Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Tropical Studies (JSTS-19)

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Green Space Based on Oxygen Needs Post-Disaster in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Abdul Wahid, Annisa Triutari, Budi Setiawan
The problem of green open space (RTH) in terms of quantity and quality was currently experiencing a significant decline. It impacted the decreasing quality of the living environment of urban residents. It should not have happened because of the existence of Law Number 26 of 2007 concerning Spatial Planning....
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Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity and Physico-Chemical Profiles of Eucalyptus pellita Essential Oil from East Kalimantan

Agmi Bagus Kartiko, Agmi Sinta Putri, Enih Rosamah, Harlinda Kuspradini
Eucalyptus is one of the plants used in the pulp and paper industry, and their leaves are known as forest harvesting waste that potential to produce essential oils. This research aimed to examine the physicochemical profiles of Eucalyptus pellita leaf essential oils grown in East Kalimantan and their...
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Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity from Three Different Solvents of Nephelium ramboutan-ake Leaves Crude Extract

Agmi Sinta Putri, Whicliffe Fiernaleonardo Pasedan, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Harlinda Kuspradini
Nephelium ramboutan-ake, is a species of Sapindaceae family, locally named Maritam from Kalimantan. However, there is limited information about the potency of this plant. The present study’s objective was to carry out the antioxidant and antibacterial activity of N. ramboutan-ake leaf extract by three...
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The Relationship Between Normalized Difference Vegetation Index with Phytochemical Content of Pasak Bumi

Ahmad Jauhari, Yuniarti, Eko Suhartono, Rahman Noor
Understanding of the post geothermal plant growing conditions based on digital values on satellite images of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) relative to the amount of the phytochemical content of the plant may provide benefits for cultivation management in its growing place. The purpose...
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Assessment of Wood Biomass Productivity from Anthocephalus macrophyllus Forest Plantation for Energy Production

Ahmad Mukhdlor, Muhammad Taufiq Haqiqi, Muhammad Taufan Tirkaamiana, Wiwin Suwinarti, Rudianto Amirta
Antocephalus macrophyllus is one of the fast-growing species widely planted in an industrial forest plantation in Indonesia. Since its cultivation has been mainly expanded, the interest to explore A. macrophyllus wood for further utilization to produce various valuable products is also growing. Nevertheless,...
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Analysis of Land Availability and Needs with Potential Agricultural Land-Development Within Santan Watershed and Marangkayu, East Kalimantan

Akhmad Sopian, Sigit Hardwinarto, Muhammad Sumaryono, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa
The development of population at the Santan watershed area over the years tends to increase, increasing the food and settlement needs. Therefore, there is a need to balance the needs and availability of land. The study aims to determine the potential of agricultural land by assessing land availability...
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Development Aspect of Bengalon Production Forest Management Unit in Kutai Timur Regency

Aliri, Mustofa Agung Sardjono, Sigit Hardwinarto, Juremi, Ria Rosdiana Hutagaol
Kutai Timur Regency has 3 KPHs (Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan or Forest Management Unit = FMU), namely KPH Bengalon, KPH Kelinjau, and KPH Manubar. Many studies and considerations within Kutai Timur’s forest, mainly of the factors of accessibility extent, KPH Bengalon had been recommended as a model (pilot...
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Forest Fire Control Model in Sungai Wain Protection Forest Ecosystem, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ambo Dai, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Wawan Kustiawan, Karyati, Yosep Ruslim
Sungai Wain Protected Forest Area (SWPF) occupies approximately 11,245 hectares of land, yearly fire-year outbreak inside and outside the area. One of the significant problems associated with this area is the optimal fire control measures. Therefore, this study examines the fire control model in Sungai...
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Financial Analysis of Arabica Coffee Cultivation of Agroforestry Systems in Lembang Bokin, North Toraja Indonesia

Andi Lisnawati, Abubakar M. Lahjie, Syahrir Yusuf, Yosep Ruslim
Toraja is a centre for a coffee product in South Sulawesi. One of the most famous species is Arabica, one of the national superior-commodities with a high economic value. Given the demand for coffee, Arabica coffee needs to develop the plantation of Arabica coffee in particular. Therefore, it is crucial...
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Revenue Optimization Analysis of Rattan Furniture Industry in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (Case Study in PT Meubel Rotan Subur)

