuristic Interrupt Coalescing Approach for Improving High Performance Network

Huijun Wu, Jigang Wang
With the rapid development of cloud computing technology, high performance network has been widely deployed in commercial cloud computing centers. This gives rise to the challenge of how to deal with the heavy network flow between virtual machines staying on different physical servers. SR-IOV (Single...
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Impulsive Synchronization of the Neural Networks with a Gui Chaotic Strange Attractor

Kaihua Wang, Zhanji Gui
in this paper, impulsive neural networks with a Gui chaotic strange attractor is studied. By employing the Lyapunov-like stability theory of impulsive functional differential equations, some criteria for synchronization between two impulsive neural networks are derived. An illustrative example is provided...
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Comparison of IEEE802.16e and IEEE802.11n in QPSK with LDPC Minimum Sum Algorithm

Yihua Chen, Huating Syu, Zongyi Saio
In accordance with the approximate lower triangular parity check matrix standard of low-density parity-check codes in IEEE Standard 802.16e, this study used LabVIEW to write a variety of adjustable encoding patterns generated at the transmitter end within a single-program structure, including six groups...
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End-to-end Delay of Switched Ethernet Based on Time Division Multiple Access

Jieqiong Zhou
Focusing on the access control of terminal equipment base on time division multiple access (TDMA), an experimental network based on the RTNET protocol was established. The real-time Linux kernel was reconstructed and RTNET protocol stack of real-time Ethernet was transplant in the paper. Based on the...
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Deep Learning Applied to Mobile Phone Data for Individual Income Classification

Pål Sundsøy, Johannes Bjelland, Bjørn-Atle Reme, Asif M.Iqbal, Eaman Jahani
Deep learning has in recent years brought breakthroughs in several domains, most notably voice and image recognition. In this work we extend deep learning into a new application domain - namely classification on mobile phone datasets. Classic machine learning methods have produced good results in telecom...
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Intelligent Solutions for Screening Employees with Skills in High Demand

Sylvia Encheva
Today’s project leaders face situations where workforce optimizations have to be considered not only under a project planning period but also a number of times through the entire project period. Such occurrences require efficient ways of selecting minimum number of employees with skills that are called...
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Web-based User Interface Modeling and Automatic Mobile Web App Generation Tool

Kibong Choi, Saehwa Kim
This paper proposes a web-based logical user interface (UI) modeling and automatic mobile web App generation tool. Logical UI modeling is based on PELUM (Pattern and Event based Logical User Interface Modeling). PELUM is an effective embedded SW development methodology for UI centric embedded systems....
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Development and Performance Evaluation of Fine Stage for 3-DOF Error Compensation

Jae-Chang Lee, Min-Jae Lee, Hoon-Hee Lee, Seung-Han Yang
In this paper, a fine stage based on parallel mechanism was developed for 3-DOF error compensation to improve the form accuracy of the workpiece. This mechanism with 3-DOF motions in the plane was designed as the parallel structure for minimization and high structural stiffness. The static and dynamic...
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3D Scene Rendering Based on EEG Data Driven and the Application in Biofeedback Therapy

Xinliang Wei, Wei Sun
Using human biological signs to drive the scene and control the object in the scene, has important significance in the development of the virtual reality technology. Through human biological signs to drive the virtual scene, the user get a better sense of immersion. They also can control their own situation...
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App Development on Operation and Maintenance Management of Seismic Network Based on the Mobile Terminal

Bo Bi, Peiyu Zhu, Peng Wang
In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the seismic network, the key job is rapid and effective fault response and exclusion. App development on operation and maintenance management of seismic network based on the mobile terminal is an effective method, which includes IOS system and Android....
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Dependencies between Pre-existing and Newly Obtained Knowledge

Sylvia Encheva
Computation skills in mathematics play an essential role in developing students’ abilities to handle procedurally oriented tasks. Reasoning on the other hand, being a higher-order cognitive ability, supports recognition of patterns and relationships. Finding correlations between students’ performance...
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High Order Thinking Skills and Their Effect on Knowledge Accumulation

