Proceedings of the 2015 Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference

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A Comparative Diagnosis Approach on Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
The immersed oil power transformer is so vital equipment in power system that maintenance-engineers take more cautious on transformer’s insulating oil as the criterion of maintenance. The dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is known for an effective technique to detect transformer’s incipient faults. In this...
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Research and application based on MOOC courses certification platform

Bing Xu, Yizhi Zhang
With the rapid development and application of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), new opportunities and challenges have been brought to the higher education. The MOOC platform has gradually released the course certificates to the course learners. In the paper, starting from the business and technical...
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The Research on Image Extraction and Segmentation Algorithm in License Plate Recognition

Weijian Fang, Xin Zhou
As a vital part of Intelligent Transportation System, License Plates Recognition System is meaningful in Vehicle Positioning and Traffic Monitoring. It consists of Vehicle License Plate Location, Character Segmentation and Character Recognition. In the paper we put forward a new method of segmentation...
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Analysis and Applications of Campus Network Flow Control

Zhonghua Hu, Weijian Fang
Assisting the teaching and administration greatly, campus network is becoming more and more popular. However, more and more problems appear. Especially the flow control becomes a key problem for the campus network management. The paper analyzed the principles of flow con-trol and its security management,...
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A Survey of Computer Network Management Technology

Li Tan
With the development of computer technology and the internet, the administration and maintenance of computer network have acquired crucial importance, especially so in large computer network. Being a key technique in computer network, network management has an immediate impact on the efficiency of network...
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Application of the Cellular Automata Method to Simulation of Multiple Pit Similar Defects

Rusyn Bohdan, Tors`ka Roxana, Kosarevych Rostyslav
Simulation results from using the cellular automata as an example of defects on the surface of austenitic stainless steel 08Cr18Ni10Ti are presented in this paper. Practically confirmed the feasibility of the proposed method for simulation modeling of corrosive process of steel in neutral environments.
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Integrated approach to the detection of distributed network attacks

Gulmira Shangytbayeva, Roza Beysembekova
The article discusses an integrated approach to the detection of distributed network attacks and attacks of malicious behavior and attacks of abnormal activity in distributed networks.
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The Study of Enterprise Technical Alliance Comprehensive Profit Allocation Based on Orthogonal Projection

Bo Wang
We apply orthogonal projection to the profit allocation of a technical alliance based on traditional profit allocation methods, such as Shapely value, minimum core, simplified minimum costs remaining savings, and Nash negotiation methods. This distribution method is based on the weight coefficient of...
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The Spatial Analysis of Monastery on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Zhuoma CaiJi, Guo Luo, Dayuan Xue, Yuhuan Du
The spatial analysis of Tibetan Buddhist monastery is an underrepresented area of research on ecological environment in China. In this article, we use the 1987, 1997, 2007 remote sensing data, DEM and field survey material, and research on the characteristics of spatial distribution of 66 monasteries...
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Comprehensive Brand Effect: A Data of Automobile Brands

Yiweng Yang, Yan Xv, Jianbo Tu, Xuehong Ji
Chinese Brands are large but not strong, and China lacks true global brands. Product, corporate, and country brand are all of crucial important to building Chinese global brands. A survey on Chinese consumers is conducted to examine their attitudes and purchase intentions toward five automobile products...
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Application On the Accidental Vehicle Technology Expertise and Software Development

Haihua Xu, Guangfu Li
The current safety performance technical expertise work for accidental vehicles lacks of relevant laws and regulations, technical characteristics of modern cars, workable identification norms to guide this work. For this reason, establishing new technical expertise norms scientifically, is able to control...
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Airworthiness Management and Engineering Curriculum and its Implementation

Jianbo Hu
Airworthiness considerations are critically important in the design, development, maintenance, and management of civil and military aircraft. A solid understanding of airworthiness standards, certification criteria, verification methods and management approach are key pieces of knowledge for aerospace...
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Using MFC and Managed C++ to Realize Configuration Utility

Laiping Wu, Tao Lin, Libin Chen
IVI Configuration Store is the key factor in the interaction between users and instruments. Usually, users need a GUI configuration utility to write the configuration information into IVI Configuration Store. But the IVI Foundation does not offer a specific configuration utility. In this paper, a configuration...
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Research on the Relationship between User-to-User Interaction and User Co-created Value

Jianbo Tu, Yan Xu
Effect relationship model between user-to-user interaction, co-creation user experience and user co-created value were established in the setting of non-trading virtual community. Empirical study of structural equation model was applied to verify the effect relationship between user-to-user interaction,...
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Design and implementation of timing tasks based on Avtivti5 Workflow Technology

