Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications (ICAITA 2018)

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Pedestrian Action Recognition Using Motion Sensor and k-NN Classifier

Ningping Sun, Toru Tsuruoka
We focused on the recognition of pedestrian action using motion sensor and machine learning. In this paper, we present our method how to define feature of actions from acquired data, and how to use k nearest neighborhood classifier to data learning and evaluation.
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Human Actions Recognition Using Improved MHI and 2-D Gabor Filter Based on Energy Blocks

Junfeng Sun, Hongji Xu, Yingming Zhou, Lingling Pan, Feifei Li, Min Chen
The concept of motion-history image (MHI) is widely adopted by many researchers to solve problems of human actions recognition. An improved MHI with only one parameter is proposed in this paper, it is easier to be implemented and can retain more effective movement information compared with the original...
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Research of Action Recognition Methods Based on RGB+D Videos

Zhongyin Huang, Wei Chen
In order to solve the problem on making full use of RGB+D dataset that includes RGB data, 3D skeletal data, depth map sequences and infrared videos, this paper proposes an action recognition method of RGB+D videos that merges a multi-layer recurrent neural network and two-stream convolutional networks,...
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Deep Learning Applied to Smart Home Face Recognition Access Control System

Shuangye Chen, Shuangchun Ding, Hanguang Fu, Yaoshan Xian, Xinqi Liu, Chaocun Zhang
With the development of embedded technology and Internet of things technology, smart home has developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, deep learning also has brought breakthroughs. The application of deep learning to smart home system can bring a good user experience and increase security....
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A Binary Code Learning Method Based on Class-neighborhood for Finger Vein Recognition

Liping Zhang, Weijun Li, Xin Ning, Xiaoli Dong, Yakun Zhang
The finger vein recognition, as a new biometric identification technology, judges the identity of a person by using their finger vein angiography images obtained by near-infrared light, and has recently drawn considerable attention from scientists worldwide. In this work, a novel binary code learning...
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Progress in the Research of Visual SLAM

Binbin Xu, Pengyuan Liu, Junning Zhang
Visual SLAM is the process that a camera sensor is used to locate the body of the motion and build a map of the surrounding environment at the same time. First the types of sensors and the framework of visual SLAM are introduced in this article. And then it introduces the word bag model of visual mileage...
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A Review of Image Recognition Technology

Xingang Wang
With the development of the research of artificial intelligence, image recognition technology has become one of the hot research topics in the modern society, the research results have been widely applied to many fields, which has brought remarkable economic benefits and social benefits. This paper briefly...
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Image Super-resolution Reconstruction Based on Deep Residual Network

Bin Sun, Jian Lu, Xiaopeng Wei
Having powerful ability to learn and represent features, deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) can get better results in image super-resolution reconstruction. However, deep networks also exist some problems. For example, the gradient will gradually vanish through the network, which makes the training...
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An Improved Naïve Bayes Classifier for Large Scale Text

Huaixin Chen, Daocai Fu
Naïve Bayes classifiers is widely used for text classification because of its simplicity and effectiveness. In this paper, an improved Naïve Bayes classifiers was proposed, using multinomial model to modify its rough parameter estimation and parallel competing with MapReduce to categories to text documents....
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Recognition of Human Activities by Smartphone Sensors Using LSTM Neural Network

Hong Zhao, Chunning Hou, Donglin Ma
Human activities have been a hot research field. Many sensors are embedded in the smartphone, which makes mobile sensor become available. Sensors of smartphone can early get the human activities information, which can analyze the human behaviors and provide the useful information to the human. In this...
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Research on the Solution of BP Neural Network Training Problem

Junyang Tan, Dan Xia, Shiyun Dong, Binshi Xu, Ye Li
BP neural network is a common kind of neural network for recognition and classification, but it is obvious that some difficulties are find during the training process. In this paper, we introduced the basic principle of BP algorithm and propose a parameter adjustment procedure for activation function...
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The Application of RBF Neural Networks for the Assessment of the Water Flow Rate in the Pipework

Andrzej Czapczuk, Jacek Dawidowicz
The water distribution system is a spatially large and complex system. Its proper functioning is determined by having been correctly developed in its design and in the hydraulic calculations. The basic purpose of the calculations is the selection of the diameters of the water pipes and the flow of water...
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A Method for Estimating the Diameter of Water Pipes Using Artificial Neural Networks of the Multilayer Perceptron Type

Jacek Dawidowicz
Designing a water distribution system is inherently associated with hydraulic calculations, the primary purpose of which is to select the diameters of water pipelines. Computer programs may choose diameters, but most often, this task is up to the designer. It is necessary to control flow velocity; at...
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Application of Neural Network Technology in Welding Procedure Qualification for Joint

