Proceedings of the International Conference on Tourism, Gastronomy, and Tourist Destination (ICTGTD 2016)

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Exploring the Impact of Service Quality on Commitment and Customer Loyalty in Jakarta's 3-Star Hotels

Eliza Simanjuntak, Nathalia Theodosia C., Yustisia Kristiana
This study will specialize discussion in hotel business sector, particularly the 3-star hotels in Jakarta. 3-star hotels getting tough competition from budget hotels that continue to emerge in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Increased competition in the service industry for causing a company to be very...
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Homestay Management Programmes in the Area of New Tourism Destination in Petak Village, Pacet

Amalia Mustika, Fachrul Husain Habibie
Many villages in Indonesia are visited by both local and foreign tourists, one of which is the village Petak, Pacet. This is a challenge for the local community, government officials and even the intellectuals. The use of the term "homestay" might be different in different countries. In attracting tourists,...
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Development of Creative Tourism Zone 'Puncak 2' to Increase Economic Competitivenes of Bogor District

Besar Agung Martono, Titing Widyastuti
The purpose of this paper is to present a proposed development concept of "Creative Tourism Zone" 'Puncak 2' region in Bogor District. This paper also serves to develop the concept of a Creative Tourism Zone with stakeholders including the government, academia and entrepreneurs. The proposal is based...
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Developing Dodol Based Destination in Penglatan Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali

Ni Made Ayu Sulasmini, I Wayan Pantyasa
Penglatan is a village located in Buleleng Regency. Most of the villagers traditionally manage dodol production in their house. Dodol is a sweet cake which is popular mostly for Balinese offerings in the ceremony and to be consumed afterward. The Penglatans produce dodol on a large scale and sell them...
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Could Nationalism Sense be Reached Through Cultural Tourism Activity

Purwanti Dyah Pramanik, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Devita Gantina
Cultural tourism activity could be one of the educational choices to reach emotional well-being. In the point of consumers' view, one of the emotional well-being is having a sense of nation of ones country. It is similar with nasionalism sense. By having experience in a certain local tourism, watching...
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Electronic Word of Mouth, Destination Image, and Satisfaction toward Visit Intention: an Emperical Study in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

Rangga Restu Prayogo, Faisal Lafi Sadin Ketaren, Rizky Mustika Hati
Drawing on an overarching framework of marketing on tourism management. This study develops and tests an integrated model of electronic word of mouth (e-WOM), destination Image, and satisfaction toward visit intention. The model is tested using data and survey of 215 respondents. The analysis was carried...
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Dried Spice Technology Improves Effeciency in the Hospitality Industry

Yuviani Kusumawardhani, Sjukriana Juke, Aryanti Ratri
National food industry has big contribute to the economic growth in Indonesia. In the first quarter of 2015, the growth of the national food industry reached 8.16%. Indonesian traditional food which is famous in the international are rendang, gado-gado, skewers, meatballs, Soto Betawi, and many more....
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Crackers Made of Green Mussel Shells Substitution as High Calcium Snacks

Laili Hidayati, Lailatul Fitria
This research is experimental research of crackers made of green mussel shells as the substitution in amount of 5% and 10% with boiling and steaming methods. The aim of this research is to know physical characteristics (color and texture), calcium content, and organoleptic/predilection test (color, texture,...
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The Indonesian Diaspora in Europe: Culinary as Cultural Identity and Tourism Promotion in Paris, France

Nararya Narottama, Eka Sudarmawan
Today, the Indonesian diaspora has spread across the world, including in Europe. In the process of this dispersion, the Indonesian diaspora always try to maintain various forms of their cultural identity, including their culinary culture. In this context, the Indonesian diaspora continue to introduce...
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Development of Wine Tourism and It's Impact for Local Community in North Bali

Febianti Febianti, Komang Trisna Pratiwi Arcana
As the impact of tourism, wine industry in Bali are growing rapidly in recent years. Hotels, restaurants and bars sell numerous amounts of wines. In general perspectives, the image of wine is very close to elegance, relaxation, hedonism, hospitality and tourism. Wines are also have a good pairing with...
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Entreneurs Perception of the Determination of Business Location in the Village Bakpia Pathok Yogyakarta

