Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Sports Sciences, Physical Education and Health (ICSSPEH 2020)

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Comparison on the Development Status of Golf in China and South Korea With the Development Plan of Golf Popularization in China

Xiaohui Yuan, Shaohui Hu, Bingcan Li, Pengpeng Tang
On October 9, 2009, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a plenary session in Copenhagen and decided to officially include golf in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. Golf is back on the Olympic scene. With the approval of General Administration of Sport of China, it was officially included in...
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Integration of Artificial Intelligence Plus Industry and Sports Industry: A Research on the Innovation and Development Strategy of Sports Industry

Zhaofeng Lv, Sixuan Song
The greatest value of artificial intelligence and big data to the Chinese sports industry is that it can complete the transformation of China’s economic structure and industrial upgrading. The use of new technologies of artificial intelligence and big data will greatly reduce labor costs, increase productivity...
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Study on Characteristics of Exercise Load of Football Referees on the Spot

Xuanwu Zhang
In this study, by collecting the data of running distance, heart rate index and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) index of China’s national and first-level chief referees in different competitions, the load difference of chief referees in officiating competitions was scientifically quantified. The chief...
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Research on the Characteristics of Anterior Slide of 3~6-Year-Old Children From the Perspective of Movement Development

Chaochao Zhang, Li Wang, Junjun Yang
In this paper, literature review method, video analysis method, logic analysis method and experimental method are used to study the movement characteristics of the anterior slide of 104 children aged 3 to 6 years in Jinan City, Shandong Province. As a result, the movement characteristics of entire slide...
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Research on the Effect of Backpack With Anti Gravity System Design on Relieving Users’ Perceived Exertion

Xi Yang, Zhiguan Huang, Pak-To Ng, Wai-Fan Kwan, Yuhe Li
The mechanism of Anti Gravity System (AGS) backpack lies in the use of highly elastic shoulder straps to create a bouncing motion when the user walks, thus the user doesn’t feel the constant load of the bag, which is similar to the ancient Chinese folk transporting tool “BianDan” in work principle. Theoretically...
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SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Beach Sports in Hainan in Combination with PEST (Politics, Economy, Society and Technology) Analysis

Jiangtao Li, Xingli Hu
By using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis in combination with PEST (Politics, Economy, Society and Technology), this paper analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the development of beach sports in Hainan from the perspectives of policy, economy,...
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Research on the Training and Cultivation of Adolescent Football Players’ Strength Quality

Zequn Wang, Lihong Hou
This paper expounds the characteristics, training methods and cultivation ways of adolescent football players, and describes the scientific training of adolescent football players in football training combining with the characteristics of football sports. On the basis of the theory of strength quality,...
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Overview and Value Analysis of Bianlong

Jikang Deng, Xianqiong Ding, Feng Ao, Xiaojin Su
This study uses the methods of expert interview, questionnaire survey, literature and other research methods to study the origin, the structure and the value of Bianlong. The research shows that the “back 8” movement of Bianlong has a special rehabilitation effect on shoulder periarthritis, cervical...
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Research on the Development Path of Southwest National Sports From the Perspective of “Cultural Confidence”

Liqing Zhang
Improving national cultural confidence is the fundamental appeal for national unity. The research mainly adopted document literature, field investigation, logic analysis and other research methods. It took the national traditional sports culture as the research object, examined the development difficulties...
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The Function of Physical Education in Promoting the Physical and Mental Health of College Students

Pengfei Niu, Biqu Erga
By analyzing the current social reality and development trend, this paper gives an analysis of the latent function and obvious function from the perspective of structural function theory, and concludes that if we only emphasize scores and achievements and despise the development of students’ physical...
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Major Influencing Factors of the Mood of Physical Education Examinees in Yunnan Province

Yong Yang, Xiaokun Li
This paper investigated the main influencing factors on mood of examinees for college entrance examination in PE (physical education) in Yunnan province through questionnaire investigation, interview and literature. The results showed that the five factors that affect the mood of PE examinees in Yunnan...
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Method for Innovative Cultivation of Amateur Basketball Reserve Talents in Colleges and Universities

