Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2018)

220 authors
Widada, Wahyu
Ethnomathematics and Outdoor Learning to Improve Problem Solving Ability
Widada, Wahyu
The Improvement of the Understanding of Mathematical Concepts through the Implementation of Realistic Mathematics Learning and Ethnomathematics
Widada, Wahyu
The Cognitive Structure of Students in Understanding Mathematical Concepts
Widada, Wahyu
The Role of Self-Efficacy and Mathematics ability in the Problem Solving Mathematics
Widodo, Sugeng
The Exploration of History, Potential and Management of Earthquake in the Context of Mapping and Empowerment of Learning Community
Winarni, Endang Widi
Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants by Lembak Ethnic Bengkulu as a Source of Learning Biology
Yanti, Nafri
Student’s Problem in Writing Results and Discussion Section of Research Articles for International Journals
Yensy, Nurul Astuty
Increasing the Students’ Learning Motivation and Understanding of Concept by Using Examples and Non-Examples Learning
Yourneli, Renni
The Influence of Principal Leadership and Organizational Culture on the Teachers’ Performance
Yudha, Azes
Ethnomathematics and Outdoor Learning to Improve Problem Solving Ability
Yudha, Azes
The Impact of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Ability in Understanding Mathematical Concepts
Yundianto, Devie
Profile of Prospective Teacher in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Yunita, Mirna
English for Specific Purposes in Geography Learning
Yuwono, Sudharno Dwi
Development Computer Assistant for Evaluation Guidance and Counselling Program
Zakaria, Zakaria
The Effects of Learning Resilience and Stress on Student Learning Achievement
Zakaria, Zakaria
Organizational Culture and the Improvement of Teacher Performance
Zikra, Zikra
An Analysis of Phubbing Behaviour: Preliminary research from counseling perspective
Zubaedi, Zubaedi
The Implementation of Multicultural-Based Theological Education in Bengkulu City
Zukmadini, Alif Yanuar
An assessment of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Based on Rasch Models of Student in Physics Learning
Zulkarnaini, Zulkarnaini
Implementation of Moving-goal Football Model in Sports and Health Education