Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on E-Business Intelligence (ICEBI 2010)

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Updating Approximations Dynamically in Dominance-based Rough Sets

Shaoyong Li, Tianrui Li, Junbo Zhang
Dominance-based rough set (DBRS) approach is dedicated to analysis of data with ordinal properties by the dominance relation. Incrementally updating knowledge is a hot topic in data mining and granular computing. This paper presents algorithms for updating approximations dynamically in DBRS when adding...
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Finding Topics in News Web Pages by Parameter-free Clustering

Ji Xiang, Neng Gao, Jiwu Jing
Topic detection is a novel technology which structures news stories into several topics. Present topic detection approaches are mainly based on clustering algorithms such as single pass or agglomerative clustering, and all these algorithms need at least one input parameter. We proposed a novel clustering...
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Models of Pricing and Coordination in Dual-channel Supply Chain with Business Reputation

Hui Ma, De-Li Yang, Jian-Jun Wang
In order to meet the needs of different customer, manufacturer opened online direct channel based on retail channel. In the case of co-existence of dual-channel distribution, a model is built to analyze pricing competitions between one manufacturer and one retailer under the manufacturer providing business...
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VAR model Analysis on Japan's OFDI and Industrial Structural Upgrading

Liang Ren, Bing Li
This paper employs the VAR model to analyze Japan¡¯s outward foreign direct investment and its domestic industrial structural upgrading. Vector Error Correction estimates shows that there is a long term relationship between Japan¡¯s outward FDI and its industrial structural upgrading, and there is a...
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Making Item Predictions through Tag Recommendations

Jing Peng, Daniel Zeng
As opposed to the search engine, social tagging can be considered an alternative technique tapping into the wisdom of the crowd for organizing and discovering information on the Web. Effective tagbased recommendation of information items is a critical aspect of this social information discovery mechanism....
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Consumer Categorization of Hybrid Products: The Applicability of Fuzzy-based Approach for Managing the Technology Convergence

Akihiro Nishimoto
The central issue in this research is the product management. Especially, hybrid products are focused. It is the one that is integrated more than two category technologies into one product. It has been getting a lot of attention as the new approach of the product development. However, there is the category...
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Software Defect Prediction Based on As-sociation Rule Classification

Baojun Ma, Karel Dejaeger, Jan Vanthienen, Bart Baesens
In software defect prediction, predictive models are estimated based on various code attributes to assess the likelihood of software modules containing errors. Many classification methods have been suggested to accomplish this task. However, association based classification methods have not been investigated...
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A Bibliometric Research of Social Net-work Theory and Its Applications in MIS Domain

Yili Liu, Bing Wu
An overview of why and how the social network approach might be useful for research of information related issues is presented. Background of social network theory and social network analysis are provided firstly. Then a literature review is made involving a content analysis of 373 articles retrieved...
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Research on Metadata-driven Enterprise Data Modeling System

Hong Miao, Jingsheng Sun, Shilun Ge, Nianxin Wang
Since the existing mass data resource in enterprises has never generated any reuse-value, this paper proposes a framework for enterprise data modeling, verification and management driven by metadata. It starts from the building-up of metadata base, and then checks and verifies the metadata at different...
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Marketing Communication Strategy and Marketing ROI under Cross-Media Envi-ronment

Akihiro Inoue
Marketing managers have to build their effective communication strategy under cross-media environment. Also, they have to achieve a same level performance even under the decrease in marketing budget. In this research, we re-consider the inherent task of marketing communication and propose the concept...
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Feature Ranking for Total Ordering Ranking Problems

Yongqing Wang, Daniel Zeng
In this paper, we first introduce the development of learning to rank and discuss the problems existing in this field especially the ignorance of total ordering ranking. For dealing with the total ordering ranking problem, we assume a method ¡°feature ranking¡±. Based the assumption, we design two algorithms:...
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Monitoring of the Changes in the Global Forest Cover Using Data Mining

