Proceedings of the Fifth International Seminar on English Language and Teaching (ISELT 2017)

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Textual Enhancement-Based Grammar Instructional Design for English Students

Veni ROZA, Hermawati SYARIF, Desmawati RADJAB, M. ZAIM
The article was derived from an author's dissertation which was supervised by three promoters. Theresearch was designed to answer students' need in the field that they need current grammar teaching model which demands students to get involved actively in the learning process by noticing and discovering...
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Teaching Technology as Assisted Language Learning (TALL) Subject: How Does It Work?

Technology as Assisted Language Learning (TALL) subject with code ING-349 is a subject with 2 credits at the English Department of Bengkulu University and the subject is offered to students at the fifth semester. This compulsory subject is designed to help students with some applicable technologies which...
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Specific Features and Language Components of English Used by EFL Learners in Sundanese Cultural Context: A Case in a Paper Presentation Class

Erlina Zulkifli MAHMUD, Taufik AMPERA
What had happened to EFL learners now in our country needs to be reviewed and evaluated far back to the first learning process in their Elementary School or Junior High School. The language skills given in this level are focused more to Reading and Writing with Grammar as the core. EFL learners in Indonesia...
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The Implementation of BEDSRA Teaching Strategy in English for Accounting Classroom

The implementation of BEDSRA Teaching Strategy in English for Accounting Classroom at one of universities in Jambi Proven is proven. BEDSRA stands for Brainstorming, Exploring ideas, Discussion, Sharing ideas, Re-writing about ideas, and Assessment, it is a new strategy in teaching English for Specific...
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Intertextuality as the Strategy to Motivate Minangkabaunese Students to Do Learning Tasks

Since most students currently feel neglected to do learning task seriously and honestly, lecturers of English should find strategies which might contribute to the process of learning. One alternative strategy is using intertextuality when communicating learning tasks. Therefore, this research investigated...
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Picture of Students' Self-Esteem in Learning Speaking

Self-esteem is one of affective factors on students' speaking performance. Accordingly, this study elaborates students' self-esteem while they perform speaking tasks at English Study Program of University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB). The current study is set in frame of descriptive study in order...
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Utilizing Balabolka to Enhance Teaching Listening

Many Studies in language learning have indicated that listening becomes one of neglected literacy skill in learning English. This happen because it is the most difficult skill to teach. The purpose of the present article is to define the use of Balabolka as a current media which could help teacher in...
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The Experimental Research of Using Question-Answer Relationship (QAR) Strategy in Teaching Reading Comprehension for Indonesian Students in Junior High School

Auliatisny AZIZ, Celly Casuarina YASIN
This article is about teaching English on reading comprehension by using Question - Answer Relationship (QAR) Strategy for Indonesian Students in Junior High School. It aims to identify the effects of Question - Answer Relationship strategy (QAR) on reading comprehension ability of EFL students at eighth...
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An Appraisal of Linguistic Capital Behavior Among Acehnese EFL Learners

Nyak Mutia ISMAIL, Iskandar Abdul SAMAD, Siti Sarah FITRIANI
Nowadays, the power of English has changed people's perspectives toward their own native languages. Those who could speak English are recognized as knowledgeable persons. Nonetheless, traditional languages, Acehnese, should not be ignored, but it is preserved to avoid it from extinction. Literature has...
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Needs Analysis of English for Economic Management at Riau Kepulauan University

Needs analysis is a way of gathering information related to the beliefs, attitude, and opinion of the learner or the teacher. It can be used to minimize the gap among teacher, learners, and teaching materials. Needs analysis responds the learners' actual needs, and helps in making change and innovation...
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The Students' Responses on the Implementation of Student-Made Video Project in ESP Classroom to Train 21st Century Skills

Adelia PUSPA, Syahrial SYAHRIAL
English mastery and 21st century skills are two important considerations for every educator as education is striving to prepare today's students to become prepared for the competitive global market of tomorrow. In the previous study, the researcher had implemented student-made video project to develop...
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Teacher's Role as An Information Gatherer: A Hidden Part in Developing Learning in Context

Absharini KARDENA
Teaching English cannot be generally taught in the same ways to different students who have different backgrounds. Each student may have different purposes, learning styles, needs, interest and so on that may affect their successful in learning English. Students' backgrounds may influence their comprehension...
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Developing Information and Communication Technology - Based Learning Materials for Teaching English at University Level in a Distance Learning Context

The integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education has enhanced the power of teaching and learning process. ICTs have been used to deliver learning material through many tools such as email, blogs, YouTube, wiki, discussion boards, and others online application. Education...
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The Effect of Whats App in Blended Learning on English as Foreign Language (EFL) Undergraduate Students' Reading Comprehension

This research aimed to investigate the effect of WhatsApp in blended learning on EFL undergraduate students' reading comprehension ability. This was an experimental research with participants of students at second semester at one private college in Pekanbaru-Riau, Indonesia. The 20 students were randomly...
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Encouraging Critical Literacy Development through Extensive Reading Activity in an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Context

This study is an attempt to address the issue of how extensive reading (ER) as a supplementary reading approach is able to encourage students' critical literacy. Further, how ER influences students' perception of critical literacy related to students' viewpoint of the texts is examined thoroughly. ER...
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Does Grammatical Accuracy Affect Request Strategy Use?

