Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Folklore, Language, Education and Exhibition (ICOFLEX 2019)

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The Challenge and Opportunity in the Implementation of Environmental Field Assessment Study to Encourage Behavior Change for Protecting the Environment

Erwinsyah, Abdul Rohman, Mamik Suendarti
Besides the economic growth, development activities often produced unexpected negative impacts on decreasing the quality of life, health problems, and environmental damage, including land degradation, soil erosion, air, and water as well as soil pollution. In general, environmental damage occurred caused...
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Values of Dongkrek Art as Sources to Improve Cultural Resilience

Muhammad Hanif
This study aimed to analyze and describe the local wisdom values of Dongkrek in Madiun Regency as a source of increasing cultural resilience. The research was carried out for eight months in Madiun using a critical ethnography approach. It used primary and secondary data sources collected by interview,...
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Archive and Bureaucratic Reform: The Abandoned Public Service

Swani Sona Saragih
As a record of information of all organizational activities, archive functions as a center of memory, decision-making aid, and evidence of the organization’s existence, as well as serves other organizational interests. Without archive to record organizational activities, an organization will encounter...
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An Assessment to the Cultural Significance of Habib Kuncung Historical Sites in Jakarta

Atie Ernawati, Widjaja Martokusumo
The historical site of Habib Kuncung was one of the sacred places in Jakarta that was believed to have karomah and wasilah. He was a religious leader and fighter, historically known for upholding Islam and fighting for Indonesia’s independence. Its strategic location was often be targeted by developers...
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Folklore’s Inspiration in Character-Based Intellectual Property (IP) Construction ‘RomOn’ as an Effort to Create Local IP for Global Markets

I Kadek Dwi Noorwatha, I Made Marthana Yusa
The Rogue Rubbish Monsters (abbreviated RomOn) is a character-based Intellectual Property (IP) inspired by Balinese and Japanese folklore. RomOn was created as an alternative preventive approach for children, so they don’t litter. RomOn aimed to build awareness to recognize the types and impacts that...
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Preserving Siak Cultural Heritage Through Interior and Furniture Design as Reinforcement Identity for Indonesian Tourism

Titik Endahyani
It is crucial to develop and reinforce the local tourism destination identity that support the competitive benefit and the sustainability of Indonesian tourism. By preserving local cultural heritage as unique design inspirations, it is potentially supporting the additional values of local tourism identity....
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Exploratory Research on the Myth of Batik Gentongan in Tanjung Bumi

Indah Purnama Sari, Zaeni Miftah
Batik Gentongan was an ancient and endangered cultural heritage, only existed in Tanjung Bumi, Madura. This research analyzed the myth behind the making process of batik Gentongan, and how the myth colored people’s life. The data was explored through an exploratory approach and collected by observations,...
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Cultural Identity Construction in Betawi Fashion System of Kerak Telor Sellers

Rina Wahyu Winarni, Dendi Pratama, Anna Nurfarkhana, Ariefika Listya, Atiek Nur Hidayati
The purpose of this article is to elaborate the construction of Betawi cultural identity through the representation of the fashion system by Kerak Telor sellers. Among traditional Betawi dishes sellers, the only ones that consistently wear the traditional Betawi outfit are the Kerak Telor sellers. The...
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The Representation of Mothers in Popular Culture

Aquarini Priyatna, Lina Meilinawati Rahayu, Mega Subekti
This article’s impetus was the representations of motherhood in the film entitled Bad Moms. It elaborates how the film problematized the construction of good motherhood or what was considered to constitute good mothers. By using the perspective of feminist cultural studies, the article unfolds the issue...
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Anthropomorphic Arabic Calligraphy: The Elements of Srabad in Cirebon

Agung Zainal Muttakin Raden, Wirawan Sukarwo, M.S. Andrijanto
As one of the cities located in the northern coast of Java Island, Cirebon welcomed many foreign ships, especially in the Sunda Pajajaran Kingdom era. Cirebon saw its glory under Syarif Hidayatullah, better known as Sunan Gunung Jati. Nowadays, many intercultural artefacts from the Sunda Pajajaran Kingdom...
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Sultan Rum in Javanese Manuscripts: An Overview of Islamic Vision

