Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Yulia Pogrebnyak, Runan Hou
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICLCCS 2022 during August 12–13, 2022 online. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the...
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Comparative Study of Emotional Metaphor in Persian and English as a Human Conceptual Framework in Cultural Anthropology

Sara Tabatabaei, Elena Anatolievna Ivanova
Language is a manifestation of the imaginary system of the mind and the metaphors used in the language reflect our intellectual infrastructure. Understanding the metaphor and its cultural and sensory status is very useful in recognizing and understanding language and communication. One of the important...
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A Comparative Study of Textual Functions in Chinese and Uygur Parentheses

Chunrong Chen
Parenthesis is an additional element independent of the core sentence structure, which is a very common linguistic phenomenon in Uyghur and Chinese. It not only has various forms, rich semantics, but also has important communicative functions. They make the discourse vivid, rich, fluent, with a strong...
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Environment Input in Second Language Acquisition of Phonetic Details: The GOOSE Fronting Among Chinese English Learners

Bohan Wang
Pronunciation accuracy has always been an important goal in teaching English as a second language. However, the recent phonetic changes among English varieties often make it difficult for conventional methods of teaching English as a second language to achieve the goal. This paper focused on the phenomenon...
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Sound System of Hanyuan Variety in Sichuan Province, China

Xiaoyan Li
For each language, there are different kinds of varieties because of geographic or historic reasons. The variety of Hanyuan is a language used by the locals living in Hanyuan, Sichuan province, China. To make effective communication with them, it is necessary to know something about the variety. This...
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Exploring Chinese Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Reasons for Spreading China Stories in English

Xiaojuan Liu, Xiaoru Wang, Yimeng He
With their special role and advantage, pre-service EFL teachers need to and can spread China stories to their future students and foreigners. Moreover, some young students merely pursue western culture blindly due to negative influence of English globalization. They need educators to correct their attitude....
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A Pragmatic Study of Online Offence in Discussion Board

Qian Chen
This study attempts to explore the online offence through the analysis of its linguistic devices and the revelation of its pragmatic features. Enlightened by the theory of (im) politeness, the present study firstly attempts to define online offence and identify the participation framework in online discussion...
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The Influence of Language Information Function on Human Real Life

Tao Long
With the improvement of social and economic level and the change of external social environment, people’s needs for language in different historical periods are different. Language is the information tool of human beings, and the information function is the most basic function of language. In the modern...
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The Application of Automatic Evaluation System in Writing Teaching for English Majors

Chunhua Zheng
This paper takes English majors as the research object, investigates the application of automatic writing evaluation system in writing teaching, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the system based on the feedback of students. According to the teaching practice and teaching experiment results,...
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Hyponymy: Special Cases and Significance

Panpan Cao
The learning of sense relations in semantics plays a very important role in students’ linguistics learning. However, in the learning process, students feel very confused about some special cases of hyponymy and couldn’t explain them clearly. In view of this situation, this paper first reviewed the definitions...
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Relevant Research and Normative Recommendations on the Pronunciation of Letter Words

Tian Zhou
Letter words refer to words in Chinese that are composed of Latin letters, Greek letters, or other Western letters, or their hybrid forms with symbols, numbers and Chinese characters. They mainly include English letter words, abbreviations of Chinese phonetic alphabet, and letter words in the form of...
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Analogical Creation: Analogy with the Structure in Morphological Level

A Case Study of (Blue)-Collar Worker

Panpan Cao
Memetics has strong interpretive power for analogical creation because the formation of analogical creation is the process of imitation, creation and transmission, which just corresponds with the definition of meme. From memetic transmission mechanism, analogical creation is the structural meme on morphological...
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Exploration on the Innovative Path of Information-Based Mobile Learning in English Teaching in Colleges and Universities, China from the Perspective of Information Ecology

Zhijuan Du
With the development of Internet information technology, information-based mobile learning has been widely applied in various fields of education and teaching, providing a broader development space for English teaching in colleges and universities. College English is a compulsory course for all majors...
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The Application of Schema Theory in the Process of Interpretation

