Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium Innovations in Life Sciences (ISILS 2019)

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Effect of Sprouted and Extruded Grain in Composition of Fodder Mixtures on Digestibility of Dairy Cows Diet Nutrients

Nikolai Shvetsov, Vyacheslav Kotarev, Aleksandr Kovrigin, Mariya Shvetsova
The experiment was carried out according to the following scheme. In the first group (control), all wheat, barley and corn grains were fed in flattened form, in the second, third and fourth groups 50% of the wheat, barley and corn grain mass (half the daily supply) was prepared in various ways. In the...
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Questions of Authentication and Standardization of White Varieties of Ceylon Tea Imported to Russia

Alexandr Simakov, Elena Artemova, Inna Simakova, Natalia Durnova, Elena Didusenko, Nina Myachikova
The article raises questions concerning the reasons for the falsification of white tea varieties in Russia, the possibility of determining its authenticity by instrumental and sensory methods. The technological process and parameters of brewing leaves of white tea varieties, for example, silver tea,...
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The study of the antibacterial and antimycotic activity of nanostructures based on antibiotics, plant extracts and salts metals

Alexandr Sirotin, Alexandr Krolevets, Violetta Klyueva, Nikita Lyakhovchenko, Vladislav Senchenkov
The antibacterial activity of nanostructures based on antibiotics, plant extracts and metal salts against Escherichia.coli, Staphylococcus sp. and Aspergillus niger was shown. A statistically significant increase in the inhibition effect of ceftriaxone in the poludan was shown by 33,3%, copper sulfate...
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Influence of Medicinal Plant Extracts on the Number of Columns of Strain Escherichia Coli

Valentina Skorbach, Yulia Kurkina
The effect of extracts of medicinal plants from the families Lamiaceae and Asteraceae on the growth and development of the bacterial culture of Escherichia coli is question for discus. The strain of Escherichia coli was chosen as the object of the study. Extracts of medicinal plants pippermint, salvia...
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Analysis of the Genetic Structure of the Populations of Marsh Frog (Pelophylax Ridibundus) in the Impact Territories of the City of Belgorod on the Basis of Microsatellite Markers of DNA

Eduard Snegin, Anatoliy Barkhatov, Elena Snegina
On the basis of SSR-method the genetic structure of marsh frog populations (Pelophylax ridibundus) in the urbanized area of Belgorod and its suburbs was studied. The data obtained indicate a high level of genetic variability in the populations studied. The heterozygosity level was equal to He=0.731±0.027,...
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Opportunities for Using of Eleutherococcuses Fruits as a New Food Raw Material

Ekaterina Solomonova, Nikolay Trusov, Tatiana Nozdrina
The purpose of study is to identify possibilities of using fruits of eleutherococcuses Eleutherococcus senticosus Rupr. & Maxim. аnd Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus Rupr. & Maxim., which are undergoing introduction tests in arboretum of N.V. Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Science,...
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Ways of Medication Administration Improving for Treating Pregnant Women with Acute Respiratory Viral Infection

Irina Spichak, Yuliia Murashko, Olga Vladimirova
The article presents the results of the research aimed at Medication Administration improving for pregnant woman with acute respiratory viral. During this social research a medical and social portrait of woman with acute respiratory viral was developed, the analysis of satisfaction and preferences in...
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Marketing Analysis of Additional Services Provided by Pharmacies

Irina Spichak, Natalia Grigorenko, Ekaterina Boyko, Alina Ivashchenkova
The article presents the concept of marketing analysis of the additional services provided in pharmacies in the city of Belgorod. The authors carried out the assessment of customers' satisfaction with the quality of the additional services provided in the pharmacies in the city of Belgorod. Also the...
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Improvement of Drug Supply for Women with Climacteric Disorders

Irina Spichak, Tatyana Babanina, Irina Zhirova
The article presents the results of improving the drug supply for women with menopausal disorders at the regional level. A sociological study of women with climacteric disorders as a consumer of pharmaceutical care has been conducted. Marketing analysis of the Russian and regional pharmaceutical markets...
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Optimization of Drug Provision for Children with Diseases of Autonomic Nervous System under Inpatient Treatment

Irina Spichak, Olga Vladimirova, Irina Zhirova
The article presents the results of the optimization of the drug supply for children with disorders of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) under inpatient treatment at the regional level; a socio-demographic portrait of a child affected with autonomic dysfunction syndrome has been developed; a pharmacoeconomic...
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Marketing Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market of Drugs for Weight Disorder Treatment

Alena Spichak, Galina Glembotskaya, Galina Varenykh, Irina Zhirova
The article presents the results of a marketing research of the Russian pharmaceutical market of drugs for the treatment of weight disorders - overweight and underweight. Macrocontours have been developed, the main trends in market formation have been identified.
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Safety study of jelly (kissel) concentrates in the in vivo experiments

Viktoriya Strizhevskaya, Vladimir Salautin, Inna Simakova, Ekaterina Volf, Maksim Maradudin
The aim of this paper was to study the influence on morpho-functional indicators of the organism of experimental animals by regular consumption of jelly (kissel) concentrates in industrial production in comparison with the jelly (kissel) prepared according to the set of technical standards. The impact...
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Prospective Trends in Biotechnology for Biofuel

