Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on Philosophy of Education, Law and Science in the Era of Globalization (PELSEG 2020)

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Coping Strategies of the Students of Different Ethnic Groups

Julia Alexandrovna Afanasyeva, Victoria Vladimirovna Ilchenko, Leila Izmailovna Doeva, Svetlana Dzakhotovna Gurieva, Valery Leonidovich Sitnikov
The transformation of the Russian society in the recent decades led to a change in the system of values, needs and behavior of young people. In the context of a serious crisis of moral attitudes, the intensification of the global trend towards the aggravation of ethnocultural contradictions, worsening...
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Formation of Critical Thinking Among Students Majoring in Teaching by Adopting Innovative Approach at University

Galina Vasilievna Akhmetzhanova, Tatiana Vitalievna Emelyanova, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Sundeeva
This article considers the innovative approach of a higher school lecturer intended to foster critical thinking, highlights the need and importance of this type of thinking for future teachers, analyses different definitions of critical thinking, and examines its structure and components. The article...
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Some Problems of Teaching Russian Literature to Foreign Students

Ekaterina A. Artemeva, Elena G. Tonkova, Alevtina G. Lavrentieva
The article considers problems of teaching and interpreting authentic literary texts in the history of Russian literature classes for non-native Russian speakers from the Central Asia region. The study describes criteria for selecting literary texts, including the culturological dimension. It is concluded...
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Linguistic Imperialism in EFL Teaching: New Role of a Teacher in Educating Generation Z

Anna Astanina, Igor Kuznetsov
In the age of globalization, when all the world is striving for unification, there are special issues that need to be addressed. One of them is the linguistic dominance of European languages (namely English) known as linguistic imperialism which suggests bringing structural and cultural inequalities...
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Improvement of the Quality of Engineering Education Based on Modern Pedagogical Approaches

Ekaterina Babeshko
The article is dedicated to the problem of improvement of the quality of engineering education. The analysis of scientific research has established the following: modern pedagogical approaches are not used to a large extent in universities, which does not allow to intensively build the competencies of...
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Reproduction of Engineering Personnel for Innovative Economy: an Experience of Comparative Analysis

Liudmila Boronina, Lyudmila Bannikova, Iurii Vishnevski, Aleksandr Baliasov
The inclusion of domestic technical universities in the international educational space (joining the Bologna process, participating in international University rankings, developing the academic mobility system) necessarily requires the implementation of comparative research projects, the formation and...
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Historical Aspects of the Emergence and Evolution of the Judiciary in Russia

Elena Barasheva, Larisa Dmitrieva
The article deals with the judiciary genesis of Russia. This study researches the historical background and the formation ways of the independent judiciary institute, starting from the first decade of the XI century, and ending with the formation of modern Russian justice system in the 90s of the XX...
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Non-linear Nature of Positive Parental Sentiments in Analyzing the 1st Type of Correlative Errors

Mikhail Basimov, Elena Padurina
Based on a study of positive parental sentiments we have treated of the issue of ignoring the simplest non-linear relations (dependencies with a maximum and a minimum in the first place) when even “significant” linear correlations are missing, which results in system errors (1st type of errors by the...
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Basis for a choice of a political party as a cause for political preferences of students

Mikhail Basimov, Vasilyi Kornienko
The article deals with the statistical dependence of interval variables-estimates (attitudes to voting results, satisfaction with the work of state bodies, the respondents’ attitudes to political parties, political leaders and other parameters) on the nominal parameter “Basis for Choice of a Political...
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Dual-Track Federalism: State System of Austria-Hungary as an Attempt to Transition From Empire to Early European Integration

Evgeny Aleksandrovich Belkanov
The authors of the article examine the state system of Austria-Hungary, which can be described as dual federalism and described as an attempt to transition from the Empire to early European integration. The study of Austro-Hungarian statehood shows that the existence of well-developed legal norms does...
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Specificity of Legal Regulation Discreteness in Federal States

Evgeny Aleksandrovich Belkanov
The article is devoted to the issues of discreteness of legal regulation of public relations in the field of the state structure in federal states. The article aimed to study the features of the legal regulation discreteness of public relations in the field of the state structure in federal states. Particular...
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Hermeneutic Approach to Teaching Schoolchildren to Read

