Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering and Information Technology Applications (MEITA 2016)

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Intrusion detection method based on cloud model and semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting

Liping Wang
Aiming at the problem of low detection rate and high false positive rate of intrusion detection system, a cloud model semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting intrusion detection method is put forward. As the attribute contributes to the classification difference, the cloud was near relative degree....
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Monitoring System Design for XLPE Power Cable Faults Based on Virtual Instruments

Dian Lai
With the vigorous development of power transmission project, the security and stability of power transmission lines appear to be more important than ever before. As one of the most significant devices in power transmission lines, the security guarantee of power cables is of great importance. Therefore,...
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The Simulation Analysis of Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism for High-voltage Current-Limiting Fuse

Qiong Wu, Shaohua Ma, Zhiyuan Cai
The research content of this topic is based on Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism for High-voltage Current-limiting Fuse, according to the given parameters, and basing on the reasonable simplified, the topic establishes 2D finite element simulation model by using Ansoft Maxwell, and simulates the dynamic...
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Study on the Application of Transmission Technology in Information and Communication Engineering

Xinhong Yang
At present, with the development of social economy and science and technology, the application of computer network technology in social life is more and more extensive. As an important part of network communication technology, transmission technology has become the main research direction and people...
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Hysteresis Analysis of Three Phase Voltage Source PWM Rectifier based on Feed Forward Decoupling

Cheng Wang
In power electronic converter device, using the ordinary thyristor phased rectifier, to inject a large number of harmonics and reactive power grid, power grid pollution; With full control of PWM rectifier device, which can realize the grid side current according to the sine law of change, and run in...
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Study on Digital Processing Approaches of Publishing Resources

Xiaodi Xia
Digital publishing industry has become the current development of the overall trend. With the maturity of digital information processing technology, Chinese digital publishing has entered a new period of development. Digital publishing itself has a high degree of content integration, highly dependent...
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Study on Reliability Optimization Algorithm of Computer Network

Linlin Wang
With the rapid development of computer technology, computer networks are gradually emerging and penetrate into all areas of the national economy, regardless of the political and economic or financial and commercial, more and more inseparable from all sectors of computer networks. Once the computer network...
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The Practical Research on Signal Processing System of Electronic Information Engineering

Shaozhong Hu
With the continuous development of information technology and computer technology, the development of digital signal processing technology has appeared in people's sight and has been paid more and more attention. Nowadays, it has become an important technical subject. The emergence of DSP makes digital...
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Research on Computer Electronic Control Technology and Its Application

Jie Yu
Computer electronic control technology is a relatively complex technology, involving electronic information, automatic control and many other integrated disciplines of knowledge. Through electronic control, computer can effectively achieve the data acquisition, storage and processing, thus make the effective...
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Research on Wireless Communication Protocol of Internet of Things

Zixuan Zhao
Internet of things is a new generation of information technology and an important part of the information industry. It is another leap-forward development. The most direct application of Internet of Things is wireless sensor network. The communication of the wireless sensor network needs the support...
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Study on Dynamics of Calculus Nonlinear Oscillator

Yong Huang, Zefu Zhao, Yanchun Zhao
The fractional derivative can be regarded as the Volterra integral of the Abel kernel function and its value is not only closely related to the value of the current moment, but also to the whole history. Therefore, the application of fractional calculus to some viscoelastic materials can well describe...
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Research on the Application of Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Ying Ding, Xiaodong Zhang
Object-oriented software engineering is a hot object in the field of software engineering research and development. Based on the software engineering methodology and the development of application software system, this paper studies the problems in object-oriented software engineering research and development....
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VRML virtual reality technology applied in the mechanical design

Youbing Zhu
In this paper, VRML2.0 as the development tool to mechanical design of the main parts as the object. First select the typical components of the sliding bearing as the entrance to various forms of three-dimensional model of the structure to user. So that the user has a comprehensive grasp of the structure...
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Concurrency Control and Self-optimization based on SQL Server Database System