Sylvia Encheva
Knowledge and skills students gather for a period of time is difficult to estimate. Learning is effected by a number of factors and prior knowledge is among the very important ones. Despite existence of a substantial amount of tests for assessing newly obtained knowledge and skills, there is still a...
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Comprehensive Evaluation for Electric Power Information Security Based on Set Pair Analysis

Shouming Ma
the safe and stable operation of the information system has become the key content of the information works in the electric power industry. In order to establish a unified enterprise-level security evaluation system, a new comprehensive evaluation method based on set pair analysis (SPA) was proposed...
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Management of the Equipment Status in the Telecommunication Room Based on Sensors and RFID

Shan Yang, Feng Guo, Jinhui Zhao, Yuan Liu, Longjun Deng, Jinjun Xu
In order to realize the online monitor of the environment and energy consumption of the telecommunication room, we employed the environment sensor to monitor the temperature, humidity, and water leaching of the telecommunication room. Meanwhile, energy consumption sensors were utilized to monitor the...
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Sharing Knowledge through Social Media: The Influence of National Cultures

Ginevra Gravili
This paper aims to understand if knowledge sharing through social media is suitable for all types of cultures and if cultural dimensions can interfere or facilitate the diffusion of information.
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Design and Development of Training System for Teaching on Blast Furnace Mechatronics

Ye Sun, Ren Chen, Zuoliang Zhang, Meng Li, Yan Liu, Mingxia Feng, Huishu Zhang, Yan Cui
Based on the practical teaching requirements of metallurgical engineering, a cold position training device on blast furnace was designed in line with actual production. The control system adopts the integrated control cabinet and its design of the training device is implemented by the PLC of Siemens...
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Design and Development of Training System for Teaching on Melter Gasifier Mechatronics

Ye Sun, Ren Chen, Zuoliang Zhang, Meng Li, Yan Liu, Mingxia Feng, Huishu Zhang, Yan Cui
Based on the practical teaching requirements of metallurgical engineering, a cold position training device on the melter gasifier was designed in line with actual production. The control system adopts the integrated control cabinet and its design of the training device is implemented by the PLC of Siemens...
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Design and Development of Training System for Teaching on Shaft Furnace Mechatronics

Ye Sun, Ren Chen, Zuoliang Zhang, Meng Li, Yan Liu, Mingxia Feng, Huishu Zhang, Yan Cui
Based on the practical teaching requirements of metallurgical engineering, a cold position training device on the shaft furnace was designed in line with actual production. The control system adopts the integrated control cabinet and its design of the training device is implemented by the PLC of Siemens...
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Design and Development of Training System for Teaching on Sintering Mechatronics

Ye Sun, Ren Chen, Zuoliang Zhang, Meng Li, Yan Liu, Mingxia Feng, Huishu Zhang, Yan Cui
Based on the practical teaching requirements of metallurgical engineering, a cold position training device on sinter was designed in line with actual production. The control system adopts the integrated control cabinet and its design of the training device is implemented by the PLC of Siemens S7-300...
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Large Scale Network Topology Visualization System Based on Three.JS

Yuxiao Wang, Yuanzhang Li, Yu'an Tan, Quanxin Zhang, Jun Zheng
with the rapid development of visualization, network visualization has become an important branch, which is applied in many aspects of life such as business, education and virtual community. But existed network visualization systems are based on small volume and static effect. Along with the incessant...
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The Design and Implementation of a Kind of “Data Structure” Visualized CAI Software

Zhao Wang, Hui Ma
Data structure and algorithm is one of the core courses in computer science. The textbook “Algorithm and Data Structure: C language description " edited by Naixiao Zhang, Professor of Peking University, is one of the national higher education quality teaching materials in China. The software was built...
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ViSP: A Cloud-based Virtual Smartphone Platform

Jiajun Wang, Jigang Wang, Peng Yang, Zhicheng Ma, Lei Zhang, Gang Wang
Smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous in our daily life. However, mobile devices are less powerful than traditional devices like desktops and laptops. And the hardware resources of each mobile device also vary widely which leading to different user experiences of smartphone users. This paper...
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A Use of Assignment Sheet with Image Processing Technology Based on MFC

