Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Development (ICMESD 17)

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Exploring the Origin, Definition and Measurement of Organizational Ambidexterity

Hang Wu
Organizational researchers are using ambidexterity, the ability of humans to use both hands with equal skill, as a metaphor for organizations that are equally dexterous at exploitation and exploration. Existing definition of organizational ambidexterity can be divided into three categories: structural...
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Cooperatives Governance Structure in China: A New Analytical Framework

Bin Wu
The cooperatives governance structure has always been the research priorities in the field of cooperative economics, but so far the issue is still considered as "gray box" or even as "black box". Most of the recent researches focused on the internal governance structure of cooperatives, or take the governance...
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Study on Development Trend of Maker Space

Gang Lu
This paper defines the concept of the two kinds of development paths of the maker space, which are the "Unipolar" mode and "Bipolar" mode. And then based on the comparison of the advantages and shortcomings between them, the conclusion is made that the maker space should take the "Bipolar" development...
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Analysis of the Motive Mechanism of User Innovation Based on System Dynamics

Tong-Tong Zheng, Qiong-Jie Zhou
Open innovation was promoted to the national macro strategic level. In the background of open innovation, user is one of the most innovative groups. The motive mechanism of user innovation is complicated, involving users, enterprises, government and other subjects. Based on the theory of system dynamics...
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Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Subdimensions of Employees' CognitiveÿandÿEmotionalÿTrust in Supervisor

Pei Liu, Wan-Fen Guo
Our first purpose is to develop subdimensional models of employees' cognitive & emotional trust (CT & ET) in supervisor, which can explain each subdimension's unique influencing process at concrete and specific level. Based on trust and social exchange literature, we hypothesized that CT in supervisor...
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Research on the Innovation of Business Model in Sharing Economy

Ke Liu, Meng-Han Chen
Sharing economy, created in the context of "Internet +", is a new business model in which individuals, enterprises or organizations share the right to use idle resources through sharing platform and achieve the efficient use of resources. This paper first analyzes the business model of the OFO bicycle-sharing...
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Research on the Path of Innovation and Development of Urban Cultural and Creative Industry--A Case Study of 1933 Cultural and Creative Industry Park

Qin-Liang Liu, Xue-Fang Xie
Innovative model is a neededly requirement for the development of cultural and creative industry at this stage. In regard to the innovation development of cultural and creative industry, on the one hand needs the developed material basis, multi-open social environment, on the other hand needs the cultural...
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The Empirical Study on CEO Power and Investment Efficiency

Sun-Lei Yang, Xiong-Fei Liu
In the economic organization, CEO is the highest administrative official responsible for the routine business in an enterprise. The size of the CEO's power has great impact on CEO's decision making, and the interest of stakeholders. But, academia is inconsistent to the influence of CEO power, one is...
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Developing Cognitive and Emotional Trust Scale (CTS-6 & ETS-6 in Supervisor) with Chinese and Japanese Sample

Pei Liu, Wan-Fen Guo
Our first purpose is to develop a general conceptualization of employees' cognitive and emotional trust in supervisor, which is systematic and detailed enough to predict how they causally relate to other constructs differently. Drawing on previous study, we proposed two central ideas based on which the...
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Analysis on the Construction of the Economic Virtual Laboratory

Yong-Jun Zhou, Zhe Li
The construction of the economic virtual simulation experimental teaching center is of great significance to improve the students' efficiency of learning economic expertise and promote students ' innovative as well as practical ability.ÿHowever, in the course of construction of the economic virtual simulation...
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The Concept, Influencing Factor and Development Model of New Real Economy: Experience Learned at Home and Abroad

Hang Wu
Existing research has not obviously uncovered the concept, influencing factor and development model of new real economy. This paper argues that the new real economy should be a high integration of the internet, virtual economy and real economy and affected by consumption and scientific and technological...
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How Does Tax Share Configuration Promote Industrial Structure Upgrade?

