Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Mechanics, Materials and Structural Engineering

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PEG-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of VO2(A) nanowires with remarkable optical switching properties

Xiangli Liu, Weiming Xiong, Yue Zheng
High quality single crystalline VO2(A) nanowires were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method using oxalic acid as reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 6000 as surfactant. It was found that polyethylene glycol 6000 can effectively accelerate the transformation from V2O5 precursor to VO2(B), and...
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The Innovative Structural Measures about the Temperature Late-poured Band and Construction Joints in the Underground Structure of Tall Building

Guangxiu Fang
With the development of tall building, the requirements for the structural design and construction of building becomes higher and higher, especially the design of the late-poured band in underground structure and the construction measures in the projects. In this paper, taking a high-rise frame structure...
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Research on Tea Processing Technology and Mechanical Motion Mechanism for Fried Tea Machine

Haiwei Xu, Jiangwen Tang, Jiangping Cao
Traditional way of tea processing have staff labor intensity, low efficiency, high cost, product quality is not standardized, and mechanical processing instead of manual tea with tea very good to solve the above shortcomings, this article from mechanical processing technology of tea, Analyze tea frying...
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A Method of Force Output Test for a Low Thrust High Precision Flat Space Electromagnetism Actuator

Chengchen Deng Chengchen Deng, Min Zhu Min Zhu, Hongbo Zhao, Liao He
Future satellites require higher and higher payload’s pointing precision and attitude stability, it is urgent to suppress micro vibration efficiently. This article designs a low thrust, high precision flat electromagnetism actuator. Firstly, the article designs the configuration of the actuator .Secondly,...
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Wear Behavior of Basalt Powder Reinforced Phenolic Resin Matrix Composites Brake Lining Pads

K.T. Adi Atmika, Wayan Nata Setiadi, M.D. Parwata
This paper explain the wear behaviour of composites phenolic resin with basalt powder reinforced on brake lining pads. Composite brake has been manufactured use compaction and sintering steps. The research aims to investigate wear characteristic of composite that tested using the Pin-on-disk according...
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Study on Three-dimensional Geological Modeling in Xingshugang Oil Field

Tingting He, Xin Tan, Dongxu He, Lei Zhao
After 40 years of water flooding development, Putaohua oil formation of Xingshugang oil field had already entered the stage of high water cut, and the comprehensive water cut has been more than 92%. Not only the distribution relationship of oil and gas becomes more complex, but also the fluid property...
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A method for determining the number of dependent constraints using transformation parameters of coordinate systems

Korganbay Sholanov
This paper proposes a new method in which the number of dependent constraints is determined based on the transformation parameters of the coordinate systems associated with the links of a mechanism; the number of homonymous parameters that are equal to zero is subsequently used to determine the overall...
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Discussion on Out-plane Stresses of the Simplified Elastic-plastic Constitutions for Plane Strain Problems

Ting Wu
The results demonstrate that the effect of elasticity in plastic zone on elastic-plastic fields is remarkable in many cases, while elastic volume deformation in plastic zone generally has been omitted in the solution procedures of the classical plastic theory due to the mathematic problems. The analytical...
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Load Distribution Calculation of Flexible Ball Bearing with Elliptical Cam Wave Generator

Bindi You, Jianmin Wen
Flexible ball bearing is used as a component in wave generator of a harmonic drive gear system. During the revolution of the flexible bearing, the races of the bearing are subjected to elastic deformation by the shape of the elliptical cam. Thus, a reasonable mechanical model is established based on...
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First-principles calculations of second-order elastic constants and generalized-stacking-fault energy for GaAs

Yunchang Fu, Huili Zhang, Chun Zhang, Chunhua Zeng
The second-order elastic constants and generalized-stacking-fault energy surfaces for semiconductors GaAs have been predicted by using the first-principles calculations. The calculations employ the density functional theory within local-density-approximation method. The lattice constants of GaAs is 5.626Å,...
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The Controlling Factors of CBM Accumulation and Favorable Exploration areas in Eastern Junggar Basin, Xinjiang

Dazhen Tang, Jingjing Li, Tingxu Yu, Wuquan Zhu, Pengfei Ren, J.J. Li
The information of coal-bed distribution, rank and gas-bearing nature of Jurassic coals in eastern Junggar basin were analyzed, and the controlling factors of coal-bed methane (CBM) accumulation were pointed out, which were coal rank, coal seam depth, and preservation conditions. The most important factor...
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Research on dynamic warning of miners' safety behavior ability in complex environment