Yunpeng Zhao, Suwen Li, Bingbo He
Collaborative innovation based cultivation of amateur basketball reserve talents in colleges and universities is very important and is a way to provide professional basketball talents to the national basketball team. However, there are still many problems in this work. It is difficult to truly realize...
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Analysis on Reasons for Intergenerational Conflicts Between Teachers and Students Under the Core Literacy of Sports and Health and Optimization Path

Min Chen, Xiao Chen, Aihua Zhang, Shunbi Mu
This paper uses literature data method, interview method, and logic analysis method to find out that the conflict between teachers and students in physical education still exists, and explains and analyzes this phenomenon that occurs in physical education in China from the perspective of intergenerational...
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Resource Sharing Mechanism of National Traditional Sports Curriculum in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of Massive Open Online Course

Aihua Zhang, Shunbi Mu, Shichang Tian, Min Chen
This paper uses document literature method, field method and questionnaire surveys to investigate the status quo of traditional ethnic sports curriculum resources in more than 40 colleges and universities in China. The study finds that the mechanism for sharing traditional national sports curriculum...
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Design and Implementation of Virtual Simulation Experiment on Plateau Specific Sports Injury and Plateau Training Monitoring

Hangping Wang, Zhenwu Sun
During the construction of the national plateau training experiment center, Thinkjs language, Mysql database and Unity3D engine were used to design the virtual simulation experiment of plateau specific sports injuries and plateau training monitoring. Starting from the construction of high-simulation...
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Survey on Outdoor Mountaineering Participation of College Students in Beijing

Ziyang Xing, Xiaoxue Liu, Mingxing Liu, Lijie Hu
The research targets on college students of China University of Geosciences in Beijing, Capital Institute of Physical Education, Capital Normal University and Beijing Language and Culture University in the way of questionnaire survey and then conducts date analysis and organization. To develop knowledge,...
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Study on Physical Activity of College Students in China Against the Background of Coronavirus Disease 2019

Zhongping Xie
Considering the situation that COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) has brought great changes to people’s lives, this paper studies the supply strategies of physical education courses in colleges and universities, and promotes the implementation of relevant strategies to improve the physical and mental...
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Metrology Analysis of Track and Field Teaching Material Research in China Based on the Method of CiteSpace V

Xianqiong Ding, Xiao He, Xiaolong Lu
The research of samples is 450 articles about China’s track and field teaching material from CNKI database, by using knowledge map and CiteSpace V software, the paper summarizes the publication volume, main research journals and critical path algorithm of track and field teaching materials in China,...
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A Comparative Study on the Training Programs of Chinese and Russian Sports Doctoral Students

Maosen Guan, Huawei Wang, Mengqi Li
The training program of sports doctor in Russia is of great significance to the construction and reform of the theoretical system of the training program of sports doctor in China in the new period and to guide the training and development of sports doctor in China. Through literature method, comparison...
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Breakthrough Paths of Junior Golf in China

Wei Lan
This paper focuses upon the state of play and issues surrounding the recent development of junior golf in China. By analyzing government documents and data, the paper tried to point out some shortcomings and sought to form a serious of complementary suggestions. More specifically, despite some solid...
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Innovation and Application of “Internet Plus” in School Physical Fitness Test

Jingying Li
With the continuous development of the “Internet plus” sports model, the application of “Internet plus” in physical fitness testing has also been innovated. By studying the advantages and disadvantages of “Internet plus” in the physical fitness testing of the school, it is helpful to analyze whether...
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Effect of Yoga on Physical and Mental Health of Climacteric Women in the Context National Fitness

Lingmin He
Under the influence of nationwide physical fitness campaign, more climacteric women took part in various sports. But not all sports are suitable for climacteric women. Most studies show that yoga has a strong effect on improving the physical and mental health of climacteric women. Therefore, in this...
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Effect of Taekwondo Poomsae Training on Weight Loss of Obese Children

Qianfeng Lin
This study takes obese children as the research objects to explore the influence of Taekwondo Poomsae training on obese children. The objects were 24 male students who did not exercise regularly in grade 4-6 of a primary school in a city of China, and whose body mass index were more than 25kg/m2. They...
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Discussion on the Combination of Sports and New Media in the New Era

Maria Turgeneva, Yiyi Zhang
With the development of society, the sports economy system is constantly improving and the sports industry is developing rapidly on the basis of social development. In recent years, the growth rate of the economic output value of the sports industry has obvious advantages compared with the growth rate...