Greta Kharisma Ardiyanti, Tommy Christomy
Sultan Ngarum is a Javanese manuscript originating from Indramayu. Although Sultan Ngarum is a Javanese manuscript, the names of the characters in it (Sultan Ngarum and Seh Subakir) are not names originating from Java, but refer to an Islamic country outside Java. This raises the importance of Sultan...
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MESATUA: Adapting Bali Folklore Scripts and Plays to Short Stories

Brian Alvin Hananto, Kartika Magdalena Suwanto
Many stories, fairy tales, myths and folklore which are popular today are modified versions from the original. It is almost impossible to know the original or authenticity of the stories. Besides, the publicized and written versions of those stories are usually recognized as the authentic version. This...
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Tax Regulations on Forest Products in Ternate at the XIX Century

Nadhifa Salsabila Martaputri, Priscila Fitriasih Limbong
Ternate was the center of international trade in the past. After being occupied by the Dutch through VOC, economic activities in Ternate were controlled by the VOC. The monopoly of economic activity in Ternate resulted in the loss of income for the kingdom. As a compensation, the Dutch East Indies government...
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Tepung Tawar as a Moral Symbol in Malay Community of North Sumatera, Indonesia

Syahfitri Purnama
Tepung Tawar ceremony was one of traditional folklore of Malay community in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It was often carried out in several regencies and cities such as Medan, Langkat, Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai, Asahan, Batu Bara, and Labuhan Batu. It was carried out at many traditional ceremonies...
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Representations of Mother in Indonesian and European Literary Folktales

Iswahyudi Soenarto, Joesana Tjahjani
Folktales are texts which have always been presented through generations. If literary texts are considered as social-cultural reflections and representations, the themes contained in folktales can surely become references which may be interpreted differently, in accordance with the time conditions of...
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Analyzing the Shifting Facial Expression of Ondel-ondel as the Cultural Icon of Betawi Community

Dhika Quarta Rosita, Martha Tisna Putri Ginanjar, Dendi Pratama
Ondel-ondel is one of the cultural icons of the Betawi community. It was first used to be pictured with a creepy expression because Ondel-ondel was believed to be a protective mascot that repels evil spirits and the plague in its time. However, the face of Ondel-ondel has undergone changes throughout...
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The Visual City Branding of Tanjungpinang City – Riau Islands

The uniqueness of Tanjungpinang, the capital of Riau Islands Province, Indonesia has a potential of developing its city branding broadly. This study aims to give a visual recommendations for Tanjungpinang as part of their city branding with its Malay-Chinese history and culture. The data collected by...
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Kartini on Screen: Narrating Kartini as Feminist Agent

Ahmad Jum’a Khatib Nur Ali, Robingah
Kartini is a national heroine that inspires Indonesian women. Her heroism is presented in lots of mediums: schoolbooks, history, stories, and movies. This research aims to explore the construction of Kartini ideological characterization in movies. To do so, it employs a qualitative method. Two recent...
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The Line Stickers as the Youngsters Ethnic Identity and Media Representation

Elda Franzia
The communication nowadays has mediated by onLine application in cellular phone known as apps. The Line apps are the most popular messenger application among youngsters, because stickers are available in the apps which is opens up opportunities for their user to design and sell their own stickers in...
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Could Animated Movie Characters Drive Children’s Preferences in Choosing A Product?