Yanna Zhu, Gang He, Gongtong Qiao, Guisheng Zhang
Many factors that affect the safety behavior of miners, it mainly focus on four major aspects of the accident caused by personal behavior factors, operating environment, equipment and facilities, economic benefits and so on. The principal component analysis method and factor analysis method are used...
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Research of permeable Multi-function treatment agent on concrete surface

Guosheng Liao, Pengfei Zhao
With modified Sodium silicate as the main raw material, adding a certain amount of penetrating agent, reinforcing agent, pH value regulators to compound different treatment agent. Brushed different treatment agent on the C40 standard concrete block surface at different periods, and exterminated the rebound...
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Examination of Industrial Design of Product Based on Combination of Interaction Analysis and TRIZ Tool -Take Example of Rescue Engineering Machinery

Jianjun Liu
The environment after disasters is abominable and complicated. By increasing the wide adaptability of rescue machine to make it operate more quickly and flexibly and increase the efficiency of rescue operation. Based on investigating and analysis of the features of specific environment and functions...
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Study on Fluorescence Spectra of B Vitamins

Xiao Xue, Lan Hu, Zhibin Hou
This paper presents the intrinsic fluorescence characteristics of vitamin B1, B2 and B6 measured with 3D fluorescence Spectrophotometer. Three strong fluorescence areas of vitamin B2 locate at ?ex/?em=270/525nm, 370/525nm and 450/525nm, one fluorescence area of vitamin B1 locates at ?ex/?em=370/460nm,...
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Continuous forecasting of ship sway based on lssvm

Zhou Bo
Least square support vector machine (LSSVM) algorithm is suitable for the data processing based on finite number of training samples to forecast the unknown data by a nolinear model. It has preponderance for solving the small sample, nonlinearity problems. Without prior information of sea waves and the...
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Structure design and Simulation of Plug-seedling gripping device

Lifang Cao, Chuangchuang Zhang
Transplanting of plug-seedling is an important method for seedling transplanting. Considering the problems existing in the transplanting of plug-seedling, a new plug-seedling gripping device based on mechanical finger was designed using Solidworks in this paper. The device controlled the rotation and...
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Comparison on hysteresis movement in accordance with the frictional coefficient and initial angle of clutch diaphragm spring

Sung-mo Yang, Hyang-woo Kim
Clutch system influences the clutch pedal force of an operator in accordance with the characteristics of each part. Hence, the purposes of this study are to establish a mathematical model on the diaphragm spring of clutch cover and to identify the basic characteristics for each mathematical model. Also...
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Reliability Analysis on Ultimate Uplift Capacity of Digged Foundation in Transmission Line

Xin Dai, Rong Chen
Reliability analysis of uplift stability based on the first order second order method for digged foundation in gravel soil has been made by non-dimensionalization for ultimate state equation and combining with the test results. The ratio of test value to calculated uplift capacity Kp that reflects the...
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The Experiments and Modelling for the Desiccation Cracking

Hirobe Sayako
The desiccation cracks can be often observed on dry-out soil surfaces. These cracks have a net-like structure and tessellate the surface of the material into polygonal cells hierarchically. The size and the shape of these cells on the final pattern change systematically depending on the specimen thickness...
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Design of Metallic Phase Diagram Determinator Based on Electromagnetic Heating Technology

Yun Ren, Peng-tao  Xie  
A novel kind of metallic phase diagram determinator has been developed in order to deal with the problem of original determinator big thermal inertia and bad temperature control. Which is used by the electromagnetic heating technology. The determinator has many functions such as temperature setting,...
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Potential lignin degraders isolated from the gut of rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Sari Mohd Kassim Angzzas, Mohd Aripin Ashuvila, Norul Fairuz Abang Zaidel  Dayang
In industrial processes large amount of cost and pollution produced are derived from the process of removing lignin (delignification) to make high-quality paper through the chemical pulping process. Rynchophorus ferrugineus are wood-feeding insect that have the capacity to degrade wide range of lignocellulosic...
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The Effects of Newly Formulated Filter Aids Material Loading on Pressure Drop and Particle Penetration

