Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2017)

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A Study on the Characteristics and Transmission Ways of China Central Plain Opera Culture

Xinyu Li
China Central Plain Culture is broad and profound, and it has promoted the transformation of the central plain drama. In turn, the China central plain opera culture has become the driving force of the China central plain culture, and plays an irreplaceable role in the prosperity, inheritance and development...
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A Study on the Landscape Plant Culture and Utilization Strategy in Heilongjiang Major Minority Areas

Fengli Yu
Based on the analysis of the relationship between garden, plant and culture and the origin of plant culture of major ethnic minorities in Heilongjiang Province, this paper makes a preliminary study on the application of plants to several major ethnic minorities in ideology. And then we elaborated the...
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Research on Self-portrait Artistic Creation

Hanying Jiang, Xianfei Liang, Guoying Chen
Self-portrait is the mirror image of the mind, it is the artist's exploration of the inner self and it is the self-portrait portrait for artist. The artist understands himself through this way. The development of self-portrait art actually reflects the development process of the western art history....
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Evolvement Trace of Standing Postures of Human Bodies of Ancient Greek Sculptures

Bingnan Feng
The unique charm of ancient Greek sculptures is that it can reflect the people's persistent pursuit of artistic expression. The standing postures of human bodies of ancient Greek sculptures showed a dull feeling in the early orientalizing period. Gradually, it evolved into the perfect fusion of standing...
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Desire Theme in the Movie Lolita

Yizhou He
The Movie Lolita (1953) is a desire film which is adapted from the contemporary American writer Vladimir Nabokov 's (1899-1977) namesake novel. The novel tells a story of a European immigrant intellectual Humbert's deformed love to Lolita,a sexy girl of fourteen years old. Since its release, the movie...
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A Study on the Narrative of William Faulkner's Novels

Jingjing Guan, Yanhui Ge, Haoran Liu, Yutao Qiao, Gang Chen, Qianguang Cheng, Qingjie Cheng, Junming Xiao, Shuang Wang
William Faulkner, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1949, is one of the most creative and influential writers in the history of American literature. He is also the representative of American stream-of-consciousness literature schools. His novels have rich local characteristics and unique artistic...
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Life Consciousness of Hani People's Tea Culture

Xin Wang, Qixun Lang
The tea boiled by the soil pot of Hani people is pleasantly scented. The daily life of Hani people is filled with tea culture. Tea culture concentrates the aesthetic ideal and paradigm of China's traditional culture and reflects the aesthetic habits and social psychological of different nationalities...
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Application of Confucian Cultural Concepts in the Landscape Design of Chinese Architecture

Lin Zhang, Zhi You
Confucian culture is the mainstream of Chinese traditional culture, which has played an indelible role in Chinese history, and had a wide and profound influence on modern society. At present, most of the cultural phenomena in China's social and economic life are based on the Confucian cultural ideas,...
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From "Electra Complex" to "Lesbian Complex"——The Spiritual Journey of Female in Chen Ran 's Novels

Xiaoyan Zang
Staring at the female, writing the female and releasing the female desire are the core contents in Chen-ran's novels. She has sketched the life spectrum of female soul growth and spiritual probing by the metaphorical form of novels, filling with anxiety, void and sympathy. The absence of the father and...
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Guarantee Mechanism of Government Support Funds for the Supply of Public Cultural Products

Xiaoling Zheng
It is people's cultural rights to enjoy the government's provision of public cultural services, and it is the government's responsibility to provide public cultural services for the people. The construction of public cultural services system must be government-oriented, and rely on the investment of...
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Research on Shanghai Cultural Implication in Wang Anyi's Prose

Li Chen
Wang Anyi's prose creation is influenced by Shanghai regional culture to a great extent. In her writing of Shanghai, she tries to show the material and spiritual life of the people in Shanghai and makes a comprehensive interpretation of the Shanghai culture. In this paper, the author analyzes the fashion...
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Research on the Fusion of Folk Beliefs in Fujian Area

Jin Ping Chen
Since ancient times, Fujian folk beliefs are particularly developed, the temple, hundreds of gods, frequent religious activities, many believers constitute the basic content of Fujian folk beliefs. Since the reform and opening up, due to the special historical conditions of Fujian and Taiwan, Southeast...
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A Study on Publicity and Its Realization in Public Art Design