Endah Widati
Television is one of modern culture media, which seen by almost people within ages. One of the segments who watch TV is children. Children watch animated movie and have favorable animated movie characters. They might choose something based on their favorable animated characters. This behavior is seen...
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Virtual Taksu: Construction of Animation Aesthetic Terminology With Balinese Local Wisdom Concept

I Made Marthana Yusa
This research was conducted in a manner to answer whether Taksu which have, traditionally, Balinese people believed as a way of achieving aesthetic quality through spiritual appreciation, providing opportunities for the Taksu appreciation in any other ways or contemporary way. The method used was to...
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Waste Analysis in the Painting Process of Doll Houses Using Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Surya Perdana, Tiara, Arif Rahman
Industrial growth in Indonesia opens opportunities for UKM to grow. Company performance is measured based on the ability to create an effective and efficient process. To eliminate all waste that is considered not to provide added value to the product, some companies will implement lean manufacturing....
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Visual Multimedia Performance for Astronomical Education ‘Eight Planets’

Fikri Abdillah, Dody Setianto, Elda Franzia, Tommy Hari Prihatanto
Astronomy has been a subject that is taught for a long time, but ahead of the ever moving age and breakthrough in technology astronomy is losing its place as knowledge that appeal to today’s youth. Planetarium Jakarta is the destination place for an educational show about astronomy. Nowadays the Planetarium...
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Understanding Still Life Photographic Genre as A Visual Strength in the Design of Gunung Padang Prehistorical Sites Photo Book

Winny Gunarti Widya Wardani, Wulandari, Syahid
The prehistoric site heritage of Gunung Padang Cianjur is a part of the nation’s cultural assets that needs to be preserved. Efforts to capture these relics can be done through a photo book. The photo book serves to convey information through narration visually with the visual strength of the photographic...
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Trio Hantu Cs: A Comic and Animation Series Adaptations of Indonesian Ghost Stories

Upik Sarjiati, Ayu Nova Lissandhi
Since 2015, the Government of Indonesia through Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) has developed creative economy seriously. Animation is one of the sectors of the creative industries which have developed significantly in Indonesia. Unique characters and interesting narrative are essential element which...
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Semiotic Analysis of Packaging Designs in Promina Puffs Weaning Food

Yana Erlyana
Packaging is one of the fields in visual communication design that has many special demands because it deals directly with consumers. The demands include technical, creative, communicative, and marketing demands that must be manifested into visual language. A physical form of the packaging contains communicative...
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The Speech Act of Advising as Netizens’ Response to 2019 Presidential-VP Candidate Polling on YouTube in Rocky Gerung’s Channel

Nico Harared
This study aimed to identify speech act used in YouTube’s comment section posted by YouTube users or netizens as a response to the 2019 Presidential-VP candidate polling in Rocky Gerung’s Channel. The data was obtained by using note-taking technique. First, the study observed the reaction of netizens...
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Comparison of the Performance of the k-Nearest Neighbor, Naïve Bayes Classifier and Support Vector Machine Algorithm With SMOTE for Classification of Bully Behavior on the WhatsApp Messenger Application

Irwansyah Saputra, Puput Irfansyah, Erlando Doni Sirait, Dwi Dani Apriyani, Michael Sonny
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Indonesia. This causes the emergence of cyberbullying behavior by its users. Cyberbullying is a dangerous problem because it has a very serious impact on the victim’s psyche such as feelings of hurt and disappointment. This study aims to classify...
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Creative Strategy Analysis on the Billboard Ads of Gojek AnakBangsaBisa Edition

Shierly Everlin, Yana Erlyana
Various strategies were used to promoting the products that an industry develops. Various forms of business, ranging from retail to multinational businesses, rely on advertising and promotion to help them sells goods and services. In terms of consumers mind, advertising is often seen as a media provider...
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Online Media and Politics: Critical Discourse Analysis About Hoax News

Noni Marlianingsih, Yumna Rasyid, Ninuk Lusyantie
This research is an analysis of critical discourse from Viral news about proof of hoax regarding the founding of seven containers of punched ballots at Tanjung Priok in 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election. The emergence of this hoax or fake news seem to have led the public that there is an attempt...
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Expression and Visual Narration of The Jakarta Marunda Batik

Ayoeningsih Dyah Woelandhary, Ariesa Pandanwangi, Nuning Y Damayanti
Marunda batik is a centre originating from the empowerment of residents affected by relocation in the Marunda flat in North Jakarta. The identity of Marunda motif finally become an artwork with visual expressions and narratives in the perspective of seeing the nature and environment around Jakarta. Coastal...
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Twisted Fairy Tale: Promoting Multiculturalism in Young Adult Postmodern Picture Book