Vipin Kumar
Assessing change in forest cover is of critical importance in studying natural and anthropogenic impacts on natural ecosystems. In particular, forest degradation accounts for almost 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and thus is a significant driver of climate change, which, in turn...
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The Analysis of the Business Pattern of Online Community and Its Value

Zhiyuan Ge, Shuping Mao, Lili Sun
With the number of Chinese Internet users is growing rapidly, Internet is building an extensive network of community, and people begin to find their homogeneous groups through a variety of ways on the network, under the context, online communities formed. So the business pattern of online community is...
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Empirical Analysis on the Correlation between Chinese Stock Markets and Developed Oversea Markets

Feng Liu, Qiang Ye, Yi-jun Li
Through the Johansen Co-integration test and the Granger-causality test, we found that the volatility in Chinese stock markets has been affected by the the volatility in United States stock market, however, we have not found that Chinese stock markets would co-move along with the United States market...
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Daily Budget Optimization Basedon the Newsboy Model for Advertisers in the SSA Markets

Linjing Li, Daniel Zeng, Yanwu Yang
This paper provides a method for planing the optimal daily budget in the online sponsored search advertising market, which is now the most important marketing place. The proposed method is mainly based the well-known newsboy model, which has been widely applied in single period inventory management settings....
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Effect of information asymmetry and embeddedness on organizational learning

Liefa Liao, Kanliang Wang
Using simulation research method, this research considers how information asymmetry and embeddedness influence organizational learning performance. The results indicate that, low embeddedness facilitate exploration learning while high embeddedness facilitate exploitation learning in information symmetry...
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Advanced Informatics for Business Intelligence 2.0

Hsinchun Chen
Business Intelligence (BI), a term coined in 1989, has gained much traction in the IT practitioner community and academia over the past two decades. According to Wikipedia, BI refers to the ¡°skills, technologies, applications, and practices used to help a business acquire a better understanding of its...
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Integrating OLAP/SOLAP With E-Business: A New Conceptual Platform

Oualid, Samar Mouakket
E-business domains, such as e-commerce, e-government, e-learning, e-banking, have been considered for long time as killer domains for several data analysis techniques in order to analyze the data stored in their websites¡¯ databases. Most of the researchers have been focusing on using the Data Mining...
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A Semantic Analysis Method for Concept Map-based Knowledge Modeling

Jin-Xing Hao, Angela Yan, Ron Chi-Wai
Semantic analysis of a concept map plays an important role in translating human knowledge in the form of concept maps into rigorous and unambiguous representations for further processing by computers. However, recent research limits in the literal analysis of concept labels and concept relatedness that...
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Mining Maximal Frequent Patterns With Similarity Matrices of Data Records

Hua Yuan, Junjie Wu
In this paper, we proposed a similarity matrix based method to mining maximal frequent patterns from large database. The study is very different from the previous Apriori-liked method. Especially, the method can be performed directly on the original data in database without various format transformation....
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Domain Ontology Mapping Based Semantic Web Mining Models Research

Jiaojie Cai, Yufeng Zhang, Feng Hu, Jianfeng Dong
This paper proposes two models about semantic web mining based on domain ontology mapping and gives domain ontology mapping rules. In the first model we semantic annotate web resources based on domain ontology mapping rules, and then implement web mining to get semantic knowledge rules; In the second...
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COSI-: Identification of Cosine Interesting Patterns Based on FP-tree

Xiaojing Huang, Junjie Wu, Shiwei Zhu, Hui Xiong
The cosine similarity, also known as uncentered Pearson Correlation, has been widely used for mining association patterns, which contain objects strongly related to each other. However, it is often used as a post-evaluation measure and is computationally prohibitive for large data. To this end, we develop...
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The Effect of CRM System on Sales Man-agement Control: A Case Study

Liang Li, Ji-Ye Mao
Whereas prior research has paid little attention to the effect of CRM system on internal process control, this case study illustrates control-related CRM usage by investigating how effective sales management control through CRM and why. Results show that the CRM application can strengthen formal control...
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The Limits of Public Clouds for Business Applications --An overly simplistic reliance on the utility model risks blinding us to the real opportunities and challenges of cloud computing