Liping Liu
With the development of the society and the improvement of economic level in China, people have proposed higher demands on spiritual life while they get satisfaction in material life. In this context, the relationship between art and the public is getting closer and closer. Public art design aims at...
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The Analysis of Several Chinese Cultural Symbols in Chinese-American Literature

Jingbo Zhu
Today, Chinese-American works have already become an important aspect of American literature and culture. The thesis is an attempt to analyze several Chinese cultural symbols in some famous Chinese-American works. The representation of these symbols is an implication to show these writers' cultural identity,...
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The Analysis of Chinese Elements in Hollywood's Movies

Guoxin Chen, Lu Wang, Li Zhang, Qingjie Li, Zhanpeng Qi
With the fast development of Chinese economy and politics, more and more Chinese cultural elements have gone into the Hollywood's movies and are familiar by western people. But there still exists the phenomenon of misreadings of Chinese culture and the limitation represented in Hollywood's movies. This...
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Study On Popular Culture Contacts and Traditional Cultural Identity in the Youth Group

Yang Hu
With the deepening of globalization as well as the further development of information society, the youth group are undergoing impacts from constantly changing popular culture. From aspects of fashion clothing culture, cyberculture, film and television culture, music culture and festival culture, which...
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Women's Liberation in The Color Purple

Linzhi Shao
In Alice Walker's The Color Purple, the protagonist Celie, one of the representatives of black woman goes through years of suffering and hardship under the oppression of black male the white male and female. With the help of Shug, Sofia and Nettie, she tries her best to find her love and God. Her female...
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Study of Female Images in Pre-Qin and Han Dynasty Literature

Zhenming Yang
This paper studies the female image in the literature of Pre-Qin and Han dynasties and intercepts the early part in the vast Chinese classical literature. This is because the Pre-Qin and Han dynasties were the first development stage of the Chinese literature history, and it is also an important period...
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The Positioning and Development of Yunnan Folk Music Song and Dance Performances

Qinghua Lu
The ethnic minorities in yunnan is numerous, the ethnic cultural resources rich, rich and colorful folk song and dance music unique personality. Through combing analysis of all previous national ethnic theatrical festival and yunnan folk song and dance performance profile. The significance of performance,...
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The social development model of immigrants to Mars based on differential equation

Zhaoyu Wang, Dong Tan
In this passage, we set up a mathematical model to solve the problem of moving a group of people to Mars and analyzed its fitness in different condition. First we set three basic priority factors: income, education and equality. To construct a successful society, we have to fulfill high income, high...
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Study on Cultural Connotation of Zhong Fang's Seclusion in Zhong Nan Mountain

Jie Hang
As one of the four recluses in Northern Song Dynasty, Zhong Fang went into politics after 30 years of seclusive life in Zhong Nan Mountain. At that time, he started to write books and participated in political affairs so that he was favored by Song Zhenzong. In his lifetime, Zhongfang had always been...
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The ministering and flying status of angel: Analysis of the image of Mrs.Klima in The Farewell Waltz

Zhuo Liu
The text utilized feminism gaze theory in analysising Mrs. Klima, whose image reflected sleeping and awaking of female's self-consciousness under the oppression of patriarchy, vividly demonstrated Milan Kundera's ambivalent attitude toward women.The Farewell Waltz is one of the major works of Milan Kundera,...
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Exploration of Image-building and Cultural Dissemination in Films and Television Drama from the Perspective of Regional Culture

Xin Luo
Huge cultural differences among different countries and nations have long been existing in the world and various regional cultures provide a great deal of materials and inspirations for all kinds of artistic creation. Meanwhile, many works of art such as painting, music, film and television also help...
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On the Regional Culture in the Novels of Gao Jianqun

Baowei Wang
Since ancient times, literary creation of writers has been deeply influenced by times, natural environment and regional culture. Gao Jianqun is not an exception. He is writer with rich life experience, and his novels have a strong sense of regional culture. This paper aims to analyze mainly the embodiment...
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Study on the Depiction of the Image of Free Women in The Captain's Daughter