Armen Trchounian
The development of clean alternative biofuel, including biohydrogen, is of great significant interest. One method for biohydrogen is dark and light fermentation when hydrogenases are responsible enzymes for H2 metabolism. A further development of biotechnology for H2 production can be directed in the...
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Dynamics of the Accumulation of the Biologically Active Substances Sanguisorba Officinalis L. Depending on Vertical Zonal

Boris Tsugkiev, Larisa Gagieva, Vladimir Cherniavskih, Elena Dumacheva, Svetlana Korolkova
The species Sanguisorba officinalis L. is widespread in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania and is promising for the study and practical use of the pharmacological and food industry. The aim of the work is to analyze the dynamics of biologically active substances in the phytomass S. officinalis depending...
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Clarification of the irritating and toxic effects of bentonite-like clays

Alexander Vezentsev, Vladimir Bukhanov, Alexander Lopanov, Nikolay Zuev, Ulyana Krut, Galina Shaidorova
This article studies the action and biocompatibility of the developed montmorillonite-containing preparation “Sorbent” on experimental animals with its long-term use. The local irritating effect of the “Sorbent” preparation was evaluated by its effect on the gastric mucosa of animals with experimental...
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Obtaining and Characterization of Volatile Oils from Aromatic Plants

Lidia-Ioana Virchea, Cecilia Georgescu, Monica Mironescu
The aim of this study was to extract the volatile oils from some aromatic plants and to investigate their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. The volatile oils were isolated from dried parts of plants by hydro distillation using a neo-Clevenger apparatus. The volatile oils of basil (Ocimum basilicum),...
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Plasmapheresis for Comprehensive Treatment of Surgical Sepsis in Dogs

Ilya Volodin, Aleksandr Bezin, Alevtin Miftakhutdinov, Tatyana Shnyakina, Aleksandr Shudrik, Svetlana Kontsevaya, Viktor Bezin
The paper dwells upon treatment of surgical sepsis in dogs by extracorporeal detoxification. Data were sampled from 32 dogs of various breeds, aged 4 to 12, weighing 20 to 68 kilogram, treated against surgical sepsis at the Panacea Veterinary Hospital, Chelyabinsk; the dogs were divided into the experimental...
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Amount of Total Protein and fluctuating asymmetry of Betula pendula in Various Ecological Conditions

Tatyana Vostrikova, Olga Zemlyanukhina, Vladislav Kalaev
The study was made about parameters of fluctuating asymmetry of the birch leaf blade and amount of total soluble protein of the seed progeny of Betula pendula in areas of Central Black Earth Region in different environmental conditions. The environmental impact on trees of weeping birch and its seed...
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Expediency of "FITOS" BAA Nutritional Intervention in the Diet of Laying Hens

Olga Yastrebova, Ivan Boyko, Svetlana Kontsevaya, Alexander Dobudko, Viacheslav Syrovitskiy, Pavel Gorodov
The influence of "FITOS" BAA on the natural resistance of laying hens and their productivity was studied. It was found that it improves the physiological state of the chickens and increases egg production.
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Search of New Opportunities of Pharmacological Protection at the Early Stages of a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Associated With Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Elena Zhilyakova, Tatyana Golivets, Zoya Tsvetkova, Diana Dubonosova
This article provides the rationale for the pharmacological correction of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is due to the fact that non-alcoholic steatohepatosis of the liver is a slowly progressing disease. Most often, non-alcoholic steatohepatosis progresses to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis,...
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Development of Methods For Quantitative Determination of Polyphenols in Grass Pentaphylloides Fruticosa (L.) O. Schwarz.

Elena Zhilyakova, Oleg Novikov, Dmitriy Pisarev, Liliya Zolotareva
The purpose of this study was to develop a method of quali-tative and quantitative assessment of biologically active sub-stances of P. fruticosa L. herb. As object of study was used P. fruticosa L. herb. We used the method of high performance liquid chromatography in reversed-phase variant. As a result...
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Prospects of Using Freons as Extractants of Curcuma Longa L. Root Essential Oil

Elena Zhilyakova, Oleg Novikov, Dmitriy Pisarev, Nikolay Boyko, Konstantin Nikitin
the purpose of the present study was a comparative study of the ability of some freons to extract the essential oil of the roots of C. longa L. and to provide optimal conditions for its analy-sis. The dried, crushed roots of C. longa L. were used as raw materials (country of origin - Uganda). Methoxynonafluorobu-tane...
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Validation of Quantitative Determination Methods for Fexofenadine Hydrochloride and Cyanocobalamine in Separate Ophthalmological Dosage Forms Using UV-Spectrophotometry Instrumentation

Elena Zhilyakova, Nabel Mohamad, Abdulhadi Bakri, Denis Naplekov, Diana Martseva
Aim of this study is validation of quantitative determination methods for Fexofenadine hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamine in separate ophthalmological dosage forms using UV-spectrophotometry instrumentation. Assay tests of the studied ophthalmological dosage forms were carried out using the APIs and reagents...
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Biological Control of Early Blight on Potato Caused by Alternaria Solani by Some Bioagents

