Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Economic Development and Business Culture (ICEDBC 2021)

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A Stepwise Regression Analysis of the Risk of Corporate Debt Default

Wang Zeyang
Nearly three years, the number of defaulting corporate on the Chinese bond market has risen sharply, and some bonds issued by state-controlled companies that are generally considered to be creditworthy have also defaulted, which all shows that the domestic bond market is changing. This paper selects...
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Research and Application of Management Accounting in PPP Project Performance Evaluation Based on AHP-EWM Model

Wenxi Wang
This paper sets the performance evaluation index of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project and uses the entropy weight method to modify the index weight under the subjective analytic hierarchy process to make it more objective and accurate, to establish the performance evaluation system of the...
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New Stage of Cooperative Development of the Semiconductor Industry Between Guangdong and Taiwan

Zuzheng Zhan
This paper analyzes characteristics of the semiconductor industry of Guangdong and Taiwan, respectively, and the degree of cooperation between the two sides since China’s adoption of the reform and opening-up policy. Following that, this paper points out that the semiconductor industry of Guangdong and...
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Research on Blind Boxes Consumers---Taking Pop Mart as an Example

Xiaolin Chen
Blind boxes are nowadays new toys both native and abroad. People do not know what is inside before opening it. Recently, there are too many people who would like to spend money on them. In some first-tier cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, almost every shopping mall has at least one blind boxes department....
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Research on the Optimization of Industrial Structure Under Environmental Regulations-Taking Hubei Province as an Example

BeiQing Cui, Can Zhang
This article uses the statistical data of Hubei Province from 2004 to 2018 to conduct empirical analysis by constructing environmental regulation measurement indicators and industrial structure optimization models. The results show: foreign direct investment scale, economic development level, urbanization...
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Five Forces Analysis Based on Xiaomi, a Chinese Smartphone Company

Jiaying Wang
As the development of technology and the spread of information, people’s desire and needs of smartphone increases dramatically. Admittedly, smartphone plays a crucial role in human being’s daily life as people use it as communication tools, game device, and portable office device. This paper analyzes...
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Common Instruments and Strategies for Regional Economic Integration of Transnational Corporations

Sai Zou, Jiaxiang Ye
With economic globalization sweeping through every country in the world, liberalized regional economic integration, financial globalization, product globalization, liberalized international trade, liberalized international investment is deeply impacting and affecting all countries in the world, bringing...
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Operation Status Analysis and Promotion Strategy of BRIGHT DAIRY

Jingyi Li
As an established domestic dairy company, BRIGHT DAIRY, together with MENGNIU and YILI, used to be called “the three giants of the industry”. However, the industry giant in the past now lags far behind MENGNIU and YILI. The development process of this is worth studying. This paper takes BRIGHT DAIRY...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis of Leverage Manipulation of State-owned Enterprises

Fu Yaoqing
Under the background of the steady progress of China’s “deleveraging policy”, based on the “bounded rationality” hypothesis, this paper analyzes the leverage manipulation of state-owned enterprises and the audit behavior of CPAs, and constructs a two-party evolutionary game model between state-owned...
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Investor Attention and Price Discovery Efficiency of Futures Market:

The Role of Investor Structure

Shunping Li, Lanqi Deng
With gradually increasing number of investors in futures market, the respondence of futures price to market information has been accelerated by more investor attention than former, which might improve the price discovery efficiency of futures market. Based on the monthly data of commodity futures in...
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Research on SMEs Financing Issues

Shi Yi
With the ongoing globalisation of the economy, the competitive situation in the international financial market is becoming increasingly severe and the room for survival of SMEs is severely compressed, so the study of their financing has become a subject of concern. In terms of the influence of SMEs on...
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Review on the Evolution of Platform Research from the Perspectives of Management and Economics

Xin Jiang
The rising of platform economy provokes intense interests of scholars to do exhaustive research on it, which lasts 30 years and be viewed as the frontier of industrial economics and management. Although the research of platform originated from two areas and each of them developed on different practices...
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Study on the Positioning and Strategy Selection of Rural Development in Chengdu Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Xiao Hanfang, Wu Wei
Since the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization in China, the rural development has been improved, but compared with the eastern and central regions, the rural development in the western region is still lagging behind, so it is necessary to find new ideas and new directions to further...
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Research on the Path of Digital Inclusive Finance’s Influence on Industrial Structure Upgrade

