Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer Science and Electronic Technology

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The Visualization Research of User Observation and Quantitative Information

Xin Zhang, Hai Fang, Fei Hu
User observation is a significant method for user research. Researchers collect information by field observation. Information collecting and analysis to information observed effects structure analyzing and innovative design of products directly. It visualizes the research results, eliminates interference...
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Risk Evaluation of Gas Pipeline Based on Rough Set

Hongyan Gu
Gas is a flammable, explosive and high-pressure medium. Gas pipelines are passing through many different geographical conditions of changing natural environment with gas. Therefore, a lot of adverse consequences will be bought by the gas pipeline failure, however not all consequences have a great impact...
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Research and Simulation of Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Classification

Chun Liu
The network intrusion accurate detection problem is researched. In the network intrusion detection process, the classification features of network operation data has poor uniformity, and the error of features classification is large, a network intrusion detection method based on fuzzy classification...
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Research on face recognition method of Airport security with Certificate Inspection

Ning Zhang, Jin-fu Zhu
In the civil aviation airport, how to ensure the security of passenger travel is the focus of the work. Therefore, we need to inspect the certificates of passenger for travel security, andthe face recognition method is researched. An improved a face recognition method and inspection of certificate method...
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Optimization Method of Concurrency Scheduling of Graphical Database Transaction

Lin Nan, Dongming Li, Yongqi Han
The transaction scheduling problem of graphic database is researched. The reasonable arrangement of the database transaction commit is taken in order, and the fitting first heuristic algorithm and artificial fish swarm algorithm are combined. The graphic database transaction scheduling problem in the...
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An Improved Neural Network Optimization Method

Wen-long Yin, Tian-hui Zhang, Li-hua Guo, Jie Tao
In order to solve the problem of temperature drift for fiber optic gyroscope, the neural network is used to construct the temperature drift model. The neural network is easy to fall into local minimum, the convergence speed is slow, the genetic algorithm is used to optimize neural network. The genetic...
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Rotor Stationary Control Analysis Based on Coupling KdV Equation Finite Steady Analysis

Dalong Liu, Lijuan Xu
In the turbine rotor bearing system, the steady control is necessary, accurate mathematical model is established to ensure the stable operation of the nonlinear control system. The traditional control method uses fuzzy PID control algorithm, because of the nonlinear coupling characteristics of control...
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Virtual Reality Technology and Application in Distance Education Presentation

Hong-Xuan Hua
The development of distance education has important significance for China's education level ascension. Traditional algorithm is used in remote education demonstration, it cannot avoid the disadvantages such as communication channel bandwidth limiting and outside interference, it has poor two-dimensional...
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Intelligent Shutter System Design of Photovoltaic Power Generation Based on Single Chip Microcomputer Control

Mingfei Qu, Dan Zhao
Photovoltaic industry is a new energy industry, it uses the solar cells directly convert to electricity production, it is a new development production in the new century, it develops rapidly. In this paper, the new energy development and utilization are taken as the base, the intelligent shutter system...
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Mechanical hydraulic control of water turbine based on improved PID algorithm

Xing-Hua Lu
The problem of accurate control of water turbine mechanical hydraulic is researched. Water turbine hydraulic control system is a complicated system with strong time-varying and nonlinear. In the control process, it is easy to be interfered with the external environment, the control accuracy is reduced,...
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Research of Detection Method of Server Network Storm Attack

Liao Lang
In the detection process of server network storm attack, the traditional method takes the signal detection algorithm, because the attack number is large, the detection error is big. According to the problem, an improved server network storm attack detection method is proposed based on improved density...
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analysis of impacting factors on runoff and sediment transport of flood event in gushanchuan watershed

Shuangyan Jin, Xinhui Jiang, Zhiheng Zhang
The turning point of water and sand of natural period and human activity impacting period in Gushanchuanbasin is the year 1979, which analyzed by method of orderly clustering and MWP test. The model is established using the data before 1979, and the impacting factors on runoff and sediment transport...
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The Establishment of AHP-Fuzzy Model for Comprehensive Evaluation of “City Obesity” Degree