Yi Zhang
In Pushkin's novel The Captain's Daughter, a major part of this fiction was spent on the depiction of a traditional woman Maria's pursuit of freedom of life and love and her life experience that she finally won freedom after defeating chains. By doing so, the desire for free life and the great willpower...
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Analysis on Invalid Marriage system

Hang Liu
The invalid marriage system is a newly established system by the marriage law in 2001, which fills the blank of legislation and is a great progress in the legislation of marriage. Invalid marriage is a violation of the marriage of the establishment of the elements of the illegal marriage, this article...
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A Study on Translation and Dissemination Channels of Shaanxi Literary Works to the World from the Perspective of Communication

Feiran Sun
The Going-Global Campaign of Shaanxi literary works is deemed as an important way to introduce Shaanxi culture to the rest of the world so as to improve its image and strengthen the influence of Shaanxi on the world. Since translation, an important medium for cultural exchange and ideological communication,...
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The cognitive-pragmatic mechanism of metaphor generating and dying

Zhenghua Pan
This article re-defines metaphor and re-classifies metaphor and it maintains that the generating of metaphor is a result of the resultant force of many factors, including the cognitive factors and pragmatic factors working in a paralleled way. The generating and the dying of metaphors form two extremes...
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Study on the Spread and Cultural Self-confidence of Chinese Traditional National Culture under the New Media Environment

Xiaoli Su, Xuehui Wu
Xi Jinping pointed out that stay true to the mission, continue to move forward, we must continue to strengthen the four self-confidence, no matter at what time, all to a profound understanding of the cultural self-confidence is the cornerstone of a national culture inheritance and dissemination, without...
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Research on the Acceptance History of the Two - Yan Words in the Song Dynasty

Linlin Hong
Yan Shu and Yan Jidao are of great significance to the development of poems in the Song Dynasty. The style of the poems of the two poems is slightly different, but in general, the development of graceful poems is pushed to another peak. Both of the works have indelible influence for the history of Chinese...
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The Female Fidelity in the Perspective of Ecological Feminism: Rebellious Zhu Mu and Restrained Penelope——Based on Gesar Epics and Homeric Epics

Daiqiong Liu
Ecological feminism thinks that women and nature are dominated by the idea of male power, naturally dominated by men and women are male discrimination, so there is an internal relation between the female and nature. By comparing the relationship between nature and men, it is found that both women and...
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A Summary Study of Cultural Concepts

Qiaoling Chen, Yue Dong
In the ancient Chinese, "Culture" refers to the "cultural and educational", and the corresponding force of the conquest, the so-called "martial arts". Also refers to the use of "culture" to enlighten, infection, nurtured objects.
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Study of Folk Art based on Revolutionary Culture

Gangtao Jia, Xi Kang
During the period of Yan'an, the new Yangge from the self-entertainment activities of the masses to the masses of the Chinese Communist Party and the masses, from the old Yangge to the transformation of the revolutionary yangko, it is "speech" after the border literary and artistic workers to create...
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Research on the Humanistic Communication in "One Belt One Road"

Qiaoling Chen, Shiwen Liu
In the era of profound changes in the global situation, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward the major strategic decisions on the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Zone" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" in the face of the overall demands of the overall situation...
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The Artistic Characteristics of Huaxian's Shadow Play Music and the Xifu Regional Culture Inheritance

Qian Wang
With the development of social and cultural system, the protection of intangible cultural heritage and the inheritance of regional excellent culture have become the main content of cultural development. Shadow play has been widely regarded as the carrier of Chinese shadow art culture. Among them, Huaxian...
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Application Practice of Horticultural Plant Soilless Culture

Yuyu Zhang, Jiani Liu, Shengguang Xu, Zebin Chen, Lei Yu
Soilless cultivation technology is the product of science and technology and it mainly refers to the use of natural soil without the use of the substrate or only nursery with the substrate, after planting with nutrient solution for irrigation cultivation. Horticultural plant soilless cultivation technology...
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Application and Related Issues of Biotechnology in Insect Classification

