Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Design and Innovative Technology (ICIDIT 2023)

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Richard Appleby, Massimo Imparato, Yang Feng, Ali Hussein Wheeb
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Design and Innovative Technology (ICIDIT 2023) during 04-06 August 2023 in Chengdu, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Research on UI Design of Folk Arts and Crafts Commercial Application Software based on KANO model

Mingyi Qu, Dongming Ma, Hao Qian, Ziqi Wang
With the continuous development of Internet technology, mobile terminal software, as an essential tool of online products in modern life, has brought changes to the production and development mode of employees in all walks of life. It has become a market-oriented trend for a large number of online applications...
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Space experience exhibition design -- Huawei 5G brand

Zhuo Shi, Yuwei Zhou
With the increasing strength of the experience economy, the attributes of the exhibition space have gradually evolved. The exhibition space is not a simple artistic exaggeration, but exists to better highlight the main body of the display. Display design is a multidisciplinary comprehensive design processing...
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Research on the intelligent design of a new home physical therapy instrument based on voice interaction

Tianshuang Zhang, Zongming Xia, Yunfeng Ma
Traditionally, the use of home physiotherapy equipment can relax the body and relieve fatigue, and to some extent, relieve the fatigue accumulated during the long-term work. In view of the current situation of home intelligent physiotherapy instrument does not support voice interaction, this paper discusses...
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Research on app UI optimization design of rental mobile phones in the digital media era

Tianshuang Zhang, Fengnan Xu, Yunfeng Ma
College graduates have low satisfaction when using rental mobile phone apps, which is mainly reflected in the poor effect of using the app for complaint and rights protection function, and the low sense of participation and belonging in the use of apps. Based on the above problems, the complaint guarantee...
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Research on UI Design of Touch Screen Interface of Intelligent Classified Trash can Based on Green Design Concept

Tianshuang Zhang, Xue Wang, Yunfeng Ma
In recent years, with the continuous promotion of the national sustainable development strategy, garbage classification has become a key issue. In today's construction of urban domestic waste classification and treatment, intelligence and informatization play a role in promoting it. Smart trash...
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Research on the Design of Health Management System Based on Community Rehabilitation

Yanmei Guan, Zhiyong Xiong, Huaming Peng
Objective to explore the design path of community rehabilitation health management system which can improve the experience of community users and optimize the rationality of online health management and offline diagnosis. Using the survey method of user journey map and service blueprint, the current...
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Research of drowning autonomous rescue product based on swallowing monitoring

Xi Zeng, Ruiwen Yang, Huabing Zhou
To find a better self-rescue way for sudden drowning swimmers through the redesign of drowning self-rescue products. Based on the self-rescue needs of drowning patients and the design and evaluation criteria of product ergonomics, the situation analysis method was used to record, evaluate and summarize...
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Research on water special life jacket based on AEIOU method

Xi Zeng, Chenchen Lin, Huabing Zhou
Through the design and research of the water special life jacket, to provide better rescue equipment for rescuers, to solve the problem of high casualty rate and low success rate of rescue operations. The AEIOU approach is used to assess the crucial components of water rescue, research the behavior of...
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Design and Research of Tableware Cleaning Machine Based on Kano Model

Xi Zeng, Qi Wang, Huabing Zhou, Wanting Chen
Objective To improve the efficiency and cleaning power of current cleaning machine, enhance the sense of user experience, and commit to the continuous progress and development of society. Methods Based on the Kano model, the paper discusses the user needs of the tableware cleaning machine, sorts the...
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Research on 3D Digital Ink Art

Wenjun Lu, Juan Li
Ink painting belongs to the foundation of Chinese traditional art works, and in the development history of thousands of years, oriental techniques based on ink painting techniques have gradually formed. Ink painting relies on its own boldness and softness, refinement and sprinkling to draw objects and...
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Design and kinematics Analysis of Folding Mechanism of Patient Stretcher

Shaoxin Wen, Xinzui Wang, Fucheng Cao, Hui Fu
The transfer and transportation of patients have always been important issues in home care and hospital care. With the acceleration of the world’s aging population, the number of disabled and semi disabled elderly people is constantly expanding, and this problem is becoming increasingly prominent. In...
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Numerical analysis and calculation of urban landscape spatial pattern