Zui-Yi Shen
The paper shows that in China's tax structure of industry, the increase of tax revenue of secondary industry to total tax share can significantly increase the output elasticity of capital elements; the increase of tax revenue of tertiary industry also increase the output elasticity of capital elements...
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How to Balance Emission Reduction and Economic Growth in China: Evidence from Shandong Province

Wei Liang, Ming Yang
In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy has brought about a large number of fossil energy consumption, resulting in serious environmental pollution. As an important environmental protection tool, carbon tax has been paid more and more attention, and the carbon tax is in line with the...
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Measure Spatial Effects of Regional Economy Based on Spatial Shift-Share Model

Xiao-Xin Li
Reviews the improvements and spatial evolution processof shift-share models, discusses the economic meanings of shift-share models in different forms, constructs the complete framework of spatial shift-share model, and puts forward the regional industrial spatial effects model, which is used to measure...
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Participatory Mode: A New Mode of Economic and Social Development Assistance in Tibet

Zeng-Yan Xiao
The old mode of counterpart assistance to Tibet can not fully meet the new need of herdsman now. So, this paper put forward the achievements and drawbacks of old mode by using the correlation method to analyze the statistical yearbook data. Based on this, the paper gave a reason why introduced the "participatory"...
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Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of "Local governments led" investment Hindering Consumer- Based on Panel Fixed Effects Model

Jiang Chen
The perfect investment system can promote stable and sustainable development of the consumer, but China's investment system has obvious "local government-led" feature. Although to a certain extent, it can promote economic growth, but it is impeding the development of consumer reversed arrangement. Based...
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Economic Design of the Special VSSI T2 Chart with Genetic Algorithms Based on Markov Chain

Li-Jun Gu, Qing-Guo Tang
T2 control chart is widely used to monitor the multivariate process for quality improvement.In this paper, economic performance analysis on the SVSSI T2 control chart is studied. Two statuses whether the process is in control or out of control are considered to define the states of Markov Chain. And...
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Research on the Mechanism of Quality Development Promoting Regional Economic Growth

Zhi Xu, Long-Sheng Cheng, Jing Jiang
To some extent, quality development plays a critical part in changing the economic growth pattern and improving the stability and sustainability of economic growth, which could, as a result, make a difference on the quality and speed of regional economic growth. This work, sets up a index system of quality...
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An Analysis of the Farmers' Willing to Participate in the Land Ticket Trade Based on the Logistic Model

Xian-Qiang Wu, Si-Yi Pei, Ruo-Shan Liu
Among the land ticket trade system, the farmers need mostly to be protected, the operation of the system must fully respect their willing. In this paper, by constructing logistic model of farmers' willing to participate in the ticket trade, to analyze the factors of influencing farmers' willing. I made...
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Economic Effects Model of Urban Population Structure in China

Wei Wang, Jian-Kang Yang
Based on the production function of Cobb Douglas and the model of Solow Growth, the paper built economic effects model of age structure, cultural structure and regional structure for urban population, which could be verified on the rationality by correlation coefficient and reliability, single integral...
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The Development of Experimental Economics-Based on the Econometric Analysis of SCI and SSCI Database

Si-Yang Song, Ling-Xue Sun
Based on the 1328 papers with keywords of "experimental economics", we analyze the 6134 valid keywords by means of bibliometric, and get the high frequency word cloud distribution and co-word network of experimental economics. At present, auction, altruism, risk, reciprocity and so on are the main branches...
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Production Potential Analysis for Alfalfa Production in China

Hui-Long Lin, Jing-Rong Zhang, Zhen-Ying Zhou, Ya-Ling Gao
The lack of high quality forage in China results in a negative extremely situation in the global animal husbandry products trade, which led to China livestock trade sit the unfavorable situation. The alfalfa production does not match with the great power status of grassland industry of China. Therefore,...
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Study on the Construction of Yanbian Port in Heilongjiang Province Based on "Longjiang Silk Road Belt"

Nan Yan
"Longjiang Silk Road" construction is the implementation of the strategy of "taking all road along the way", it provides important support and new economic growth pole, to promote the revitalization of the old industrial base in Heilongjiang Province and economic development. By analyzing the status...
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Connotation, Significance and Realization Way of "Green"

Jun-Hua Liao
"Green" is a new task of economic development, which is a new requirement for the construction of ecological civilization, which reflects the party and the state to the development of human society more profound understanding. The "green" represents a new outlook on development, values, people's livelihood...
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Research on E-Commerce Strategy of Yichang Agricultural Produce under the Background of "Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Yun-Duan Chen
Along with the warm wave blowing of "Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation", more and more agricultural producers and operators are attempting to start their own businesses relying on e-Commerce, while factors such as talents, logistics and scale are still restricting the sustainable development of...
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Self, Family, and Society: Three Kinds of Employment Value for College Students