Alaa Aldiba, Ivan Escov
Early blight (Alternaria solani) is a potential disease of tomato that reduces its production globally both in conventional and tunnel cultivations. Due to variability in pathogenic isolates, prolonged active disease cycle phase and broad host range early blight is very difficult to manage. 8 microorganisms...
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Study of the Regularities of Inhibition by Organic Acids of the Enzyme Complex Wheat Germ

Tatyana Alekseeva, Yulia Kalgina, Nadezhda Agaeva, Daria Tokareva
Wheat germ - a product of deep processing of wheat grain is a native plant component with high nutritional and biological value. Due to the valuable biochemical composition and high functional and technological properties of the wheat germ, it has significant prospects for use in food, confectionery,...
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Rhizospheric Bacteria, Destructors of Toxic Aromatic Compounds

Tatiana Anokhina, Tatiana Esikova, Valetina Polivtseva, Leila Iminova, Inna Solyanikova
Bacteria capable of degradation of a number of toxic organic compounds (aromatic hydrocarbons, n-alkanes, phenol and its chlorinated derivatives) were isolated from the rhizosphere of plants growing on “clean” and oil-contaminated soil. The most active strain, Lysinibacillus sp. Fg1 was able to utilize...
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Structure and Statistics of Mortality in Pig Feeding Groups on Industrial Type Farms in 2009-2019

Victoria Balabanova, Anatoly Kudriashov
The aim of the work was to diagnose diseases through autopsy and additional examinations and to determine the mortality structure and statistics in pigs of fattening groups on pig farms of industrial type. The objects of the study were 626 pigs from 15 pig «farrow-to-finish» farms in a number of regions...
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Isolation of Local Shewanella sp. Strain from Vezjolka River at Belgorod District in Belgorod Region, Russia

Irina Batlutskaya, Evgeniy Selliverstov, Dmitriy Myagkov, Nikita Lyakhovchenko, Vladislav Senchenkov
The work describes the procedures used to isolate microorganisms and the initial determination of Shewanella sp. from the Vezjolka River, Belgorod Region of Russia. The isolates obtained during isolation are characterized by signs corresponding to those declared by the authors of the recipe for selective...
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Systemic Analysis of the Stabilization of the Biotechnological Properties of Liquid Rye Leaven With the Introduction of Nutritious Plant Material

Elena Belokurova, Nikita Sotnikov, Alexey Skrypnikov, Sergey Belokurov
This paper considers the possibility of intensification of biochemical processes, stabilization of biotechnological properties of semi-finished bakery products, in particular, liquid rye leaven and reduction of the production cycle by the introduction of biogenic plant raw materials, composition of herbal...
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Development of Drugs for Treatment of Mortellaro’s Disease in Cattle

Natalya Belyakova, Anatolyi Kovalenko, Yuliya Bodrova
The root cause of premature culling of animals from the herd as a result of diseases and injuries is a lesion of distal portions of limbs of an infectious etiology, which include Mortellaro’s disease. Mortellaro's disease affects up to 60 percent of the cattle in Russia. BelNano was developed, consisting...
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The indicators of cardiorespiratory system in rats in conditions of chronic hypokinetic stress on the background of normal and restricted nutrition

Elena Birukova, Dmitry Zima, Evgeniya Zyablitskaya, Oleg Bezrukov, Tatyana Makalish, Leilya Shaymardanova
The article is devoted to the study of indicators of the cardiorespiratory system in rats of different sexes under conditions of chronic hypokinetic stress (HK), on the background of normal nutrition, and also in conditions of long-term restricted nutrition (RN). It was shown that the 21-day exposure...
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Creation of Innovative Solutions for the Production of Composite Vegetable Oils Balanced in Fatty Acid Composition

Yury Boltenko, Vitaly Vasilenko, Larisa Frolova, Nadezhda Mikhailova, Ivan Dragan, Irina Semchenko
Modern nutrition science focuses on the creation of innovative technologies and increase the assortment of finished products with directional changes in chemical composition and properties with a view to implementation in the food industry. The problem of imbalance of PUFA in a diet of people is investigated....
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Classification and Systematics of Medical Clay

Alexander Bondarev, Elena Zhilyakova, Nina Bondareva, Daria Fadeeva
The aim of the work is to develop classification and systematics of Medical Clays. Tasks: to conduct screening marketing study of the pharmaceutical market of medical clays in Russia and neighboring countries; to develop classification and systematics of Medical Clays with their characteristics. The...
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Modern Collection Fund of the Laboratory of Ornamental Plants of the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a Source of Genetic Resources for Breeding

Irina Bondorina, Alexander Kabanov, Natalia Mamaeva, Julia Khokhlacheva, Galin Savelieva, Valentina Kudusova
The current policy of forming the collection fund of the laboratory of ornamental plants of the MBG RAS is aimed at creating not only large, but also unique collections that can be in demand in various aspects of research work. Thus one of the most actual and obvious basic directions of use of resources...
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A New Approach To Description Of Equilibrium State In The Extraction System Of Vegetal Raw Material-Extractant

Nikolay Boyko, Elena Zhilyakova, Oleg Novikov, Dmitriy Pisarev, Alexander Bondarev, Denis Naplekov, Diana Martceva
Aim of this study is the theoretical justification and experimental confirmation of new approach to description of equilibrium state in extraction system vegetal raw material-extractant. In framework of this study the milled raw material was used containing the particles sized 0,1-0,5 mm: roots and rhyzomes...
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Study of Perfluoro Organic Solvent Novec 1230 Extraction Properties in Regards to Low Polar Substances from Plant Raw Materials