MeiXing Liu, Yubin Li
In order to complete the construction planning of urban landscapes in urban construction, this article conducted numerical calculations. This study focuses on the construction of ecological cities and combines the theoretical model of landscape design with the design of urban streets and squares. On...
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Design of City Park Landscape Roaming System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Haiyong Shen, Siru Liu, Mengqi Jia
In the era of intelligent information, characterized by rapid advancements in electronic technology and the Internet, high-tech landscapes have emerged and fostered an increase in the demand for intelligent roaming systems in urban park landscapes. Based on the conventional image and video presentation...
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Furniture design for the elderly based on the artistic conception of Chinese culture

Xiaoxuan Wu, Huijie Ouyang, Yuan Wang, Zhigang Hong
The elderly-friendly furniture were required in china, since china became an aging social. The function & emotion design were required in elderly-friendly furniture. Using traditional Chinese cultural image sign in elderly-furniture deign was a good job, it brought the aging consumer fantastic feeling....
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Design and research of automatic carpet laying machine

Jun Zhe Cao, Nan Qin
Under the stimulus and promotion of socialist market economy, various large space architectural forms gradually increase. In such as workshop, workshop, exhibition, hotel and other large space occasions, often need to lay carpet on the ground. Most large space occasions, directly using manual carpet...
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Research on voice control and analysis technology for the elderly at home

Xiyang Chen
The current situation of our country is a big country with serious population ageing, and the proportion of the elderly living alone is the largest among them, most of the children of the elderly because of work needs, can not be taken care of around. Therefore, to improve the life quality of the elderly...
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Comparative study on the display effect of particle animation in gas atomization pulverization equipment

Borui Guo, Yi Wang
In this paper, aiming at the display method of improving the pulverization process of gas atomization pulverization equipment, through the research on the simulation status of gas atomization pulverization process and the simulation status of particle system method, it analyzes and summarizes the feasibility...
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Research on Interactive Jewelry Customization Design Driven by Intelligent Technology

Xiaoke Wang, Yi Wang, Xiaobo Bai
The advent of the information age and the transformation of consumer demand have made the development of traditional handicrafts face more severe challenges. It is of great significance to play the role of the combination of 3D printing technology and jewelry design in jewelry creation. This study uses...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence Based on Symbiosis Theory in the Design of Landscape Park

Xiuli Qu, Haiyong Shen
Artificial intelligence plays a bridging role in the interaction between humans and landscape parks. It is of great significance in coordinating the relationship between humans and nature and closely linking them together, and thus achieving organic unity. Through human infrared sensing technology, high-end...
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Prediction Study Based on TCN-BiLSTM-SA Time Series Model

He Zhang, Peng Chu
To enhance the accuracy of time series prediction, this study proposes a hybrid network model called TCN-BiLSTM-SA, which combines Temporal Convolutional Network (TCN), Bidirectional Long Short-term Memory (BiLSTM), and Self Attention (SA). The TCN is employed to learn sequence features, while the BiLSTM...
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HSB Color Strategy model Based on Color Cognition and Color Emotion

Shibo Ji, Xia Li
This paper aims to explore a color strategy model that quantify the parameters of color cognition and emotion using the HSB color model. This model uses scientific methods and technical tools to quantify cognition and emotion, which can be applied to digital ecology scenarios like universal digital terminals....
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Design and 3D Visualization Simulation of Smart Home Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Ying Guo
With the rapid development of high technology, smart home can be welcomed with its convenient, comfortable and safe application experience, but it also limits consumers' design needs and product experience because of its variety, complex structure and high cost. In this regard, based on the shortcomings...
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Design and implementation of interactive virtual runway system based on Unity

Fengge Wu, Xuefei Li
The sustainable concept of virtual shows has brought a turning point for improving the extravagance and waste of fashion shows, but as far as the current technology is concerned, most of the virtual shows on the market are still single shows, and the information of multiple shows cannot be flexibly and...
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StackGBM: Stacked Gradient Boost Machine for Accurate Lost Circulation Prediction

Li Liang, Deng Hongmei, Yang Zhuo, Su Jianhua, Jiao Yang, Xie Yaorong, Wu Chengyou
Lost circulation leads to severe downhole accidents in some cases, and is common in oil or gas drilling. Lost circulation has become a serious threat to energy security and environmental protection and has thus attracted widespread attention. Recently, several studies introduce machine learning algorithms...
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A Study on the Correlation Analysis between Product Cognitive Features and Visual Features

Zhuen Guo, Li Lin
Obtaining key feature elements based on design requirements is a fundamental task in the product design process. To explore the role of feature recognition in product design in algorithmic classification. This study explores the feasibility of using algorithmically derived product visual features to...
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Research on Kansei Characteristics of Electric Toothbrush Products Based on Big Data