Hui-Ju Yu
The psychological reason of employment difficulties for college students today is value imbalance and dilemma in employment. College students hope to realize their self-value, familyvalue, and socialvalue in employment, which reflects their pursuit for the ideal life. Back to ancient agricultural China...
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Analysis and Countermeasures for fossilization of Interlanguage

Shuo Yang
The fossilization of interlanguage is an unavoidable phenomenon in the process of learning foreign language, which is formed by difference between culture modes, communication feedback and many other factors. Based upon analysis on factors forming interlanguage, countermeasures for language fossilization...
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National Belonging Needs and Natural Historical Cultural Analysis of Chinese Manchu

Hui-Qi Wen
National belonging needs are the logical starting point of exploring the natural history and culture of Manchu in China. It is also the third stage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs--social needs, in other words, the belonging to the stable social organization. It formed steady-state social organiazations...
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Study on the Application of Problem - solving Method in Community Service in Higher Vocational Education

Wen-Ying Xu, Jian-Qing Ma
At present, talent training, scientific research, social service as the three functions of the university are recognized by scholars at home and abroad. Community as one of the important part of society, the university's community service function has been recognized in more and more areas. However,...
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From the Perspective of Ecological Civilization: Moral Education in Colleges and Universities

Mei-Yan Zhu
The construction of ecological civilization is a pioneering idea advanced by the communist party of China while governing the country. In order to live in harmony with nature, protect the environment, build a beautiful China, and create a better life as well as achieve the abiding development of society,...
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Translation of Social Dialect in Frog from the Perspective of Prominence in Construal Theory

Yu-Shan Zhao, Ya-Nan Xu
Frog is one of the well-known works of Mo Yan who won the 8th Mao Dun Literary Prize, which is full of social dialect. A suitable translation of social dialect is conducive to the appreciation of this novel by western readers. This paper aims to analyze the translation of social dialect in Mo Yan's novel...
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Teaching Business Translation-A Project-based Approach

Jing Zheng
The student-centered project-based (PBL) learning pedagogy fits in well with the objectives of translation training and education, leading to its popularity in China's prosperous translation studies community. However, PBL's requirement of use of authentic translation projects in teaching makes it difficult...
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Analysis on Cultural Industry Development Strategy of Jingchu Cultural Circle Based on Growth Pole Theory

Chun-Yan Li, Yuan Sun
During the process of Jingchu culture construction, Hubei Province focuses on building growth pole of cultural industry in Wuhan urban circle and that of eco-cultural industry in western Hubei, forming two-pole development strategy for Jingchu cultural circle. Regional culture orientation by pursuing...
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Discussion on Talents Cultivation Goal and Curriculum Provision concerning the Major of Equestrian Sports and Management in Colleges and Universities

Peng Ding
At present, there have been some problems concerning the talents cultivation goal and curriculum system of the major of equestrian sports and management in colleges and universities. The paper attempts to give an analysis of the talent cultivation orientation, cultivation goals and curriculum provision...
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Discussion on Current Teaching Situation of MOOC-A Case Study of Wuhan Donghu University

Qiong-Jie Zhou, Zi-Li Deng, Fei Chen, Xuan Zhou
Massive open online courses (MOOC) have triggered a lively discussion of the community for their diversified resources, large-scale and open features. Starting from the actual research data of domestic universities, this paper analyzes the actual use of MOOC in depth from various aspects,explores the...
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Study on College Students' Employment AbilityPromotion Pattern under Innovation and Starting up Business Background

Yu-Qiao Meng
This article analyzes the current situation of College Students' employment and innovation and entrepreneurship education, points out the existing problems in talent employment oriented education, put forward a college students' employment ability promotion pattern under " Mass innovation and starting...
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University Science Park Based Construction Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Platform

Shuo Yang
The goal of the innovation and entrepreneurship education is to cultivate the students' innovation consciousness, pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial ability. Compared with traditional education mode, there are essential differences in the teaching methods, teaching methods and educational ideas. From...
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Research on the Construction of Course Group for Industrial Design Engineering Based on Ability Training