Andi Sahri Alam, Hendra Pribadi, Suci Suraidah
Rattan was one of the forest plants that had a high commercial value. Besides, it was a source of foreign exchange, which uses a lot of farmers. Rattan furniture was a very potential product in Indonesia, so it must be maintained and even developed, especially by utilizing the domestic market, which...
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Community-Based Forest Management in Indonesia as a Forest Fire Mitigation Strategy in the Threat of Climate Change

Ardiyanto W Nugroho
Forest fire in Indonesia is complicated, influenced by social conflicts between the government and local people or forest landholder companies. In an extreme drought resulting from global warming, forest fires result in severe forest degradation, threatening forest biodiversity. This paper will discuss;...
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SWOT Analysis in Determining the Management Strategy of Rendani River Catchment Area in Manokwari District

Bernadetta M.G. Sadsoeitoeboen, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Muhammad Sumaryono, Yohanes Budi Sulistioadi
The establishment of a new status for the Wosi Rendani forest area, which was previously a protected forest, has become an area for other uses, causing the area to become more open, as evidenced by changes in the land cover and the land use. On the one hand, the Rendani River is a source of clean water...
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The Impact of the Enactment of the Wosi Rendani Forest Zone Status on the Condition of the Rendani River Catchment Area in Manokwari Regency

Bernadetta M. G. Sadsoeitoeboen, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Muhammad Sumaryono, Yohanes Budi Sulistioadi
The impact of changing the status of forest zone in Wosi Rendani to become a non-forest zone also causes changes in a forest coverage zone, forest conversion, and its subsequent consequences. This was marked by the rapid housing development in the zone, which impacted water function changes in the Rendani...
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Potential Species as a Food Source in Wehea Forest, East Kalimantan

Bina Swasta Sitepu
Knowledge of species diversity in tropical forests is well known, but the information on plant species’ food source potential in forest areas is still limited. The study was conducted in Nehas Liah Bing village and Wehea forest in August 2011 by interviews with local people and exploration in the forest....
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Soil Quality Assessment Model for Critical Land Management Planning

Danang Widjajanto, Uswah Hasanah, Bunga Elim Somba, Salapu Pagiu, Abdul Rahman, Rahmat Zainuddin, Azman
The research purposes were to analyze land use’s effect on soil physical properties and measure several lands’ soil quality index in the Bulili plateau. Its conducted on three types of land use consisted of a mixed plantation, maize plantation, and forest. Soil sampling at each type of land use was carried...
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Efforts on Forest and Land Rehabilitation through the Promotion of Prospective Local Plants in Bengkulu Province

Dwi Arianto Harto Darsono
One of the causes of failure in the Forest and Land Rehabilitation (FLR) activities in Bengkulu Province is due to lack of use of prospective local plants. In addition, it is also due to the low participation, capacity and awareness of the community as well as related parties (especially regional stakeholders)...
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Antifungal of Fruit and Shoot Extracts of Orania palindan on Coriolus versicolor Growth

Endra Gunawan, Yenni Yendri Salosa, Julita T. Paladan, Yuyu Rahayu, Edy Budiarso, Enih Rosamah, Enos Tangke Arung
Orania palindan is a species of areca nut from Family Arecaceae that produces toxins, especially in its fruit and shoot. This research aimed to test the antifungal property of O. palindan fruit and shoot using hot water extraction on the growth of Coriolus versicolor. Complete randomized design was used...
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Preservation of Pulai Wood (Alstonia scolaris L. Br.) with Natural Preservative Fruit Extracts Orania palindan (Blanco) Merr.

Endra Gunawan, Edy Budiarso, Enih Rosamah, Enos Tangke Arung
Orania palindan is a betel species from the Arecaceae family which has a toxic content, especially in the fruit and tubers. This study aims to examine the ability of O. palindan fruit extract using room temperature water solvent (27oC) and hot water (100o C) as a natural preservative of pulai wood against...
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Tenurial Conflicts Within Protected Forest Management Unit (PFMU) of Tarakan, North Kalimantan

Erna Rositah, Mustofa Agung Sardjono, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Suyadi, Ernita Obeth
This research aims to discuss the forms, actors involved, causes, and alternative solutions in regards to tenurial conflicts occurring within the protected forest management unit of Tarakan. We used a qualitative approach using in-depth interviews, observation, and taking field notes. Participants of...
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Wood Macroscopic and Fiber Dimensions of Pasak Bumi Root (Eurycoma longifolia)