Suying Xiang, Xiaofeng Li
With the increasingly rapid urbanization process in China, there is an urban disease called “City Obesity” which can hinder the normal and fast development of the city. Symptoms are the rapid urban population growth, too much traffic congestion, and the deepening social conflicts and so on. In this paper,...
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Adsorption of uranium-containing wastewater by Sugarcane Stalks

Yi Xin, Wu Deng
The new sorbent—sugercane stalks on the adsorption of uranium-containing wastewater was studied by static adsorption experiments in this research. Its feasibility and adsorption capacity as a biological adsorbent was verified through modification experiments. The influence of adsorbents dosage, adsorption...
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The Research on Energy Releasing Control of Travelling Charge

Tai-xin Liang, Bing-feng Lv, Zhong-liang Ma, Zhong-liang Xiao
For solving timely ignition of travelling charge and regular energy releasing, a new mode of travelling charge has been proposed. Propellant is substrate propellant, adopt existing energetic binder, use the energetic binder with lower burning rate and energy by compaction technology to shrink and wrap...
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Establishment of the Fatigue Curve Model Based on Stress Ratio

Liang Zhu, Yiliang Zhang, Xiaohui Li, Hongbo Suo
Stress ratio has important effect on fatigue performance. For the influence of stress ratio o fatigue life, fatigue tests of Titanium alloy produced by rapid manufacturing(Ti alloy by RM) samples were carried out under three kinds of stress ratio( R=0.5?R=0.06?R=-1), to draw three fatigue limits and...
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Vegetable quality and safety supervision technology Integration solutions and evaluation

Ma Chen, Jin Li
Based on carding the technology integration theory of vegetable quality and safety?this article proposed Vegetables quality and safety monitoring technology integration solutions, and selected the evaluation method to evaluate the vegetable quality and safety supervision information technology in Beijing...
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Biofilm Accretion and Start-up By Aerated Active Sand Biofilter

Yuxi Shen, Jincheng Li
This experiment proposed aerated active sand biofilter (AASB) to strengthen biological effects in sewage treatment. It explores the method of biofilm accretion and start-up by AASB, then inoculated by active sludge and incremental flow rate to accelerate the start-up ,when HRT is 3h, the temperature...
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Synthesis of polyaniline in electrospun microfibers via in-situ polymerization and the formation of self-assemble polyaniline particles

Haiying Cui, Hui Zhou, Xuejing Zhang, Chengting Zhao
This study reports on the synthesis of the polyaniline (PANi) in electrospun poly(vinylchloride-acrylonitrile) (PVC-AN) via in-situ oxidative polymerization of aniline using ammonium peroxydisulfate (APS) as the oxidant. Self-assemble polyaniline nano-particles were obtained from dissolving the conductive...
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Isotherm study on adsorption removal of Pb (II) by MCM-41 zeolite synthesized from biomass ash

Gang Tan, Yongjie Xue, Jun Cai
This paper focuses on the adsorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solution on zeolite that was synthesized from biomass ash. A synthesized MCM-41 zeolite marked as MCM-41-S9 was studied as adsorbent Then, adsorption characterization of Pb(II) onto MCM-41-S9 was discussed. Test results showed that optimum conditions...
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Phenol Adsorption onto Modified Industrial Solid Waste Adsorbents in the Presence of Cationic and Anionic Surfactant

Gang Tan, Yongjie Xue, Li Wan
The objective of this study is to remove phenol from aqueous solution by using modified industrial solid waste (ISW) in the presence of cationic and anionic surfactant with batch adsorption. Tests were carried out as functions of contact time, initial phenol concentration, pH and temperature. The experiments...
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Adsorption mechanisms of purified attapulgite for Zn2+ in aqueous solution

Ling Tao, Yina Li, Yaqiong Zhao, Jun Ren, Yijie Wang
The adsorption capability, dynamics and thermodynamic of Zn2+ by purified attapulgite was studied in this research. The influences of adsorption time, initial concentration and temperature on the adsorption of Zn2+ were discussed. With the rising of initial concentration, temperature and adsorption time,...
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Lateral Load-carrying Capacity Research of Steel Plate Bearing in Space Frame Structure

Menghong Wang, Xueting Yang, Yashen Liu, Chunyue Song, Shanshan Shi
For the lateral load-carrying capacity of steel plate bearing in space frame structure, there is not a specific formula for calculating the ultimate load capacity in current specification. Although the thickness of the base plate is verified, the possible dangerous points and failure mode of the bearing...
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Reconstruction and Overcommercialization of South Luogu Lane