Shi-Bin Chen, Zi-Jun Fu, Wei-She Zhang, Yun-Shi Yao
In order to improve the quality of the industrial engineering graduate students, professional courses of Industrial Design Engineering for engineering school was analyzed, and professional courses of Electromechanical Products Innovation Design Ability (EMPIDA) was established and construction method...
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Research on the Applied Higher Education Management Model under the Background of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bin Xu
It is said that the twenty-first century is the era of entrepreneurial economy. Definitely, entrepreneurship has become an important engine of economic development and served as an important carrier of technological innovation and social employment. Under the era background of mass innovation and entrepreneurship,...
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Investigation on College Students' Net Loan

Yi-Yu Wang
This paper will describe specifically the number proportion, influencing factors, the amount of money, the frequency of using the net loan platform by the college students,research specifically the related net loan platform such as Ant check later, Jingdong ious, ious by stages and so on, so far, the...
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Analysis on the Net Loan of Beijing's College Students

Yuan-Yuan Wang
Net loan has become a trend among college students. Net loan is helpful to broaden the financing channels and ease the shortage of funds for college students. However, net loan also brings a series of puzzles and distress at the same time. The article is based on the survey of Beijing's college students...
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Research On Patent Information Service in University Libraries Oriented to Whole Scientific Research Process: Practices from China

Ya-Ping Wu
Patent information service has become an important part of the scientific research of university library, which is closely connected with scientific and technological innovation activities. Patent information service also is an important route of library service innovation. The research on the patent...
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Research on Chinese University Students Learning Evaluation Based on Big Data

Yang-Qing Zhu
There were a series of problems in the Chinese university students' learning evaluation, which were not conducive to the development of students and the cultivation of talents. In based-on Internet course education process, such as MOOCS (massive open online courses), micro class, flipped classroom and...
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A Study on Students' Satisfaction of Chinese - Foreign Cooperative Higher Education

Yang Liu, Ying Ma, Hui Zhang
Students' satisfaction has been becoming a very important way of higher education evaluation in recent decades. In this study, we conducted a sampling survey of the students' satisfaction with the Instruction process of Chinese-foreign cooperative higher education institutions and programs in Beijing...
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View of Computer Application Professional Lifelong Education Service Model Research

Yi Qiang, Chuan-Guo Ai
High quality systematic pre-service teacher education model laid the foundation for cultivating excellent teachers. Relying on Jiangxi normal big data analysis, with the aid of computer simulation data linear change preliminarily established a standard mode of the system frame. Based on these ideas,...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on "Internet Plus"

Fei Lian
The implementation of "internet plus" action plan enables internet field become the first choice of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students. The innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher vocational colleges must adjust teaching methods and teaching thinking, so that it can adapt...
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The Backgrounds, Problems and Solutions: On the Long-Term Mechanism of Boosting Employment via Entrepreneurship for University Students

Jie Lin
Against the backdrop of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and an increasingly severe job environment, shouldering the burden of cultivating talents, universities need to prioritize the cultivation of innovative talents by intensifying the development of entrepreneurship education and constructing...
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Construction of Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System

Shuo Yang
Against a background of Manufacture in China 2025, China puts forward the basic policies of "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, optimized structure and people-oriented". The innovation-driven ranks the first, showing the importance of innovation. College students are the main participants...
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Zhou and Qin Ethical Culture and the Cultivation of Socialism Core Values

Jin-Yu Hu
Zhou and Qin Ethical Culture is the basis and core of Chinese Culture which represents the source and orientation of traditional Chinese Culture. Investigation of the relationship between Zhou and Qin Ethical Culture and socialism core values is not only an important theoretical but also a practical...
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The Empirical Study on the Application-oriented University Quality Culture Construction Performance in the Post Massification Stage--A Case of Zhejiang Province

Fei Gao
As higher education has stepped into post massification stage, application-oriented universities have more and more payed attention to improve quality and pursuit excellence. The quality culture emphasises both faith and technique, is an important indicator and criterion for measuring educational level....
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"Mechanical Drawing" Classroom Teaching Analysis and Reflection

Hong-Mei Sun, Jun-Liang Jia
"Mechanical drawing" as a mechanical professional very important professional core course, the other courses behind the study has a great impact, more difficult. This article from the students, knowledge modules and teaching aspects of the analysis and reflection.
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On EOP Teaching for English Majors--Based on the Practice of English Department, Tianhua College

