Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer Science and Electronic Technology

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On the Model Design of Human Resource Management Based on Knowledge Management

Xiaohong Zhou
Based on the research of knowledge management, human resource management, and the cultivation of innovative talents, this paper puts forward the human resource management model. By emphasizing more on flexibility in human resource management theory, building a flexible remuneration system and scientific...
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Study of the Method for Single Missile Storage Life Evaluation Based on Test Data

Wen Jun Xi, Wen Shuang Wang
To investigate the storage life evaluation method for single missile. The regular status test data was statistically analyzed, the variation of the test data was determined. The stability of the test data was discussed through the introduction of the “Mobile Standard Deviation (MSD)”conception. The MSD,...
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Effective Length Of Quantum Confinement And Polaron Effect In A GaAs Film Deposited On Al0.3Ga0.7As Substrate

Bing-Can Liu, Yong-Feng He, Qiang Tian
The polaron confined in a GaAs film deposited on Al0.3Ga0.7As substrate are investigated by using the framework of the fractional-dimensional space approach. The numerical results for the polaron binding energy and effective mass as functions of the film thickness for different substrate thickness are...
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Iterative Algorithms for System of Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems

Dianjiao Zhao, Yali Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to present an iterative algorithm for system of generalized mixed equilibrium problems in Banach space. We prove convergence theorems of the iterative algorithm for finding a common element of the fixed point set of relatively nonexpansive mappings and the solution set of...
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Mobile Phone 3D Animation Plot Auto-generation Based on Ontology

Jinjuan Wang
The phone 3D animation generated automatically system is to achieve the goal that users sent the information to the server. After a serial of process information extracting, plot planning and scenario planning. The system would finally generate and send a video animation which is related to the information...
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Research on automatic first break picking method in seismic data processing

Rongxi Zhang
The seismic data imaging and the first arrival pickup is an application of computer graphics and calculation method in the process of geological exploration. Through the computer technology the seismic data can be visualized, the first arrival wave can be picked rapid and accurately. It can help the...
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Data Acquisition System Research Based on Mobile Agent in Network Management

Yan Li, Li Zhu
In traditional network management, data acquisition realized by polling and traps will cause huge waste of network bandwidth, and cause delay and congestion problems. To solve this problem, based on mobile agent platform aglets, this paper developed a data acquisition system, which realized transparent...
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Construction of Teaching Assisted Expert System in Engineering Training

Zhi-gang Zhang
Due to diversity of engineering training knowledge, complexity of its practitioners’ needs, and low efficiency for an individual instructor to guide students, this paper proposes a new type of assisted teaching system based on expert system. It first elaborates the structure and significance of the system,...
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Improved Node Matrix Optimization Method of Test Points at Circuit Board

Feng-yu Li, Yu-kun Yan, Long-fe Zhang, Zhi Chen, Long-tao Liao, Kai Xiao
Graph theory is applied in this paper to optimization design of test point set in circuit board fault diagnosis. The optimal detection node set of a circuit board can be established by a improved node matrix. The improved node matrix can also regenerate topology network graph of a circuit, which reflects...
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data interface design for java-based mysql database

Hongxia Liu
This essay designs and realizes a Java-based lightweight ORM component-Nemo: Nemo is one Java-based lightweight ORM component, a middleware which can realize the seamless connection between Java language and SQL (Structured Query Language) of data access. The function it realizes is to form an auto-mapping...
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the development of date mining system based on data mining algorithms of b/s framework

Hongxia Liu
In this paper, it proposes a data mining system based on data mining algorithms of B/S framework, including the key parts such as visualization of data mining, processing of data mining processes and data storage etc…and initially achieves an agriculture data mining platform based on B/S framework based...
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research on the tpe biodegradable biomedical polymer materials

Jing Jin
Biomedical polymer materials have been widely applied in biological and medical fields. When the polymer materials were in contact with human body permanently or transiently, they can cause the adverse biological reactions such as inflammation, carcinogenesis, forming thrombus and so on. The adverse...
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research of interference elimination method in pollution with fluorescent bacterial

Weiwei Jiang, Jinbao Shan
The method of interference elimination in pollution with fluorescent bacteria is researched. According to the interference of fluorescent bacteria in pollution, the interference elimination method in the pollution with fluorescent bacteria is proposed based on feature separation algorithm, the bacterial...
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design and implementation analysis of university online resource system

Ke Zhang, Meng Yang
This educational resource management system can offer a resource sharing platform for students and teachers. Managing various education and teaching resources (digital resources), it realizes direct interaction between teachers and students and direct teaching management and then enhance teaching efficiency...
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water ecological restoration model analysis on chongqing’s polluted reservoir

Jie Xiang
The paper regards Chongqing’s Nei Zikou Reservoir as the research object, conducts an establishment of ecological restoration model for this reservoir and sets up a concept model and mathematical model of ecological restoration, and the simulation value and measured value based on denitrification. The...
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physical analysis and research based on data mining

Xueqiang Zhu
In order to enhance effectiveness and correctness of physical training, the paper, based on data mining, puts forward data processing flow and overall framework model in physical training process, and conducts statistics and analysis of ID3 decision tree algorithm on physical training’s plenty of data...
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image technology of display design based on digital multimedia implementation

Xi Hu, Jing Li
Display design is an independent professional design discipline, it is current higher vocational art design speciality students must master a foreign emerging professional courses. In traditional teaching, the author puts forward the practical "through" classification of "1 + 1 + 1" display design project...
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expression of norovirus virus-like particles in different systems

Xing-Jian Cheng, Yan-Ling Wu, Yoshimasa Tanaka, Wen Zhang
Noroviruses (NoVs) cause the great majority of epidemic nonbacterial gastroenteritis in humans. The purpose of this review is to provide the current status of NoV virus-like particles (VLPs) expression systems, including insect cell, bacteria, yeast, and plant cell expression systems. The application...
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the researches on the analysis of medicinal microbial toxicity spectral curves

Wei-Hong Liu
The hidden toxicity in the medicinal microbes is seriously harm to human health and the population are susceptible for the microbes, therefore, the accurate analysis for the medicinal microbial toxicity is essential. This paper presents the analysis of the toxicity spectral curves for the tiny luminescent...
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Analysis of the Planning Concept of Architectural Genius Loci

HongLiang Guo
The paper adopts the concept, “genius loci”, from the field of architecture and regards this concept as a basic point to study the planning of residential districts, taking Emerald Garden located in Nantong City as example and having access to the drawing of planning. Room for exploration of the application...
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the expert system for goods based on supply chain

Xiang-jie Niu, Hua Li
In the environment of supply chain, the market price of the poultry and eggs is greatly affects by different chains which increase the forecasting complexity. This paper focuses on the poultry and eggs market price forecasting methods in order to increase the predication accuracy. A market price forecasting...