Li Yibo, Zhou Meiyu
This study takes the Kansei characteristics of electric toothbrush products based on Kansei engineering and Internet comments, aiming to explore the differences and commonalities of diverse design elements. Data sources are mainly user comments on e-commerce websites. This paper studied the label word...
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Development mode of intelligent system for discrete manufacturing

Yu Chenglong, Zong Zong, Li Qiang, Gong Maozhen
To solve various problems caused by the uncertainty in the development process of discrete manufacturing industry represented by aerospace of aerospace, an intelligent manufacturing architecture is proposed. Complementary to the system, the procedure for modeling the product variety and quantity uncertainty...
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Research on the Gamification Design of Museum APP Based on MDA Model

Min Wang, Yiming Luo
To provide a museum APP gamification process framework and design method, which can play an effective role in better spreading museum culture. Through the study of museum APP gamification design under MDA model, verify the feasibility and necessity of gamification design in museum APP, explore the museum...
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Research on the Design of Cultural and Creative Products from the Perspective of Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage

Take graduation design works as an example

Xu Zhang, Ya-Jie Gong, Xi-Peng Liao
With Tianjin folk art intangible cultural heritage Yang Liuqing New Year paintings, Clay Figure Zhang and Kite Wei as the research background, 24 graduation design works of Tianjin University of Technology are taken as the case study. To explore the elements of the integrated design method of intangible...
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Application Research of Installation Art Based on Digital Media

Case Study on LED Display Technology

Anjing Zhuo, Veerawat Sirivesmas, Ruenglada Punyalikit
With the development of science and technology in the world today, humanity has entered a digital high-tech information era, and the wide application of digital media has also been reflected in various fields. Looking at the current society, film, music, projection technology, and other technological...
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Design of Marine Fishery Service System Based on Sustainable Concept

Lanyu Liu, Chaowe Wang, Zheng Wang
Marine fishery is a national strategic industry. China’s marine fishery started in 1985 and has become one of the major marine fishery countries in the world after more than 30 years of development. The research explore the design method of marine fishery service system under the sustainable concept,...
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Development and Application of Intelligent Packaging Design under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Chaowei Wang, Lanyu Liu, Zheng Wang
Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are transforming traditional industries, including intelligent packaging design. As the manufacturing industry develops, consumer expectations for packaging are increasing, presenting challenges for technological innovation and integrated...
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Research on the Design of Vehicle-mounted Full-LCD Instrument GUI

Wang Chunshui
As a special kind of intelligent mobile device mounted in vehicle, Full-LCD instruments are replacing mechanical pointer instrument at a faster pace. The requirements of design quality of vehicle-mounted full-LCD instruments are getting higher and higher. This paper mainly studies the design problem...
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Interface design of sports app based on joint analysis method

Huang Liang, Zhou Lishi
Purpose Explore the design approach for the interactive interface of a sports app. Methods The key design elements of sports APP interface design were firstly determined by using literature research and competitive analysis method, and the element level of each key element was determined, then 16 typical...
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A Study on the Application of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology in Image Design

Shanxi Liao, Xiaoyu Ji
In order to explore the application process of artificial intelligence in generating image works and further investigate the application of generative AI technology in image design, this study selected the Midjourney platform as the observation object, recruited online users and AI platforms for cooperation,...
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Research on Intelligent Garment Design Platform Based on GPT AI Technology

Wei Wang, Bo Zhao
This paper mainly studies the intelligent fashion design platform based on GPT AI technology, and discusses and analyzes the platform. Firstly, the development background and current situation of intelligent fashion design are introduced. Then, the application of GPT-like AI technology in the field of...
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Color Quality Evaluation of Urban Street Buildings Based on Artificial Intelligence and Street View Images: Taking Zhongshan Road Historical and Cultural Street in Shenyang as an Example

JiaNing Niu, Mei Lyu, MeiQi Yang, XiangQuan Wang
Historical and cultural streets not only are an important part of the urban historical context, but also show the urban memory. The color of the building facades in the historic and cultural streets greatly affects the visual quality of the environment. This study took the Zhongshan Road historical and...
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Research on UI and Intelligent Product Design of Prefabrication System for Urban white-collar Work Meals under the Background of Healthy China

Lina He, Pengfei Jing, Xiaodan Hu, Ruike Sun, Jie Dong
To promote a healthy lifestyle in China, we began by examining the issue of unhealthy eating habits among urban white-collar workers. By conducting field surveys and using research methods such as interviews and observations, we identified common pain points related to their dining experiences. We then...
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Research on Channel Management Based on UAV Application Technology