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Belyaeva, Irina Grigorevna Chugaeva, Elena Viktorovna Berezhnova
The article is devoted to the problem of value-semantic reading by schoolchildren of literary and artistic works. The analysis of modern scientific and methodological literature showed the need to strengthen the axiological and communicative functions of reading, the authors’ efforts are directed at...
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Pragmatics of the Labor Market VS High Meanings of Cultural Education

Inna Anatolyevna Akhyamova, Maria Alekseevna Belyaeva, Ekaterina Alekseevna Efremova
The impact of the labor market on the content of education is one of the urgent challenges for the modern system of higher education, including cultural studies. The authors, relying on many years of personal experience in the education system and modern scientific research, reflect on the results of...
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Qualimetry of Competences in the University Quality Management System

Elena V. Borisova
The importance of building an educational results monitoring system in the format of competences was considered and substantiated. Sources, means and approaches to the informational contents of the university quality management system through the qualimetry of competences were shown. Theoretical grounds...
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Digitalization in a Literature Examination: Playing “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on J. Milton and D. Mamin-Sibiryak

Vladislav Bortnikov, Alena Bortnikova
The paper describes the experiment of creating a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” game with the help of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. This presentation (or, rather, set of presentations) appears to be a useful test tool at literature examinations, thus opening new possibilities for test technologies....
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Psycholinguistic Analysis of Cognitive-Discursive Practices of Mediatext Addressee: Interdisciplinary Study

Elina V. Bulatova, Anna S. Alekseeva, Olga V. Lomtatidze
Media space is continually expanding: more and more areas of people’s daily activities are connected with the media spheres. The nature of the impact of media messages on humans requires comprehensive study. This article presents the results of the complex psycholinguistic analysis of cognitive-discursive...
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Motivational and Educational Value of Game-Based Learning Technology in Law Students Training

Irina N. Chebotareva, Olesia S. Pashutina, Andrey V. Liaskovets, Veronika V. Makhova
The study highlights the motivational force and educational value of game-based learning technology in the educational process. The authors conclude that, on the one hand, games have a great potential for learning because of their dynamism, adaptability and visibility, which provides high sustainable...
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Olympiad Movement in the Partnership “School – University – Enterprise”

Oksana Viktorovna Danilova, Liliya Zakarievna Samigullina, Elmira Raisovna Vasilyeva
The article studies the role of university olympiads and competitions for schoolchildren and students. The article presents activities of the branch of Ufa State Petroleum University in Oktyabrsky working with gifted youth and holding events as part of the strategic project “Supporting University”. The...
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Communication Strategies of Including Precedent Proper Names in Political Advertising Videotexts*

Anastasia Dmitrieva, Marina Golomidova
The article envisages precedent proper names in the texts of Russian political advertising video clips (1990s – 2018) from the viewpoint of their role in communication strategies and tactics. The authors test a new comprehensive semiotic approach to analyzing text material, combined with some elements...
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Using the Portfolio Method as a Tool for Evaluating Educational Achievements in the Conditions of Professional Training

Ekaterina Zinovyeva, Valeriya Vikulina, Liliia Votchel, Yuliya Laktionova, Irina Belousova
The value of the portfolio method lies in the fact that such an educational process can be built around it and in connection with it that allows you to develop or form some cognitive-personal qualities (competencies) that are put forward by the world of education and work as necessary for each person...
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Project Management as Method of Self-Organization in Educational Activity

Larisa Dmitrieva, Zhanna Litvinova, Yulia Lemeshko, Elena Barasheva
The authors of this article consider the process of organizing individual design which is one of the components in the system of quality assurance of education. The relevance of the search for effective approaches in the field of organization and individual design of students of various types of educational...
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Integrated Competence-Based Approach to Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

O.A. Dmitrieva, I.A. Korolyova, A.V. Pravdikova
The article deals with the competence-based approach to language education and its application to teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. The authors emphasize the importance of integrated development of the communicative and cultural competences in the teaching and learning process since language and...
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Early Assistance in Pre-school Educational Institution: Social and Pedagogical Approach