Paul Hofmann
Descriptions of cloud computing often emphasize the silver lining more than the chances of getting wet. Utility computing offers many benefits, but will the cloud ¡ª especially the public cloud ¡ª lead to the extinction of CIOs because IT will be consumed as simply as electricity? No doubt, cloud computing...
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Orthogonality of Imprecise Matrices

Madhumangal Pal, Gobinda Murmu, Anita Pal
In this paper, we have studied some properties of imprecise numbers, namely, interval numbers and triangular fuzzy numbers. Also we studied the imprecise matrices of different kinds. Using the operations defined on them, we have proposed the orthogonality of such matrices and some theorem for those type...
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Towards the Next Generation of Recommender Systems

Alexander Tuzhilin
The field of recommender systems has reached an important milestone in Fall 2009 when the $1,000,000 Netflix Prize Competition has successfully completed its course. Since then, there has been an attempt made in the recommender systems community to access what has been accomplished and identify new promising...
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A Context-based Mobile Knowledge Support System for Supporting Foreign Students in China

Xiangpei Hu, Khalil Al-mekhlafi, Lijun Sun, Ziguang Zheng
The idea of Context-based Mobile Knowledge Support System (CMKSS) is to provide three kinds of support based on a user's context and needs, namely, knowledge support, guide support and language practice support. An integrated knowledge representation method to represents the demand profile and supply...
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The Conceptual Model of Mobile TV Service Adoption: A Triangulational Perspective

Rong Chen, Xin Luo, Heng Xu, Wei Zhang
Mobile TV is a fledgling industry which has high profit expectations while with low adoption rates. To advance this line of research, this paper presents a comprehensive review on literatures related to mobile TV adoption, including traditional adoption theories, uses and gratification research, domestication...
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Status and Trends of IT/IS Application in Small and Medium Manufacturing En-terprises in China

Fang Wang, Xunhua Guo
With the rapid development and profound changes in the Chinese economy, the early stage growth patterns which largely depended on low labor costs are facing serious challenges. Small and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) are upgrading management and service to improve productivity efficiency and...
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Research on the Method of Dynamic Emergency Rescue Vehicle Routing Based on Real-time Information

Tiejun Wang, Yijun Li
Vehicle routing problem is an important research topic in management science. Most traditional Vehicle routing studies are static models. Integrating the latest development of information technologies, such as ¡°3S¡± geomatics technology and computer, communication and network modern high-techs, this...
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Association-rule-based User Segmenta-tion: An Empirical Study

Ming Ren, Qiang Wei, Wei Xu
Segmentation is becoming crucial than ever for proper exploration of information and delivery of services to the users in a personalized manner. This paper proposes a user segmentation method based on association rules discovered in large databases, and represents the hierarchical segmentation by the...
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Service Ecosystems of cloud computing

Renjun Qu, Qiongwei Ye
In this paper, we consider the Service Ecosystems of cloud computing is emerging. We present the Architecture of cloud computing¡¯s Service Ecosystems, and describe Service Ecosystems working mechanism, then analyze the service composition the of Service Ecosystems. Value network is analyzed by identifying...
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The Research of Virtual Enterprise Partners Selection: From Harmony Perspec-tive

Hong Ling, DongSheng Dai, JingFan Zhang
The virtual enterprise (VE) partner selection, which is a business process throughout the whole business operation, is critical for the VE operation. But it is often affected by many factors from politics, economics, social status, psychology and culture background. And the relationship development between...
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On Transnational Strategic Performance Management of Firm Based on Synergy of Organizational Learning

Deyun Xiao, Xiangfang Zhu, Weibao Li
Performance measurement experienced stage of financial measurement, stage of value management measurement and stage of combination of financial measurement and non-financial measurement. Introduction of OL(organizational learning) to performance management can strengthen implementation of strategy and...
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A Meta-analysis of Virtual Team Communication Based on IPO Model