Ying’ang Zhang, Ji Sun, Ran Zhu, Fan Zhang
To solve the problem of the inconvenience of the work correction traditionally, the author designed an electronic assignments correcting system based on traditional homework paper pattern. According to image processing technology based on MFC, it realizes the functions of the image recognition, partition...
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SimStore: Efficient Data Management for Network Propagation Simulation

Dacheng Qu, Lin Zhang, Zhao Cao
Simulation is widely adopted in large scale network propagation analytics. Plenty of analytics scenarios require to retrieve, review the simulation status of a given time points or interval. Unfortunately, it is unaffordable to re-run the simulation due to the long running time and other costs in many...
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Existence of Solutions to Generalized Vector Quasi-equilibrium Problems with Set-Valued Mappings

Yali Zhao, Hong Lu, Chao Wang
In this paper, we introduce and study a class of generalized vector quasi-equilibrium problems, which includes generalized vector quasi-variational-like inequality problems, generalized vector equilibrium problems, generalized vector variational inequality problems as special cases. We use the maximal...
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Research on Real-world Multidimensional Stroke Ontology and Its Reasoning for Construction of the Evolution Model

Luan Gao, Fenggang Li, Jian Wang, Zhenguo Wang, Lin Luo, Xiaozhi Gao
The research planed to gather and standard the real world stroke clinical data from clinica to construct a stroke ontology corpus, through refactoring and sharing of data, established a multi-dimensional stroke ontology. And based on stroke diagnosis and treatment process, it integrated the evolution...
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Distance and Similarity Measures for Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Sets

Xiuming Chen, Jingming Li, Li Qian, Xiande Hu
As generalize of the hesitant fuzzy sets, intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets (IHFSs), which permits a memberships degree and a non-membership degree of an element to a given set, can be considered as a useful tool to express uncertain information in the human decision making process. Based on the traditional...
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An Apriori Based Algorithm Associated Point Line Pattern Applied in Seismic Spatial Data

Yuan Zhou, Lianxiong Gao
earthquake data in spatial database include two typical types point and line feature, this paper propose an algorithm based on apriori for analysis spatial association pattern during point and line feature, and description algorithm process. since the algorithm is a probability-based mining algorithm,...
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Random Forest Regression Based on Partial Least Squares Connect Partial Least Squares and Random Forest

Zhulin Hao, Jianqiang Du, Bin Nie, Fang Yu, Riyue Yu, Wangping Xiong
Partial Least Squares (PLS) Regression is lack of theoretical guidance of rules to achieve the nonlinear by the quasi linearization rule, and its accuracy declines in the face of the unknown variables distribution. Furthermore, the loss of information is easy to arise for the mean processing of the leaf...
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Enhancement in Realistic Fluid Re-simulation

Yahui Song, Hongyan Quan, Yuwen Huang
Re-simulating a 3D fluid result from video while retaining and rendering details is significant in practice, which still remains a difficult task in spite of rapid advancements in this field during the last two decades. Physically driven models can be easily extended to handle fluid, yet they are unable...
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Optimization of Rainfall Sensor Network Layout Based on the Correlation Coefficient Method

Hongling Zhao, Haibo Yang, Zongmin Wang
The unreasonable layout of rain sensor networks results in various problems, such as the redundancy of observation nodes, large daily maintenance overhead, and the difficulty of solving faults in real time. A sensor network optimization algorithm based on the correlation coefficient method is proposed...
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A Complex IT Model System Based on Hierarchical Semantic Network

Jianmin Hao, Zefeng Song
With the continuous development of IT system in enterprises, the more complicated IT system framework rising up. IT system operation becomes more and more difficult. In order to improve the ability of IT management, a complex IT model system is built up along with establishing semantic network of complex...
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Overview of Audio Watermarking Algorithm against Synchronization Attacks

Haiyan Liu, Wuyi Zhang
T Synchronization is the one of the most important issues in digital audio watermarking algorithms. This paper describes the audio watermarking algorithms against synchronization attacks, introduces the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm in detail. The article finally discusses the existing...
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Inexpensive HMC+DRAM Hybrid Main Memory Architecture with LRU-based Data Distribution Management

Ying Zhou, Lin Zhang, Shuang Niu, Shulin Zhao
The Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) is a 3-D-stacked DRAM architecture whose I/O interface achieves up to 320 GB/s of external bandwidth. Therefore, the HMC is a promising alternative to DDRx memory due to its potential to achieve substantially improved memory bandwidth. However, the high price of a HMC device...
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Information System Domain Modeling for Adaptive Learning