Yijing Li, Kairong Ma
This article takes digital inclusive finance and industrial structure upgrading as the research object, using the Peking University digital inclusive finance Index and the data of 285 prefecture-level cities from 2011 to 2018 construct an intermediary effect model. The research results show that digital...
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Pet Cultivation Game Analysis of Mobile Commerce Platform Based on 8 Core Drives Framework

Yu Na, Huang Yi-Ting
In recent years, mini-games on mobile commerce platforms have shown a trend of continuous expansion and development. The emerging gamification phenomenon still requires theory and investigation to supplement its explanation. Based on the theory of octalysis framework, this study collected data from 207...
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Stock Analysis Based on Value Investment

Yuou Liu, Yu Shi, Yuke Shi
Nowadays, value investment has become an increasingly important measurement standard. This paper compares enterprises in three different industries to put forward various investment opinions more accurately. In this paper, the quantitative and qualitative research methods are mixed with studying and...
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Research on the Evaluation of Talent Agglomeration Effect in 13 Cities of Jiangsu

Based on Dynamic Factor Analysis

Mao Dandan, Gu Ping
With the development of the economy, the speed of technological progress and industrial structure adjustment and upgrading continues to accelerate. The flow of various types of talents shows a trend of agglomeration, and the agglomeration effect is increasingly prominent. On the basis of reviewing existing...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of WeChat Reading App Based on the Four Ps of Marketing

Yuan Peng
With the development of Internet technology and mobile terminals’ popularity, mobile reading apps have become a common way of reading in today’s society. This paper takes the WeChat Reading app as the object of studying. It examines the product, pricing, channel, and promotion strategies of the WeChat...
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Bilateral Positioning Model for the E-commerce Platform

Xiaotong Du, Rui Guo, Lingyi Xiao
As the link between consumers and merchants, e-commerce platforms have problems that need to be improved. In particular, the accuracy and authenticity of the information they provide cannot be guaranteed, which will harm market fairness and consumers’ right to know. To improve the presence of the e-commerce...
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Research on Blind Box and its Marketing Strategy

Ziwei Zhang
With the arrival of Generation Z and the rapid update and iteration of entertainment ways, the blind box industry is also increasingly prosperous. Blind boxes are small, but they are making a big splash in the market. Even created a set of special marketing methods and economic principles, known as the...
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The Impact of Land Tenure Arrangement on China’s Urban-Rural Migration

Xun He
In the background of the urban-rural dual system, there are many constraints on the mobility of the rural population in China, resulting in the inefficiency of labour resource allocation. The Chinese government has taken action to reform the institutional barriers, such as reforms on the Hukou system...
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Measuring the Risk-Taking Willingness of Leaders and Non-Leaders Based on Prospect Theory: Differences in Decision-Making Between Two Groups

Jingchun Liang
Based on the Prospect Theory proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky (1979) on people’s willingness in risk-taking, this article tries to find out the differences in the risk-taking willingness between two comparative groups, leaders and non-leaders, which are general in numerous fields. Therefore,...
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Analysis on Price Discrimination in Airplane Tickets

Xintong Jiang
With the development of the airline business and living standard, an increasing number of people choose to take airplanes to travel and go business because it has several advantages. But people are always confused about the price of airline tickets, why people get different prices with other consumers...
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The Patent Dispute Between Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm: Was Apple, a Good Negotiator?

Shangle Chen, Chang Liu, Jiaming Yang
The patent dispute is very common in today’s business world. For parties involved in such a case they have to formulate comprehensive strategies to obtain the utmost interests. This article reviews and compares two representative cases between Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm with respect to patent infringement...
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Study on the Impact of Fintech and Debt Leverage on Systemic Financial Risk Transmission Mechanism

Chunyu Dong, Shiyun Xiao, Shouwei Li
This paper analyzes the contagion mechanism of systemic financial risk from the perspectives of fintech and debt leverage, and the analysis results show that the impact of fintech development on the occurrence of systemic financial risk is both exacerbated and mitigated. The mitigating effect is mainly...
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On Risk Control Strategy of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises

Jiaxiang Ye, Sai Zou
Since China joined the World Trade Organization and with the rapid development of global economy integration, Chinese enterprises have entered new era of development under the heat of cross-border mergers and acquisitions and become SSSS technical and financial support for national development. However,...
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Analysis on Luxury’s E-commerce and Luxury Bags’ Price During the Pandemic