Nikolay Boyko, Elena Zhilyakova, Oleg Novikov, Dmitriy Pisarev, Alexander Bondarev, Zoja Tsvetkova, Elena Timoshenko, Tatjana Pankrusheva
The purpose of this work is an experimental study of the extraction properties of Novec 1230 perfluoro organic solvent in regards to various types of low-polar biologically active substances from plant materials. For the study purposes, we used the following ground plant raw materials with particle size...
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The Effect of the Bicyclononan Derivative on the Conditioned Reflex of Passive Avoidance in Rats with Cerebral Ischemia

Galina Brkich, Natalia Pyatigorskaya, Andrey Nedorubov, Olga Filippova, Oleg Zyryanov
The aim of this study was to develop the effect of substance Z–109 - a bicyclononan derivative, presumably belonging to the class of ampakines on the memory of rats undergoing cerebral ischemia. The evaluation of mnestic functions was carried out on the model of the conditioned passive avoidance reflex....
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Pharmaceutical Composition Based on Two Innovative Chitosan-Containing Substances – The Chitosan-Chymopsin Complex and the Chitosan-Miramistin Complex – for Production of a Finished Dosage Form for the Treatment of Infected Wounds of Various Origins

Liliana Brkich, Tatiana Salnikova, Natalia Pyatigorskaya, Galina Brkich, Vasily Belyaev
Developed pharmaceutical composition based on two innovative chitosan-containing substances: the chitosan-chymopsin complex and the chitosan-miramistin complex, for the treatment of infected wounds in gel dosage form for external use has four types of pharmacological effects - necrolytic, antimicrobial,...
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Carotenoids of a New Russian Carrot Cultivar F1 “Rubinovaya”

Taisiya Burginskaya, Victor Deineka, Irina Blinova, Mikhail Tretiakov
New Russian F1 “Rubinovaya” cultivar of Daucus carota was found to be pink-colored due to biosynthesis of lycopene and β-carotene in relatively high overall level (up to 0.200 mg per 1 g of fresh weight, FW). The typical carotenoid composition of carrot roots with pink color were determined by proposed...
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The Role Of Inter-Species Hybridization In Expanding The Sortiment Of Plum

Julia Burmenko, Vladimir Simonov, Valery Vysotsky
As a result of hybridization of species: Prunus domestica L., Prunus salicina Lindl., Prunus rossica Erem., Prunus brigantina Vill., Prunus persica (L.) Batsch., Prunus armeniaca Lin., Prunus pumila L., Prunus spinosa L. crossed between Interspecific hybrids combining genomes of 2 or more species ((Prunus...
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Validation of the analytical method for Repaglinide residual amount determination on the surfaces of cleanrooms and pharmaceutical equipment by means of UV spectrophotometry

Andrey Bursakov, Nasima Abdrazakova, Elena Kryazheva, Olga Knysh, Ekaterina Vaseva, Ivan Glukharev
During the drugs production, one of the most important requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) is the equipment cleaning from active pharmaceutical substance residues, which has to be carried out to prevent cross-contamination in case of switching from the production of one drug to another....
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Bioscreening of the spacerized complex BIS (2-Pyridyl)-3-(1,2,4-Triazolyl) propane and 11-Hydroxy-1,1-Ethylidenediphosphonic acid

Elena Chuyan, Marina Ravaeva, Igor Cheretaev, Olga Kornilenko, Anastasia Furkovskaya, Elena Birukova
scientific work is devoted to the study of the biological activity spacerized complex bis(2-Pyridyl) -3- (1,2,4-Triazolyl) Propane And 11-Hydroxy-1,1-Ethylidenediphosphonic Acid in the dose range from 5 to 200 mg / kg. The results of the study of acute toxicity showed that spacering of the HDA+BTP complex...
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Methodical Approach to Carrying out a Multi-Aspect Examination of Pharmaceutical Products

Yuliya Dereglazova, Irina Spichak, Elena Kaliuzhnaya
The article presents the developed methodological approach to the technology of conducting a multi-aspect examination of the range of pharmaceutical products. This approach may be of interest for optimizing the prescription of pharmaceutical products by doctors in medical organizations during the pharmacotherapy...
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Peculiarities of Use of Bentonite Clay at Solid-Phase Purification of Anthocyanins and Flavonoids from Leaves of Plants

Andrey Doronin, Victor Deineka, Ludmila Deineka, Mikhail Tretiakov, Valery Tokhtar, Andrey Chulkov
Anthocyanins of red colored leaves of Cercis canadensis L. were found to be 3-glucosides of five common anthocyanidins - of delphinidin, cyaniding, petunidin, peonidin and malvidin with overall accumulation more than 350 mg per 100 g of FW in early summer. The content of anthocyanins gradually drops...
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Accumulation of artificial and natural radionuclides in medicinal plant material in the Central Black Soil Region of Russia

Nina Dyakova, Sergey Gaponov, Alexey Slivkin, Elena Chupandina
Levels of strontium-90, cesium-137, thorium-232, potassium-40, and radium-226 were studied in medicinal plant species, along with the accumulation of these elements from soils. Medicinal plant raw materials from ten plant species were collected in 36 sampling points in the Voronezh Region. Findings...
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Phytochemical Studies and Standardization of Scabiosa Succisa L.

