Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2017)

594 authors
A, Zhen
Effects of Mobile Social Networking Service in Social Communications
An, Zhi-quan
The value of Chinese traditional culture and its influence on moral education in Colleges and Universities
Ao, Yuanling
Five-star Hotel Reception Process Optimization on the Basis of Differentiation
Bi, Xiaoqing
Research on the Core Advantages of Jing dong Mall
Bu, Sanping
Presentation Course Design of Animal Disease Based on Teaching Basic Skills Competition
Cai, Hong
Research on College English Teaching under the Concept of Cultural Experience
Cao, Jinliang
Study of the Film in the Visual Cultural Context
Chang, JianBao
The contemporary innovation enterprise management development trend and countermeasures thinking
Chang, Wenquan
Visualization Analysis of Learning Attention Based on Single-image PnP Head Pose Estimation
Chang, Zimin
Focus on Challenges and Development of Sports Physiology
Chao, Jia
Construction of Economic Law Litigation System for Corporate Social Responsibility
Chen, Binbin
Study of Russian Teaching Resource Construction based on MOOC under Computer Age
Chen, Chao
Optimizing the design of highway toll plaza
Chen, Gang
A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels
Chen, Genxia
Study on industrial manufactured goods trade potential between Chinese and the five Central Asian countries under the Belt and Road policy background
Chen, Guoxin
The Analysis of Chinese Elements in Hollywood's Movies
Chen, Guoying
Research on Self-portrait Artistic Creation
Chen, Huiqin
Design of Five Parking Lifting Stereo Garage Based on S7-200
Chen, Jiangyin
Optimizing the design of highway toll plaza
Chen, Jiangying
Merge After Toll
Chen, Jiaqi
Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint
Chen, Jin Ping
Research on the Fusion of Folk Beliefs in Fujian Area
Chen, Jun
An Analysis of Social Cultural Change and the Renewal of Music Education Concept in China
Chen, Jun
Exploration of the strategy of incorporating local music into music teaching
Chen, Li
Research on Shanghai Cultural Implication in Wang Anyi's Prose
Chen, Liang
Analysis on the Current Situation of Creating Low - carbon Cities - Taking Chengdu as an Example
Chen, Peng
Chinese Ancient Locks: Shapes, Forms and Cultural Connotations
Chen, Qiaoling
A Summary Study of Cultural Concepts
Chen, Qiaoling
Research on the Humanistic Communication in "One Belt One Road"
Chen, Qiaoling
Reflections on Liu Shaoqi's "Cultivation of Communist Party Members"
Chen, Wenmin
On Characteristics of Tang Legend The Tale of Li Wa
Chen, Xianjing
Merge After Toll
Chen, Xiao
Analysis on the Spreading Characteristics and Innovation of the Intelligence-Competing Program: Who's Still Standing
Chen, Xiaoxu
Teaching Design and Practice of Operations Research Course in Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Experiment
Chen, Ying
The Reform of School-based Teacher Training Mode under the Network Environment
Chen, Yonglin
Research on Internationalization of Wuhan Enterprises and Language Service Needs
Chen, Yulin
Design of Five Parking Lifting Stereo Garage Based on S7-200
Chen, Zebin
Application Practice of Horticultural Plant Soilless Culture
Chen, Zebin
Application and Related Issues of Biotechnology in Insect Classification
Cheng, Hao
The research of green residential investment project decision making
Cheng, Ming
Evaluation on Smart Growth of Sustainable Cities
Cheng, Qian
On Teaching and Training of University Students' Wind Band
Cheng, Qianguang
A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels
Cheng, Qingjie
A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels
Cheng, Tieli
Innovation and practice of teaching methods based on the new curriculum standard
Cheng, Yan-Ming
Study on the Experimental Teaching Mode for Computer MOOC
Cheng, Yong
Chinese Ancient Locks: Shapes, Forms and Cultural Connotations
Cui, Shumin
On the Construction of Quality Assurance System of Archives Management in Colleges and Universities
Cui, Shumin
Research on the Construction of University Archives Information under the New Information Environment
Dai, Yunlei
Study on "Made in China" Intellectual Property Issues Abroad
Deng, Yaohui
Application of Humanistic Nursing and Endocrine Nursing
Ding, Huanxiang