Erwin, Elma Yossiana, Sri Wahyuni, Nani Husien, Agus Sulistyo Budi
The purpose of this study was to characterize the macroscopic feature and fiber dimension of root wood of pasak bumi (Eurycoma longifolia). Macroscopic structures of the root wood were observed using stereoscopic microscope NIKON SMZ645 with magnification of 20-50x. Fiber cells were obtained from the...
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The Attitude of the Community in the Preservation of the Samarinda City Forest

Fajar Apriani, Santi Rande
The rapid development of the city has made the green open space more limited, including for urban forest development in Samarinda. This study aims to analyze the attitudes of the community towards the preservation of the city forest of Samarinda. This research is a quantitative descriptive research using...
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Traditional Cross-Border Trade in Forest Products Between Indonesia and Malaysia: An Analytical Study of a Border Trade Agreement

Fajar Apriani, Rahma Daniah
This research aims to analyze the traditional cross-border trade that has been established between Indonesian and Malaysian citizens around the border area before and after the introduction of the Border Trade Agreement (BTA), including reviewing some of the rules related to the BTA of Indonesia and...
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The Existence of Reaction Wood on Branch of Teak Wood (Tectona grandis Linn. F) (Macroscopical Characteristics)

Fakhrurozi, Nani Husien, Erwin, Sri Wahyuni, Agus Sulistyo Budi
This study aims to determine the existence of reaction wood in teak wood branches (Tectona Grandis Linn. F) by the colouring method of Chlor Zinc Iodine in the transversal section. The main branch with 4 cm in diameter was cut to the ten parts in sequence, then dropped by the Chlor Zinc Iodine solution...
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Diversity of Fern Species (Pteridophyta) in the Karst Sangkulirang – Mangkalihat

Febrian Jeka Risky, Matius Paulus, Sutedjo, Rita Diana
This study aims to determine the diversity of fern vegetation in the Sangkulirang- Mangkalihat karst area of Berau and East Kutai Regency. The research was carried out for two months in six locations. The plotting method used the purposive sampling method, with a plot size of 10 m x 10 m as many as 15...
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Estimating Above-Ground Carbon Stock of Loa Haur Conservation Forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Finalia Retno Vinanthi, Ali Suhardiman, Yohanes Budi Sulistioadi
Conservation forest in Indonesia holds the primary function as biodiversity preservation and maintains forest ecosystem, and therefore plays a significant role in reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in East Kalimantan. To understand the forest’s role in holding emissions,...
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Modeling Land Cover Change Using Markov Chain-Cellular Automata in Sorong, West Papua Province

Francina F. Kesaulija, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Muhammad Sumaryono, Ali Suhardiman
Land cover change is a complex interaction of environmental and socioeconomic factors. The purpose of this article is to determine changes in land cover using satellite imagery data, predict land cover in the next ten years and determine the factors that affect land cover change. The Markov Chain and...
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Estimation of Total Phenol Content and Antimicrobial Activity in Different Leaf Stage of Lepisanthes amonea

Frika Purnamasari, Harlinda Kuspradini, Tohru Mitsunaga
Many plants have been reported to possess antibacterial activity, and among them are coming from the Sapindaceae family. The Sapindaceae family has 2,215 species in 147 genera. L. amoena is one species in this family found in East Kalimantan. This study’s objective was to determine the effect of the...
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Legal Construction of Post-Mining Reclamation in Indonesia

Haris Retno Susmiyati
The coal minings in Indonesia are recorded that there were 9.721 Mining Business Permits. The majority is mining with an open-pit mining system. It brings consequences to the emergence of mining pits in many places. These coal pits (void) become an issue for the people who live in the mining area. In...
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Diversity and Community Pattern of Butterflies on Degraded Heath Forest in East Kalimantan

Harmonis, Sutedjo
Heath forest is one unique ecosystem in tropical regions. Many biodiversities and their ecological characteristic in this ecosystem are still unknown by science, including butterflies. Therefore, the study was conducted to determine butterfly richness and diversity indices in every site on natural secondary...
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Increased Benefits of Calamus manan Miq. Fruit by Its Potential Bioactivity

Heriad Daud Salusu, Farida Ariani, Edy Budiarso, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Enos Tangke Arung
Rattan manau (Calamus manan Miq.) is one of some commercial rattan species that grow in East Kalimantan forests. Its fruit is edible, similarly to some other species’ fruits, and the local community traditionally uses it as medicine for stomach and toothache. There has not been any research related to...
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Diseases of Shoot, Stem and Root on Eucalyptus pellita F.Muell. at Sebulu, East Kalimantan

