Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Structural, Mechanical and Material Engineering

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Design Research of Machine Frame on Three Dimensional Models

Zhanjun Liu
The present paper takes some machine frames as the object of study, three dimensional model is based on the CATIA software, the model and the hypothesized assembly are carried by the CATIA software. It is firstly introduced the aviation manufacture project development by proposed new request, the CATIA...
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Engine isolate mount elastomers

Peng Wang, Zhengtao Su, Liangqing Lai, Honggang Jiang, Jinghe Wang
Engine isolate mounts such as laminated high damping elastomeric bearings, commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications, provide a simple means of isolating the structure of car/aircraft from the engine motions. The key properties of the elastomer are dynamic modulus and damping. The effect...
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Technological Innovation of Unpowered Operational Gearing

Shulung Wang, Ay Su, Yifeng Chang, Juiyang Wang
As industrial structures rapidly change and international competitive pressure becomes increasingly large, Taiwan's industries face a bottleneck of structural transformation and technological innovation. In addition, as the international oil price increases, the price of electricity goes up and production...
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The Stripping Technique of Glued Cellophane Tape Mechanics Design and The Numerical Study on the Flow Field of analysis

Shulung Wang, Yifeng Chang, Wante Chen, Juiyang Wang
In terms of environmental protection problems relating to the stripping technique of glued cellophane tape, apart from equipment demands being very high, most operators in Taiwan still manually strip the tape. The processing speed is thus slow, and cannot meet operators’ expectations, which means that...
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Adaptive Approach to Structure And Properties Forming in Niobium Alloyed Pipe Steels

Golubchik Eduard, Polyakova Marina
The results of research aimed at structure formation in niobium alloyed steels for pipe production by means of dynamic recrystallization control during hot rolling at a wide strip mill are shown. Influence of deformation, time and temperature parameters in the continuous roughing train of a wide strip...
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Changes in natural torsional frequency of horizontally-curved bridge by reinforcement

N. Kunla, B. Puangkird
Horizontally curved steel I-girder bridge (HCSIB) has low torsional resistance hence has a high risk of breakage when it vibrates. This study investigated the changes in the natural torsional frequency of an HCSIB when it is reinforced with different types of bracing members. Three-dimensional finite...
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Improvement of Commercial Mg–Al–Zn–Mn Alloys by Rolling

S.A. Bozhko, Yu.R. Kolobov, S. Ya. Betsofen
The structure and properties of a wrought Mg–Al–Zn–Mn alloy (MA5 brand) were characterized by SEM and direct pole figure (DPF). The crystallographic texture and strength anisotropy of the alloy subjected to unconventional thermomechanical treatment (lengthwise section rolling) clearly show marked improvement...
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Investigations of the thermal stability of the submicrocrystalline titanium

S.S. Manokhin, M.B. Ivanov
Methods of transmission including high-resolution electron microscopy were used to examine the kinetics of collective recrystallization in submicrocrystalline titanium Grade-4 and VT1-0. The temperature dependence and values of the activation energy for collective recrystallization have been determined....
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Pop-in characteristic induced by nanoindentation in ZrB2-SiC composites

X.G. Zhang, W.W. Liu, Y. Chen, F. Qi, D. Zhao, Y.G. Wang
In this research, instrumented nanoindentation tests were performed to determine the mechanical properties associated with pop-in events of the ZrB2-SiC composites reinforced with and without the mixture of boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) and boron nitride nanoplatelets (BNNPs). The results show the...
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Analyzing Control and Management of Pile Foundation Cost

Chong Wang
The Pile foundation project is an important component of a construction project and its cost is easily affected by many factors. Therefore, this paper firstly introduces the connotation and significance of controlling the cost of enterprises’ foundation project, and then deeply analyzes the main factors...
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Evaluation of selected variants of claddings on the basis of CO2 production and energy intensity of production of building materials

Halirova Marcela, Sevcikova Hana, Rykalova Eva, Janousek Radek
Wooden structures pollute the environment considerably less than the structures made of bricks, glass or concrete. Walls that use composite gypsum and cardboard-based materials and gypsum and cellulosic fibers-based materials for the interior surface of the walls have been selected for the evaluation...
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Residual stress analysis on titanium alloy TC4 by LSP