Qin-Pei Fan
This thesis aims to investigate EOP teaching for English Majors in English Department, Tianhua College, especially the problems during the process of EOP teaching. After that, some suggestions are provided to improve EOP teaching. Questionnaire analysis, quantitative analysis, and document research are...
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Pricing Decision for a Supply Chain with Social-responsibility Concerned Retailer

Wei-Min Ma, Yan-Li Cai, Rong Cheng
This paper analyses the pricing decision of a single-manufacturer-single-retailer supply chain, where the retailer exhibits corporate social responsibility(CSR). One centralized and two decentralized game models(manufacturer-Stackelberg game and retailer-Stackelberg game) are built to examine the impact...
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Compliance Management in Bidding Procurement

Dan Zhang, Zhi-Dong Liang, Jian-Hua Gao
Compliance management is a core risk management activity within an enterprise. Purchasing is the economic behavior that ensures the normal operation and continuous development of enterprises. Bidding is the most common procurement method. This paper analyzes the risk points and non-compliance behaviors...
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Research on Purchasing and Supplier Management Based on Purchasing Quality Control

Xiao-Yuan Shi
At present, enterprises have gradually realized the importance of modern purchasing management to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. In order to realize the scientific and reasonable management of procurement, procurement related personnel should have economic, technology, management and...
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Analysis of Transportation Behavior and its Reduction Strategies in Cities: A Case Study on Chengdu MICE transportation

Qing-Guo Huang, Qi-Hui Zhang, Li Huang
Global warming has been closely associated with vehicle choices of tourists. 96.3% of environment stress of international conference is owing to transport emissions of attendees. But studies on MICE transportation are concentrated on that air transport emissions of participants have an impact on environment,...
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The Optimization Model Construction of Multimodal Transportation Route for Dangerous Goods

Chun-Xin Zhai, Cui Meng, Hai-Ping Sui, Ke-Xin Li
Problems of multimodal transport for dangerous goods were analyzed in this paper. By establishing the multimodal transport system, and in order to minimize the total cost of transportation, the risk in transshipment, the linear programming model and multi-objective optimization algorithm were designed....
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Container Multimodal Transport Channel In Shandong District Path Evaluation And Optimization

Xin Li, Feng-Yue Mao, Ji-Chun Zhang
In order to optimize the container multimodal transport in shandong district,researching for the development of container multimodal transport channel in shandong district is starting from the model method of reasonable selection of transport path,it used hierarchy analysis method to evaluate the container...
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Study on the Development Planning of Ji'nan Airport Logistics Park

Shan-Shan Wang, Kai Ding, Xiao-Xue Ren
With the rapid development of civil aviation and airport infrastructure, the airport logistics industry of China is in the initial stage of the strategy, its role in social and economic life is more and more important, and its development is a measure of the openness of China's market, the degree of...
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Partner Selection of Strategic Alliance in Shipping Enterprises

Xiao-Xue Ren, Xin-Ran Wang, Ru Zhang, Kai Ding
The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was chosen to solve partner issue of shipping enterprise strategic alliance in this paper, taking China Ocean Container Transportation Co. Ltd (COSCO Co., Ltd). As an example, firstly partner selection evaluation index were discussed, and then the structure diagram...
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Analyzing on Relationship of Logistics and Non-Logistics Based on SLP

Wen-Yu Mou, Peng-Hui Song, Shi Chen
The SLP about multimodal transport facilities layout planning issues in logistics park. The article mainly analyses both logistics and non-logistics relationship in SLP methods, and also comprehensive relationship between these two. Thus solving relative problems.
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Mechanism Design Based on a Bargaining with a Risk of Breakdown: Application to Commodity Import and Export of China

Xue-Feng Zhang
This paper established a dynamic bargaining model of international commodity transfer, and analyzed the change of equilibrium in the effect of discount factor and risk of breakdown. According to the improvement of subjective probability with a risk of breakdown, there existed a unique Sub-game Perfect...
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Outgroup Trust, Boundary Spanning and Leaders' Successes among Small Private Firms --- A Cross-National Study