S. Hajar, A. Nurnadia, M. R. Ammar
Filter aids have been widely used in air filtration system in order to fulfill the needs to expand the lifespan of the fabric filter as well as to improve the collection efficiency of particles during filtration and separation operations. The efficiencies of PrekotAC that consists of a different combination...
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Theoretical and Experimental Performance of MR-deDuster as an Axial Entry Multi-Cyclone

N. Hasyimah, M. Rashid, H. Norelyza
This paper presents the theoretical and experimental performance of MR-deDuster as an axial entry multi-cyclone system. Collection efficiency and pressure drop across the unit were measured under various operational conditions of inlet velocity and dust loading. Two different diameters of vortex finder...
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The Electrical Breakdown of PVC and PMMA Barrier in Oil Insulator under Non-Uniform Field

Tonmitr Kittipong, Kaewrawang Arkom
This paper presents breakdown test of Polyvinyl chloride hard (PVC), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) under non-uniform electric field in transformer oil. PVC and PMMA are placed between point-plate electrodes. The result of the experiment shows that the breakdown voltage of point-plate electrodes is lower...
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Research on The Near-net Forging Processes for The Shell Body Made by High-strength Steel

Taibin Wu
According to the characteristics of the shell body and the Deformability of 30CrMnSi, the near-net forging technique is obtained by choosing the preforming process, formulating the drawing of cold ironings and the drawing of warm forgings, designing the cold ironing die set and the warm forging die sets....
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Thermo-Structural analysis of coolant channel configurations of actively cooled panels

T. Kishen Kumar Reddy, Kumar N. Santhosh
The liner of a high speed combustion chamber is subjected to high thermo-mechanical loads. Active cooling of the high speed combustor liner by using hydro carbon fuel is seen as a viable option due to its weight efficiency. But choice of the channel configuration has to be optimum. Two channels shape...
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Research of Load Leveling Strategy for Electric Arc Furnace in Iron and Steel Enterprises

Zongxi Xie, Zhihan Yang
The electric arc furnace is an important smelting equipment in modern iron and steel enterprises. However, the load of electric arc furnace is a typical impactive and nonlinear load, and it has a huge effect on power system, electrical equipment and enterprise production. Based on the theory of peak...
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Condition Monitoring of Cooling Tower Fans using the Envelope Technique

H. Girish
Damaged rolling contact bearings generate vibration. These vibrations may be measured and separated from other vibrations in a machine to analyze and interpret the condition of the bearings and other associated problems. The envelope technique is used to measure the magnitude or energy distribution of...
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Analysis on Semi Active Control of Eccentric Structure with Torsion Response by a TMD and MR Damper

Chengzhong Qu
In this paper, we studied the control effect of irregular structures with translation-torsion coupling response under earthquake loading by using semi-active control method. On the base of traditional resistance design method, we couple magneto-rheological fluid damper (MR) and tuned mass dampers (TMD)...
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Design of Coal Mine Intelligent Monitoring System based on ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

Dan Gao, Weiwei Li, Kun Dai
This paper introduces the overall architecture of coal mine intelligent monitoring system. Focusing on two key issues of intelligent control and ZigBee wireless sensor networks were studied. Coal mine intelligent monitoring system can be used to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide...
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Optimization of Horizontal Current in Metal Pad by using Slotted Cathode and Heightened Collector Bars

Yuqing Feng
According to the problem that horizontal current in the metal pad of aluminum reduction cell induces waves of the electrolyte-metal interface, this paper reports on assessments of the horizontal current elimination effects by using slotted cathode and heightened collector bar as well as their combination....
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Design and Structure research of Concrete-filled steel tube wind turbine tower

Tang Bing, Yu Bo
Wind power is an important part of the new energy in the rapid development of the world. Wind turbine tower play a role for wind power and normal production safety. In this paper, using a power of 5MW horizontal axis wind turbine as a prototype, design a new steel concrete lattice wind turbine tower....
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Alkali anisotropic chemical etching of p-silicon wafer

Hussien. A. Motaweh
The surface chemistry of anisotropic etching of p-type Si-wafer (400) is reviewed and the anisotropic chemical etching of silicon in alkaline solution using wetting agent were discussed. The main factors which affect the production of silicon dioxide layer on crystalline silicon as a result of wet alkali...
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Semi-active fuzzy control for machine tool vibration