Research on the Influential Factors of Businesswomen's Physical Exercise under the Background of Universal Two-child Policy
Ding, Liangxi
The Non-Governmental University Party Construction Innovation Research and Practice Research
Ding, Qiang
Management Innovation and Dynamic Mechanism in Software Outsourcing Industry
Ding, Xueying
The Study of current Biomass Energy Policy in China and Several Recommendations
Ding, Yong
The Positioning and Transcendence of Sports Culture in College Physical Education Curriculum
Dong, Tong
Reform of Teaching Mode of Mechanical CAD/CAM Comprehensive Practice
Dong, Xiaohong
Research on Credit Risk Agglomeration and Control about P2P Network Lending Platform
Dong, Yue
A Summary Study of Cultural Concepts
Du, Guoliang
Research on Management and Control of Educational Cost in Higher Education
Duan, Huayou
The Establishment of Cost Control System for Hainan Tourist Hotels
Fan, Fenglan
The Reform of Physical Education in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Lifelong Physical Education
Fan, Ji
The Embodiment and Development of Feminism in English and American Literature
Fan, Zhaofei
Study on the Social Order of Cross-border Ethnic Groups
Feng, Bingnan
Evolvement Trace of Standing Postures of Human Bodies of Ancient Greek Sculptures
Fu, Rong
Classroom Attendance Auto-management Based on Deep Learning
Fu, Yejun
Reference and edification of traditional culture on art design innovation
Fu, Yuzhu
The Way of Visual Persuasion In Chinese Propaganda Poster
Gao, Yunxia
Methodology Enlightenments of Contemporary Marxist Literary Criticism on Contemporary Literary Geography Research of Shaanxi
Gao, Zhenli
The Exploitation of Talent Capital in the Development of County Economy
Ge, Yanhui
A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels
Gong, Li
A SWOT Analysis of Tomb IP Movies Under the Background of Internet Plus
Gu, Chunling
The Application of Decorative Jinsha Gold Decoration on the New Chinese Style Furniture
Gu, Liping
Study on the Contribution of Xiling's Poetry to Poetry Flourished in Earlier Qing Dynasty
Gu, Liping
Study on Confucianism in Yuan Dynasty's "Butterfly Dream"
Gu, Yue
Research on Operation Dilemmas and Innovations of Chinese Insurance Companies
Guan, Jingjing
A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels
Guan, Jingjing
The Concrete Practice of College English Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Ecology
Guan, Xiaoyue
Research on the Design of Enterprise Salary System based on Data Mining Technology
Guo, Diansheng
Research on the Color Representation of Dunhuang Mural Art
Guo, Diansheng
Research on Modeling Characteristics and Composition Forms of Dunhuang Mural Art in Tang Dynasty
Guo, Han
Analysis of Influencing Factors of Refugee Crises
Guo, Jiamei
Merge After Toll
Guo, Nanxi
Research on the Dynamic Comparative Advantage of Guangxi Cross Border Trade Based on the Silk Road Economic Belt
Guo, Rongli
Research on Social Security and Charity Relief
Guo, Rui
A Study on American Individualistic Values from the Movie The Pursuit of Happiness
Guo, Xiaoqin
Comparative Study of the Professional Development of Special Physical Education between China and America
Guo, Zhe
The Influence of internet environment on the career development of college English teacher
Guo, Zhe
English PBL teaching model research in the era of internet+
Han, Huimin
Investigation and Analysis of Mental and Behavior Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Han, Wei
Research on the New Thinking Direction of Enterprise Marketing Strategy in the New Economic Era
Han, Yunfeng
Investigation and Analysis of Mental and Behavior Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Han, Yuzhu
Application of Learning Community in Paper Teaching
Han, Yuzhu
Innovation of Teaching Method for Improvement of Higher Education Teaching Quality
Hang, Jie
Study on Cultural Connotation of Zhong Fang's Seclusion in Zhong Nan Mountain
Hao, Yu-xiang
Research on Teaching Mode of Automation Major of Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities
He, Nan
Research on the Protection of Multimedia Works and Intellectual Property Rights
He, Yizhou
Desire Theme in the Movie Lolita
Hong, Linlin
Research on the Acceptance History of the Two - Yan Words in the Song Dynasty
Hou, Xijun
Study of the Performance Incentive Mechanism for Management Staff in Higher Vocational Colleges