Junhong Liu, Shuo Sun, Rui Hu, Wei Wang, Yuntao Liu, Dongfeng Chen
Laser shock peening (LSP) is a new technique to reinforce the surface of materials, and the fatigue strength, wear properties and residual stress corroding properties of metallic materials would be greatly improved by shock peening. The residual compressive stress distribution caused by LSP from the...
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Optimization of Process Parameters in Plastic Injection Mold Simulation for Auto Lock-Parts using Taguchi-Grey Method Based on Multi-Objective

Weitai Huang, Derho Wu, Ziyun Tasi, Chialun Tsai
Locks may be inserted during the production of certain auto lock-parts. Warpage of auto lock-parts during injection molding is the most critical problem facing product quality. This warpage is mostly affected by the processing parameters and design of the injection mold. In this paper, the influences...
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A Blur Restoration Research on Sequential Images of Bullets Taken in the Penetration Test

Bin Chen
In order to remove the motion blur in sequential images of bullets taken in the penetration test, firstly we found out the relationship among the degradation model, direction of motion and blurred length of a bullet image in this paper. Then the radon transformation was used to found out the direction...
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Rapid Characterization of Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst Spot Arrays by the Pulsed-Potential Substrate Generation/Tip Collection Mode of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Minshu Du
A rapid method for the characterization of hydrogen evolution catalysts by scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) with decreased H2 diffusion layer overlap is introduced. The double-pulsed substrate generation/tip collection (SG/TC) mode was employed by switching the substrate electrode potential...
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An experimental study on thermal conductivity of ceramsite cellular concrete

Q.X. Wang, Y.X. Shi, J.B. Shi, Y.G. Zhang, W. Liu
In this paper, a new type of foam concrete (FC) incorporating ceramsite as a lightweight coarse aggregate was prepared, i.e. ceramsite cellular concrete (CCC). An experimental research was conducted on its thermal properties to clarify the correlation between thermal conductivity and density, compressive...
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A study of construction management of seismic isolation retrofit

Xuewen Bao, Yasuhide Mochida, Yukihito Nanbu
This study elaborated the process management and quality control of three typical major isolation retrofit projects in the construction stage of base seismic isolation by migrating the building load entrusted by the temporary pile to seismic isolation devices. About the process management, support ground...
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Probability-Based Design and Life Cycle Assessment of a Spun Concrete Pole

Stepanek Petr, Lanikova Ivana, Simunek Petr
This contribution compares concrete structure design results obtained via the partial reliability factor method and using a probability-based method. The Monte Carlo simulation method, modified by the Latin Hypercube Sampling method, was used to calculate the reliability of a designed structure. Economic...
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Investigation on the Oxides Morphology of Fe-Based Amorphous Ribbons

Wang Jian, Shulan Zhang
The oxidation behavior of the amorphous ribbons heat treated under different temperature and holding time was deeply investigated. The oxidation morphology was observed by using of SEM equipment. The experiment results show that at the initial stage of oxidation, the morphology of the oxides is small...
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A Study on Asbestos Slate Buildings in Rural Areas of Korea

Kangguk Lee, Taewoo Kim, Giwook Cha, Wonhwa Hong
Since the 1970s, in Korea, a number of buildings were found to be built with materials containing a lot of asbestos, but few stuides have been made on how much arsenic acid a building has and how much asbestos is contained in building materials as the materials become degraded. The study aims to examine...
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A Study on Estimation of Demolition Waste Generation Index by using CART (Classification and Regression Tree) Analysis

Giwook Cha, Wonhwa Hong, Kangguk Lee
This study aims to predict demolition waste generation rate (DWGR) of the detached house by their types and materials when they are demolished. To achieve this objective, required data was collected based on material information of the buildings investigated before demolition. By using the established...
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Study of Fractography and Overaging in Ly12 alloy

W.Q. Khan, Q. Wang, X. Jin
This work is aimed to optimize the heat treatment parameters of Ly12 (Al-Cu-Mg) alloy for improvement in properties. Also to study the aging behavior for determination of peak strength and highlighting the limitations of over-aging (over-burning). Normal composition of the alloy is 4.0 Cu, 0.7 Mn, 0.8...
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Experiments Based Integral Design of Architecture and Structure