Lyudmila Efremencko, Anastasiya Malyutina, Dmitriy Pisarev, Valentina Scorbach, Nataliya Shestopalova, Valentina Kasakova, Dariya Fadeeva
The aim of this work is phytochemical studies and standardization of Scabiosa succisa L. By reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography of ethanol extract substances belonging to polyphenolic compounds were found, among which hydroxycinnamic acids predominate. Chlorogenic acid and flavonoid...
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Rationalization of the range of medicines for the treatment of patients with diabetes (on the example of the Tyumen region)

Alexandra Egorova, Olga Knysh, Ksenia Vikulova, Yulia Rodina, Yulia Latypova, Viktoria Melnikova
The significant importance for preventive measures of early disability of patients with diabetes belongs to drug treatment of underlying and concomitant disease, that must be provided by high –value medicines timely and in full volume. In this regard, it is important to find ways to improve the quality...
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Potential Productivity Analysis of the Timiryazevskaya 42 New Spring Triticale Cultivar at Nitrogen Fertilizer Application

Ekaterina Enzekrei, Olga Schuklina, Alexandr Soloviev, Sergey Zavgorodniy, Olga Ermolenko, Alexandr Polkhovskiy, Irina Voronchihina
In this work we bring the results of the new Timiryazevskaya 42 triticale cultivar potential productivity analysis at different amount of nitrogen fertilizer application. Field experiments held in between 2016 and 2018 on podzol soil showed that increase of fertilizer dose led to the increased yield...
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The Content of Biologically Active Substances in the Aboveground Phytomass of Catmint (Nepeta Cataria L.) in Ontogenesis

Larisa Gagieva, Valentina Tsugkieva, Vladimir Cherniavskih, Elena Dumacheva, Elena Markova
The need for a systematic phytochemical studying of Nepeta cataria L. is related to solving the problem of using of this valuable plant resource. The purpose of the work was to study the dynamics of the accumulation of biologically active substances in the aboveground phytomass of N. cataria L. in the...
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The Allelopathic Effect of Marigold Infusion on the Mustard Seeds Swelling

Tatyana Glubsheva, Elena Dumacheva, Vladimir Cherniavskih, Svetlana Grigorenko
The results of the experiments connected with the study of the allelopathic effect of marigolds daily water infusion on the mustard seeds swelling in combination with the different concentrations of infusion, different temperatures and acidity of the medium are presented. The complex dependence of water...
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Mutual Influence of Biologically Active Compounds in Medical Plants Composition

Elena Gudkova, Ngan Le Ngok, Maria Ustinova
The article deals with studies of the mutual influence of the components of herbs. The research in this area is too difficult because of the lack of an accurate data about chemical composition of natural raw materials. Therefore, the aim of the research was: to study the aspects of chemical composition...
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Microbial Community of Biogas Plant Feeding with Complex Substrate: Archaea/Bacteria Ratio Dynamics by the Stages of Fermentation

Viktoriia Iatsenko, Anastasiya Nechayeva, Konstantin Boyarshin, Violetta Klyueva, Dmitriy Ohrimchuk, Vladimir Bredihin, Irina Batlutskaya
The technology of anaerobic fermentation of organic substrates and especially of organic wastes with rich microbiota needs effective method to observe the microbial community on the different stages of substrate transformation, including its digestion, fermentation and conversion of its products to methane....
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Research of the Main Components of Risk Management in Pharmacy

Olena Ievtushenko, Irina Zhirova, Irina Spichak
A market economy characterized by existing of uncertainty and the possibility of choosing one or more development directions for the pharmaceutical market subjects causes risk situations. The reasons for their occurrence are usually the company affiliation, its size, form of ownership, legal status,...
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The Influence of Steroid Hormones of the Functional System Mother - Fetus on the Leukocyte Differential Count and on the Development of Predisposition to Bronchopneumonia in Calves During Neonatal Period

Elena Kalaeva, Vladislav Kalaev, Anton Chernitskiy, Mohammad Alhamed
The aim of the work was to establish the level of steroid hormones in the blood serum of deep-pregnant cows and calves obtained from them and to establish correlations between hormonal and immunological parameters of the mothers and newborns. It was found that steroid hormones of the mother and the fetus...
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Methods of Extraction of Medicinal Vegetable Raw Materials in Phytosubstances Technology

Irina Kaukhova, Victor Weinstein, Marina Burakova, Mariya Aroyan, Ekaterina Novikova
The article discusses the technology of obtaining phytosubstances using modern methods of extraction of medicinal plant materials: ultrasonic extraction, two-phase extraction. On the example of various types of plant materials, a comparative analysis was carried out and the advantages and disadvantages...
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Isolation and Selection of Propionic Acid Bacteria Promising for Biotechnological Production

Oksana Khaeva, Boris Tsugkiev, Larisa Ikoeva
Bacteria of the genus Propionibacteruim are the microorganisms with great biotechnological potential. The article deals with studies of biological properties of new propionic acid bacteria strains isolated from raw milk in different regions of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. According to morphological...
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Biological Education: Keeping up with the Times and Prospects of Development