Ji’ai Xue, Weiping Ouyang, Yannan Du, Huiqing Ouyang
Welding Procedure for joint has a very important position in the manufacture of all kinds of important products. Application of neural network technology could improve the existing in welding procedure qualification for joint process. It is shown that the yield strength of welded joint could be predicted...
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Four-category Classification of Human Teeth Based on Wavelet Entropy and Back Propagation Neural Network

Wenjuan Jia, Zhi Li, Wagner Quinn
The teeth are natural self-defense weapon of animals. For human, the pronunciation of language is closely related to the upper and lower front teeth (incisors). Furthermore, the cleanliness of the teeth even has an important influence on daily social activities and status of people. Therefore, when the...
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Research on Object Grasping Point Selection Based on Deep Learning

Bo Yuan, Shukai Qin, Hualiang Zhang, Tao Zhang, Xiaolong Yu
The research on robot grasping involves mechanical, control, computer, artificial intelligence and so on. Robot Grasping is also a good emplementation of minimal research to support other related research. Efforts on flexibility and interactivity of robot grasping can promote many related studies. In...
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A Personalized Video Recommendation Algorithm Based on Complex Network

Shuxia Pang, Weifang Wang, Honglei Zhu
Since the current world is overwhelmed by internet, it becomes important and necessary to find the personalized video information to meet the growing demand for all kinds of users. Video recommendation is a very useful method for getting video data quickly. A personalized video recommendation algorithm...
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Vehicle Cartoon Voice Intelligent Driving Control System

Jianchun Gong, Yuhai Jiang, Yuanxue Tao
This paper mainly introduces the intelligent control system of vehicle's voice driving, and designs a complete set of automotive language - animation language. With this language as the medium, the communication between the driver and the intelligent vehicle is realized so as to achieve the intelligent...
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The Remote Control System of Domestic Robots Based on Android

Xinhua Lin, Yannan Jiang, Yulian Jiang
Based on self-developed and somatosensory-mapping robot, a remote control system of domestic robots is designed in this paper, in which the system adopts intelligent speech recognition technology in terms of C/S framework such that the speech control robot has been used to do some basic housework. Combining...
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Implementation of a Low Voltage Common Source Common Gate Band-Gap Reference Voltage Source with a Soft Start Circuit

Ke Zhang
This paper presents a band gap voltage reference circuit with soft start circuit design, 0.5 m 2P3M BiCMOS based on Process, and the use of low-voltage cascode current mirror structure to reduce the dependence on the voltage of the power supply, to eliminate the contradiction between precision and remaining,...
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Primary Frequency Regulation Comprehensive Analysis and Lean Evaluation of Generator Unit Based on Wide Area Measurement Information

Yuanhang Wang, Dong Liu, Guijun Liu, Changwei Chen, Bo Wang, Xin Shan
This paper presents a method that is primary frequency regulation(PFR) comprehensive analysis and evaluation based on wide area measurement information of generator unit, through analyzing the problems of the PFR test in the current PFR auxiliary service assessment. In this method, a combination of on-line...
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Design and Simulation of Active Filter Circuit Based on OP275

Ke Zhang
In order to reduce the simulation sampling noise preamplifier, the authors used the integrated operational amplifier are designed respectively low-pass filter, high pass filter and band-pass filter circuit three circuit, and Multisim 12 software was used for each of these circuit simulation and analysis...
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Finite Element Analysis of Brake Shoe Based on ANSYS Workbench

Bin Zheng, Jingdong Zhang, Wenwu Liu
This paper takes brake shoe of drum brake as the object of study. The three dimensional model of brake shoe is established by using CATIA software. It is calculated that the driving force of the cam to brake shoe and the spring of brake shoe back position. Based on this, the static analysis of brake...
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LFG Monitoring Deployment Planning Based on Distributed Compressing Sensing Method

Qian Zhang, Chuan Huang
To minimize the hazard landfill gas (LFG), a monitoring scheme depending on wireless sensors network (WSN) was designed, and information reconstruction was developed to obtain optimal accuracy in the terminal. In this model, the gas-guide area was divided into different clusters. Then, we present an...
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Study on the Reserve Structrue of Light Weapons

Jian Gao, Tielin Liu, Liang Zhang
In view of the lack of pertinence in the weapon equipment maintenance capability evaluation, combining the characteristics of light weapon equipment, the evaluation index model of light weapon maintenance capability is established. The importance of each index in the light weapon maintenance process...
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Study and Application of Glowworm Swarm Optimization in Flexible Job Shop Scheduling