Jieping Hu, Shulin Yang
This paper introduces and analyzes Activiti5 workflow management platform on the overall design, On the basis of this study the design and implementation of workflow tasks timing. Using timer boundary event to achieve a timing task and using DWR push technology to achieve a refresh, such scheme in teaching...
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The Measurement of Corporate Brand: Based on a Stakeholder Perspective

Yiweng Yang, Xinrui Zhang, Zelin Tong, Xuehong Ji
Despite considerable interest in the topic of corporate brand, attempts at its measurement have been scarce. Most of the existing researches are focus on the impact of corporate brand on consumer decision. But corporate brand is not only for consumers, but for other stakeholders too. The paper firstly...
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Seam the Real with the Virtual:a Review of Augmented Reality

Rui Zheng, Dan Zhang, Guosheng Yang
In this paper, we reviewed several outstanding contributions over the past decade in the field of augmented reality. The papers are selected according to their citation rate in the academic resources of Google scholar. In addition, considering that augmented reality covers several topics, and it has...
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Reliability Optimization of Electrical Power Systems Subject to Severe Environmental Loads

Chunyang Li, Shouhua Chen, Lingwei Li
Electrical power supply interruption caused by severe environmental loads (such as ice storms, snowstorms, cyclones and earthquakes) resulted in great economic losses. The optimal problem of electrical power systems subject to this kind of common cause failures is studied to provide the desired level...
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Analysis of photovoltaic Cell Arrangement in the Independent solar Power generating System Installed above Farm Land

Gezhi Wu, Yu Zhou
In order to break through the bottleneck of solar photovoltaic power generation, and off-season vegetables' problems in Hainan island', to arrange photovoltaic facilities above farm land generate electricity was suitable. By using novel and ingenious arrangement on panels, we can make farmland temperature...
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Fuzzy PID Control System In Industrial Environment

Hong He, Yu Li, Zhihong Zhang, Xiaojun Xu
To solve the control problem of industrial pneumatic actuate, this paper makes an in-depth research on fuzzy control theory and PID control theory to propose a fuzzy PID pneumatic control strategy based on the parameter self-tuning and designs a fuzzy PID controller.It makes a simulation analysis on...
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Research on Data Transmission Method Based 4G in Platform

Ningxia Yang, Yongfeng Chen, Min Qin
Aiming at studying the performance of the real-time video data transmission based on opportunistic network coding in the wireless network. First of all, making an in-depth analysis of the working principle of network coding and the improvement of the performance of the wireless network; secondly, on...
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Sports 3D Simulation Technology and Its Application in Minority Sports Popularization

Qi Huang, Xiaowei Zou, Haidong Yang
Though motion posture correction technology based on the computer vision technology has been developed to decrease the loss from sports injury, there still exists some weakness. The joint movement of the same athlete varies in different sports program. Under high movement speed, the angle changes of...
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Design and Implementation of the Coastal Zone Ecological High Precision Monitoring and Assessment System

Weiquan Wang, Xueping Zhang, Junkuo Cao
The coastal zone is crucial to the development of human society and economy, the global economic wealth mostly produced in coastal areas, but the coastal zone due to interaction is affected by a variety of forces, there are frequent disasters, fragile ecological environment problems objectively. Monitoring...
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Analysis Of Inertial Stability Dynamical For Robot Based On Lie Algebra

Xinxing Lai, Jin Zhong
In order to improve the speed and accuracy of targets while avoiding the opponent’s riposte, this paper presents a method approach to robot trajectory planning which based on Lie algebra and on the background of a high degree of competitive against offensive and defensive network robot system (TLS)....
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Design about Simple Tester of Low Capacitance Based on MAX038

Liping Zheng
Simple tester of low capacitance was designed based on MAX038 in this paper. The principle is that external capacitor of MAX038 as test capacitor to provide corresponding frequency signal output, and TM4C123GH6PM was selected to measure frequency by equal precision and calculate test capacitance. In...
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Development and Design of General Data Mining System

Baowen Chen
In this paper, we focus on top-down discretization methods and propose a new method for supervised discretization based on class-feature correlation by defining a class-feature contingency factor. The proposed method takes into consideration the distribution of all samples to generate an ideal discretization...
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Research on Intelligent Irrigation and Fertilization System In Greenhouse Based on Cloud Computing

Lingyun Zhu
In view of our country of precision fertilization device mainly depend on import, automatic fertilizing device and the actual market needs a serious gap between the status quo, this paper combines the PAC technology, proposed the classic model of agricultural water and fertilizer management, controlled...
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Analysis and Application of Data Mining Based on Clustering Algorithm

Honghui Lai, Xiaotao Lai
As the ART2 neural network clustering occurs normalization in the data inputting mode by vector and nonlinear transformation pretreatment process is easy to be filtered as a substrate for an important, but a minor component of the noise, while there are still phenomenon of the drift mode in the learning...
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Research on Chinese segmentation algorithm based on Hadoop cloud platform