Rongchuan Guo
With the great development of computer science technology and electronic information, all enterprises have established their own information systems. The database as the core and foundation of information system, it has also been more and more widely used. So the performance of the database has been...
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Research on Scheduling Optimization of Cloud Computing Resource Load Based on Culture Firefly Algorithm

Kexin Zhang
Cloud computing is a new computing technology with great potential value. It utilizes large-scale hardware and virtual resources to provide users with dynamic application services. In order to maximize the use of cloud resources, give full play to the maximum potential of cloud computing, mining efficient...
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The Research of the technology on computer adaptive testing

Chunxue Xu, Jia Zhu
with the development of science and technology, computer technology has made great progress in various fields; it has been very widely used. In the selection of talents, our country has been using the traditional test system, such as the examination and entrance examination, etc. And the traditional...
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The application of computer communication technology in the information age

Jia Zhu, Chunxue Xu
computer communication technology has entered the Internet era. Whether it is to buy the occasion effect or the application efficiency has been greatly improved. But it should also be clear that computer communication technology in order to bring great convenience to people's lives, to ensure its safe...
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Research on Key Technologies of 4G - LTE Uplink Physical Link

Yan Guo
4G-LTE system is a long-term evolution technology proposed by 3GPP. It belongs to quasi-4G technology. It has the features of high rate, wide coverage and low latency. The physical layer is the bottom of the system and the key of technological innovation of mobile communication system. In this paper,...
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Research on planning and design of private cloud computing data center

Guanghui Wei
cloud computing server and storage system play a very important role in the cloud computing data center. The performance of the server and the storage system will directly determine the performance of the entire cloud computing system. From the cloud computing server design principles, considerations,...
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The Evaluation of Chemical Processes for Green Chemistry

Yunshen Zhang
Chemical industry is closely related to people's life and involves all kinds of aspects. With the development of times, the requirements for chemical engineering is becoming more and more high, which requires the greatest reduction of resource consumption and the adverse impact of chemical process on...
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The security and protection technology research of computer information

Yu Liu, Jing Zhou
Computer network information security is more and more attention in the national life, the reason: much important information is stored on the Internet, once these information leaks out will cause immeasurable losses. The network information will leak out, on the one hand, there are many invaders one...
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The security and protection strategy research of computer network information

Yu Liu, Jing Chang
With the increasing of network applications, the problem of network security is becoming more and more serious. Due to the diversity of computer network connection, terminal distribution in homogeneity, network openness and sharing of network resources, the computer network vulnerable to viruses, hackers,...
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The research and application of computer image processing

YunHui Qu
Research and application of image processing technology is more and more received the influence of social development, and with its own technical characteristics, in turn, affect the progress of the society as a whole technology. This paper simply summarized the recent development of digital image processing...
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Electromagnetic field momentum from Feynman's paradox about space transformation mechanism

She Wang, Zhong Liu
This article from introduce Feynman's disc paradox, the electromagnetic field energy and momentum conservation, For passive electromagnetic field's momentum flow and mechanical momentum of physical movement electrically charged particles transformation research, Passive electromagnetic field and electromagnetic...
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The Design and Application of Traditional Sports Events Information Processing Platform

Yang Zhang
With the gradual increase of the number of sports events and the participation in sports activities, the amount of information of sporting events will show exponential rate of growth, sporting events information provided by traditional library materials and newspaper media is unable to meet the current...
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Research on the Guidance of Sports System Based on the Big Data Technology

Wei Liu
The study analyzed the nature and features of China civilian physique policies implementation, and held that implementation of sport-for-all policy is a dynamic process converting the policy objective into reality, which includes a series of activities and behaviors pushing forward the implementation...
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Design and Implementation of Sports Information System Based on new media context

Qingqing Wang
Under the new media environment presents new information and communication features, the audience demand for new changes. Thus, the spread of sports culture must adapt to this new communication environment, and actively adjust communication strategies to enhance the impact of the spread of sports culture...
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Research on Control Technology of Cloud-based Security for Mobile Terminal