T. S. Dorokhova, Yu. A. Verkhoturova, Yu. N. Galaguzova, M. A. Galaguzova, I. V. Volgina
The article is devoted to the possibilities of implementing early assistance for a disabled child or a child with limited abilities (from 0 to 3 years), as well as his parents or persons replacing them in a preschool educational institution. Studies show that the earlier the children of this category...
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Museum as an Educational Resource

M.K. Elisafenko, G.A. Kruglikova, E.E. Protasova
The article assesses the role of museums in the process of forming professional competencies of would-be teachers studying at the History Department. The museum space for future history teachers is an area where the students not only have museum practice. They come to the museum to work with documents...
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The Main Elements of Creating a Legal Mechanism for Regulating Environmental Migration

Yuri Grigoryevich Shpakovsky, Vladimir Ivanovich Evtushenko
The analysis carried out in the article shows that the violation of the natural human right to a favorable environment in natural and man-caused emergency situations, areas of environmental disaster, the need to reduce social tensions, prevent both massive and individual acts of disobedience of government,...
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Integration of Humanities and Professional Disciplines as a Factor of the Development of Students’ Creative Potential in a Technical University

V. P. Frolov
The article examines the integration of humanities and professional disciplines as an important factor of the development of students’ creative potential in a technical university. The author determines the need for the promotion of students’ creative activity and reveals its essence based on the analysis...
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Mathematics and Philosophy

Klara Fatkullinovna Gabdrakhmanova, Liliya Zakarievna Samigullina, Gulnara Rishadovna Izmaylova
The article considers mathematics as a way of teaching reasoning in symbolic non-verbal communication. Particular attention is paid to mathematical ways of thinking when studying the nature and its worldview. The nature is studied through the theory of experimental approval of scientific concepts of...
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Well-being of Population Achieved Through Lifelong Education

Ruslan Aydarovich Garifullin, Elizaveta Andreevna Ganieva, Zulfiya Asgatovna Garifullina
The important area of modern medicine is the preservation of the reproductive health of women. To solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the levels of knowledge of modern methods of contraception and sexual literacy. The relevance of this issue is due to the low level of sexual education of...
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Legal, Tactical and Forensic Support of the Judicial Investigation of Crimes

Vladimir Yuryevich Golubovsky, Igor Yurievich Nikodimov, Elena Anatolyevna Mironova
The article is devoted to legal issues related to criminal justice and is focused on corrupt practices. Both general legal and private law aspects, namely criminal, criminally-remedial, forensic and criminological aspects have been considered resulting in practical recommendations that can be applied...
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The Relevance of Modern Students’ Multicultural and Multilingual Competence Formation

Elena Vladimirovna Grunina
The article deals with the training of modern specialists as individuals who speak two or more foreign languages. Such language training is due to the irreducibility of the individual to be capable of harmonious coexistence in a multicultural and multilingual society. Modern society moves towards the...
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Motivation as a Factor of Professional Competence Development in Students

Elena Lazarevna Guseynova
Nowadays the issue of developing competencies of students is extremely relevant. The article is devoted to the development of professional competencies in bachelors of a technical university, studying the discipline “Hydraulics and oil and gas hydromechanics” and “Oil and gas business”. The article analyzes...
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Modernization of Construction Educational Programs Taking Into Account Building Information Modeling Technologies

Elena Valentinovna Ignatova
The global processes and their impact on the construction industry and construction education are discussed. The goals and objectives of the digital transformation of construction are discussed. It is noted that building information modeling is one of the ways of digitalization and modernization of construction....
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Marketing of Cultural Services: Social and Cultural Challenges of the Region

V.A. Ivashova, A.A. Grudneva, V.V. Mizyureva, V.V. Rahaeva, G.V. Tokareva
The article presents modern approaches to the implementation of the socio-cultural policy of Russia in the regional aspect and the results of marketing research into the process of consumption of cultural services to understand the current challenges facing the regional system of cultural institutions...
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Study of Everyday Language Practices of the Population of South Russian Multinational Region