Weina Liu
Intelligent material is widely used in the semi-active vibration control systems due to its the advantages as simple control, responding quickly, easy control of characteristic parameters, low power consumption and strong robustness. In this paper, the damping device for machine tool based on intelligent...
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Dynamic Effect of Rupture of Cable in Plane Prestressed Braced Steel Moment Frame

Jinxing Xu, Hongming Li
To study the dynamic effect of the prestressed braced steel moment frame caused by the sudden loss of a cable bracing, the instantaneous loading method is adopted to calculate the dynamic response of the remaining structure during and after the rupture of the cable with the simplified theoretical model...
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Crashworthiness characteristics on the Optimal Design of circular stepped tube subjected to axial impact

M.M. AbdElwahab
Crashworthiness design draws considerable attention and interest in energy absorption systems. An optimal design of circular stepped tubes based on free inversion is presented in the current work to improve and enhance the crashworthiness characteristics under axial impact loading. Circular tubes have...
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Prototype Method for the Tracing of Power Transformers and Wires in Distribution Systems

Heejung Byuna
In modern cities, power distribution systems are very complicated systems consisted of 3-phase lines, 3-phase transformers, electric poles, etc. and those facilities are distributed among lots of buildings, roads, and trees. Tracing technology of transformers and wires is a challenging issue. Power line...
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Mathematical modeling and design considerations for designing voice coil motor

M.H. Kim, J.H. Park, D.G. Gweon
The voice coil motor is a device motivated by electric current. It is creating force by Lorentz force principle generated by interaction of the current and magnetic field from magnets. The voice coil motor has been used for various purpose such as speaker, actuator, and etc. Especially, there has been...
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Key factors affecting BIM adoption is China based on TOE&RC

Guangbin Wang, Zhenwei Liu, Hanchao Wang
In recent years, research on BIM standards, practical application and barriers have been made certain progress by researchers and practitioners, but research on the key factors that affecting whether companies to adopt BIM or not are rare. Within the TOE&RC framework which is based on TOE framework,...
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Capacity Model Research of Aluminum Conductor Composite Core(ACCC) Conductor

Li Qin, Guangyu Zhou
As the rapid development of economy and electricity, it is particularly important to research about improving the exiting transmission capacity of transmission lion on the premise of safety. Compared with conventional conductor, ACCC conductor has low sag, high current carrying capacity, but the design...
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Evaluation of Frost Resistance in Cellular Concrete Containing Cement-Fly Ash-Lime

Chang-Seon Shon, Dan G. Zollinger
Cellular concrete (CC) is a foamed mixture of cementitious materials, fine sand, and water, which once hardened results in a consistent, lightweight concrete containing millions of evenly distributed, uniformly sized macroscopic air-voids of approximately 0.1 to 1 mm size. In the present study, cellular...
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Simulation and Modeling of Port-Industry-City System Based on Complex Adaptive System

Yan Zhang, Xuejun Feng, Yilin Yang
In the economic development of port-surrounding regions, there exists a strong correlation among port, city and industry. They depend on each other and influence each other. To study regional economy in port, we must take port-industry-city complex system (PICCS) as the research object. By means of the...
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Role of Nuclear Power in the Future: Cost and Public Acceptance

Changjian Wang
The Fukushima accident pushed nuclear energy into dark criticism. Five years after, Japan is still faltering in its response to phase out nuclear. Global generating electricity from nuclear has decreased. Unfortunately, capital costs for renewables continue to fall, but costs of nuclear power keep rising....
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Optimization of the surface electric field of transmission line fitting on 500kV line in high altitude area

Qin Li
The corona discharge of EHV transmission lines in high altitude area is very serious. Based on the Jiantang-Yulong 500kV power transmission project, we using Ansys software to calculate the surface electric field of 500 kV double circuit AC transmission line insulator and fittings. We get the voltage...
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An Experimental Study on the Sediment Distribution from the Spraying of Pesticide Solution by High-efficiency, Wide-coverage and Long-range Power Sprayer during the Later Stage of Rice Growth

Ximin Fu, Guo Wang, Xiao Zhang, Xiao Chen, Dejiang Liu
This experiment used high-efficiency, wide-coverage and long-range power sprayers to spray pesticide solution during the later stage of rice growth. It measured the quantity of pesticide sediment, then analyzed and studied the distribution pattern of pesticide sediment on the rice plants and the sediment...
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Measurement and analysis of visual physical magnitude of electroless copper-plated veneers