Jiani Liu, Yuyu Zhang, Shengguang Xu, Zebin Chen, Lei Yu
This paper summarizes the research progress of biotechnology in insect taxonomy in recent ten years and introduces the technology of biotechnology such as RFLP, RAPD, PCR, nucleic acid sequence analysis, probe hybridization and its application in insect taxonomy. It pointed out that insect taxonomy,...
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Study on the Social Order of Cross-border Ethnic Groups

Zhaofei Fan
The social development and stability of the border areas are the basic requirements of the national stability and unity. The factors that affect the social development and stability of the border areas are multifaceted. However, under the conditions of peace, economic development and national policy...
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Study on the Contribution of Xiling's Poetry to Poetry Flourished in Earlier Qing Dynasty

Liping Gu
At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Xiling language refers to the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty in Xiling a word activities of the word group, including Xiling capital of the poet, including the official travel in Xiling's poetry, is a geographical, The family, the teacher as a link to the end of...
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Analysis of Accounting Problems of Carbon Emission under Low Carbon Economy

Weiguo Lu
Carbon emissions accounting is a reflection of low-carbon economy. Although carbon emissions trading is the most effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the market economy, the absence of authoritative guidelines at home and abroad leads to significant autonomy in the accounting treatment...
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Application of Humanistic Nursing and Endocrine Nursing

Yuhong Yao, Xia Wu, Yaohui Deng, Qianqian Yao
With the development of the economy, social progress, people's living standards are also rising, at the same time, people's health care requirements become higher and higher, not only requires the quality and efficacy of medical care, while more attention to health care process In the service, the demand...
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Study on Confucianism in Yuan Dynasty's "Butterfly Dream"

Liping Gu
Butterfly Dream is a commendation on the case of drama created by Guan Hanqing and is the king of the poet for a vanguard of the play. This article mainly starts from the image of two ideal characters shaped by this drama, and then analyzes the Confucianism in the script and the artistic characteristics...
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Reference and edification of traditional culture on art design innovation

Yejun Fu
Chinese traditional culture as characteristic Chinese culture formed by five thousand years' historical and cultural accumulation has been regarded as important referential resource in art work creation due to its abundant cultural connotation and national features, thus has profound enlightening influence...
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The Influence and Application of Aesthetic Art on Garden Landscape Design

Zhenlin Li
Aesthetic art does not depend on utilitarianism or truth, goodness, and it is a theoretical branch of philosophy. The sensation of beauty involves spiritual level, material level, rational level and perceptual level, which can keep people away from hustle and bustle, and return to quiet and harmonious...
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Performance Analysis of the Cucurbit Solo Lonely Black Steed

Hongfei Liu
The lonely black steed, created by composer Lee Chunhua, has a strong Mongolian prairie style. This paper analyzes from the following aspects: the structural analysis, emotional analysis and execution, so as to inspire the interested fans and performer.
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Comparative study on Jia Pingwa and Mo Yan's narrative perspective--Taking Jia Pingwa's Ruined Capital and Mo Yan's Big Breasts & Wide Hips as the example

Wei Li
Jia Pingwa's novels and Mo Yan's novels have similarities in the narrative perspective, but also different, but more than the same. Jia Pingwa's novels are mainly based on the narrative of "scattered thinking", and the use of the "third-person perspective". Mo Yan's novels use "self-centered thinking"...
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Study on Style of Chinese Classical Dance and Personalized Creation

Xiaoya Long
Chinese classical dance integrates the aesthetic characteristics of fresco, traditional Chinese opera, calligraphy, martial arts, etc., which is of a variety of artistic conceptions, ethos and images. Under the cultivation of various different arts and the drive of the history, the approaches, postures...
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Dynamic Property and Aesthetic Appreciation of Music Duration

Yong Lu
Music has time attribute. Music duration is the concrete manifestation of the time attribute of music. Objectively, music duration is classified into balance and imbalance, uniformity and nonuniformity, sufficiency and insufficiency, stability and instability, motionlessness and motion, contrast and...
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Application of Etude in Vocal Music Teaching