Yi-lin Liu, Yu Huang
The contradictions in the reconstruction of old city are outstanding, and for a long time, the reconstruction thought of large-scale tear-down and reestablishment leads to the damage of the historical and cultural elements in a large amount of cities. However, the block structure and architectural features...
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Analysis of the Water Quality Deterioration in secondary water-supply systems

Cuihua Li, Guanye Wang
Based on the analyses of quality of treated water. texture and useful Life of water supply pipe, operational maintenance of network and secondary water supply system, measures such as improving the stability water quality, designedly re-constructing the existing water network and secondary water supply...
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The Effect of Dispersoids on Recrystallization Behavior of Al-Er and Al-Er-Zr Alloys at Different Aging State

Jie Hou, Shengping Wen, Kunyuan Gao, Hui Huang, Wei Wang, Zuoren Nie
The recrystallization behaviors of Al-Er and Al-Er-Zr alloy at different aging states have been investigated. The results indicate that the recrystallization temperature of Al-Er-Zr alloy is significantly higher than that of Al-Er alloy. Al-Er-Zr alloy at over aged state after 60% cold rolled has the...
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The Investigation on the Engineering University Students’ Entrepreneurial Quality

Zhilong Cheng, Hao Ding
With the help of the questionnaire by ourselves, the situation of the entrepreneurial quality of 600 universities students who are from different areas in Anhui province are investigated. The results are as follows:1. The general situations of Engineering college students’ entrepreneurial quality are...
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Effects of Er and Zr additions on precipitation and recrystallization of Al-Mg alloy

Wanhui Zhao, Shengping Wen, Wei Wang, Hui Huang, Zuoren Nie
The effects of Er and Zr on the precipitation and recrystallization of Al-Mg alloy was investigated using hardness testing,optical microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The results show that Al-Mg-Er-Zr alloy has a markedly hardening effect during isochronal annealing. The recrystallization...
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Survey of synthesis and application of Molybdenum Diselenide

Shuyan Qi, Xiaohu Liu, Bochao Zhao, Huanyan Xu
The structure, properties and functions of molybdenum diselenide are described briefly.The present situation of the synthesis of molybdenum diselenide is surveyed on the basis of the introduction of chemical, restacking and physical methods. The application of molybdenum diselenide in solar cells, lubricating...
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Effect of Cr Content and Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Cu-Cr-Zr Alloys

Qing-juan Wang, Xiao Zhou, Xiao-wen Zhang, Bo Liang, Zhong-ze Du
The influence of Cr content, hot working, and heat treatment on the performance of Cu-Cr-Zr alloys was investigated. The as-cast microstructure of Cu-Cr-Zr alloys was uneven and micro-segregation. Fluctuations of the solid-phase solute are intensified and the degree of segregation is increased with the...
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Research on the indirect thermal drying sludge technology based on spiral equipment

Jian Hua Tao, Bin Chen, You Wen Bao, Cheng Pu Jin
This paper focuses on the indirect thermal drying sludge technology based on spiral equipment. At first, the paper analyzes the current situation of the sludge treatment research, and the problems caused by lacking of effective sludge treatment, including environmental pollution, ecological destruction,...
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Modal Analysis of the Printed Circuit Board Based on Finite Element Method

Guoquan Ren, Ben Li, Dongwei Li, Yingqi Jiao
The printed circuit board (PCB) plays a vital role in modern electrical equipment and its reliability will affect electrics greatly. In order to study the vibration characteristics of the PCB, to guarantee its reliability, the finite element model of the PCB is established in ANSYS for the theory of...
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Improved Probability Algorithm Based on Low Energy Bluetooth Technology

Zhu Lin
With the use of low energy Bluetooth technology, it aims to examine the positioning accuracy and performance of location fingerprint algorithm and thus to make improvements. To locate by means of Bluetooth 4.0 (i.e. low-energy Bluetooth tech) is energy saving, costing less, deploying easily etc. So here...
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Research on Industrial Control Strategies of Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus

Xuefeng Tan, Yachun Dong
This paper designs a system structure scheme of industrial Ethernet integrating fieldbus, and gives application examples of MODBUS?TCP integrating fieldbus and EPA integrating fieldbus. Meanwhile, according with requirement of power equipment fault diagnostics system, this paper gives a design scheme...
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Separation Properties of Countable Infinite Iterative Function System Based on the Discrete Element Method

Xiaochun Tang, Wei Zhang, Meili Dai
The current research on finite iterated function system has been quite mature, and infinite iterated function system satisfying the open set condition also made some important results. This paper introduces the discrete element theory and fractal geometry theory into the separation of countable infinite...
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Analysis and application of the computer network information data mining based on clustering algorithm

Zequan Shi, Ying Wang
With the traditional algorithm to process computer network information data analysis, assuming the existence of diversity in multi-dimensional space, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of mining. For this reason, a data mining method based on clustering algorithm is proposed, to study computer...
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Optimization analysis of XML embedded system based on J2ME platform

Ying Wang, Zequan Shi
In the optimization research of XML embedded system, the traditional method has disadvantages like poor stability and time-consuming. In order to make up for these shortcomings, the optimization method of XML embedded system based on J2ME platform is put forward, according to the characteristics of J2ME,...
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The Application and Research of Property-management Information System based on JSF Technology

Tang Lin
With the rapid social development, the traditional property management model has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the owners on property management. This paper mainly discusses the development process of residential property-management information system. Firstly it analyzes the development...
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Physique Characteristics of Ethnic Archers Based on R-cluster Matrix

Yunfeng Wang, Yinan Ma
Object: the R cluster matrix analysis is used in this research which to explore the correlation of body shape, body composition, physical function and body function of male Xibo ethnic archers in China, and then discuss the differences of physical characteristics among Xibo ethnic archers and other athletes.Method:...
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Application Research of Library Management System of Network and Information Technology

Junxia Qi
The school library is one of organic component in the school organization system, which is an important place for the teachers and the students to learn in, improve the quality of education and train talents. With the deepening of the curriculum reform, schools are in the development towards characteristics...
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Exploration and Research on Intelligent Traffic Control System based on Cloud Computing

Hongxia Liu
As an important part of the intelligent transportation system, the short-term traffic flow forecasting is always one of hot research. The short-time traffic flow prediction based on MapReduce technology is put forward in the paper from the view of improving practical prediction algorithm of cloud computing...
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Design on Network Management System of Community Movements Based on ASP and VB.NET Technology

Yuanhai Wang
Strengthen the protection of personal information, learning prevention method of network information attack. Through scientific means to protect the privacy and self interest of Network Management System of Community Movements system is the professional knowledge. Based on the digital certificate we...
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Research on Data Synchronization Technology of Mobile Database Based on Real-time Embedded System

Yajie Xiao
Design the technologies for data acquisition of embedded mobile terminal, data transmission and synchronization of embedded mobile terminal and the server and establishment and maintenance of the server database. Solve the shortcomings as difficulty in data acquisition of data synchronization, complicated...
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Design on jQuery Evaluation System Framework of Movements Resource

Yuanhai Wang
movements association is voluntary participation, public non-profit social organizations. With the continuous development of social economy and improvement of people's living level, more and more people choose to join the movements club. At present, many movements associations have shortcomings in the...
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Research on the CBI System of Four-dimensional Model

Cuiping Ji
This essay fist analyzes the teaching situation and existing problems of American Society and Culture, and then expounds the CBI teaching theory to be used for instruction. Based on this theory series of reformation has been carrying through in order to realize the four-dimensional teaching objects.
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Network Psychological Status and Role Analysis Based on Theory of Personality Interaction

Tianlin Chen, Lan Luo
With the increase of frequency users use network, the impact that network influenced on the psychological development is more and more big, especially the character interaction. In this paper, the principle and the theory of computer psychological measurement system has been used, the comprehensive analysis...
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The Development of Group Psychology Measurement System based on Computer Multimedia Technology

HuaJie Sui, YaoHui Ye, ZhiBing Zhong
Mental CT is a kind of new computer psychological measurement technology. In order to realize group measurement function of psychological measurement system, this paper designs particle swarm psychological measurement algorithm, enhancing the system's intelligence community mental health average level...
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The Formalization Research on Self-adaptive Psychological Surveying System

