Proceedings of the First International Conference on Applied Science and Technology (iCAST 2018)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Higher Education: An Indonesian Sustainable Development Perspective

Hedy Rumambi, Revleen Kaparang, Jerry Lintong, Joseph Tangon
The social responsibility of higher education institution is a responsibility that is reflected on efforts to educate the nation’s life and advanced science and technology. This study aims to explore CSR from higher education institutions in Indonesian sustainable development perspective. There are two...
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Do Farmers Higher Benefit and Value Added from Collective Marketing? (The Case of Coffee Marketing in Lampung Province Indonesia)

Irmayani Noer, Sri Handayani, Cholid Fatih
The global economy and the paradoxical phenomenon of coffee caused by asymmetry information between producers and consumers, so that the market is not enough to be a price controller. The phenonema requires a solid institutional role at the producer level to cope with market imperfections. This paper...
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Local Community Perception of China Ritual Attraction as the Icon of Tourism Cultural Heritage: The Case in China Village, Manado

Benny Irwan Towoliu, Dimas Ero Permana, Fonny Sangari
Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi province, a city with a predominantly Christian community. As an area that emphasizes the spirit of kinship with its regional philosophy “we are brethren” (torang samua basudara), has had an impact on the recognition of this area as a high tolerance area of religion....
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English Learning Model With Application–Based on Mind Mapping Method

Grace Pontoh, Marike Kondoj, Maya Munaiseche, Christo Pua
The purpose of this research is to develop an application-based English learning model based on mind mapping model that can foster student creativity with innovative learning. Feasibility test of the learning model by involving the sample on 70 students by measuring the learning outcomes through measuring...
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Perception, Awareness and Consumer Insight Towards Purchase Intention Tanjak and Tenun Lejo Products

Muhammad Hamidi, Mujiono Mujiono
This study aims to determine consumer perceptions, awareness level and Consumer Insight on Purchase Intention (buying interest) of the community to Tanjak and Tenun Lejo. The method in this research is quantitative research by using survey and observational method to society residing in Riau Province....
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The Effect of Audit Going Concern on the Prediction Model of Bankruptcy and Reputation Auditor

Hanny Oktaria
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship of issuing going concern audit opinion by the Public Accounting Firm (KAP) against the predicted model of bankruptcy of manufacturing companies in Indonesia. The next goal is to find out how much influence will be generated on the reputation...
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Customer Concentration and Tax Aggressiveness of Non Financial Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2014–2015

Wika Arsanti Putri
This study aims to analyze empirically about the influence of customer concentration to tax aggressiveness. This research is motivated by the phenomenon of tax ratio in Indonesia which is still low in the year 2014-2015. The population in this study are all non-financial companies in Indonesia Stock...
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An Analysis on Tourism Potency and the Community Readiness in Developing Berancah as a Tourism Village

M. Sabri, Diah Paramita Sari
The aim of this research is to analyze the tourism potency and the community readiness of Berancah Village in order to know the feasibility of the village to be developed into a tourism village. The method used for this research is a descriptive qualitative research. The data collected through direct...
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Employability Skills for Sustainable Development and Supporting Industrial Revolution 4.0: A Study for Polytechnic Curriculum Development

I Made Suarta, I Ketut Suwintana, I G P Fajar Pranadi Sudhana, Ni Kadek Dessy Hariyanti
Polytechnic plays an important role in preparing the workforce to meet the needs of industrial revolution 4.0. The 4.0 industrial revolution is characterized by the increasing role of digital technology and automation in business processes. This condition affects the shifting of the workplace environment...
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Increasing Communicative Competence for New Challenges and Opportunities of Industry 4.0

Perwi Darmajanti
The implementation of Industry 4.0 potentially generates social changes especially on the challenges and opportunity for the human resources with regard to competitiveness, flexibility and adaptability. The growing industrial context still requires soft skills such as self-organization, teamwork, and...
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Optimal Stocking Density of Vannamei Shrimp Lytopenaeus vannamei at Low Salinity Using Spherical Tarpaulin Pond

