Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science (ICEISS 2018)

214 authors
Zhao, Jing
An Integrated Entropy-TOPSIS Method for Soil Conservation Assessment in Qijiachuan Demonstration Area
Zhao, Caihui
Interpretation of Taierhchuang's Social Psychological Culture from the Village Name of Natural Village
Zhao, Guangwei
Information Literacy Evaluation Index of Police College Students Based on AHP
Zheng, Xiaoyan
Analysis on the Design Integration of Traditional Patterns and Modernized Food Package-Taking the Characteristic Food in Xinjiang as an Example
Zheng, Fenglin
Design and Application of Innovative Teaching Platform Based on Fog Computing
Zheng, Junhao
Development of Classroom Teaching Management System Based on WeChat Public Platform
Zheng, Wen
The Internal Unity of Yangshanzhou's Spirit and "Two Learning and One Doing"
Zhou, Di
An Analysis of the Regulating Mechanism of the Differences between Values and Cultural Backgrounds between Countries: A Case Study of Western Countries and China
Zhu, Zhilin
Reform of Applied Talents Training of Electronic and Information Engineering under the Background of New Engineering Course
Zhu, Yanan
Research on Music Therapy to Promote Health and Well-being of General Population
Zhu, Dongchun
On the Relationship between Perfectionism and College Students’ Academic Procrastination: The Moderating Role of Causality Orientations
Zhu, Mei
Exploration on Joint Course Construction based on the Improvement of Inclusive Education Teachers’ Ability
Zou, Min
Discussion on the Relationship between Exam-oriented Education and Quality-oriented Education
Zou, Li
Research on the Training of On-the-job Graduate Students in Armed Police Forces