Lili Sun
The copper-plated veneers made in short process pretreated with NaBH4 are used as the test pieces to measure and analyze the color and glossiness of electroless copper-plated birch and fraxinus mandschurica veneers before and after the coating with the spectral colorimeter and the digital glossmeter...
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Comparison of clutch hysteresis characteristics depending on the pedaling time and the compressed air

Sung-mo Yang, Hyang-woo Kim
In this paper, we compared, through experiments, the hysteresis characteristics in the load of the push rod, that is generated in the booster cylinder according to the time of the instantaneous actions made by the driver in stepping on and releasing the clutch pedal. In addition, we performed separated...
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MFC aerogel-Fe3O4 composite

Guobing Kang, Renmei Xu
MFC aerogel was prepared, magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were loaded in the aerogel. MNPS were obtained successfully in the matrices without adding any other binders. The aerogel MNPS size was defined by TEM. The thermal-stability was marked by TGA. XRD was examined to define the particles of Fe3O4. This...
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Research on the Method to Calibrate Structure Parameters of Line Structured Light Vision Sensor

Mingang Niu, Jie Wan, Yanyan Li, Shuzhong Liu
The existing linear structured light sensor system calibration process to the equipment requirement is high, the calibration process such complicated problems, this paper puts forward a simple calibration method. Use of the most commonly used transit system, back light reflection artificial materials,...
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Application of Bonding Steel Plate with Ballast to Reinforce Composite Box Girder Bridge

Zhu Kunning, Chen Chen
In order to change the shortcoming of bonding steel plate method, which can’t improve the stress state of the original structure, this paper analyzed the causes of diseases of the composite box girder bridge at Yancheng east interchange bridge, compared and analyzed the difference between the bonding...
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Application Research of Frequency Control Technology in Hydraulic Automatic Clamping System

Zhengpo Zhang
Traditional forms of Hydraulic Clamping System is applied in the Automatic Machining System of machine tool in the past , however its defects are obviously such as relatively complex speed control circuit , large loss of pressure keeping and so on. Aiming at these defects in this paper puts forward a...
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Thermal Model Parameter Estimation for HVAC Facility using Recursive Least Square Method

Dae Ki Kim, Kyu Chul Lee, Sung Hyun Yoo, Jung Hoon Kim, Myotaeg Lim
In this paper, the parameter estimation of thermal dynamic discrete-time system for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) is studied using recursive least square method. Parameters are estimated by using recursive least square method. Thermodynamic model of indoor test bed is formulated by...
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Switching of multiple mobile robots formation control based on leader-follower

Run Zhou
At first, this article summarizes several methods of the current multi-robot formation control and introduces the basic idea of formation control algorithm based on leader-follower. Then the control algorithm is introduced into switching control process (the forming of the initial formation, maintenance...
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Research on Self-adaptive Control Technology in Lockup Process of Automatic Transmission

Yifan Tong, Liu Ying
In order to research the torque converter lockup process and improve the quality, the lockup process system of Electronic Automatic Transmission is analyzed. The lockup process is analyzed detailed and the rule of lockup process is gotten and at the same time the rule of clutch fill-time/ramping off...
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Optimization Design of Stiffener for buckling in The Cylindrical Structure

Chengzhong Qu, Qiang Guo, Ling Lu
This article is based on zero order optimization method, proposed a method for optimization design of stiffener in the cylindrical structure. Use APDL to make a computer program to solve this problem. There is a series of work in this program including modeling, loading, post processing and optimization....
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The Optical Properties Test on Shading Fabric

Yue Peng
In order to study the heat insulation and indoor light adjusting ability of fabric, the optical properties of usual shading fabric were tested using spectrophotometer which measurement range is 190nm~3300nm. Under different open porosity, the ultraviolet transmittance, solar direct transmittance, solar...
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Mechanism Analysis on Combined Toe-and-side Grouting for Cast-in-situ Piles

Jianfeng Liang, Xinquan Wang, Yunliang Cui, Wenkai Qiao
Based on the construction technology of post-grouting, the load transfer mechanism, bearing capacity increasing mechanism and variation of pile-side and pile-toe resistance of combined toe-and-side grouted pile are analyzed. The mechanism of increasing of pile-side resistance and pile-tip resistance...
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Multi-axial fatigue life prediction of bellow expansion joint