Eulis Marlina, Dwi Puji Hartono, Imelda Panjaitan
The worsening environmental conditions cause disease attack on shrimp farming can not be avoided, the high cost of vannamei shrimp production resulting in shrimp farming can only be owned by certain circles. Therefore, it is necessary to find alternative shrimp farming in order to avoid disease and affordable...
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Replacement of Fish Meal with Maggot Meal from Bioconversion Process of Palm Kernel Cake in Diets Formulation of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)

Rietje J. M. Bokau, Tutu Petrus Basuki
The objective of this research was to study the effect of replacement of fish meal with maggot meal for growth and survival rate and to determine the best percentage of substitution maggot meal in the diets of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) growing. Maggot used was the result of mass culture through...
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Characterization of in Vitro Shoots Brassica oleracea Results of Cotyledon Explants Induction Using KIN and NAA

Nazirwan Nazirwan, Anung Wahyudi, Ari Wahyuni, Yusanto Yusanto, Desi Maulinda
Vegetative breeding that is mostly done now is through tissue culture techniques. The objective of this research was to obtain a description and examine the influence of the growth regulators 6- Furfuryl amino purine (KIN) and naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) on the formation of in vitro shoots in this...
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Impact of Wages to Investment Realization and Manpower Absorption Before and After the Implementation of PP no. 78 Year 2015

Nanik Lestari
This study aims to analyze the differences of realization investment and labor absorption before and after the implementation of government regulation (PP) No.78 year 2015 about remuneration at national and multinational company in Indonesia and measuring the impact of minimum wage to realization investment...
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Design and Development Blended Learning Approach for Student Low Achievement in Mathematics

Parulian Silalahi
In general, mathematics is a difficult lesson for students. New students with low math skills will be a challenge in following the lectures. Therefore, an effort is needed to help overcome the problem. This research aims to design and develop a mathematics learning with blended learning approach. The...
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Needs Analysis of Synectics Learning Through Developing of Augmented Reality Media for Learning of Narative Story Writing at Institut Pendidikan Indonesia

Deasy Aditya Damayanti, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Munir Munir, Isah Cahyani
Learning to write narrative stories in the classroom tends to be just an assignment without material reinforcement and feedback. Students do not know where the difficulty is in making narrative stories, so they tend to spend a long time for writing. The problem can be solved by an integrated verbal creativity...
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The Influence of Spiritual Intelligence and Gender on the Personal Financial of Management Students (Evidence from Batam)

Nanik Lestari
This study aims to examine the effects of spiritual intelligence and gender on the personal financial management of students. This study uses primary data collected through questionnaires. Sampling method using purposive sampling technique and total sample used in this research was 896 respondents. Analysis...
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The Influence of E-Service Website E-Commerce Quality to E-Customer Satisfaction

M. Mayasari, Audina Audina
E-commerce has been thought as a very good alternative for individual nor companies to join business in reaching out new customer. Shopping by using e-commerce system must be good in-service side, so that customers satisfactions can improve and will impact to the sale of e-commerce website. The Purpose...
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Impact of Products, Prices and Locations on Consumer Purchasing Decisions in Manado’s Boulevart Resto and Café Service Entities

Shane Anneke Pangemanan, Grace Ropa, Ivoletti Merlina Walukow
Companies engaged in services, will always provide satisfaction to consumers to maintain loyalty and corporate profits. Through product, price and location of restaurant & café Boulevart Manado try to apply marketing strategy in order to compete with other competitors. With the aim of the research...
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Study Creative Industry Sector Design, Fashion, Publishing and Printing in Jakarta and Bandung

Purnomo Ananto
The creative industry is an industry that grows at the micro, small and medium scale stage with its distinctiveness emphasizing creativity in creating a product or service. The limitations of the creative industry in general are the problems of capital, marketing and supporting infrastructure. Given...
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Existing Local Ecolinguistic Study for Exposure of Exotic Fish Type on Tourism Point in Bunaken Island the Province of North