W.X. Jiang, Chang Liu, Ji Li
We extend the research of outgroup trust to boundary spanning and leaders' successes in small business firms of 35 countries. Using the technique of HLM analysis, we found that leaders of the small firms should be more likely to engage in boundary spanning if their outgroup trust is high. On the other...
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The Impact of Enterprise Heterogeneity on the Export Choice of Automobile Enterprises

Yi-Hao Tian, Gao-Feng Zhu
The new-new trade theory, which focuses on enterprise's heterogeneity, is one of the frontier theories of international trade. It shows a strong explanation of the latest international trade phenomenon. We combine the frontier theory of international trade with the realistic demand of the development...
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Research on the Present Situation of China's International Competitiveness Advantages of Service Trade

Zhi-Juan Zhou, Feng Feng
Service trade is the main embodiment of a country's international competitiveness. 2001 to 2014, China's service trade exports and imports rose from 12th and 10th place respectively to 5th and 2nd in the world. But compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap. Therefore, how to improve...
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The Status Quo and Strategy of Cross Border E-commerce Export Trade for Agricultural Products

Yu-Di Song, Yan Dang, Cheng Chen
In the past a few years, China officially opened some cross-border agricultural trade platforms, and now government is accelerating the development of them. In the case of the slow development of traditional agricultural trade and the deterioration of the trading environment, the development of cross-border...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Smart Community Medical Service System in China

Zhen-Hua Liu
Smart community medical service is a new service which applies the Internet of Things technology to all aspects of community medical service in order to makethe medical facilities, medical means and medical processes of community hospitals more intelligent. In order to systematically study the progress...
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The Present Situation and Problems Analysis of Smart Community Nursing Service in Beijing

Ju Huang
Smart community will be the main trend of Beijing urban construction in the future. With the development of smart community in Beijing and the increasing number of it, it brings a convenient life to people. But to almost people, smart community still has many deficiencies, for example, it can't fulfill...
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Healthcare Service Standardization in U.S. and European Countries

Fei Hou, Li-Li Cao, Yi Zeng, Yong-Hong Cheng
Along with the rapid development of the healthcare service industry all over the world in recent years, various developed countries have begun to pay greater attention to and attach greater significance to related standardization activities; a series of effective measures have been taken and desirable...
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Medical and Health Service Standardization of the International Organization for Standardization and Typical Countries in Asia-pacific

Fei Hou, Li-Li Cao, Yi Zeng, Yong-Hong Cheng
Medical and health service industry has been gradually becoming the new focus of international standardization in recent decades, by being viewed increasingly serious by many international organizations and some countries, who carrying out a series of fruitful work with lots of good effect. This paper...
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Research on Supervision and Guidance of Public Opinion in the New Media Era

Xiao-Yuan Shi
In the new media era, the emergence of micro-blog and WeChat gave birth to the new mode of supervision by public opinion, which in the dissemination of public opinion not only has the positive factors but also has a negative impact. Through the micro-blog and WeChat public opinion dissemination and regulatory...
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Analysis of the Population Characteristics of Peasant Household and Health Investment in Poor Areas

Hong-Xia Lu
By using the survey data collected in the process of investigating the situation for the old peasant households in the county below the national poverty line, the author analyzes health investment level of the peasant household with different domestic population characteristics in XiaoChang and HongAn...
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Engaging Families in Partnership through Technology

Wei Liu, Shan Lu
Partnership between families and early childhood educators has assumed importance in Australian government policy and document. A collaborative partnership plays a vital role in supporting children's learning and development. However, many traditional ways in building partnership with families are not...
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Study on Performance Evaluation Model and Index Systems of Administrative Service Centers

Shuo Yang, Han Li, Li-Li Cao
In this paper, we analyzed the status quo and existing problems of performance evaluation. Using KPI index design method, we constructed a performance evaluation model of administrative service according to the layers of administrative service activities. Such work has laid a foundation for putting theoretical...
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Natural Law and Contractual Spirit

Fang Huang
The purpose of this paper is that seeking theoretical basis for promotion for legalization of market economy, this paper seeks contemporary value of contractual spirit from the theoretical source of contractual spirit. This paper mainly studies by means of literature reading. The author thinks that,...
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Discussion of Data Mining in Medical Insurance System