Anqi Chen, Jimei Li
To meet the need of the adaptive learning platform, the relevant research results of the domain modeling have been analyzed and compared in this paper, including the methods of domain knowledge representation, the domain modeling methods and modeling technology based on ontology. And combining with the...
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Adaptively Finding Optimal Routes under Principles of Spatial Cognition-A Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Approach

Weifeng Zhao, Qin Zhang
Way finding research has paid much attention to the selection of optimal routes under principles of spatial cognition. However, the commonly employed implemental approaches suffer inevitably from the contradictions between personalized network modelling and network data sharing. This paper presents one...
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Seed Extension Based Interactive Medical Volume Segmentation Method

Anjin Park, Hong-Lyel Jung, Joo Beom Eom, Jaesung Ahn, Byeong-Il Lee
This paper proposes an interactive segmentation method based on seed extension to tackle the problems of the min-cut/max-flows algorithm, which was extensively validated for many interactive segmentation applications. The extension is performed by constructing minimum spanning forests (MSF) from seed...
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Content-Aware Reverse Tone Mapping

Belen Masia, Diego Gutierrez
We present an image analysis approach for reverse tone mapping of high dynamic range (HDR) content. The goal is to expand the dynamic range of existing low dynamic range content, to be properly shown on modern HDR displays. Most of the existing reverse tone mapping operators fail to offer a good solution...
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A Novel Curiosity-Driven Perception-Action Cognitive Model

Jing Chen, Bing Li, Li Li
Aiming at agents' autonomous cognitive problems in unknown environment, a novel curiosity-driven perception-action cognitive model is proposed, which simulates intrinsic motivation cognitive mechanism based on the curiosity in psychology, and cognitive processes from perception to action is realized...
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Research to Wearing Comfort for Women’s Jeans Based on Factor Analysis Method

Min Dong, Huimin Xiang, Xiangpeng Li
Nowadays people have a higher demand for wearing comfort on jeans, but there are few researches related to the impact factors of wearing comfort on women's jeans. Considering the needs of the market, we studied the impact factors of wearing comfort on women’s jeans in this paper. On the basis of literature...
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Parallelization of Adaboost Algorithm on Intel MIC Architecture

Haibiao Luo, Haojie Yuan, Shendong Cheng, Ying Li, Feng Yuan, Mingzhu Wei
The Adaboost algorithm plays important role in many machine learning applications. But the computation cost is real expensive when the candidate features are in large amount. In this paper, we introduce a parallel strategy of the Adaboost algorithm on Intel CPU+MIC system, where Intel MIC works as a...
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A Novel Fault Self-diagnosis Algorithm Based on Finite-state Machine for Space Information Network

Yuan Jiang, Ning Li, Fapeng Wang, Cong Wang, Lianguo Wu
the possibility of the development of space information network (SIN) was discussed in this paper, and a novel fault self-diagnosis method was developed. There is limited research of space information network, especially in fault diagnosis domain. This paper gives expectation about future SIN features,...
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Mammography Compression in Narrow Band Transmission Environment

Zhiqiong Wang, Chen Zhang, Tianshu Wang, Jinhui Zhang, Yang Cui, He Ma, Yan Kang
Mammograms are frequent detection means in breast disease. But the limited bandwidth impedes the communication transmission of mammograms in PACS. In this paper, we investigated on the compression method of four mammograms in DICOM format in narrow band transmission environment. Firstly, according to...
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An Improved TLD Tracking Method Using Compressive Sensing

Qiang Li, Xueshi Ge, Geng Wang
Visual Tracking, as an important subject in computer vision, has been widely used in surveillance, space exploration, and human-computer interaction etc. Both tracking-learning-detection (TLD) [1] and compressive tracking (CT) [2] are successful algorithms among those proposed recently. However, TLD...
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An Improved Algorithm for Adaptive Streaming