Yingxin Cheng, Zhifeng Mao
From a theoretical and practical perspective, waterway maintenance is a very important task that can promote the good development of the waterway. However, due to traditional aerial survey methods, it is difficult to accurately understand the actual situation of the waterway during the maintenance process,...
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From “Deduction” to “Consciousness”--The change of artistic behavior of interactive image installation works in the era of digital art

Minghua Hu, Linzhi Zhou
In contemporary art works, interactive image installation art is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of works among the audience; Starting from early artists represented by Bai Nanzhun, he created image installation art works to express the artist's thoughts and emotions through his works;...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Urban Community Renewal Design under the Background of Digitalization

Meijun Jin, Xiaokai Guo
Against the backdrop of digital transformation, urban development has also been stepping up from large-scale and rapid construction to a phase of high-quality enhancement. This paper discusses the renewal design of community space which is directly related to individual life, bearing great significance....
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Research and Implementation of E-commerce Advertising Content Optimization Based on Artificial Intelligence

Mengdan Xia
In the last decade, e-commerce has developed rapidly and created convenience for consumers. In order to increase operational efficiency and improve service quality, many e-commerce companies are constantly looking for new trends and seeking to meet consumer demand. Research and study various SP display...
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Research on the design of museum cultural and creative products based on the KANO model

Lian Chen, Chengjun Zhou
To improve the design efficiency of museum cultural and creative products and to provide design method references for them. The Kano model is used to classify the design attributes of museum cultural and creative products, distinguish the excitement attributes, desired attributes, basic attributes, irrelevant...
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Structure design of furrow fertilizer machine in apple orchard

YouMin Yu, Bin Du, Mingming Liu, Xuankun Liu
China now most areas of the orchard mechanization level is low, fruit trees during the growth and development of artificial fertilization, the economic efficiency is low. Aiming at the problems of poor furrowing effect and poor fertilization quality, this paper designs an Apple Orchard Ditching fertilizer...
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Design and experiment of complex Trajectory Cam based on MATLAB

Zihui Zhang, Yuhan Li
A cam design method is proposed in this study that utilizes mathematical modeling and MATLAB simulation analysis. The objective is to construct cam profiles that are suitable for complex trajectories with precision and efficiency. Initially, mathematical modeling is employed to determine the projected...
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Generation of digital artistic images based on GANs

Fang Wang
This research proposes an end-to-end defogging algorithm based on Conditional Generative adversarial network (CGAN), aiming at the problem that the image quality of visible light observation equipment is significantly reduced in the case of fog (haze). This algorithm innovatively constructs a new generator...
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Design of Intelligent Garbage Bin Supervision System

Based on Internet of Things Technology

ZeYuan Wen, Ke Huang
Using STM32 microcontroller to build an intelligent garbage bin system, utilizing temperature and humidity measurement modules and ultrasonic distance measurement modules. Real time detection of the remaining capacity and internal temperature of the trash can, and alarm for objects that have not burned...
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Exploring the Application and Influence of Artificial Intelligence AIGC Technology on Logo Design

Yiyi Zhao
The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of AIGC (Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design) technology on logo design, focusing on its role in enhancing creativity and efficiency. By using AIGC technology, designers can get automated logo design solutions and generate diverse creative designs...
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Research on emotion evaluation model based on automobile style keywords

Gareth Zhu, Zepei Wang, Pengchun Tang, Tony He, Jiaxin Wang, Yuanhua Lang, Siqi Wang, Wenjuan Shao, Kenny Huang, Shuang Yan
Aiming at the problems of automobile enterprises’ product design and use experience emotion evaluation model, such as insufficient data collection range, high cost, low data accuracy, low utilization rate of unstructured data, based on Text mining technology, emotion analysis technology and LDA Topic...
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Research and Practice of the New Mode of Tourism Service by Digital Twin Technology Based on UAV-Taking Sanjiang Gaoyou Village As an Example

Wei Zhou, Zhifeng Mao
With the continuous development of science and technology, digital twin technology shows great potential and application prospects in various fields. As an important economic pillar industry of tourism, the application of digital twin technology has also brought many innovations and opportunities to...
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Adaptive Convolution Kernel for Painterly Image Harmonization

Xiao Zhang, Yun Jiang, Shanshan Wang
Image synthesis is a technique for cutting out foreground images and pasting them onto another image. To make the synthesized image harmonious, it is necessary to adjust the color and light of the foreground image so that it blends smoothly with the background image and has a consistent color. When the...
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Design of cooling water circulation system for vacuum moisture regain machine