Ning-Can Long
This paper describes some problems in medical insurance management, introduces the advantages of application of data warehouse and data mining technology in the data of medical insurance information system.
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Research on Incentive Mechanism of Market Subject in New Energy Development

Yi-Ke Yang
The author precisely analysis from the four aspects of how the market players to establish a good incentive mechanism to promote the rapid development of new energy. Researching and introducing what is incentive theory, mechanism design theory, and their use in the development of new energy. Then finding...
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Research on the Influence of Urban Road Construction on the Quality of Life of Residents

Lu-Cang Wang, Fei Chen
The construction of urban roads could increased movement of goods and facility for people's trip, and promotes regional economic development. However, the construction of urban roads has two sides on city development. This paper after fact finding at Xiaochuan Rd in Cheng County by the form of the literature...
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Research of Level of Social Security based on PCA

Xiu-Zhi He, Chao-Qi Li
Social security system, as a social stabilizer, plays a very important role in adjusting the social income distribution, narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, and maintaining social fairness and justice. Based on connotations of social security and regional comparisons, an index system is...
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Carbon Disclosure and the Cost of Capital

Die-Lin He
We examine the relation between carbon disclosure and the cost of capital and explore a potential benefit associated with carbon disclosure: a reduction in firm's cost of capital. Employing a sample of U.S. S&P 500 corporations that present their CDP reporting on the websites of CDP organization, we...
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Cultural Reflections on the Modernization of State Administration

Jian-Chun Zhao
In the new period, as an important part of the strategy of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, the modernization of state governance is characterized by learning and emphasis. To ensure that the "national governance modernization" truly implemented, we must seize this "key minority...
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The Influence of Cooperating Self-Driving Car to Highway

Shuo-Yang Xu, Lu Cheng, Shi-Yuan Qiang
Based on the solution to the problem of highway congestion in Washington state, combined with the theory of cellular automata, the lane changing and longitudinal advance are transformed into mathematical problems, this paper establishes a model of the impact of the Cooperating self-driving cars to the...
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Research for Modeling the Evolutionary Law of Mass Incidents on System Dynamics

Ding-Hua Zhang, Wei-Jun Li
This paper aims to establish an improved model of evolutionary law of mass incidents. Based on the SIR model, we propose mass incidents' three related subjects: public, government and third-party departments, and quantitatively analyze the key factors influencing these related subjects. Then, we build...
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Qualitative Simulation Research on Public Behavior of Sudden Power Disaster based on QSIM Theory

Ding-Hua Zhang, Yun-Ru Kong, Liang Cheng
In the sudden electricity disaster, as the disaster bearing body, if the public take inappropriate behavior decision-making, will aggravate the social chaos, so that the public behavior of emergency management is imperative. Using the qualitative analysis method of QSIM, this paper analyzes the qualitative...
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Research on Influential Factors of Tourism Consumption Behavior Based on Cross-cultural Theory

Zhong-Xiu Hao
The cross-cultural tourism is an important international leisure market for enriching the tourism economy and prospering the tourism culture. How to effectively increase the exhibition of tourism products and enrich the tourism content remains quite challenging. In this work, the author analyzed several...
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The Evaluation of Tourism Resources and Product Development Research in Yong Deng County along the Da Tong River and Zhuang Lang River Line

Lu-Cang Wang, Hui-Rong Wang
Based on the sketched about Yong Deng county along the Da Tong river and Zhuang Lang river line, this study has made the classification and evaluation of the Da Tong river and Zhuang Lang river line, discussed it's tourism resources of abundance and exploitation. Afterwards, analyze the Present situation...
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The Bottleneck of the Development of Yacht Maritime Leisure Tourism in Fujian and its Countermeasures

Li-Feng Wang, Yun-Feng Xiong, Qing-Lin Chen, Chao-Yu Zheng
Yacht maritime leisure tourism in Fujian coastal tourism cities is showing an explosive growth trend. The development potential of yacht maritime leisure tourism is huge, but faces with many development bottlenecks, including the lack of industry centralized administration departments, prohibiting yachts...
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Inter Cell Scheduling Based on Queuing Networks

Jie Lv, Juan-Juan Zhang, Wen-Min Han
In virtual cellular manufacturing, the processing lines are more complex, products are multi-varieties and small quantities, the waiting time is long. In order to reduce the waiting time, this paper study the inter cell scheduling based on queuing network. The virtual cellular manufacturing system is...
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The Well-posedness and Regularity of a Batch Arrival Queue