Yongmei Liu, Xi Yan, Yuhua Sun
Communication plays a central role in virtual team performance, but its research results have not always been in agreement with each other. Using a general IPO model, this paper proposed hypotheses from the perspective of Media Synchronism Theory, and conducted a meta-analysis to test the relationships...
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Regional Analysis on Chinese Internet Ads with Click-Through Rates

Wei Li, Qiang Wei, Yaoqiang Chen
Internet Ads is one of the important forms of E-business activities, due to its high targeting, rich contents, flexible media as well as high interactivity. Since the economy and Internet development of different regions in China are quite differentiated, the Internet Ads of different regions have significant...
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Some Results on Interval-ValuedFuzzy Matrices

Anita Pal, Madhumangal Pal
In this paper, we introduced intervalvalued fuzzy matrices (IVFMs) as the generalization of interval-valued fuzzy sets. Some essential unary and binary operations of IVFM and some special types of IVFMs i.e., symmetric, reflexive, transitive and idempotent, constant, etc. are defined here. The idea of...
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Construction and Research of Self-choosing & Fee-paid Advertising Model

Shiyu Wang, Gui-shi Deng, Yaohui Zhang, Xinyi Yang
The traditional modes of advertisement are usually unproductive with huge input. And consumers are often forced to watch ads that are not useful to them. This paper provides a new way of advertising to improve both the producers' and consumers' utility. The new mode allows audience to choose the ads...
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IT Project Investment Decision Analysis under Uncertainty

Suling Jia, Na Xue, Dongyan Li
When to implement IT investment is important, the revenue and cost of IT investment are flustering with great uncertainty, so defining rational their variation is the base for assessing the value and occasion of IT investment. The IT investment cost is described by geometrical Brownian motion, and the...
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Deployment of Delegated Certification Path Validation in Cloud for Mobile Business

Zhan Wang, Luning Xia, Jiwu Jing, Neng Gao
Mobile business is one of young promising e-commerce industries. In mobile business scenario, PKI and certifications have been the premier solution to secure mobile transactions. However, client devices with limited computing and storage resources have difficulties to discover and validate the certification...
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Data Quality for Emergency Department BI Dashboard

Andy Koronios, Jing Gao
As a powerful BI tool, dashboard is currently on the decision-makers' top concern lists. Many studies have been conducted on how to develop dashboard in the hospital environment, especially in the emergency departments (ED) where the doctors need precise, real time information of their patients in order...
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An Experimental Study of User-Customized Products Online

Xiaolin Yang, Kanliang Wang
With the rapid development of online shopping, the simple form of online shopping can not meet the personalized needs of consumers. The paper studies the decision support system for usercustomized products online. This paper concentrates on the differences in consumer behavior through an experimental...
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Bibliometric Study on Performance Evaluation of Chinese E-Government Website

Erlei Ma, Kun Zhao
This paper uses bibliometric methodology to study the performance evaluation of e-government website in China from
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An Efficient Association Rule Mining Me-thod for Personalized Recommendation in Mobile E-commerce

Xiaoyi Deng, Chun Jin, Yoshiyuki Higuchi, C.Jim Han
The association rule mining (ARM) is an important method to solve personalized recommendation problem in e-commerce. However, when applied in personalized recommendation system in mobile ecommerce(MEC), traditional ARMs are with low mining efficiency and accuracy. To enhance the efficiency in obtaining...
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Towards approximate equivalences of workflow processes

Yongzhi Cao, Guoqing Chen
Well-known notions of equivalence such as trace equivalence and bisimulation have been used to compare workflow processes; they describe the equivalence of processes whose activities are identical in each step. Possessing exactly the same activity in each step is quite rigorous, and sometimes we may...
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Exploring User's Classification Model for UGC and Its Influence Factors on Contribution in Social Media