Hong Chen
IKAnalyzer (IK) and ICTCLAS (IC) are very popular Chinese word segmentation algorithms and play an important role in solving text data in a stand-alone environment. In this paper, we compare IK and IC algorithm performance through theory and experiments that reported on experimental work on the mass...
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The research of land resources e-government system of Henan province based on GIS

Xiaoxu Cheng
Pointing at the shortage of the informatization of the existing land resources and the need of the coordinated operation of the whole process of all the land resources business of three levels of province, city, county. Based on the construction of multistage and integration administrative management...
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Node Localization Technology of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Based on Harmony Search (HS) Algorithm

Yiliang Guo, Bin Mu
Node localization in wireless sensor networks is one of the most important basic questions. By introducing harmony search algorithm to optimize the wireless sensor network node position calculation, reducing the impact of ranging error and improve the positioning accuracy node; reduces the computational...
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Research on moving object tracking based on Markov model

Canrong Yao, Shaotao Liu
The existing localization algorithms just only shows the static location features of the target, it can not be better to track to get the trajectory of the operation behavior in the mobile condition. This paper designs a trajectory target tracking algorithm based on Hidden Markov model. Firstly, based...
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Research on the model design and simulation for training platform based on network control

Fanfan Wang, Lusi Liu, Xiaoli Wang
In order to solve the problem of slow response and packet loss which are caused by the introduction of the bus in our robot control system, In this paper, we used Matlab/Simulink TrueTime toolbox to build a bus-based control system simulation platform. The system controlled three objects, which were...
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Research on image and video transmission mechanism of the Android platform based on 4G

Juanjuan Liu, Zhengguang Liu, Zhigang Zhao
Dynamic mapping method based on unequal importance of the video data is put forward in this paper. First of all, in terms of the three types of data A, B and C in data rate in H.264 using data partitioning, calculate their transmission error or loss within one Group of Picture (GOP) and the average distortion...
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Research on the Control System of Greenhouse Based on Particle Swarm and Neural Network

Jun Wang, Haiye Yu
In terms of problems from the quantification factor and scaling factor for fuzzy controller in networked control systems (NCS), which are hard to tackle with conventional empirical methods, the improved quantum particle swarm optimization (IQPSO) based on adaptive mutation of the artificial bee colony...
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Efficiency Analysis Of Ground Source Heat Pump In Energy-Saving Building Based on Multi Target & Multi Constraint

Bing Bai, Chongen Wang
China is a country with a large amount of buildings with astonishing annual building energy consumption, so it becomes necessary to popularize building energy-saving technology. Though ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology is able to considerably reduce energy consumption of buildings’ heating, the...
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Masonry Arch Technology Mortar Joint Control Method and Stress Analysis

Weiya Yan
The arch is the most commonly used in wood structure building form China in ancient architecture, the technical requirements and unique characteristics of Chinese space is an important part of ancient architecture.In this paper, through some simple calculation formula, simply introduces the masonry arch,...
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REIT Performance and Dynamic Portfolio Considerations

Keyu Feng, Yan Yan, Quanbao Li
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) play an important role in portfolio theory. Conventional portfolio theories assume the constant correlation coefficient, but in reality this correlation is dynamic and conditional. Portfolios could be improved by making timely adjustments to reduce losses in the...
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Research on greenhouse intelligent remote control system

Jun wang, Yu Haiye
An intelligent greenhouse remote control system based on VC++ 6.0 has been designed according to the needs of greenhouse control. The structure of this system is composed of four layers: a remote computer is taken as the client-side, a local computer is taken as the server-side, a singlechip of Stc15f2k60s2...
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24-hour greenhouse temperature prediction model based on the weather forecast

Jun wang, Yu Haiye
The relationship of maximum temperature minimum temperature mean temperature and 24-hour temperature between inside and outside greenhouse based on the weather forecast were studied in this paper. The established prediction models were tested and the error was analyzed. Correlation coefficients of maximum...
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Emergency evacuation simulation in public facilities based on CTM

Hecheng Zhou, XiaoFang Zhao
Based on cell transmission model, this paper formulates a dynamic simulation model for studying emergency evacuation in a public facility to improve evacuation efficiency, in terms of inefficiency of static simulation model. Considering evacuation population, evacuation rate, the size of buildings, diffusion...
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The Cusp Catastrophe Model of Major Accidents Based on Ideas of Black Swan and Its Application in Port Road Projects

Yanfeng Bai, Ling Zhang, Xuejun Wen
The normal accident prediction models can’t predict the occurrence of major accidents very well, so the cusp catastrophe model of major accidents is set up on the base of ideas of black swan and catastrophe theory. In the model, the main factors of major accidents are regarded as the controls parameters...
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The Technique and Management of Investment Control in Metro Engineering