Valentina Ivashova, Olga Chudnova, Irina Makhova, Valentina Rodionova, Lyudmila Shvachkina
The article presents the results of a sociological study “National and Cultural Identity of the Population of the Stavropol Region”, conducted in 14 municipal and urban districts of the Stavropol Region in 2019. The results of the survey of 1147 respondents aged 18 to 65 made it possible to characterize...
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Actual Issues of Adaptation of Freshmen 2020: Challenges to Education

V.A. Ivashova, N.N. Shelemekh, L.V. Volodkina, O.N. Ivashova, E.A. Yashkova
The article presents the research results of the adaptation of the modern generation of university freshmen to study. We present the analysis of the socio-psychological characteristics of the modern generation of freshmen 2020. New requests and expectations of students to the educational process at the...
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The Role of Choreography in the Formation of Personality in the Development of Modern Society

Dilovar Dilovarovich Kalimullin, Denis Vladimirovich Mochalov, Tagir Maksumovich Latifullin, Gul’zirak Hamzeevna Kalimullina, Ninel’ Vladimirovna Mochalova
The relevance of this subject is driven by the need to further develop and seek new efficient, most relevant child entity working methods in the choreographic collective. History and past experience serve as a good example of this. Each professional’s projection of themselves with regards to their future...
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The Formation of Artistic Creativity’s Culture of Amateur Team’s Members by Means of Choreography

Dilovar Dilovarovich Kalimullin, Rafael Ravilevich Khairullin, Denis Vladimirovich Mochalov, Kseniya Igorevna Mazilkina, Gul’zirak Hamzeevna Kalimullina
This article describes creativity as a separate activity, involving the change of reality and self-realization of man in the process of creating material and spiritual values, the extension of the limits of human capabilities. Obligatory condition of creativity is the transformation of the world and...
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The Use of Automated Systems in the Investigation of Crimes Aimed at Personal Freedom

A. N. Kaliuzhnyi, N. G. Shurukhnov
The authors note that automated systems have spread not only in industry but also in the social sphere; one of them concerns the investigation of a crime. The article analyzes the automated systems used to investigate crimes aimed at personal freedom. The possibilities and prospects of using centralized...
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Creative Potential of Media Education as a New Paradigm of the Information Age

Natalia Borisovna Kirillova
The article aims to study the creative potential of modern media education as a new paradigm of the information age. The article is based on the many years of experience of the author, a well-known cultural scientist, media theorist, and specialist of the university system of media education, who has...
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Justification and Development of a Model of the Formation of Readiness Among Pedagogical University Students to Implement Aesthetic Education of Schoolchildren when Teaching Biology

Tatyana Ilinichna Kondaurova, Natalya Viktorovna Bocharnikova, Natalya Evgenievna Fetisova
The theoretical justification, development, and testing of a model of the formation of readiness of pedagogical university students for implementation of aesthetic education of schoolchildren when teaching biology are presented. The analysis of scientific, pedagogical, and methodological literature has...
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Influence of a Foreign Language on a Cognitive Development of Personality

Alyona Korneeva, Tatyana Kosacheva, Oxana Parpura, Alexander Levin, Tatiana Dobrydina
The article investigates the process of the influence of an in-depth study of a foreign language on the transformation of the cognitive sphere of personality. Competence and knowledge of another culture, entering a foreign language space contribute to the development of the cognitive component, which...
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Interdisciplinarity - the Basis for the Study and Teaching of International Relations

V. D. Kamynin, N.V. Kozykina
The article considers the interdisciplinary approach as an interdependent system of knowledge integration, expressed in research and teaching of international relations. It is proved that the discipline of “International Relations” has gone through several stages in the implementation and development...
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Development of Professional Communication Skills in Students in the ESP Class: Integration of Communicative and Critical Thinking Approaches

Irina Kulamikhina, Elena Kamysheva, Olga Samylova, Anzhelika Balobanova, Evgeniya Rakhmetova
The present study is aimed at checking the efficiency of the four thinking-based communicative teaching strategies: guided discussions, role-based group work, the use of thinking maps, creative writing for developing professional communication skills in veterinary undergraduate students in the ESP class....
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New Universalism: Categorization of Terms and Paradigm of Approaches