Jingxiao Guo
The interpretation process involves complicated cognitive activities, such as comprehension of the source language, memorization and reproduction of the target language. With the booming of research on cognitive science and psychology, the feasibility of schema theory in interpretation studies stands...
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An Analysis of Chinese Translation Strategies of Scientific and Technological Terminologies from the Perspective of Functional Equivalence Theory

Wei Zhou, Kun Yang
Guided by Nida’s Functional Equivalence Theory and taking English for science and technology of refrigeration system as the research object, the paper analyzes scientific and technological terminologies and puts forward four translation strategies for Chinese translation of terms: literal translation,...
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The Difference Between Musical Image and Linguistic Image as the Manifestation of the World Will

Qiumin Chen
Schopenhauer attribute the origin of all things in the world to the “Will”, while the phenomenal world is the representation of it, so art is the advanced form in all representations. Music and language art are both effective intermediaries for the World Will to show itself. This paper will use the methods...
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Value Research on the Modern Translation of Excavated Spring and Autumn Literature Variorum and Corpus Construction

Weiming Peng
In the past hundred years, a number of important excavated literatures emerged in China, which are important materials for the study of Chinese language in the Spring and Autumn Period. The excavated Spring and Autumn literatures used in this project include both “contemporaneous materials” and “post-time...
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A Study on the Application of Human–Computer Combination Feedback in English Writing Teaching

Rui Wu
Feedback is an important part of process teaching of English writing. Feedback methods mainly include the traditional teacher feedback, peer feedback and the newly emerged automatic online feedback which is based on big data and artificial intelligence. In recent years, some researchers have combined...
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An Analysis of the Literary Image of Yan’an Literature and Art in the United States

Dong Xi, Yun Wang
As an overseas research center for Chinese modern and contemporary literature research, the United States began to study Chinese Yan’an Literature and Art very early. This article examines the literary image of Yan’an Literature and Art in the United States as an example, in order to explore the strategy...
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A Comparative Study on Attitude Resources of University Presidents’ Graduation Speeches in China and America

Ximei Jiang
Based on appraisal theory, this paper analyzes the distribution of attitude resources in the graduation speeches of Chinese and American university presidents in terms of three subsystems of attitude resources: affect, judgement and appreciation, respectively. With the help of UAM corpus tool, the author...
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An Analysis of Characters’ Personalities and Emotions in Korean TV Series Reply 1988

Mingzi Huang, Yuchen Xie, Meiping He
Youth nostalgia dramas are designed to resonate with viewers by recreating youthful life with a strong sense of reality, thus striving to achieve high ratings. Reply 1988 is the most successful of the nostalgia trilogy. It is a TV drama that reflects different emotions through the personalities of different...
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Tibetan Intangible Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity: Analysis of Protection Logic and Characteristics

Jing An
The protection of intangible cultural heritage is the need of human survival and development, as well as the need to build a harmonious society. The intangible cultural heritage fully expresses the excellent cultural values and aesthetic ideals gradually formed by the Chinese nation in the historical...
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Analysis on the Features and Functions of Hedges in the CCTV Program “Anchor Talks the Broadcast”

Yongning Zhang
The analysis of the hedges in “Anchor Talks the Broadcast” by the corpus method shows that the frequency of the variable hedges in this column is much higher than that of the moderate hedges. Among them, the degree-changing hedges have the highest frequency, followed by the range-changing type, and the...
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Research on External Publicity and Dissemination of the Southern School of Tibetan Medicine Culture in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Zhangling Wu
The Southern School of Tibetan medicine in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is influenced by the complex and diverse regional environment, climatic conditions and ethnic culture, and it has unique pharmaceutical characteristics, theoretical system and treatment methods, as well as medical academic...
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The Significance and Value of Research on the Hakka Dialect Documents in Meizhou in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China