Elena Khorolskaya, Tatyana Pogrebnyak, Irina Sagalaeva, Marina Komarova
Building a unified educational space allows students to choose and build their own career. In connection with the adoption of the Bologna system there was a modernization of the education system in Russian Universities. The article highlights the features of the development, formation and construction...
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Antimicrobial Activity of Native and Nanoencapsulated Cephalosporin Antibiotics

Violetta Klyueva, Alexandr Sirotin, Elisaveta Rypalenko, Khristina Ozarko, Khristina Degtyareva
The analysis of the inhibiting effect of antibiotic from the cephalosporin series, nanoencapsulated gellan and xanthan gum in comparison with native antibiotics was performed. Differences in the effect of drugs depending on concentration were studied as well as positive effect of prolongation of activity...
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Audit of the Production of Sterile Medicines for Compliance with the Requirements of the Draft EU GMP Annex 1 with Risk Analysis

Artemii Kodash, Anna Basevich, Tatiana Bitkina, Elena Smirnova, Irina Kaukhova
The role of the PIC/S organization in the pharmaceutical industry was noted, the main aspects and place of inspection activities in the production of medicines were determined, the general classification of incompliances, as well as the main methods and tools for risk assessment were considered. An object...
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Optimization of a Method for Obtaining and Determination of Carotenoids in Tambukan Mud

Dmitriy Kompantsev, Anna Chakhirova, Taisiya Gutnova
Therapeutic sulphide silt mud from Tambukan lake has been formed for a long period of time. Balneological value of silt mud from that specific lake is high because of high level of ferrous sulphides and water-soluble salts in it’s content, including recognized as therapeutically active bromine and boric...
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Electronic Certification as an Instrument of Effective Veterinary Control in the Turnover of Animal Origin Products

Svetlana Kontsevaya, Svetkana Shambazova
This article regards the problem topicality of goods traceability which State Veterinary Supervision controls within the territory of Russian Federation, this article regards the advantages of issuance electronic veterinary certificates by the Federal State Information System «Mercury». This article...
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Reaction of Sugar Beet Seedlings to Treatment of Seeds with the Chemical Zeroks® (High-colloidal Solution)

Anatoliy Kornienko, Sergey Skachkov, Tatyana Vostrikova, Vladislav Kalaev, Lidiya Semenikhina, Ruslan Berdnikov
Reaction of sugar beet seedlings to treatment of seeds with the chemical Zeroks® (high-colloidal solution) has been studied. The contact bactericide and fungicide Zeroks® (high-colloidal solution) in which silver nanoparticles are its active factor has been used to test growth regulation properties....
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Feeding Efficiency of Dry Beet Pulp to Broiler Chickens

Ivan Koschayev, Ivan Boiko, Svetlana Kornienko, Olga Tatiyanicheva, Oleg Sein, Svetlana Zdanovich, Oksana Popova
The article presents the results of the usage efficiency of broilers of non-conventional raw materials of vegetable dry beet pulp, which has a positive impact on the physiological characteristics of poultry and quality indicators of meat. The research was carried out at the premises of the educational...
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Variability Parameters of Strigunovsky Local Variety of Bulb Onion

Nadezhda Kotsareva, Oksana Shabetya, Aleksandr Kryukov
The results of selection work for restoring the varietal qualities of Strigunovsky local varieties of bulb onion. 7 promising lines of onions with stable varietal qualities, such as the shape and color of the bulbs, the yield of bulbs and seed productivity were obtained.
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Productivity of Sharp-Tooth Catfish Depending on Feeding Methods

Aleksandr Kovrigin, Grigorii Pokhodnya, Nikolai Shvetsov, Vyacheslav Kotarev
The automatic adaptive feeder for fish feeding in recirculation plants has been developed and tested. It was found that the use of this feeder allowed to increase the yield of fry per 1 m³ by 35% and 13.6%; the yield of fingerling – by 45.9% and 18.5%; in the final period of cultivation – by 52.3% and...
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Development of a Derivative of 1,4-Dihydropyridine Gels Using Solid Dispersion Technique

Ivan Krasnyuk (Jr.), Viktoriya Grikh, Ivan Krasnyuk, Anastasiya Belyatskaya, Olga Stepanova, Vladimir Beketov, Galina Varenykh
A method has been developed for obtaining samples of a derivative of 1,4-dihydropyridine-nifedipine gels using the solid dispersion technique. A quality assessment of the obtained soft dosage forms has been performed. The effectiveness of the proposed technique for obtaining nifedipine gels has been...
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Properties of Nanostuctured Motherwort Extract and Its Application in Fruit Jelly Candy Production

Aleksandr Krolevets, Nina Myachikova, Kirill Semichev
The research paper includes the information on the application of nanostructured motherwort extract in the production of fruit jelly candy, which can be used as a therapeutic functional food product. The size of nanostructured motherwort extract was determined by a nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)....
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Effect of Antibiotics and Vitamin-Mineral Supplements on the Saccharomyces Cerevisia Strains of Feed Additives for Poultry and Cattle