Mirjam Tenda
Bunaken National Marine Park was designated as a National Park in 1991 by the Minister of for the purpose of preserving it toward the disastrous and irresponsible act of human being. Prior to this, a group of divers in 1975, had discovered this beautiful undersea garden and had started to invite guests...
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Analysis of E-Service Quality on Website E-Commerce on E-Customer Satisfaction

Rahmat Hidayat, Nilam Suri Anasis
E-commerce has been positively accepted by the community in business to reach customers Easily. E-commerce system must meet all criteria that the community needed to improve the service quality in order to increase of customer satisfaction in online shopping, and at the end it will be affected to an...
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Differences in Public Service Quality on the City Government and the Authority of Batam

A. N. Barkah, Dwi Kartikasari
As a free trade zone, Batam is special in the sense of its dualism in the bureaucratic process that sometimes overlapped between two government agencies that is the city government of Batam and the Free Trade Zone Authority of Batam. This dualism may lead to poor public perceptions of quality services....
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Financial Independence of Regencies and Cities in East Kalimantan Province Indonesia

Indah Martati, Besse Asniwaty, Suminto Suminto
The purpose of the study was to analyse the level of financial independence and dependency as well as patterns of relations in regencies and cities in East Kalimantan as recipients of transfer funds from the Central Government in 2011-2016 period. The sample was set in 5 regions, from the largest transfer...
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Analyzing the Implementation of Student Evaluation Approach for Lecturer Performance Evaluation at Manado State Polytechnic

Selfy Manueke, Elvie J. Weku, Meiske Manopo
Evaluation of lecturer performance, which is done by students, is one of the ways used by Manado State Polytechnic to measure customer satisfaction on lecturer performance in conducting teaching and learning process. Evaluation of lecturer performance through Student Evaluation approach has been started...
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Tracer Study Analysis of Vocational Education in Politeknik Negeri Bandung With Exit Cohort as an Approach

Yeti Nugraheni, Susilawati Susilawati, Sudrajat Sudrajat, Angki Apriliandi
Tracer study is a study of graduates of higher education institutions. This study is able to provide a variety of information that is useful for the purposes of evaluating the results of higher education and can be used to improve and guarantee the quality of it. The general purpose of this study is...
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Model of Archival System Arrangement in Improving Accreditation of Study Programs in Manado State Polytechnic

Iyam L. Dua, Martine Lapod
In obtaining and improving study program accreditation is seriously needed of a reliable archival system model in accordance with the standards set by the National Accreditation Board. The main problem in accreditation is the weakness of the archival system in managing the data needed for both study...
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The Effect of Perception of Utilization, Perception of Easy of Use and Taxpayer Satisfaction on E-Filing Use by Tax Payer

Nurul Mahmudah, Ely Kartikaningdyah
This study aims to determine whether or not the influence of perceptions of usefulness, convenience perceptions, and user satisfaction with the use of e-filing. The data of this study were obtained from the questionnaire (Primer) distributed to taxpayers in Batam, especially in the Telecommunications...
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The Development of Teaching Aids for Academic Writing by Using Communicative Approach Web Based

Bayu Dwi Nurwicaksono, Diah Amelia
The purpose of this research is to describe the development process of teaching aids for academic writing that is material spelling, diction, sentence, and paragraph by using communicative approach web based. The research methodology used in developing the teaching aids is 4D model. They are define,...
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Coastal Carrying Capacity for Mangrove Ecotourism Development, Case Study in Budo Village, North Minahasa Regency

Benny Irwan Towoliu, Treesje Runtuwene, Dimas Ero Permana, Agustinus Lumettu, Maryke Alelo, Fonny Sangari
Exploitation of new tourism site development happened in almost all places in Indonesia. Without a deep study of the environmental balance, the new tourist attraction is exposed through information technology network that resulted in the enslaving of visitors coming to the place. The decline in the quality...
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Analysis of Lecturer Performance and Student Satisfaction, and the Impact on Student Loyalty in Department of Business Administration Manado State Polytechnic