Lan Luo, Tianlin Chen
As a newly-developed surveying method, the Computer Assist Test (which abbreviates for CAT) can not only be widely used both in classical tests and modern surveying with its strong theoretical property and technology compatibility. Its development injects new life into surveying and effectively promotes...
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Network Environment Design of Computer Personality Psychology Based on the Personalized Data Mining Method

Zhibing Zhong, Jurong Yang, Xiaofei Xiao
Data Mining Technology is defined as a method to extract the original, unknown and potentially useful information and knowledge hiding in the data collection. Through data mining method, system analysis method, experimental method and other methods, this paper conducts the research on the test and evaluation...
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Analysis of Job Satisfaction based on Oracle Database

Tao Wang
In order to evaluate the massive data sample, this paper uses clustering and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation theory to design the job satisfaction Oracle database. In order to increase easy operation of database, this paper uses C language called form to establish the database interface, which realizes...
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Application of Computer 3D Simulation in Architectural Art Effect

Peng Wei
Computer 3D simulation technology increases three-dimensional and visualization of architectural art form, which has the vital significance to explore the design technology of modern architectural art. This paper uses BIM and REVIT software to build the integrated platform of architecture art, and the...
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Study on CEI Network Model of Public Management

Dingsong Lan, Shouyan Cheng
This paper introduces the network CEI model in the city public management and the use of data mining association rules proposes intelligent sorting optimization algorithm for public affairs management, they improve the intelligent level and the office automation level of the public management. In order...
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Emergencies prediction model based on efficient mining for micro-blog

Wenxia Bi
In the case of the increasing amount of micro-blog information data, traditional mining techniques used to forecast emergency have tedious defects, like time-consuming and poor stability and so on. To solve these problems, an emergencies predictive method of efficient algorithm for micro-blog content...
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Research for Digital Video Image Processing of Table Tennis

Ying Xuan, Chang Liu
The paper proposes a new method How to obtain the placement on the table. The article adopts the technology of image process and computer’s instrument to compute the coordinates of table corner. It will be appropriate for description of the track with the center computed with three-step search and precise...
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mathematical classification process modeling for massive data with small differences

Ge Gou
Mathematical classification methods of massive data with small differences are studied. During mathematical classification process of data with small differences, assuming the amount of data is too large, the correlation between the data would be reduced, which makes it difficult to perform accurate...
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research on transaction security detection algorithm for large-scale e-commerce website

Guixiang Hu, Xinjie Qian, Qiulin Fu, Bo Yang
The large-scale e-commerce website transaction security detection methods are studied. For the defect that the large-scale e-commerce website transaction security detection is susceptible to be interfered by ambient noise, a large-scale e-commerce website transaction security detection method based on...
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an optimization scheduling model for multi-user software under cloud computing environment

Xiang-gang Wang
The multi-user software scheduling optimization under cloud computing environments is studied. Under the cloud computing environment, multi-user scheduling software possessed characteristics like multi-objective, multi-constraint and dynamic, the traditional Particle Swarm Algorithm can only be utilized...
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detection technology for underlying intrusion of large embedded network

Yimei Lai
The underlying intrusion accurate detection of large embedded network is studied. For the problem that low accuracy of underlying intrusion detection for the large embedded network, an underlying intrusion detection method for the large embedded network based on field rough set theory and BP neural network...
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effective scheduling model of data in financial management software running process

Jianchun Sun
When the financial management software is running, the data needs to be efficient scheduled. In the scheduling process, because there is a strong randomness for data utilization, traditional scheduling method is likely to cause a data collision, resulting in reduced efficiency of scheduling. This paper...
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the simulation of the optimal classification mathematical model based on chaos probabilistic analysis

Chunyan Lv, Chuan He, Erwei Wang
This paper proposes the establishment and simulation of one optimal classification mathematical model based on chaos probability analysis. A kind of recurrence plot chaotic analysis algorithm is applied to recognize the mathematical classification features and the improved neural network algorithm is...
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the modeling of college students’ psychological health based on statistical analysis

Huiling Wang
In order to further characterize the conditions of the college students’ psychological health, this paper proposes the college students’ psychological health models based on the statistical analysis techniques, which begin with the psychological issues triggered by the trivial events in the everyday...
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detection of behavior violating ethics rules in computer networks