Chong Li
According to the researches on the safety status and security products in mobile terminals, this paper analyzes the security issues faced by mobile terminals and pointed out the deficiencies of the existing security products and security researches. By using a proxy server and cloud security technology,...
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Design and Implementation of Agricultural Intelligent Monitoring System based on the Android Platform

Haili Liang
Relies on an intelligent agricultural experiment platform, designed and developed an intelligent agricultural monitoring system based on the Android system, making mobile Internet technology applied to traditional agriculture, allowing growers monitor environmental factors in agricultural production...
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Research of reasonable Ophthalmic Hospital Bed Arrangement Problem based on the Mathematical Model

Xiaoying Sun
How to reasonably arrange the limited beds in hospital to reduce patient queuing time as much as possible, and make full use of the resources have important significance to improve the quality of hospital services and reduce hospital operating costs. Optimize beds management based on queuing theory is...
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Relevant Research on the Development of Virtual Instrument Integrated Test System

Li Wang, Hongxia Guo
With the constant improvement of economic level in China and quick development of Internet technology, virtual instrument technology has been developed and applied rapidly. The genesis and application of virtual instrument technology is based on PC measurement technology. So this article will study the...
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A Study on Application of Neural Networks in Assessment of Computer Network Security

Jifeng Shen, Jun Xu, Kang Li, Ke Yang
With the progress of information era and popularity of computer networks, network security has become a focus of attention.As an important part of study on computer network security, network security assessment is of great value and significance for maintenance of network information security, system...
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Design of PLC-based electro hydraulic servo position closed loop system

Jian Xue, Mingyuan Lu
The electro-hydraulic servo position closed-loop system is a high-precision control system with wide application, we established a mathematical model of hydraulic servo closed-loop system at first to design SIEMENS S7-1500 PLC-based electro-hydraulic servo position closed-loop control system, and to...
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Computer embedded system development at the core of technical analysis

Zenghui Zhao, GuoJian Cheng
With the constant development and popularization of computer information technology, people for the dependence of the computer control system is also increasing, using computer to realize the control of other electronic equipment is the important trend of the current computer technology.Embedded system...
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The Application of D2D Communication Used in Train Control System

Peng Wang, Kaicheng Li
Internet of Vehicles is a research focus of wireless internet transmission, and it is of great significance introducing Internet of Vehicles into railway. This paper introduces the background and significance of the Internet of Train research, and describes the design scheme and key rooting protocols...
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Competitive adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide at nanometer level

Pengliang Yu, Yun Cao, Xiangfang Li
From macro perspective, main factors affecting adsorption of CH4 by coals include coal particle size, pore structure, coal rank, moisture, temperature and pressure, etc.. The adsorption capacity of CH4 by coals is affected by multiple factors. The adsorption experiment of single component gas showed...
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Running Stability Test and Impact Analysis of Noise Automatic Monitoring System

Xiao Tang, Danian Li, Jiayan Yu
With the wide application of environmental noise automatic monitoring technology in our country cities have established environmental noise automatic monitoring system. But due to the country is not about the technical specification of automatic monitoring, calibration of the system and a series of quality...
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Semantic Caching for Querying Data Warehouses in Applications

Shuchun Yao
This document presents three-tier architecture for data warehousebased Online AnalysisSystems in some applications. To improve the performance, semantic caching is introduced and implementedin the middle tier. The query results are cached together with semantic descriptions such that that next time similar...
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Effects of Pb Tailings Exudated Liquids Stress on the Growth, Pb Accumulation and Translocation Ability of Six Kinds of Aquatic Plants

Na Yao
We take the selection of appropriate remediation plants as the purpose in the study. We select six kinds of aquatic plants with strong survivability and good ornamental performance to conduct the experiment, namely Iris pseudacorus L.,Sagittaria sagittifolia L., Eleocharis tuberosa S., Typha orientalis...
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Effects of Pb Tailings Exudated Liquids Stress on Physiology of Six Kinds of Aquatic Plants