L. Zakharova, T. Kononova, O. Lazareva, E. Akulich, O. Goreva
The purpose of the research is to analyze universals from the paradigmatic and interdisciplinary points of view. The authors give their own concept of universalism, based on the epistemological approach and backed by history, philosophy, and cultural studies. Undoubtedly, universals reflect an image...
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Achieving the Polyprofessionality of the Future Personnel Through the Development of Entrepreneurial Competencies

G.V. Tokareva, E.V. Skiperskaya, A.A. Lezhebokov, A.R. Baicherova, T.A. Zolotareva
The article is devoted to the study of modern approaches to achieving the polyprofessionality of the personnel. We showed the relevance of the research question and highlighted a promising solution direction – the development of entrepreneurial competencies. The analysis is based on the documentary sources,...
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Contemporary Philosophic-Cognitive Area in Metaphor Research

E.R. Mikhailova, I.B. Getskina, A.G. Abramova, T.N. Kuznetsova
The present article considers the approaches of contemporary scientists to metaphor research from the philosophic-cognitive point of view. In contrast to the traditional definition of this trope, the latest metaphor theories by the outstanding philosophers, their distinctive features and significance...
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Education Costs as an Investment in Human Capital

N.N. Mineeva
At the stage of post-industrial development of social production, human capital becomes the basis for the income of the majority of the population in the form of wages, and determines the standard of living in a region or country, which, in turn, reflects the level of development of productive forces...
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Humanitarization of Technical Education: Challenges and Modern Approaches

T. A. Molokova
The article is devoted to the analysis of the role of humanitarization of technical education in resolving issues of technogenic civilization. The relevance of this topic is based on the complexity and global nature of the problems that can be solved by the whole humanity or by each individual independently....
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Formation of Regional and Civic Identities in Modern Russia Through Activities of National-Cultural Associations Taking the Republic of Bashkortostan as an Example

Elvira Anvarovna Mukhtasarova, Fail Gabdullovich Safin
the article discusses the issue of development of civic identity and civic community in controversial, ambiguous conditions of transformation and modernization relevant for modern Russia. One of the important ways of identity formation is activities of national-cultural associations in the national regions...
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The Phenomenon of Mercy in Orthodoxy: The Relationship of Theory and Practice

Marina I. Nadeeva
Religion, with its postulates of helping its neighbor, has identified many current forms of social support. Thus, religious norms over time become a way of life, part of the culture, public morality and behavior for individual nations and peoples. Charitable activities are sometimes closely linked with...
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Analysis of Innovative Activities Development at the Federal Universities of the Russian Federation

Irina B. Repina, Elena P. Yakimovich, Valeria V. Nemtsova, Elena V. Kaerova, Ekaterina A. Kozina
In this article, the authors present an analysis of innovative activities by the federal universities of the Russian Federation, their impact on economic development, both at the federal and the regional level. The innovations as part of the university activities are viewed as a process, where a new...
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Judicial Support of High-Tech Crime Research

Vladimir Yuryevich Golubovsky, Igor Yurievich Nikodimov, Elena Anatolyevna Mironova
The future is developing at a continuous pace. The main areas of modern technological advances cover space, genetics, food production and telecommunications. While mankind sees the first two trends evolving in the positive direction, there is a growing public concern over food production as experts appear...
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ICT in Teaching Latin and Foreign Languages at the Medical University

Olga Yurievna Olshvang, Olga Georgievna Olekhnovich, Irina Sergeevna Arkhipova
This article presents electronic learning resources developed by teachers for teaching students foreign and Latin languages at the medical university. The effect of the introduction of these electronic resources in the educational process on the performance and motivation of students is described. The...
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Determinism: Collision of Natural and Social Sciences’ Interpretations

Georgy Borisovich Orlanov, Anna Ivanovna Orlanova
The article substantiates the thesis that the category of determinism retains its methodological significance in modern social sciences and natural sciences. The appeal to the category of determinism is relevant in the context of its contemporary criticism. A categorical rejection of determinism is present...
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Influence of Physical Education on Personality Development

Aleksey Yurievich Polyakov
the article analyzes the influence of physical culture and sports on personality development. It provides evidence that physical education and sports strengthen human health, improve the physical state and have a significant impact on social activity and moral and intellectual qualities of a person....
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Conceptual Metaphors of Education: Grounds for Social Conflict in Modern-day Russia