Indrani Dewi Anggraini
The flexibility and anonymity of the traditional oral fairy tale enable this genre to be adapted and adjusted to any contemporary thought, including the postmodernism. This open-minded and critical notion of postmodernism are represented in the nowadays fairy tale to its media, function, and content....
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The Characteristics of Meme in Social Media: Case Study 2019 Presidential Election in Indonesia

Welsi Damayanti, Rika Widawati, Rai Bagus Triadi, Rama Wijaya Abdul Rozak, Siti Hamidah
Technological advances are not only used for personal gain but also as a tool to spread propaganda by political activists. Social media is often used because it is cheap and can spread information quickly to many people. The memes were analyzed from the linguistics point of view on structural morphology...
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Modeling an Enterprise Architecture of Final Project Management Based on National Research Standards for Higher Education in Indonesia

Lila Setiyani, Karya Suhada, Yahya Suherman
In the era of industry 4.0, colleges and universities which are higher education institutions that can produce the intellectual assets, are required to innovate in researches. However, many higher education institutions have not yet properly managed the student research projects, while the government...
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The Yellow Vests Manifestation: Media Framing on Political Articles in Online French Newspapers

Joesana Tjahjani
In recent times, the French media has been filled with news about the demonstrators who were later called the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests). The demonstrators took to the streets in order to protest the policies of the government of Emmanuel Macron. Articles that appeared in various French newspapers...
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The Construction of Minang Cultural Identity in Singgalang Daily Newspaper

Nurulfatmi Amzy, Yayah Rukiah, Widya Nuriyanti, Herliyana Rosalinda, Angga Kusuma Dawami
The living space in society breeds culture which is closely related to all identities in the social environment. This shows that culture can reflect the identity that belongs to a community group. The identity that is built socially is an image of the collective experience of cultural groups of people....
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The Space Pattern and Community Socio-Economic Transformation in the Taman Kencana Bogor

Karya Widyawati, Nia Suryani, Fery Mulya Pratama, Rahmat Rejoni
The Taman Kencana is a Dutch Heritage Area in the City of Bogor which was originally designed by Thomas H. Karsten where the area is centered on a park surrounded by several plantation offices and organized employee settlements. Indische-style Buildings became Karsten’s choice which aimed to adapt the...
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Disaster Discourse in Children’s Story Books

Silvia Damayanti, I Nyoman Suarka, Ni Luh Putu Ari Sulatri
This study examines the ways of delivering natural disasters theme of children’s story books. The method of collecting data was a document review with qualitative descriptive analysis. The theories used are Social Cognition Discourse Theory by Van Dijk (2014) and Visual Semiotics Theory by Danesi (2010)....
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Pragmatic Failures in Translating Indonesian Culture Implicatures Into English of the Novel ‘The Rape of Sukreni’

Venny Eka Meidasari, Emzir, Victor Novianto
This research focuses on the successes and failures of the translator in understanding the intended meaning of cultural implicatures and their maxims of all translated utterances in the novel of ’The Rape of Sukreni’ using translation and pragmatic approaches. It is a qualitative research using content...
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The Melancholy and Gloomy Atmosphere in Dickinson’s Poems

Suryo Tri Saksono
Emily Dickinson has written letters and verses since her early life. Even though she is well-known with her sharp senses of humor and concise writing style, most of her poems reflect melancholy and gloomy atmosphere. One reason for the reflection may be her occasionally prickly relation with her environment....
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Phonetic Relationship Between Form and Meaning of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Language on Animals Name

Darsita Suparno, Akbar Amanah Illahi, Ali Al-Qosebaty, Muhammad Azwar
The purpose of this study is to describe the relationship form and meaning of the Arabic standard and colloquial language of Egypt. This study was a qualitative research which used comparative linguistics and based on phonological theory. The corpus of data was verbal utterances. The data collection...
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Plosive and Fricative Sounds Produced by EFL Students Using Online Media: A Perspective on Learning English Phonology

Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati
This paper examined the EFL student’s perception of viewing learning English Phonology using songs, poems and videos. The data were collected through observation, interview, and questionnaire. This study involves 4 Indonesian undergraduate students who were majoring in English and took Phonology class....
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Synonymy of the Word ‘Goodness’ in the Al-Quran and Its Meaning in Indonesian Language

Nur Hizbullah, Abdul Muta’ali
Al-Quran is the holy book that Muslims hold to give them moral direction from which all life values and rules are outlined by Allah the Almighty. Among the many values in the Al-Quran, there is an important value that serves as the foothold for all activities in humans’ life, namely “goodness”. This...
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Conceptual Metaphors in Modern Indonesian Literature and Their Implication in Language Learning

Merry Lapasau, Sulis Setiawati, Ira Mayasari, Virgana
The groundbreaking study on metaphor started with Lakoff and Johnson’s Metaphors We Live By (1980) which showed that metaphors are part of our everyday language and thought. This study aims to analyze the use of emotion-specific metaphors in Andrea Hirata’s Tetralogy Laskar Pelangi based on the metaphor...
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The Meanings of Idioms With the Word ‘Tongue’ in Russian Language

Nia Kurnia Sofiah
Idioms are phrases or sentences which have different meanings from their literal meanings. Idioms are parts of expressions in language and the usage of idioms will enrich the speech, making the speech to become more interesting. The ability to use idioms shows the advance competence in the language comprehension...
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Implemented Positive Language to Build Positive Characters of Children as Cultural Heritage

Amrina Rosyada, Ayu Bandu Retnomurti, Agustina Ramadhianti
As the basic rights of children, the language was the most important thing to build children’s characters. The use of positive language in the family as the closest environment of the children would build children’s positive characters. However, the massive use of digital technology has disrupted every...
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Character Values in Sundanese Children Song Lyrics of Sekar Galuh Album by Djuwita Djati

Euis Kurniasih
Children’s songs in the local language tended to be unfamiliar for children now. However, it contained important values to grow the character of children which proper to their mental development. In the scarcity of children’s song creation in the local language, Djuwita Djati launched Sekar Galuh’s album...
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The Linguistic Aspects on the 2019 Presidential Candidate Debate

Yulian Dinihari, Endang Wiyanti
The presidential candidate debate was held five times by the General Election Commision (KPU) from January 17 to April 13, 2019. This is regulated in Law No. 7 of 2017, known as the Election Law. In the debate, there were discussion and exchange of opinions on a matter that must be defended. This study...
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Pantun as Brand Recall in Citilink Airline

Zakiah Norma Yustisiani
To make people remember something is not an easy thing. In marketing, words are used as the power of branding. One of the airlines in Indonesia has a unique way of brand recall. This research is aimed at finding the use of literary work and technique of the airline’s marketing. The method used in this...
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Bandung-Born Balinese and Their Effort in Maintaining Balinese Language

Oom Rohmah Syamsudin
This study aims to explore the language attitude of Bandung-born Balinese teenagers and their efforts to preserve their local wisdom. The research has been conducted with the descriptive method. The data obtained from questionnaires and interviews indicate that the Balinese youth’s efforts have been...
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English Cursing Analysis of Millennial Generation in Social Media Investigate

Ria Dewi Hudayani Sugara, Ria Saparianingsih
Cursing was an uncommon sentence or paraphrase that someone produced when they felt angry at something or the expression of a wish that misfortune evil, doom, etc. Cursing had been existed for many years ago but the people who accepted cursing from someone would feel very angry and sad. Nowadays cursing...
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The Indonesians’ Peaceful Mind: A Gadamerian Hermeneutic Study of the Markesot Bertutur

Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra, Yulia Ayriza, Agus Supriyanto, Budi Astuti
The character of Markesot from the text Markesot Bertutur can be understood as a representation of Indonesians’ character. It particularly represented Indonesian youths’ peaceful state of mind. This study was a hermeneutic study using Gadamer’s framework. It aimed to interpret the text of Markesot Bertutur...
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BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing/Indonesian as a Foreign Language) Policy as the Implementation of National Language Politics