W. S. Novita, Vienna Artina.S, Florencia Okalira
Bakpia is Chinese-acculturation food with the local culture. There are 85 bakpia Pathok businesses with the scope of the domestic industry and small industry. The purpose of this study is to identify the perceptions of entrepreneurs on the factors that determine business location in the village bakpia...
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Quality of Jam Made from Banana King's Peel

Putu Eka Wirawan, I Nyoman Sudiarta
Jam is a food product with the consistency of gel or semi-solid made from pureed soup. Indonesian people with their increasing business schedule getting used to replace their breakfast menu with bread and jam. Utilization of banana peels in Indonesia has not been used for real, merely thrown away as...
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Candied Kolang-Kaling (Arenga Pinnata) with Dye Flower Extract Rosella as a Healthy Snacks for School Children

Yudhiet Fajar Dewantara, Tiurma Sinaga
Fiber is very important for human health. If we eat a diet rich in fiber it will keep us from health problems such as heart disease, constipation, cancer, diabetes and obesity. One source of food containing fiber are kolang-kaling (Arenga Pinnata) fruits. This study aims to formulate candied kolang-kaling...
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Formulations of Milk Cappuccino from Soy Milk with Evaluation Sensorys and Benefit of Health

Shafira Nindita, Zayyini Nahdlah
Cappuccino is beverage from Italy, made from espresso, heated milk, and whipped milk until frothy, but now people are beginning to use soy milk as an alternative milk in making cappuccino. Soy milk is product made from soy bean seed extract, but soy milk has beany flavour and has fat content lower than...
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The Strategy of Food Safety Handling Policy for Food Street Vendors as a Cultural Product and Culinary Tourism

Rina Rifqie Mariana, Kun Aniroh Muhrofi-G
The purpose of the study is to describe the existence of street food vendors from the point of view of education, environment, and economical aspect as a cultural product and culinary tourism as the source to publish the policy strategy in handling food street vendors. Methods used in this study is documentary...
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The Importance of ISO 2200 in Traditional Food in Indonesia, Case in Rendang Catering

Filma Festivalia, Dewi Savitri, Mimi Engrani
Not just a quality management system for the food industry as the important things, ISO 22000 which incorporate with Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP) and other preventive plans also need to be a apply soon to ensure food safety. In Indonesian cases, especially in meet food catering such as rendang...
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Gastronomy Tourism Attraction in Ternate City

Dewi Turgarini, Heni Pridia Rukmini Sari
Indonesia has a target of tourist arrivals in 2019, a total of 20 million tourists to visit. Ternate City is the one of government target to increase tourist visitation. They saw that this city has a a variety of tourism products especially the gastronomy who was known influences spice in Europe since...
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Study of Potential Culinary Products Made from Taro as a Culinary Attraction Towards the Motivation of Tourists in Bogor

Yustisia Pasfatima Mbulu, I Made Adhi Gunadi
The tourist attraction is a main mobilization that motivates tourists to visit a certain tourism destination. One of the current progressive tourist attractions is culinary tourism. This culinary tourism is also called gastronomic tourism in which tourists satisfy themselves with various meals from the...
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Development of Traditional Culinary Tourism Potential for Tourist Attraction in Lombok

Ayu Nurwitasari, Sri Fajar Ayuningsih
Diversity of traditional culinary in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, become a great potential to be developed as supporting services in the development of a tourist attraction. Culinary tourism be an alternative choice besides other types of travel such as cultural tourism, nature tourism and nautical tourism...
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Culinary Tourism Phenomenon in Cirebon

Myrza Rahmanita, Rina Suprina, H. Peri Puarag
Enjoying a typical food in Cirebon is one of the tourism activities carried out by the tourists when visiting Cirebon. Therefore, this study aims to determine the phenomenon of culinary tourism in Cirebon, especially from the visitors' perspective. Things observed among other are visitor characteristics,...
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The Correlation of Lifestyle and Features on Motivation to Purchase Sharia Compliant Hotel in Jakarta