Iin Arsensi, Djumali Mardji
This study aimed to determine the symptoms and signs of diseases on the shoot, stem, root, the causal agent, and the disease’s incidence and severity. The most resistant families and the most detrimental pathogen were also discussed. The study was conducted at Surya Hutani Jaya Concession, Sebulu in...
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Composition, Importance Value and Diversity of Mangrove Trees in Kutai National Park, East Kalimantan

Iin Sumbada Sulistyorini, Erny Poedjirahajoe, Lies Rahayu Wijayanti Faida, Ris Hadi Purwanto
The mangrove ecosystem in Kutai National Park (KNP) has an essential and strategic role. Maintaining mangroves’ integrity as a conservation area needs to be improved, one of which is by recognizing floristic potential. The study was carried out on TNK mangrove forests in the East Kutai Regency to find...
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Antibacterial Activity Against Propionibacterium acnes of n-Hexane Fractions from Siam Weed Leaves (Chromolaena odorata)

Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Rahmini, Enih Rosamah, Supomo, Harlinda Kuspradini
The present study aims to separate the active fractions from the n-hexane extract of Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata (L) R.M. King & H. Rob) leaves with potential as the antiacne agent. The present work includes isolation of active fractions guided by antiacne assay against Propionibacterium acnes...
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Optimal Thickness and Heating Time Based on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Densified Sengon Board

Iskandar, Edy Budiarso, Isna Yuniar Wardhani, Agus Sulistyo Budi
Sengon is classified as low density wood. It is widely planted in the plantation forest so that it has a high potency for industry. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the strength of its wood through densification as one way. The results showed that fluctuation in water-content reduction were only...
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The Depreciation Costs of Hand Tools in Paddy Farming in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Farmers own and use hand tools in paddy farming. Although they are not always purchased in every planting season, hand tools’ depreciation is still considered a cost. This study’s objectives were to calculate and identify the factors affecting the variation of depreciation costs among paddy households....
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Allometric Equations to Estimate the Aboveground Biomass of Seedling and Sapling Plants in 10 and 20 Years Old of Secondary Forests in Sarawak, Malaysia

Karyati, Isa B. Ipor, Ismail Jusoh, Mohd. Effendi Wasli
The seedlings and saplings plant stage determines the successional stages in the secondary forest establishment process. The estimation on aboveground biomass (AGB) of seedling and sapling plants is needed to describe undergrowth’s contribution in the secondary forest. This study’s objective was to develop...
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The Effect of Candlenut as Mixed Ingredients on the Palm Sugar Quality in the Penyolongan Village of Sangkulirang Districts East Kutai

Liris Lis Komara
Palm tree (Arenga pinnata Merr) is a non-wood forest product with a big potency to be developed. Palm tree main product resulting from tapping male flower sap can be made to be sugar. This study aims to determine the effect of candlenut as a mixture of ingredients of the palm sugar quality in the Penyolongan...
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Contribution of Agroforestry to Total Farmers’ Revenue in Long Beluah Village, North Kalimantan Province - Indonesia

Marlan Usmani Putra, Rujehan, Mustofa Agung Sardjono, Paulus Matius, Ahyauddin
Agroforestry in Long Beluah Village can be developed to support welfare and maintain community economic stability. Agroforestry is one of the land management systems that can be offered to solve problems arising from food problems and at the same time provide socio-economic benefits to farmers. This...
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Community of Psittacidae Family in Aketajawe Lolobata National Park North Maluku

Maya Safira Firdausy, Ida Ayu Gede Lidya Wintari, Jarwadi Budi Hernowo, Ditro Wibisono Wardi Parikesit
Aketajawe Lolobata National Park has a variety of habitat types and diverse bird species. North Maluku is one of the EBA areas (Endemic Bird Area) because it has many endemic bird species. This research aims to describe the type of habitat, identify the species of Psittacidae bird, and utilize vegetation...
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The Community of Ardeidae Family and Distribution of Nest Trees in Pulau Rambut Wildlife Sanctuary, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia

Maya Safira Firdausy, Ani Mardiastuti, Yeni Aryati Mulyani
Pulau Rambut is a small island in Jakarta Bay that has been used as a breeding and roosting habitat for various waterbird species, especially the Ardeidae family. The study aimed at estimating Ardeidae family abundance and mapping the distribution of nest trees. The study was conducted in January-February...
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Species Test of Morus alba and Morus cathayana in Indonesia