Sophia Yur’evna Polyankina
In modern Russian society, it is possible to trace the division into citizens who support the reforms of the education system, carried out over the past 20 years, and their ideological opponents. The purpose of the article is to identify the grounds of this social conflict and the failure of the reforms...
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Motivation of University Teachers Developing and Implementing Open Online Courses

Maria Petrovna Prokhorova, Tatyana Evgenievna Lebedeva, Angelika Arkadevna Shkunova, Svetlana Viktorovna Bulganina, Antonina Leonardovna Lazutina
The article describes research on the motivation of university teachers to develop and implement open online courses. It was determined that the practice of using open online courses is developing, which requires the involvement of teachers in both their development and use. The study was carried out...
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Emotional Intelligence as a Factor of Corporate Culture

Maria Petrovna Prokhorova, Tatyana Evgenievna Lebedeva, Angelika Arkadievna Shkunova, Nadezhda Leonidovna Sineva, Svetlana Nikolaevna Kaznacheeva
The article studies the main components of the emotional intelligence of managers and employees of various organizations and fields. An analysis of sources showed that components of emotional intelligence are as follows: interpersonal understanding of the concept, emotional expressiveness, emotional...
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Decision-Making Method on the Degree of Lecturers’ Compliance to Job Titles

Natalia P. Putivtseva, Tatiana V. Zaitseva, Olga P. Pusnaya, Maria A. Petina, Elena V. Kaludgnaya
A university lecturer conducting educational and scientific activities in the technical and IT spheres should have a high level of personal and professional competencies, including social and psychological, pedagogical, methodological, and scientific competencies. The article proposes an approach to...
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Recommendation Assistant System for Social Networks and Search Services Based on Population Filtering Algorithm

Sergey Rodzin, Victoria Bova, Yuri Kravchenko, Olga Rodzina, Lada Rodzina, Elmar Kuliev
The authors present a hybrid model of a recommender system. The system includes the characteristics of collaborative and content filtering. Also, the article describes a population filtering algorithm and the architecture of a recommendation system based on it. The results of experimental studies on...
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Tax Culture – the Basis of Russian Tax System

Timergaziz Gabidullovich Sadykov
the paper considers the development of tax culture as one of the main directions of tax system reforms. Special attention is paid to the problems of tax compliance, conduct, and literacy of the population. In the present-day conditions of economic development, the tax culture education of the population...
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Interdisciplinary Humanitarian Strategy and Technology of Students’ Reading Activity Organization in the Pedagogical University

Lyudmila I. Zabara, Lilia N. Yakina, Liliya E. Zelenina
The article deals with theoretical aspects of reading’s activity in the university library under the conditions of digital information culture and domination of impersonal communication. The necessity of humanization of library processes is proved. The positive influence on students’ semantic reading...
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Value-Based Training of the Would-be Specialists

Nelly Savelyeva, Elena Gnatyshina, Natalya Uvarina, Alexey Savchenkov, Olga Pavlova, Rinat Kusarbaev
The focus on the internationalization of modern higher education in the context of globalization processes inevitably leads to the increased interaction of languages and cultures, which makes it necessary for students to develop the ability to effectively realize themselves in professional contexts at...
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Preparing the Would-be Economists in Condition of the Electronic Information Education Environment

Nelly Savelyeva, Elena Gnatyshina, Natalya Uvarina, Natalya Pakhtusova, Yulya Berngardt
The changes taking place in the modern world economic and socio-cultural space contribute to the growth of intercultural interaction, the expansion of cooperation in international educational projects, and professional contacts between representatives of different cultures. All this requires university...
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Formation of the University Teachers’ Readiness for Organizing the Process Based on Using Digital Educational Environment Resources

Nataliya Senognoeva, Nadezhda Sadovnikova, Elena Maleeva, Pavel Lopatnikov
The article actualizes the problems of forming the university teacher’s readiness for organizing the educational process in a digital educational environment. The author considers this problem as a problem of forming the integrative quality of a university teacher, which combines the various readiness...
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Using Distance Learning Programs at Regional Universities