Candra Hidayat
Muslim growth around the world is perhaps the most striking and Sharia is more popular and becoming the lifestyle of Muslim people today. Developed tourism for Muslim tourists services in hotels, restaurants and travel tours are really potential. The study was conducted to provide the author a better...
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The Analysis of Load and Need Factor for Roomboy at Housekeeping Department New Idola Hotel Jakarta

Ika Suryono Djunaid
This study aimed to determine how much workload given to room boy and labor productivity in the Housekeeping Department room boy New Idola Hotel Jakarta. The study consisted of two indicators of workload analysis and needs room boy namely: the amount of work (number of rooms) and working time (per hour)....
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Tourist Satisfaction on Culinary and Urban Tour in Sempur Park

Meizar Rusli, Teguh Pujiwioto
Culinary And Urban Tour business competition cannot currently be executed only based on intuition and foresight but must go through good management and the right marketing techniques. The exact marketing techniques cannot work without good communication from the manager which will be delivered to the...
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Sustainable Tourism Development through Events for the Culture Preservation

Amirosa Ria Satiadji
Bali is a province with the highest number of tourist destination in Indonesia, and the capital city is Denpasar. To make the Balinese culture can sustain, the government of Denpasar city creates events for the culture preservation. This research will study the uniqueness and success of the culture preservation...
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Cruise Ship: the Backbone of Future Tourism Industry in Indonesia

Tarsisius Catur Budi Nugraha
Indonesia considers the cruise ship industry as a potential source of economic growth. The paper discusses the cruise ship as the backbone of future tourism industry in Indonesia. The aim of the study is to provide some evidences of the discussion. The results of the study aim to help the stakeholders...
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Role of Social Media in the Promotion of 'Hidden Canyon' Tourism Object

Ni Wayan Rena Mariani, Firlie Lanovia Amir
In tourism sectors, social media used by tourism stakeholder to market the tourism product and build relationship with customer. Social media plays a vital role in tourim marketing and spreading information. Social media introduces several new tourism objects to the public. One of the tourism objects...
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The Influence of Food Blogger to the Intention of Consuming Healthy Food

Theodosia C. Nathalia, Carla Kansius, Eunice Felicia, Ida Ayu Amanda Kalpikasari
The purpose of this study is to examine consumer behavior towards review and recommendation of food blogger regarding healthy eating lifestyle and to know whether there is a relation between food bloggers review and recommendation to healthy eating and consumer behavioral intention. The unit analysis...
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Travelling With Heart: Role of Wanderlust Indonesia as a Creative Travel Provider

Novita Indah Mulyaningrum, Deari Hanifa Karismawandri
Travel provider has important role as tourism service tool. Most travel providers have intention to contribute advancing tourism destination by offering the most appealing tour package. This study aims to understand the role of Wanderlust Indonesia as one of the travel providers who accommodates creative...
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Foreign Tourist's Perception towards Balinese Traditional Food Provided by Restaurants in Bali

Made Arya Astina, Ketut Muliadiasa
Food is a significant aspect of the tourist's experience of a destination. Bali is one of the most popular tourist's destination in the world. This research is about foreign tourist's perception towards balinese traditional food The aims of this research are (1) to know about foreign tourist's perception...
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The Balinese Cooking and Language Class as a Tourism Attraction of Special Interest

Francisca Titing Koerniawaty, Ni Komang Nariani, I Made Sudjana
The study aim is to design and develop the Balinese cooking and language class as a tourism attraction of special interest in Bedulu, Gianyar Bali to create an atmosphere that is really close to Balinese culture, in turn will create a travel experience which is more experimental and memorable for the...
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The Influence of Destination and Transportation on Tourist Satisfaction and its Impact on the Loyalty of the Tourists Visiting the North Sumatera Lake Toba

Ferry Panjaitan, Juliater Simarmata
The aim of this research is to examine and find out the influence of destination, transportation and tourist satisfaction on the loyalty of the tourists visiting Lake Toba both partially and simultaneously. The population in this research is all the tourists who visit Lake Toba in 2015, and the number...
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Halal Japanese Culinary as Attraction for Muslim Travellers to Visit Japan