Fan Yang
Most of the human destruction can be attributed to the ethical rules sabotage. Existing methods are mainly conduct to property calculation or structure measure of the malicious program code, lack of weighing from ethics rules angle. This paper proposes a network threaten detection algorithm to measure...
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the mathematical model simulation of law risk evaluation for intellectual property protection

Caixia Zou, Bing Zhou
Currently, the intellectual property protection gradually present diverse characteristics in which some disputes become norm. There are no effective evaluation models to assess the law risks in the intellectual property protection. This paper proposes an intellectual property law risks evaluation models...
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Intrusion Detection Localization Method of Large Association Embedded Network Equipment

Liao Lang, Zhenjia Zhu
The method of intrusion detection of embedded network equipment in large association is researched. In the process of large-scale embedded network device associated intrusion detection, the intrusion detection results of network equipment directly affect the stability and security of the network. For...
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Design and Implementation of Large Mass Information Management System

Haiping Zhang
The design and implementation method of large mass information management system is researched, and the efficiency of information management is improved. In the design process of large mass information management system, a design method of the information management system is proposed based on weak clustering...
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design and implementation of web based on laravel framework

Ren Yu He
With the traditional framework design methods to design web, resulting in large limitations, time-consuming and other issues, for such problems, this paper presents the design and implementation method of a web based on Laravel framework, Laravel make the development process is standardized, processing...
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design and implementation of an iterative optimization algorithm based on the c language

Ce Yao
An iterative optimization algorithm based on C language is designed and implemented in this paper, the algorithm is based on the traditional algorithm, and check constraint is added to ensure the correctness of the iterative process. The simulation software is regarded as the basis for computer simulation...
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the role of information technology application research

Baowei Zhang
Information technology is a new perspective of physical education teaching reform in china.It is a kind of new teaching way.Putting the information technology into sports teaching, changing the traditional teaching concepts and putting the computer information technology fully into PE teaching are the...
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A Snort-based Approach for Heartbleed Bug Detection

Yu Zhang, Qingzhong Liu, Yanling Liu
Heartbleed is a catastrophic bug in the OpenSSL which is a widely used implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol on the Internet. The Heartbleed bug which allows attackers to get sensitive information such as the secret keys, the user names, passwords and the actual content is a serious...
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Embedded Network Video Monitoring System

Long Chen, Zhihui Zhang, Peng Gao
With the continuous development of network technology and multimedia technology, video sur-veillance is toward IP, networking, high-definition, intelligence to develop. The applications of video surveillance are not just the connection of monitoring equipment, also including the market demand for video...
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new randomized partially blind signature scheme

Xinghua Zhang
The existing partially blind signature schemes rarely consider the random,and had less strict proof on random. Based on bilinear pairings and elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem,this article proposes a new randomized partially blind signature scheme. The random parameters jointly generated by the...
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goodness-of-fit test for normally distributed ar(1) disturbances of the multiple linear regression model

Yan Su, Ya-Ping Huang, Xia-Ying Su
We suggest the modified Anderson-Darling(AD) test procedures for testing normality of the AR(1) disturbances of the multiple linear regression model. The asymptotic null distribution of the transformed sample is obtained, and an algorithm is given to approximate the critical values of the test statistic...
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the geometry optimization design of a rectangular cross-sectional rail launcher

Chengwei Yang, Zhen-yuan Liu, Bao Kang
The conclusion that geometry?quality of the armature?initial charging voltage of the capacitor and capacitance size are the main factors which influence the system performance of a rectangular cross-sectional rail launcher is got by studying of the literature. A mechanical model and electromechanical...
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image adaptive edge detection based on canny operator and multiwavelet denoising

Lin Zhang
Aim to problems of traditional canny operator, we propose an improved canny edge detection method. First, in order to overcome excessive smoothing, we use multiwave adaptive denoising method to instead of Gaussian filter. Then after obtaining non-maxima suppression image, we use mean values of gradient...
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an ietm application research of equipment testing fault auxiliary diagnosis based on web

Jun Peng, Hui Li, Qingjiang Wang, Pei Cheng, Xin Shan
In view of the shortcomings existing in traditional paper technical data in equipment testing and failure analysis, the article puts forward the equipment test failure aided diagnosis of IETM design method based on Web, make high complexity fault diagnosis work become easy, visualized flow process, thus...
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sift points for screening based on random forest in ins/sar system