Jingjing Wang
Etude plays an important role in vocal music teaching. It is helpful to solve articulation problem of learners, and also can help teaching of various types of music and raise learners' initiative. Nevertheless, etude is always ignored in vocal music teaching practice. To bring the function of etude into...
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Inheritance and Innovation: Establishment of Sino-Central Asia Artistic Exchange Mechanism

Ziqiu Wei, Yanling Li
Artistic exchange is an important way for "communication" between China and Central Asia. The artistic exchange between China and Central Asia has a long history and rich connotations. In the new times, we are supposed to build artistic brands, perfect the art industry system, enrich artistic exchange...
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A Study on Translation Strategies of Pear Garden Opera from the Perspective of Functionalist Translation Theory

Yanhong Xie
As the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage of the pear garden has a "ancient opera fossil" reputation, after thousands of years of heritage. In the "Chinese culture to go out" today, the pear opera English translation long way to go. In the framework of functional translation theory...
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Study on Wei Shijian Cucurbit Flute Music

Hongfei Liu
Wei Shijian is one of the outstanding performers of cucurbit flute music. He has been devoting himself into culture promotion, theoretical research, teaching, performing, and creation of cucurbit flute music, and has made great contribution to the development of folk music. This paper is intended to...
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The Inspiration of Chinese Traditional Architectural Color to the Modern Design under the Background of "Chinese Dream" ??Analysis of the Application of Romantic Thinking in Chinese Traditional Architectural Color

Xiaoguang Wang, Fei Qi
China's traditional architecture has a history of thousands of years, after continuous development and evolution, which has built a complete building system. In the composition factors of Chinese traditional architecture, color factors with a unique combination occupy an important position, and contain...
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The skillful grasp of rhythm in stage performance

Lei Ning
In real life, we all have their own rhythm, embodied in our way of life, way of working, thinking on the action, these acts affect the pace of our lives. The creation of stage performance is taken from the details of life, which is different from life. The influence of rhythm on the stage performance...
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Research on the application of flipped classroom teaching mode of in the course of in the course of Chinese

Guijie Wu
The development of information technology brings challenges to the traditional classroom teaching mode, flipped classroom provides a new idea for the organic integration of classroom teaching and information technology, combining with the teaching practice of "Chinese" Curriculum Teaching "in accordance...
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The National Cultural Security Education of College Students from the Perspective of Expanded In-depth Reform

Fanxing Kong
n view of the current development of the concept of innovation as the first, this paper makes a brief analysis of College Students' national cultural safety education, secondly, deepen the reform of the overall view of national cultural security education of College Students under the challenge and the...
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An Analysis of Social Cultural Change and the Renewal of Music Education Concept in China

JiaJun Zhu, Jun Chen
The progress of the times and the continuous development of society, politics, economy, culture and other aspects will follow a larger change in the music with the corresponding music education philosophy will be a certain change. The history, society and culture of our country have been undergoing numerous...
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Exploration of the strategy of incorporating local music into music teaching

Jun Chen, JiaJun Zhu
Local music is the essence of national regional music, but after entering the new century, a wide range of music for local music heritage and development of the formation of a huge impact. So in the school music teaching appropriate to join the local music can to a certain extent, promote the local music...
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Talking about Li Zhi's theory of childlike innocence and its ideological origin

Changhong Tian
In this regard, different people, different cultures have their own different answers. Confucius thought that is "benevolence"; for Mencius, it is "righteousness" ;Cheng Zhu considered "justice"; Wang Shouren considered the "conscience", and Li Zhi proposed the concept of "innocence" in 'Book Burning'...
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A Development Area of surplus reserve production ratio influence factors

Yakun Liu
The remaining oil reserve production ratio of A Development Area is low,there is a serious contradiction between the remaining recoverable reserves and stable production.Aiming at the analysis of the low remaining oil reserve production ratio of the A Development Area,quantifying parts of the influence...
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Cause Analysis and Countermeasure Research on Construction Safety Accident

Weidong Liu
With the vigorous development of Chinese construction market and the improvement of construction technology, more and more high-rise buildings, mechanized construction also increased, resulting in increasing the difficulty of construction. In the construction, the security issue is the most important,...
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Research on the Protection of Multimedia Works and Intellectual Property Rights