Ruolin Zhang
In 2020, Covid-19 had a significant impact on the retail industry, especially for the luxury industries. After analyzing the adjusted price and financial report for LVMH, Kering and Chanel., we discover that the pandemic affects luxury goods’ changed price. Also, the pandemic induced luxury retails to...
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A Study on Social and Economic Factors of COVID-19 Prevalence

Junchen Fan
Since Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as “COVID-19”) was discovered in late December of 2019, it has rampaged worldwide, causing social and financial loss to countries all over the world. There are many factors that affect the spread of COVID-19. This paper will study the economic...
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Analysis of the Bankruptcy of L’OCCITANE

Xu Weiwei
The financial bankruptcy of leading global beauty giant L’OCCITANE has aroused widespread attention worldwide with major impacts on the financial decline of the brand and the brand filing bankruptcy. The underlying factors point to fiscal management and varying trends in the beauty world. This is the...
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Two Mechanisms of Land Property Rights Affecting Rural-Urban Migration in China

Xiao Wang
This paper gives a general description the land system in China, expounds on the impact of land policy, including land rent policy and government land expropriation policy, on the decision of rural households to move to urban areas. Analyzed data from about 23,000 households with STATA and summarized...
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Big Data Analysis on E-commerce Platform

Yuhao Gao
Big data analytics (BDA) within e-commerce has now been increasingly emphasized in recent decades. However, as a principle, it is underdeveloped, obstructing its theoretical and practical growth. The discussion part of this paper examines BDA in the field of e-commerce via a systemic literature analysis....
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Negotiation and Romantic Relationships: How Strategic Negotiation Strategies Contribute to a Harmonious Relationships Between Couples?

Boyu Chen, Wenxin Dong
Negotiation is the continuous coordination of the two sides’ joint efforts to expand the interests of both parties. In terms of the relationships between couples or partners, negotiation can be viewed as a special form of communication that aims to achieve a win-win situation in which both sides can...
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About Framing Effect and Its Applications

Haohua Wen
Framing effects can be used in many fields. Business [1], media [2] and politics are three areas where this effect is often used. Later, I’ll show you how the framing effect can be used in each of these three fields. The simple definition of framing effect is that people respond differently to the same...
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Enterprise Financial Investment Risks and Countermeasures

Zhang Jiaxin
With the continuous development of China’s market economy, enterprises are constantly expanding their financial investment fields. Through financial investment, enterprises can achieve the goal of optimizing economic benefits, but at the same time, they have to face a variety of investment risks. If...
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Analysis on the Motivation and Countermeasures of Financial Fraud in ZX Company

Based on Fraud Risk Factor Theory

Shouyong Li
The advent of the era of big data has promoted the rapid development of China’s telecommunications enterprises. However, recently, ZX Company was given administrative punishment by China Securities Regulatory Commission for financial fraud for seven consecutive years. This fraud scandal not only brought...
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Disney IP Industry Development Strategy

Yuxin Zhang
With the enhancement of the country’s comprehensive strength and economic development, the steady improvement of spiritual civilization construction, new literary works have sprung up, and many domestic IP are born on this background. However, the development of China’s IP industry is still a long way...
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Review of Theoretical Research and Application of Game Theory in Preventing Together-Conspired or Colluded Bidding Behavior

Yusi Sun
As a system to prevent corruption, bidding and procurement has become a high-incidence area of corruption in practice. Project bidding is a complex dynamic game process, there are different degrees of game between the tenderer and the bidder, between each bidder, between the supervision department and...
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A Comparative Study on the Competitiveness of Main Ports between China and Singapore from the Perspective of International Trade

Li Ruping
Under the background of international trade circulation, this paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of the main ports of China and Singapore, and finds that the competitiveness of ports is affected by the following two kinds of factors: one is the internal factors, such as the hardware conditions...
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Business Acquisition Analysis:

A Case Study of Disney-Fox Deal

Nuo Chen, Xuantong Lin, Ruitao Luo, Guanzhong Shao
The media and film industry has been experiencing constant development in the past decades. In this context, an increasing quantity of mergers and acquisitions have been witnessed, essentially changing the layout of power distribution of the film industry. This study reviews one of the most renowned...
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The Star Wars Negotiation: Is It a Perfect Business Negotiation?