Hongtao Wang, Dailin Xu, Chun Yan, Hao Pan
For satisfying performances of the job-shop scheduling (JSP) issues and as for those characteristics (such as easily falling into local optimum, insufficient stability and slower convergence rate) of the standard GSO, a PDE framework taking advantages of good global search performance, simple implementation...
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Complex Robot Assembly Production Line of New Energy Component

Yi Du, Feng Shi, Xikun Lu
To analyze the capacity configuration problem of flexible assembly line under the environment of engineering-to-order with resource-oriented, an optimal model with dual constraints which are system production capacity (throughput) and order due-date (makespan) was built to minimize the equipment investment...
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Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Viral Dynamic Model with Time Delay

Ziping Han, Hui Lv, Changjun Zhou, Qiang Zhang
In this paper, a new virus nonlinear dynamic model with time delay is proposed. Moreover, its stability, Hopf bifurcation and other dynamical behavior like chaos are studied. It is indicated that if the reproductive ratio is less than one, the infection-free equilibrium is partially asymptotically stable....
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Study on the Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Drugs

Jing Hou
With the further development of science, artificial intelligence is gradually approaching people's daily life, playing a more and more important role in various fields. This paper summarizes the participation degree of artificial intelligence in drug research and development, production, transportation...
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Over Enhancement Inhibition in Sky Region Based on Dark Channel

Fang Ding, Cailiang Du, Xiaojing Song
The dark channel de-fog algorithm has a landmark significance in the field of single image fogging removal. In the original algorithm, the sky region is prone to over enhancement. Existing improved algorithms has to take lots of time and space. In order to improve the effect of defogging and make sure...
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Investigation of the Transverse Spread of Erbium Ions Implanted in SOI

Xifeng Qin, Panpan Jiao, Xiaodi Lu, Jinhua Zhao, Qiao Zhuang
The Er (erbium) ions at energies of 200 - 500 keV and dose of 2×1015 ions/cm2 were implanted into the optical waveguide material SOI (Silicon - on - insulator) at room temperature ( RT ) under the angles of 0°, 45° and 60°, respectively. The range distribution of 200 - 500 keV, 2×1015 ions/cm2 Er ions...
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Discussion on the Construction of University Intelligent Campus under the Background of Big Data

Bo Chang
This paper focuses on the construction of the universities' intelligent campus, and analyzes its application under the background of big data. The core purpose is to build the intellectual campus, changing the current situation of single talent training, meet the basic needs of the construction data...
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Software Defect Prediction Based on Data Sampling and Multivariate Filter Feature Selection

Yating Lin, Yiwen Zhong
In order to solve the useless feature and class imbalance problem in software defect prediction(SDP), this paper proposes a new prediction method which is based on data sampling and multivariate filter feature selection. Firstly, the sampling method re-samples the data set to achieve the data balance....
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Big Sensory Data Transmission Architecture for Cold Chain Logistics

Chao Meng, Long Jin, Zhixin Sun
Cold chain logistics demands a high temperature standard during transportation. In order to ensure temperature requirement, a wireless sensor network used for cool box temperature monitoring and GPS location in cold chain logistics is presented in this paper. Wireless sensor module collects sensory data,...
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A Multi-Scale Lip Segmentation Method Based on Markov Random Field

Yuanyao Lu, Xiaoshan Zhu, Qingqing Liu
In order to perform lip segmentation in a lip-reading system, we propose a new method based on maximum a posterior and Markov random field (MAP-MRF) framework to statistically model observed images of different texture areas in this paper. First, we establish a multi-scale model to capture the characteristics...
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Transfer Function Method for the Nonlinear Flutter of a High-aspect-ratio Wing

Zhongyuan Zhang, Jingbo Duan, Ping Lu
The semi-analytical and semi-numerical transfer function method is applied to the nonlinear flutter of a high-aspect-ratio aircraft wing. Firstly, the flutter differential equation of a three-dimensional wing is established by combining the bend-twist vibration equations of the wing and the ONERA nonlinear...
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The Research for Virtualization Network Security on Cloud Computing

Junjun Sun, Ying Zeng, Guowei Shi, Wei Li, Zhihong Li
The paper describes the benefits of cloud computing for enterprise cost reductions, rapid deployment and dynamic extensions, while the virtualization technology brings some potential hazards and risks to network security. According to the characteristics of cloud computing technology, we put forward...
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Research on Intelligent Clothing Blemishes Detection System and Application Based on Cloud Computing

Yihong Zhang, Bao Zong, Xin Ruan, Lifeng Shi, Xiang Li
This paper research the clothing blemishes detection theory based on smart clothing support robots, and proposes a clothing detection system based on smart clothing support robot of multi-objective collaborative intelligence; and proposes a clothing quality inspection method based on multi-features collaboration...
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Fog Computing and Security Infrastructure of Internet of Things