Na Yao
Lead (Pb) is a necessary element for plant growth, and it is also one of the main heavy metals which pollute the environment. Lead ore mining fields, lead metallurgical plants, type printing factories and others are also the important sources of lead pollution. We take the selection of appropriate remediation...
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Research on Iris Pseudacorus and Sagittaria Sagittifolia's Accumulation Ability on Pb Tailings Exudated Liquids

Na Yao
The purpose of this experiment is to study the heavy metal pollution degree in two kinds of aquatic plants, iris pseudacorus and sagittaria sagittifolia, and accumulation effect on heavy metal pollutants, and compare the iris pseudacorus and sagittaria sagittifolia's tolerance on Pb tailings exudated...
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Research on Extraction and Properties of Antler Plate Collagen Protein

Na Yao
As far as antler plate is concerned, we adopt pepsin extraction method to extract the collagen protein in antler plate and use the vacuum freeze to dry into antler plate collagen protein powder in the paper. In addition, we adopt the biological enzymolysis technology to make antler plate collagen protein...
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Constructing Semantic Knowledge Base based on Wikipedia automation

Wanpeng Niu, Junting Chen, Meilin Chen
We know that Wikipedia is the largest knowledge set in the world, each instance entries can be a semantic entity, and it has richly hyperlinked text. Based on these, we propose a self-training method based on a small number of positive examples to extract the semantic relations and entities from the...
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Parallel algorithm research of graph search and depth learning based on data mining

Liping Wang
At present, information technology presents exponential growth characteristics, it have entered the era of large data. Data is a strategic resource as important as self-heating resources and human resources, which implied huge economic value. How to effectively organize and deal with large data will...
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A novel on Newton-Rapson iterative interpolation algorithm for NURBS curve

Wanjun Zhang, Dongmei Xu, Xinhong Meng, Feng Zhang
Linear or cicular interpolator are undersirable for high-speed, precision and advanced CNC machining tools of 2D or 3D surfaces for the following reasons: interpolation time bigger, calculation more complicated, and curve chord are changed. In the papers ,the Newton-Rapson iterative interpolation algorithm...
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Exploration on Application of Electronic Circuit Simulation Technology in Electronic Application Technology

Mingming Fang
The development of economy and society drives continuous progress of electronic technique, and electronic circuit simulation technology level gradually improves. In practical operation process, electronic circuit simulation technology is required to guarantee high efficiency of electronic development....
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Arrangement of Guldin Second Theorem and Its Application in Definite Integral Calculation

Yong Huang
Guldin theorem is an important theorem, but is scarcely mentioned in the Higher Mathematics for mathematics majors and other majors, except that is its roughly mentioned in the Higher Mathematics for physics major. However, Guldin theorem is useful for simplifying mathematical calculation both in elementary...
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Nursing supervision for using amiodarone hydrochloride injection to tachyarrhythmia patients

Nana Kong
Objective To analyze the nursing management of amiodarone hydrochloride injection in patients with tachyarrhythmias during intravenous injection. Methods Forty-six patients with tachyarrhythmia treated with amiodarone hydrochloride in our hospital from April 2014 to April 2015 were enrolled in this study....
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Modulation of Quorum-Regulatory sRNA on Various Physiological Functions and Virulence of Vibrio alginolyticus

Huan Liu, Jinfang Yang, Shanshan Zhang, Wang Liu, Xuefeng Chen
Vibrio alginolyticus is one of the important fish pathogen in China, bringing about serious economic loss to aquaculture. sRNA (Small non-coding RNA, sRNA) modulate the target genes on the post-transcriptional level with the aid of the chaperon protein, Hfq and play essential roles in the regulation...
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Research on the Application of Steel Plate Surface Defect Detection System Based on Machine Vision

Xianfeng Liu
The quality control and detection method for traditional artificial steel plate surface is quite time-consuming and with low detection efficiency, which cannot meet actual demand of modern industry. This paper bases on machine vision technology to study steel plate surface defect detection system, which...
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Application of new type anti-corrosion material in chemical industry