Jianya Zhang
At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, there emerged a number of important literature materials on the study of modern Chinese dialects. Among them, there are also quite a lot of literatures that take the Hakka in Meizhou, Guangdong as the stronghold of Hakka as the...
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An Instructional Design of Inquiry-Based Learning for the Course of Intercultural Communication

Bingrui Xu, Shuimei Pei
Inquiry-based learning plays an important role in the reform of higher education, and its application has been widely investigated in order to improve the teaching effect. As a practical course greatly relying on the method of case study, intercultural communication requires better teaching design to...
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The Impacts of Dialects on Time Variations of Chinese Minor New Year

Bingbing Li, Yuntong Liu
While “xiaonian (the Chinese minor new year)” is one of the important Chinese traditional festivals, its date is not nationally unified. This essay therefore summarized “xiaonian” time and the regions where the “xiaonian” time has evolved recorded in Compilation of Chinese Local Chronicles and Folklore...
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“The Ancient Tea Horse Road” in Xikang Literary Creations

Taking Zhou Wen’s “Tea Bag” as an Example

Maoqing Zhu
Zhou Wen was praised by Lu Xun as “the best left-wing writer”. He enriched the subject matter of modern Chinese literature with the remote “Sichuan-Xikang area”. Zhou Wen’s “Tea Bag” reproduces the ancient Sichuan-Tibet Tea Horse Road and the living conditions of the porters with delicate brushstrokes,...
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The Characteristics and Problems of “Confession Discourse” in Contemporary Chinese Literature Viewed from Two Kinds of Confession Concept

Chunyan Xu
As a hotly debated topic in the field of contemporary Chinese literature, although the narrative of “confession” borrows religious consciousness to a certain extent to realize the transformation of its own discourse and deepen the discussion, it also has problems such as the vacillation of signifier...
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Analysis of the Three Protagonists from Shakespeare’s Three Tragedies Against the Background of Ideological Education in China

Discussion from the EFL Teachers View

Xiaojuan Liu
Three protagonists are Lear, Othello and Macbeth respectively from the King Lear, Othello and Macbeth by Shakespeare, belonging to the royal family with their shared weakness. Three leading characters have different shortcomings displayed on them. Lear is a flattery lover, Othello is a jealousy lover...
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A Tibetan Writer Yong Cuo’s “Wacun Village”: Ecocriticism Perspective

Linjia Gao
Yong Cuo’s “Wacun Village” is an ecological prose, which shows the harmonious relationship between human and nature. Yong Cuo describes the life-like natural environment of the mountains and valleys, glaciers and rivers, plants and animals in the upper streams of Dadu River, expressing the unique ideas...
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A Probe into English Translation of Yan’an Literary Works from Relevance Theory and Text Types

Dong Xi, Jiahui Liu
The development of economy and culture in various countries is unbalanced. In the social activities of literature communication, the discourse power of world literature is in inequality. Translation is the first step for Yan’an literature and art and even Chinese modern and contemporary literature to...
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The Implication of Social Ideological Trend (The Trend of Thoughts Which Has General Influence on People and Society in Certain Period)

Wenyi Liu
With the economic and social development and the resulting social structure adjustment and interest pattern changes, various social ideological trends in China are surging one after another, which have attracted the attention and research of the academic circles. However, there are still different opinions...
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Feeling Blue—Study on the Attribution of Responsibility for Depression and Its Stigmatization from the Prospective of Chinese and American News Framework

Cheng Li, Baoyi Huang
Based on 290 depression-themed reports from Xinhua Net and the United Press International News in the recent two years, a comparative analysis was conducted on the differences and similarities between China and America in terms of the framework construction of the depression-themed reports and the media...
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Argumentation on Whether the Date of Chinese Minor New Year Is 23rd or 24th December in Lunar Calendar — Time Differences on Chinese Minor New Year and Its Development Course

Zhuhan Zheng, Zixuan Wang
This paper examines the source and deduction process of the time of “Minor New Year” through poetry literature. According to the Compilation of Chinese Local Chronicles and Folklore Materials (《中国地方志民俗资料汇编》) [1], this paper summarizes the time of “Minor New Year” in various regions of China and the regions...
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Research on the Development and Countermeasures of Children’s Picture Book Industry in China