Xin Li, Bo Yang
Typically most data processing of IOT focuses on Cloud Computing. The huge amount of end devices and real-time data transmission leave great pressure on network bandwidth and Cloud Computing data centers. The paper suggests the introduction of Fog Computing between data centers and end devices of IOT...
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Analysis and Improvement of Classification Based on Multiple Association Rules

Jing Lin
An excellent algorithm is critical to classify data. The algorithm of Classification based on Multiple Association Rules combines association rules with classification. The limitations of traditional CMAR algorithm are analyzed and an improved algorithm is presented. In the new algorithm, each attribute...
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Lung Cancer Classification Using 3D-CNN with a Scheduled Learning Strategy

Yadi Li, Yin Tian, Bao Ge
Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer resulting in over a million deaths per year worldwide. In order to classify the lung CT images, this paper presents a classification method using 3D-CNN with a scheduled learning strategy. To get compact and uniform data for training and feature extracting,...
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A Method for Information Management Based on RDF Model and Ontology Technology

Daoqu Geng, Guan Gong, Qi Gao, Yi Wen, Chuntang Chen
The approach of Internet of Everything brings some challenges to the storage and processing of those connected data. Aiming at problems of complex construction process, tedious maintenance of relational table and weak expansibility of table structure when using traditional relational database to store...
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An Architecture of IoT Application Support System in Launch Site

Litian Xiao, Mengyuan Li, Nan Xiao
Internet of Things (IoT) application support system is key infrastructures and common software platform for various IoT applications at launch sites. The research studies the progress of IoT middleware related to academia and industry. On the basis of hybrid architecture, the paper proposes the architecture...
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Visual Feedback Design and Research of Handheld Mobile Voice Assistant Interface

Wenjun Hou, Yang Yang
Based on the limitation of handheld mobile voice assistant in usability, this paper analyzes the important role and characteristics of visual feedback in voice interaction interface, and discusses the research and the application status of voice assistant usability. On this basis, taking the interaction...
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Design of Circularly Polarized Multi-frequency Microstrip Antenna

Yanzhong Yu, Rongjiao Li, Mengya Lin
This paper presents a dual circular polarization microstrip antenna with different sizes of two square patches stacked, so that it can realize dual-band antenna. Right circular polarization in S band is achieved by the upper patch antenna with diagonal corner cut method and with single feed method. The...
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The Selection of Logistics Suppliers under Cloud Manufacturing

Hui Wang, Yuantao Song, Shenhao Tu, Yijun Li
The selection of logistic supplier is the key factor for the company to promote the operation efficiency and reduce the cost in business. It is crucial for the company to choose proper logistics suppliers based on the specific rules. With the development of scientific and technological innovation, such...
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The Research of a Decision Making Framework for Marine Environmental Security

Pengfei Peng, Zekun Xie, Qiyuan Li
The disposal of marine emergencies and the maintenance of maritime rights are important links of marine environmental security guarantee. By analyzing its task process and characteristics, this paper analyzes its decision-making process, analyzes its operation needs, and then establishes a decision-making...
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Modelling and Simulation on Location Privacy Preserving Based on Dynamic Periodic Pseudonym

Depei Wu, Xinling Zhou, Lei Peng
The location-aware privacy preserving is the key issue to connected vehicles, since they share many traffic information when driving, which possibly leak their location privacies at the same time. In this paper, we propose a novel method of dynamic periodic pseudonym (DPP) improve the location privacy...
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Learning Entity and Relation Embeddings with Entity Description for Knowledge Graph Completion

Shaozhi Dai, Yanchun Liang, Shuyan Liu, Ying Wang, Wenle Shao, Xixun Lin, Xiaoyue Feng
With the growth of existing knowledge graph, the completion of knowledge graph has become a crucial problem. In this paper, we propose a novel model based on description-embodied knowledge representation learning framework, which is able to take advantages of both fact triples and entity description....
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Efficiency Analysis of Listed Agricultural Company Based on DEA

Jiandong Zhang, Jian Zhang
Based on the data of 10 listed agricultural companies from 2011 to 2015, this paper analyzes the technology and scale efficiency of 10 listed agricultural companies by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The results show that: the listed companies that have the best technical efficiency and economies of...
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Study on the Technological Innovation Capability of Colleges and Universities in Heilongjiang Province-Based on the Patent Analysis

Zhili He, Hui Zhang
According to the data 2010-2016 published by the State Intellectual Property Office and the patent data of Heilongjiang Intellectual Property Office, this paper analyses the patent output capacity of Heilongjiang universities and its contribution to the whole province's patent output. Based on the three...