Dina Hariani
Nowadays, many Muslim tourist who do travelling. One of the countries visited for travelling is Japan. Japan became the country's favorite foreign tourists visited by because Japan has a lot of tourist destinations, cultural, and culinary that attract many tourist . It is a concern for Muslim tourists...
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Swot Analysis for Cultural Sustainable Tourism at Denpasar City Case Study: SWOT Analysis in Puri Agung Jro Kuta

A. Arun Suwi Arianty Ayu
Puri Agung Jro Kuta is one cultural tourist destination in Denpasar, Bali which is not yet explored. Denpasar as a capital city of Bali is very famous with Sanur Beach, but only a few tourists know about Puri Agung Jro Kuta as a cultural tourist destination. The aim of this research is to identify the...
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The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing to Introduce Tenun Products

I Gusti Ayu Melistyari Dewi
Products are part of tourism attraction that has most important role in attracting tourists to visit particular tourism spot. In the progress, some tourism products will be competing at each other to get the interest of the tourists. Many have done many things to introduce their tourism products that...
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Strategic Planning of Cultural Tourism at Pura Panti Timbrah, Paksebali, Klungkung Study Case: SWOT Analysis of Dewa Mesraman Attraction

I Gusti Ayu Eka Suwintari
Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is also a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Relief and topography of the island which has beaches, volcanoes and lakes, causing the island of Bali as one tourist destination is very popular with tourists both domestic and foreign tourists....
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The Effects of Internal Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees Performance Through Organizational Commitment in Hospitality Industry

Rina Ekawati, Ari Djanuar Prasetyo
This study aims to find the implementation of Internal CSR, then exploring the effects of internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) that impact on employee's performance through organizational commitment in hospitality industry. The author used the questionnaires which distributed to the employees...
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The Demand of Local Based SPA Products Ingrediens in Several Major SPA Destination in Bali

Komang Shanty Muni Parwati
The Spa industry has been influencing the development of the hospitality industry in Bali for more than a decade. Spa facilities in Bali accommodate a variety of Spa service demands that are inspired by the local culture. These offer comfort, relaxation, luxury and stress-free, with the traditional touch...
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The Propensity of Household to go on Vacation, Indonesia

Dwini Handayani, Sartika Djamaluddin
The propensity to go on a vacation for Indonesian family is predicted to increase. Despite this, every household will still consume leisure activities but how much it consume depends on its income and preference. It becomes important for the goverment not only to prepare and study who are the foreign...
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Improvement Possibilities of Rural Tourism in Kampung Nelayan Marunda North Jakarta

Rachmat Hidayat, Mellia Jeneetica
Tourism in rural areas now is not only a reality, needs and desires of tourists, but also the holder of an instrument of rural development. Rural tourism combines different forms of tourism and therefore represents an opportunity for the involvement of different segments of the local community to participate...
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Dieng Culture Festival and its Culture Conservation Dilemma

Agung Setiawan
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate community-based tourism activities, the Dieng Culture Festival (DCF). The methods used is descriptive qualitative in case study and utilize the concept of cultural and tourism event for analysis. The results will be used as improvement for tourism activities planning...
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Visitors Push Motivation Factors to Visit Seren Taun Reconstructive Ceremony in Sindang Barang Cultural Village Bogor, Indonesia

Seruni Dinitri
Sindang Barang cultural village is one of valuable places in Bogor that very rich of historical and cultural value such Seren Taun as a traditional ceremony per year. Since 2005, Seren Taun in Sindang Barang Cultural Village has undergone several developments and has been reconstructed as a part of industrial...
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Recognition of Traditional Games in Indonesia as Cultural Preservation Efforts Through Special Event

Maria Pia Adiati
This research discusses the introduction to build the awareness and recognition of the traditional games in this country. The existence of these traditional games start to be erased along with the movement of the era. This threatened existence cause many children and youth, as the main actor in the preservation...
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Tourism Development Impact Toward Culture Changes in Globalization Era in Central Java

