Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on the Modern Development of Humanities and Social Science

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The Morphology of Inhabited Villages based on Hui Psychological Traits

Ningna Yan, Ke Feng
The main object of this fundamental research will be to reveal the relationship between Muslim group consciousness and settlement patterns. The method used in our study is known as field survey and literature research. The study showed that the morphological of Inhabited decided by Hui psychological...
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Research on Effective Way to Train Rural Doctor in Xinjiang National Minority Area

Xinwu Zhu, Yuting Guo
Imbalanced health resources between urban and rural in national minority area, insufficient number of primary health technician, and low levels of technology of urban and rural has become a bottleneck affecting the health development of agricultural and pastoral areas in Xinjiang. This article is based...
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International Scientific Collaboration in Research of Depression based on Social Network Analysis

Ying Wu, Zhiguang Duan
Background: Depression is harmful to human health and effecting social life seriously and still brings a heavy burden for countries all over the world. Scientific collaboration has become the indispensable choice for progress in the biomedicine field. However, there have been few scientific publications...
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Study on Innovation Capability of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Industry Based on the Comparative Analysis of Seven Provinces

Songqiang Wu, Xiao Xiao, Yawen Chen, Xianting Tao, Yong Wu
Based on pharmaceutical industry data of seven provinces in 2011, the research is taken the perspectives of innovation inputs and innovation outputs. Through the comparative analysis of pharmaceutical industry innovation capabilities between Jiangsu provinces and the other six provinces, we find out...
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Analysis of Democratic Construction in China and Internet

Guoyou Zhang, Xueru Yin
As the popularization of Internet in every aspects of modern life, the development of democratic construction faces both opportunity and challenge in information age. This article analyzes the current situation of democratic construction, and discusses the influence of Internet, then brings up the method...
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Research on a United Africa as Vehicle of Sustainable Development

Daniel Ofori, Oji-Okoro Izuchukwu
The purpose of this study is to find the contribution of the unity of Africans and their descendant in the diaspora. Such unity is merely a means to the ultimate goal, which is the development and transformation of our people and the continent as a whole. The ultimate goals of such a political structure...
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Study on the Path and Strategy of Carbon Control in China

Jianfeng Zhao
China's carbon control path and strategy is heading in the direction of the new evolution. Carbon control path should be based on all-round development of economic model, which is the coupling of social economic metabolism and ecological economic metabolism. Carbon control is whole process management...
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A Study of the Creative Problem Solving Process by Architectural Designers: A Perspective of I-Ching BaGua

Jon-Chao Hong, Ming-Yueh Hwang, Yi-Ling Chen
I Ching is made up of alternations between conversion, conflict and reconciliation and between problem states of being. A synthesis of I Ching to the eight trigrams (BaGua) is often related to Feng-Shui for architectures in designing a building. In addition to this paradigm, this study observed BaGua...
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Travel Time Reliability Measurement of Urban Rail Transit System Based on Kernel Density Estimation

Weijia Li, Ke Qiao, Peng Zhao
Travel time reliability is of high importance for passengers and transit agencies in the urban rail transit system. The travel time reliability models of OD pairs, line and network were established, and a short discussion on influence factors of travel time reliability was provided. Based on the real...
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Development and Construction of Public Awareness of Community Characteristics Kaohsiung City's Historic District Industrial Recycling Case

Hsu-Fu Chang
Currently the global historic area "recycling" and "Save" mode trends, in addition to "replace the old and new space" approach, more importantly, the government attempts to culture and the life of the new standards and specifications used to create the environment in the historical district, trying to...
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An Empirical Research on Farmer Innovation in Agriculture Industrial Clusters

Li Yang
This document establishes the model on the factors that influence farmer innovation by using a questionnaire survey and SEM. Results indicate knowledge-sharing in agriculture industrial clusters, farmer’s absorptive capacity , knowledge from the newspapers and books and other farmers can significantly...
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Psychological Safety as Determinants of the Belief in Dangerous Online Communities Mediated by General and Online Social Anxiety

Jon-Chao Hong, Chin-Hao Hsu, Kai-Hsin Tai
This study explores the antecedents and outcomes of individual perceived safety in life. After factoring out beliefs and social anxiety, Facebook use was selected as a predictor for related psychological symptoms. A confirmatory factor analysis was applied to 230 email validated samples. Structural equation...
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Challenges Facing the Food Industry Examples from the Baked Goods Sector

Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen, Peter Jacobsen
This paper investigates the challenges in the food industry, illustrated by a case study from the baked goods sector in Denmark. The paper proposes key elements this sector needs to address in order to limit waste improve productivity and increase profitability.
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Study on the Dynamic Strategies of Differential Game of Water Pollution Control from the View of Public Participation

Zhenyun Hu, Chen Chen
Water pollution control is a systematic engineering which needs the whole society to participate in, especially the public participation. This paper develops a continuous-time differential game of water pollution control between government and the public with the consideration of dynamic change of pollutants...
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Spatial Differentiation of China’s Low Carbon Development