Yulia Kurkina, Aleksandr Sirotin, Konstantin Boyarshin, Irina Batlutskaya
The effect of antibiotics and vitamin-mineral supplements on Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains CNCM I-1077 (feed additive Lewisel SC Titan Plus for cattle, horses, goats, and sheep) and CNCM I-1079 (feed additive Lewisel SB Titan Plus for poultry, pigs) studied. The yeast contained in the feed additive...
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Reactions of thiourea oxides with amines, aminoacids and proteins

Sergey Makarov, Ekaterina Naidenko, Elizaveta Pokrovskaya
The publication discusses new data about chemistry and application of thiourea dioxide and its sulfur-containing relatives.
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Study of the structural and mechanical properties of flour from a composite mixture based on beans and premium wheat

Maxim Maradudin, Inna Simakova, Viktoriya Strizhevskay, Ekaterina Volf
The work was performed in 2019 at the Department of Food Technology of Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov and at the Research Agricultural Institute. Using the Mixolab instrument, the basic parameters of the rheological state of the dough from patent wheat flour, flour from seeds...
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«Amilocin» Probiotic Fodder Additive in Laying Hens' Rations

Ekaterina Martynova, Pavel Kornienko, Svetlana Kornienko, Svetlana Verbitskaya
The aim of this work was to study the mechanisms of action and determine the effectiveness of the use of probiotic fodder additives «Amilocin» in the production of food eggs. In the course of the experiments, we found that the introduction of «Amilocin» supplement with water to laying hens of the cross...
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Study of Antimicrobial Activity of the Callus Tissue Salvia Pratensis L. (Lamiaceae) In Vitro

Elena Maslova, Tatyana Glodik, Valeria Semykina, Natalya Gulya, Tatyana Perelygina
In this paper, we studied the antimicrobial activity of callus tissue Salvia pratensis L. obtained in vitro against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The most effective sterilizing agents for disinfection of plant explants with their introduction into in vitro culture were selected. The composition...
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Determination of Antibacterial Activity of Artemísia Absínthium L. (Asteraceae) Extracts

Elena Maslova, Valeria Semykina, Tatyana Glodik, Tatyana Perelygina, Margarita Petrosyan
In this study, plant extracts of Artemisia absinthium L. were produced. Herbal extracts from leaves and flowers were evaluated for antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. As a result, it was found that plant extracts from Artemisia asbinthium flowers have the greatest...
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Study of Nitrogen-Containing Substances of Powdered Semi-Finished Product from Cultivated Mushrooms Pleurotus Ostreatus

Nina Myachikova, Olga Binkovskaya, Yuri Boltenko, Irina Korotkyh
The technology of obtaining a powdered semi-finished product from Pleurotus ostreatus is proposed. Assessment of the quality of the semi-finished product was made according to the organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators. Found that the share of nitrogen of soluble substances, including non-protein...
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Development of Treatment and Prophylactic Means with Selenium Nanoparticles on the Basis of Mineral Water of the Krasnoarmeysk Source for Application in Balneology

Madina Nastueva, Dmitry Kompantsev, Gayane Sagradyan, Igor Privalov, Asya Airapetova, Alexander Serov
The purpose of the study is development technology of receiving mineral waters with nanoparticles of selenium and studying of their stability. The studied samples — the concentrated solution of nanoparticles of selenium contens selenium about 1,4 mg/ml, mineral water of the Krasnoarmeysky source. The...
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Taxonomical Structure of Black Soil Bacterial Community on the Level of Phyla

Anastasiya Nechayeva, Viktoriia Iatsenko, Konstantin Boyarshin, Violetta Klyueva, Olga Bespalova, Yuliya Kurkina, Irina Batlutskaya
Soil microbial communities perform a number of important functions ensuring fertility. They depend on physical and chemical composition of soil and applied agricultural technology. To control the state of the soil, it is necessary to use methods that allow to quickly assess the dynamics of the structure...
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Supramolecular Complexes of β-Cyclodextrin with Conjugated Fatty Acids: Synthesis and Stability

Van Anh Nguyen, Anna Dudina, Victor Deineka, Thi Ngoc Anh Vu, Ludmila Deineka, Maxim Yapryntev
The supramolecular complex formation in aqueous solution between fatty acids (with the content of α-eleostearic acid more than 70%) and β-cyclodextrin, βCD, was supported by FT-IR and UV spectroscopies as well as by XRD-analysis. RP HPLC was utilized for investigation of the content of fatty acid in...
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New Ingredient in Bakery, Technological and Nutritional Effects of Buttermilk

Mihai Ognean, Claudia Felicia Ognean, Simona Hogea
Buttermilk is a by-product obtained during butter preparation, has a nutritional composition similar to skimmed milk but with an increased proportion of phospholipids. Phospholipids was proved to have functional properties. Buttermilk is produced in large amounts due the preparation of butter and could...
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Certification of Collections of Syringa L. Varieties and It’s Significance for their Identification

Irina Okuneva, Julia Khokhlacheva
Authentication of Syringa varieties is required in all major collections. The initial information left by the originators does not make it possible to uniquely identify the varietal affiliation of the samples. In most existing descriptions of varieties, even detailed ones, subjective categories are largely...
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Determination of Anthocyanins of Purple Carrot Two Cultivars