Yuxiang Zhao, Kewen Wu, Qinghua Zhu, Fei Meng
This paper aims at exploring the user¡¯s contribution in different social media sites, and further examining what factors will influence user¡¯s motivation to participate in UGC. After a brief literature review, the authors collect data from 8 social media sites and analyze the quantitative relationship...
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Research on Organizational Knowledge Structure's Construction Based on Text Mining

Jiangnan Qiu, Chuangling Nian
Organizational knowledge structure is a reflection of organizational knowledge system. In this paper, we study organizational knowledge structure¡¯s construction based on patent documents using text mining method. Its construction process is as follows: Firstly, patent documents of organization are collected...
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Research on Distributed Knowledge Base System Architecture for Knowledge Sharing of Virtual Organization

Ruzhi Xu, Peiguang Lin, Cheng Liu
In this paper, an agent-based architecture is proposed to integrate distributed heterogeneous Knowledge Base. BBS is used as the public information exchange platform to implement an asynchronous uncoupling communication mechanism. A group of agents is deployed to every Knowledge Base node to complete...
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Sentiment Classification for Consumer Word-of-Mouth in Chinese: Comparison between Supervised and Unsupervised Approaches

Ziqing Zhang, Qiang Ye, Wenying Zheng, Yijun Li
Sentiment classification aims at mining word-of-mouth, reviews of consumers, for a product or service by automatically classifying reviews as positive or negative. Few empirical studies have been conducted in comparing the different effects between machine learning and semantic orientation approaches...
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Multi-resolution Keyword Mining Algorithm based on Frequent Pattern Technique

Xiaodong Ji
Finding out keywords from massive text document is a hard problem because an amount of synonyms are frequently used in a text. This paper proposes a keyword mining algorithm based on analyzing the ¡°frequent patterns¡± of the words in a text. We use a new method referring the cluster process to determine...
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BI as a service: an attempt to understand the leading adoption factors

Marco de Marco, Cecilia Rossignoli, Antonella Ferrari, Lapo Mola, Alessandro Zardini
The research question of this study attempts to identify which are the leading factors for the adoption of a sourcing Software as a Service model for Business Intelligence applications. The objective is to build a model containing enabling factors for the adoption of BI solutions. We seek to expand on...
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Conceding Strategy on Multi-agent Argumentation-based Negotiation in E-commerce

Ge Zhang, Lin Wu, Guo-Rui Jiang, Ti-Yun Huang
Argumentation-based approach to negotiation, which allows agents to exchange additional information or argue their beliefs and other mental attitudes during the negotiation, is gaining increasing popularity for its potential ability to overcome the limitations of conventional approaches. In this paper,...
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An Incremental Approach for Rule Induction under Coarsening and Refining of Attribute Values in E-Business Systems

Dun Liu, Tianrui Li, Junbo Zhang
The variation of attribute values is an important case in the dynamic EBusiness systems. With the rapid increase and update of data sets in business database everyday, a new incremental model, approach as well as its algorithm is presented for rule induction under coarsening and refining of attribute...
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Study on Cooperation Mechanism of Closed-loop Supply Chain Based on Rev-enue Distribution with Modified Shapley-value

Weimin Ma, Xiaoxi Zhu
A closed-loop supply chain of revenue distribution model consists of a manufacturer, a Third-Part Logistics and a retailer is founded, revenue of each cooperative coalition in different cooperative ways is given based on cooperative game theory. Results indicate that cooperation will bring each cooperative...
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Healthcare and the Coming Informatics Revolution

J. C. Westland
Healthcare is the largest industry in the world, and set to grow even larger as the world's population ages. Presently, the US leads the world in medical technology; it also spends twice as much per capita on healthcare as other developed nations, the result of inefficiencies in the system and the increasing...
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Production Logistics Research and Demonstration based on Network Planning technique and Theory of Constraints

Zhilan Song, Yueyi Liu
The Logistics of production is an important part of enterprises logistics. Whether it can be smooth is related closely to the economic benefit and business competitiveness. In order to better the efficiency, making processes of production rational and plan the layout of equipments are needed. Presently,...
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A Study on the Trend of Web2.0 Research