Linxue Li, Jinjin Wang, Jie Wu
This paper describes an integrated design approach, which aims to interpenetrate and reconstruct the boundaries of architectural design and structural engineering. There are four relevant experiments involved in this paper. The specific design strategies varies in this four practical projects: the first...
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Numerical analysis of rainfall saturated-unsaturated seepage and stability of expansive soil slope with fissures

Dinggui Hou, Zhigang Tao, Zhenli Hao, Jiamin Wang
The existence of fissures is an important factor in expansive soil slope landslide under rainfall conditions. In order to explore the changes characteristic of expansive soil slope seepage field and its stability under rainfall conditions, considering the fissures, the finite element numerical simulation...
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Statistical modelling of the spring back behavior for bending of v-shaped parts from common sheet metal

Draghici Constantin
This paper presents the experimental program and measured results, obtained model, statistic analysis and some graphics for springback angle of common sheet metal. There were considered three bending parameters: bending’s angle, sheet’s thickness and radius’ punch. The obtained model is interactive second...
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Interfacial Adhesion due to Liquid Mediated Contact of Hydrophilic Solid Surfaces

ShaoBiao Cai, Prabin Dhital, Yongli Zhao
When liquid presents between solid contact hydrophilic surfaces, the formed macro/micro menisci cause inherit adhesive force due to surface tension. Such adhesive force may lead high friction and adhesion and cause system failure of many mechanical systems, and thus liquid caused high adhesion is one...
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Investigating the growth mechanism and photocatalytic properties of TiO2/Bacterial Cellulose hybrid materials

Xiaoyu Lu, Guomin Jiang, Beibei Dai, JiaZhi Yang
A facile hydrothermal method was successful to synthesize the TiO2 by using unique bacterial cellulose (BC) membranes as natural biotemplates. The three-dimensional networks of BC fibers coated with TiO2 nanoparticles can be clearly observed, resulting in the formation of uniform and well-defined hybrid...
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Magnetocaloric properties in the PrFe2Ge2 antiferromgnet

Zhiyu Xu, Wenjie Gong, Anli Lin, Yan Zhang, Licheng Wang
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effects (MCE) of the tetragonal (ThCr2Si2-type) PrFe2Ge2 compound are investigated. The compound is determined to be antiferromagnet with the Néel temperature TN=14.5 K and undergoes a transition towards an incommensurate modulated structure at 7 K. A field-induced...
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Study of rail freight capacity release in the typical existing trunk after the completion of high-speed railway

H.Y. Li, Y. Li
After the completion and operation of the HSR (short for high-speed railway), a portion of passenger train flows in the existing parallel lines will transfer to the HSR, which is going to bring changes in the structure of train operation diagram, influences the carrying capacity of existing lines and...
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Study on Robotic Seam Tracking of Laser Scanning System

Bin Zhang, Chen Tang
A kind of laser scanning weld seam tracking system is studied. The calibration method for the system parameters is presented and the recognition method for the seam characteristic point is given based on digital image processing. Firstly, preprocess the laser image using median filter method, adaptive...
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Mechanism analysis of rain-wind induced vibration on high-voltage transmission line

Li Li, Chao Zhou, Yanping Liu
Under rain-wind conditions, rain-wind induced vibration on high-voltage transmission line often occurs, this kind of vibration intensifies the fatigue of high-voltage conductors and tower collapse. The mechanism of rain-wind induced has aroused wind attention in power engineering. The presence of raindrops...
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Geometrical nonlinear analysis for multi-parameters of four tower cable-stayed bridge based on the bar element model

ZionHui Heng, ZiQiang Zhu, XianQi He
Based on the nonlinear theory of cable-stayed bridge, nonlinear effects- cable sag, beam column effect, large displacement are calculated accurately using element geometric stiffness matrix, CR formulation, bar unit, Ernst formula and the catenary equation. Nonlinear analysis is applied on the study...
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Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Cellular Al-Sc-Zr Foams

Li Huang, Chuanbiao Luo, Zhenzhong Fan, Xuchu Du, Junjie Pan
By using Ca particles as thickening agent and titanium hydride as blowing agent Cellular Al-0.16Sc-0.08Zr foams with a porosity of 72.5±0.5% were successfully fabricated by the melt-foaming method Isochronal aging treatments are beneficial to improve the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance...
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Theoretical calculation of stiffness of composite laminated beam with T-section