Jinping Zhang, Dandan Meng, Jie Dong
How to achieve regional development with less carbon is the focus of attention of the scientific community. In this paper, with the basic spatial unit of 301 prefecture-level administrative region in China, the relatively refined system of quantitative indicators was established. The 2010 low carbon...
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Impacts of Exposition on the Destination City’s Tourism A Case of the China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning, Guangxi

Xianhui Feng
The development of regional and city tourism will be affected by hosting an expo to a certain extent. According to a case of ASEAN Expo, we analyses the effect of ASEAN Expo to the tourism development of Guangxi province and Nanning city on 3 issues that the hotel industry, inbound tourism and tourism...
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Internationalization Strategies of French SME from the Agro-Alimentary Industry to China

Marion Blattner
This document is a preliminary article aiming to introduce this large and contemporary subject which will be the object of more advanced investigations in the following months. The sources of this article are both composed of readings and personal reflections and observations I have been able to make...
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In search of a Liberating Practice Leadership, Teacher Commitment and the Struggle for Effective Schools in South Africa

Vuyisile Msila
This presentation is adapted from recent unpublished research findings of a study conducted in six Gauteng schools. There is growing research currently which focuses on the reasons why some schools fail to attain effective teaching and learning. In tandem with this, there have been a number of reasons...
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Searching for the Lost Security in Latin America Impact of Violence and Insecurity in the Development

Gabriel A. Orozco
The concept of Biopolitics in Michel Foucault helps us to understand phenomena such as criminality, which is a problem in the normal life of the people in the urban sphere. This problem in Latin America rises as the first one concern in the climate opinion of the people. Criminality could be understood...
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Research into the Influence of Implementation of the Peasants’ Sports and Fitness Project on the Developmental People’s Livelihood

Fengzhu Cao
Peasants' sports and fitness project is an important project that exerts influence on people’s livelihood, and fully embodies the concept of exerting the power for the people by the Communist Party and the People’s Government of China and the people-centric scientific development concept in sports efforts....
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Research of Development Strategy of Mass Sports in China under Goal of Overall Construction of Well-being Society

Xianfu Wang
Development of mass sports is an effective measure of fully building well-being society, improving national quality and enhancing comprehensive national strength. With document-data method and in the basis of interpretation of overall construction of well-being society, the general development situation...
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College, Discipline, and Sex Factors Effecting Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Jun Kong
This paper focuses on some factors that affect graduates’ job opportunities which have been studied such as college, dicipline, and sex. A semi-parametric survival model for this study indicates that the graduates who are from research university find jobs faster. Moreover, the paper shows graduates...
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Analysis on Strengthening the Network Cultural United Front Work under New Circumstances

Jufang Song
With the development of information era, the network has become a mainstream, and it affects our lives in almost every aspect. The network culture, which is induced from the network, is gradually changing people's outlook on world, life and values. The paper tries to analyze the value of network culture...
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Income Poverty in Selected Countries of the European Union

Nada Birciaková, Jana Stávková, Veronika Antošová
The presented article focuses on the assessment of the state of poverty in selected countries of the European Union on the basis of methodologies of European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU SILC). Selected states are the representatives of areas of cultural affinity ¬–specifically,...
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Review on Vocational Education on the Background of New Cultural Construction in Rural Areas

Quan Wen, Jie Fan
On the background of Chinese policy of building a new socialist countryside, it highlights the significance of the development of culture. The author’s research perspective specializes in the relationship between vocational education and the development of culture in the countryside. The author also...
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Strategic Thoughts for the Sustainable Development of China Sports from the Perspective of Sports Power

Xianfu Wang
With literature research method, based on the connotation of understanding of sports power, we expound sports power construction and analyze the path choice of developing our sports enterprise from the perspective of sports power. This thesis supposes that China is a sports power, and we always adhere...
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Investigation on the Current Situation of Consumption of Langfang Urban Staff and Workers’ Independent Badminton Movement

Donghai Zhang
By investigating the badminton movement of the main venues of Langfang City, the survey wants to know the current situation of consumption of staff and workers’ independent badminton movement. According to the results of the survey, staff and workers who are independent badminton consumers are mainly...
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The Research of the University Staff of Overdue Books Recall Service--Taking the Chengdu University of Information Technology as an Example

Ping He, Changsheng Yang, Jie Pan, Guifang Liu
The overdue books is a long-standing major problem to university libraries, and the staff of long-term occupying books without returning, is a common phenomena in university libraries. As to how to let the staff return the books in time, the libraries have constantly tried to use various methods to urge...
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Research on the Interaction of Car Online Modification Based on Virtual Display

Chunfu Li, Yangmeng Ke, Yuhui Wang
The thesis propose the interaction design procedures and principles by discourse and compare virtual display , combine with the actual characteristics of interaction design, then base on the virtual display theory. The principles are accuracy, patency, and consistency. Through analyze and apply car online...