Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2020)

527 authors
Zheng, Dandan
Issues on the Construction and Implementation of Interactions Design Curriculum*
Zheng, Huixin
Study on the Improvement of External Supervisory System of Supervision Power
Zheng, Jianhu
Construction of Evaluation Index System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment for College Innovation-Entrepreneurship Education*
Zheng, Shiyun
Study on the Analysis and Disassembly Method of Traditional Folk Patterns in Tianjin: A Case Study of Yangliuqing New Year Painting*
Zheng, Xiaoqiang
Analysis on the Application of Task-Driven Method in the Course of Film and TV Post-Production
Zheng, Ying
Information Literacy Education in the Multidimensional Aid Model of Financially Challenged Students in Colleges and Universities
Zhou, Guiying
Exploration of the Ways to Strengthen the Party Building of Private Enterprises in the New Era
Zhou, Hu
Model Innovation, Space Reconstruction, and Behavior Remodeling: Analysis on the Development of Physical Bookstores from the Perspective of Experience Economy Theory
Zhou, Jing
Research on Insurance Support for Poverty Caused by Illness in Aba Prefecture*
Zhou, Jinyu
Psychological Analysis of Social Anxiety of College Students
Zhou, Ke
The Governance and Construction of the “Refined and Popularized Environment” of the Bullet Comments in Webcast
Zhou, Lv
Research on Farmers’ Response to E-Commerce Poverty Alleviation*
Zhou, Min
Short Video: A New Way to Spread Campus Culture*
Zhu, Aihong
Study on the Scheme of Educational Informatization Construction for Newly-Founded Undergraduate Colleges in China
Zhu, Bingyan
Protecting and Inheriting Nostalgic Culture of Traditional Fishing Tanmen in Urbanization
Zhu, Xun
The Double Mediators of Attention Concentration and Interpersonal Self-Efficacy in Middle School Students’ Internet Addiction and Overuse of Social Networks
Zhu, Yunping
Analysis on Efficiency Improvement Based on Government Public Decision-making
Zhu, Yunping
Research on the Construction of Public Service System of Industrial Cluster: Taking Quanzhou, Fujian Province as an Example
Zhu, Yuxin
A Literature Review of Poverty Alleviation in the Spirit of the Elderly*
Zhumabekova, Dana
People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kobyzist Galia Moldakarimova
Zi, Wei
Practice of Knowledge: Overview of the First Advanced Workshop on the Archaeology of Chinese Music
Zong, Min
Research on Character Expression Shaping in Animation Movies
Zong, Ze
Research on Character Expression Shaping in Animation Movies
Zorilova, Larisa Sergeevna
Historical and Cultural Features of the Formation of Music Management in the Context of Spiritual Culture Functioning Russia: Genetic, Diachronic, and Synchronous Approaches
Zou, Jianfeng
Research on Marketing Strategies of Multinational Enterprises: Taking MUJI as an Example*
Zou, Ying
Research on Marketing Strategies of Multinational Enterprises: Taking MUJI as an Example*
Zou, Yi’nan
The Impact of Free Trade on the Development of China’s Intellectual Property Strategy