I Nyoman Suka SANJAYA, I Made Ardana PUTRA, Anak Agung Raka SITAWATI, Ni Ketut SUCIANI
The present study was aimed at examining whether grammatical accuracy was a significant predictor of use of request strategy (direct or indirect) in second language performance. Participants were 39 seventh semester students (29 males and 10 females) majoring in International Business Management at one...
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Ignition Pedagogy: An Alternative to Improve Students' Competence, Conscience, and Compassion

In this globalization era, to be able to communicate in English is an advantage when a fresh graduate wants to apply for a job. Due to this point, UniversitasSanata Dharma requires the students who study in the non-English Departments to pass at least B2 level of CEFR. And to be able help the students...
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The Need for Authentic Assessment for Speaking Skills at Junior High School

Authentic assessment is the process of gathering information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge and skill as a result of their educational experiences. Junior High School' teachers still have problems...
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The Linguistic Choices in Reproducing Ideology of a Local Folktale

The purpose of this paper is to identify and describe the linguistic selection in reproducing the ideology in a folktale. Folktales as literatures for children carry didactic ideologies [1] However, the ideologies tend to be transparent by selectively employing linguistic items. Folktales also consequently...
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Students' Background Diversity, Their VAK Learning Style and Lectures Teaching Strategies

As it is seen everywhere, many learners are interested in studying English-whether it is because they want to or because they need to. Those learners come from different countries with different races, cultures, occupations, and economic levels. Therefore, the researcher is interested to analyze about...
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Jargon in English Parliamentary Debating and Its Implementation in English Teaching

Ni Kadek Ary SUSANDI, Furqanul HAKIM, Ni Wayan Novi SURYATI
The fact that language changes is indisputable and inevitable. The nature of language that is very dynamic - following the development of the society leads to the emergence of linguistics variation. Linguistics variation is believed to rely heavily on people's live and interactions. Hudson states (1981:...
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Developing Competence, Conscience, and Compassion through Reflective Pedagogy

This paper outlines how Reflective Pedagogy contributes to the development of students' holistic learning by developing their competence, conscience, and compassion in Speaking class. The application of Reflective Pedagogy, which sets out a learning cycle from context understanding to evaluation, and...
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Multimedia Based Teaching Materials for Sociolinguistics Course: A Research and Development Project (First Stage)

Mukhaiyar MUKHAIYAR, Refnaldi REFNALDI, Salam MAIRI
It is believed that good teaching materials are the ones derived from sufficient need analysis, environment analysis, and supported by the dynamic development of knowledge and technology. This study aims to develop multimedia based teaching materials for Sociolinguistics course of the English Teaching...
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Recognizing Discourse Markers as One of the Essential Components for Assisting Students in Acquiring Natural English Communication

As can be seen today, English has been used in most countries in the world. However, not many of the countries use English as their first or second language including Indonesia. The countries still use English as their foreign language in which the language is not spoken in daily communication. It causes...
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The English Language Usage of Teachers' Spoken Language in the Classroom Interaction

As it is the case in all the other professions, English teachers need to have competencies in English so called - English proficiency, a major content knowledge for EFL teachers. They should have, part of them is the knowledge of the language i.e. knowledge about English grammar or English usage in order...
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A Teaching and Learning Practice Incorporating Students" Own Goal and Their Institutional Goal in Big-Sized English Classes

This paper reports a study on a teaching and learning practice in three big-sized English classes incorporating the learning goal set by the students and that by their institution, which investigated three questions: 1) What do the students perceive at a text-based teaching and learning?; 2) What problems...
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"Alternative" Assessment: Performance Tests in Microteaching Class

The aim of the research was to find out whether alternative assessment for performance tests in microteaching class at English study program FKIP UIR was suitable. This research was based on the preliminary studies in English study program in teaching and learning process of Microteaching class. The...
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Roles of Conjunction in Developing Cohesion-Based Ideas: A Study in Speaking Class

Many researches on English as second language have been conducted in various countries with different first languages. One of the researches is analyzing the second language acquisition of English. This research discusses the progress of the students'English skills in speaking class. It describes the...
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Exploring and Describing Lexical and Grammatical Feature of English Used in Contract