Tao Zhang, Kun Zhao, Zhangxiang Zhu
This paper uses CNKI as search source, and uses ¡®Web2.0¡¯ as the key word to search the research papers related to Web2.0 during the period of 2005?2009 in China. By using Bibliometric methods, this paper analyzes the overall situation, existing problem, solution strategies and trends of the domestic...
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Product Images Classification with Mul-tiple Features Combination

Shi-jie Jia, Xiang-wei Kong, Hai-yan Fu, Guang Jin
Visual-based automatic product image classification is a great need and challenge work for e-commerce field. Previous work tested few number product categories with one or two descriptors. For the task of product classification over large number categories, we employed kernel-based SVM classifier combining...
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Agent Based Modeling for Business Gam-ing Simulation and Application for Supply Chain Management Education

Motonari Tanabu
Yokohama Business Game (YBG) is a business game platform supporting a development, conduct and management of games. While YBG provides various types of business game and they are used in over 70 Japanese universities, there is a difficulty in keeping game balance or finding optimal strategy when developing...
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Study on Quantum Particle Swarm Op-timization Algorithm to Win-win Situa-tion for the Physical Distribution Routing Problem

Wenxue Ran, Dongfeng Zhao, Zhilan Song, Yuan Zhou
This paper, based on the order with which the theory of random character combined, offers random distribution ordering assembly system model on the basis of multi-distribution route. In addition, this model¡¯s sorting capacity and its impact of time delay characteristic on sorting capacity of system...
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The Effect of Learning Feedback Delay on the Growth of E-commerce Web Sites

Xiao-ji Wan, Gui-shi Deng, Yang Bai, Zhi-guo Zhu
The learning feedback delay reflecting renewal speed greatly affects the growth of e-commerce web sites. This paper firstly presents a nonlinear competition model ex-plaining the growth mechanism of commercial sites and studies the action principle of initial conformation condition, renewal speed, competitive...
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A Study on Dynamic Quality Manage-ment Model for E-Commerce

Jinling Chang, Chuncan Li
This paper constructed a dynamic and objective model of E-commerce website quality management. The key quality factors, quality characters and sub-characters from the user¡¯s perspective were discussed firstly, they formed the inherent causality relationship. Applying the Bayesian Network, the E-commerce...
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Well-Defined Processes and Their Effects on Business Process Outsourcing Vendor's Success: an Integrated Framework

Zhanhe Du, Xiuwu Liao
Offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) has been prevalent for two decades, but there are many failures. Although some literature analyzes the reason of failures from process viewpoint, there is still not a clear understanding about what are well-defined processes and their effects on BPO vendor¡¯s...
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A Survey of the Internet of Things

De-Li Yang, Feng Liu, Yi-Duo Liang
This paper studies the state-of-art of Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling new forms of communication between people and things, and between things themselves, IoT would add a new dimension to the world of information and communication just as Internet once did. In this paper, IoT definitions from...
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A Partial Backorder Inventory System with Quoted Service Time

Yifan Dou, Yongbo Xiao, Jian Chen
In this paper, we introduce a critical time point method of partial backorder system with quoted service time in the traditional (,)Qr model: The retailer sets a critical time point. Excess demand coming before that point will be satisfied with emergency order while other ones will be backlogged until...
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Value Creation from CRM Systems: Resources and Processes

Shutao Dong
Building on the RBV and the processoriented view, we develop a conceptual model to study the value creation process of CRM systems. Analyzing a dataset of 82 Chinese firms, we find that the value of CRM resources stem from operational benefits (e.g. marketing cost reduction and efficiency gains in customer-oriented...
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A Design Framework for Online Discus-sion Speech Act Analysis and Situation Profiling

Jia Li, Xuan Liu, Zhigao Chen, Pengzhu Zhang
In this research, we developed a design framework for systems supporting online discussion speech act analysis and situation profiling. The framework advocates the development of systems that support all three facets of online discussion situation profiling: snapshot, duration, and people. The framework...