Royan Nur Fahmi, Muawal Panji Handoko, Kurniawan
The politics of national language as a manifestation of the attitude of the nation of Indonesia in the aspect of nationhood produces several formulations that must be implemented at the strategic policy level. Republic of Indonesia Law Number 24 of 2009 concerning Flags, Languages and State Symbols,...
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The Effect of Mathematics Disposition (Confidence, Monitor, Interest, Perseverance, Application, Perceived Value, and Flexible in Mathematics) Towards 7th Grade Students’ Mathematics Anxiety

Nurbaiti Widyasari, Ismah
The aims of this research are (1) to analyse the factors between aspects of mathematical disposition, namely self-confidence, reflection, interest, perseverance, application, perceived value and flexibility in mathematics, (2) to examine the effect of mathematics disposition toward 7th grade students’...
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Enhancing the Head of Education Office Performance Through Leadership, Environment, and Organizational Culture

Virgana, Merry Lapasau, Soeparlan Kasyadi, Maman Achdiyat
The performance of the education head office would determine school performance. This study aimed at finding out the direct and indirect influence of leadership style, work environment, and organizational culture towards the performance of the Head of the Education Office (HOEO) Jakarta. This study administered...
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The Influence of Learning Model and Learning Motivation Towards Mathematical Reasoning Abilities in Junior High School

Fauzi Mulyatna, Arfatin Nurrahmah, Seruni
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of learning models, learning motivation and interactive learning models, and learning motivation on mathematical reasoning abilities. This research was conducted by using an experimental method on the students’ population of a private junior high...
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Multiple Intelligences Approach to Improve Writing Skills of Elementary School Students

Azizah Zahra J Suwarni, Rahman, Prana D Iswara
Many students in second grade elementary school have a problem of managing writing task. This paper intends to demonstrate how to improve the writing skills of second grade elementary school students through Multiple Intelligences approach. The research is based of the low score of students in writing...
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Proactive Movement Through Motion Recognition in Game-Based Learning for Studying the Sundanese Language

Mira Suryani, Erick Paulus, Ino Suryana
In West Java, the use of local languages such as Sundanese among young people was less desirable than foreign languages. Some reasons came up regarding this issue such as a convenient delivery method in the learning process that caused boredom, too many vocabularies or structures, even stereotype that...
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Increasing Positive Self-Concept of Adolescents With Physically Disabilities via Client-Centered Counseling

Devi Ratnasari, Miskanik Miskanik, Fatma Rochmawati, Solihatun Solihatun, Fijriani Fijriani
Inclusion enviroment makes individuals learn to accept the situation in life. Adolescents with physical disabilities need a positive self-concept in achieving success in the inclusion environment. This study tried to find out the changing of self-concept in adolescents with physical disabilities via...
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Research Ethics in Computer Science Publications: Critical Studies

Himawan, Puput Irfansyah, Fiqih Ismawan, Intan Mutia, Trinugi Wira Harjanti
Ethics is one of the attitudes that academics need to have in the world of education. Ethics also has a very important role as a determining philosophy for researchers, especially in the field of computer science, in making decisions about right and wrong. The world of academia seems to be experiencing...
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Student’s Diagnostic Ability on Review Text and Persuasive Text in Indonesian Language Test

Kasmanah Kasmanah, Dika Supyandi, Tanti Ardianti, Evi Fitriyanti, Devi Ratnasari
This research aimed at analyzing student’s ability to mastering the review text and persuasive text on Indonesian learning. Both of the learning materials’ analyses include identifying information of the text, re-concluding substation in review text, analyzing structure and language review text, providing...
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Counseling Services Information Using Jigsaw Method to Improve Students’ Learning Motivation

Cindy Marisa, Solihatun Solihatun, Dina Adelia, Euis Nessia Fitri, Sara Sahraza
Learning motivation is one of the most important factors for achieving learning success. Learning motivation is related to aspects of physical preparation, attention, interest, skills, and self-control of the environment in learning. This motivation can be strengthened by the existence of supporting...
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Development of Learning Media-Based Digital Book on Modern Physics Learning