Juan Mu
With constant development and prosperity of social economy, China's industrial domain has achieved great development, so has the chemical industry. During the specific process of chemical product manufacturing, corrosion of chemical equipment is a common phenomenon. How to effectively prevent corrosion...
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Analysis on Computer Algorithm and Display Methods of Network Diagrams

Jin He, Hongchong Zhan
With the rapid development of information technology, the combination of information technology with digital-related knowledge, and the widespread use of information technology in real life, many real problems need to be solved by building mathematical model, and the probability of solving some problems...
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Exploration of Function of Electronic Circuit Emulation in Electronic Application and Development

Yanbing Yang
The development of economic society drives the continuous improvement of electronic technique. Policy and technological level of electronic circuit is gradually improved. During practical operation process, in order to guarantee the high efficiency, it needs to do good emulation technique of electronic...
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The Application of Digital Media in Display Design

Jun Zhou
In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of economy and information technology in our society,digital media technology, in the development process of the whole society, plays an increasingly important role. It has an important effect on people's daily life and consumption patterns,...
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A Research on the Progress of Computer Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Chao Wang
At present, computer artificial intelligence algorithm is still in development, and its application stability and accuracy is not very good. Therefore, relevant researchers are required to be committed to the research on computer artificial intelligence algorithm in order to gradually improve the level...
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Application of PLC technology in electrical engineering and automation control

Luxian Fang
Programmable logic controller, i.e. PLC, as a kind of reservoir with the programmable function can be effectively used for storage of interior program and can conduct each operations according to the instructions. Inside electrical engineering and automation control and other special software systems,...
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Research on Coordination Ability of Special Actions of Track and Field Jumping Events Based on Signal Autocorrelation

Xiaolang Cai
In order to express jumping scene in the real life, consisting of jumping site, large-scale jumping athletes and sports, this paper proposes expression of action coordination ability of track and field jumping events within signal autocorrelation. First of all, design the hierarchical logic model of...
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A Relation Between Binomial Coefficients and Fibonacci Numbers to the Higher Power

Yuhong Che
In this paper, we calculatate high power of Fibonacci numbers by elementary mathematical methods and prove an interesting identity between the binomial coefficients and the high power of Fibonacci numbers.
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Study on the Construction of Intelligent City in Big Data Era

Bin Zhang
Through the development of the past years, the construction of the intelligent city in our country grows extremely fast, and the governments at all levels have deeply felt the charm of the intelligent city. It plays a very positive role in improving the governance capacity of all government departments,...
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A New Text Classifier Based on Random Forests

Xin Luo
Various ensemble classification methods have been proposed in recent years. These methods have been proven to improve classification accuracy considerably. One of the most widely used ensemble methods is Random Forests, an ensemble of CART, it uses bagging or bootstrap aggregating. In the paper, the...
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Research on robust control of nonlinear singular systems

Yuting Xu, Zhen Hu
For a class of robust problems of uncertain nonlinear singular systems, it has proposed a system robust control method research based on nonlinear programming in the paper, and the uncertainty robust stability analysis model of nonlinear singular systems has been gave. The robust stability of the system...
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Study on two stage supply chain negotiation rescheduling model and algorithm based on non-complete-trust

Hongguang Bo, Huanzhi Li, Huilin Zhang, Wei Mu, Guobing LYV
Aiming at the problem of the two stage supply chain disruption in the JIT production system, this paper first puts forward a disruption management rescheduling model based on non-complete-trust, with cash compensation negotiation mechanism. The time of delivery and the amount of cash compensation as...
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Horizontal loss rate model for substance content in marine bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Zhikang Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Understanding the transferring process of substance content is meanful for pollution control in marine bay. In order to reveal the unit-distance loss rate of substance contents in marine bay during the transferring process, this paper provided a horizontal loss rate model. Based on this model, we found...
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A Scalable Key Scheme for Two-Dimension Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang
A scheme for wireless sensor network security is given by mainly utilizing unital-based strategy in this paper. The two-dimension sensing square is divided into numerous small squares called cells, and one cluster consists of four small squares. All sensors are same and distributed in the sensing square...
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A Secure Scheme for Two-Dimension Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Symmetric Polynomials