Nanang Sasmita, Liris Lis Komara
Mulberry plants have been cultivated for a long time ago. It is being grown for the supply of silkworms. Mulberry cultivation as a silkworms feeds in Indonesia increases because mulberry plants have many benefits, including leaves and fruit as animal feed, tea production, and pharmaceuticals. This study...
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Identification of Fossil Wood from Samarinda, East Borneo

Nani Husien, Sri Wahyuni, Erwin, Agus Sulistyo Budi
This study aims to identify the anatomical structure of petrified wood discovered in Samarinda, East Borneo. The material consists of a single piece of petrified wood, grey, and white—the ground thin-section technique prepared three-dimensional sections (transverse, tangential, and radial). Microscopic...
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Impact of Migration to Livelihood and Agricultural Land of Indigenous Forest-Dependent Communities in North Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ndan Imang, Martinus Nanang, Rujehan
This research was conducted in 2017 at four forest-dependent villages of Kalimantan, Indonesia, which were traditionally migrated outside village looking for a job. This study aims to determine the impact of migration on the livelihood and agricultural land of forest-dependent farmers. The result showed...
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West Papua Mangrove Management Strategy (Case Study of Oransbari Mangrove Area in South Manokwari Regency)

Onasius Pieter Moze Matani, Marlon Ivanhoe Aipassa, Sigit Hardwinarto, Muhammad Sumaryono
This study aims to identify internal factors, namely strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats in managing mangrove areas. Furthermore, identifying internal and external factors is mapped in SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) and AHP Analysis (Analysis Hierarchy...
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Antiacne Compound from the Methanolic Extract of Hyptis (Hyptis capitata) Roots

Rahmini, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Cita Tri Murni Andayati, Dedi Satria, Yhiya Amen, Kuniyoshi Shimizu
In the search of the antiacne agent from tropical medicinal plants, the methanolic extract of Hyptis capitata root was subjected to antiacne assay guided isolation of active compound. Extraction was conducted by maceration using methanol. The methanol extract was separated by column chromatography assisted...
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The Potential of Dipterocarpaceae in the Karst of Sangkulirang Mangkalihat

Rifani, Matius Paulus, Hastaniah, Sutedjo, Raharjo Ari Swasono, Rita Diana
The Dipterocarpaceae are very dominant in the Kalimantan forest, which has an important role in economic and conservation aspects. The aim of this research is to determine the potential of Dipterocarpaceae at karst Sangkulirang – Mangkalihat in Berau and Kutai Timur Regency. The research is about two...
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Isolation of Active Compounds from Original Plants of East Kalimantan as Cosmetics

Ritson Purba, Enos Tangke Arung, Harlinda Kuspradini, Daniel Tarigan
Phytochemical and antioxidant activity tests were conducted on ethanol extracts of the trunk, flower and leaf of Senggani (Melastoma candidum D.Don). Each sample was macerated with ethanol, and then it was concentrated with a rotary evaporator. The secondary metabolites of each sample’s phytochemical...
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Diversity of Fruits in Kutai Kartanegara District, East Kalimantan Province

Rustam Baraq Noor, Marjenah, Paulus Matius
Diversity of Fruits in Kutai Kartanegara District, East Kalimantan. The diversity of local and exotic fruits investigated in this study was located in four sub-districts: Samboja, Tenggarong Seberang, Kota Bangun/Muara Wis and Tabang, and Kutai Kartanegara District, ranging from coastal areas to mountainous...
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Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity: The Potency of Selaginella intermedia Leaves Against Oral Pathogen

Saat Egra, Tohru Mitsunaga, Harlinda Kuspradini
Selaginella intermedia is one of the traditional medicine in East Kalimantan, which use as some traditional medicinal uses. S. intermedia is usually found in the forest floor, especially for this study we obtain from Kebun Raya Unmul Samarinda (KRUS) in East Kalimantan. The aim of this study is to inhibit...
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Current Status of Forest Management Unit Effectiveness Versus Decreasing the population of Sumatran Tigers in the Ulu Masen Protected Area, Aceh

Silfi Iriyani, A. Humam Hamid, Agus Setyarso, Hairul Basri, Dedi Kiswayadi
Ulu Masen ecosystem (738,000 ha) of the Aceh Province is one of the last vast wildernesses in South East Asia. IUCN categorized areas under Category VI as protected areas, primarily due to their unique cultural values and traditional natural resources management practices. It is home to the Critically...
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Effectiveness of Distillation Models on Bioactivity from Essential Oil Fraction of Cinnamommum camphora (L.) J. Presl.