Elena Oleinits, Mansi Ahmad Hatem, Victor Deineka, Andrey Chulkov, Irina Blinova, Mikhail Tretiakov
Two cultivars of purple carrot ‘Pupur’ and ‘Mayami shokoladnaya” were investigated. Anthocyanins of both cultivars was qualitatively the same – main compound was cyanidin-3-feruloylhexosyl-pentosyl-hexodide, mole fraction of the anthocyanin was approximately 72 % of the overall anthocyanin content of...
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Use of biologically active substances in feeding young animals

Natalia Ordina, Svetlana Kontsevaya, Nadezhda Sorokina, Kristina Mezinova
An important problem of cattle breeding in Russia is the creation of a solid fodder base. Due to its absence, the genetic potential of dairy and beef cattle in our country is realized only by 30-50%. This work is devoted to the study of the influence of the belotine feed additive on the productivity...
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Experimental Models of Study and Prevention of Stress in Birds in Industrial Poultry Farming

Tatyana Pogrebnyak, Elena Khorolskaya, Svetlana Chernyavskikh, Irina Sagalaeva
In birds, acute stress (a three-day 12-hour inversion of the photomode) is associated with the dominant activity of the sympathetic hypothalamus and hippocampus, which suppress the tone of the parasympathetic section and the reticular formation of the midbrain. The effect of hyperglycemia on the background...
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Efficiency of Growing Pigs with Introduction of the Feed Additive "Elevit" into their Ration

Grigorii Pokhodnya, Tatyana Malakhova, Nina Zhernakova, Aleksandr Sergienko
The aim of this study was to study the reserves of increasing the productivity of pigs by introducing the feed additive "Elevit" into their ration during the growing period from 1 to 3 months. The studies were conducted on the Collective Farm named after Gorin of the Belgorod district of the Belgorod...
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Exopolysaccharide Fermented Milk Ice Cream

Ekaterina Pozhidaeva, Evgeny Popov, Yana Dymovskih
Currently, there is an increasing interest in exopolysaccharides as effective biocorrector and auxiliary technological agents. Experimental studies were carried out to obtain fermented milk ice cream with a high content of exopolysaccharides. As a nutrient substrate for the cultivation of probiotic microorganisms,...
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Study and Modeling the Influence of a Solvent on Extraction of Eugenol from Laurus Nobilis L. Leaves

Valentina Radyukova, Nikolay Boyko, Elena Zhilyakova, Zoja Tsvetkova, Diana Martceva, Anastasia Malyutina, Valentina Kasakova, Daria Fadeeva, Ghadeer Balloul
this paper presents the results of a study and modeling of the influence of the solvent’s dielectric constant on the extraction of eugenol from the Laurus nobilis L leaves. The aim of this work is to study the effect of the solvent on the extraction of eugenol from the leaves of Laurus nobilis L., to...
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Mechanisms of anti-stress action of low-intensive mm radiation on microcirculation of animals under stress conditions

Marina Ravaeva, Anastasia Furkovskaya, Elena Chuyan, Elena Birukova, Olga Kornilenko
animal studies with laser Doppler flowmetry showed, that there were local and systemic changes in the microcirculation caused by hypokinetic stress, what allowed us to expand our understanding of the pathophysiological processes caused by the influence of a stressing factor on the body. A study of the...
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Alimentary factors for the correction of nutritional status and physiological conditions

Natalya Rodionova, Evgeny Popov, Michael Syromyatnikov, Elena Artemova, Ekaterina Pozhidaeva
The nutraceutical aspect of the design of new food products involves the consistent implementation of the design algorithm for multicomponent biocorrector. The analysis of potential natural sources of biologically active substances allows to prioritize products of deep biotechnological processing of...
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Plant Origin Phenolics as Prospective Antioxidants: State-of-Art for Application

Naira Sahakyan, Margarit Petrosyan, Irina Batlutskaya, Armen Trchounian
In the recent years there is a growing demand for plant origin antioxidants, due to their potential therapeutic value and low level of side effects. Among the plant origin substances, the metabolites with antioxidant activity are the widely used which are mainly belong to the phenolic group of compounds...
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Retrospective of Spring Wheat-couch Hybrids Breeding in the Department of Remote Hybridization MBG RAS

Olga Schuklina, Ekaterina Enzekrei, Sergey Zavgorodniy, Olga Ermolenko, Irina Voronchihina, Fedor Klimenkov, Irina Klimenkova, Alexandr Polkhovskiy
The article presents the results of breeding in the department of remote hybridization of the Main Botanical Garden n.a. N.V. Tsitsin (MBG RAS) from 1946 to 2019. The aim of this work is to create high-yielding varieties of spring wheat of an intensive type that most fully meet the peculiar conditions...
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The Influence of Transcranial Electrostimulation on Blood Pressure in Dogs with Modeled Hypertension

Oleg Sein, Olga Tatiyanicheva, Konstantin Mikhailov, Alexander Shevchenko, Ivan Boiko, Natalia Maslova
The present article describes the results of the transcranial electrostimulation (TES) for the correction of blood pressure (BP) in dogs. During the experiment, systolic blood pressure (BPs), diastolic blood pressure (BPd), pulse pressure (PP), and mean blood pressure (MBP) were registered. It was established...