Hao Dou, ShaoJun Li, Xiao Sun, Tian Tian, ShuiPing Zhang, DeLie Ming
The paper adopts machine learning framework to analyze matching suitability of SIFT match points in INS/SAR integrated navigation system. The paper adopts machine learning framework to analyze matching suitability of SIFT match points in INS/SAR integrated navigation system. It aims to select the matching...
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turing-computability of solution of hirota equation

Dianchen Lu, Liming Fu
In this paper, we mainly discuss the Turing-computable of the Solution operation of Hirota Equation. Firstly, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the solution operator of equation by principle of contraction mapping, and acclaim that its local solution is Turing-Computable in use of TTE theory....
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ship detection in strong clutter environment based on adaptive regression thresholding for hfswr

Yonggang Ji, Leda Xu, Yiming Wang, Xiaoliang Chu
High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) has the ability to detect and track ships in real time and beyond the horizon continuously. The method of adaptive power regression thresholding (APRT) is one of good adaptive detection methods for HFSWR, and it works well in most cases. But in strong clutter...
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technique of optical target fusion recognition based on fuzzy evidence theory

Jian-biao Chen, Hua-yan Sun, Yong-hui Zheng
As a technique of uncertainty inferring, D-S evidence theory is widely used in the region of information fusion. The problem is how to create the basic probability assignment function (BPAF) of evidence. A technique based on the membership function that can generate BPA is given. It is used to recognize...
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construction based on the social development needs of the university network platform

Gong Yu
The culture of university campus network is a new form of civilization that has the characteristics of vivid form, abundant content and rapid actual effect. It’s an important source of information on campus for teachers and students. It is the extension and development of campus culture in network times...
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a research of how to distinguish suspicious data

Sheng-zhi Guo, Li-sen Pu, Cheng-wei Yang
We get a lot of data from Light weapons testing, such as the data of dispersion and intensive inspection. It is necessary to distinguish the suspicious data to ensure the result of the examination. This essay introduces some criterions about how to judge the outlier in small sample from normal populations,...
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Spares Inventory Optimization Based on System Availability

Rui Wang, Chen Qi, Wei Tao
To the actual problem of the equipment support engineering, the system spare parts are divided into two levels, and based on the METRIC theory, the multi-echelon support evaluation model for system spare parts is established. The multi-echelon system support degree is used as the optimization target...
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turing computability of the solution operator of a higher order modified camassa-holm equation

Dianchen Lu, Qiaoqiao Chen
In this paper, we mainly discuss the Turing computability of the solution operator of a higher order modified Camassa-Holm equation. Firstly, we transform the equation to its integral equation by Duhamel principle. Then applying the TTE theory, we prove that the solution operator of the integral equation...
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Fast Image Retrieval Based on Two-dimensional Embedding

Kui Zhao, Shihan Wang, Wei Wang
Recent years see an explosive growth of digital images and we need efficient technologies to index and retrieve them. The content-based retrieval method is a hot topic in recent research, in which we index the features of image and then retrieve the images through nearest neighbor searching. The features...
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A Depth Map Acquired By Integrated Imaging Based On Adaptive Matching Window

Xia Wen, Yu Wang, Yan Piao
In this paper, we prose a method to obtain the depth map based on adaptive matching window by Integrated imaging technology. This method combines the boundary information in I1I2I3 color space and minimum threshold value of the window effectively. So that the self-adapted matching window could adjust...
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Restoration technology of the video under snow

Xiaomeng Zhou, Yan Piao, Ge Shi
The snow in video images affects image quality and blurs key objects in the video image. It affects the ability of computer automatic detection, recognition and target tracking. First of all, we can use the improved symmetrical frame differencing method to detect and remove snow. If the snow is intensive,...
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Recommendation with Item Clustering Based Collaborative Filtering

Xin Wang, Zhi Yu, Can Wang
Recommender systems are playing a more and more important roles in people’s daily life and collaborative filtering (short for CF) is a widely used approach in recommender systems. In practice, many E-commerce companies such as Amazon use CF to make recommendations. However, as the number of users and...
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An improved non-negative matrix factorization algorithm based on genetic algorithm