Meiske Wisye Manopo, Rolyke Tulangow
Higher education institution that always prioritizes the quality and quantity of graduates cannot be separated from the performance of lecturers and qualifications in their fields of expertise. Similarly, the Manado State Polytechnic in particular the Business. Administration department faces these challenges...
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Method of Problem Based Learning of Learning in Course Theory on Soft Skills Competence of Students

Cecilia Lelly Kewo, Ventje Senduk
In dealing with the global era with rapid acceleration, it is necessary for workers who not only have the ability to work in their fields (hard competencies), but also very important to master the ability to face change and to use soft competence. Increased skills and skills for prospective workers are...
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Identification and Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses as Internal Factors for Coconut Furniture SMEs in Tomohon City, North Celebes, Indonesia

Ivoletti Merlina Walukow, Roosje Awuy, Maryke Alelo, Shane Anneke Pangemanan
North Sulawesi, one of the provinces in northern part of Indonesia has an abundant coconut plantation which covers the area of more than 2.5 hundred thousand hectares. In this region, the coconut timber has a hard and high density and people opine that it is the best among its kind throughout Indonesia....
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Good University Governance and Its Implication on Managerial Performance

Rita Martini, Kartika Rachma Sari, Rulyanti Susi Wardhani, Choiruddin Choiruddin
This study aims to identify and analyse: 1) the influence of internal control effectiveness (EPI), organizational commitment partially or simultaneously on the implementation of good university governance (GUG); and 2) the effect of EPI, organizational commitment, and GUG implementation on managerial...
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Model of Internal Marketing in Enhancing Tourism Brand of North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nancy Mandey, Mikke Marentek, Daisy Sundah, Cysca Langi
The restaurant industry in Indonesia has experienced very rapid growth in recent years. Restaurants are increasingly aware of the need to market, develop and promote the restaurant industry as part of tourism products. Currently in North Sulawesi, the internal marketing brand has not been well developed....
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Production of Kenaf Fiber from Shrimp Shells Compostfor Hand Crafts with Natural Dyes

Rusmini Rusmini, Daryono Daryono, Riama Rita Manullang, Dwinita Aquastini
The production of kenaf fiber for industry mostly uses chemical fertilizers with synthetic dyes which will also cause health and environmental problems and have an adverse effect on all forms of life. Increasing awareness of health and the environment makes the production of organic kenaf fiber with...
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Comparative Analysis of the Wooden House Production Principal Cost Calculation Using the Full Costing and Variable Costing Method

Anie V. Mundung, Anthonius A. Tandi, Farida I. S. Wakidin, Esrie A. N. Limpeleh, Barno Sungkowo
The study aims to determine differences in the calculating of the principal cost of production of two types of wooden houses using two methods: full costing and variable costing methods. Their comparison can be used as a basis for determining the selling price of the product and the relevant production...
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The Effect of Consumer Interaction on Social Media (e-WOM) Towards Desire to Visit Tomohon City

Agung Stefanus Kembau
Research on marketing communication has been growing ever since the internet has become one of the communication media that become basic needs. With the emergence of eWOM as form of consumer interaction for tourist destinations on social media, “the game” have changed, the more tourist destinations are...
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The Assessment of Investment and Financing Impact on Shareholder Welfare (Comparative Study between Sharia and Non-Sharia Compliant Company Groups in Indonesian Capital Market)

Fiesty Utami, Ruhadi Ruhadi
The studies of financial performance have frequently conducted, but the comparison is rarely studied. The objective of this study is to identify the factors that influent shareholder’s wealth. At least, two categories that affect shareholder’s wealth; those are the investment and financing aspects. This...
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Model Micro-ROS in Utilization of Sustainable Tourism

Diane Tangian, Bernadain D. Polii, Seska M. H. Mengko
Manado City has a natural beauty and interesting art and culture that can be used as objects and tourist attractions. The natural beauty of Manado City can be seen in places such as Bunaken Island, Siladen Island and Manado Tua Island which are parts of Bunaken National Park. The beauty of Bunaken National...
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Questioning the Direct Impact of International Flower Festival to Increase Welfare of Flower Farmer, A Case in Kakaskasen Village, Tomohon City