Siming Zhang, Xueshi Ge, Geng Wang
With the development of network facilities and the wide spread of smart phones, traditional single bitrate video streaming strategy is no longer able to satisfy people's growing needs for high quality video streams. Most of today's adaptive streaming strategies are based on bandwidth estimation such...
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The (s,t)-Relaxed L(2,1)-Labeling of Some Balanced Hypercubes

Taiyin Zhao, Xiaoqing Zhou
For two vertices u and v in a graph G, we denote by dG(u,v) the distance between u and v. If dG(u,v)=i, we say the vertex v is an i-neighbor of u. Let s,t and k be nonnegative integers. An (s,t) –relaxed k-L(2,1) –labeling f of G is an assignment of labels from {0,1,…,K} to the vertices of G if each...
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Research on Optimal Design and Modal Analysis of the Frame

Kaifa Lian, Bailin Fan, Yuan Miao, Xueyang Zhu
Carry out the static analysis of the frame under different working conditions and put forward four kinds scheme of the improvement of the beam, longitudinal beam and traction plate. Besides, carry out the modal analysis of the frame, get the natural frequency and vibration mode of the frame, to provide...
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The Analysis of the Dispersion Characteristic of Impact Point Sequence Coordinates with Armament Projecting on Fixed Targets

Xiangwen Leng, Xu Zhang, Bo Li, Lin Shao
when armament projecting on fixed target is conducted, the deviation of the actual position of the impact point relative to the predetermined position has substantial randomness, causing difficulty in the analysis of armament scale or concentrated application effect. By building sequence coordinates...
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Artificial Intelligence in Mineral Processing Plants: An Overview

Luis Bergh
This work review the applications of artificial intelligence in the field of mineral processing in the last decade. The mineral processing industry is characterized for the lack of reliable models and on-line information about key process variables. Therefore, heuristic methods have been extensively...
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Research on the Fault Diagnosis Method for Hoisting Machinery Based on Multi-source Information Fusion and BPNN

Yi Xie, Jiangwen Zhang
In this paper, a fault diagnosis method for hoisting machinery based on multi-source information fusion and BPNN that has a fast training time and a high accuracy rate and can be converted to on-line monitoring system easily is provided. This method can be used to help people to real-time monitoring...
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Architecture of Cargo Processes Automated Planning System for Container Terminal Railways

Ilya Vasilev, Elena Antonova
The article describes the architecture of automated planning system for container terminal railways. Authors describes main tasks which should be solved in domain and describes how these tasks were automated within developed software.
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An Innovative Scaffolding Coupler Design Based on TRIZ Theory

Nanchu Guo
The purpose for this innovative coupler design is to enhance efficiency for scaffolding install and dissemble. By analyzing ideal solution based on TRIZ theory, the technologic contradiction of this problem can be regarded as “time loss and reliability”. According to contradiction matrix, one way to...
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Research of Wind Turbine Drive System Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical and Electrical Simulation Mode

Xianjiang Shi, Jingchun Zhang, Jiankun Zhang, Heng Du
In order to study a method of diagnosing wind turbine gear fault by generator electrical signal and extend its field of application. A typical doubly-fed wind turbine is taken as object. The gear pair dynamics model and the mathematical model of generator unit are established on the basis of considering...
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Study of High Accuracy Displacement Field Measurement by Digital Image Correlation

Yunxiang Wang, Sujuan Shi, Hao Zhou, Daqing Chen, Hongping Huang
A new approach of high accuracy displacement field measurement in long-distance by digital image correlation is proposed. The long-distance measurement accuracy attained 1 micron with digital image correlation technique of 0.001 pixel bilinear interpolation. Integrated software package is exploited with...
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A Method for Automatic 3D Measurement of Unknown Objects Based on the Structured Light System

Qiang Zhao, Bingwei He, Liwei Zhang, Shengsheng Dong
This paper proposes a novel approach to determine three-dimensional (3-D) model from a minimum number of viewpoint of an object. Calculating the position relation location of two coordinate system in order to splice the multi-view point cloud. The Next Best Views (NBV) is calculated by the visibility...
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3D Piping Route Design Including Branch and Elbow Using Improvements for Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Hai Nguyen, Dong-Joon Kim, Jianke Gao
In ship design problem, piping route design is the most complex stage because the internal spaces inside the ship are limited and the ship, in general, has many systems and subsystems that consist a large number of pipes. In order to optimize the piping cost as well as the construction time, so many...
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Genetic Neural Network Prediction of Car Ownership Based on Principal Component Analysis