Sisilia Silau, Harlinda Kuspradini, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma
The change of paradigm in forest product management brought out the Forestry Minister’s Regulation Number P.35/Menhut-II/2007, concerned Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). Some genus Cinnamomum included in the list of NTFPs, and Cinnamomum camphora (camphor) is one species. The recorded data mentioned...
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Effect of Organic Mulch on Runoff and Erosion Rates in Abandoned Land

Sri Sarminah, Dhony Saputra Perdana Sinaga, Rini Crisdayanti, Muhammad Syafrudin
Degraded land can be rehabilitated by applying vegetative conservation or mechanical conservation or combining the two approaches. One technique of vegetative conservation is by arranging mulch on the soil surface. Several factors that cause erosion are climate, soil, topographic, land cover (vegetation),...
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Species Composition and Vegetation Structure in Natural Park PT Badak LNG, Bontang, East Kalimantan

Sudrajat, Medi Hendra, Sus Trimurti, Lariman, Sudiastuti
Forest ecological studies in Natural Park PT Badak Bontang, East Kalimantan has been carried out with the transect method. Vegetation observation was done on the transect line made by plot size 20 x 20 meter, and the distance between the plots is 100 meters. This study would be covered on species composition...
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DPPH-Scavenging Activity of Propolis of Tetragonula iridipennis from East Kalimantan

Sukemi, Yadi Yasir, Swandari Paramita, Enos Tangke Arung
Tetragonula iridipennis is a species of bee from the Apidae family. Its honey is known as an anticancer by the local community in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, research on propolis of T. iridipennis from East Kalimantan is rarely conducted. This research was carried out to investigate...
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Screening of Three Species of Pasak Bumi (Bitter Charm) for Potential Toxicities as Active Drugs

Supartini, Rizki Maharani, Totok Kartono Waluyo
The utilization of traditional medicine or herbal medicine in a community is something inheritance, and it is inseparable from human lives. Support of scientific statements is necessary for comprehensive utilization. Pasak Bumi (Bitter Charm) is one of the raw material sources for traditional medicines...
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The Physicochemistry of Stingless Bees Honey (Heterotrigona itama) from Different Meliponiculure Areas in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Suroto Hadi Saputra, Bernatal Saragih, IrawanWijaya Kusuma, Enos Tangke Arung
Almost all of the stingless honey bees in East Kalimantan are in the district/city. Various types of plants as sources of nectar in each region for stingless bees honey are interesting for research. This study’s purpose was the physicochemical analysis of H. itama honey from different meliponiculture...
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Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Medicinal Plants in Kwau Village and Silau Villlage, Warmare District, Manokwari District, West Papua

Susilo Budi Husodo, Enos Tangke Arung, Edy Budiarso, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma
The purpose of this study was to evaluate antimicrobial and antioxidant of medicinal plants in the villages of Kwau and Siau (Phytochemical, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and toxicity). The bark, roots, and leaves are extracted with methanol to get the extract. Antimicrobial activity against...
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The Potential of Katuk Hutan (Phylanthus reticulus) as a Medicinal Plant

Susilo Budi Husodo, Edy Budiarso, Irawan Wijaya Kusuma, Enos Tangke Arung
Katuk Hutan (Phylanthus reticulus) is a pioneer plant that grows in Papua. This plant belongs to the Phylantaceae family, which is commonly used as a medicinal plant. This study aimed to determine the potential of katuk hutan (P. reticulus) as a medicinal plant. The method used in phytochemical testing....
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Analysis of Peeling Results of Red Meranti Wood Types on a Spindleless Rotary Lathe Machine at PT Rimba Raya Lestari, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan

Syafii, Edy Budiarso, Bandi Supraptono, Agus Sulistyo Budi
Rotary lathe veneer peeling machines with large spindles are widely used in veneer and plywood factories in Indonesia. On average, half of the raw material logs become waste, and the rotary lathe contributes 25%. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the world’s need for plywood products will never disappear...
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Biochar Application on Spodosols Soils Promotes Higher Plant Growth and Survival Rate