As international or global language, English has played its vital role as a means of international communication for many years. Most of people over the world have used it in many international business transactions. In term of legal transactions, for example, English has been used in legal contract....
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Enhancing Intercultural and Interlingual Communication of EFL Learners' Ability through English Literature

This article emphasizes the fundamental role of English Literature in enhancing intercultural and interlingual communication of EFL learners'ability. Language and culture are bound together which can not be separated when people interact and communicate each other. Language is vital factor in interaction...
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Reading Experiences on the Personal Exploration of Reading Histories of Students of FKIP Universitas Riau

Syofia DELFI
Students' reading experiences are meaningful to be explored in order to attract their interest in reading. This study aimed to explore how the English department students of FKIP Universitas Riau experienced reading based on Exploring Personal Reading Histories. It was a case study and the data were...
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Teachers' Need for Authentic Assessment to Assess Writing Skill at Grade VII of Junior High Schools in Teluk Kuantan

Authentic assessment is the process of gathering information by teachers about students' progress and achievement. It is done by using several activities that are relevant and closely related to daily life. The use of authentic assessment cannot be separated from teachers' need on it. This article aims...
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The Implementation of Scientific Approach for Teaching English in Senior High School: Voices from the Field

This paper is aimed at reporting the results of a qualitative study investigating how English teachers implement the Scientific Approach (SA) for teaching English in a Senior High School in Pekanbaru. This study is particularly intended to answer three research questions: 1) What is teachers' understanding...
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Engaging Students in Learning English Syntax through Text Analysis

Hermawati SYARIF
Due to the boredom of students in learning syntax, a meaningful strategy should be created. This paper describes the activities of students in learning English syntax through text analysis for their mastery. It covers the discussion of forms from the texts given. In the meantime, the data were collected...
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The Readability of Reading Texts in English Textbook Used by Senior High School Students in West Sumatera

Miftaahurrahmi MIFTAHURRAHMI, Fitrawati FITRAWATI, Hermawati SYARIF
Readability is one of the criteria to choose reading texts for students. Brown (2012) says that readability is a concept that describes the degree to which a text is easy or difficult to read. Also, Arias (2007) mentions that the material selected needs to be suitable for the students' level. This research...
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The Language Interference in English Speaking Skill for EFL Learners

This paper examines the language interference in English speaking skill. The interference was influenced by the mother tongue of the learners. Therefore, this study explains the forms of language interference in the students' speaking skill and the factors affecting the language interference. In addition,...
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The Development of English Textbook Based on Problem-Based Learning for Junior High School Class VII as the Implementation of Curriculum 2013

Elmiati ELMIATI, Suharni SUHARNI, Yelliza YELLIZA
The purpose of this research was developing of English textbook of Problem Based Learning for Junior High School Class VII as the implementation of Curriculum 2013. This research was the continuation of the previous research about evaluation of English Textbook Entitled When English Rings the Bell for...
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Specific Features and Language Components of English Used by EFL Learners in Sundanese Cultural Context: A Case in a Paper Presentation Class

Erlina Zulkifli MAHMUD, Taufik AMPERA
What had happened to EFL learners now in our country needs to be reviewed and evaluated far back to the first learning process in their Elementary School or Junior High School. The language skills given in this level are focused more to Reading and Writing with Grammar as the core. EFL learners in Indonesia...
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Acceptability Translation Result of "KATAKU Version 1.1 and Trans Tool 10 Rar"

This study aimed to analyze the quality of accuracy, readability and acceptability of translation result of "Kataku 1.1" and "TransTool 10 rar" software programs. The researcher gave 75 questionnaires distributed and 56 respondents completed the forms and returned them to the researcher. The method used...
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Reflection on Action: The Use of Reflective Journal Plus Video Recording

This article discusses a partial result of a study conducted to look at the implementation of reflective teaching to improve student-teachers' pedagogic competence in Micro Teaching Class and Teaching Practicum subject. The focus of this report is to describe the use of reflective journals plus video...
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EFL Students' Learning Style in English as General Course at Universitas Negeri Padang

Aryuliva ADNAN, Leni MARLINA
Higher education institutions attempt to improve the predicament of high failure and dropout rates by improving the quality of teaching and learning. Awareness of learning styles could help students understand how they learn and empower them to take ownership of their learning so that they persevere...
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Identity in Life Writing of M.E. Jordan's Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land as an Alternative Discussion in Pursuing English Literature Learning for EFL College Students

EFL college students in Indonesia mostly tend to analyse classic literary works or Young Adult Literature. Actually they have chance to do an alternative discussion on life writing in literature class, for instance on Marry Ellen Jordan's Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land (BMYIAL), published in 2008. It...