Qing Wang, Yewang Zhou
The prediction of the car ownership is the basic work for city traffic sustainable development. The paper carry on principal component analysis to influencing factors in the process of prediction of Wuhan City car ownership, determine the main components. Combining genetic algorithm with neural network,...
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A Unique Tidal Frequency to the Damage Induced Vibration of Planetary Gear System

Kesheng Wang, Kuang Wang
Structures and dynamics of planetary gears are very different from fixed axis gears. Special attentions to fault diagnostics of planetary gear system need to be carefully studied. In this paper, a distinctive nature of damage induced vibration of planetary gear box, namely tidal frequency, considering...
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A Tool for Cutting Large Speech Corpora: HCI4CS

Lin Guo, Yang Bai, Jie Su, Wenlin Pan, Tianjun Zhang
There are two methods to cut large speech corpora, include traditional manual segmentation and machine automatic segmentation. The quality of segmentation can be controlled easily using traditional manual segmentation. However, the shortcomings of manual segmentation were also obviously such as inefficiency,...
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Application of Genetic Neural Network for Diagnosis of Anode Anomaly and Metal Wave in Aluminum Electrolysis

Shuiping Zeng, Bing Liu
This paper presents a neural network model based on the cell resistance signal. In the model, the anode current spectral energy is set as the input vector; the normal production, anode anomaly and metal wave are set as the output sample. By using genetic algorithm to optimize the initial weights and...
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The Comparative Study on Logistics Services Industry (LSI) between China and Korea

Yu Liu
The study comparatively analyses four aspects (Logistics Market Demand, Logistics services Infrastructure, Logistics Services Providers, Government Logistics Policies) of logistics services industry between China and Korea. According to the comparison, the analysis results focus mainly on the drivers,...
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Component-Based Modeling and Simulation of Compound-Axis Tracking Systems

Yufang Yue, Xiaogang Xie, Jianzhu An, Feizhou Zhang, Jianzhu Zhang
Pointing on a certain point of a dynamic target is demanded by beam director system. Compound-axis servo system must be adopted. A component-based compound axis servo system simulation method is proposed, denoted as the CCASS method. Compound-axis tracking system simulation is an effective expansion...
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Uniform Induced Electromagnetic Features around Longitudinal and Transverse Cracks

Jiuhao Ge, Wei Li, Yanyun Wu, Xinan Yuan
Uniform alternating electromagnetic field will be induced in specimen with alternating current excitation. The distribution of induced field will be perturbed by the existence of crack. To study the perturbation feature caused by crack, the specimen containing longitudinal and transverse cracks are detected...
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Effects of Swirl Number of the Nozzle of the Pulverized Coal Gasifier on Flow Field and Combustion Characteristics

Xuedong Liu, Baixian Li, Wenming Liu
The numerical simulation of multiphase combustion flow field in a pulverized coal gasifier with one single nozzle is conducted by using the method of two dimensional asymmetric swirl model. Based on the eddy-dissipation-concept model, the calculation process includes volume reaction and surface reaction...
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Parametric Design and Optimization Analysis of Autoclave Based on UG and Workbench

Xuedong Liu, Mingxing Du, Fan Qi
The paper introduces the parametric design and assembly of autoclave with a nominal diameter of 4000 mm, which UG software is used in. Through establishment of a three-dimensional model of autoclave by UG software and the static analysis of the autoclave on the ANSYS Workbench platform, the stress distribution...
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Optimal Planning for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Considering the Constraint of Battery Capacity

Ming Zeng, Xiaohui Zhan, Yuanfei Li
Planning EV charging stations reasonably is significant to the development of whole EV industry. Taking constraints of charging capacity and investment limitation into account, the optimization model of EV charging station planning with the objective function of minimum annual cost is established. Constraint...
Proceedings Article

Missile System Equipment Operational Reliability Analysis

Baidong Yi
The concept and influence factors of missile system equipment operational reliability are analyzed, the missile system equipment operational reliability evaluation model is established, the missile system equipment operator’s operation reliability value and the equipment reliability value are assessed...