Yuquan Zhang
A security scheme for two-dimension wireless sensor network is presented through using the symmetric polynomials. The sensing square locates in a two-dimension coordinate system. All sensor nodes are distributed in the sensing square evenly. Each sensor node set up the common keys with its neighbor sensor...
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The Four Layers Elevator Control System Design Based on S7-200 PLC

Xianjie Feng
This paper analyzes the use of PLC technology in the design of the elevator system. Using the programmable controller to control the elevator, with simple wiring, programming, intuitive, easy extension, etc. When the building floor increases, the hardware wiring on the floor only need to increase the...
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Research on incomplete data mining and filling algorithm during depth learning process

Liping Wang
In this paper, an incomplete data padding algorithm based on depth learning is proposed. The algorithm has a rich information dimension for large data. A depth-filling network is constructed to extract the depth features of large data, and then the missing values are restored. Experimental results showed...
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A Study on the Bilingual's Cognitive Mechanism of Code Switching

Yue Zhao
Bilingual switching refers to a process turning one language into another, including bilingual generating and understanding, and the two kinds of processing mechanisms are different. In conversation and communication, bilingual speakers often use two different languages in order to adapt to different...
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Decryption of Full Text Retrieval Technology: Chinese Word Segmentation

Xuebing Lu, Yili Xu, Weiwei Deng, Yingjie Yan
Based on the development of full text retrieval function of administrative office system of Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, this paper comprehensive introduces the Chinese segmentation technology used in full-text retrieval. The three mentioned methods, which are segmentation method...
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Study on Overvoltage Suppression by Phase-Selection on 220V Voltage

Yifei Liu
We investigate the regulation of first breakdown process in switching on operation of disconnecting switch (DS), with 220V AC low-voltage. The selecting phase setup, mainly consisted of MCU and Electromagnetic Relay, prevent overvoltage by switching at around required phase that avoid the high-voltage...
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The Study on Legal Control System of Atmospheric Pollution in China

Tianyao Zhong
After entering the industrial society, the industrial production activities of humans have increasingly serious degree on atmospheric destroy. PM2.5 is seriously exceeding. In order to protect survival environment of humans, restrict global temperature increase and prevent from reduction of air quality,...
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Key Technology Research on the Establishment of Image Database

Tao Duan, Jing Huang
The establishment of a powerful image database system is a high effective method of the organization and management of massive image data. This paper firstly analyzes the key technology of image database establishment, including section technology, construction technology and query technology of image...
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Study on the Application of Carbohydrate Derivatives in Food Industry

Xiuchuan Hu
Carbohydrate is a kind of natural macromolecule compound, which is linked by aldose or ketose through the glycosidic linkages of polymers and is present in higher plants, algae, fungi and animals. It is the most abundant natural content Biopolymers. According to its sources, polysaccharides can be divided...
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Research on Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Fe-doped TiO2 Nanotube

Shuai Zhang, Yongtao Liu, Binbin Su
Taking iron nitrate as iron source, Fe-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays with Fe3+ inclusion were synthesized by using anodic oxidation treatment. Simultaneously, the photocatalytic activity of this catalyst was measured by using photo-induced degradation of methyl orange. The results showed that Fe3+ inclusion...
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Research on Smooth Arc Movement Tracks Planning of Robots with Six Degrees of Freedom

Lixia Peng
Due to the need of modern production, the future market of the robot is more and more extensive. In this paper, we study the trajectory planning method of robots with six degree of free and put forward two algorithms of smooth arc movement trajectory planning for the six degrees of freedom robots to...
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Analysis Of Electronic Mail Encryption Technology

Junhui He
With the development of the Internet,e-mail becomes one of the most widely used services on the Internet with its low price and convenient operation.However,with the development of e-mail,the value of the message is increasing,and the security issues have become increasingly prominent,so the e-mail encryption...
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Analysis and Simulation of Digital Baseband Transmission System Basing on SIMULINK