Dandan Luhur Saraswati, Neng Nenden Mulyaningsih, Dwi Aprillia Setia Asih, Vickrie Ardy, Dasmo
The rapid developments in the learning media nowadays were to learn electronic learning and mobile learning. Based on such matters then the lecturer sued to be able to determine the methods or appropriate learning media in the learning process. One of the learning media being interested was mobile learning...
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Addressing EFL Paper-Based Assignment Into WhatsApp

Jhoni Eppendi, Nofvia De Vega
The development of ICT significantly influences all aspects of living, especially in education, which built research with purposes finding out the effect of WhatsApp in replacing paper-based assignments and students’ responses towards the usage of it. Forty-two civil engineering students at the Borneo...
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Evaluation of e-Campus-Based e-Learning Implementation by Mathematics Education Study Program Students at the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta

Hastri Rosiyanti, Faisal
E-Learning could be interpreted as a form of information technology applied in the field of education. E-learning used was an e-campus system. Because learning resources had been packaged in digital form and could be accessed by students through the network, students could communicate anytime and anywhere....
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Utilization of the Learning Media Based Lectora Inspire for Physics Learning: A Pilot Study

Maman Achdiyat, Yoga Budi Bhakti, Irnin Agustina Dwi Astuti
The utilization of information and technology was growing rapidly including physics learning. The use of learning media needed to be applied in schools to help students to learn. This study tried to developing and the students responded to use the learning media-based Lectora inspire for physics learning....
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Identifying External Factors With Career Development of High School Students in Depok, West Java

Haryanto, Siti Marti’ah, Berta Dian Theodora
The decision to continue education to the next level must be taken by class XII of High School students. Planning and developing career of the students are influenced by internal and external factors. This research aimed at finding out specific dominant external factors that influenced the students’...
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Increasing the Students’ Practicum Skills via Flipped Classroom Model

Irnin Agustina Dwi Astuti, Indica Yona Okyranida, Yoga Budi Bhakti, Maria Dewati, Dasmo
The allocation of learning time in the lecture of Electric Measuring Instrument is very limited, so that the college students’ practicum skills is designed virtually. In this way, flipped classroom model can bridge a problem of a very limited time allotment of the learning. Flipped classroom model combines...
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Students’ Error Analysis in Completing English Math Story Problems

Bambang Perkasa Alam, Ukti Lutvaidah, Prima Pantau Putri Santosa
Students will feel more difficult in dealing with story problems as they not only must determine the formula but also must be more aware in reading the questions to gain information as well as to identify what is asked in the questions. Language is a medium for communication or interaction, in other...
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Teachers’ Ability in Designing Test Assessments

Tatan Zenal Mutakin, Arif Rahman Hakim
The research is aimed at finding out information about the teachers’ ability to design test assessments in class. The research approach applied a qualitative with descriptive analysis method. The research was conducted in three cities, Jakarta, Bekasi, and South Tangerang, with sample of 31 elementary...
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Effectiveness of Mathematical Comics as the Development of Teaching Material

Maya Nurfitriyanti, Huri Suhendri, Nurhayati
This study aims to determine the improvement of mathematics learning outcomes through mathematical comic teaching materials for seventh grade students on the rank and root materials. The method used in this research is Research and Development method. The developed product is comic teaching material...
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Creating a Class Climate to Enhance the Ability to Think Creatively

Sri Hapsari
This study analyzes the factors that create a classroom climate in order to improve students’ creative thinking abilities. This article is a grounded theory study; a research strategy producing general and abstract theories of a process of interaction originates from the views of participants. In the...
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Storytelling Therapy to Building Childhood’s Emotion and Social Relations

Christine Masada Hirashita Tobing
Emotion and social relationships are a basic childhood personal life skill. It is useful when children enter preschool, as to meet such a new, different habit, environment, people, and circumstances. It needs mental strength to socially connected. Storytelling is an art therapy required mastery of techniques...