Mingyong Hu, Xiangming Zhang, Bo Zheng
Based on the constitutive equation and deformation equation, the total stiffness matrix of laminated composite beam with T-section are built up by using the relation of 3D stress-stain transformation. Then calculation methods of the axial and bending stiffness of laminated composite beam with T-section...
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Loess cave dwelling under the conditions of heavy rain destruction form and prevention measures

W Tian, X.M. Gao, W.T. Shi
Base on plenty of field investigation and study, the loess cave dwellings were specifically divided into different types. Under the condition of continuous heavy rain, the loess cave dwelling destructions were summarized and analyzed to find out the reasons and the corresponding prevention measures.
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Finite-element mode for parametric Analysis of wood frame shear walls

Jie Bai, Na Li, Pengcheng Duan
Light wood-frame house is still developing in China and systematic research on light wood-frame house has yet to be carried out. In this paper, the analysis model of wood-frame shear walls is set by using ABAQUS. In terms of finite element program's computing results, the effect of opening size and location...
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Study of the method during Micro- EDM Process

Shuyang Liu, Zhihong Hana
In this paper, the work energy on the machined surface during electrical discharge machining (short in EDM) process were modeling analyzed based on the electron field emission theory, electron sputtering theory and the effect of resistance heat of electron current when the tool electrode is positive....
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Research and application of harmonic drive in mechanical system

Huxiang Cai, Yongmei Huang, Jing Cheng
For reducing the effect of flexibility, backlash and friction, which is brought by the harmonic gear in the system, this paper proposes a kind of multiple loops’ control method based on double speed loops. The control system includes double speed loops and current loop. Double speed loops are consist...
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Dynamic Collapse Analysis of Reticulated Shell Structures with Substructures

Hongmei Li, Junlin Wang, Xiaoqiang Ren, Wei Lu
Dynamic collapse analysis is an important research subject for large span single layer reticulated shell structures. In this paper, the dynamic collapse behavior of the single layer reticulated shell with substructure which supports the reticulated shell is investigated under the earthquake actions....
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A hydrodynamic calculation procedure for UV using CFD

Vladimir Kostukov, Artem Kulchenko, Boris Gurenko
the paper substantiates the necessity of the CFD analysis of the underwater vehicle. Algorithm of hydrodynamic coefficients computation is presented. The initial conditions and environment model for computation are defined. Authors discuss results of simulation and propose the approach of hydrodynamic...
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A Study on the strengthening reconstruction plans of hyperbolic arch bridge

Yuhong He, Huimin Hao
The paper takes double curved arch bridge as the research object, including three kinds of strengthening reconstruction plans that changed the architecture form of the hyperbolic arch bridge. Using finite analysis software MIDAS/CIVIL to establish the finite element model of three kinds of reconstruction...
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Nanotubes as a modifier pbb and asphalt concrete

Marina Vysotskaya, Svetlana Shekhovtsova
New method of quality improvement of the polymer modified binder (PMB) was considered in the paper. Testify to the fact that PMB modified by nanoagent is less sensitive to aging, as a result of the processes of peptization asphaltene-resin complexes (ARC) in the structure of the modified binder and the...
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Comparison of Two Extraction Methods for Spirogyra Extracellular Polymeric Substances

Shuiping Chang, Hweylin Sheu, YiChao Lee, Chihsheng Lee
Microbial extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) have been considered as important renewable resources and technologies. Lately many studies are looking for valuable EPS as well as algae with production potentials and corresponding extraction methods. Spirogyra spp. is a genus of large filamentous...
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The Changes of Polysaccharides in Extracellular Polymeric Substance for Cladophora glomerata under Different Salinity

YiChao Lee, Hweylin Sheu, Shuiping Chang, Chihsheng Lee
Cladophora glomera is a genus of widely distributed, global, sessile, large green algae, which is also a euryhaline alga. This study discovered that changes in salinity can induce C. glomera to produce massive amounts of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) when controlling other environmental conditions....
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Heat transfer measurements on a micro disk with high rotational speed