Sri Yuwanti
Tourism as source of foreign exchange and country's business opportunities for the community doesn't mean come without risks, especially in the sphere of local culture. On one hand tourism introduces the uniqueness of local culture. On the other hand, cultural tourism introduces the 'other' culture brought...
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Hotel Revenue Management Implementation in Hotel

Arif Zulkarnain, Anita Swantari, Haryo Wicaksono
Hotel Revenue Management is the application of information systems and pricing strategies that sell the right place to the right customers at the right time and in the right time frame. Implementation of hotel revenue management is done through the seven steps that aim to identify and resolve problems...
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Halal Tourism Development Strategy Program in Indonesia

Suesilowati Suesilowati, Rina Ekawati
This study aims to identify opportunities and challenges of halal tourism as well as internal and external environment conditions accordingly strategies for halal tourism development program in Indonesia can be formulated. Data is collected through observation, interview and questionnaire. Researcher...
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Influence of Brand Equity Towards Perceived Value in 5 Star Hotel at Jakarta

Regina Dewi Hanifah, Agustinus Sri Wahyudi, Nurbaeti Nurbaeti
The purpose of this study was to examine hotel's brand equity by measuring Aakers four dimensions including brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand awareness and brand association, and to investigate the relationships brand equity and customer perceived value. This research is using quantitative data...
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Measurement of Visitor's Satisfaction through Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method About Servicescape

Pasaribu Pasaribu, Waryono Waryono, Ronaldi Saputra
This research is motivated by the visitor's complaints about servicescape at the visitor Attraction of Ngalau Indah Cave in Payakumbuh city. The research objective was to determine the extent to which level of visitor satisfaction about servicescape Attraction in Ngalau Indah Cave in Payakumbuh, consisting...
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The Role of Higher Education in Tourism Village Capacity Development

Fetty Asmaniati, Husen Hutagalung, Triana Rosalina Dewi
This article emphasizes on the role or social responsibility of higher education as an agent of change. Community-based tourism in the form of tourism village badly requires such roles and responsibilities of higher education institution, especially the tourism higher education institutions. This institution...
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Determinant of Willingness to Pay and Economic Value for Ecotourism Object Using Contingent Valuation Method : The Case of Rawapening, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Sri Subanti, Inaki Maulida Hakim, Ahmad Daerobi, M. Safar Nasir, Arif Rahman Hakim
The purpose of this study is to determine the factors of willingness to pay for quality improvement and to estimates of economic value for ecotourism object in Rawapening, Semarang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This study use contingent valuation method. The study uses lake visitors were...
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Tourism Development Strategy Betawi Cultural Village Jagakarsa Jakarta (Case Study On Setu Babakan Jakarta)

Shinta Teviningrum, Armaini Akhirson
Indonesia is a country that rich with natural resources and tourism, so does Jakarta as the capital city which recently succesfully attract foreign tourists. That is because Jakarta has begun unfolding its tourism elements including Setu Babakan that located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. The data in this...
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Improving Competitive Tourism with Branding Strategy

Titus Indrajaya
As a member of G20 country, group of countries with large economy, Indonesia should has a strong national branding and needs to raise the competitiveness in the international level. Indonesia has "Wonderful Indonesia" that is able to sell the beauty of marine tourism, cultural uniqueness and diversity...
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The Spatial Development for Rammang-Rammang Nature-Based Tourism Area in Maros Regency South Sulawesi

Nurul Wahdaniyah, Ismah Pudji Rahayu Ishak, Andi Idham Asman, Despry Nur Annisa
This research was conducted in Rammang-Rammang Maros, South Sulawesi Province. Rammang-Rammang located in Barrier Mountains Limestone (karst) Maros-Pangkep, precisely located in the village of the District Salenrang Bontoa, Maros. This attraction in the form of natural attractions and travel prehistoric...
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Increasing the Value of Tourism of Tangga Buntung Musi River Banks, South Sumatra as Tourism Destination Through English for Tourism Training Program