Shunmao Mao, Tingting Zhu
Metro engineering is a systematic engineering with a wide range, great investment, long construction cycle, and complex circuit. If improper handled, most likely engendering the investment exceeds budget estimate, thus affecting the economic and social benefits of projects. Throughout the development...
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Contrastive Analysis about the Case of Public Bicycle System Among Three Cities in Shandong

Chuanzeng Song, Zheng Fa, Xinlei Li, Haiyang Song
Recently, traffic problem like viruses spread to small and medium-sized cities in China. The bicycle transportation plays a unique role in the process of alleviating traffic congestion and promoting the development of green transportation. Bicycle transportation is a main part of urban slow traffic system...
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Single Vehicle Traffic Accidents in Shanghai River-crossing Tunnels

Yingying Xing, Jian Lu, Chen Wang
This study attempts to evaluate the injury risk of single-vehicle accidents in fourteen Shanghai river-crossing tunnels and identify the factors that contribute to mortalities and severe injuries. The traffic accident data was obtained from the Shanghai Transport and Port Authority. The driver, environmental,...
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Eco-Driving --- Current Strategies and issues, A Preliminary Survey

Chunxiao Li, Aiping Ni, Jie Ding
After safe driving, eco-driving has become an economic and green driving idea, which is adapted to the modern engine technology and typically consists of changing a person’s driving behavior based on general advice to drivers, such as accelerating slowly, driving smoothly, etc. The concept of eco-driving...
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The Application Research of Operating Vehicle GPS Big Data Mining

Yao Yu, Ding Chen
To support short-term traffic prediction, service people traveling conveniently and effectively, or achieve effective control for traffic state, mining effective information from commercial vehicle GPS data will be a very meaningful research area. The paper review data mining of commercial vehicle GPS...
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Research advance of the model of activated sludge process to wastewater treatment

Jia Zhou, Limin Ma, Houran Song
Activated sludge process model is a powerful tool. Wastewater treatment plant can monitoring and control the capacity and efficiency of sewage treatment accurately through activated sludge process model. This paper demonstrates the development and improvement of the activated sludge process model in...
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Applications and platform of Technology-driven financial innovation and integration patterns for LED industrial chain of integrated business

Guoqing Qu, Feng Xiong, Junshi Li
In this paper, the platform service model achieves the business integration of emerging LED lighting industry, and proposes LED lighting industry chain financing solutions for SMEs based on the industry chain finance theory which solves the financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises problems...
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Study on All-Phrase FFT Spectrum Analysis Technology in 25Hz Series Track Circuit Receiver

Tuo Shen, Lexiang Wei, Xiaoqing Zeng
This essay, aims at measuring general track power supply and a local one, manages to apply all-phrase FFT spectrum analysis technology to 25Hz series track circuit receiver. By taking advantage of the phrase invariance character of the APFFT, which provides us with precise phrase difference under asynchronous...
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Double T Filter Based New Cable Insulation Detection Approach And Design for the Subway Train

Peng Tian, Decun Dong, Hongliang Pan
On-board cable in the subway is an essential competent in the whole power system for the electric transmission, power allocation and signal control. The cable insulation condition plays an important role in safe and reliable operation of the subway. Traditional insulation detection devices haven’t taken...
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The research on intelligent monitoring system of key tire parameters for automotive driving safety based on vehicular networking

Huaguang Yang, Lin Xi, Qingquan He, Fengfeng Liu, Ming Yang, Hua Yan, Weimin Yang
In this paper, the intelligent monitoring system of key tire parameters for automotive driving safety based on vehicular networking technology was researched. It is a whole life-cycle of tire tracking service system, which consists of tire pressure/temperature sensors, a vehicular transfer device, a...
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Real time monitoring method for the longitudinal settlement of shield tunnel using wireless inclinometer

Jianguo Yin, Hongwei Huang
At present, many common diseases including seepage, crack, segment staggering and longitudinal settlement, appear in the underground structure of urban track traffic. As one of main factors resulting in other diseases, longitudinal settlement can put great adverse influence on longitudinal performance...
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A Potential Based Many-Particle Model for Pedestrian Flow

Xiaoyang Li, Peng Zhang, Dianliang Qiao, Wong S.C., Choi Keechoo
We propose a many-particle model for pedestrian dynamics, which simply assumes that the velocity (including both magnitude and direction) of a pedestrian depends on the positions of all pedestrians. This is similar to that in the well-known social force model. However, our formulation is computationally...
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Research on Multidisciplinary Design Modeling of LED Lighting Products

Feng Xiong, Renfei Ma, Jianjian Mei, Liu Lilan, Yu Tao
LED lighting products play a very important role in energy conservation and environmental protection. For the multidisciplinary design problem of LED lighting products, we establish the information model of LED lighting products based on the object tree, that is , a process and two trees. First we build...