Dmitry Zontikov, Svetlana Zontikova, Denis Kostromin, Denis Lastochkin, Andrey Medyakov, Alexey Timakov, Alexander Kamensky, Roman Sergeev
Improving the means of communication and the evolution of the educational system led to the formation of a distance learning form, which in terms of the number of students surpassed the traditional ones and firmly entered the educational process. Each form of training has its own advantages and disadvantages...
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Nihilistic Perception of Right as an Axiological Problem of Modern Legal Development

Tatyana V. Shatkovskaya, Tatyana V. Epifanova, A.N. Pozdnishov, N.G. Romanenko
This article aims to debunk the pseudo-scientific myths and stereotypes regarding legal nihilism. Authors prove that nihilistic perception of right is objectively a social phenomenon, supported by the controversy of any national cultural dominating idea. Furthermore, the study highlights that legal nihilism...
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Problems of Teaching Economic Disciplines to International Students at a Technical University

Rimma Makmunovna Shaydullina
The relevance of this study is caused by the fact that the increasing competition among universities in the international market of educational services, as well as the inclusion of universities in academic ratings, shows a tendency to increase the share of international students studying in Russia....
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Project-Based Learning in Personal-Oriented Educational Paradigm

Anna Vladimirovna Shutaleva, Yulia Vladimirovna Tsiplakova, Evgenia Anatoljevna Putilova
The modern education system forms on principles such as the integration of knowledge, humanism, dialogism, and culture of dignity. The relevance of the study of a personality-oriented education system development is due to the requirements of the modern economy and modern society. The need to discuss...
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Development of Reflexive Thinking as Important Motivational Potential for Teaching Activity

M.Yu. Smetanina, N.A. Bobrovskaya, E.V. Abubakarova, O.N. Zherdeva, O.V. Kozina
The article examines the process of teachers training at Qualification Improvement Centers. Modern pedagogical approaches and the methods of work with foreign language teachers are analyzed. The purpose of the study is to reveal the principles of educational process organization that contribute to professional...
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Facilitation Directions in Studying Humanities by Medical Students

Tatiana Vladimirovna Smirnova, Elena Vladimirovna Vlasova
The article devoted to the problem of the facilitation of studying in higher education. Along with the history of the student-centered approach in teaching, it discusses the need for the formation of a new type of relationship between student and teacher: relations of cooperation and mutual understanding....
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Innovative Social Entrepreneurship: Development of Youth Social Activity

Alevtina Starshinova, Eugenia Chikova, Svetlana Pankova, Ludmila Lesina, Denis Shkurin
The aim of the work is to study the accelerators of social initiatives as a specific social environment and the practice of experimental testing and development of innovative social entrepreneurship of youth. The orientation of the individual towards social entrepreneurship and the development of readiness...
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Multifunctional Teaching Device Based on Augmented Reality Technology Designed for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tatiana Yurievna Bystrova, Ludmila Valerievna Tokarskaia
The paper describes a multifunctional training device created for children with autism spectrum disorders. The device allows diagnosing and conducting corrective and developmental work with such children. A distinctive feature of the described device is the use of augmented reality technology which in...
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Globalization and Death: Search of Monoculture in Cultural Diversity

Tatiana Pavlovna Vaganova
The values of cultures are so different that it is difficult to find the basis for the formation of a monoculture in the context of globalization. The study of the phenomenon of death will bring closer to solving the problem of finding common universal values, which will become the basis for the formed...
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Problems of Fundamentalization of Higher Social Education

Nailya Shaukatovna Valeyeva, Galiya Bulatovna Khasanova
This study focuses on the fundamentalization of higher education in general and social education in particular. Over the last years it has become clear that the new time and growing complexity of the system of economic, social and cultural relations require the training of a new type specialists with...
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Interdisciplinarity as a Key Component Contributing to Sustainable Development of Modern Engineering Education

Elmira Raisovna Vasilyeva, Liliya Zakarievna Samigullina, Oksana Viktorovna Danilova
Interdisciplinarity of higher education aims to improve such interdisciplinary skills as interdisciplinary thinking. Within the scope of this study, interdisciplinary thinking is defined as the ability to integrate the knowledge of two or more disciplines, improve the learning process, and produce results...
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Stylistic Devices of Creating a Portrait of the Character Artistic Image (Based on the Work of Thomas Mayne Reid)