Zhi-Ying Li, Wen-Long Wang
In this paper, the solution of a batch arrival queue with an additional service channel under N policy is investigat-ed. By using the method of functional analysis, especially, the linear operator theory and the C0 semigroup theory on Banach space, we prove the well-posedness of the system, and show...
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Optimal Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Products with Reference Price Effect

Min Wang, Wen-Sheng Yang
This paper studies a two-stage dynamic pricing model with customers' strategic behavior and reference price effect. We used Stachelberg game theory and analyzed the decision-making of a monopolistic firm and its customers. Finally, we get the optimal pricing strategy for the firm in the market. What's...
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Research on the Three Famous Pattern Blocks in China

Ze-Yang Peng
This paper mainly for new Japanese cultural pattern, Donghua pattern and Rui Pu Liu of the third-generation pattern of the comparison and analysis of the research. Firstly, we study the human basis for the establishment of the pattern, including the neck, shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, upper part of...
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The Present Situation of Empirical Accounting Research in China and Its Gap with Foreign Countries

Wei-Hua Zhang
An empirical study of accounting have already entered China for more than 20 years, but the real substantive research is the recent ten years, and in the process of empirical accounting in different stages have different views. This article through to 2006 to 2016 this period of empirical accounting...
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A Study on the Effectiveness of Management Incentive and Internal Control- Based on the Data Analysis of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock

Xue-Xia Xu, Wan-Wan Sun, Xi-Yuan Yu, Dan-Li Mei
Enterprise management as the implementation of internal control and corporate governance structure in the core role, is the enterprise can implement the key to effective internal control. This paper examines whether the incentive system of the management is conducive to the improvement of the effectiveness...
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Analysis on the Connotation of Rural Financial Products and Services Innovation

Ming-Gui Cao, Ling Li
The construction of a well-off society in all-round way need to solve the issues of "agriculture, rural areas and farmer", which requires rural financial support. The key to support rural financial is the innovation of rural financial products and services. Understanding the connotation of rural financial...
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The Risks and Solutions of Green Financial Management in Application

Li Tao, Qing-Jun Meng, Yong-Jun Tang
To develop low-carbon and recycle economy and solve environmental pollution problems, businesses are now focusing more on the application of Green Financial Management(GFM).There are risks in applying GFM such as large increase of costs, lack of professional knowledge of Green Accounting and not enough...
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Construction of Green Finance: Association of Market and Government

Xue Li, Ruo-Xi Zhang
The construction of green financial system is necessary for China's economic transformation. It is an inevitable choice to promote green development and sustainable development strategy. The establishment of green finance requires effective coordination of both the government and the market. This paper...
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Review of Microeconomic Research on Bank Behavior: Theory and Application

Jie Hu, Jie Zhu
This paper begins with an introduction to theÿtheoryÿof microeconomics of banking, followed by a presentation of the development course of researches on bank behavior and a survey of the various theoretical models, and concludes with a discussion about the extension and application of the Klein-Monti...
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An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Global Competitiveness and "The South China Sea Issue" Stakeholders' Service Trade Network

Chang-Ping Zhao, Jian-Hua Qi, Min Qu
This paper creatively introduces the diversion thinking into the study of the South China Sea problem, and selects the global competitiveness index (2013-2014) as the measurement of the actors' characteristics of the South China Sea stakeholders. Selecting the bilateral services trade data(2013)of South...
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Comparison of the Effects of Giving Gift and Relational Investment on Reciprocity Likelihood in B2B Context in Taiwan

Yu-Chen Chen, Rong-An Shang, Yu-Jen Chen
External relationships are required for running businesses. While rooting on Western management theories to run their businesses, Taiwanese business managers are also affected by Chinese culture, such as giving gift to maintain other's face during business negotiation. Hence, it is interesting to know...
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Research on B2C E-commerce Marketing Strategies Using Jingdong Mall as an Example

Yuan-Yuan Lan, Xiao-Ting Qu
With the continuous development of Internet technology, e-commerce has been quietly forming, and it has become a new business model in China. The turnover of B2C e-commerce business has achieved an explosive growth in short period. There are two possible reasons why B2C e-commerce enterprises have been...