Selvy Kalele, Dianne O. Rondonuwu
Tomohon International Flower Festival is an event of flower parade festival which is regularly held in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province. The festival aims to promote flowers which are the plants of local communities, as well as various tourist attractions in the city of Tomohon. The festival is...
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The Determine of the Internal Audit Performance in Private and State Universities in Maluku

Dwi Hariyanti, Jaelani La Masidonda
The purpose of this research was to test and analyze the factors that influence the performance of internal audit at universities in Maluku. This research was conducted using a quantitative approach. The analytical tool used was PLS. Moreover, the population of this research was the internal auditors...
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The Effect of Competency, Independency, and Motivation of Auditor on Audit Quality (Empirical Study on Public Accounting Firms in Bali)

D. P. Suciwati, I. K. Suartika
Audit quality is the probability of an auditor in finding violation and reporting an error or fraud that occurs in the clients accounting system. This study examines the influence of auditor competence, auditor independence, and auditor motivation on audit quality at public accountant office in Bali...
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Are there Village Regulations that Regulate Home Stay Using Village Yard Land in Ubud Village, Gianyar-Bali?

A. A. N. Harmini, Nyoman Mastiani Nadra, A.A. Gede Oka Parwata, I Dewe Gede Ari Pemayun
Protection against customary land is considered important because land is a natural resource that cannot be renewed. This study aims to find out whether there is a village regulation that regulates the village yard land that is converted into tourism facilities in the form of home stays in the tourist...
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Transparency and the Application of Good University

Rita Martini, Kartika Rachma Sari, Rulyanti Susi Wardani, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Sukmini Hartati, Endah Widyastuti
This research objective to analyze the implementation of Good University Governance (GUG) at the state universities in Southern Sumatera. Data collection techniques by questionnaire, as measured by Likert scale. Respondents are structurally state leaders. Data analysis techniques with Confirmatory Factor...
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Consumer Protection in Higher Education: A Case Study at Polytechnic

Carolina M. Lasambouw, Fiorida Mathilda, Neneng Nuryati
Consumers are “King” is a paradigm that has been accepted by the general public for a long time. According to the law, consumer protection is defined as all efforts that guarantee legal certainty to provide protection for consumers. Historically, consumer protection has been implemented in the business,...
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Allocation Time and Consumption Childcare of Working Mother in Palembang City

Marieska Lupikawaty, Rosmiyati Chodijah Saleh
This study tries to analyze the influence of time allocation and consumption of child care early age of working mother who selected the type of child care in Palembang city. Data were collected by interviews, questionnaires and literature. Technical analysis of the data using binary logistic regression...
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Card Based Payment in Digital Civilization: A Study in Indonesia Hospitality Industry

Sari Lestari Zainal Ridho, Abdur Razzaq
Nowdays, our modern society is dominated by information and digital media that change our civilization come to term digital civilization. Digital Civilization that represented by society culture or lifestyle, has change one way of life, including the way to pay in purchase something digitally. Within...
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Building Creative and Innovative Learning for Exhibition Through the Concept of Collaborative Knowledge Creation in Polytechnic

Iis Mariam, Nining Latianingsih, Endah Wartiningsih
In the current era of disruption where information technology has a large impact and influence on the development of higher education in Indonesia. The educational pattern at Polytechnic is currently encouraged to be more innovative in an effort to help the government realize the quality of human resources...
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Purban Rice Farming (URF) as a Solution to the Gap Between Population Growth and Reduction of Farmlands Through Sustainable Development Goals for National Food Security

Neneng Nuryati, Amar Sumarsa, Edi Sagith
The rate of world population growth is very extreme, while the rate of food supply has also dropped very sharply. The rate decline in food supply is compounded by a decline in farmlands. Cimahi is a small town in West Java experienced the something. Farmlands has changed its function into housing complexes,...