V. Vishnevetskaya
The article considers the stylistic devices used for the portrait description of the character of the artwork. It is necessary to emphasize that stylistic devices play quite an important role in creating the artistic image of the character. At the same time, stylistic devices mainly emphasize not only...
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Practicing Application of the Game Model in Elaboration of Students Journalists’ Soft Skills

Irina I. Volkova, Svetlana L. Urazova, Lydia K. Lobodenko, Leila O. Algavi, Vishal Sharma
The article describes the particular case of a game model application for the soft skills’ training of the students journalists. That led to the mixed results that were conceptualized after the experiment that was carried out in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia during the preparation and...
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Availability of Vocational Training and Additional Vocational Education for Citizens at the Retirement Age in Russia and Abroad

Lyudmila Voronina, Tatyana Rezer
The authors of the article have analyzed how the availability of vocational training and additional vocational education for citizens at the retirement age in Russia and abroad is ensured. The purpose is to analyze the conditions of the organization of training for elderly citizens in Russia and abroad....
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Analysis of Perceptual-Mnemonic Characteristics of Students in Modern Conditions of Digitalization of Society

Tatyana Vasilievna Yadrischenskaya
The global informatization that has embraced modern society has been introduced into the educational environment extensively. The list of advantages of using information technologies in the modern educational environment is quite wide and continues to be expanded due to the introduction of new forms...
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General Psychological Basis for the Formation of Education at a Technical University

Zemfira Zakariyanovna Yangirova, Doniyor Shukurilloevich Nosirov
The paper discusses the main directions of modern education at the technical universities of Russia in the context of a general psychological basis. As a rule, starting from the second half of the 18th century the educational process is becoming the object of theoretical, not only pedagogical, but also...
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N.A. Berdyaev and His German Contemporaries on the Method of Philosophy of History

Renat Nursakhievich Yusupov
the subject of the study includes the methods of philosophical-historical knowledge developed in the works of N.A. Berdyaev, as well as his contemporaries, German thinkers W. Dilthey, E. Troeltsch and H.G. Gadamer. The author is not limited to a comparative analysis of the above methods – they become...
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Psychological Aspects of Professional Suitability of Students at the Stage of Higher Education

A.N. Zakharova, T.A. Lavina, N.A. Antonova, D.V. Hartfelder, E.V. Yakovleva
The current socio-economic situation in the country and in the world places ever-higher demands on the professionalism of a person: a constant change in the nature and goals of work occurs, new professions arise, and the intensity and tension of work increases. The employee is required high professionalism,...
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Specifics of Interrelations among Emotional, Personal and Intellectual Characteristics in Preschool Children: Data Mining

Elena Slavutskaya, Natalya Vostretsova, Evgeni Nikolaev, Anna Zakharova, Svetlana Petunova
The relationships of intellectual signs with self-esteem and emotional characteristics of 5-7-year old preschoolers are studied. For this purpose, traditional methods of diagnostics were used: “Method of Express Diagnostics of Intellectual Abilities (MEDIA)”, “Ladder”, “House. Tree. Man”, “Choose the...
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Education Consumption: New Model for Russia and China

Natalya Zavyalova
Urban family consumption in China includes such important issues as children’s education. Interestingly, an education consumption model in Chinese families includes such expensive and inspiring features as studying abroad. However, it is necessary to point out that expensive European and North American...
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National Identity in Business Communication and Professional Ethics

Ildus Islamovich Zaylalov, Venera Rifmirovna Zaylalova
the paper considers the analysis of social and humanitarian research related to the national identity, which has an impact on the structure of business communication and professional ethics in a multinational society. Global processes, integration of different countries, ethnic groups, cultures and civilizations...
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Arrangements for Practical Training Through the Example of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Lyaysan Zulfarovna Zainagalina, Flyura Zinnatovna Bulyukova
the paper is devoted to the description of arrangements for practical training of students majoring in Program Track 21.03.01 Oil and Gas Engineering in Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Oktyabrsky branch. The paper includes information on objectives, tasks and procedure of the practical...