Jing Wu, Jiao Lin
With the development of early childhood education in China and the enhancement of parents’ awareness of early childhood education, picture books are increasingly favored by Chinese parents as an “imported product” in early childhood education. This paper attempts to put forward feasible countermeasures...
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The Origin of Ecological Ethics—On the Basis of Chuang Tzu’s Theory of Equality

Dongping Gao
Chuang Tzu explained the relationship between man and nature in a concentrated way, and put forward a unified view of man, nature, and animals, i.e., all things, indicating his attitude toward all things. The equality of the origin of all things and of the value is the basis of Chuang Tzu’s view of equality....
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The Image of China in a Chinese Chrestomathy in the Canton Dialect by Elijah Coleman Bridgman

Haizhen Liang
Macau became a critical spot because of the maritime embargo policy during the 19th century in ancient China. Many missionaries came to Macau not only to preach but also for further visiting mainland Chinese. So it’s significant to know how the apostles start their missionary work and learning Chinese...
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Design of Contemporary Expression of Heroic Image in Animation in the New Era

Qi Zhang
This project conducts an study of the people-oriented spirit of patriotism, innovation, truth-seeking, dedication, synergy, and nurturing scientific spirit of the era, unearths the most representative visual narrative symbols in the era of technology, and helps construct the mainstream Chinese cultural...
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Making the Past Serve the Present, and Adapting Foreign Things to Chinese Needs

The Idea and Principle of the Creation of the Oratorio “Li Bai”

Chenghong Wang
The oratorio “Li Bai” is guided by a series of important speeches and spirits made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the literary and artistic career. In order to practice the spirit of the document “Opinions on Implementing the Project of Inheritance and Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional...
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A Study on the Communication Strategies of Bilingual Children

Huomei Yang
Through the task of picture description, the performance of 3–4 years old Cantonese - Putonghua bilingual Child B and mandarin Child A on information points were compared. The results showed that there was no significant difference in the number of language points between two languages, and there was...
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Experimental Text Design Study on Visual Characteristics of Children with Chinese Dyslexia

Yajie Jiang
Chinese dyslexia is a major obstacle to children’s learning progress. This study analyzes the visual and internal characteristics of children’s dyslexia, summarizes the adverse psychological and physiological effects of the disease on children, and puts forward two kinds of phenotype design and practical...
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The Influence of the Two “Speeches” on Contemporary Shaanxi Literary Creation

Yani Li
Mao Zedong’s “Speech at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art” in 1942 and Xi Jinping’s “Speech at the Forum on Literature and Art” (hereinafter referred to as the two “Speeches”) in 2014 are two glorious Marxist literature and art theoretical guidance documents. Under the illumination of the spirit...
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A Study on Marc Bloch’s Historical Theory—Centering on The Historian’s Craft

Yang Zou
Marc Bloch, a noted French historian, is one of the founders of the Annales School. In his life, he put forward many innovative historical thoughts, which still have important reference value until today, and left significant historical materials for people. Bloch’s systematic historical theory is reflected...
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Characteristics of Small Towns in Wuyue Cultural Area from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage

A Case Study of Xitang Ancient Town, Wuzhen, and Xincheng

Shuxian Yao, Xichen Wang
Intangible cultural heritage towns across the country are deeply influenced by the local characteristic culture and present a unique charm. Based on the preliminary understanding of Xincheng and combined with the precocious development of Xitang ancient town and Wuzhen, this essay summarizes the characteristics...
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Research on the Development History and Exhibition of the Bukhara Museum

Xiaoyu Ma
Bukhara is now an important city in Uzbekistan in the Central Asian region, which has a long history and was once the capital of many dynasties in history. Therefore, a large number of historical relics have been preserved in Bukhara, including historical buildings, historical relics, handicrafts, etc....