Syahrinudin, Triyono Sudarmadji, Nurman Krisdianto, Ibrahim, Wahjuni Hartati
Interests in biochar applications for improving soil properties and fertility are increasing worldwide, and numerous production techniques, raw materials, and application options are now available. This research aimed to investigate the effects of biochar application on growth rate (height, stem diameter,...
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A Preliminary Survey of Siamese Crocodile Habitat Preferences

Floating Vegetation on Lake Mesangat, Muara Ancalong, East Kutai, Indonesia

Teguh Muslim, Rachmat Budiwijaya Suba
Floating vegetation is one of the biotic components in the Mesangat Lake ecosystem, which plays an essential role for Siamese crocodiles. Floating plants in the Mesangat Lake can be used as an indicator of habitat preferences and Siamese crocodiles’ success rate in nesting. This research aimed to find...
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Policy Analysis on Bio and Wood Energy Development in East Kalimantan

Tien Wahyuni
East Kalimantan relies heavily on fossil fuels, including diesel and coal, for on-grid power and diesel generator sets for off-grid power. The development of wood energy is one way to utilize forest products that are currently underway. Various efforts and research projects have been conducted, but there...
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Strengthening Role and Policy of Local Government in Accelerating Development of Social Forestry in East Kalimantan

Tien Wahyuni
The implementation of The Green Growth Compact (GGC) movement in East Kalimantan is in synergy with the Social Forestry (SF) Program, which is being rolled out and become a government priority program. The following paper aims to provide an overview of how the strengthening of local government roles...
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Post Mining Evaluation of Forest Land Rehabilitation and Potential Ecosystem Recovery

Triyono Sudarmadji, Wahjuni Hartati
Coal Mining operation in the forest lands caused significant forest ecosystem disturbance. Therefore, management of mined-out forest lands must be conducted thoroughly following land clearing, topsoils spreading, mining waste treatment, land rehabilitation (reclamation and Revegetation). Concerning expected...
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Soil Physical Properties Development in Post-Coal Mining Rehabilitation Area in East Kutai District, East Kalimantan Indonesia

Veronika Murtinah, Liris Lis Komara
The open-pit mining process has an impact on soil properties, including the soil physical properties. The physical properties of soil in the rehabilitation area will develop over time. This study aimed to determine the soil physical properties development in the 20 years old rehabilitation area and compare...
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Spodosols of East Kalimantan

Land Cover Disturbances Induced Degradation of Soil Properties

Wahjuni Hartati, Jauhar Arifin, Triyono Sudarmadji, Syahrinudin, Daddy Ruhiyat
Spodosols are mineral soils derived from sandy to loamy sand parent materials developed under humid or wetter climate condition. Soils are coarse in texture, the acid in reaction and low in water and nutrient retention. In addition, these soils are characterized by a spodic horizon associated with the...
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Patterns of Iron Stain on Gelam Wood (Melaleuca cajuputi Powell)

Windy Agustiana Hayati, Erwin, Nani Husien, Sri Wahyuni, Isna Yuniar Wardhani, Agus Sulistyo Budi
Gelam wood is a tough wood that is often used to support building structures; usually, it was nailed to merge it each other which the nailing causes injury to the wood. The purpose of this research is to determine the patterns of distribution of iron stain in gelam wood. The wood’s observation macroscopical...
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Herb Inventory in the Forest Education of Forestry Faculty Mulawarman University

Yasfini Harum Mercury, Sutedjo, Rita Diana
An herbaceous plant is a plant group with a short, small plant and has a wet trunk because many contain water and have no wood. This research aims to inventory herbaceous plant species in three different locations and provide information uses of botanicals herbs. The results showed that the slopes area...
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The Potency of Ageratum Conyzoides as Biopesticide

Yuliani, Yuni Sri Rahayu
Ageratum conyzoides, which contains various secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, hydroquinone, tannins, and essential oils, can be used as herbicide or insecticide. The purposes of this study were to describe the effect of methanol extract of A. conyzoides leaves on mortality...
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Characterization of Rubber Shell Liquid Smoke at Various Pyrolysis Temperatures and the Application to Latex Coagulant

Yuni Adiningsih, Fauziati, Ageng Priatni, Haspiadi
Rubber commodities in East Kalimantan have a significant growth area. From 2008 to 2017, the rubber plantation area’s growth averaged 3.79%, with rubber production growth up to 4.88% per year. In addition to producing rubber latex, which is the main product of rubber trees, it also produced many rubber...