Yue Jing, Kuanjue Shao, Chenzhan Sun, Yujing Wang
Business negotiation is an integrated strategic process to generate added values for both parties involved in the negotiation. This study reviews a renowned business acquisition negotiation case that happened between the Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm. Although this acquisition is financially successful,...
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Idol Commercialization in China

Lucy Wang
Produce 101 has been successful as a hot and new fandom industry-based show since 2018 in China under the influence of social media and video platforms. Based on the result of the case study example, this article studies how Produce 101 helps some trainees gain huge attention through marketing, and promote...
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Brandy Melville’s Global Marketing Strategies in China

Xinrui Wu, Yuhan Zha, Cathy Li
In September 2019, Brandy Melville, an Italian company within the clothing industry, opened its first and currently the only store in Shanghai, China [4]. It soon gained popularity among young people, especially females. Many people rushed to the store to buy clothes, bags, and hairpins. Compared to...
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On and Beyond -- Video Conferencing in Singapore

Cheng Zihao
This paper assesses video conferencing applications for education purposes in Singapore. This paper begins with an analysis of related works to provide basic situation report for local video conferencing applications for education. The author then conducts online surveys and virtual Focused Group Discussions...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Agricultural Economy and Countermeasures

Yuxian Han
In 2020, COVID-19 broke out worldwide, which greatly impacted the global economic market. This paper, adopting qualitative analysis method, mainly studies the impact of the epidemic on basic agricultural products, cash crops and high value-added agricultural products, and puts forward some suggestions...
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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Securities Investment Market

Zhixu Chen
At the beginning of 2020, a new type of COVID-19 broke out in the world. In China, although the pandemic is under control, it has inevitably caused a huge impact on our economic life. It causes people to shop less, go out less, travel less, consume less and invest less. As a result of the reduction of...
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Capital Market Opening and Enterprise Innovation

An Empirical Analysis Based on the “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program” Trading System

Huo Xinnan
Whether the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program promotes the innovation and development of the real economy is an essential issue in opening up the country’s capital market. Based on the DID model, this paper takes the implementation of the country’s Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program trading...
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Comparison of CNPC and SINOPEC Based on DuPont Analysis

Wang Peng
Based on DuPont analysis, this paper makes a comparative analysis of PetroChina and Sinopec. Firstly, it lists the DuPont analysis framework, collects the data from 2016 to 2019, and then makes a horizontal and vertical analysis on the profitability, operation ability and repayment ability of the two...
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Research on the Relationship Between Social Responsibility and Systemic Risk

Take China’s Listed Companies as an Example

Zhao Waner
This paper selects the listed companies with ESG rating from 2017 to 2019, and analyzes the impact of social responsibility and information disclosure on system risk, as well as what kind of companies tend to actively disclose social responsibility. The results show that active disclosure is the key...
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Promotion of Exhibition Industry to Tourism Consumption under the Background of Digital Economy

Hongxia Wu
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, tourism and exhibition industry have been hit hard, and stimulating tourism consumption will face many difficulties. In the context of digital economy, by holding small-scale and short-distance community-based exhibitions or festival activities, promoting night economic...
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What Makes a Worthwhile Hotel Loyalty Program?

An analysis of Hilton customer loyalty program

Zhixiang Zhou, Rui Dai, Choishan Chung, Zhenliang Zhang, Yunlin Weng
Customer loyalty programs are becoming more and more prevalent across industries. The main goal of this paper is to discuss five key features loyalty programs in hotel industry should possess to be outstanding and analyse the case of Hilton HHonors program with the five features to evaluate their practical...
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The Impact of the “The Belt and Road” Strategy on China and Countries along the Route

Sirui Li
This article analyzes the impact of the “The Belt and Road” strategy on our country through the “The Belt and Road” strategy’s promotion of the renewal and development of domestic enterprises in China, trade frictions, RMB internationalization, and the spread of traditional Chinese culture. It also discusses...
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Credit Risk Assessment of Finance-transportation and Warehouse Financing Model

Ruan Jian, Cai Minrong
Based on the sample of 60 manufacturing listed companies (included 20 Special treatment companies and *Special treatment companies), a credit risk assessment index system is built by principal component analysis. The default of financing companies is predicted based logistic regression analysis. The...