Sheng Zhou, Zhi Yu, Can Wang
The non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithm is a classical matrix factorization and dimension reduction method in machine learning and data mining. However, in real problems, we always have to run the algorithm for several times and use the best matrix factorization result as the final output...
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Online Multi-keywords Map-search Algorithm Based on Sub-region Method

Zhi Yu, Zhonghan Sun, Yinlong Zhu, Can Wang
Nowadays, the map-search technology is frequently used by people. However, present map-search service can hardlysatisfy people’s growing demands. Providing multiplex service support in search service, such as intuitive search results and multi-keywords search, has become a research focus. This paperproposes...
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The Survey of Big Data

Qi Fu, Jun Tan, Yufang Xie
In recent years, the era of researching and applying the big data has already arrived with the continuing increase of data size in Internet applications. The scale effect of big data has a great impact on the traditional technology of data processing. It reforms the existing management model and challenges...
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A Micro blog Recommendation System Based on User Clustering

Lei Chen, Chao Jiang, Wei Wang
Nowadays, micro blog has been widely used as a platform of information sharing. How to help users to find what they are interested in from massive amount of data becomes a very challenging issue. Some micro blog recommend systems are user-based and its effect is not significant. In this paper, we implement...
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The Research of Chinese Name Entity Disambiguation Based On Word Sense Disambiguation

Gang Wang
Named Entity Disambiguation (NED) refers to the processing of determining the real entity concept of a given name with some necessary context. This paper introduces a calculation model of the NED based on the word sense disambiguation in order to solve the problem of Chinese name disambiguation which...
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Empirical Study on the Urbanization Promoting the Chinese Economic Growth

Huirong Jing
This paper select the section data of China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in the year of 2011, use the Eviews6.0 metrology software, set up the production function model, and change it into the econometric model to empirical test theoretical...
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Study on the structure of Chinese dual economy

Huirong Jing
This paper reviews the related theory to explain the present situation of China's urban and rural economic structure. Furthermore, the data of the urban and rural populations in China Statistical Yearbook is used to reveal the status of China’s economic structure. It is found that the configuration proportion...
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The Principle of Urbanization Promoting Chinese Economic Growth

Huirong Jing
This paper firstly reviews the related theory to explain the present situation of China's urban and rural economic structure. This paper secondly builds the production function model of urbanization development to promote economic growth, to illustrate the urbanization development promoting economic...
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Optimal Scheduling of Combined cooling heating system

Shulei Deng
Due to the fossil fuel crisis, combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) systems which can jointly supply electricity and hot/cold have become the mainstream of energy generation technology. In this paper, tradable green certificate(TGC) mechanism is firstly introduced to operation of CCHP system, and...
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The Design of Desktop Two Rounds of Self-balancing Robot

Yingkun Zhang, Hao Hao, Zhuo Zhen
In view of the disadvantages of these existing two rounds of self-balancing robots such as large volume, complex control, design a kind of desktop two rounds of self-balancing robot. The microcontroller based on the Arduino is used as the main controller, which uses the MPU - 6050 attitude sensor and...
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Fingerprint Space Building Algorithm with Kriging for Large Positioning Regional Environment

Yue Wang, Wei-jia Cui, Da-ming Wang, Zhi-yu Lu
When using the arithmetic of location fingerprinting to build up fingerprint spaces, the methodology that scholars used now contains drawbacks, such as the high complexity and low accuracy and other iuess. As a result, Kriging are using frequently. In the traditional style, chosen Kriging index could...
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The Least Energy Criterion LEC and Its Application in Model Selection

Mu Qiao, Peng Wang
This paper considers the statistic LEC and its application on econometric model selection. The idea is to apply the concept of least energy principle, and based on information entropy propose the least energy criterion expression LEC. It is shown that using the idea of comparing the LEC of model residual...
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Algorithm of Repeated Results Re-ranking based on Polysemy

Pengwei Guo, Bin Zhang, Da-ming Sun
In order to make search results better fit users’ current search interest, this paper proposes an algorithm of repeated results re-ranking using a model of polysemy. The algorithm considers the characteristics of the keywords to improve the rank of repeated results. Based on the analysis of polysemy...