Muhammad Arif Ramadhan, Sheilla Noveta Asmaruddin
The purpose of this paper is to give solutions towards issues that arise within the area of Tangga Buntung Musi River Banks in relation with the development of tourism. Furthemore, this paper highlights several research of developing English Training Program within several communities in Indonesia. One...
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Could Certification on Sustainable Tourism Result in Destination Loyalty

Diena Mutiara Lemy, Amelda Pramezwary
The purpose of this study is to conceptualize a model of sustainable tourism development certification in a destination which can result on destination loyalty and to find out whether the accountability of the destination in turning the certification standards tangible to the tourists can create positive...
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The Influence of Travel Agent, Infrastructure and Accommodation on Tourist Satisfaction

Juliater Simarmata, Yuliantini Yuliantini, Yulianti Keke
The aim of this research is to examine and find out the influence of travel agent, infrastructure and accommodation on tourism satisfaction visiting tourist attraction bukit lawang North Sumatera. The population in this study are all the tourists visiting Bukit Lawang, the number of samples set 10 X...
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Rural Tourism as a System Innovation: Social Transformation in a Protected Area

A. F. Rachman, C. Suryono
Rural area in Wonorejo is an agriculture and fisherman based village. The village bordered by Baluran National Park. Conflicting between locals and the national park happened because of exploration of natural resources by locals. Tourism concept taken as a solution for the conflict. This is a social...
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Destination Branding as a Strategy to Increase Positive Image of Indonesia

Carly Stiana Scheffer, Sumampouw Sumampouw
The effort to increase the image of Indonesia as a country, both internally and externally, has been a continuous homework. In Public Relations, the subject is called PR program or PR campaign. Whilst, President Jokowi's administration has formulated "Nawa Cita" in leading this country, the Ministry...
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Marketing Strategy Formulation for Organic Restaurants in Sanur Tourism Area of Bali

I Gusti Ayu Dewi Hendriyani, I Nyoman Rinala, Putu Mira Astuti Pranadewi
The growth of tourism industry in Sanur Tourism Area has stimulated the growth of restaurant business on this area. Organic food is becoming most people concern for their health and begin as a lifestyle. There were around 7 organic restaurants on the Sanur Tourism Area. The objectives of this research...
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Tourists' Perceptions on Ecotourism Destination Brand (A Case Study Of Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk-Twaak)

Pir Owners
Ecotourism has been more and more popular nowadays especially for local tourists. It can be seen from the number of stories that can be found on Internet-usually by using blog in many platforms-telling the experiences to go to many ecotourism sites. Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk (TWAAK) in Jakarta has...
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A Study of Indigenous Tourism Product Development Case Study: The Baduy, South Banten, West Java

Komang Trisna Pratiwi Arcana, M. Rech, Kadek Wiweka
This phenomenon occurs in one of the indigenous village of Baduy tribes, where the village is "isolated" from modern development of urban areas. The data have been collected are then combined using two approaches both quantitative and qualitative or known as a "multi-method". Data obtained through questionnaires...
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City Branding: Tourism Marketing Strategy City of Padang

Fitri Adona, Lut Mafrudoh
A city considered to have qualified a strong brand if it has a history, the quality of the place, lifestyle, culture,and diversity of the marketable as a tourist and investment destination. Kota Padang is considered to have almost all of these qualifications, but a way of marketing their regions considered...
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What Makes Muslim Travellers Satisfied an Empirical Study of Indonesian Muslim Travelers to West Europe on a Group Tour

Farshal Hambali
Indonesia is the world largest country populated by Muslim, although the basis of the nation is secular and not based on Islam or Syariah. The total Muslim population in Indonesia is 207 Million ( This is a substantial market segment with special needs and requirement, travel...
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What Does It Take to Make The Proper Restaurant Design

Samuel PD Anantadjaya, Timotius Rachmat, Irma M. Nawangwulan, Aditya Nova Putra, Yoanita Alexandra, Livia Christie, Kevin Juliawan
From the field of study on marketing, consumer behavior is regarded as an important tool for an organization; it can help an organization develop their products or brands in a right path (Setiawan, 2011; Schiffman & Kanuk, 2009). It also helps an organization keep their customer satisfied by knowing...