Geng Wang, Wei Cheng
Based on the analysis of digital baseband system transmission characteristics, SIMULINK software is used to simulate the digital baseband transmission system. Having been fully considered the possible factors affecting the baseband signal in the transmission process, a basic model of digital baseband...
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Calcium granules transport across the endoderm of the pigeon

Juan Song, Hua Tong, Haixia Cheng
Calcium granules are known to form in the yolk sacs of fertile pigeon eggs at late stages of incubation. The appearance regularity, mineralization and demineralization position and tracking of calcium granules with the incubation process are investigated. Polarized light microscopy was used to observe...
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Research on Intelligent Home System based on Wireless Sensor Network

Xiaodong Zhang, Wenshuai Ji
At present, the existing smart home subsystem uses different hardware and software and communication protocol. It has a single function and does not have a remote intelligent terminal and some of the traditional smart home system uses wired network set up, they have maintenance problems and poor system...
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Research on the Application of Digital Image Processing Technology in Intelligent Transportation

Wenshuai Ji, Xiaodong Zhang
With the development of digital image processing technology, traffic video monitoring technology based on image processing technology has become an important frontier research field of intelligent transportation system. The characteristics of intelligent transportation system and digital image processing...
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Research on the Effects of 5-HT1A Receptor in Hippocampal CA1 Region in the Cognition of PTSD Rats

Ling Lin, Guoliang Liu, Yinpo Zhang
Investigate the expression of 5-HT1A receptor in CA1 area of hippocampus of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) rats and to explore the function of 5-HT1A receptor in the cognitive behavior of PTSD rats. Methods:72 healthy adult SD rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: A (control group), B(model...
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Effects of Radix Total Glucosides of Paeonia on the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Macrophage Recruitment on Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Rats

Hongyu Kang, Ximin Liu, Yaping Zheng, Chunjie Liu, Jingli Ren
Aim To investigate the effects of Total glucosides of paeonia (TGP) on on myocardial ischemia reperfusion rats and the role of Wnt/ -catenin signaling pathway was also investigated. Methods Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 5 groups: sham operation group, IR group, TGP low-dose group(i.g.50mg/kg),...
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Research on Testing System of Asynchronous Motor Based on LabVIEW

Renyin Song
Motor testing plays a very important role in the production of electrical machines. In recent years, the continuous development of computer technology has promoted the development of motor testing technology. According to the needs of asynchronous motor performance testing, the hardware and software...
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Analysis of Computer Software Development and Database Management

Shan Jiang
Computer software development has been used in many areas and it plays an important role in improving the efficiency. Computer software design is generally divided into four steps: analysis, design, testing and maintenance, which must meet the needs of customers. This paper briefly describes the problems...
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Research on Application of Database Architecture in Computer Software Production

Shan Jiang
The applications of database architecture in the computer software production mainly based on the features of the database architecture, such as reliability, data capacity, easy expansion, wide applicability, easy maintenance and so on. With the development of computer technology, computer users are...
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Study on Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Emission Characteristics Based on Floating Vehicle Data of Beijing

Yanlin Wang, Chenkun Yin
In this paper, we analyzed the collected measured data of floating vehicles with mobile collection equipment in the driving of Beijing. The results show that the fuel consumption of the floating vehicle increases with the increase of the vehicle speed when the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed,...
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Study on Greenhouse Measurement and Control System Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

Xiaodong Zhang, Ying Ding
The current greenhouse control system has the problems such as the expansion is poor and the degree of intelligence is not high and so on. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of zigbee wireless sensor network, the hardware and software of the greenhouse measurement and control system are designed...
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Model-Free Adaptive Predictive Control for Networked Control Systems with Dual-Channel Packet Loss

Shuo Zhen, Wei Gao
In order to reduce the impact of network communication on networked control system (NCS), a networked model-free adaptive predictive control scheme is proposed for networked control systems with random packet loss in the forward and feedback channels. The data model based on the I/O data dynamic linearization...
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Study on Systematic Modeling Method of Fractional Calculus