Nan He
The application of multimedia technology brings great convenience to the society at the same time, because the copyright of his works cannot enjoy the corresponding copyright law protection, so that the rights and interests of the creator of the work by the undue harm. I believe that in order to promote...
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Study on the Construction of Efficiency Evaluation System of Urban Ecological Construction Project

Tianmei Song
With the rapid progress of industrialization and urbanization, the problem of urban ecological environment has become increasingly prominent, which has become the shackles of sustainable development. Scientific construction of urban ecological civilization evaluation index system and through the specific...
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A Preliminary Study on the Influence of Highway Design Factors on Traffic Safety

Kai Long
With quicker construction of urban roads, more and more highway projects are put into construction. Highway design determines traffic safety. In the actual highway design, corresponding design factors have a huge impact on traffic safety. Therefore, to ensure traffic safety, we need to analyze highway...
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A Brief Analysis of the College English Teaching in Privately Owned Colleges for Postgraduates upon the Demand Analysis

Shanshan Jia
In the year 2011, China Administration issued The Cultivation Program of Talents of Special Requirements in which 5 privately owned colleges and universities are approved to recruit postgraduates. Since then, many independent colleges (ICs) and privately owned colleges (POCs) began to apply for the authority...
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The cultivation of students' aesthetic ability in vocal music teaching

Li Nian, Fei Wang
In the process of teaching, students should study not only professional knowledge, more important is to cultivate their aesthetic ability, only cultivate this ability, students can learn in regardless of what access to data can take the essence to its dregs, make up a level of learning. Many people may...
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A Study on the Use of Composite Materials in Contemporary Sculptures in China

Hongwu Li
Composite material sculptures refer to sculptures made of two or more materials. Composite material sculptures came into vogue in China since the 1990s and broke the limitations of traditional sculpture forms. The use of a variety of sculpture materials makes sculptures more gorgeous and colorful. It...
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Five-star Hotel Reception Process Optimization on the Basis of Differentiation

Yuanling Ao
With the continuous development of hotel industry in China, personnel of five-star hotels need to provide better services to attract guests. Through differentiation, personnel of five-star hotels can provide guests with personalized services, which can not only improve the quality of reception service,...
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On Characteristics of Tang Legend The Tale of Li Wa

Wenmin Chen
Tang Legend is a kind of novel created by scholars. Legends on love stories are most fantastic and can represent the outstanding achievements of Tang Legend. The Tale of Li Wa written by Xing-jian Bai tells a moving love story between Li Wa, a courtesan and Student Zheng, a well-born tribute student....
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The Way of Visual Persuasion In Chinese Propaganda Poster

Yuzhu Fu, Cheng Yan
As a form of public art, propaganda posters played a very important role in the field of public space in passing culture idea, guiding the social value and cultivating people aesthetic temperament and interests. Since The People's Republic of China was founded, a series of the typical theme and image...
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Methodology Enlightenments of Contemporary Marxist Literary Criticism on Contemporary Literary Geography Research of Shaanxi

Yunxia Gao
Contemporary Marxist Literary Criticism edited by Francis Mulhern provides an introduction to the development, current trends and evolution of Marxist Literary Criticism. The book represents the diversity and fundamental continuities of Marxism. Texts selected in the book cross the domain of time, space...
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Comparative Study of the Professional Development of Special Physical Education between China and America

Xiaoqin Guo
Through comparative study of special sports professional development between China and America, this paper found that there are large differences in its history background, and education regulations protection, and training mode, and education assessment system, which summed up the insufficient of special...
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Path Analysis on Improving Quality and Efficiency of Leisure Industry in Sichuan Province

Shiwei Hu
With the continuous improvement of national economy, Chinese people begin to pay attention to leisure sports, which brings great opportunities for the development of leisure sports industry. Sichuan Province is rich in historical and cultural resources, and possesses conditions for developing leisure...
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A SWOT Analysis of Tomb IP Movies Under the Background of Internet Plus

Li Gong, Yongjun Huang
In the "Internet plus" era, films that adapted from Intellectual Property (hereinafter referred to as IP) have swept the market. As a new force, such adaptations of tomb theme novels suddenly rise, gaining a foothold in the box-office market rapidly. By dissecting the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities...
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Archetypal Interpretation of the Hero in The Great Gatsby