Xiufang Li
In order to understand the design of cooling water circulation system, a design study of cooling water circulation system of vacuum moisture regain machine is put forward. The phenomenon of “water shortage” often occurs in the cooling water circulating tank of vacuum dehumidifier, which makes the cooling...
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Construction of 3D Visualization Platform for Visual Communication Design Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Jiaogang Lin
In the era of digital intelligence, the media forms of new media emerge one after another, which not only gives visual communication design more artistic expression space, but also promotes the renewal of visual communication design language and design form. Based on the problems existing in the traditional...
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Research on Welding Process Simulation Training Technology Based on Virtual Manufacturing

Ying Wang, Fei Di, Jing Ying Li, Jin Jun Wu, Jun Yi Liu
With the development of virtual manufacturing technology, computer virtual welding has become an important means of basic manufacturing processes. It not only connects information systems with actual manufacturing processes, but also greatly improves traditional manufacturing efficiency. This paper proposes...
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Research on Museum Display Design Based on Immersive Virtual Reality Technology

Shaowei Liu
Immersive “is a term derived from the development of the internet in the new era, meaning to make people focus on the current goal (created by designers) and feel happy and satisfied, while forgetting the real world situation. Immersive virtual reality technology, on the other hand, involves the deep...
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Stadium integrated service equipment control program design

Bo Wu, Yu Zhou, Song Zhang, Xu Zhaojing
In the post-COVID-19 era, national fitness has been rapidly promoted, covering a wide range of people, benefiting many communities, involving rich venues and comprehensive fitness programs. However, ball sports require cumbersome sports equipment and inconvenient to carry. This design for the outdoor...
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Research on Intelligent Signage of Urban Parks - Taking Shenyang Nanhu Park as an Example

Jiaqi Tong, Mei Lyu, Meizi Xu, Meiqi Yang
In the context of urban renewal, China’s economy is developing rapidly. With the premise of meeting the needs of life, people’s requirements for quality of life are increasing. Urban parks are important leisure and entertainment places for citizens. For the construction of city park public, the signage...
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A Evaluation of the Application Effect of Virtual Simulation Technology Based on Intelligent Design in Vocational Skills Training

Bo Zhao, Zhaoqi Li, Dexter A. Soguilon
This article introduces a vocational skills training system based on intelligent design and virtual simulation technology, and evaluates its application effect. The system provides a virtual simulation environment, intelligent design of learning path planning, and virtual teachers modules, allowing learners...
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A Study of Smartphone Assistive Devices for the Elderly Based on User Experience

Yuying Ju, Jiahua Yu
As China’s digital technology develops, the degree of aging deepens, and the silver-haired generation contacts the Internet one after the other, the original digital divide problem becomes more prominent. Smartphones, which are a necessity for people’s daily life, are affected by many different factors...
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Research on the Function of Digital Technology in Modern Ceramic Art Creation

Gaofang Zhigang, Jie Hu
This paper first analyzes the concept of digital technology and its development process, and then deeply analyzes the development of the combination of digital technology and artistic creation. Finally, it expounds the application and advantages of digital technology in modern ceramic art creation, including...
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Application of Recommendation Algorithms in Product Art Design: Challenges and Applications

Tao Wang, Wa An, Kaixi Huang
Recommendation algorithm is a kind of artificial intelligence technology which is widely used in all walks of life. In the field of product art design, recommendation algorithms can help designers better understand user needs and quickly provide design solutions that meet user needs. However, the application...
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Research on the application of commodity packaging design in the information age

Lin Liu, Zhuoying Zhu
The processing of materials and structures in packaging design is the reflection of economic activities in application. When in the pursuit of artistic style, if packaging design only stresses the unique form of personality expression while ignores the visual beauty and practical use with general rough...
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Research on the Interactive design of Safety for Children’s Food Packaging

Shang Cun, Xue Ying, Liu Wenxiang
Childhood is an important stage in life. It is very important to provide better food packaging design for children. Due to children’s limited cognitive abilities, safety is a key factor to consider in food packaging for children. Safety provides an effective guarantee for children's food packaging...
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The Impact of Environmental Background and Landscape Design on Landscape Preference and Restorative Perception

Fangzhen Sun, Hushinaidi
Research has shown that people prefer natural environments for their restorative effects, while urban landscapes are less favored. However, the relationship between naturalness and landscape preference is not always straightforward, and the impact of human intervention is still a topic of debate. Recent...
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Quality evaluation of accounting information based on multi-layer neural network

Xuebin Wang
With the continuous development of economy, accounting information plays an increasingly important role in enterprise decision-making. However, the traditional accounting information quality evaluation method has some problems, such as strong subjectivity and difficulty in quantifying the evaluation...