Lili Xu
In this paper, we introduce the definition of fractional calculus and prove the existence and uniqueness of the solution of fractional linear ordinary differential equation by using Laplace transform method, and give the description of transfer function and state equation. Fractional linearity and the...
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Research on Application of Big Data Technology in University Internal Auditing

Jie Yang
Taking information technology means and using big data thinking to improve the quality and efficiency of audit has become the development trend of China's audit practice. The paper analyzes the problems existing in the audit of economic responsibility in colleges and universities, such as weak audit...
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Application of Computer Software Technology in Plant Protection Software Development

Yejia Shi
With the continuous development of computer software technology, in order to develop the plant protection software which is more practical and more complete, people began to use computer software technology in the development process of plant protection software. In this paper, from the role of plant...
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Study of Virtual Interaction System based on Micro-mechanical Sensor and Motion Builder

Guolong Zhang, Xinglu Wang, Yongsheng Wang, Xin Wang
By using the human motion capture system for mechanical sensors, this paper makes the virtual actor is imitated in real time in Motion Builder and the motion of the real performer is imitated accurately. A set of human motion capture virtual interactive system is designed. This system mainly involves...
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Polymorphic virus deformation characteristics in the application of encryption

Fangtian Zhong, Hao Zhu
In recent years, the software development industry are developed rapidly with the development of software and hardware technology and the rapid expansion of the number of users.At the same time, the software encryption technology and the technique of reverse analysis also gradually narrowed, the fight...
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Research on the Development and Prospects for High-strength Concrete Confined with High-strength Stirrup

Wucheng Xu
It is an important direction to improve the construction level in China to vigorously promote the high strength concrete structures in civil engineering application. The research on the high strength concrete confined by the high-strength stirrup columns breaks the restricted area of the high axial pressure...
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Study on Security Management Strategy of Internet Network Database

Yan-Bo Wang
At present, the advanced Internet technology has penetrated into every corner of people's daily life, which largely promotes the vigorous development of e-commerce and other industries, and also brings many unexpected convenience to human life. While the database is the core of the entire Internet, which...
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Classroom Intelligent Lighting Control System Based on 51 Single - chip Microcomputer

Hong-Lai Yan
University of traditional lighting control are ever burning lights, no lights "phenomenon, in order to solve the traditional university classrooms for energy waste phenomenon, specially research the classroom lights use methods and existing disadvantages. This paper uses a simple 51 micro controller...
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Intelligent Visualization of Anchor Drill Based on PLC, Interface and Frequency Converter

Gai-Lian Zhang
Aiming at the problems existing in the bolt drilling rig, an intelligent visualization scheme based on PLC, interface and frequency converter was used to reform the control system of a certain type of bolt rig. Through analyzing the control principle of the system, the PLC terminal wiring diagram is...
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Research on Key Technology of Fault Diagnosis of Power Cables

Dandan Su, Dezhong Kong
With the expansion of city scale and the acceleration of the process of urban construction, the power cables plays more and more important role in the city network. At the same time, the increase of the number of cables and the continuous extension of the cable running time result in more and more frequent...
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Comparative Evaluation of Four Toluidine Blue Stainings for Rat Femur Effect

Tian Gao, Fuhou Chang, Xiaohong Wu, Yunfeng Xiao, Xiaozhen Po
Objective to compare different ratio of toluidine blue dye solution on the advantages and disadvantages of rat femur dyeing. Methods: the rat femur of materials, fixation, embedding, and sectioning, respectively with different ratio of toluidine blue dye solution dyed, observation of femoral morphology...
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Study on the Extraction of Natural Lutein from Marigold

Chuang Yang, Mingzhe Li
We use the microwave technology to extract the lutein from the marigold. The effects of microwave time, microwave power and solid - liquid ratio on the yield of lutein were studied by single factor test and orthogonal test. The results determine that the best extraction conditions are as follows: microwave...