Xiaojing Li
The Great Gatsby depicts the mysterious image of Gatsby in his relentless pursuit of dreams and his final illusion. The author wrote a paean to this tragic hero of America. Myth-archetypal critics believe that, the author unconsciously combined the image of heroes in ancient myths and legends with Gatsby's...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Martial Arts Teaching in Public Physical Education Course of Linyi Vocational College

Decheng Liu
In this research, documentary analysis, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics and other methods are used to study the public martial arts courses in Linyi Vocational College from perspectives of teachers, teaching conditions, teaching contents, teaching materials, students' cognition and school...
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Empirical Analysis on Influencing Factors of Chinese Trade Surplus with the United States

Wei Liu
Based on analyzing the present situation of trade between China and the United States, the author investigates the influence factors of Chinese trade surplus with the US, makes an empirical analysis on these factors according to time series, and finds that FDI and the insufficient domestic demand (foreign...
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A Comparative Study on the Development Paths of OFDI in China and Japan

Wei Liu
With China's continuous opening up to the outside world and the pace of "going out", China's OFDI growth is accelerating, especially development strategy of "the Belt and Road Initiative" issued in recent years, which highlights that China has attached great importance to the development of OFDI. In...
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A content analysis of Chinese and American media's report on "Occupy Central" incident in Hong Kong

Chao Ma
Based on frame theory, this study analyzed the characteristics of China Daily and New York Times when reporting the "Occupy Central" incident in Hong Kong. The study found that there were differences in the length and types between the two media. China Daily give priority to the short comments while...
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Research on the Influential Factors of Businesswomen's Physical Exercise under the Background of Universal Two-child Policy

Rui Meng, Huanxiang Ding
With the methods of literature review, questionnaire and experts' interview, this paper analyzed the influential factors of the businesswomen's physical exercise under the background of universal two-child policy and summarized the main factors, which contributes to the improvement of the businesswomen's...
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The application of the "two-way broom theory" to solve Huasheng's apple single product supply chain management "pain point"

Yangbin Ou
This article through the application of innovation "broom theory" to solve Huasheng's fruit industry supply chain management "pain points", and through empirical research and put forward the solution to the problem; for enterprise decision-making. How enterprises implement supply chain management to...
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Investigation on Elderly Health Situation in Yan'an City

Shangwu Tao
Through the literature, questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics. Yan'an City, the elderly in the elderly to participate in the status quo of the investigation and found that women in the fitness of the elderly was significantly more than men, the elderly to participate in fitness projects mainly...
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Analysis on Value Added Tax and Income Tax Treatments of Two Special Businesses

Yuanyuan Tian
The value-added tax and enterprise income tax are main burdens of enterprises in our country. In recent years, the state has constantly revised and improved regulations on these two taxes. Thus, financial personnel need to grasp latest policies to obtain accurate treatments of special businesses.
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Tourism Destination Elements Analyses on the Construction of International Slow City of Leshan

Dongliang Wang
With the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of transportation, more and more people begin to invest money and energy in tourism. As a city with rich tourism resources, complete infrastructure and entertainment facilities and unique tourism products, Leshan has attracted...
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Multimedia Technology Application in Foreign Language Multimodal Teaching

Xia Wang
The diversity of information communication requirements of the traditional English teaching mode is multimodal teaching mode. Based on the connotation and multimodal interactive teaching theory as a foundation, discusses the multimedia English teaching in the teaching of multimodal interaction between...
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College English Teaching Reform Mode Study on Internet + Vision

Xia Wang
With the continuous development of new media age, pay more attention to in the English reading teaching mode to the cultivation of the ability to read more. Multimodal collaborative teaching model is gradually recognized and accepted by people, and the long-term teaching practice proves that the mode...
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The Impact Study between Tennis movement and the construction of college campus sports culture

Hezhen Wang
College tennis culture is an important part of college sports culture; it also will become a national tennis popularization and development of the guide. As a deep and rich culture of colleges and universities, the development of tennis sport is a great extent, and affects the University City and the...
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Analysis on Constructing Financial Supporting System for Region-based Tourism Industry in Leshan