Zhen Li, Yongkai Quan, Laihe Zhuang
Compared with the conventional gas turbine, the micro gas turbine has the advantages of small size, light weight, and high power density energy. The application prospect is very broad in the future. However, lots of traditional cooling designs cannot be applied to the disks at the micro scale, which...
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Research of Electro-Optics Characteristics of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Doped with Thulium Oxide Nanoparticles Gd2O3 in UV Based on Numerical Fitting

Xiang Jin, Jianjun Zhao, Yi Lu, Guixiang Liu
Currently, the new electro-optic properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) have attracted considerable attention. By adding the thulium oxide nanoparticles (NP) of Gd2O3 to PDLC, and testing transmittances of PDLC changing with voltage in visible light, and studying the thulium oxide modulation...
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Investigation of Apparent Diseases of Urban Bridges in Shijiazhuang

Lipeng Wu, Peng Dai, Jinan Lu, Chongsheng Wu
Reinforced concrete plays an important role in urban transport infrastructure. The durability of concrete bridges has caused wide public concern in many places of world. All the reinforced concrete bridges in Shijiazhuang's urban area were carefully investigated. Five diseases were detected: leak of...
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Rheology analysis of multiphase flow and its modeling

Zhihong Han, Shuyang Liu
Most multiphase flow models use viscosity as an important parameter, however, the viscosity of mixed fluid sometimes is unavailable or difficult to measure especially in small-scale flowing condition. In order to solve this problem, a two-phase wedge-sliding model is developed in this paper and this...
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Using of Kriging surrogate model in multi-objective optimization of complicated structure

Lei Liu, Aijun Ma, Hongying Liu
To solve the problem of too large calculating amount in the multi-objective optimization of complicated structure, a method based on Kriging surrogate model is proposed and being used in an aerospace assembly to verify its effectiveness. There are two objectives in the structural optimization of the...
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Quality Assessment of Detail in Wooden House Critical connection of the wall and the ceiling construction

Kucerova Lucie, Korbelova Sarka
The development of thermal insulation materials that can be used in modern wooden houses noticed a large shift. But there are also some negative aspects which affect long-term quality of the thermal insulation properties. Influences as poor implementation or improper design are a problem that can be...
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Recycled concrete, a solution for fine and coarse raw material for new concrete

W. Martinez Molina, E.M. Alonso Guzman, H.L. Chavez Garcia, C. Lara Gomez, F.M. Gonzalez Valdez, A.A. Torres Acosta, J.T. Perez Quiroz, H. Hernandez Barrios, W. Martinez Alonso
Solid waste generation of Hydraulic Concrete is a new polluting of the earth. The most produced material in the world is the Portland Cement (PC), but its disadvantage lies on its requiring fossil fuels, as well as the COx discharge to the atmosphere. Re-use of Hydraulic Concrete waste abates simultaneously...
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Mechanical Response of Portland Cement Mortars with added Expanded Polystyrene Spheres (EPS) under Accelerated Attack

W. Martinez Molina, E.M. Alonso Guzman, H.L. Chavez Garcia, C. Lara Gomez, F.M. Gonzalez Valdez, O.R. Flores Lica, A.A. Torres Acosta, W. Martinez Alonso, J.A. Bedolla Arroyo, H. Hernandez Barrios
Mortars have many uses in construction: to lighten, sonic and thermal insulation, aesthetic purposes, to protect against environmental attack, repair, conservation, union masonry, etc. Mortar matrices may be Portland cement, lime, gypsum, clay and soil, asphalt or polymers. This work shows the result...
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Analysis of Carbonation in Mortars made with Solid Waste as a Substitute for Cement

W. Martinez Molina, E.M. Alonso Guzman, H.L. Chavez Garcia, C. Lara Gomez, F.M. Gonzalez Valdez, T. Perez Lopez, J. Reyes Trujeque, J. Tamayo Zapata, J.T. Perez Quiroz, H. Hernandez Barrios, W. Martinez Alonso
This research evaluates the behaviour of Portland cement-based mortars with additives that act as cementing materials. These additions are silica rich materials used as substitutes for PC (Portland cement type IV ASTM) in the preparation of mortars, as an alternative to reduce the amount of cement, reusing...