Zhong-lei Du
A new modeling method of wall thickness is put forward and the multi-axial fatigue life of bellows is acquired. The finite element mode is built considering the varied bellow’s wall thickness. The test results show the mode is reasonable and the precise strain is got. Based on the result of the upwards,...
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Fatigue life prediction and optimization of pipeline under random loads

Zhong-lei Du
Estimation of the fatigue life of pipelines under the random load was carried out. The power spectrum density of the stress on the dangerous location was calculated by the finite element method. The frequency method was implemented into the vibration fatigue life prediction. The applicability of the...
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Electrical properties of Ge-Sb-Te-Bi Thin Films for Phase Change Memory Application

Sherchenkov Alexey, Lazarenko Petr, Terekhov Dmitriy, Kozyukhin Sergey
In this study I-V characteristic, temperature dependence of resistivity, thermopower, were investigated for thin films on the basis of Ge2Sb2Te5 doped by Bi. Resistivities, ratio of the resistivities of amorphous and crystalline states, activation energies of conductivity, temperature of phase transition,...
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Crystallization Kinetics in Ge-Sb-Te-Bi and Ge-Sb-Te-In Thin Films

Sherchenkov Alexey, Lazarenko Petr, Timoshenkov Sergey, Kozyukhin Sergey
In this work mechanism and kinetics of crystallization for thin films on the basis of Ge-Sb-Te-Bi and Ge-Sb-Te-In perspective for phase change memory application were investigated. Possible data processing and storage times of the PCM cell were estimated. It was shown that PCM cell based on Ge2Sb2Te5+0.5...
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Study on methods for improving LMD end effect by Gaussian Process based on the particle swarm optimization algorithm

Yiyong Luo, Qicai Chi, Yunqi Zhou, Shijian Zhou
The LMD is a new method for analyzing non-stationary signals. It can decompose complicated signals into a set of single-component signals, each of which has physical sense. However, performing the LMD will produce end effects which make results distorted. After analyzing the reasons for these, the article...
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Facial Feature Point Location in The Neural Network With Few Training Samples

Zhengyong Chen, Xiaohang Zhang, Jiaqi Shi, Shuang Zheng, Xiaodan Zou
This paper investigates a method to locate important facial feature points with small training samples. Firstly, the facial feature points are divided into several categories, then these various feature points are trained by LMBP neural network to get each sub-network. Outputs of these sub-networks can...
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Center aspirated ejector suction performance of numerical simulation

Jinbo Zhu
Article briefly describes the application of CFD simulation technique and experimental validation in the development, improvement and optimization of flotation machine, meanwhile the paper designs an injector used for compound flotation machine according to working principle. The conical injector with...
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Design and Research on Characteristics of a New Vibration Isolator with Quasi-zero-stiffness

Peicheng Shi
In order to solve the problem of low-frequency vibration isolation, a new vibration isolator with quasi-zero-stiffness characteristic was designed and the relationship among design parameters was analyzed. Dynamic behavior was calculated based on harmonic balance method and simulation of the vibration...
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Research on Application Characteristic of Electric Inertia Unit for Free-piston Linear Alternator

You-tong Zhang, Zheng-xing Zuo
Electric inertia unit can have an impact on electromagnetic force generated by induced current through regulating the value of load resistance. The electromagnetic force can be precisely controlled to restraint the motion of the piston. The proper electric inertia unit for the Free-piston linear alternator...
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A wholegrain level dry separation system for thermal coal sorting Analysis

Jinbo Zhu, Erning Zhao
This paper presents a dry separation system for thermal coal sorting in which the major grading equipment don't need to water, to avoid the shortage of the traditional wet separation process along with the complex slime water treatment systems, simplifying the process, and reducing the costs, meeting...
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Application of PageRank algorithm on sorting problem

Su Weijun
In the social life, people often face a wide range of scheduling problems, such as appraisal of excellence, race rankings. These are often hot and sensitive issues, so the research of this type of problems has practical and economic value. But due to socio-cultural diversity and pluralism of values,...
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Mathematical principle of medical apparatus of imaging-diagnose

Su Weijun
Human thirst for exploring their body's internal structure for a long time, but it was the invention of CT and MRI technology which appeared until in 1970, that made the desire of people exploring the internal data of their bodies come true. And the basic method so-called chromatography imaging rely...