Shu Wang
Leshan is rich in tourism resources. With people's increasing attention to Leshan, more and more citizens are participating in Leshan tourism. In order to guarantee the stable development of Leshan tourism, it is necessary to provide more financial support and corresponding preferential policies for...
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Research on Sports Diplomacy Between China and Southeast Asia and South Asia under the New Situation

Youfeng Wang
Sports diplomacy has many advantages, such as mass participation, social influence and so on. Strengthening the international sports exchanges between China and neighboring countries under the new situation will contribute to promoting and improving the development of competitive sports in China. It...
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Research on the Development of Private Lending in Liaoning

Yue Wang
With the development of private economy, private lending in Liaoning province now has reached a considerable scale. This paper aims to analyze the current situation of private lending in Liaoning province, and make comprehensive analysis on specific factors that hinder the healthy development of private...
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On the Reform of College Basketball Teaching from the Perspective of Leisure Sports

Wei Liang
Basketball is one of the most popular sports for college students in China; basketball lessons are also sought after among physical education courses. However, under the traditional teaching concept, basketball teaching focuses on the improvement of students' basketball skills, and fails to integrate...
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The Role of Leisure Sports in the Construction of Harmonious Society from the Perspective of Well-off Society

Peipei Yang
Through literature review and comprehensive analyses, it is concluded that leisure sports can improve people's life styles, change their life conceptions, cultivate their fitness habits, and keep their body healthy and fit figures. They also play a positive role in building harmonious society, and promote...
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Analysis of the Construction between Table Tennis Movement and College Campus Sports Culture

Qian Yang
College table tennis culture has its own unique structure and function of culture system, it is not only the important part of school culture, but it also has a rich campus subculture. On school culture, which is based on table tennis activities, multilateral coordination, full participation, can create...
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Research on the Applications of Customer Segmentation Evaluation Model in the Exhibition Customer Administration

Bo Zhang
The exhibition industry has continuously developed in China in the new era. In fact, the exhibition industry is divided into conference industry and exhibition industry in the world. The exhibition industry should be regarded as the beginning of service industry in the tertiary industry, which has always...
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Discussions on Improving the Exhibition Archives Administration

Bo Zhang
In recent years, China's exhibition industry is booming, especially in some economically developed regions. The exhibition industry has brought about more and more benefit and promoted the economic development of many areas. The exhibition industry is naturally regarded by a lot of people think as a...
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Analysis of Implied Meaning of Color Terms in the Novel The Masque of the Red Death from the Perspective of "Effect Theory"

Siyou Zhang, Zhongwen Pei, Jiangyu Sun
Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American novelist. Poe is best known for his mystery stories and horror stories, and is recognized as "the inventor of science fiction". Edgar Allan Poe put forward the famous "Effect Theory", emphasizing that the main purpose of literary creation is to impress readers. This...
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Research on College English Curriculum Reform in Technical Colleges and Universities under the Guidance of College English Teaching Guide the Compilation of College English Teaching Materials

Siyou Zhang, Chunli Liu
In order to cultivate applied talents required for social and regional economic development, in 2014, the state proposed that some undergraduate colleges and universities should be guided to transform into technology-applied universities. Then, in 2015, the English Language Teaching Advisory Board under...
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The Preliminary Study Of The New Responsibility Accounting

Yan Zhang, Yulin Xia
With the arrival of information age, new economy responsibility accounting is undoubtedly of enterprise, to strengthen the process control and implement target management, foreign enterprise competitiveness, increase the enterprise value of an effective control method. But the traditional responsibility...
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On the Construction of Learning Primary Party Organizations

Yong Zhang
The strategic deployment of building Marxist governing party requires strengthening the construction of learning primary party organizations. In the process of constructing learning primary party organizations, we need to avoid westernization, formalization and movement tendencies. At the same time,...
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Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Jiaqi Chen, Shengnan Xu, Liangbi Wu
We consider the problem how to optimize the passenger throughput at an airport security checkpoint. Generally speaking, for an arrival passenger to board the flight, she/he must receive security check. First, check his/her identification and then check his/her baggage and body in a queue according to...